Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars - updated impressions

The GDI - for those who don’t know the 11-year-old legend that is C&C - is the meat-and-potatoes faction in this upcoming sci-fi RTS hotpot. Tough no-nonsense grunts, solid salt-of-the-earth tanks, reassuringly WYSIWYG flying thingies... if you munch both fingers of your fun-sized Kit Kat at the same time, this is the side for you.

Finger separators (you freaks) get the Brotherhood of Nod, a kind of quasi-religious multinational Mujahideen that specializes in hitting-and-running, hitting-and-hiding, hiding-hitting-and-running, running-hit... oh, you get the idea. "Finesse" is a word that executive producer Mike Verdu used a lot to describe the Nod combat ethos.

So far, so formulaic? We had the phrase "stuck in the past" in our minds right up until the point it was announced there’d be a third faction in this episode. Referred to variously as the Invaders and the Visitors, this race arrives on Earth to find the GDI and the Nod at each others’ throats. Predictably they’ve come for the green gold - the toxic tiberium crystals that have spread across the globe like Canadian pondweed since a meteorite impact in 1995. Helping them gather it is a cast of killers that even the designers have trouble summing-up.


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