Comic/fighting-game mashups that need to happen

… is a terrible idea for a game. However, our ironic love of kitsch nevertheless demands that it exist.

Potential roster – Universal Press Syndicate: Farley (For Better or For Worse), Cuco (La Cucaracha), Bill the Cat (Bloom County), Andy CappModesty Blaise, Uncle Duke (Doonesbury), Cathy, Jason Fox (Foxtrot), Huey and Riley Freeman (Boondocks), Spaceman Spiff and Hobbes (Calvin and Hobbes), Garfield, God-Man (Tom the Dancing Bug), Ziggy.

Potential roster – Darkstalkers: Anakaris, BB Hood, Bishamon, Demitri, Donovan, Felicia, Hsien-Ko, Jedah, Lillith, Morrigan, Rikuo, Sasquatch, John Talbain, Victor, Lord Raptor.

Why it would work: I’m sorry, “work?”

Potential roster - America's Best Comics: Captain Nemo, Alan Quatermain, Edward Hyde, Mina Murray and Hawley Griffin (The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen); Tom Strong, Paul Saveen and Tom Strange (Tom Strong/Terra Obscura); Jeff Smax and King Peacock (Top 10), Greyshirt (Tomorrow Stories), Tesla Strong (Tom Strong), Jonni Future (Tom Strong), Promethea; Splash Brannigan, First American, Cobweb and Jack B. Quick (Tomorrow Stories).

Potential roster – Toshinden: Sho Shinjo, Rungo Iron, Nagisa, Eiji Shinjo, Mondo, Chaos, David, Vermillion, Duke B. Rambert, Kayin Amoh, Tracy, Miss Til, Naru Amoh, Subaru Shinjo, Sofia, Judgment, Cuiling, Ellis.

Why it would work: After a lengthy, nearly two-console-generation absence, Battle Arena Toshinden - the series that launched alongside the PSone and pioneered weapons-based fighting in a 3D space - is finally going to rise from the dead. On the Wii. Oh come on. Not that we’re saying it can’t or won’t be good – we haven’t even seen it yet, of course - but the thought of one of the earliest 3D fighting franchises resurfacing with waggle controls does not fill us with confidence. No, Toshinden needs a proper resurrection. One that pits it against characters created by legendary Watchmen scribe Alan Moore.

Much as we’d like to see characters like Vermillion, Kayin and Sofia resurface, we’d like it even more if they were pitted against heavyweights from America’s Best and the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Granted, the balance of power is a little off; could a fireball-flinging swordsman like Eiji Shinjo actually hope to stand up to an impulse-murdering force of nature like Edward Hyde, or an invincible half-ogre cop like Jeff Smax? Probably not, but that logic never stopped Street Fighter’s Ryu from kicking the asses of Wolverine, Magneto or any other given character in Marvel vs Capcom.

Potential roster – Image Hip Flask, Badrock (Youngblood), The DarknessThe Maxx, The Savage DragonShadowhawkSpawnMadmanWitchblade, Abbey Chase (Danger Girl), Grifter (WildC.A.T.S.), Angela (Spawn) Invincible and Atom Eve (Invincible), Grunge (Gen13), Zealot (WildC.A.T.S.), Ripclaw, Freefall (Gen13), Violator (Spawn), Fairchild (Gen13), Officer Rick Grimes (The Walking Dead).

Potential roster – Guilty Gear: Dr. Faust, Ky Kiske, Potemkin, Johnny, Venom, I-No, Axl Low, Baiken, Testament, Zappa, Jam, Dizzy, Millia Rage, Chipp Zanuff, Anji Mito, Slayer, Kliff Undersn, Sol Badguy, May, Bridget.

Why it would work: Founded by illustrators, Image’s comics have always been recognized for really cool-looking art - much in the same way that Guilty Gear has. Pretty exteriors aside, though, you’ve got a broad range of superpowered oddballs that could step into the ring and tear each other apart without it being really weird or unbalanced. In fact, unlike most of the mashups on this list, Guilty Gear vs Image is the only one that wouldn’t require huge leaps in logic or a couple of harmless characters suddenly becoming violent.

In fact, it’d hardly be recognizable as a mashup at all. Huge characters like Badrock and Hip Flask would fit right in with the Guilty Gear crowd, who by now are used to fighting screen-fillingly ginormous monstrosities. And that’s to say nothing of angsty supernatural anti-heroes like The Darkness and Spawn, who’d mesh so well with freaks like Zappa and Testament that they might actually risk getting lost in the shuffle. Hell, this one makes too much sense not to happen. Image? Arc System Works? Are you paying attention?

Aw, c’mon. Please?

Nov 26, 2008


  • EdDeRs1 - March 10, 2011 3:38 p.m.

    wtf? no 2000AD vs (enter fighting game/comic here)
  • MaskedphantomX - January 21, 2011 12:18 a.m.

    If Grendel would be in a game like that so should the Rocketeer seeing how both were bought by Darkhorse from Comico when Comico went bankrupt.
  • TriforcePlayer - May 1, 2010 11:58 p.m.

  • MikieDaShizznit - April 2, 2010 8:13 p.m.

    where the hell is Marvel vs. DC Comics at???
  • kaaos - March 31, 2010 5:09 a.m.

    how bout capcom v.s. shonen jump or square enix v.s. tokyo pop
  • OberKommando44 - February 18, 2010 10:20 p.m.

    lmao, most of these fights are so singled sided.
  • GibsonSG - December 30, 2009 11:16 p.m.

    I reckon a Marvel vs. DC brawler would be awesome!!!
  • screath - December 3, 2008 9:05 p.m.

    I'd much rather see Marvel vs. DC and Super Smash Bros. That would satisfy many others like meyself for years to come. If course, the odds of that happeneing are slim. Could you imagine the liscensing fees? Maybe they could do it if they counted the game as free advertisement.
  • lucklesswonder - December 3, 2008 6:47 a.m.

    Fuck yes. Hellboy, Rorschach, and The Maxx are three comic characters I definitely wanna play.
  • evildevil2 - December 2, 2008 1:43 a.m.

    Disclose that comment it already came out. when will Bloody roar 5 come out?
  • evildevil2 - December 2, 2008 1:39 a.m.

    Wait there's a bloody roar 3 when did that come out? and when will bloody roar 4 come out?
  • goodtimegary - December 1, 2008 5:13 p.m.

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  • jesus-of-suburbia - November 30, 2008 8:54 p.m.

    if they made a fighting game with JTHM id probably asplode in excitement
  • Uncle_Soaky - November 30, 2008 8:08 p.m.

    Uhh, I mean die OF lost nutrition, well killed that joke.
  • twishart - November 30, 2008 1:19 a.m.

    Just make another fucking darkstalkers game. PLEASE.
  • Joeygameplay - November 29, 2008 7:51 p.m.

    Sweet Post need more like it
  • T0M95 - November 29, 2008 1:59 p.m.

    MASTAH CH33F VS SPIDAH MAN! ... ... ... sorry.
  • Yellowhat17 - November 28, 2008 5:05 p.m.

    Guilty gear vs. Image is great, but why not have both Spawn and Violator? It doesn't make since to have Archie x Sega... Just all the normal people in Archie. Sega should fight America's best comics.
  • evildevil2 - November 28, 2008 4:16 p.m.

    What I meant in my earlier comment "Bloody Roar vs. Mortal Kombat vs. Soul Caliber vs. Tekken vs. Virtua Fighter vs. Street Fighter was exactly that. Only with all characters from all the games wearing they're latest outfits, and I mean the characters from all soul caliber games, street fighter games, bloody roar games, tekken games (non-joke characters), virtua fighter games, and mortal kombat games. And each group in the game have they're own layout with the buttons and they're side of the hud, cause really... who doesn't want to see Nightmare critical finish Ryu or Scorpion make Long the Tiger "GET OVER HERE!"
  • ablebobby - November 28, 2008 3 p.m.

    Wow, that is just WAY too cool dude! I like it. jess

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