Colony Wars Vengence Cheats

Colony Wars Vengence FAQs

  • FAQ

    Submitted by Reuben Kee

Colony Wars Vengence Cheats

  • PS1 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Cheat Mode

    Enter Blizzard as a password to unlock all missions, all ships,
    unlimited secondary weapons, and more cheat features. Enter Stormlord as a password to disable cheat mode.

  • PS1 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Various Cheats

    Enter these codes (capital first letter is necessary) at the password screen

    Dark*Angel -- Primary weapons don't overheat

    Chimera -- infinite secondary weapons

    Avalanche -- Infinite afterburner usage

    Hydra -- Have tons of tokens

    Thunderchild -- All ships available

    Demon -- Mission and Ending select

    Stormlord -- Disable all codes

    Vampire -- Invincibility

    Tornado -- Have all weapons

    Tsunami - One hit kills