Colin McRae DIRT - hands-on

We get DIRT-y and enjoy every mud-soaked moment of it

Everything you know is wrong. Well, probably not everything, even if you went to agood school. Anyway, Colin McRae has changed: it%26rsquo;s been totally reinvented, but in a good way. In a really good way.

So out goes the porridge-pale Scot glued in a Subaru and racing where your only rival is the ticking of the clock, and in comes a horde of intelligent drivers, enough cars to jam I-5 and an annoying American commentator so %26ldquo;pumped%26rdquo; that he%26rsquo;d probably burst into a shower of Mom%26rsquo;s apple pie if you jammed a needle up his Old Glory. And after about five minutes you will want to, believe us.

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