Colin McRae: DIRT

Colin McRae’s Rally was a fun, if under appreciated, series from the Xbox and PS2 days, and now the series is restarting it’s engine and we must say, DIRT never looked so clean. Rally racing may not be as big or popular as NASCAR in the US, but DIRT promises to make you wanna drive around in the mud and the muck, spraying it all over your opponents.

From what we saw the game looked beautiful. The cars kicked up clouds of dirt when driving off road and even the individual blades of grass were blowing in the wind. The environment reacted to you as well. Drive by a flag or gate and watch it shudder and shake as the wind your car creates hits it. The Pike’s Peak course we saw was so pretty that we can’t help but wonder how many times we're going to crash simply because we're enjoying the scenery too much. These are truly some of the best next generation visuals, and it’s due largely in part to the fact that all of the courses in the game were realistically modeled after their dirt and sand counter parts.


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