Cold War review

  • The accurate maps from a fallen era
  • An engaging storyline
  • At least it's cheap
  • The tiresome menus
  • Scavenging like a hobo collecting cans
  • Running blindly into showers of bullets

Such is the standard-lowering effect Cold War has on you. And it’s a shame, as on paper, it’s a decent concept. Cold War’s main sell is the ability to take the raw materials curiously littered around the real-life locales of the former USSR to create devices such as mines or silencers. Great in principle, sure - but what it boils down to in practice is an endless crawl around the landscape picking up bottles.  Rather like community service but less fun and fulfilling.

Regardless, it might have worked if it, like everything else, wasn’t bogged down in a mire of never-ending menu screens. Not that the action on the ground fares any better.  The snail’s pace at which our hero struts around gives the illusion that he’s soiled himself. Perhaps he’s just so damn cool under pressure, since he never accelerates faster than a brisk jog, even under heavy enemy fire. 

More Info

Release date: Sep 27 2005 - Xbox
Oct 03 2005 - PC (US)
Sep 27 2005 - Xbox
Oct 03 2005 - PC (UK)
Available Platforms: Xbox, PC
Genre: Action
Published by: DreamCatcher Interactive
Developed by: Mindware
ESRB Rating:
Teen: Language, Tobacco Reference, Violence


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