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Codename: Outbreak Cheats, Codes & Guides

Codename: Outbreak Cheats

  • More Health

    After pressing ~ to get the console type in xenux to get more health. This gives you a syringe for each corpse
    Submitted by know-it-all twins
  • Unlimited Ammo

    To get lots of ammo you need to kill an enemy with a sniper gun.(mission 6)(don't blow them to bits with a rocket launcher or you won't get infinite ammo.) then once he is dead go up to him were the body is. When a white line appears and corpse
    pops up on the top left corner keep pressing enter.Once the information sheet comes up just press [i] once your ammo is over 200 you should stop cause you will lose all your ammmo.
    Submitted by know-it-all twins

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