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Clive Barker's Undying Cheats

  • Various Cheats

    Open a chat window with the TAB key then put in one of the following cheats
    assall - Get Donkey
    infiniteMana 1 - Get max mana. Set to 0 to turn off
    showfps - Framerate displayed
    addall - All weapons & spells
    set aeons.patrick health 999 - Get 999 health (NOTE: to fight bosses your health must be set back to under 100)
    set aeons.patrick mana 999 - Get 999 mana
    AmpAttSpell - Higher spell level
    slomo (Put in a number from 1-5 for game speed
    setjumpz - jump ability. Put in a number between 1-1000 for
    behindview1 - 3rd person view
    becomeLight 1 - More light. Set to 0 to turn off
    flight - Get Flight mode
    eh - Invincibility
    invisible 0 or 1 - No attacking enemies
    houndog - No attack from howlers
    gniydnu - New level (In UK Version)
    satan - Unlimited health
    bring # - get item #
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  • Jump to map

    Open a chat window with the TAB key then put in one of the following map cheats
    start Aeons
    start Catacombs_Cisterns
    start Catacombs_Cliffs
    start Catacombs_Entrance
    start Catacombs_Exit
    start Catacombs_Exit_After
    start Catacombs_LairOfLizbeth
    start Catacombs_LairOfLizbethPostCU
    start Catacombs_LowerLevel
    start Catacombs_SaintsHall
    start Catacombs_Tunnels
    start Catacombs_WellRoom
    start Catacombs_WindChamber
    start CU_01
    start CU_02
    start CU_03
    start CU_04
    start CU_05
    start CU_06
    start CU_07
    start CU_08
    start CU_09
    start CU_10
    start CU_11
    start CU_12
    start CU_13
    start Entry
    start EternalAutumn_FinalFight_Arch
    start EternalAutumn_FinalFight_Arena
    start EternalAutumn_FinalFight_ArenaBattle
    start EternalAutumn_FinalFight_Ruins
    start EternalAutumn_Ravines_Airie_Interior
    start EternalAutumn_Ravines_Bridge
    start EternalAutumn_Ravines_Chase
    start EternalAutumn_Ravines_Chieftain
    start EternalAutumn_Ravines_Forest
    start EternalAutumn_Transition
    start EternalAutumn_Waterfall_Dwellings_Lower
    start EternalAutumn_Waterfall_Dwellings_Upper
    start EternalAutumn_Waterfall_Gauntlet
    start Grounds_Cottage
    start grounds_dock_night
    start Grounds_Lighthouse
    start Grounds_Mausoleum_Approach
    start Grounds_Mausoleum_Entrance
    start Grounds_Mausoleum_Tunnels
    start Grounds_OldCemetery
    start Manor_CentralLower
    start Manor_CentralLower_After
    start Manor_CentralLower_night
    start Manor_CentralLower_storm
    start Manor_CentralUpper
    start Manor_CentralUpper_After
    start Manor_CentralUpper_PostOneiros
    start Manor_CentralUpper_storm
    start Manor_Chapel
    start Manor_Chapel_night
    start Manor_Crypt
    start Manor_EastWingLower
    start Manor_EastWingLower_After
    start Manor_EastWingLower_night
    start Manor_EastWingUpper
    start Manor_EastWingUpper_After
    start Manor_EastWingUpper_night
    start Manor_EntranceHall
    start Manor_EntranceHall_FromKitch
    start Manor_EntranceHall_Intro
    start Manor_EntranceHall_Night
    start Manor_EntranceHall_night_ReturnfromCove
    start Manor_EntranceHall_Storm
    start Manor_EntranceHall_ToKitch
    start Manor_FrontGate
    start Manor_FrontGate_night
    start Manor_FrontGate_Night_Return
    start Manor_Gardens
    start Manor_Gardens_night
    start Manor_Gardens_storm
    start Manor_GreatHall_night
    start Manor_GreatHall_Storm
    start Manor_InnerCourtyard
    start Manor_InnerCourtyard_Storm
    start Manor_NorthWingLower
    start Manor_NorthWingLower_After
    start Manor_NorthWingLower_night
    start Manor_NorthWingLower_storm
    start Manor_NorthWingUpper
    start Manor_NorthWingUpper_night
    start Manor_NorthWingUpper_PostOneiros
    start Manor_NorthWingUpper_storm
    start Manor_PatricksRoom
    start Manor_TowerRun_night
    start Manor_TowerRun_storm
    start Manor_WestWing
    start Manor_WestWing_Hall1
    start Manor_WestWing_Night
    start Manor_WidowsWatch_storm
    start Monastery_Past_Church
    start Monastery_Past_Exterior
    start Monastery_Past_Interior
    start Monastery_Past_LivingQuarters
    start Monastery_Present_Church
    start Monastery_Present_Cove
    start Monastery_Present_Entrance
    start Monastery_Present_InnerSanctum
    start Monastery_Present_Tunnels
    start Oneiros_Amphitheater
    start Oneiros_City1
    start Oneiros_City2
    start Oneiros_HowlingWell
    start Oneiros_Intro
    start Oneiros_Oracle
    start Oneiros_RetreatBath
    start Oneiros_RetreatExterior
    start Oneiros_RetreatSecondFloor
    start Oneiros_RetreatStudio
    start Oneiros_ZigguratInterior
    start Oneiros_ZigguratLower
    start Oneiros_ZigguratUpper
    start PiratesCove_Barracks
    start PiratesCove_Exterior
    start PiratesCove_Pier
    start PiratesCove_Pool
    start PiratesCove_TreasureRoom
    start playground
    start SmokeTest
    start StandingStones_FirstVisit
    start StandingStones_KingFight
    start start
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