Classic game music remixed in Beaterator

How’d you do? All will be explained here.

Song 1: Chronic

Source Song?

If the name didn’t give it away, the signature eighth-note lick might have. If you’re interested to hear more Chrono Trigger-related music, check out the works of SirRus as a part of Chrono Symphonic here. It’s damn good.

Song 2: How’s Your Nuts, Bark Breath?

Source Song?

Yes, that’s Gobi’s Valley, from Banjo-Kazooie, remixed with a Bollywood-style fellahi beat. As far as the remix’s title, that’s the first line Kazooie says to Trunker, the withered-up tree at the start of the level. Kind of risque, don’t you think?

Song 3: Roll On

Source Song?

An easy one. The Katamari Damacy theme song is incredibly iconic yet undeniably simple, which makes it easy to adapt to other styles of music. We’ve chosen a goofy half-calypso, half-salsa-style arrangement, but there are a whole lot more out there if you’re curious.

Song 4: Possibly Lesbians?

Source Songs?


Well, it’s certainly got a provocative title, but this smooth bossa nova number is nothing if not relaxing. Working in Princess Zelda and Saria’s respective themes in contrapuntal harmony is a surprisingly easy task, since the two themes have such similar underlying chord structures. But the fact that we mashed them up this easily makes us wonder if Koji Kondo was trying to tell us something about the two characters’ personalities. Is that why Link never gets any?

Above: Aww yeah 

Song 5: Advance

Source Song?

No, it’s not from Advance Wars. If you correctly guessed Zone Two, Act One of Sonic Advance for the GBA, give yourself a big pat on the back – that was a tough one. Say what you will about the Sonic series, but it’s always had some pretty sweet music, particularly in the more retro-focused games. Compared to the other remixes, this one stays pretty faithful to the original. Why? You don’t F*CK with the FUNK.

Song 6: Don’t Drink the Purple Potion

Source song?

Yeah, another Zelda one – so sue us. But who doesn’t love the shop theme from OoT? The “Purple Potion” mentioned in the title actually refers to Twilight Princess, wherein you can collect the remains of a purple ChuChu and drink it for a randomly-generated status effect. Sometimes it gives you health, and sometimes it takes it away. We imagine it has some other side effects, too.

Oh, and if you thought you heard a little of “Oh Little Darlin’” or Elton John’s “Crocodile Rock” in there, you may be on to something.

Song 7: Kung Fu

Source Song?

Another tricky one: kudos if you knew it was the theme of the Chai Kingdom stage in Super Mario Land. We went a little old-school with this, in more ways than one. Sure, the instruments aren’t entirely period-authentic, but we like the style, regardless.

Song 8: Kurb Stomp

Source Songs?


Yeah, this one’s pretty self-explanatory.

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