Christmas Crackers - Part Two


Part Two - Hot mums, terrible taglines, awesome openings...


The 31 Stupidest Oscar Moments

When the Academy goes bad...


The 20 Most Underrated Movie

Mauled, maligned and misunderstood. Your poll results revealed...


The 20 Worst CGI Movie Moments

Surfing, sharks and stupid shorts...


11 Cool Movie Bars To Get Drunk In

Celebrate St Patrick’s Day in cinematic style!


20 Awesome Movie Openings

Jacking in, shooting up, invading France... Best. Beginnings. Ever.


The 67 Most Influential Films Ever Made

From 1895-1999. The flicks that taught Hollywood its tricks...


The 20 Hottest Movie Mums

Your poll results revealed. Who's the mother of all... mothers?


The 20 Best Simpsons Movie-Star Guest Spots

Gibson! Pfeiffer! Umm, Sting! Big-screen Springfield cameos...


10 Terrible Movie Taglines

Poster-pulls in dire need of a rewrite...


The Illustrious Career Of Vin Diesel

He's fast. He's furious. His role choices are spurious...

Have your own favourites of the year? Let us know!

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