Chili Con Carnage - hands-on

Chili’s main bad guy is vile kingpin Cesar Morales, but he’s just one of the many bosses you’ll have to fight over the course of the game. From dynamite-wielding OAPs to brassed off mechanical bulls, the game’s battles are anything but conventional. At least Chili ’s depiction of women - as seen below - is normal... if you watch midnight repeats of American Gladiators that is.

Above: The kingpin, perched atop his mighty throne.

Chili also features a Survival mode, called El Macho. Here, you have to constantly kill the bad guys to keep combos going as long as you can. There’s also a multi-player mode, so now a friend can share all the co-op gringo goodness. Can Chili be hot stuff? We reckon it (Mexi)can.


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