Chili Con Carnage - first look

Controls aside, the action is similar to Total Overdose's on-foot segments - expect lots of shooting, dodging and shootdodging, interspersed with liberal amounts of wall-running and acrobatic flips. Ramiro will apparently be able to dual-wield any weapon, no matter how big, and each stage will also be littered with "Loco Move" power-ups that enable him to do cool stuff like a shoot-everything spin with paired uzis.

Other power-ups enable players to rewind time (useful for reversing stupid mistakes) or summon invincible helpers - including a Pancho Villa type with dual Gatling guns and a masked wrestler named El Gimpo - to wander around wreaking havoc for a little while.

The story-driven missions will be broken up by Macho Challenges, quickie shooting runs that pit you against gangs of ridiculous men in themed costumes. These run-and-gun sorties are timed only by Ramiro's combo meter - keep pumping bullets into everything in sight, and it'll stay up. Let it fall, and the challenge ends. Apparently, these bits can teach you new moves if you hit their goals, so if you somehow needed an incentive to keep shooting stuff, there you go.


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