From: "Chevrier, Manon" 
Subject: Air Force Delta Storm Walkthrough (Xbox)
Date: Monday, January 07, 2002 7:39 AM

Agakles Air Base (Campaign 01)
Mission 01- Defending the Perimeter 
Use Plane A-7 Corsair II.  United Forces are converging on the Lodey Coast
and are about to attempt a landing. You must destroy the landing party that
is about to reach the coast. This is the first mission of the game, you are
thrown right into the action soon as you hit new game on the start up menu.
What the stunning pre mission clip and get ready for the battle. First turn
on your map so you can track your enemies and find where is the coast. About
15 seconds after you get on track you will find 3 enemy fighter jets, leave
them alone for now the main target is landing party about to land. When you
get near the coast a message will come up telling you to attack the landing
party. Do what it says and attack the small hover craft on the beachhead,
you can use your machine guns on tse guys you just have to get in real close
and pump them full of lead, just don't crash into the ground. After you done
this destroy a couple of ships, this guys go down easily with a few rounds
of your machine guns, just watch out for their anti-air craft guns they can
slowly chip your HP away. Soon after destroying some ships go back the beach
head because you will get another message telling you to destroy another
wave of hover craft. Guns them down like the last time and then take care of
the fighters. Now you completed the first mission. Pat your self on the
Mission 02- The Battle of the Castalia Sea  
Use plane A-7 Corsair II. There is an unidentified force tought to be a
United Forces fleet converging on the Castalia Sea. Your mission is to hook
up with the friendly fleet and destroy the enemy fleet. This missions is
quite easy once you start it. First you should turn on your map and follow
the path to the fleet. You will run into a cluster of enemy jet fighters.
These guys are easy to take out an just a bit harder then the ones on the
last mission. All you need to do is fly up above the clouds so the jets
can't hit you with its missiles and then take out the fighters one by one. I
suggest using missiles only when you need them and when time is running low,
in close range machine guns work great. About 3 minutes into the mission you
should of destroyed all of them. Once your done drop down from the clouds
and take out the many ships on the water. Be careful they will be hurl
missiles at you the whole mission, the best way to take them out is to use
your missiles you have left on them then dive in and take out what's left
with your machine guns. 
Mission 03- Through the Valley of Death 
Use Plane F-4E Phantom II. Allied Forces have discovered an enemy fortress
on a bridge in the upstream portion of the Cayenne River, near the foothills
of Mt. Megalith. Your mission is to cut off the United Forces supply routes
on the Cayenne River. Attack and destroy the fortress and seal off their
transport routes on the river. This mission can be easy if you do it right.
This mission you move straight foreward right into you reach the giant
fortress. Soon as you start the mission turn right an their will be a couple
of ships and some land around them, pass over them and keep going, don't try
to hit them, they will just hold you up. Watch out for their missiles they
will, send a volley of them at you. After you got pass the first fleet of
ships, you will see some more ships and a bridge-type object with
anti-aircraft guns on it. Pass right over the ships and go straight for the
middle of the bridge, it will be targeted in orange, when you get it locked
on blast it and watch as the bridge goes down. Repeat this a couple times as
the same thing comes up a few more times through the canyon. Now you have
reached the hardest part of the mission, when you done with the above you
will see this giant fortress. It may look big, but its very easy, just hit
the turrets that target in orange color and then destroy the two bridge-like
objects on each side and your done. If you want to get some extra money then
you can destroy the whole base before destroying the last target. 
Bellona Air Base (Campaign 02)
Mission 01- Defending the Zayno
Use plane F-4E Phantom II. A large United Forces transport carrier has been
confirmed near the mouth of the Cayenne River. It is suspected that they are
deploying in preparation for a parachute attack on our base in the vicinity.
You must destroy the transport carrier. Prevent the paratroopers from
occupying the base. This mission is extremely easily if you conserve your
missiles from the locations before you get to the base. Soon as you get into
the mission turn on your map and look for the red targets. The trick is only
destroy the objects you need to. You don't have to destroy any fighters in
this mission, so just leave them alone. First go straight forward until you
get to the base, you will know it when you see it. Then locate the tanks
moving around the base and destroy them with your missiles. Be careful not
to run into a building or the ground because there is one hiding in between
a couple of building. Once you make sure they all destroyed. Go around the
map and destroy the other tanks. The will probably be in clusters and groups
because a plane just drop them off. To make it easier, on your route to the
base part of the battlefield you can intercept a carrier plane and take out
a few tanks before they drop off. One thing, remember you don't have to
engage the fighter since you don't have to destroy them to complete the
Mission 02 
Use plane F-14D Tomcat. Olmeno City is currently being reconnoitered by
United Forces' spy planes. They are using the city buildings as a shield so
we can't use our anti-aircraft artillery against them. You are dispatched to
Olemeno City to intercept and destroy the spy planes. This mission will make
you use your time wisely. You need all the time you get for this one. In
this mission, the whole level is a huge city. There are 3 parts of the city
that you have to fight in. The first part of the city there is a couple of
anti-aircraft guns on the ground, destroy them with your missiles and don't
run into the building. Remember only hit the targets with orange targets
only, they are the only ones you need to destroy. Back on topic, while
destroying the AA guns in the first part of the city, you might be engaged
by some spy planes, remember spy planes have orange when targeted, not
green. Destroy them if you can, most of the spy planes are slow moving, but
1 or 2 are super-sonic. After this is done, go north and repeat the steps
above twice. Then look for the rest of the spy fighters if there is any

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