By: James “2Dskillz” Roberts

Version 1.0 10-31-06
- All missions complete
- Thanks Yous
- Weapon Notes update
- Def Mod update

Version 0.8 10-25-06
- All missions through planet Tsinan complete
Only 2 more planets (6 missions) to go.
- Unlockables updated 

Version 0.7 10-18-06
- All missions through 2.6

Version 0.4 10-10-04
- All missions of Planet Wroclaw Complete
- Hacking Section Complete
- Def Mods Complete
- Basics Complete
- Saves Complete
What is coming?
- More of the Walkthrough
- Details on All Weapons
- More Combat Strategies
- More detail of unlockables

1. Basics
2. Combat
3. Hacking
4. Saves
5. Campaign List
6. Walkthrough
7. Unlockables

1. Basics

L – Jump jets/Detonate Missile (turret only)
Control Pad – Move Mech or Vehicle/Speed Control for missile (turret only)
R – Fire Weapon/Drop & Detonate Pilot Bombs
X – Look Up
B – Look Down
Y – Look Left
A – Look Right
Start – Pause
Select – Scoreboard (in multiplayer) 

*(Controls can also be set to left-handed which will flip the control 

Mechassault also gives an option for stylus based control similar to that of 
Metroid Prime Hunters, however in Mechassault the stylus functions more like 
an analog stick making it feel floating and imprecise. If you choose stylus 
control the control pad will function the same and L button will fire 
weapons, in this mode jump jets are activated by double tapping on the touch 

I recommend against stylus control because unlike Metroid Prime Hunters you 
do not require fast precision. Most all of the weapons in Mechassault will 
lock onto an enemy target and seek. Also targets are moving a good deal 

Touch Screen:
Upper Right – Claw, looks like a robotic claw (Battle Armor) 
              First Person Zoom, looks like crosshairs (Tank) 
              Initiate Hack, looks like a square (Pilot)
Lower Right – Change Weapons, looks like 2 arrows in a circle
Lower Left – DEF MOD, defensive mods, icon will vary, See Combat for details
Upper Left – Enter/Exit Mech or Vehicle, looks like an arrow, you must hold 
the icon for a moment.

Also on the touch screen is a Question Mark and a Book. The question mark 
provides mission objectives as well as general info, the book represents the 
war book which provides vehicles technical readouts.

2. Combat

With most weapons you will only need to wait until your reticule turns red 
and you will hit with your weapons. Missiles will also show red spinning 
arrows around the enemy letting you know that they have a lock and will 
track the enemy. Hammer missiles are the exception to this rule. 

Weaponry Notes:
PPCs require you hold down the fire button and charge them. You will see 
blue lines fill up on the sides of the reticule. The more you charge them 
the greater the damage they do and the greater heat they create. Plasma PPCs 
fire the same way that normal PPCs do, but they have a faster charge rate 
and the shot appears purple instead of blue.

Hammer missiles have a small circle beside the reticule which will fill up 
as you charge the weapon. The amount of charging time will determine the 
amount of time the missile will fly before detonation. These missiles do 
very heavy damage.

name of mod (description of icon) - what it does.
Active AMS(Anti-Missile System) (Missile) – Destroys incoming missile fire 
Reactive Defensive Armor (Bullet) – Reduces damage taken from ballistic 
Reflective Defensive Armor (Lightening Bolt) – Reduces damage taken from 
energy weapons
Target Jamming (Crosshairs) – Enemy weapons cannot lock on
Null Sig (Eye) – Invisibility to sight and radar when not firing 
LosTech (Exclamation Point) – Reduce damage taken from all weapons
Energy Defense Shield (Shield) – Prevents damage while in the POV turret

Mechs lacking a Def Mod normally have the Alpha Strike ability. This ability 
will only become active once you have upgrades all your weapons to level 3. 
The alpha strike is selectable like any other weapon at this point. The 
Alpha Strike must be charged like PPCs, however it is much slower. When 
charging an Alpha Strike it will look as though you are going to fire 4 
Plasma PPCs. Unlike the PPC an Alpha Strike must be fully charged (reticule 
glowing) before releasing the fire button. If you release early nothing will 

Completing Missions:
Anytime you think a mission should be over, but it is not ending shoot 
everything. Look for enemies you may have missed.

3. Hacking

Enemy Terminal Hacking:
Terminal hacking will involve dragging shapes to the four corners of the 
touch screen to match the four corners on the top screen. The shapes will 
pour down the middle of the screen. If you have difficulty with catching the 
shapes in time, you can rapidly pull shapes (scribble) towards each corner 
until you see it turn green. This “spamming” of the shapes towards the 
corners may be quite necessary towards the end of the game.
Enemy Mech Hacking:
Hacking mechs will involve dragging shapes from an ever changing row at the 
top of the touch screen to the corresponding shape on the bottom of the 
touch screen. You can speed up the changing row of shapes by holding down on 
the control pad. Unlike terminal hacking you will be penalized for trying to 
match the incorrect shape causing you to lose valuable time. Later in the 
game when the hacking begins going very fast, try to focus on the shapes as 
they appear on the top screen. Focusing on the Upper screen should give you 
sufficient reaction time.

HPG Hacking:
This hack will only come up twice. You will see two zig-zagging lines on the 
top screen, the goal is make the two lines on the bottom match. This is not 
too difficult. The first time you come across this hack it is impossible to 
complete successfully, this is due to the plot.

MechAssault does not use in-game saves, instead when you load your campaign 
you will have the option of choosing any mission up to and including the 
most recent one attempted or any cinematic you have seen. Most missions also 
include checkpoints that will help you to avoid restarting a mission from 
the beginning.

Below is a list of all missions and cinematics in order. (Numbers added to 
missions to make searching the walkthrough easier)

Planet Arluma
         Classified (Cinematic)
         Jump to Wroclaw (Cinematic)

Planet Wroclaw
     1.1 Training Day
     1.2 ACM Support
     1.3 Terminal Barrier
     1.4 Great Divide
     1.5 Last Chance
     1.6 Knife in the Back
     1.7 Come out Fighting
     1.8 Up in Flames
     1.9 Juggernaut
         Jump to Tsinan (Cinematic)

Planet Tsinan
     2.1 Eating Static
     2.2 Rolling Thunder
     2.3 Blackout
     2.4 Unsinkable
     2.5 Burning Bridges
     2.6 Secure the Lines
     2.7 Divergent Entry
     2.8 VallenÂ’s Gamble
         HPG Theory (Cinematic)
     2.9 The Gauntlet
         Jump to Qarahta (Cinematic)

Planet Qarahta
     3.1 Munitions Sweep
     3.2 Enemy Revealed
     3.3 Bombshell
         Nighty Night (Cinematic)
         Jump to Niangol (Cinematic)

Planet Niangol
     4.1 End Transmission
         Dust to Dust (Cinematic)
     4.2 Subjugator
     4.3 Sovereign Prince
         Retribution (Cinematic)


1.1 Training Day

Modes of Transport:

The first mission and already there is someone in need of help. 

Begin by going forward to the U-turn you will come across your first 
opposition, infantry. Now firing weapons works fine but you can simply step 
on them. Once getting to the other side of the mountain you will see your 
ally tank getting pounded by 3 tanks and some more infantry. Cycling Laser, 
Missile, Laser will drop each enemy tank. 

Once you have saved the tank you will continue to the dropzone. As you 
approach the gate you will be encountered by one tank. Before passing 
through the gate use your missiles to lock on the turrets which are on the 
far side of the area ahead on the left and right. Fighting them from this 
point gives you the ability to use the sides of the gate as cover. Once the 
turrets are down continue into the landing area.

Inside the landing area you are set upon by 3 more tanks. First you should 
attempt to destroy the garage like structure you see towards the back. You 
will see these structures throughout the game. They will continually spawn 
new enemies as you destroy those enemies already present. After you dish out 
a bit of destruction 2 elementals will jump-jet into the fray. While tiny in 
stature, elementals can be a pain due to a surprisingly high tolerance for 
pain. Defeating all of these enemies clears the landing area and the first 

1.2 ACM Support

Modes of Transport:
Battle Armor

From the start an angry tank is waiting, stay behind the building and dodge 
in and out while taking laser shots at the tank. Once the tank has been done 
in make your way into the open. The only other resistance you will face here 
are some infantry and a garage that releases more infantry. Your battle 
armor weaponry will make short work of them. Note: Most buildings can be 
destroyed, and most buildings contain weapon or armor upgrades. Moving on 
you come to a wall that you must jump-jet over. You are not told at this 
point, but you can use the battle claw (icon on the right side of the touch 
screen) to grab the wall and let you jets recharge partway up. 

At the top of the wall you will see more buildings and have 1 elemental to 
battle. Another wall the climb and you are again facing a group of infantry 
with garage to back them up (why do they even try). Continuing on you will 
face a total of 4 tanks, this is a good time to start practicing with the 
battle armor mortar weapon. These mortars are very powerful and getting the 
aiming of them down early will greatly help. 

During the tank battling you will be informed of a Uller mech up ahead and 
will be ordered to hack it and take it. Be sure not to fire on the Uller or 
any mech that you plan on hacking and taking as your own because no one 
wants to pilot damaged goods. Hacking the mech will be the same as climbing 
the wall with the battle claw. You will need to be jumping in order to grab 
the mech. Once you have a grip a hacking mini-game will begin. (For tips on 
hacking please see hacking tips) Once the hack is successful you will need 
to get out of the battle armor and into the mech. You exit the battle armor 
by pressing the arrow icon on the left side of the touch screen. Run your 
pilot to where you see the yellow circles around a latter coming down from 
the mech. You will now again need to press the same icon you used to exit 
the battle armor to enter the mech.

Once aboard the Uller make your way to the huge metal door and blow it to 
bits. A Kit Fox (another light mech) is waiting on the other side of the 
door. Your first mech battle is not very difficult, but remember to take 
advantage of your jump-jets and def mod. This fight concludes the mission.

1.3 Terminal Barrier

Modes of Transport:

The mission begins with you piloting an Uller in a tiny valley. You will be 
order to hack the gate before you to proceed, but first you will need to 
take out the aerospace fighter firing on you. Missiles are the easiest way 
to take out air units, so shoot down the annoyance and hack the door.

Immediately past the gate you will set upon by 3 missile tanks to your 
right. Take them out and an armor pickup resides behind them, but watch for 
another aerospace fighter that will take shots at you from over the eastern 
mountain. Moving north by north-east you will come upon 2 tanks and a 
garage. Take out the garage first.

Running along you will reach a mech bay and a checkpoint. Exit your Uller 
and enter the Cougar in the mech bay. Beside the mech bay is a missile 
upgrade and armor. The CougarÂ’s long range missiles will allow you superior 
range in the fighting to come.

More enemies approach, but with the openness of the land it is easy to 
divide and conquer. Start by targeting the Kit Fox and taking it out. 
Several tanks will be in this area as well. Be sure to always take out the 
garages before the tanks to avoid respawns. Do not run full on towards the 
Puma waiting at the top of the hill, there are 2 turrets ready to open fire 
with a surprisingly long range. Instead fire some shots at the puma to draw 
it down the hill. After finishing the Puma then take out both turrets with 
the missile upgrade won from the Puma. Hack the door, mission complete.

1.4 Great Divide

Modes of Transport:
Rommel MKII

Enter the Rommel MKII tank and begin through the ravine. Your first 
opposition will be 2 tanks, be sure to take full advantage of your def mod 
to allow you time to line up great shots with the gravity gun. Shortly past 
the 2 tanks are some infantry and a garage to destroy. Like piloting a mech, 
you can run over infantry with the tank so enjoy the screams. Next on the 
right you will have to deal with 2 elementals. As I have said before 
elementals are a pain. You can try to use your gravity gun for it dishes out 
a heavy hit when lined up, but the machine guns your tank is equipped with 
seem better suited for this fight. For you trouble you will be able to pick 
up an armor and ballistic upgrade.

As the ravine opens up head to your right. You will be faced by 2 more tanks 
before you see your new mech, an Uziel. 3 more tanks patrolling this 
immediate vicinity should be dealt with before exiting the Rommel MKII and 
entering the Uziel. 2 tanks and some upgrades are waiting for you, but your 
PPCs will make short work of any tanks. 2 tanks as well as 2 Cougars are 
blocking your way to the next hack. Avoid running right up on these Cougars 
as this door is flanked by 2 turrets that will lash out at you. While the 
charge time seems to slow you, the PPCs are your heavy hitters so just cycle 
to your other weapons while they are recharging. Hack the door and continue 

Once passing through the door you will have to battle a Mad Cat. While it is 
big you are toting almost equal or better firepower, especially considering 
the upgrades that you have just taken off of the pair of Cougars. If this 
battle is getting messy armor is available. Once the Mad Cat is destroyed 
you will take out 3 tanks and finish the mission.

1.5 Last Chance

Modes of Transport:

Immediately upon beginning this stage be wary of turrets placed on the left 
and right wall of the valley you are in, take them out with your missiles. 
Just over the ridge wait 2 missile tanks and a garage, take out the garage 
and then the missiles tanks. Some armor and upgrades are waiting for you, 
pick them up and head south (taking a right out of the valley you started 

As you are heading south you will notice and dip in the mountain ridge, use 
your jump jets to clear it. On the other side will be 2 missile tanks, some 
infantry, and 2 garages. Also in this location is an unmanned mech, a 
Raptor. Before hopping in the Raptor go to the edge of this cubby hole and 
to the left and take out 2 missile tanks, some infantry, and a garage. This 
keeps your Raptor fresh and gets a bit more mileage out of your Uller.

Now the mission really begins. You should see a yellow diamond on your 
screen indicating the first hacking point of the HPG, head in the direction. 
Before arriving at the hacking spot take out the turret beside it. After the 
hack you will have a Raptor and 2 elementals to deal with, try fighting the 
Raptor first from long range then you can close in and take out the 
elementals. Near the next hacking point will be 2 missile tanks and 2 
garages to take out, but the bigger problem will be a Mad Cat that is taking 
shots at you from long range. Use your def mod and fight the Mad Cat at long 
range before hacking the second station. Upon leaving this station you will 
have a Raptor in front of you and 2 elementals will come in from behind. 
Take out the elementals and then deal with the Raptor. Beyond the Raptor are 
2 missile tanks and 2 turrets, following that an Uziel waits. Upon taking 
out all of this resistance you can attempt the final hack. I say attempt 
because due to the storyline this hack cannot be completed successfully. 
After the hack attempt the mission is over.

1.6 Knife in the Back

Modes of Transport:
Mad Cat

From the outset you are treated to the wraith of 2 Pumas. Use your Def-Mod 
and focus attacks on one Puma and it should be a piece of cake. Moving along 
you will encounter a Kit Fox backed up by some infantry and a garage. Just 
after this you will encounter 3 tanks that likewise should be no problem 
however, keep an eye on the rise behind the tanks because a Mad Cat is 
waiting to take you down. 

You can try and take the enemy Mad Cat with your Raptor but you have the 
option of just sneaking past it and getting into a Mad Cat of your own. I 
like to deal as much damage as possible with the Raptor, but you must be 
very careful because the PPCs that the Mad Cat is packing will quickly 
destroy your armor. 

After defeating the Mad Cat you will have to make short work of 2 tanks 
before cresting a ridge over which 2 Belails will be waiting to make your 
acquaintance. Finish them and you will move on to an area with numerous 
tanks and several turrets, it is safe to stand in the water in this area so 
do not fear the terrain. At the long end of the area waits a Loki. Upon 
finishing off the Loki a Kit Fox will jump in behind you. Defeating the Kit 
Fox will complete the mission.

1.7 Come out Fighting

Modes of Transport:
Mad Cat

Starting this mission out move to your left and pick up 2 energy upgrades, 
there will be 2 tanks to take out. Then moving on a Raven will jump in and 
use its Def Mod requiring you to manually target it. Destroy it and 3 tanks, 
2 garages, and 2 turrets on your way into the main battlefield. 

2 tanks at the foreground of the battlefield can be quickly dispatched as 
you move in on the mechs that are threatening your Drop Ship. Start by 
firing shots at all the mechs but the Timber wolf on the far left. This will 
pull their attention away from the drop ship, once this is done concentrate 
all of your fire on one mech at a time. By taking out one mech at a time you 
will keep getting a steady supply of upgrades that you will need to see this 
mission through. Once the little mechs are down, close in on the Timber 

The destruction of the Timber Wolf will bring another wave of enemies over 
the ridge. Destroying each wave will bring another, 3 waves in all will 
attack. If you continue focusing your attacks on one mech at a time this 
should not be too difficult, also remember that your enemies can suffer from 
friendly fire so get them to cross in front of each other when you can. 
Destroying all enemies will bring a close to the mission.

* Sometimes you will not see anymore enemies, but the mission will not end. 
This is because not all enemies are destroyed. Usually a tank has gotten 
hung in the hills, often to the right of the Drop Ship. So take a look in 
the foothills and you should find a tank if this problem arises.

1.8 Up in Flames

Modes of Transport:
Battle Armor

To start go immediately to your left and pick up the energy weapon upgrade, 
then proceed to the rise. On the far right of the rise is a missile upgrade. 
Now this is a tough spot, 2 missile tanks, 1 garage, 1 elemental, and a 
Belial are all vying for your attention. Take the missile tanks and garage 
quickly with your mortars then hack the Belial. Finish of the Elemental 
before boarding the Belial.

Tanks await you up the next hill. From here you will be heading to the first 
security building you must destroy. It is guarded by 2 turrets and an 
elemental. Finish off the minor opposition and park your mech a little way 
from the building. Exit the mech and run right up to the security building 
and hold down the fire button to have your pilot place a pilot bomb. Now 
return to your mech, but before getting in press the fire button to detonate 
the pilot bomb destroying the building. 

Come down over the ridge and face an Uller, Kit Fox, 1 aerospace fighter, 2 
turrets and 2 elementals. Beating these opponents will lead you to the 
second security building which is guarded by a Stiletto. Now on to the final 
security building. 

Elementals and several tanks will block your way to the final building, but 
a gift is waiting there too. To the left an unmanned Hellbringer is waiting, 
and you will have a chance to use it. Pilot bomb the final building a cut 
scene will introduce one final goal. Hop in the Hellbringer and head toward 
the metal gate.

Ready to attack inside the gate is an enemy Hellbringer along with 
turrets(which line the left and right all the way to the goal, 6 in all), 2 
aerospace fighters, missile tanks, a Belial, and a Uller for good measure. 
This is not too difficult with the firepower you have, just use range to 
your advantage and do not move in too deep until the closer opposition is 
eliminated. Destroy this final target with your weapons and the mission is 

1.9 Juggernaut

Modes of Transport:

Yeah, this is a boss fight. A giant scorpion-like mech with the following 

Ring of Bombs – Use your jump jets to avoid.
Missiles – These are very powerful and will often knock you down, use your 
Def Mod anytime he is at long range to avoid lock on.

Heat Ray – Ray that shoots from tail will cause your heat to spike and will 
drain the upgrades from your weapons, run away to get out of its range.
Tackle – Its rear will go vertical and it will charge you.
Tail Strike – It will spin, sweeping you with its tail.

Keep your distance since he will mostly use the Ring of Bombs which is easy 
to dodge. This enemy can burrow underground and come back up anywhere in the 
arena so be sure to move constantly and watch your radar whenever he 
disappears. Be sure to keep upgrading your weapons, many upgrades are around 
the outer edges of the arena. Take full advantage of your jump jets for 
quick strafing and escaping. This boss has 2 armor bars, so do not get to 
close after he collapses for the first time.

2.1 Eating Static

Modes of Transport:
Battle Armor

You have some back up in the form of Vern in a tank for this mission. He 
will help damage and destroy enemies, but if he is dies you will have to 
restart the mission. Also, this area has some yellow water running through 
the cannon avoid getting in it too much it can cause you damage.

You will drop being almost immediately under fire. Switch to your mortars 
and take out the tanks and turret on the ground on the left before switching 
to the laser and dropping the turrets on the canyon walls. A bridge overhead 
with 2 tanks is accessible, so jump jet up and mortar them.

Just after this you will meet up with Vern. He will cover you while you 
ascend the hill to the first point that you must hack. Take out the turret 
and infantry and hack the first point.

Now, proceed back to Vern and follow him to the next hack point. Ignore the 
tank on the bridge overhead, instead focus on the turrets up ahead, Vern 
will assist in knocking them out. To the right up ahead are several tanks, 
easy mortar bait. At the top of this hill is the second hack point.

Moving on you will get to an unmanned mech, a Stiletto. From here on you go 
it alone. Do not run through the metal gate guns blazing, multiple mechs, 
tanks, and turrets are awaiting you. Take long range shots and use the metal 
walls for cover until you clear out a fair amount of the opposing tanks. 
Enter and move to the right quickly taking out the turrets and getting on 
the far side of the enemy mech, an armor pick up is available. Now just take 
down the closest mech and work your way to the other side. Be sure to watch 
for 2 turrets on in the opposite corners beside the objective. Destroy the 
objective building to complete the mission.

2.2 Rolling Thunder
Modes of Transport:
Blood Asp

You begin in a deep narrow ravine. Turrets and missile tanks will be your 
primary foes throughout the first part of this mission. The turrets are all 
placed high on the cliff walls. Using the tanks zoom option will allow you 
to take them out from a greater distance, but is not necessary. Continue 
through the ravine slowly taking advantage of your Def Mod and watching 
carefully for turrets because they can chew your armor up rather quickly. 
Some Elementals will drop down behind you a way into the ravine. Use your 
machine guns, only switching to the gravity gun when they are on the ground.

Shortly passed this point you will see the ravine open a little and you will 
see a garage. A Stiletto is waiting to ambush you from the right when you 
come out in the open. Use you Def Mod and upgrades weapons to out battle the 
mech. You will then be on the home stretch to a mech of your own, only 
needing to defeat a puma and a hand full of missile tanks.

In the Blood Asp you will immediately be thrown into combat with another 
mech, but it should not pose much of a threat. The remainder of the mission 
is small mechs and missile tank with the occasional turret. Finally you will 
come across an Atlas, you should have an alpha strike ready which will hit 
for massive damage. Destroying the Atlas will end the mission.

2.3 Blackout

Modes of Transport:
Timber Wolf

Starting in your tank you are presented this as a stealth mission, really it 
is not. You can however use your Def Mod to avoid most of the enemy fire 
(tanks) and make a bee line for the trees that are straight ahead from your 
starting point. Once behind the trees let your Def Mod recharge and then 
continue on. A mech and several tanks await your trek to the first 
generator, but the recharged Def Mod should allow you to slip through with 
minimal damage (remember do not fire your weapons or you will show up 
allowing the enemy to get a firing solution). At the first generator (which 
must be pilot bombed) a Timber Wolf is available for your piloting pleasure.

Destroy the nearby opposition and head up the hill. At the top are several 
turrets, elementals, and a Star Adder. The Star Adder is a higher weight 
class than the Timber Wolf you are in but you should be able to take it, 
just be sure to cycle frequently to your gauss rifle as it is your most 
damaging weapon. After defeating the Star Adder just destroy the second 
generator (you can use your mechÂ’s weapons for this one) and the mission is 

2.4 Unsinkable

Modes of Transport:
Kit Fox

From the beginning you will be taking fire from elementals on the right and 
some tanks. Clear out all of this resistance using buildings for cover, and 
your Def Mod for additional defense. Take full advantage of the Hammer 
missiles that the Kit Fox is carrying. Hammer missiles are slow to fire and 
do not lock on, but the damage is incredible especially for a light mech. 

Once defeating your enemies you will come to a decline. Head down and hang 
an immediate right, hopefully you have your Def Mod on. An Atlas is sitting 
unmanned in a hangar just for you. You will need it to take on the 
Prometheus which is patrolling the buildings next to the mech hangar.

Now on your way to the ships that must be sunk several tanks, infantry, 
turrets, a Belial, and an elemental or 2 will be attempting to stop you. 
Just show them your big guns and bring them down. The 2 ships are each 
topped with a turret, but are not difficult to destroy. Once these ships are 
destroyed take out the 2 buildings that resemble generators, and the mission 
should be complete.

2.5 Burning Bridges

Modes of Transport:
Star Adder

This is a short but fierce mission, speed is important because if Vern dies 
you lose the mission. You begin being assaulted by tanks, light mechs, and 
turrets. Take out all of this immediate trouble be for moving too far away 
from your drop ship. Vern will be guarding the ship while you make your way 
to the turret. Along the walk there you will come across numerous turrets, 
be sure to drop them before they chew you up too much. Also, Pumas will 
steadily be coming your way, they will not stop coming so do not worry about 
destroying them all. 

Come around the bend to your left and you begin ascending a hill that is 
coated with turrets, tanks, elementals, and topped with an assault mech with 
which you must dance. Try to take out the turrets on the way up, they are 
the first priority, second are the tanks. However, if you are nearing the 
enemy mech and have an alpha strike ready focus on that mech. After clearing 
the hill it is time to mount the turret.

Once in the turret really easy to see red diamonds will appear on your 
display these are your targets. Switch to the POV missiles and fire first 
back down the hill the way you came and continue until you see the bridge. 
Now spin the turret to the right and fire to take out the second bridge. 
Remember that you can hold up on the d-pad to speed the missile up a bit. 
Once both bridges are destroyed exit the turret and return to your mech.

You do not need to go back down the hill, instead just walk off of the side 
and rush back to the drop ship. Now destroy any remaining enemy mechs and 
the mission is complete.

2.6 Secure the Lines

Modes of Transport:
Battle Armor
Timber Wolf

You might have thought the last mission was throwing a lot at you, but this 
time you are against similar odds starting out. You will be facing tanks, 
missile tanks, elementals, and 2 light mechs. You can either rush through 
this battle field to the Timber Wolf awaiting you at the far end, or you can 
attempt to take out the enemies with the battle armor. Both ways are 
possible, but it is probably best to focus on getting to that mech. 

Once in the Timber Wolf you want to hurry to VernÂ’s position before he bites 
it. Some resistance is between you and him mostly consisting of tanks and 2 
Hellbringers. Upon arriving at VernÂ’s location you will see that he is 
piloting a Mad Cat, try not to fire on him. He is surrounded by enemies 
including a Hellbringer, and a Kit Fox. After dishing out a bit of damage 2 
cougars will jump into the fray. Focus on the lighter mechs first in order 
to gather upgrades. Defeating the enemy forces here will bring about the 
close of the mission.

2.7 Divergent Entry

Modes of Transport:
Battle Armor

From the outset you are being fired upon by numerous tanks. You will need to 
keep on the jump jets and lobbing mortars. Be sure also to take out the 
garages to avoid additional tanks. Continuing towards the wall you will have 
to deal with 2 turrets and 2 elementals (there is also some infantry but 
they do not really count as a threat). Armor and weapon upgrades are waiting 
on the far left and right near the wall.

Once you scale the wall immediately turn to your right, you will see a gap 
in the mountain that you can go through. Below this gap is a closed mech 
bay. Take out the tanks and opposition around this mech bay and then hop out 
of your battle armor and hack the console on the left of the bay. This will 
give you access to a Ragnarok (this will also unlock the Ragnarok in 
multiplayer mode). Now go have fun with a Loki, 2 Raptors, and the turrets 
that will attempt to destroy you. 

Now you will blow down the metal door halting your progress. Be prepared to 
deal with 2 madcats backed by tanks, aerospace fighters and some turrets. 
Launch missiles at the fighters and then focus on the Mad Cats. Afterwards 
clean up what is left and blow down the next door. Behind this door is a 
Blood Asp, do not be cocky because that Asp can deal damage quite fast. Some 
upgrades are to the left of the entrance that may help you if needed. Once 
you clear out the Asp and turrets just hack the terminal and the mission is 

2.8 VallenÂ’s Gamble

Modes of Transport:

This mission you begin with only your pilot. The first area is patrolled by 
tanks. Keep an eye on your radar and try to keep the buildings between you 
and the tanks. You can take out the tanks with pilot bombs but it can be 
frustrating and is a waste of time. Get to the first terminal and hack it. 
Note that the hacking tends to step up in difficulty on this mission and may 
take several attempts before you are successful.

Going through the door you just hacked will have you standing on hill 
overlooking a city that is being patrolled by a mech. You will need to watch 
the mech and wait till it is moving towards the buildings away from the 
tower you must destroy to make your move. Bomb the tower and run over to the 
terminal, conduct your hack and head through the next door.

Immediately to your left will be an unmanned Puma, climb aboard. You will 
first have to deal with 2 Cougars backed by some light tank support. 
Continuing forward you will face 2 Raptors. Just remember to focus on one 
mach at a time and you should have no problems. After the Raptors you will 
be at the base of an incline with a wall right down the middle, at the top 
of this incline is your goal the HPG. Take the right side of the wall on 
your way up, it is full of tanks, but the left is full of turrets and they 
can deal quite a bit more damage. 

Once you reach the top of the hill you will battle a Loki, be sure to stay 
behind the wall because once you cross completely into where the HPG is 
located the turrets from the other side of the wall will have a chance to 
fire at you. Destroy the Loki and drop the turrets closest to the top of the 
hill so that they will not bother you. The HPG has 3 points that must be 
hacked, it does not matter the order in which you do them you will be given 
the correct hack regardless of the terminal. After hacking the first 
terminal enemy Cougars will begin attacking. These enemies will continue to 
respawn, so just take out the ones in your way and focus on getting the 
terminals hacked.

The third terminal that you hack will look like the third hack the last time 
you attempted hacking an HPG. All you need to do is drag the points on the 
line so that they match the lines on the top screen. This hack will finish 
the mission.

2.9 The Gauntlet

Modes of Transport:

This mission is a lot of fairly intense combat. You begin in a Puma and you 
should use its def mod to make it hard for the Mad Cat to hit you. Do not 
try to fight the Mad Cat in the Puma. Instead make a dash to the right side 
of the canyon (avoiding upgrades) where an unmanned Atlas is waiting for 
you. After acquiring the Atlas begin working on the Mad Cat while gathering 
the upgrades that are present in the canyon. If the elementals begin to get 
under your skin too much 1 well placed shot of autocannon is usually enough 
to drop them (wait till they are on the ground).

Moving on past the Mad Cat, you will be set upon by missile tanks a Puma and 
2 Belials, more elementals also await you. As always focus on one mech at a 
time. Just behind the Belials another Mad Cat will be waiting. Beyond this 
Mad Cat is a range of small mountains, you can go to the left, right or down 
the center of them. All you will face is turrets or missile tanks.

Once you are through the mountains you will come across your drop ship which 
is under attack again. This time the drop ship is only being assaulted by a 
Puma, an Uziel, and a Belial. Simply get the enemies attention and then take 
them one mech at a time. Removing the attackers will complete this mission 
and this planet.

3.1 Munitions Sweep

Modes of Transport:
Mad Cat

This is really a fun mission, a variety of enemies and nice open ground. 
Starting out drop the missile tank and run down the crevice picking up all 
of the wonderful upgrades. At the end of the crevice you will meet a cougar 
which should be no problem for you. Another missile tank and a Hellbringer 
now await your approach. I would like to note that the Loki can heat up fast 
and will take a little time to cool so do not go too pulse laser crazy.

Passing the HellbringerÂ’s location will bring you out into the open. Be sure 
and avoid the lakes of liquid like the one on your left, you will be quickly 
destroyed by them. Many tanks will make their presence known to you but are 
short work with the fire power of the Loki. Elementals will appear as you 
near the first target which is the warehouse on top of the hill in the 
distance. 2 Raptors and a Stiletto will open fire on you as you attack the 
warehouse. You can hide behind the warehouse if necessary. After taking out 
the warehouse destroy the 2 Raptors and make your way due north. Avoid 
fighting the Stiletto at this time. 

As you continue north you will see the next 2 warehouse targets along with 2 
more Raptors and missile tanks defending. Once you have cleared out the 
enemy and the warehouses notice a thin crevice behind the where the right 
warehouse was, a Mad Cat is waiting there for you. Once aboard the Mad Cat 
go say hi to that Stiletto from earlier. The Stiletto and his twin are 
guarding the next warehouse. In the Mad Cat you should have no problem that 
LRMs and dual PPCs cannot solve. After this warehouse is destroyed make your 
way to the bridge.

The remainder of this mission is a complete cake walk. You will have 2 
turret equipped boats to take out and 2 elementals. The last warehouse is on 
an island, but do not try to cross the water to it. Simply destroy the 
warehouse at long range and the mission is complete.

3.2 Enemy Revealed

Modes of Transport:
Battle Armor

Beginning in a plateau filled area you will have to deal with turrets, 
missile tanks, elementals and some infantry. First you will want to take out 
the pocket of opposition on your left. Focus on clearing out the ground 
troops before taking out all of the turrets atop the plateaus. You are in no 
rush during this part of the mission. The mech you are tailing will wait on 
you. Once you have destroyed all of the enemies approach the Ymir, it will 
begin to move once you get close. You will need to hack the Ymir twice, once 
for pilot data, and once for control.

Now that you are piloting the Ymir make way for the huge metal gate. You 
will see MANY enemy units on the other side. Simply do not fire your weapons 
and they will not attack. Walk your way to the building at the far end of 
the area, park right in front of it and get out of your mech. A terminal is 
located underneath the building that you will need to hack to set the self 
destruct. Once you have completed the hack is complete hurry back to the 
Ymir and rush toward the metal gate that has just opened up on the left. At 
this point all of the enemies stationed around this building will begin 
attacking. Do not let them slow you down, just run for the gate. If you do 
not make it through the gate in time the building explosion will kill you.

After clearing the gate and witnessing the destruction you will have to 
handle 2 light mechs and some tanks. Just past these enemies lies an array 
of 6 turrets, they can chew you up quick so keep your distance as you take 
them out. One turret is waiting on the right as you enter the narrow valley 
beyond the 6 turrets. The final objective and enemy in this mission is a 
Ragnarok that you must destroy. Focus on using your autocannon and lava gun 
to handle the Ragnarok because it has weapons that can knock you down and 
out of charging your PPCs. 

3.3 Bombshell

Modes of Transport:
Battle Armor
POV Turret

2 Belials will be the first thing you must deal with in this mission. They 
and a Raptor lie between you and the POV turret which is being guarded by 
Vern in a Blood Asp. Once you take out the Belials and Raptor make your way 
to the woods on the left side of the map where a Battle Armor is waiting on 
you. You will need the battle armor in order to get up to the POV turret. 

Once you are at the turret, hop in and aim east and fire a POV missile. You 
will fly the missile east and slowly turn south. A large bridge with trucks 
running on it is the target. Once the bridge is destroyed return to your 
battle armor and head toward your next objective, which is an enemy drop 

Coming over the metal wall you will be faced first by 2 tanks, stay to the 
left of the large hill. The right has several turrets along the ground, and 
they are better taken out from the longest range possible. Beyond them you 
will continue on to flatter more open ground. Take out 2 tanks on your right 
and head on toward the Ymir. Hacking this mech is the final goal in the 
stage. Be sure to keep on the move and get in close to the mech quickly, if 
it can get a lock with its PPCs you are history.

4.1 End Transmission

Modes of Transport:
Mad Cat

This narrow valley is filled with missile tanks. At the first fork in the 
road go left and take out the garage that is making them. Aerospace fighters 
will be harassing you at this point, get a missile lock and fire one volley 
it will be enough to destroy them once it catches them. 

The first open area you come to has an assortment of enemies including an 
Uller, Kit Fox, and several Elementals. Try to clean out some of these 
enemies before heading east where the first objective waits. This 
Transponder is guarded by a Timber Wolf. Once you defeat the enemy and 
destroy the transponder you can continue north. If you head west you will 
have another Timber Wolf and Tank to deal with, also many upgrades and armor 
pick ups.

Heading north you will be set upon first by 2 machine gun turrets guarding 
the pass as well as a Kit Fox and several tanks. To the east again lies the 
second transponder. This transponder is defended by 2 Raptors and 2 turrets. 
Try to take the turrets with a quick missile volley or keep a Raptor between 
you and them. Take one Raptor at a time and be sure to keep your def mod 

The final transponder is to the west and it is defended by a Loki and 
several missile tanks. More aerospace fighters will make their annoyance 
know. Destroying this final transponder will have you continuing north 
toward DanteÂ’s base. The narrow road to the base is run with missile tanks 
and additional aerospace fighters that it may be difficult to lock onto. If 
you are having trouble with these aerospace fighters try switching over to 
your machine guns. 

The final obstacle in this mission is a Star Adder. It is quite a bit 
tougher than you, but keep to your upgraded weapons and use the 2 armor 
picks available to the left and right corner of where you fight the Star 
Adder and you should be able to make it. Once the Star Adder is destroyed 
exit your mech and head toward the base and the end of the mission.

4.2 Subjugator

Modes of Transport:
Battle Armor

Starting out you will have a tank that you can hop in, so do so. You will 
follow a line of enemy tanks. Do not fire your weapons. Eventually you will 
have the opportunity to nul sig passed a Ragnarok that is guarding your 
battle armor. Do not fire on the mech as you sneak past get to the battle 
armor and get in. 

Once in the battle armor rush the Ragnarok and hack it. Using the Ragnarok 
is the best way to clear all enemy opposition in the mission. Once aboard 
the Ragnarok head south and around the bend. You will face tanks and 2 
Belials. Destroy them and then head on up the hill north and you will take 
out 2 Stilettos and another Belial, several turrets will also be hiding 
throughout the hills. 

After you are satisfied with the destruction of everything head west. You 
can drop off the cliff in the Ragnarok back to where you left the battle 
armor. Return to the battle armor and climb the metal wall back up to where 
you just came from. Once back on high head north to the huge metal wall. 
Climb it to complete the mission.

4.3 Sovereign Prince 

Modes of Transport:
Battle Armor

First Form:
At the start of this battle Dante is in a huge unknown mech. Get in close as 
quick as you can. Ideally you want him doing the jumping quake attack, if 
you are too close he will do a tackle charge that will knock you down and 
deal pretty decent damage. Just jump jet over the shock wave and keep 
pegging him with mortars. This is the easiest part of the battle. As DanteÂ’s 
mech begins to smoke and slow down it is about to drop. Try to be near an 
armor pick up when you defeat his mech.

Second Form:
Here is where the real battle begins. Dante emerges from his mech in Battle 
Armor that totes a mortar that splits into 3 (dodge with jump jets), a sword 
(when he is swinging the sword he is the easiest to hit), and the plasma gun 
of total death (this gun stuns you, maxes out your heat, and hits your weak 
spot for massive damage). He will teleport frequently, so keeping your eyes 
on your radar is a must. 

Mortars again are your weapon of choice, they are not as easy to hit him 
with but they deal much more damage and the quicker you can end this fight 
the better (lasers are acceptable as long as you have picked up some 
upgrades. Never move in a straight line during this battle and never leave 
your back open to Dante (moving in a straight line pretty much guarantees 
that the plasma gun is going to get you). Always circle strafe while trying 
to target him.

*NOTE: At any point during the Second or Third form of Dante, you can stand 
atop buildings and be safe for the most part. Dante will attempt to attack 
you but end up destroying the building (which will contain and armor pick 
up). You are not invincible while on the building, so be careful.

Third Form:
A brief cut scene about his armor regenerating will play and then he will 
begin fighting again. This time around is very similar to the second from 
except that Dante will move much faster and teleport quicker. Also he will 
be much quicker to pull out that Plasma Gun.

Fourth Form:
Getting frustrated? It is almost over. Now Dante will begin calling down 
strikes from the orbital laser. A red reticule will appear on the ground and 
track you while Dante crouches under a personal shield. All you must do is 
have the orbital laser tracking you and jump over Dante. At this point the 
laser will lock onto him, and all the regeneration in the world will not 
save him. Congrats, you have beaten the game.

If you do not jump over Dante completely and you both get hit with the laser 
you will have to try again, but if you check the campaign it will say 100% 
complete and you will be able to watch the ending movie however the cheats, 
mechs, etc will not be unlocked. Simply go back into the campaign and beat 
Dante correctly to get everything unlocked.

Majere666Â’s method:
I finally beat Dante after numerous tries. I pretty much followed 2dskillz's 
advice. More specifically, I destroyed those 4 exploding gas tanks at the 
very beginning to drop 4 health packs and get rid of the possibility of a 
cheap death from Dante or myself blowing up the tank too close to me. 

Part 1 - Dante (Mech)
Just run around him, use jump jets to get out of his quake attack and nail 
him with mortars. Destroy the tanks now, picking up a health pack as you 
need. You should nab a pack to get to full right before you defeat this form 
(his mech will start moving slowly). Also, try and get level 2 or level 3 
mortars now. 

Part 2 - Dante (Battlearmor 1)
Here's the real boss fight. His tri mortar attack is laughable. It's his 
fast and super powerful plasma gun that hurts. As 2dskillz says, jump around 
like an idiot when he starts launching it, picking up health packs or hiding 
atop buildings as needed. MAJOR HINT!!! It seems to me in this form Dante is 
much more likely to start swinging that stupid sword of his if you jump jet 
right into his face instead of using the plasma gun. The second he starts 
swinging the sword UNLOAD mortars and keep in his face. You can bring him 
all the way down to his 3 form with one of these attack patterns. 

Part 3 - Dante (Battlearmor 2)
Pretty much the same as Part 2 only harder. He seems to resort to his plasma 
gun more than his sword at medium and short range. My strategy at this point 
was to play the attrition game. Assuming you haven't used too many health 
packs by this time, you can get a few laser shots and a mortar shot at him 
before he slams you with his plasma shot. If you have to take a plasma shot 
to get a good hit on him, do it. Just stay close to health packs from the 
destroyed buildings, working your way across the arena. If you can pop him 
once or twice for every health pack, you only need 3 or maybe 4 packs. At 
this point I would even use level 3 laser. They don't do much damage but you 
want to kill him as quickly as possible.

Part 4 - Dante (Battlearmor 3 and Orbitial Cannon)
I found this part to be easy once you understand his pattern. i.e. kill him 
in the second orbital attack. His first orbital attack will place him too 
far away for you to get to, so just dodge the reticule on the ground. If you 
can get him to be at medium range from you on his next teleport (which he 
seems to always appear at), just jet straight towards him. Move above him 
and the reticule will catch on him, and the game will end. The only bit of 
advice I have for this is make sure you don't run out of jump jets and fall 
down on top of him =)

7. Unlockables:

Multiplayer Maps:
After beating stage 1.9 Juggernaut
After beating stage 4.3 Sovereign Prince

Ragnarok – unlocked by getting it in the mission 2.7 Divergent Entry
Star Adder – Complete 1 Campaign 100%

To Unlock - Complete 1 Campaign 100%

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very enjoyable game. Thanks to Adriel for driving me to the game shop (I was 
tired). Thanks to my Parents for buying an Atari 2600 many years ago. 

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