C&C Tiberian Sun FAQ-NOD                                 Sept. 06 1999
The_Bubbelfest  v1.1                                                          

Added unit guide
Added base guide
Added better way to complete mission 5
Added a building cost guide
This FAQ is copyright me 1999. Give it to whoever you want but don't take 
this line off or charge them money for it.

Note-I wont spend too much time on the base building/early missions, as most 
strategies work quite well on these missions.

Part 1-The missions

Mission 1- Ok, this one's a no brainer. Build the refinery and build some 
light infantry, probably 10 or 15. Let the lasers kill the guys and apc in 
the beginning. Keep about 5 as base guards, and send out the rest. Search the 
whole map and kill any enemies you encounter. After they are all dead, you 
win. Simple. 

Mission 2-Deplooy the mcv and build a refinery, power plant, and hand of nod. 
Make a force of infantry, about ten, and a few engineers. Take them north and 
kill the 2 guys and the laser. Go across the bridge (if its broken repair it 
with an engineer). You can make some attack buggies, too, if you want, but I 
didn't find them too helpful. On the other side of the bridge there is a TV 
station. Capture it and a bunch of your guys in the enemy's base will pop up 
and start killing it. Take your guys in and help, then go for he base in the 
south. With the new troops you should be able to destroy it. Or you could 
capture the base in the south first, then go take the one in the north. 

Mission 3-optional one- (I'd suggest doing all the optional missions, as they 
make the main ones easier)
Start by taking your units south and then going through the tunnel, killing 
any enemies on the way. Go into this base and 1) shoot the trucks, take the 
guys across the bridge after you repair it and rescue the guy (you will loose 
a few units to the laser and tick tank this way), and hurry back to the 
transport, this is possible, I did it on my first run through of the 
missions, or 2) take the engineers and capture the base. You have to wait 
until the harvester is in the refinery before taking it. Get the hand of nod 
too, and make some more engineers for the rest of the base. Get lots of 
infantry, rocket and normal, and go in and decimate their base. Then, take 
the guy back to the helicopter to win. The second way is a more sure-fire 
way, and I recommend it. 

Mission 3-this mission is now easier than if you do the optional one. First, 
go across the bridge and kill all the guys. You can destroy the buildings, 
but better to wait then capture them. Make your base, but make sure you crank 
out about 15 tick tanks. Go northwest to take Hasan's temple. You may have to 
repair the bridge, so bring some engineers. You can rush into the pyramid's 
plateau, and kill it with your tick tanks, and you shouldn't lose too many, 
or wait and get more units and kill everything, including the lasers.  Once 
the temple is gone, you win. 

Mission 4-optional-Build your base, and defend it well. When you have a large 
enough force, send an engineer to repair the bridge to the north, and kill 
the base (or capture it, if you want, and build some GDI stuff), then blow up 
the cliff wall and head into the main base and destroy it. That's it. 

Mission 4-Get a lot of tick tanks, and head south, after constructing your 
base, of course, and destroy the small GDI base there. Get some rocket guys, 
too, because they send those annoying jump jet guys after you. Get a ton of 
tick tanks, and rocket guys too, and send them south to the bridge, then 
north to the GDI base. You should be able to defeat it, if you have enough 
guys. At the top, left corner there is the temple, which ends the mission if 
all the GDI are dead. If not, look at all corners of the map until you find 

Mission 5-This is in my opinion the hardest mission to complete if you don't 
know what you are doing. Take your force and kill the guys in front of you. 
Follow the train tracks until you get to two bridges. Go on the bottom one. 
Try to avoid the patrol. Follow the tracks past the GDI base, and kill only 
the two wolverines they send at you. Then, go to the north east corner of the 
map as fast as possible. If you aren't detected, then that's good. Send your 
engineer and an escort around the left side of the cliff, until you see a 
huge wreck. Send your engineer inside that, then move the escorts back to the 
other location. Now, you can sacrifice one unit you have left, and try to 
lure the GDI into fighting the other nod. Take an infantry preferably, and 
send it to sight-range of the base, when they come for you, run south and up 
the ramp to the other nod outpost. The GDI will fight the nod, and both of 
them will have fewer units to send at you. If the GDI destroy the laser, then 
you will have an easier time. If there is another nod attack buggy and guys 
on the cliff, take yours over there, and lure them down, you will probably 
attract the attention of the GDI, too. Then, race it back to the others, and 
follow the tracks, all the while going very fast, into the nod base. Kill the 
train quickly, or as is suggested, kill the engineer trying to fix the 
bridge, then kill the train. You did it! (If anyone has an easier way to do 
this, let me know)
An easier way to beat this mission is to follow the train with the Attack 
cycle, and when it gets to the stations, shoot it. At the second station you 
will destroy the engine, then the caboose. This takes about 3 minutes.

Mission 6-choice one (recommended) Build a lot of tick tanks! After you have 
about 15 or 20, head north, then west to the bridge. Fix it, and go over it. 
Go west, and kill the tiny GDI base. Move west into the city, and kill the 
GDI stuff in the city, then go to the tunnel, burrow the tick tanks, and wait 
for Umagon. You should easily kill the train, and win the mission. 

Mission 6-choice two- get lots and lots of tick tanks and artillery, and some 
scout cycles scout out most of the areas around the three Mobile Sensor 
Arrays. Take your force and blow them up, this should be easy, enough. Then, 
go into the GDI base, and destroy the train. You will then capture Umagon. 

Mission 6-part 2- Ok, this one was the most interesting. All you have to do 
to begin with is capture the enemy base, which is easy, as you already 
control most of it. Next, build your base as usual, but make a ton of titans, 
I suggest thirty, then go to the east and through the gate. Kill all the 
mutants here, and then go across the bridge. Kill the helipads and obelisk of 
light first, then go in and crush the base, making sure to blow up the 
civilian unit north and a little to the east of the ramp down. After you do 
this, it's another win for you. 

Mission 7-optional- ok, this one is really worthless, don't do it, unless you 
just want to play with cyborg commando. Go north, and then east through the 
tiberium. Have commando kill everything. Go to the bridge, and go a little 
out on it. It should blow up, so repair it, then go across, and kill 
everything with cyborg again. Take the trucks behind cyborg, but give them 
some rear cover, too, and go to the top right part of the map. Send the 
trucks out, and you win. Yay.

Mission 7- If you got the trucks, you can launch one missile in this one. 
Whoop-de-doo. Start by sending the spy north, kill the GDI guy, and find the 
mutants. They are stupid, but will help you and follow you.  Head west to the 
tunnel, then move north through it. Kill the guys on the other side, oh and 
don't let the spy die. Then come reinforcements. Put your base on the cliff 
above the tunnel. Get the pre-built structures. Build a huge force of tick 
tanks, about 30, and send them east, wipe out the base, and go across the 
bridge, or preferably, through the ditch until you get to the other side. 
Kill all GDI stuff, then kill the big building at the back of the base. You 
move on to the weirdest mission, number 8

Mission 8- first, get your guys all at the same place, then send all of them 
over the ice except the tick tanks. Send them over one at a time, and if you 
wait for the ice to re-freeze, they won't fall in. go south and east. Ignore 
the message about her being moved. Go through the tunnel and take out the 
titans. Capture the war factory and the refinery, when the truck is in it. 
Take cyborg north and free the engineers. Take them down and capture the 
construction yard, and the power plant, if you took out the barracks (you 
should) build up a large force of titans, and keep Slavick safe! Take the m 
down to the revealed area on the map (after you construct a radar dome, and 
the rest of your base, of course) and get Slavick into the orca. Then, go 
blow up the base at the bottom left, all you should need is a couple of 
titans and cyborg, take Oxanna to the transport, and the mission ends. 

Mission 9- first choice-move to the northeast, in a straight line is best, 
and fix up the base. Get the weed eaters going immediately; don't let the 
veins get near your base. Get a scouting force together (use devils tongues) 
and send it all over to find the GDI, and then build defense. Blow them away 
with missiles and follow up missile attacks with tick tanks or other unit 
attacks, if you choose. Be careful the veins never reach your base. Once the 
GDI are gone you have won the mission.

Mission 9- second choice (recommended)-First; make a base wit lots of rocket 
infantry, because you will need them. Make a force of about 30 or 35 tick 
tanks, and send them north to the GDI base. Don't build a waste facility 
until after you have killed GDI! With this force, you should be able to take 
the base, and then move west to take out the barracks, hover tanks, and 
titan. Also clean up the towers. Also watch out for enemies on the cliff to 
the west of you, there is a barracks over there in the city to take care of, 
too. After GDI is dead, place the facility, and you will win the mission. 

Mission 10- Send the spy east, and avoid patrols. Go past both bridges, and 
go into the comm. center. Watch out for the titan. After this, send over the 
MCV and support group, and build a base under the comm. Center (you should 
have no problem taking out the titan). Make your defenses as normal. Get 
about 10 cyborgs and put them in an APC. Take them north of the test site, 
and then destroy the base with them. Go further east and shoot at the 
Mammoth. It probably won't die, but it will be weakened. Send in some more 
cyborgs until it does die. 

Mission 11-Get everyone into the APCs. Go west, and don't get hit by the 
spotlight, until you get to the big ski lodge like thing. Go further west, 
and do try to hurry, until you get to a cliff. Get out the rocket guy, and 
have him blow it apart. Go up, and then unload the guys and go down the ramp 
until you get into the base. Kill the guards with toxin soldiers, and capture 
everything. Hide your toxin soldiers behind a building, and make a few 
wolverines, and send them up to the cliff with the APCs. When Jake comes in, 
hide from the wolverines, and shoot him once, then take him to the APC. Send 
your wolverines out to kill the other ones, and take the same route back to 
the start spot. Then, put Jake into the underground APC.

Mission 12-optional (recommended highly)-Keep the spy safe! Go north, (kill 
the patrol) and up at the top of the base, shoot the cliff to make it fall. 
Take the spy into the Comm. Center. 1/3 complete! Go back north and a little 
east until you hit a wall. Blow it up, then go east into the comm. Center. 
2/3 complete! Go east and destroy the cliff, keep going east, hit another 
cliff, send in the spy, then go all the way east, and go south all the way, 
then go west to the APC. All very sneakily, of course.

This is it, last mission, number 12! This is my favorite! I have played it 7 
times through, it is so fun. First, build your base and capture the power 
plants. If you did optional, then you get the Ion Cannon. This helps a lot. 
When you get missiles, then missile the Command center (send Devil's Tongues 
all over to scout), then Ion Cannon it. Now that that is taken care of, or 
while it is being taken care of, or before, get the first ICBM up to the spot 
just north of you. Guard it heavily. Next, get an APC; load it with 3 
cyborgs, 1 cyborg commando, and an engineer. Go to the bridge on the right, 
fix it (it should be broke from your earlier scouts, and send them all to the 
beacon. Have the guys guard the ICBM. During this time, send about 30 tick 
tanks up the left road with the other ICBM. Get it to the bridge, and send an 
engineer to fix it. Go over the bridge, and go to the beacon, while having 
some units cover fire. (Note, you should have destroyed the firestorm 
generator/wall with an ion cannon blast)
That's it! Now watch the ending and be happy.

Part 2-Unit overview

Light Infantry-120credits- good for base defense. Overall rating-6
Rocket Infantry-250c- these are really good for base defense against flying 
units. Have about 15 scattered about your base for maximum efficiency. 
Overall rating-7
Engineer-500c- capture enemy stuff, fix bridges, your buildings, these are 
incredibly useful units. Overall rating-8
Cyborg-650c- great for into base burrow attacks with subterranean APCs. Heals 
in Tiberium, too! Heals faster in blue. Overall rating-8
Cyborg Commando-2,000c- This thing can beat anything down! Great for base 
burrows, and straight out assaults. Most useful unit in the game! Heals in 
Tiberium, too. Heals faster in blue.Overall rating-10 
Mutant Hijacker-1,850c- engineer for units. Cool! Overall rating-7
Harvester-1,400c- get money with it. A must. Overall rating-9
Attack Buggy-500c- this is an ok base defense unit. Overall rating- 4
Attack Cycle-600c- little armor, wimpy guns, but a good scouter. Overall 
Tick Tank-800c- This unit is the backbone of your army. Have lots for base 
defense/assault. Overall rating-9
Artillery-975c- Incredible for base defense in medium-sized numbers. Can't 
attack without being deployed. Overall rating-8
Subterranean APC-800c- This is the best unit for base attacks to weaken the 
inside of their base. Send in some cyborgs, go to their base, unload, and 
blow up the base from within. Overall rating-7
Mobile Repair Vehicle-1,000c- This unit is a very useful unit for repairing 
Base defense units and harvesters. Otherwise usless. Overall rating-5
Devils Tongue-750c- Great for scouting, but not powerful enough to take on 
anything more than infantry alone. Overall rating-7
Stealth Tank-1,100- Good for scouting and sneaking. Overall rating-6
MCV-2,500c- Get another one of these at first opportunity. If your base is 
taken, you still have a chance to win. Overall rating-9
Mobile Sensor Array-950c- Useless except in Multiplayer. Overall rating-4
Weedeater-1,400c- Useful to make Chemical Missiles, but use up tiberium 
veins. Overall Rating-6
Harpy-1,000c- These are not very good air units, in my opinion. Overall 
Banshee-1,500c- Very useful, fast and powerful, Overall rating-7

Part 3-Building Guide
First, deploy your MCV. Then make a power plant, behind the Construction 
Yard. Then a hand of nod in front of the Construction yard. This way, the 
units can get to attackers faster. Then make a War factory next to the hand, 
and a nod radar behind or beside the power plant. Build another power plant 
towards the back of the base. Make another refinery. Build 2 harvesters and 
several tick tanks during this time. Also, you should have several light 
infantry and rocket infantry. You can build a helipad now, but I would wait 
until later. Build up about 15 tick tanks and 15 artillery. Line them up in a 
defensive perimeter outside the base, alternating. Put about 15 rocket guys 
behind this row and spaced out. After this, your defensive grid is hard to 
get through. Next, make power plants as necessary. Build a tech center, and a 
stealth generator (this requires almost 2 power plants worth of power), and a 
temple of nod. You might start thinking about another refinery, and a 
helipad. By now you should have massed a total of 30 tick tanks. Get a cyborg 
commando, 4 cyborgs and a subterranean APC. You should have scouted the enemy 
base with cycles or devil's tongues by now. Go in, and wreak havoc. If/When 
your guys are dead, send in the tick tanks, and support units. You can build 
missile silos and stuff, but I find that they are just another unnecessary 
expense. Obelisks of light are large power hogs, and expensive. So are laser 
fences. Walls are constricting, and not worth the trouble. Lasers are good, 
if there are enough, close together (overlapping fields of fire)
This is the general strategy I use in constructing my base. Don't stick to it 
rigidly, though. You may need to change things up.
Part 4-Building Prices
Construction Yard-no money for these, MCV-2,500c
Power Plant-300c
Tiberium Refinery-2,000c
Hand of nod-300c
War factory-2,000c
Concrete wall-50c
SAM site-500c
Laser fencepost-200c
Advanced Power Plant-500c
Stealth Generator-2,500c
Tech Center-1,500c
Tiberium Waste Facility-1,600c
Obelisk Of Light-1,500c
Missile Silo-1,300c
EMP cannon-1,000c

Part 5
Thanks to Prima's official Strategy guide, without it I wouldn't have gotten 
past mission 5 or 8, and on waiting until the harvester is in the refinery 
before capturing it tip.

Thanks to RBaumsteiger@thq.com (Robert Baumsteiger) for the easier way to 
beat mission 5 tip.

Thanks to Tammo175 for unit prices, and being a good friend for years. Also 
for the cyborgs healing faster in blue tiberium, and unit prices.

Coming as soon as I get good at multiplayer- online strategies

Umm, if I'm missing something, tell me about it and ill add it.