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by Sephiroth
Homepage: KAWF-Virtual Wrestling Federation

Ver. 1.1-Started this FAQ, 11/1/98
Ver. 1.2-Added La Parka and Bulldog, and corrected Bischoff and Buff. Also 
put up ASCII art.
Ver. 1.3-Corrected a lot of Finishers.
Ver. 1.4-Corrected more finishers.
Revenge is the sequal to the ever popular WCW/nWo World Tour. It is certainly 
a step up from its precedor in many, many ways. There are over 60 wrestlers
to choose from, and over 40 are real WCW/nWo stars, including:
Sting, Bret Hart, Raven, Goldberg, Hollywood Hogan, Kevin Nash, Booker T, Rey
Mysterio Jr., Juventud Guerrera, Chris Jericho, Chavo Guerrero Jr., Kanyon,
Kidman, Stevie Ray, Scott Hall, Diamond Dallas Page, Saturn, Lodi, Big Poppa
Pump, and many others.
One of the other big improvements, besides the updated and expanded roster, 
is the detailed image of the wrestlers' finishing moves. For instance, in
World Tour, Nash would do a regular Power Bomb as his finisher. In Revenge,
he takes his opponent by the hair, brings him in, picks him up, and drives
him into the mat. Another example is the Outsider's Edge of Scott Hall. In
WT, he would end it in a pin, whereas in Revenge, he doesn't pin him, and
spreads his arms before he picks him up.
In this FAQ, I aim to list the finishing moves of each character in the game,
and list how to do them. But first, here are the basic controls of thge game:
Control Pad---Move your wrestler
A Button---Grapple/Put hold on downed opponent
(Weak Grapple-Tap A/Strong Grapple-Hold A)
B Button---Strike
R Button---Reversal/Pick up downed opponent by hair
L Button---Dodge
Right C---Change focus when in Tag match/Battle Royal
Down C---Run/Climb Turnbuckle
Up C---Get object from crowd/Enter or exit ring
Analog Stick---Taunt/Special move when bar is flashing
Most Finishers are pulled off by what I call a "Front Special" or "Back
Special". To do a Front Special, get your Spirit Meter to it's highest point
by taunting. The bar should flash "SPECIAL". Now do a Strong Grapple (See
above) and tap the Analog Stick in any direction. When this is the way to do
a certain Finisher, I will just say "Front Special" instead of the button
combination. A "Back Special" is the same thing, except do the Strong Grapple
on your opponent when their back is turned.
For most regular moves, check your User's Manual, included in Revenge box.
Some characters are hidden. Here is how to find each one:
Kidman---Win Cruiserweight Belt
Kanyon---Win TV Belt
Meng & Barbarian---Win Tag Team Belts
Curt Henning---Win US Belt
Roddy Piper---Win World Belt
The following Finishers list will be seperated by group. The groups are:

nWo White (Hollywood)
nWo Red (Wolfpac)
Raven's Flock
WCW 1/2/3/4

nWo White:

Hollywood Hogan--Leg Drop----------Press B at Head of Fallen Opponent on back
The Giant--------Chokeslam---------Front Special
Brian Adams------Tilt-A-Whirl------Strong Grapple, Whip Into Rope, Hold A
Scott Hall-------Outsider's Edge---Front Special
Scott Norton-----Shoulderbreaker---Front Special
Buff Bagwell-----Blockbuster-------Front Special when opponent is in corner
Eric Bischoff----Roundhouse Kick---Hold A+any direction on Control Pad
Scott Steiner----Steiner Recliner--Press A at Head of Fallen Opponent on stomach
Curt Henning-----Henning-Plex------Front Special


nWo Red:

Kevin Nash---------------Jack-Knife Power Bomb-Front Special
Sting--------------------Scorpion Death Lock---Press A at Feet of Fallen Opponent on back
                         Scorpion Death Drop---Back Special
Lex Luger----------------Torture Rack----------Back Special
Macho Man Randy Savage---Flying Elbow Drop-----Opponent down, climb turnbuckle
K-Dawg-------------------Tequilla Sunrise------Press A at Head of Fallen Opponent on Back


Raven's Flock:

Raven------Evenflow DDT---------------Front Special
Lodi-------Tiger Bomb-----------------Front Special
Riggs------Male Bomb------------------Front Special
Sick Boy---The Cure-------------------Front Special
Reese------Double-Handed Choke Slam---Front Special
Kidman-----7 Year Itch----------------Opponent down, climb turnbuckle



Roddy Piper----------Sleeperhold---------Back Special
Diamond Dallas Page--Diamond Cutter------Front Special
Goldberg-------------Jackhammer----------Front Special
Bret Hart------------Sharpshooter--------Press A at Feet of Fallen Opponent on back
Chris Benoit---------Crippler Crossface--Press A at Head of Fallen Opponent on stomach
Rick Steiner---------UNKNOWN-------------UNKNOWN
Fit Finley-----------Finley Spike--------Front Special
Booker T-------------Harlem Hangover-----Opponent down, climb turnbuckle
Saturn---------------Rings of Saturn-----Press A at Head of Fallen Opponent on stomach
                     Death Valley Driver-Strong Grapple, Down+B
Disco Inferno--------Chart Buster--------Front Special
Jim Neidhart---------Shoulderblock-------On apron, opponent standing, hold toward center of ring+A
British Bulldog------Power Slam----------Front Special
Glacier--------------Cryonic Kick--------Front Special
Meng-----------------Tongan Death Grip---Front Special
Van Hammer-----------Flashback-----------Strong Grapple, Down+B
Kanyon---------------Flatliner-----------Front Special
Yugi Nagata----------Nagata Lock---------Press A at Feet of Fallen Opponent on back
Larry Zybsko---------Body Grapevine------Front Special
Barbarian------------Kick of Fear--------Hold Up+B
La Parka-------------Twister Moonsault---Opponent standing, climb turnbuckle
Stevie Ray-----------Slapjack------------Front Special
Chris Jericho--------Lion Tamer----------Press A at Feet of Fallen Opponent on back
Eddie Guerrero-------Frog Splash---------Opponent down, climb turnbuckle
Psychosis------------Guillotine Legdrop--Opponent down, climb turnbuckle
Rey Misterio Jr.-----Hurricanrana--------Back Special
Dean Malenko---------Texas Cloverleaf----Press A at Feet of Fallen Opponent on back
Juventud Guerrera----450 Splash----------Opponent down, climb turnbuckle*
                     Juvi Driver---------Strong Grapple, Down+B
Ultimo Dragon--------Dragon Sleeper------Press A at Head of Fallen Opponent on back
Chavo Guerrero Jr.---Tornado DDT---------Opponent in Corner, Strong Grapple, Press B
Alex Wright----------German Suplex-------Back Special

Juventud's 450 must be done while Special is flashing.
Psychosis's Guillotine Legdrop is very hard to get to look perfect. (with thigh directly across neck) Make sure opponent is in range, otherwise Psychosis will land on his... um... rear.
Other Tricks:
When your Special bar is flashing, perform a Strong Grapple on your opponent and simultaneously press A+B. You will then perform your opponent's Front Special! Coolest combo: Giant doing Juventud's Back Special!
This also works from behind, and when opponent is in corner. Coolest combo: Giant doing La Parka's taunt!)
Rotate the Analog stick while standing to perform your opponent's taunt!
Some wrestlers can only do top-rope moves when their Special is flashing. (Example: Curt Henning, Giant, etc.)
I hope this FAQ helped you out.


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