Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1999 23:41:01 -0700 (PDT)

Monter Truck Madness General Tips
by Lord Chaos the Seventeenth

0. Stuff
1. Best tip of all
2. The Trucks 
3. The on track items
4. Passwords (from Gamesages)

Section 0

Ok, this is my first FAQ of any type, so if you don't
like it, tough. Also please don't steal any of what
little there is here, and if you must, ask me first. 

Section 1

The best tip of all:
Don't go top speed!

In most racing games holding the acceleration button
down is good, not here. I tryed it the first time I
played and, well you couldn't keep me on the road with
super glue. Kepp the RPM meteer out of the red, except
in two circumstances. Both of which are described

Section 2: The Trucks

Black Stallion
Snake Bite
The Outsiders
Monster Patrol (My favorite in the looks department)
Hollywood Hogan (Uh oh, it's the black hummer!)
The Hitman
Grave Digger (The Goldberg of monster trucks)
Carolina Crusher
Boogey Van
Bear Foot
Police Truck
Stinger (looks kinda like a scorpion)

Section 3: Items

Bottle of Oil: Does what is expected, puts a puddle of
oil on the track, make trucks spin. Usually stays on
the track for the entire race.

Missle Launcher: Gives you three truck seeking
missles. One of the best items in my opinion. save
these for when you're stcuk in the back.

Atomic Bomb: This sucker will shirnk those trucks from
monsters to mice in no time. I don't see any way to
avoid this.

Lightning Shield: This sucker's good when all the
trucks are clumped together. It'll protect your truck
from the others, and send those guys flying! Not very
useful when your in front though.

Helicopter: Stop! Hover time! This baby'll allow you
to fly over nearly anything in your way. Just be
careful when you use this, stay on the track, and try
and stay low, or else you might tip. When I'm using
this is one of the two times I'm holding the button

Blue Diamond: This lil gem will cause your truck to
become ghost-like. You can drive through almost
anything with this. Pretty useful anytime.

Nitro: Makes you go faster, duh! Well I rarely use
this sucker. Use this thing only on a stariaght away,
and a long one at that. This is the only other time
I'm holding the accelerator.

Section 4: Codes

YRDR - Little tires (low rider mode)
JMPNG - Puts a picture of a programmer or something
all over, haven't tried it personally.
Y-WNT-T - Unlimited missles, go wild man! (Haven't


Ruins                           GMFKLB04
Junk Yard                       JM7
The Heights                     M\/LQRR
Voodoo Island                   PQ>T*
Greenhill Pass                  SWOJK9H
Wasteland                       V\/*
Aztec Valley                    Y\/X23*
Alpine Challenge                ---
Death Trap                      ---

Ruins                           GBGJ5MTL
Junk Yard                       JMJMQL7S
The Heights                     MJMPT>XRN
Voodoo Island                   PJPSWR0*89R
Greenhill Pass                  SBSV2*3XBC^4
Wasteland                       VBVY2X60\/FD7BM2
Aztec Valley                    YFY15093H
Junk Yard                       JGJKLJP*
The Heights                     MSMN>M7QW
Voodoo Island                   PKPQRP^T793
Greenhill Pass                  SKST*SDW\/
Wasteland                       VOVWXVGZDF9463R
Aztec Valley                    YGY209YJ2G

Special thanks goes to: Jeremiah 'Digger' Sahlberg for
talking me into renting this one.

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