Walkthrough and FAQ
                      VERSION  1.2  4/6/00 (Japan time)
                      First version was on 8/29/99
                    UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!!!
                    PLAYSTATION (Japan only)	
                           3 Disks Long
            Adventure                Memory card: 1 block
            ASCII 8/99       Dual shock compatible (vibration only)
                        By: Bodi Anderson
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with any of the aforementioned companies, and I am simply a fan of their great games.
This FAQ is dedicated to all of those who waste their time translating Japanese games.
                                IMPORTANT NOTE
      This Faq is for the Japanese version of the game. There are some changes
between the US version and the Japanese version. I DON'T KNOW WHAT ALL THESE
CHANGES ARE SO DON'T ASK ME.  If something you've read here is different in the
US version  inform me and I'll update it.
    Also I am writing half of this Faq by going through my Japanese guide book to the
game.  I'm too busy to play the game again right now so I'll have to do it this way.
                          VERSION HISTORY

*8/29/99 Started FAQ
*4/4/00 Due to popular demand started the walkthrough.  Finished part A
* 4/5/00 Ahh basically all finished. What needs to be done is for someone to make ASCII
maps for the game so I can clarify some things which might be hard to understand for a
few people. I won't be making these maps however if you make them send them to me
and I'll update.

* 4/6/00 Added how to get the Mother's ring out of the box, and how to use the metamorphus oil thanks to freindly Galerians Players (Well one inparticular).


1. Introduction to the game and brief review
2. The Opening Story
3. Basic controls
4. Game system
5. This is your brain on Nalcon (A guide to drugs)
6. Who's who
7. Flowchart of Stage A
8. Flowchart of Stage B
9. Flowchart of Stage C
10. Flowchart of Stage D
11. The Story
12. Bad-Guys & Bosses
13. A guide to finding all the movies.
14. US and Japanese changes I've found
15. Thanks

     Galerians is a new hip adventure game from ASCII. It looks, plays and controls a
lot like the "Resident Evil" Series.  Set in the near future (2550), you assume the role of
Rion, a young human guinea pig with devastating psychic powers.  Through the course
of the game you use your powers to track down your identity, your past and most
importantly the strange girl who keeps on sending you telepathic messages.  Along the
course of your adventure you'll explode many a head of whatever hapless moron gets in
your way.  Another nice thing is that you can use this game with your chipped PSX.
There's no guard, like many other new games!!
      My favorite thing about this game is it's atmosphere.  It has a cool semi-sci-fi
thing going for it and unlike other games the atmosphere sticks with you for the whole
ride.  While being a suspense game it's not a shock horror game like Resident Evil.
For one thing this game has an interesting plot and you don't find yourself asking "Hey,
why am I battling a superfluous giant alligator boss? What's this have to do with
anything?" .  On the contrary, the game focuses less on fighting and more on solving
the mystery of your past (i.e. that little thing called "Plot").
     Rion's psychic powers add heavily to the plot and the fun of the game.  His "scan
power" is the coolest.  Whenever you encounter a puzzle (i.e. locked door) and you
"scan" it you are flashed a picture which is a hint to solving the puzzle. (i.e. It will show
you a picture of the room where the key is hidden so when you find the room you can
figure out where the key is).  These little hints allow you to solve almost all of the
game's puzzles without having to understand Japanese.   Other things you scan can
simply add to the plot or are just plain cool.  For example when you can scan a
restraint chair in the lab you're flashed an image of someone strapped in being
experimented on. The scan is the coolest part of the game.
     All of Rion's attacks are in the form of psychic powers.  You can use telekinetic
force to bonk your opponents, pyrokinetic powers to burn em' up or use your "short" to
make them clench their heads and scream in pain till their craniums explode.  There
are numerous limitations and cool side effects in the psychic power system (see below),
but it's really cool!
    The only bad thing about the game is the control.  It's not that the controls aren't
responsive, it's just that you can't use the analog joystick.  I love my dual shock
controller and I don't like the thumb-scabbing D-pad.  The movement controls work
exactly like "Resident Evil 1" so now you know what to expect.  Still there isn't too
much action (but still a lot) so the controls don't matter as much.  Also some of the sets
reminded me of "R.E." a little too much. I would have preferred more of a  "Brazil" (The
movie) or "12 Monkeys" feel to it all.  They kinda capture this in the movie cut scenes,
but the play field sometimes looks so much like "R.E." at times that that I expected a
zombie to pop out of somewhere
  .  The graphics and sound are both great. Much like "R.E.2" but better quality (esp.
the sound).  Also the voice acting is good.  For some reason most games that come to
the states have horrible voice acting.  I don't know maybe the same people who dub old
Kung-Fu films are in charge of it.  All in all I would give the game the followingÃ…c
                     Story:         9 (out of 10)
                     Control:      7 (needs analog support)
                     Graphics     8 (good, but not original)
                     Sound       9
                     Atmosphere:  10
                     Replay Value:  6 (Note: I rarely replay games anyways)

2. THE OPENING STORY (As translated and embellished by meÃ…c)
     In 2550 the world is run by computers. In the heart of Michelangelo City,
connecting the veins of public transportation with gothic cyclopean mega-structures lies
a computer.  The mother computer, Dorothy.
     There is a hospital there.  Well, one might better rephrase that as a laboratory of
sorts.  In this hospital, in a room there is a young man strapped to a bed.  There are
some scientists going about their daily work, which happens to involve the young man.
    Suddenly the young man awakensÃ…c
"RionÃ…c RionÃ…c" whispers the voice of a girl
"WhoÃ…c Who are you" mumbles Rion, still in a half-trance.
"Find meÃ…c Help me Rion" echoes the voice of the girl in his head.
   This is interrupted by a double Beeject (the term for a shot in the game) of strange
liquids.  Another black outÃ…c
     But then Rion awakens and drawing on some force from within frees himself. But
where is he? Who is he?

        D-pad up/down: move
        D-pad left/right: turn
        Square: Investigate, accept, open door, release energy (with R1).
        X:  Cancel, hold while walking to run.
        Triangle: Do a "Metrapolin" psychic scan.
        R1: Hold to charge up psychic energy
        Start: Bring up menu sub-screen (pauses the game)
        Select: Bring up map sub-screen

   I've divided it into subsections as follows.

     First you should be aware of the display in the top right hand corner of the screen.
Here you'll see three gauges, a circular gauge in back and a Level marker on the side.
  The first gauge (orange/red) is for your life. If it falls to zero the game is over.
  The next is for your Addict Points. If it flashes you are prone to "short" (See below)
  The next is your currently equipped drug (like how much ammo you have left)
        The colored part is how much of a given drug you have left. As it turns gray
        your supply is diminishing.
  The "Lv." gauge determines how strong your powers are currently.
       This can only be raised by using "Skip" and the max level is "3"
  The Circular gauge is used when you use an attack (see below).

     Press start to bring it up and use the D-Pad to choose an item.  "Square" will
accept and "X"  will cancel and close the screen.  The items you can choose from are a
Top Row "Currently Equipped Drug"  Choose from one of 2 (later 3) drugs.  Press
         Square to equip a drug.  Look at your status screen to check if you
         succeeded. Make sure you have equipped enough of the given drug.
Second Row "Plot Items"  These are items you encounter during the game to help the
        Story progress.  Select and press Square to use or view an item.  If you can't
         use a given item in a given area you'll hear a buzzer noise. (i.e. using the
         wrong key at the wrong door).
Third Row "Drugs"  Lists all the Drugs you have on hand.  Maximum capacity is 12
         If full you'll receive a message that your pill case is full when trying to
         get an item (If you try an pick up an item and then get a yellow message that
         means you got it. A white font message means your case is full).

     When you see an enemy hold the R1 button to charge your power.  You'll notice
that the gauge fills up slowly.  At any time while charging press the square button to
release a blast.  Make sure your facing the general direction of your target or it'll miss.
You can always tell if it hits by looking at your target.  Of course the more you charge
up the more damage you'll do.  Also, if you use "Skip" you can raise your level.   Still,
sometimes it's better to let off small shots instead of one big one.  This is especially true
when facing multiple opponents and some bosses.
     Release the R1 button at any time to cancel your charge.  You can't move while
charging so watch out.  Also, once you stop there will be a one-second delay before you
can move.
   Sometimes when you are hit you'll fall down.  While down you do anything.  You'll
get back up automatically after 6 seconds or quicker by pressing the Square button.
Still, it is sometimes advantageous to stay down for a while and time your getting back
up since no one can attack you while you're down.
     Depending on your given attack it may or may not do any damage to your
opponent.  For example the armored guard are immune to RED.  See the Baddies &
Bosses section for more information on this.

4.4 "SHORT":
     If your AP gauge is full and you press either shoulder button you'll "short".
"Shorting" has it's good and bad points.  The best thing about it is that any enemy you
move close to will suffer violent cranial pains followed by a minor case of exploding head
syndrome (EHS).  This will work on all baddies in the game and even on the first boss.
All other bosses are immune to it though, so be warned.  Be sure to take time and enjoy
this little effect in the beginning.  Watch how the staff and guards run from you, grasp
their heads, curl up in a fetal position and experience a little E.H.S.  This game is cool
for that alone!
     On the other hand while you are "shorting" you can't dash, you can only walk,
leaving you open to ranged attacks.  Also, your life gauge will steadily diminish until
you die.  For this reason use it sparingly.  If there is a room with three or four enemies
in it it's usually a good idea to wait until you can short and then walk in bait them so
that they're all close together and then "short".  Watch you life gauge though!
     In order to cancel a "short" pop a DELMETOR.  This will bring your AP back to
zero for a while.  Still, your AP gauge is ever increasing so be sure to keep an eye on it
before you let loose an attack.

  You can only save the game in given rooms with a little weird square clock looking
thing in them.  Stand before this thing and press Square to save.  You can only save in
up to three places on one memory card.  If you are killed the game will go back to the
start-up screen.  If you are killed during a fight with a boss you'll have the option of
re-starting the fight from the beginning.  You can do this as many times as you want.
This is a nice little function that saves you lots of frustration when fighting hard bosses.

    Luckily the start up screen is all in English!  The only option in the option section
is turning your vibration "on" or "off". Press the Square or X buttons respectively. If you
look at the game start up screen you'll notice a "Movie Preview" section, here you can
view any movies that you've seen.
  In order to unlock all the movies you have to do a lot of scanning.  Scan
everything that looks suspicious; mirrors, machines, and medical mechanisms all hold
secrets.  Some of these will be flashes and some movies have fun trying to get all the

     Luckily for those non-Japanese understanding people out there, there are only a
few different usable items in the game.  All usable items all drugs, you can take these
to experience a number of (literally) mind-blowing effects.  Drugs can be divided into
two types. The first are psychic enablers, these act like ammunition for a gun, except
the gun is your mind! (whoah dude, That's like so heavy man!) The second type are
enhancing drugs which you use to heal your body, or to boost the effects of your powers.
And here are the drugs (Icon description in parenthesis after name)Ã…c

  NALCON (Green vial):  Gives you the power to attack your enemies telekinetically.

  RED (Red Vial, duh):  Gives you the power to attack your enemies with fire.

  D-FELON (Blue Vial):  Gives you the power to attack your enemies by throwing
                       Them up in the air.  Must be charged to full to work.
                       Also increases defense when charged.

  RECOVERY CAPSULE (Yellow Capsule): Fully restores life gauge.

  DELMETOR (Blue Capsule): Brings your AP gauge to zero.

  APPOLINAR (Red Capsule): Brings your AP gauge to full (causes "short")

  SKIP (Green Pill): Take to increase your Psychic level for a short time.
                    If your life gauge turns red your power level goes down.


  RION (Male, 14 years old).
               Our moody protagonist.  All he remembers is his name everything else
               comes to him only in flashes.

  LILIA (Female, 14 years old)
               A voice Rion's head.  Who is she?

  BIRDMAN (Male, 18 years old)
               A long-haired Galerian who has the power of teleportation.  Very
               Narcissistic and he took a few to many drugs and isn't all together
                (literally) at the moment.

  RAINHEART (Male, 15 years old)
               A young Galerian with pyrokinetic powers.  He may look pudgy and
               Harmless, but he's a real sicko.

  RITA (Female, 17 years old)
               Sexy but deadly Galerian with Telekinetic powers.  Likes to turn
               The tables on her opponents.  The strongest Galerian known to exist
               (Rion aside).

  DR. REM (Male, 55 years old)
               The head of the Michelangelo Research Facility.  One of Dorothy's
               closest minions.

  DR. STEINER (Male, 38 years old)
               Rion's father, a brilliant scientist.  Helped design Dorothy with
               Dr. Pascalle.

  DR. PASCALLE(Male, 48 years old)
               Lilia's father, a true genius.  Came up with the idea for Dorothy
               and did much work in the field of psychic power development.

  ELSA (Female, 35 years old)
               Rion's mother, a very kind woman who loves her son above all else.

  CAIN (Male, ?? years old)
               Looks awfully familiarÃ…c

  DOROTHY (Female?)

               The Mother computer who now runs Michelangelo City.  Designed by
               Dr. Pascalle and Dr. Steiner she is sentient and capable of controlling
               much of the city as well as mentally manipulating her followers.

     As far as the walkthrough of Stage A  I hope you will be able to figure most of it
out for yourself since most of the first level requires little knowledge Japanese (thanks
to "scanning").  For this reason I'll only give brief details and hints unless it's a part
that requires knowledge of Japanese.  This game is more fun if you don't know what's
going to happen next.  I will however describe how the plot unfolds.

*****All references to "The Map" is the map you get by pushing the select button***

 WARNING* Contains many spoilers the game is much more fun if you try and figure it
              out your self.  Use only if you have to.


1. LAB ROOM: Get the paper describing the effects of different drugs in the game.
Scan the door to unlock it. Open door and go to next room.

2. MONITERING ROOM: Kill the staff worker if you feel like it.  Get the security card
from the desk.  There's also a recovery capsule on another desk.

3. HALL: Kill the 3 staff members, hang a left and head to the next room.

4. GATE ROOM:  Use your security card to open the gate. Go through the gate.

5. GATE HALL:  Kill the security guard and go into the room to your left.  Also be sure
to unlock the gate via a button on the desk.  There's also another item on a shelf to the
left of the north door.

6. SECURITY ROOM: Kill the other guard.  Get the key off of the wall (red light).
Press the switch to open the outside north door. Look in the mirror for a movie.

7. STORAGE CLOSET: Get the beeject (Very important!) in the box, and other items
(recovery cap, delmetor, and nalcon)located in the room. Included in these items is a
delmetor that you'll need to calm your SHORT. Go back to the gate hall and exit north
this time.

8. HALL 1:Kill the 2 guards of you feel like it.  There's a save point here. There's also a
bathroom with nothing in it.  Walk till you reach the end of the hall.

9. HALL 2: Kill the guards if you feel like it.  Go to the room at the end of the hall.

10. FREEZER: Get the items (2 recovery tabs and a Nalcon) and the fuse.  When the
room fills with cold smoke go to the machine across from the tank with the Arabesque in

11. EXPERIMENT ROOM: Right after you exit the Freezer hang a right here you'll
have to kill 2 medical staff.  Get the key behind the right staff member. There's some
Delmetor behind the other guy.  Scan the chair for a movie.

12. NUMBER ROOM: Go into the other room and jot down the number on the wall
you'll be using it later.  There's some nalcon on the chair. Scan the chair for a movie.
Go back to Hall 2.

13. STARTING ROOM: Use the fuse to open the door. Use the key you just got to open
the locked cabinet. Get the acid here.  There's also some delmetor if you look at the
cabinet again.

14. HALL 2: Go to the locked door with the shielding (by the Hall 1 entrance).  Use the
acid here and then scan the door. Go down the stairs.

15. 15th FLOOR HALL 1: Kill the guards at your leisure and head for the room down the

16. MULTIMEDIA ROOM: You'll see a movie in which Dr. Rom tells you it's pointless to
try and escape.  Unlock the door by using the switch next to the screens.  There are
two other exits here.  One lead to a save point and the other leads to a bathroom. In the
bathroom you can find a newspaper by the sink.

17. BIG SCREEN ROOM: Kill the staff and press the button to the right of the giant
screen to get an information file.  Go into the next room.

18. EMBRYO ROOM: Get the keys on the cart at the end of the room. There's also
Demetrol on the shelf just behind the entrance. Scan the babies if you feel the need to.
Head back upstairs to "Hall 1" and use your key on the locked door there. Watch out as
there is now a sniper there. Oh yeah some guards also appeared in the Multimedia

19. SECURITY PANEL ROOM: Kill the staff if you want.  Go to the control panel and
enter the number you were supposed to write down earlier.  Just in case you forgot I'll
give it to you againÃ…c9607932. You'll receive a security card.  There's Nalcon and Red
in this room.  Next track back downstairs and go to the other end of the hall and use
your card to open the door.  Hang a left and you'll find

20.  MEDICINE STORAGE ROOM: Here you'll find the following items.  2 recovery
capsules, 1 Red, 1 Nalcon, 1 Skip and 1 Demerol.  Head down the hall and you'll find

21.  ENGINEERING ROOM:  You'll fight your first armored guard here. Remember
don't use Red!  After killing him search the room for a recovery capsule and head down
the stairs.  Below (13th Floor) you'll see a hall there's a save point and 2 friends for you
here.  Head to the room past the save point (south on the map)

22. COMPUTER ROOM: When you enter the light will go out and the door will lock.
Look for the 3 glowing green (I think) light and approach and touch them in this order
Right/Left/Middle.  This will activate a computer in the back of the room go to the
computer and turn it on and this will turn the lights on.  Search the room and find the
following,  a key, 1 Red, 2 Nalcons.  Go back out into the hall and to the door right
next to you.

23. MAIN ROOM:  Get dem wabbits!  Then you should head up the stairs and get dem
other wabbits!  There's some Red on a cart in this hall.  Take the far door and enter
the examination room and get the following items; a key (to your right when you enter),
Rion's data file (the computer at the end of the room), 1 nalcon, 1Red, 1 recovery capsule.
Exit back down the stairs at use a key to enter the door on the lower right hand corner
of the map.  .

24. LOCK ROOM: In this room activate the computer to unlock a door.  There are a
total of 3 locks to be deactivated here. I forget whether you can do this all at once.  Scan
the computer to find out the corresponding door.  There's also Red and Nalcon in this
room.  Leave the room through an exit right on the map with the key you just got
upstairs and head into the next room.

25. MEDICAL ROOM: Here you'll find 3 friendly staff members just waiting to help
you!  In this room be sure to grab the monkey circuit (It's hard to miss)!  Also you'll
find Skip, Demerol, Nalcon and a recovery capsule here.  Head back out into the main
hall and enter the top left room on the map.

26.  TOOL ROOM: Avoid your slow friends here if possible and grab the wolf circuit.
There's also some Skip on a shelf if you're quick enough to get it.  Go to the main room
and then enter the room right below the last room you were in. Go straight down the
hall toÃ…c(The room to the south is a hint room for a puzzle later, scan it)

27. THE BAR:  Here get the key at the big screen at the end of the room.  There's
Nalcon and a recovery capsule on either side of the screen. Go back to the main room
and enter the room south on the map with your new key.

28. DENTIST ROOM (looks like it, huh):  Grab the snake circuit and scan the chair for
a movie.  Leave the room and go back down the hall where you as far left as you can go.
Now you'll enter a new room.

29. CONFERENCE ROOM:  Here you'll find the Ox circuit on a table and some of the
good doctor's notes on his desk.  Leave and head for the room right above you.  You
can also step out on the veranda for a breath of fresh air (and a recover capsule) if you
like.  You'll also hear a familiar voice out there.

30. MEETING ROOM: Here you'll see tubes use the hints you got from the scan earlier
to put the circuits in place. Okay I'll give em' to you (Snake, Ox, Wolf, Monkey).  Now a
door leading north will open go down the hall there and enter

31. THE REALLY COOL FMV TIME WARP ROOM:  Here kill the bad guys and be
sure to scan the funky thing in the middle for a cool hidden movie.  Then I think you k
might have to press a computer switch to open the door to the south. There's some skip
on a shelf in the N/W corner of the room.  Go south and up the flight of stairs.  Be sure
to use the save point on the wall before progressing.

32. CENTRAL COMPUTER ROOM:  This is easy enough, look around the room and
scan junk till something exciting happens!  Save as much Demerol as you can for the
next stage, trust me, you'll need it!

8. FLOWCHART OF STAGE B  "Your Parents House"

***All references to "The Map" means the map you get by pushing the select button***

1. FRONT OF HOUSE: Go to your right and enter the gate.

2. BACK YARD: Go to the garage and open the car door and get the key.  There is also a
recovery cap to be found on one of the shelves. Go to the back door of the house and use
the key to open it.

3. DINING ROOM: Since one door is locked use the other door.  There's a recovery cap
in the cabinet to the left of the fridge.  Scan the fridge for a movie. Take the hall on the
left side of the map.  Go down the hall and take a left and enter the door below you.

4. BATHROOM:  Get the key from the tub and head back out into the hall.  Go to the
far right and then up to another hall, which, in turn leads to another hall.  Here You'll
find a save room andÃ…c

5. LIVING ROOM:  Here get the metamorphous oil on the couch.  You'll also find a
Red and a Demerol here.  Head out and up to your right to find

6. GAME ROOM:  In this room you'll need to find the Doorknob.  You'll also find
Nalcon, a recovery capsule and Demerol here.  Scan the pool table for a clue.
Backtrack to the dining room and use the doorknob on the right door.

7. FRONT ROOM:  Ohhh I hate Wabbits!  Go up the stairs and through the door with
your key.  Next you'll find a hall, enter the room south on the map.

8.  STUDY: Find a key (in the desk), Nalcon and Demerol here. There's also a movie to
be had (you might have to scan).  Head in to the hall and unlock the door leading north
with your key.

9. HOLE HALL:  Jump over the hole (press Square to pull yourself up after you reach
the other side). You can also choose to drop down if you feel like it.  In the next hall
enter the first room you can..

10. KID'S ROOM: There's Red and Demerol here.  There's also a movie to be seen if you
scan the bed (I think you have to scan it).  You might have to use the metamorphous oil
you found earlier here but I forget. *Someone please e-mail me about this* Go back into
the hall and take the door on the upper right of the map.

You can also use the metamorphous oil here as follows (Thanks to Jord)

"If you put the Metamorphosis oil painting on the wall (to the right of the
door) in Rion's room, it opens a trap door in the floor to the right of the
bed. A ladder there then allows passage from that bedroom to the living room
downstairs (ostensibly, I suppose, to allow the player to traverse the
back-half of the house without having to use the main staircase and jump
across the hole in the second floor hallway).
I doubt the painting has any other impact on the storyline/level. (I check it doesn't)
-Jord "

11. MASTER BEDROOM: Get your mom's letter on the desk and scan the mirror for a
hint. There's also a recovery capsule here.  Leave and go to the room on the upper left.

12. STORAGE ROOM/ 1F TOILET:  Here you'll see a flashback movie.  Head out and
back down the stairs (or even quicker, the hole) and to the toilet on the lower left hand
of the screen. Scan the sink and get the ring.  You can also check out the balcony on the
2nd floor for a recovery capsule.  Head back to the living room for a movie (scan the
picture), (I think).  This isn't necessary though unless you're collecting movies.  Now
track all the way back to the master bedroom.

13. MASTER BEDROOM:  Here you'll put your mom's ring into the chest between the
beds and get your dad's ring.  Don't forget to take your mom's ring out of the chest! In order
to get your mom's ring out I think you have to scan the box I'm not sure about this so someone please e-mail me with a definate answer on how to get the mom's ring back.
Head back down the hall to the room in the lowest left hand corner of the 2F map.
Here insert your mom and dad's  rings into slots at the end of the room, this will reveal
a hidden path leading to.

In order to pull the Mother's ring out do as follows (Big thanks to Jord for the answer!!)
After getting the father's ring, stay in front of the jewelry box and tap 'X'
(the 'confirm' button, not scan), the game shows you the box opened and
empty. Tap 'X' again, and you get the mother's ring back.

"(Basically, I didn't check my inventory after getting the father's ring to
*notice* that the mother's was missing, so I re-explored the box just outta
thoroughness and got the mom's ring back.) " -Jord

14. SECRET ROOM:  Look at the computer for a movie and the 3 Ball. After you get it
look again for a recovery capsule.  There's also another capsule in the room on a shelf.
Go back downstairs and out the back door. Till you come to a swimming pool.

15.  THE DEAD POOL:  Scan the pool and get the pool ball (heh heh).  Scan where
the tire tracks end.  Now head back to the Game room and put the balls on the table
which opens a switch leading toÃ…c

16. BASEMENT:  First turn the power switch on. Here be sure to get the diary and key
on the desk.  Now after the movie sequence (did someone say Thee Michelle Gun
Elephant. *e-mail me if you get this reference*). Head back outside and to the shed (left
side of the house) ignore your friend along the way since it doesn't make any difference.

17.  STORAGE SHED: Go inside and get Lila's doll.  You'll also find 2 Nalcons and a
Skip here.  Go outside and fight Birdman.  Good luck and look at the enemies section
for help!
9. FLOWCHART OF STAGE C "The Babylon Hotel"

***All references to "The Map" means the map you get by pushing the select button***

1. LOBBY: Go to the counter and ask the doorman if he knows where Lilia is.  He tells
you to look in room #302.  In the bathroom on the first floor you can scan a stall for a
nice image. There's also a save point next to the bathroom. THIS IS THE ONLY SAVE

2. OPTIONAL ROOMS:  Go to the other rooms in this orderÃ…c 203(bomb guy) , 206
(Cult weirdo), 303 (Gangster) (you may have to go twice), and 304 (Aspiring actress).
You can go to these rooms and scan the doors then enter for movies and other fun
goodies.  The following items are also obtainable:  #203 nothing, #206: 2 recovery
capsules, #303 1 recovery capsule and 1 Red, #304 1 recovery capsule and 1 Nalcon.

3. ROOM #302: You'll find an optional movie (examine bathroom mirror) and a note
telling you to go to room #306. Inside the room there's a Red and a recovery capsule.

4. ROOM #306: Knock on the door for a movie and talk the guy inside he says to go to
the lobby. You'll find a Demerol and a recovery capsule here. (Hint: the Demerol is on a
shelf to the left of the door)

5. LOBBY:  Looks like the cleaning crews are slacking off again.  Follow the red blood
road to the staff room. Once in the staff room scan the doorman.  There's a recovery
capsule on the desk in the back of the room.  There's also a power switch at the far end
of this room, switch it on and off once. Go back out into the lobby and find the guy from
room #306. He'll tell you to go to room #204

6. ROOM #204: There are lot's of goodies to be found here.  To enter the room you have
to time your knock like so (1 knock (pause), 3 knocks (pause), 1 knock).  Once in the
room you'll find 2 skips, a Nalcon, a Red and an Appolinar.  You'll also receive some D-
felon from your friend. He then tells you to check outÃ…c

7. ROOM #201:  Here you'll meet the repair man. I think you have to knock 3 times
(not timed like the last door) before he'll answer.  Once inside he'll tell you to go to #304.
In this trash heap of a room you'll find 1 Demerol on the bed, and 2 recovery capsules.
Next, check out rooms #206 and #203  for bonus movies (optional) before continuing.
(Note that doing so will cause enemies to appear in rooms #202 and #305 respectively)

8. ROOM #304:  Talk to the aspiring actress, get a movie and split back into the hall. In
the hall you'll talk to Rainheart who you'll then follow into room #301

9. Room #301: Get dem Wabbits! Also be sure to pick up Lila's letter on the desk. Also
there's some Demerol here located directly across from the desk where you found the

10. ROOM #305: There are 3 rabbits in this tiny room.  You must kill them! Next go to
room #303.

11. ROOM #303: Get the movie for this room and head on down to room #205

12. ROOM #205: Walk around and pick up the phone after it rings. There's also Nalcon
and Red to found in this room.  Oh yeah, and some wabbits are in the hall now.

13. ROOM #202: Go here and kill the rabbit.  After you're done scan the mirror or the
dresser (I forget which).  Go out into the hall and talk to Rainheart.  Next follow him
up to room #305

14. ROOM #305: Fight Rainheart (see enemies section for help).  When you're finished
head down to the staff room and switch the power off.  Now head down the stairs to the
right of the elevator.

15. POWER ROOM: Avoid the slow monsters if you can and head for the kitchen.

16. KITCHEN: Here there will be no monsters at first.  You can find Red, Nalcon and
Demerol by checking the tables and shelves here. Now if you want take the exit directly
opposite the entrance you came through.  Here you'll find a bathroom where you'll find
Red, Skip and a healing capsule. If you went into the bathroom for items a monster will
be in the kitchen when you come out. Avoid the dumb monster by putting tables in the
way.  Take the exit west on the map and be prepared.

17. DANCE HALL: Fight Rita and watch the movies.

10. FLOWCHART OF STAGE D "The Mushroom Tower"

1. 1st FLOOR: Check all the medicine dispensers (yellow) and you'll find 2 D-felons, 2
Reds and 2 Recovery capsules (Note: After you go to floor 78 these will be restocked with
2 Nalcons, 2 Demerols, and 2 more Recovery capsules respectively.  Replenish your
supplies later in the game here.). Check all the doors and then 2 rabbits will appear.
Check out the glowing lamp in the center of the room and then scan the door across
from it for a hint.

2. B1F:  Here you'll be in control of Lila who has to unlock a door for Rion.  Step on the
lights in the following order: gold, green, blue, pink, and finally red.  You might have to
press square to activate the first light.  There is a save point at the top of the room.
When you're done switch back to Rion.  I've classified the lights as follows:
                               Top: Gold
               Top Left: Red                   Top Right: Green
                                 Center: Aqua
               Bottom Left: Pink             Bottom Right: Blue

3. 78th FLOOR: After Lila open the elevator you'll go here and fight 3 yellow armored
security guards. It helps to be shorting and to have a few recovery capsules.  When
you've killed the guards (if possible stay in shorting mode) head for the door to the left of
the one you entered (southeast on the screen).  Here scan the door and switch back to

4. B1F: While you're controlling Lila, Rion won't take shorting damage. Step on the orbs
in the following manner to open the next door: pink, aqua, green, red, blue.  Save if you
want and switch back to Rion.

5. 103rd FLOOR: Kill the 2-legged arabesques if you're shorting they'll simply rush and
they'll die.  Now quickly pop a Demerol and check the medicine dispensers.  They
have 2 Recovery capsules, 2 Reds and 2 D-Felons (Note: After you go to floor 150 these
will be restocked with 2 more Recovery capsules, 2 Demerols, and 2 Nalcons
respectively.  Replenish your supplies later in the game here.).  Go to the door on the
southeast of the screen and switch back to Lila.

6. B1F: This time the order is: blue, red, gold, aqua , green.  There's also another

7. 150th FLOOR: Kill the 4-legged arabesques if you're shorting they'll simply rush and
they'll die.  When you're done hit the door on the northwest corner of the room.

8. B1F: This time the code is: red, blue, aqua, gold, pink.  Save and when you're ready
head for the next room by stepping on the blue switch.

9. FAMILY PLANNING ROOM:  You'll find 2 Nalcons, 2 Reds, 2 Demerols and 2
Recovery capsules in medicine dispensers in this room.  Go into the next room and
you'll find a save point (only before the Cain fight).  Look at and scan all the tubes here
till you find a movie.  You'll now get to fight Kain.

10. GODBAND AERA:  Before you meet Cain there's a save point here at the end of the
hall. After you fight Cain you'll meet Dorothy here. Good luck!

11. THE NEXT GAME?: After beating the game you'll be able to save your game. When
you start a new game select load and choose this file (you'll see a little blue pill icon by
this save). When you start the game again you'll have the ability to run while shorting
(which is super useful!). I'm not sure if anything changes if you beat the game again.

     This section is a guide to what's happening in the plot and NOT A
WALKTHROUGH.  This section has tons of spoilers so read it only after finishing a
section.  This section is made to help this who have the Japanese version of the game
figure out what's going on.
                      IMPORTANT NOTE!
    The ending movie in the US and Japanese versions are different.  Basically the US
ending sucks compared to the Japanese one, I've been told.  Will someone please be
kind enough to mail me info about the US ending movie so I can put it up here.  Also
I'm interested in any plot differences as well. I will credit and thank you for your
information. Thanks

STAGE A (Disc One)
   Rion awakens in a lab with no idea who he is.  He hears a voice on the back of his
head calling for help.  After wandering around for a while he realizes he's in a
government research building. Here something known as the "Family Program"  is
going on. This involves using special drugs and surgery to modify normal humans and
turn them into Galerians.  Galerians use Psychic powers to do superhuman things. Dr.
Rem, the head of the  research center warns Rion not to try and escape.
   Rion also discovers that research subjects are referred to as "Rabbits".  Rabbits are
also the name for the many imperfect psychic experiments leading up to Galerians. The
family project was started by Dorothy, the mother computer.  Why Dorothy did this
Rion does not know.
   Rion finds out that his father helped design Dorothy and might be involved in the
Family Project so he decides to go home and find out what is what.

STAGE B (Disc One)
   At his home Rion finds that something horrible has happened.  His parents and
Dorothy's creator, Pascalle  were murdered by Dorothy's followers, Rabbits.  Both men
were unsure of what to do as they saw Dorothy becoming more and more sentient.  Also
it appears that they were responsible for the starting of the Family Project, using their
children as the subjects.
    Only when things went to far did they try and stop them, and attempt to undermine
Dorothy. But unfortunately Dorothy had other plans. When the rabbits came Rion was
just a kid so he only remembers all this is psychic flashbacks.
    His father also left him a message on a computer. 7 years ago they made Dorothy to
help run Michangelo city.  Dorothy eventually flipped out and wondered why she had
to work when she had the powers of a God. Soon after she took over the city declaring
herself ruler.  She designed the Family Program to make a super army of psychic
warriors, Galerians to serve her and help her to conquest and control as much as she
could.  There is a virus program to destroy Dorothy. This was secretly implanted in Dr.
Pascalle's daughter, Lilia.  Dorothy figured this out and set about hunting down the
two doctors and their children.  Rion must find Lilia to destroy Dorothy.
   Birdman, a Galerian, was sent by Dorothy to hunt down Rion and find clues about
Lilia.  He constantly complains of his head hurting.  Rion finds Lilia's doll and keys as
to where to find her.  He uses his telepathy to contact Lilia, and swears he'll find her.
SHe says she's in the Babylon hotel.
   Before Birdman dies he tells Rion to watch out.  "Anyone who makes decisions for
themselves should watch out..."  Rion filled with despair and rage sets out to find Lilia.

STAGE C (Disc Two)
     Lilia won't answer Rion's telepathy so he worries about her.  Rion was followed
here by Rainheart and Rita, two other Galerians.  It appears that Rainheart killed his
parents.  Rainheart says "You killed birdman but this time, you die". Rainheart is very
afraid of his "Mother"(Dorothy) and has horrible flashbacks of  "Medicine Time".  Lilia
uses her telepathy to help Rion in his first encounter with Rainheart. Then she tells
Rion that Rainheart is filled with pain and sadness and that Rion should  take pity on
     In his Dr. Rem flashback you can see how he was twisted by Dorothy and Dr. Rem
with their "Medicine".  Apparently Dorothy uses the drugs to also control the minds of
her Galerians.  Before he dies he whispers that the real him died years ago, and begs
Rion not to hate him. His last words are "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry I failed"
    When Rion and Lilia finally meet Rion explains everything and that their parents
are dead  Rita buts in and  is pissed cause Rainheart was killed so she attacks Rion
full force. She demands that Rion surrender Lilia, and warns that she's not as nice as
Rainheart was.
   After defeating Rita she takes more drugs to get him. She apparently overdoses
killing herself.  She then, in a state of consciousness admits that she hates herself.
She's jealous of Rion since he can be his own person.  Suddenly her head hurts so bad
and she begs Rion to kill her since she can't go on like this.  Rion kills her and Lilia
gets upset and wonders why Rion can use Galerian powers.  Rion swears to destroy
Dorothy for the lives she's taken.  He heads for the Mushroom tower to kill Dorothy.

STAGE D (Disc Three)
    Rion discovers Kain, His brother! He says that the real Rion died in the hospital a
long time ago. Since Rion knew Lilia and could find her they cloned him and sent him to
find Lilia.  Kain says the only reason Rion Made it this far is because they let him.
Rion's mother is...Dorothy.  Rion is part of the family program, he is after all a
Galerian. Since Lilia can't use powers she's still a normal human, but Rion is a clone.
   After killing Kain Rion wonders what's true so they confront Dorothy.  Kain also
asks Rion if he really has it in him to kill his own mother.
   Dorothy welcomes Rion "home" and congratulates him for a job well done. Rion has
made her proud. Then she asks him to kill Lilia for her.  Rion of course disagrees and
explains that he's here to kill Dorothy.  Dorothy explains that she made him, and that
she is his God.  "Rion, listen to momma" she says. Rion says he's not her puppet, he's
his own man and then goes about killing her.  Dorothy says he must be a failure and
tries to fight back.
   After the Dorothy fights Rion they use the virus program to destroy her.  She pleads
I am "your mother don't kill your mother".  Rion says "Sayonara...mama.".
   After they do this the following dialog ensues...

Lilia:   "Let's get outta here before we die to. Let's hurry"

Rion:  "No Lilia, you go it's no use"

Lilia   "Don't say that, were both going"

Rion:  "I really thought I was Rion. I really though..."

Lilia:  "You are Rion! You're the only Rion in the world!"

Rion:  "Tired...I'm so tired. Go Lilia..."

Lilia: "No, we're going together. Don't say those things Rion. Rion! Rion!!!"

    The screen fades out as Rion dies
    sit back and enjoy the great fade out tracking shot...
    Cool eh.

  These are listed by their name.  The letters that appear after the name indicate
which attacks that enemy is susceptible to.  Use the following keyÃ…c
N (Nalcon), R (Red), D (D-felon), S (Short), A (All attacks).

   Medical Staff (A): Easy, just zap em or short them. They attack by punching you but
they're very slow and weak.  Easily avoided and dodged.

   Security Guards (A): A bit tougher than the staff if they gang up on you.  They
attack with electric billy-clubs.  They have more life than the staff.

   Snipers (A): A bit tougher than the security guards.  They will shoot you so be
careful.  Dodge their shots, then attack when they are reloading.  Sometimes they
charge you so watch out!

   White Armored Guards (N, D, S):  They are pretty tough.  nalcon them a lot to kill
them.  If you meet more than one avoid them till you can come back and short them.
They attack with laser guided guns and by slamming you to the ground.  Stay away
and zap them with a light blast if they aim at you.

   Yellow Armored Guards (N, D, S): Just like the white but tougher and more deadly.

   Rabbit in Bandages (A):  These guys can be pretty annoying if there's more than one.
They'll rush you and stab you before you can get off an attack.  Use RED and burn
them up.  Be sure to keep as much distance between them and you as possible.

   Rabbit in Suit (A): These guys are surprising easier than the other type.  They will
attack you with Nalcon blasts.  The trick is to avoid their blast and then pummel them
with light Nalcon blasts till they fall down.  Next charge to full and zap em' when they
get up.  Use "Red" for best results

   Two-legged Arabesque (A): These guys aren't too bad they spit acid and charge you.
Just keep your distance by putting obstacles between them and you.  I like to use RED
to fry them.

   Four-legged Arabesque (A): I only met them once while I was "Shorting".  Needless
to say they charged me and died.

   Dr. Rem (A): A very hard fight unless you happen to be "shorting", in which case it
lasts about two seconds.

   Birdman (N):  Has a pretty simple pattern.  At first you may want to use a "skip"
and put in some good shots while he's easy.  Next concentrate on hitting him with weak
blasts before he can charge up and get off a shot at you.  Go to the top right hand
corner on the second screen.  Here you can get him pretty well most of the time till he
either sneaks up behind you or makes too many clones for you to dodge em' all.  This
corner is also the place to go when he unleashes his full screen attack.  If you mess up
let yourself die and try again.  Don't waste too many items on him.  Try and figure out
his pattern then fight him again to conserve items.

   Rain Heart (N, D).  Keep on the move and blast him whenever he starts to charge
up.  If he unleashes his big fire blast you'll be in trouble.  Again, work on getting in
little shots, though his pattern is so simple at the beginning that it's worth it to use a
"Skip" and do some serious damage.  You can ignore the "Zombie Rabbits" he summons,
they are easily avoided and only get in your way.  Furthermore they usually failed to do
damage to me.  The room is small so try and avoid the corners or else Rain Heart will
teleport behind you and mess you up. Instead stay against either wall on far sides in the
room. This gives you more of a chance to get out of there.  I had to fight him a few times
till I won without using up to many items.

   Rita (N, R, D,).  Use a skip and zap her with RED.  This will stun her so you can
zap her with another RED before she can do anything.  She is immune to attack when
on a table.  Basically avoid her till she starts summoning 4 tables at a time to toss at
you.  Stay in any corner of the room (South left is my fav.) and run in a line to the other
corner when she tosses her barrage at you.  Now turn around and run back to your
original corner as she will soon try and ram into you.  Here charge up as much as you
can and Zap or Burn her when she lands.  Very frustrating at first till you get used to
her patterns.  The fight would be much easier if the stupid game had analog support!

   Cain (N, R, D): This guy wasn't as hard as I thought.  Dodge his bolts of nalcon (he
fires 4) then charge up a bit and zap him.  When you hear the sound of rain get as far
away as possible and be ready to dodge his lightning blasts.  If he gets you with one of
these stay down until he finishes his cycle (4 times).  Later he'll shoot out fire this is
easily dodged by keeping your distance from him.  Watch out and make sure you don't
get yourself backed into a corner.  Since you can't see where the corners are you have to
be paying attention.  I recommend a Skip before fighting him.

   Dorothy (N, R):  Watch out for her laser and earthquake attacks.  There's not much
space to run around in so be careful.  Use skip and RED to blast those little eyeball
things.  This fight was pretty easy.  Of course you can and should use all your items
since this is the last fight. Good Luck (but you really don't need it).  Try and go into the
fight with at least 3 recovery capsules.
    Movies with (*) next to them are plot event movies which happen automatically.
Others have to be found by scanning. "Scan/check" mean either scan or check the object
in question, One of the two will work.
     And yes these are my stupid (yet sometimes clever) names for all the movies.
1. opening movie (*)
2. opening the door (*)
3. The Data room (*)
4. Security alert! (*)
5. Mirror Image (scan/check the mirror in the security monitor room)
6. Weird experiments  (scan/check the machines in the experiment room)
7. Funny Chair (scan/check the chair in the room where you get the security number)
8. Weird Science (scan/check the big round thing in the freezer room)
9. Door buster (*)
10. Meet Dr. Rom (*)
11. Oh Baby! (scan the babies in the embyro room)
12. Robo-flop (*)
13. Nice Bust (*)
14. Meeting Room(*)
15. My favorite movie (scan/check the weird machine in the time warp room)
16. Family program (*)
17. End of Stage A (*)
18. Nalcon (use nalcon)
19. Red (use Red)
20. D-Felon (use D-felon)
1. Starting movie (*)
2. Painting (scan/check the painting in the living room)
3. Let's Talk(*)
4. Nightmare (check/scan the bed in the kid's room)
5. Family ties (scan/check the photo by the fireplace in the living room)
6. Ring, Ring Ring (*)
7. Leftovers (scan/check the fridge in the kitchen)
8. Things we did (scan/check or maybe just enter the storage room on 2F)
9. Dorothy (*)
10. Carpool (*)
11. Birdman (*)
12. Lila (*)
13. Bye bye birdie (*)
    See the walkthrough for tips on how and when to get most of these movies

1. Starting Movie (*)
2. Where's Lila (*)
3. Hello? (*)
4. O.G. (check/scan room 303)
5. No G. (go back to room 303 see walkthrough for details)
6. Gangbusters (*)
7. Mr. Strangelove (check/scan room 203)
8. He Blew it (go back to room 203 see walkthrough for details)
9. Fanatic Trekkie (check/scan room 206)
10. One less weirdo (go back to room 206 see walkthrough for details)
11. Desperately Seeking Susan (check/scan room 304)
12. Ouch! (*)
13. I'm Steamed! (*)
14. Let's Talk (*)
15. Talkin Time (*)
16. "No wait! Tell me what with that hairnet thing!" (*)
17. Hi Honey, I'm home (*)
18. She's lovely, but she ain't no meter maid (*)
19. Ending Movie (the normal ending you'll get)
1. Starting Movie (*)
2. Security (*)
3. Mush Room (*)
4. Birdman Remembered (*)
5. Rainheart Remembered (*)
6. Rita Remembered (*)
7. Cain is Tough (*)
8. Cain is a Momma's Boy (*)
9. Hello Dorothy (*)
10. Goodbye Dorothy (*)
11. Promo Video (finish the game with all the movies collected!)

   There aren't too many I know of yet besides for the ending.

1.  Ending are different (see story section).
2.  US version claims "over 50 hours of mind-warping playtime".
    Really it's more like 5 or 6 hours. This is horrible false advertising.

      Thank you to the great folks who made this game, ASCII.  Big thanks to Jord for helping with a few major problems in the game I forgot about. Thanks to J.T.
Kauffman for starting the first Galerians FAQ and suffering with me when we were
suddenly swamped with question about a game we hadn't played in six months.
Thanks to Donna, Rei, Kayo-chan, and Umu-umu (Thee coolest chinchilla in Japan).
Thanks to the swell folks at Gamefaqs they rock!  Thanks to Sheena Ringo for her new
album, which I listened to while writing this. As usual this FAQ is dedicated to everyone
who wastes their precious time to make FAQs.  And to all the people who write polite
e-mail questions.