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Lost Kingdoms II
version 1.00 FINAL
R.C. McDonald
This is a FWASB (FAQ Writers Against Summer Boredom) production.
An FAQ of the month winner on GameFAQs.com

Table of Contents

I. Table of Contents
II. Introduction
   i. version history
   ii. a few words
III. Basics
    i. LKI vs. LKII 
    ii. elements & card types
    iii. having a balanced deck
IV. Walkthrough
V. Other Hints and Strategies
VI. Closing
  i. legal stuff
  ii. contact information
  iii. credits


II. Introduction

Version History

version 0.1-4/25/2003: I know that this is not much, but it is a start. I
                       made many revisions based on the restrictions that
                       apply to writing an FAQ.
version 0.12-4/26/2003: I only fixed a few things, nothing was added.   
version 0.15-5/10/2003: Trying to pack in all I can before the game is
                        released and I can submit this. I reformatted the 
                        credits, added some plot and character data, cutted
                        some stuff, pasted some stuff, you know how it 
                        goes. I submitted this to gameFAQs.com on 5/14/03. 
version 0.2-5/17/2003:  Started the walkthrough, not very far though. I
                        also confirmed and corrected some stuff.
version 0.23-5/22/2003: I had exams today, and have them tommorow, too, so I
                        couldn't do much, but, however, I had time enough to
                        update the Bhasea Castle and Nobleman's Residence
version 0.28-5/25/2003: Worked on walkthrough up until the Ruldo Forest. Now
                        that summer break is here, there will be updates 
                        almost every day.
version 0.3-5/26/2003: I was busy today, so I only had time to include some
                       FAQs and go through the Ruldo Forest level.
version 0.31-5/27/2003: I could only fit in the Sacred Battle Arena and some 
version 0.34-5/28/2003: I managed to finish the Fossil Boneyard and the
                        Bridge of Sarvan, I may even do more. I also 
                        included (even more) FAQs (the mail never stops!
                        lol). I also started the card list. 
version 0.36-5/30/2003: I finished the burned town and the Obeonix Gorge. 
                        I also added to the card list. 
version 0.37-5/30/2003 (later on): Fixed some errors.  
version 0.38-5/31/2003: Added the Other section, took the rest of the day 
version 0.41-6/1/2003: Got up until the Royal Tower area in the walkthrough,
                       also added some strategies and FAQs.
version 0.43-6/3/2003: I'm trying to finish the walkthrough before I leave
                       for two weeks on Friday, but I could only finish
                       the Royal Tower Lower today, but the walkthrough will
                       be completed before I leave, so don't worry. 
version 0.45-6/4/2003: I'm trying to get the walkthrough completed before 
                       Friday, but I'm starting to get tired of typing. I 
                       completed the mountain and cathedral levels. I will
                       do the last couple of levels tommorow. As for the card
                       list and the Proving Grounds, they will be worked on
                       after 6/21. 
version 0.5-6/5/2003: I finally finished the walkthrough. There was tons of 
                      typing involved today, but I did it. As for e-mail, 
                      unless if it is a strategy, do not e-mail me, because
                      there will be no response for a while. Regular updates
                      continue on 6/22. 
version 0.55-7/13/2003: I finally caught up with my mail!! There were no real 
                       updates, just strategies. 
version 0.93-7/28/2003: Decided on a more appropriate version number since
                        I cancelled some of the extras, the next version
                        will be the final version.                                                    
version 1.00 FINAL VERSION-10/11/2003: It's been a while, hasn't it? I've been
                                       so busy with schoolwork that I forgot
                                       all about this. Suprisingly, I only 
                                       got one strategy in my e-mail, if I 
                                       got more, AOL deleted them. If you
                                       like this FAQ, keep an eye out for
                                       another one by me this summer. 
version 1.10  I MEAN FINAL THIS TIME LOL- 11/17/2003: I sorta got bored and
                                                      started reading over 
                                                      this again. I noticed
                                                      some slight errors,
                                                      so I updated some 
                                                      grammatical stuff,
                                                      walkthrough stuff,
                                                      and the legal section.                                                     
A few words...

This is actually my first published work, so if you do not like it, then
please keep your comments to yourself. However, I am very open to 
suggestions (see contact information). Since this is my first time writing
an FAQ, my revisions will be occuring slower than those by people who have
written one before. I also will not bore you with character, plot, and 
controls sections, because they are pointless, and because if you do not 
already know them, then why are you reading this? Furthermore, I just hope
that you will find this a good source of information and strategies.

III. Basics 

LK I vs. LK II

This section includes the differences between the original Lost Kingdoms and
the sequel.

The sequel is/has:

Longer!!! Thank you, Activision! I thought that the first game was on the
short side. Also, it is not as self-explanitory as the first.

Three new card types (including a capture card, so you do not have to use
your old ones), see my elements and card types section for more information.

One new element, again, see the elements and card types section for more 

A new character! The character is still a girl, so for those who have been
hoping for a boy, you are out of luck. Her name is Tara Grimface. Thanks to
the interview on rpgamer.com (and GCNszmm for the link), we know that Tara 
was abandoned as an child, and was brought up by Victor, who led a gang of 
thieves. Although she is digusted by the gang's villiany, she still works
for them to repay her debt. Like Katia, she is a card master and has a 
runestone. Now that I have gotten to the final boss, I now know that she
was the old queen's daughter, making her the current queen's sister. She 
also had close ties to Sol when she was a child, before she was abandoned.

A new enemy. In this game, you fight against the region of Kendarie 
(hmmmm...... where have we heard that name before.... oh yeah! that was
the place with the fat king... no wonder!). They have been attacking the
other countries with mechanical monsters. But looking at the screenshot
of a boss in Nintendo Power, it looks like there was some sort of 
dark, ancient power involved. Maybe that fat bum who calls himself
a king is under the influence of someone, like the enchanter. My best
guess is that the God of Destruction has something to do with it, and I hope
he does, because he was so easy in the first game! Well, after you get the
Dobbleganger he is, and he is in this game, if you check the fair play rule.
(This information was also courtesy of rpgamer.com and GCNszmm.) Again, now
that I am further, I know that he is under the influence of the God of 
Harmony, pretty ironic, isn't it?
A new fairy collector. His name is Jarvi.

A different time period. This game takes place 200 years after the first 

The option to go back to any level that you have already beaten at any time 
you wish.

Allies, you have the help of certain charctars on certian missions.

Elements and Card Types

Activision has added a new element to the game. I will describe that and the
other elements, then state the strengths and weaknesses of each.

Fire- Uses moves that involve flame, magma, molten rock, etc.
Grass- Uses moves involving branches, leaves, stingers, scythes, spears,
       screams, etc.
Water- Uses moves involving water, bubbles, leeching health, voices, etc.
Ground- Using moves involving rocks, dirt, their bodies (lol, Whip Worm), 
Nuetral- Mainly psycic-related attacks. No real weaknesses. 
Mech-  Mainly uses projectles, but there are some physical attacks. Has
       high defense stats. No weaknesses. (sort of like rock types in

Here is a chart that states the strengths and weaknesses of each element:

*NOTE: Electricity is not an element, this refers to electric-related
I will skip the small talk, and just start writing with this section.

Independent- Roams the battlefield on its own, and attacks enemies (or 
             enemies and allies, like the Beserker). Can also raise stats.
Summons- Player becomes the card for a brief moment, and attacks straight
         ahead of him/her. These are very powerful. NOTE: These will 
         attack in the direction that you are facing, so if you are next 
         to an enemy, but not facing it, your attack will miss.
Weapons- These are like summons cards, except the player does not 
         transform into the card. Once again, they attack in front of
         where you are facing.
Helper- These help the player increase stats of cards. I really do not see
        how they are different from independent types like Treant or
        Running Bird. They also have great attacks. Whenever I mention
        independents, I normally include these.
Transform- You can have complete control of the card, as well as use two 
           different attacks. These can be used to get to previously 
           unaccesable areas.
Capture- This was formed to save the use of your old cards when trying to 
         capture a new monster. You will use these special cards to perform 
         the capture throw.

Having a Balanced Deck

This section is pretty short, but tells you how to have an even deck, so
you have the advantage against any enemy. 

Any deck has a maximum of 30 cards. Since there are 6 elements, you
should have 5 cards of each element (30/6). Of these five cards, each should 
be one of the five basic card types. You can also bring some capture cards 
if you are planning on catching a rare monster, and replace them with
transforms. This really gives you the upper hand in the Proving Grounds.

IV. Walkthrough

Here it is. This is my first walkthrough, so it will be pretty basic. I will 
make it a little more in-depth (all chest locations, which cards and ememies
are in which exact locations, maps, etc.) later, if I want to. I will not
bore you with the "first go here, then turn left, fight the man trap, go
right, talk to Sol" crap. I will just write this how I think it should be 

Status of walkthrough:


My Status:
Beat game with both endings, can now spend more time writing this. Currently
working on my card collection. 


Stage I
Nobleman's Residence

This is really more of a prologue, you do not do much.

You find yourself in a mansion. You are helping The Band of the Scorpion
pull off a theft here. Basically, all you do is run around and clear out 
the monsters. No biggie. For those who have played the first game, this
should be a cake walk. I really do not need to explain it. When you are
done, you will have the familiar rated ending where you get to draw (a) 
card(s), depending on your rating.

This is a continuation of a level that you have already visited.
CONTINUATION OF: Nobleman's Residence
Here goes nothing, OK, a lot to explain here. First, the person who
owns this house is a member of the Isamat Urbur cult. Second, do not
return here until you have the key that Gurd gives you in the Sacred Battle
Arena, after defeating another one of those strange cultists. Anyway, take 
the north door first, after you keep going, you will find the owner of the
house, you have to battle him, once you get his runestone, backtrack to the
room with the previously locked doors, and take the other, again, after a 
little trekking, you can go to a room with the map. Press A in front of the
map to end the level.


Side Quest: Isamat Urbur

Go to the central corridor, and go to the left. Open the gate and go through.
Here, you fight a Puppet Master and two other cards, I don't know what they
are yet. Anyway, there are some rare cards in this room. Exit and go back
to the main corridor, this time, go right. There, you will find another
cultist. After you defeat him and gain his runestone, go back yet again.
this time around, go to the central room. Here, place all seven runestones
on the alters. Then, a new passage will open. After you approach the statue, 
you will see a rather odd cutscene. Unfortunatly, you do not find out
exactly what went on. After the cutscene, you can grab the Stone of Sealing 
from the right hand of the statue. If you did this before you beat the
Alanjeh Castle level (w/ Sol), then you will get the good ending.


Stage II 
Bhasea High Road 

This is much like the plains area in the first game, you get hints 
throughout the level. This is very self explanitory. Just keep following
the paths. You can try to toss a card over a gap for an elephant card
near the bridge (a bandit gives it to you). You can go on the bridge if 
you like, but you will not get very far, for there is a gap. You can come
back and jump that gap once you have the Hell Hound card to go to Bhasea
Castle, but I would advise doing that much, much later, sometime near the 
end of the game, I learned my lesson. Anyway, when you come to a sign, you
can turn to the left to find the game's first deck point. Like in
the first game, it replenishes your health (but not your magic stones, 
boo hoo) and lets you add cards to your deck, but they can only be ones
from that level. You will also have to discard cards too, but you can just
discard any used cards you have, and it won't make a difference. After you
are done there, go back to the sign and go foward. You will then get a hint
about elements, and then can fight your first boss fight.
Storm Hagan x2

These are fairly simple, just toss out a bunch of independent cards, and 
they should be down in no time.

I only have one thing to say now, just hope that you get a Storm Hagan
in the card draw, they are really good, even much later on in the game.

This is a continuation of a level that you have already visited.
Alright, as I mentioned earlier, there is a gap in the bridge in this
level. Once you have the Hell Hound, you can cross the gap. Now that you
have crossed this gap, you can go to Bhasea Castle, but first, you have
to solve a few puzzles. When you enter the area, there will be an odd
circle on the ground in front of a gate. When you stand on it, the gate 
opens, but it closes the moment you step off of it. What you must do is to
toss a stationary independent type, or a slow moving one, on it, then you 
can go through. After a couple steps, you see another, but it is on a 
seperate platform. That toss for the elephant card had a purpose, it was
practice. If you are not that confident with your throwing abilities, then
you could always use the Hell Hound to jump over and toss a card. After
you go to the gate, you go foward and enter a boss fight. NOTE: During
the fight, going to the castle doors and aborting does NOT unlock the
level, you have to to things fair and square.
Man Trap x2 or 3 (can't remember)
Storm Hagan x1
Chaos Knight x1

OK, the real threat here is the Choas Knight, it kills most independent 
types in one hit, so be careful. If you use independent types, keep them
away from him. Take out the Man Traps quickly with weapons types or 
independent types. Then, focus on the Storm Hagan. Take him out with weapons,
summons, or independents. Then, go to the Choas Knight. As I mentioned 
earlier, independents aren't the best choice, and he slashes his sword and
does great damage to you if you get close enough to use weapons, so I
reccomend using summons, I guess you could use transformers if you want.


Side Quest: Bhasea Castle

Brief History: This was a castle, until it was destroyed by Helena and the
Enchantor, and you can see statues and portraits of Katia almost everywhere.
What I don't get is that if it was destroyed before Katia was queen, then
how did they know about Katia???

This is a VERY hard level, unless if you are really good at running past 
enemies, which even if you are, it is very hard to get past Deaths and
Stone Heads, but it is also hard to beat them, so either way, you're 
screwed. Some quick tips for beating them are that Dragon Knights kill 
Deaths in one hit, and Stone Heads do no damage to Stone Golems, and die
in about three hits with the Stone Crusher, but Stone Golems aren't exactly
my card of choice. If you plan on using independent types, make sure to 
use the Z effect, or they will go down very quickly. Anyway, this level
is very large and has many rooms. It is best to ignore the Kitty Trap 
infested rooms, or you will take a lot of damage. All you really have to
do in this level is collect four swords and bring them to the central room.

Sword of Wisdom

This is a familiar puzzle, where some tiles are gray, some are yellow, and
there is a sword design in the puzzle. The sword means nothing, but you 
need to step on all of the gray tiles to make them yellow, which is simple,
because you can step out of the puzzle and walk around it, making it easy to
reach tiles that you would otherwise have to step on yellow tiles to reach. 
If I recall, there is a clock outside this corner that you can set an
hour later each time you press A in front of it. Set the clock to 
six-o-clock, you'll find out why later.

Sword of Power

This corner has a steel skeleton in it, and if I recall, they were much
easier in the first game. My Will-O-Wisp, Tumble Chick, Carbuncle,
Mechapult, and Skeleton took care of it. You do not have to use the same 
cards, but I highly recommend using the Skeleton and Carbuncle, be 
reminded, though, that it gains health when it attacks an enemy, so if 
it is about to hit a card, and it is very low on health, quickly discard the
card. I do not reccomend the Mechapult unless if you summon it in the right 
direction, it will do nothing, because it cannot turn around because the 
hallways are so narrow. Xenogear contributes the fact that using a Catobeplas
in the door, while using yourself as a decoy works.

Sword of Skill

From the beginning, go left and go through the door, then take the first
door on the left. There you will find the sword of skill.

Central Room

This room has a frozen warrior on a pedestal. If you read the plaque, it
tells you to gather the four swords, put them in their pedestals, and fight 
the God of the Warrriors, and you will gain its card. Looking at it, it 
does not look like a huge threat, and it isn't. You can also go up the
ramps if you want, there is a chest and a lot of enemies on the left one, 
and there is a red fairy and even more enemies on the right one. When I told
you to set the clock to 6:00, you better have, because there is a clock with
a sword design on it, and the hilt points to the six. If you did what I 
asked, then the Sword of Time should be right under it. Then, put all of 
the swords in the pedestal, and you can fight the Demon Swordsman. 
Demon Swordsman x1

He is suprisingly easy, and his card is much better. What I basically
did was I sent out a Decoy Pillar and a Dark Elf, which helped a lot. 
I do not recommend getting close to him at ANY point in time, because 
his attack takes a huge chunk of your health. Anyway, he goes down pretty 
quickly. A little bit of the Astrobot (Mech guardian) might not hurt either.


Stage III

OK, this is a pointless place right now, but later on, it helps you a lot.
Here is a list of things to do, other than the main point.

1. There is a man by the fountain who can fuse cards together to make 
better cards for you, but they are cards you get later on. Unfortunatly, he 
cannot fuse the crappy cards you have now.

2. The rogue behind the central statue, not the one up the hill, sells you
your first Capture Card for 1000 gold pieces. He will then sell you more
for 1000 gold pieces MORE each time, so you would pay him 2000, 3000, etc.

3. Pick up garbage and put it in the garbage can by the fountain. If you 
collect every piece, then place them in the garbage can, you will recieve
a Leprechaun card, do it again, you get a SuperScrubber, then a Larval Fly.

4. Open the chests around town. One in particular contains a Rock Hagan, 
which is a powerful card, to the right of the town's entrance. 

The main purpose of this level is to find the card shop and talk to 
certain people to make certain events happen. You need to talk to some one
or a fairy, I don't remember which, to learn that Jarvi is in the desert.
You also must talk to somebody to learn that the Kendarie are performing
a bandit clean-up operation. When you have done that, go through the arch
to the left of the central statue to enter a cutscene. Here, Tara 
remembers a part of her past. Once that is over with, you can enter the
card shop. It functions the same way that it did on the first game. Then
you can exit the level anytime you want. You can also go up the hill
from here, but there is no point, except you can mess around with the
dog up there. Fpe1843 says that if you stand next to the garbage can, the 
kids running by will bump you into the can, and you will be stuck in the can
and cannot move. An interesting glitch.


Side Quest: Grumtull Desert

This was also in the first game, but is a lot different now. When you
begin the level, there is an oasis straight ahead. Jarvi is in there, but
the lever that opens the door is stuck. There should be a bottle near his
backpack. After you pick it up, head north, and you will see an area with
another room like Jarvi's but the door opens, and there are plenty of 
enemies in there, I think there are some treasure chests in there, too.
Anyway, there is also a fountain in that area (not the room, the nothern
area.). Go up to the fountain and press A to get some black liquid, and
return to the lever in front of the locked door in the oasis, and Jarvi
comes out. During the card draw, pray that you get the Sand Worm, it is 
a great card. 

This is a continuation of a level that you have already visited.
CONTINUATION OF: Grumtull Desert
If you go back to the room where Jarvi was, the are some treasure chests.
Once you have the Hell Hound, you can jump over the stones near the Sand
Worm and find an Isamat Urbur person and a red fairy on a ledge.  


Stage II
Bhasea High Road (revisited)

You return to find that the Kendarie are performing that bandit clean-up
operation that you heard about earlier.You have Sol as your ally in this
level. He is a swordsman and is great at close-range combat, and can
perform the beam move that the Scythe Beasts can use. When the level 
starts, you go foward, and you meet up with a Kendarie soldier. He also has
a runsestone and can use cards. Kendarie soldiers normally stick to Dark 
Ravens, Lizardmen, and Agressor GL2s. Take care of him, and keep making your
way back to the campsite. You will meet up with two more soldiers along the
way, and when you defeat them, you learn that you are going to Kendaria to
steal all of their runestones to get back at them, and the level ends. The 
main reason why I included no strategies for the Kendarie soldiers is that
you do not even need to fight them, just watch Sol go to town, that's 
basically what I did the whole level. If you do decide to help out, then 
they are still too easy, and I really do not need to provide strategy for 


Stage IV
Kendarie Fortress

This is an easy level, but it is rather dissapointing, at the opening 
cutscene, you almost think that Sol is your ally again, but it's too bad 
that he isn't. Oh well.

When the level first begins, go immediatly to the left, and climb the
stairs, watching out for the Mandragoras. Turn to the right, avoiding the
searchlight. If the searchlight finds you, it will send out an Agressor GL2.
Anyway, climb up the second flight of stairs to the top and open the door
with the blue diamond on it, there you will have to fight a Kendarie
soldier. This time, you cannot be lazy and let Sol kill him, because Sol
is not here this time. Anyway, he is all too easy. Just stick to summons
and independents. The independents focus on his monsters, leaving you to 
attack to soldier himself with summons types. After he's dead, he will drop
the blue key, meaning that you can now open all locked doors with the blue
diamond design on them. Then go down the stairs halfway, and open the blue 
door. There you will find a deck point and a switch. Unless if a searchlight
has spotted you, do not activate it. You can also return here when you have 
the green key and get a Death card (to your left). Go outside and go down 
the stairs. Then, go through the long corridor and go through the blue door.
Avoid the searchlights and go through the other long corridor. At the end
you will find another Kendarie officer. The same strategies apply that did
with the first one. Then, backtrack all the way to where the Mandragoras
were. Search around and you will find a red door. Open this and fight a
Kendaire soldier. After the fight, you will get the green key (optional),
which only opens a door to a Death card. Anyway, go back to where you got
the red key. Take the other door and climb the stairs. Avoid the searchlights
and make your way to the other set of stairs, climb down and go into the
open area. Fight your last Kendarie soldier, and then go to the switch and
press A in front of it to complete the level. You can actually complete
this level infinate times.

This is a continuation of a level that you have already visited.
CONTINUATION OF: Kendarie Fortress
Once you have a flying transformer, go to the left of the deck point and 
fight the Agressor GL2 and the Mechapault. Then fly over to a red fairy
and an UberBomerBat (good card).


Stage V.I
Runestone Caverns Upper Chambers

This place is loaded with Land Sharks, so be careful. I would load my
deck with Lizardmen, they kill most creatures here in one hit. Anyway, for
those who are in a hurry, just go right from the starting point. Keep going
straight past the first turn, and turn left on the second. You will find
a large, open area. Go across, there will be a chest at the end and another
on a ledge you can jump up to, so look for those to make sure you are in 
the right place, keep taking the path and you will find a Stone Golem. The
Storm Hagan startegy applies here, too, toss out a bunch of independents, 
and sit back and watch them go to work. After that, go past the area and you
will find Sol. Talk to him to get a Stone Golem card. Now abort the mission,
add it to your deck, and start again, it is much easier than backtracking.
Then keep discarding cards until you get the Stone Golem in your hand. Use 
it in front of the gate and the level ends. For those who take your time, 
I suggest exploring the level a little more, there are plenty of chests, 
red fairies, and a Brine Dragon. 


Stage V.II
Runestone Caverns Lower Chambers

This level is a just a one-way tunnel, I don't really need to explain it. 
It is also full of cutscenes. Just keep following the tunnel, and make sure
that the balls of light do not get you. There is no point in fighting the 
Flayer Spawns, they are easy to slip by. If you do want to attack them, use 
weapons types, they go down with one hit most of the time. After a long
series of cutscenes, you come to one that involves King Leod VIII, king of 
Kendaria. He announces his plans and makes the discovery that you have the
Queen's Runestone. Hmmm.... I wonder how you got that...... After that is 
over, go through the door and you will enter yet another cutscene, and you
watch the person who raised you (Victor) have his soul sucked out of his
body, then you fight the boss.
God of Harmony x1

Yes, it's not a typo, that's the God of Harmony, and this doesn't mean that
the game is over. The game is much longer than this, so sorry, you do not
get off that easily this time. Anyway, he is pretty easy, as long as you
keep your distance, the balls of light he sends out will not reach you. 
Actually, you can win the fight by setting a Mechapault up by the door. 
Since the Mechapault has long range, it can hit the god from there without
being hit itself. If for some reason you do not have and cannot get the
Mechapault, I have read on the message boards that he goes down with one
hit of the Sand Worm's Sandstorm. If you do not have and cannot get the 
Sand Worm, you're screwed. Just stick to distance attacks (it's not like 
you have a choice) and you'll beat him eventually.


Stage VI
Ruldo Forest

This is a pretty short level. When you start, go left for some treasure 
chests and a red fairy. After that, keep going foward until you come to 
a strange machine, activate it (press A) and then all magic boosters will
be available for use. Magic boosters give transform cards a special ability
for a short period of time. Now, you can take two paths, you can go left and 
enter a cutscene where you meet Gurd, or you can go left across a land 
bridge to find an Isamat Urbur cultist. This will most likely be the first
one you meet in the game. Follow the same runestone dual startegy, send out
independents to keep its monsters occupied, and then use summons on the 
runestone bearer. After you collect its runestone, you can go back and talk
to Gurd to complete the level. 

This is a continuation of a level that you have already visited.

You can do this at any time once you have beaten the level. Go to where you 
met Gurd, and go beyond it to find three Cockatrices and a Mandra Dancer. 
Defeat them, and then the level will end, and you will unlock the Sacred
Battle Arena. 


Side Quest: Sacred Battle Arena

This level is Gurd's home. In the center, there is Gurd and a deck point.
Talk to Gurd twice and go through the central door. Go through the hallway,
and there is another cultist at the end. Defeat it, get its runestone, and
go back to talk to Gurd. She will then give you the key to the Nobleman's
Residence. After you have done that, go to each of the elemental rooms and
fight the guardian, you will then gain its card. After you have defeated
all four, go to where the cultist was, and there will be a Kendarie soldier.
Defeat him and go through the door to make it to the second part. You need
six stars with each attribute to make it through each door. 
Fire: Gemini
This guardian is pretty simple. Although the twins have great accuracy and
strong attacks, they go down pretty quickly. Stick to summons, Sasquatch is
a good idea, Z-effected Dragon Knights aren't bad, either, once you get the
card, go out, go to the deck point, go to another room.
Wood: Nueh
This guardian in basically a wood Chimera. It also has a great lightning 
attack that really hurts mechs. Weapons are good, summons are better, and
transforms wouldn't hurt. A Chimera would work great, and any Z-effected
fire weapon does some good damage, too. The Red Dragon is the preferred card
here, since the arena is small, and the Nueh takes up about a quarter of it,
the A attack is sure to hit, and really lay the damage on him.
Water: Kraken
great damage and are hard to avoid. The good part is that he only attacks
in front of it, so you can sneak behind or beside it and use weapons. Do
not use independents, because they prefer taking it head-on, and will die
immediatly. Since it is basically a sitting duck, weapons are the preferred
card type here. Summons are not good, because it could change direction and
use its attack right as you turn back into yourself, catching you off-guard
and prone to attack. Tranforms also work great here, and take it out quickly.
Earth: Lich 
Once again, this guardian only attacks in front of him, but he is much more
agile than the Kraken. The Lich moves quickly, so I do not suggest using
weapons, or summons without good range. Its range of attack is also larger
than the Kraken's, so it will be harder to dodge. One trick it seems to do
often is to rush behind you and attack. When it does this, attack with a 
summons that can cover all sides (Fire Dragon's Earth Breaker, Sasquatch's
Wild Swat, etc.). Mainly stck to using those types of attacks and it should
die in no time.

After you go through the door to the next level, the second portion will be 
available. In this stage, you must fight the guardians of the two remaining 
attributes and a runestone master directly after.
Nuetral: Rabandos
Much like the Nueh and Chimera, it charges at you. It also has beam attack, 
but is easy to dodge, I would worry about the ramming attack more. Anyway, 
like all other ramming creatures, you can see as it is about to charge 
at you, and can sidestep. And, also like all other rammers, it's vulnerable 
right after it finishes charging at you. You should take this time to attack 
it using summons or Z-effected weapons, either one will do. 
Remember her from the first game? She is basically the same, she still
prefers Archer Trees (she used one after another in the first game), but
this time she's added an Ice Skeleton to her arsenol. Avoid the Ice Skeleton
and use weapons or summons near her. Be sure to avoid her when she uses a 
summons, though. A Decoy Piller isn't a bad idea, either. Once you defeat 
her, you get an Ice Skeleton (yay!).
Mech: Astrobot
This guardian requires a different strategy than the others. Keep your 
distance at all times (both attacks do great damage). If you stay away, you
should be safe from the explosion attack, but you should watch out for the
Bomb Arm attack. You can take two approaches to it. You can either sneak
behind it and use summons like crazy, or you can stay away from it and use
distance weapons (Banshee, etc.). Either way, it's very hard.
You can only fight him after you have beaten Story Mode (beat the Body of 
the God). Anyway, keep your distance because he uses Sacred Umpires and
Astrobots, which do terrible damage. Once again, there are the same 
two approaches, stand in front of him and use summons one right after 
another (risky), or you can use distance weapons from far away. Once he
is down, the Sacred Umpire card is yours!
After that, go through the central rooms. 
First Room: Enchanter
This is such an easy fight. He is not nearly as hard as he was in the first
game. Just use the universal runestone dual startegy. Independents on 
monsters, summons on runestone bearer. After the fight is over, go through
the door to face..........
Room Two: Katia
Yes, that is Katia, doesn't she look a lot better than she did in the first
game? The main cards she uses are Dobblegangers, which she has infinite of. 
If you want, you can take them out with distance weapons, or just let them 
be. What I did was I used 2 independents (Ice Skeleton and UberBomberBat), 1 
helper (Decoy Pillar), and 1 summons (Rabandos). The Ice Skeleton will 
probably get killed by a Dobbleganger, but it gets a few blows in before it
dies. While Katia is using her Whip Worm (that's what she's probably using)
against the Decoy Pillar, the UberBomberBat attacks, doing a lot of damage
AND staying away from the Whip Worm and DobbleGangers. Using the Rabandos, 
use the Defensive Ring attack (B), and then let the beams fly at Katia. Once 
the fight is over, you get the DobbleGanger card. 

After the level, you can then import all of your cards from your Lost 
Kingdoms I save, but if you have many different files, then make sure you
know which one had all of your good cards in it (i.e. Red Pheonix, Great
Turtle, DobbleGanger, etc.), DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I DID!! (sob...
sob......sniffle....will I ever get my beloved Great Turtle back?). 


Stage VII
Fossil Boneyard

This has to be the hardest non-sidequest non-final boss level in the game.
It's easy when you come back with better cards, but for now, it is pretty
hard. Oh, and you better have activated the magic boosters like I said to,
because you will not get very far in this level if you didn't. Anyway, at
the start of the level, go foward to talk to a red fairy, it will tell you
that the Baby Dragons in this level keep regenerating. Hmmmm.... I wonder
how you solve this problem.... You will see that there is a rock to the 
right of every Baby Dragon-spawning cave. Go to the right side of it and
you will see the familiar ! above your head. Press A and the rock will 
collapse, meaning no more pesky Baby Dragons. Also, there is sidequest
(which is obselete if you imported your cards, because most people have
dozens of Zombie Dragons) in which you collect fossils and bring them to
a pedestal to fight it. These fossils are hidden under stones. Use cheap
weak weapons to break the rocks (Scythe Beast) and there may be a fossil
(they are not under each one). I have found that most rocks with fossils
under them look a little whiter near the base. Here are some of the locations:
Near the beggining of the level.
Near the entrance to the boss fight.
Near the first Catobeplas.
Left point at the fork.
Right point at the fork.
I do not know where the others are. The altar is to the right of the start of
the level, near the Gnome. And now to the point. If you go to your left, 
you will see a chest next to a deck point open the chest to find a Hell 
Hound, a jumping transformation card. Add it to your deck and discard cards
until it is in your hand. Then use it and step on the magic booster to your 
left. Then you will get a boosted jump and jump up to the ledge (only if you 
are facing it). Then you will find an Isamat Urbur person. Defeat him and 
then take his runestone. You will also find a Gnome in a chest there. Hop 
back down and go to the right. There, you will find another magic booster. 
Face the ledge, step on the booster, and you will jump on the ledge. 
Deactivate the Hell Hound (Y) immediatly and run foward, otherwise, you will 
get hit by the waiting Catobeplas (I've always hated those things) and get 
turned to stone, keeping you vulnerable to another beam attack or a Baby 
Dragon attack. Anyway, do not cave in the Baby Dragon caves, just run to the 
end of the platform and summon the Hell Hound and thake either path. Both 
lead to the same area. The left takes you to several chests, a Catobeplas, 
and closer to a Red Fairy, the right takes you to a deck point, but you can 
still get to the red fairy by going right when you get to the central area. 
Once you get to the area, keep going until you come to a pile of bones. Go 
through them and enter the boss fight.  
Amber Dragon x1
Baby Dragon x4 (possibly more)

The reason why I typed "possibly more" is that there are the Baby 
Dragon-spawning caves, so if you do not cave them in, the Baby Dragons keep
on coming. To keep the Amber Dragon and its children occupied, send out a 
few strong independent types, sorry, but no example this time, while you
bring down the rocks next to the four caves. Then, ignore the babies and
use summons on the Amber Dragon while the independents take it from the 
other side. So no matter who it attacks, it keeps getting attacked. Weapons
work well also, but do not Z-effect them, you need as many magic stones as 
you can get. 
This annoying stage is finally over, now on to a slightly less annoying
stage, the Bridge of Sarvan. 

Stage VIII
Bridge of Sarvan

This is yet another level carried over from the first. This bridge has stood
for centuries, always connecting Alanjeh to Kendaria. At the beginning of 
the level, go all the way to the right to find a red fairy. Then, defeat the
two Jade Giants by the gate. These are all over the level, and are formidable
opponents. I highly recommend any Water weapon. Summons are too slow, and 
the Jade Giants will use their running attack, going behind the summons, 
making the summons' attacks useless. Weapons are much better. Once they're
down, press A in front of the horse statues and the gate will open. Go
into the next area and fight the Jade Giant. Then, go down the stairs to
the right to find three treasure chests. Don't waste your time on the Siren.
Go back up the steps and go back to the gate you came through. Activate the
statues there, then go to the other gate. Activate the statues and go 
through. Then, you come to a puzzle that was in the last game, too. Here,
you must go down the stairs to the right and place an immoble independent
type on the pad of light, much like in Bhasea High Road. Then, go back up
and stand on the pad of light. Then, when the bridge finishes lowering, 
go across. As for the other side with the chest, I do not know how to get
across, but I have a theory. I think that the bridge may just lower if you
activate all three pads at once. At first, I thought that the red pads had 
something to do with it, but thanks to acole, we know that these pads summon
Jade Giants. After you go through to the next section, activate the statues 
and go through the gate. Do not waste your cards on the Golden Butterfly
there, because it will dissappear when the boss battle begins.
Chimera x1
Jade Giant x2

Take out the giants with weapons cards, then focus on the Chimera. Good ol'
Mechapualt will take him out without you having a scratch. Or, you could
always follow the universal strategy for this type of monster. When he 
finishes charging, attack with summons, weapons, maybe even transforms.
I would use a Sasquatch. He isn't really much of a threat.

As for the caged chest, it is the Lucky Lion. In order to get it, you musn't
open the chest in front of the plaque. Thanks for telling me this, 
MysticWeirdo! Also, for the chest beyond the bridge, cfrancis says that
you can get it if you put immoble independent types on every pad, red 
included. Another method (submitted by blueyoshi2187) is to go up to the
wall, and use the Unicorn's jump. You can actually stay in the air long 
enough to go around the wall and get the card.


Stage IX
Holzogh Town

I think you arrived here a little too late. The Kendarie burned the whole 
town and infested the place with Mechs. Do not even bother fighting the 
Agressor GL5s, because they keep regenerating, and unlike in the Fossil 
Boneyard, you cannot stop them from regenerating. Anyway, there are dozens
of chests and a fairy that gives you a combo. There is also a blind man who
reveals a little bit of your past. There is a man by the fountain asking for
water. If you go to the left of the stairs, there is a body lying on a hill. 
Press A in fornt of it and you will find the key to the water fountain. Go 
to the right of the fountain and you will find a short pillar-like machine. 
Activate it and go back to the fountain. You will see that the man has died.
Poisonous water, perhaps? Now that the water level has increased, you can
get the Mind Flayer card floating in the water. After that, go up the stairs 
and take out the TriBlaster. Weapons work just fine. Then go to the right 
past the burned buildings. You can see the Leod has been waiting for you. 
After a cutscene, you enter a boss battle.
LazerBug x1
TriBlaster x2

First, send out a Decoy Pillar and to distract the LazerBug. Then, sneak 
behind the TriBlasters (they can't hit you if you're behind them) and use
weapons. Flayer Spawns kill them in one hit, so I recommend having at least
one in your deck. Then focus on the LazerBug. Use Flayer Spawns and maybe a
Pixie. He is pretty easy if you keep using electric attacks. 

This is a continuation of a level that you have already visited.

Upon returning, you see that there is a man (the only one who isn't wounded)
on the street talk to him and he tells you about a great treasure in the 
Obeonix Gorge. After you abort, the level becomes available. 


Side Quest: Obeonix Gorge

This is an easy level, up until the boss battle. Go foward, and you will
find a Sasquatch. Battle it using summons, and then the next path 
becomes accessible. Go up and then fight two Sasquatches. I recommend using
summons that can hit both of them, to save cards. Again, a new path opens.
Then go towards the abandoned ship and you will face a boss.
Thanatos x1
The Whip Worm is a great idea, because it gives you tons of magic stones and
it also takes care of some of the other nearby creatures. Steel Skeletons
and Tricksters are a great idea as well. The Rabandos's B attack also works 
here. Fpe1843 says that using Whip Worms with Red Dragons takes care of it. 
If you are really desperate, I only have one word: DobbleGanger. If you are 
low on health, you can always stumble over to the deck point nearby.


Stage X: Plains of Rohwahl

This is a simple level. OK, first, go foward and you will meet up with your
past again. This time, she reveals a ton of plot information, as does the 
red fairy nearby. Anyway, go to the catapualt nearest the ruined Lazerbug, 
and activate it to reach the chest under it. Now, go to the deck point
near the room with the jewel in it. Go along the right of the outside of the
room (you can't go in yet), and keep going in that direction to find a 
Kendarie officer. Fight him, and you will find a key. Take the key and unlock
the large gate (it's kind of hard to miss.....) and go to the center (the 
little stand) and press A. You will unlock the gate. To finish the level,
go to the right and enter a cutscene where you meet up with Sol again, or
you can go to the left to find an Isamat Urbur cultist. As for the Devil
Plants and Sand Golems, ignore them, there is no point in fighting.


Stage XI
Ajanjeh Castle

There is a lot to explain in this level, so bear with me. First of all, 
there should be a chest or two behind your starting position, second, go
foward to find a red fairy. Now that that's over with, go towards the gate 
and pull the lever. Then you will learn that Sol actually has the option
of dying in this level. GASP! And he takes that opporituntiy for granted,
I say. Also, you have a 10 minute time limit, but that's no problem, you
will probably beat this level in half the time. Combos that damage Mechs
work great here, such as Elemental Victory, Rust and Roll, and Tech Support!
If you do not have such combos, then this is why I'm providing strategy. 
When you first go through the gate, look straight ahead, there should be
six Mechalances, and two Gimolizers. For this portion, send out four
independents, and lead your glorious army to victory. Whenever an 
independent dies, replace it, and DO NOT use any other cards. When you
get to the end of the section (near something that is sort of like a Coal 
Treant), your independents should be good and dead. From this point until
the bridge, use only weapons, transforms, and independents. When you get
to the bridge, use summons like crazy. Once you defeat the Claws-R-Us and
the Gimolizer, go across to fight three Mechalances. Use summons. After
they are down, you will fight two Chairobots. Take them out with summons,
and quickly, too, because they do a fair amount of damage to Sol. After that
is over with, get the red fairy and chest from both sides of the area and
press A in front of the door. It probably won't work the first time you try,
but the second, Sol will join you and the door will open. Leaving you to
watch the end cutscene, which reveals even more of her past. The story is
almost complete, but in order to fully understand what happened, you will
a cutscene in the next level. NOTE: There are various shortcuts in this 
level, as you may or may not know, but don't take them. If you want a reason,
it's because Sol chooses to go around, and if you are not there to help him,
he looses HP like mad. So whatever you do, do not take the shortcuts.


Stage XII
Royal Tower (Lower)

This stage does not require much action, obviously, because you do not have 
your runestone. I will not be providing directions for this level, because
in order to do so, I would have to start a new file to get to this level 
again, and record my actions every time I walk through a door, which I 
do not have time for. After a short cutscene, the level begins. This
part of the level is very simple, as all of the doors are locked except
for the one that you must go through. When you come to the library, you 
can read some of the books on the miniature shelves in the center of the
room for a brief history lesson, then go to the fireplace and press A. 
Then you will enter a cutscene that doesn't reveal much, but the fact that
you used to play tag (WOW! Never saw that coming!!). Anyway, go up the 
stairs and enter the old queen's bed chamber. Then you will enter the 
final past-revealing cutscene, telling of why you were abandoned. After
the cutscene is over, go onto the balcony for yet another cutscene, 
showing how the queen pitifully attempts to bring down the Kendarie
monster (God of Harmony). Then a pillar crashes down near you. After the 
cutscene, press A in front of the pillar, and Sol will slash it in two, and
help you across. Then, go down the stairs and go through the door. Pick up
the ball in the center of the hallway, and go through the door. Go straight
ahead to the jammed door and look to your right. The second ball should be 
there. Put both balls on the pedestals, and go through the gate. At this 
point, you should not wait for Sol to defeat enemies, because he will die.
Instead, run to the elevator and press the switch. Sol will automatically
join you in the elevator and you will go up together. Keep going until
you come to another elevator, again, not stopping for Sol. When you
get to the top, you will come to an outside area. The TriBlasters will
eat away at Sol's HP, so when you see an opening in their attack, run
up the stairs near them and press A next to a wrecked pillar, and it will
come down on a TriBlaster, do the same for the other. Then go down the
stairs and head for the elevator. Then you will enter a cutscene in which
the events are different depending on certain events. If you got the Stone 
of Sealing before this point, you get the hidden ("good") ending, whereas if 
you didn't get it, you get the intended ("bad") ending. Either way, you get
sent down an elevator and regain your runestone.
LazerBug x2
This is an easy battle. Overwhelm the pair with summons, or use electric
based attacks (Pixie, Flayer Spawn, etc.), or both. Either way, they're
very simple.


Krasheen Mountains

Pretty short level. The first thing you must do is get those annoying flying
monsters off your back. Get a bunch of them on your tail, then use wide-range
weapons or summons, or use independents that affect a large area (Mandragora
King, Blue Mold). After that's over with, walk up to the dead end. Then you
will enter a cutscene and recieve a Birdman card. This is probably your 
first flight transformation card. Go to the deck point and add it to your
deck. Then discard cards and get it in your hand. Use it to fly over to the
platform to the right of the dead end. Use weapons or The Shaft (if you
don't feel like transforming back) to break the blue orb. There is also 
another Birdman in a chest. Add it to your deck (trust me, you'll need it).
The other orbs are on either side of the beginning of the level. After that,
approach the dead end.
Black Dragon x1
Gargoyle x2

Pretty simple. The nearby deck point ensures your victory. The Gargoyles
are no huge threat, but it might be a good idea to take them out first. 
Independents are a great idea, and so are summons. As for weapons, make
sure that they have good range, so they can reach the Black Dragon. If you
like dogfighting, use a Birdman, and keep going at it with Lance Thrust, but
make sure you are over land, because if you are hit and are in the middle
of the gorge, you will end up falling when you turn back into yourself.
If you are low on health, go to the deck point. As far as favorable cards,
I would have to say that anthing in the Skeleton family does well (especially
Ice Skeletons), and any Dragons are a good idea, too. Ryumartin submits that
setting up a Mechapault and leading the dragon to it is effective.


Stage XIV
Gronfoel Cathedral

Remember this level? The layout is pretty much the same. Go straight ahead
and talk to the soldier. He will give you the Jewel of Alanjeh, which opens
the door to the room in the Plains of Rowahl. Then, go to each of the
statues and press A when the ! shows up. Then go to the left of the pillar
near the priest on the left wall and press A. Don't worry if the ! doesn't 
show up, because it isn't supposed to. This will reveal a chamber with
two red fairies, a Vampire card, a Plague Rat card, and some magic stones.
After that, go up to the main alter. Go through the left door first. This 
leads to a card shop. Then, go through the right one. This leads to the 
library, where Rashiannu has been waiting for you. After the cutscene, talk 
to her again, and she will tell you how to get past the force field the
Kendarie installed on the Royal Tower's main entrance. She tells you that
you need the God of Destruction card from the room in the Plains of 
Rowahl. Also, brush up on your history by reading some of the books, but 
most importantly, go to the back of the library and read a book on the shelf,
which tells you about the Temple of Sharacia, which is unlocked now, since 
you read that book.


Side Quest: Temple of Sharacia
Brief History: This temple was once very peaceful and beautiful. This temple
belonged to Ashura, a rather quirky being. Anyway, the peace was short-lived,
as the Valkyrie soon arrived and began to take over. From this point, the 
temple was peaceful no more and became a battlefield, wreathed in flame.
Now the place is crawling with fire creatures, and neither being has made
any progress.
The first thing you should be aware of is that there are too many powerful
creatures for you to handle in this level, so do not engage any enemy, 
besides, you are going to need to save most of your cards. Just rush 
straight ahead to the back of the temple. You can do two things here.
You can go left corner to talk to Ashura, the temple's resident, or, you can 
go to the right corner to talk to the attacker, the Valkyrie. Both will
tell you that you will be rewarded if you get rid of the other. So this 
decision basically depends on which card you want most, and either one can be 
gotten through another method, so don't worry. I prefer talking to Ashura,
because this was his home to begin with, which it wouldn't be very humane to
talk to the Valkyrie, seeing as she was the one who invaded the temple in the
first place. Anyway, no matter which you choose, say yes when they ask you 
to take out the other. Then, go to the opposite corner and face the boss.
Valkyrie x1
The Valkyrie is a pretty tough opponent, but can be overcome. When she 
swings her lance, that usually means that she is sending out a barrage of
fireballs. Dodge them (harder than it looks). Attack her using summons
(recommended: Sasquatch, Brine Dragon) or Z-effected water weapons 
(recommended: Dragon Knight). If you use independents, make sure that they
are strong and are of the water attribute (recommended: Undine, Ice 

or if you chose to talk to the Valkyrie....
Ashura x1

The same strategy for attack follows. He has 2 attacks. One is a large 
fireball that is slightly larger than the Efreet's, but does not home in
on you like the Efreet's does. It also spins around and slaps you if you get
too close, and it also becomes temporarely invincible when it waves its hands
around, so don't bother trying to hit it then. A lot of people sent in 
strategies for Ashura, so I won't list them, but I would still like to thank
those who did send in strategies.

If you want both cards, you can use the God of Destruction card on one, and 
finish it with a capture card, then go to the other and get your reward.
(Thanks for reminding me, mixon23).


Stage X
Plains of Rowahl (revisited)

Do you remember the room with the door with the rock in the center? Go to
that room. Now that you have the Jewel of Alanjeh, you can bypass the door
and enter the room. Ignore the Sand Golems and keep going along the hallway.
Get what red fairies are here, and open the chests on either side of the
altar. Then press A in front of the altar and you will recieve the God
of Destruction card.


Stage XII
Royal Tower (Lower) (revisited)

Go up to the main door and use the God of Destruction, use his Final 
Judgement attack (A). Then the force field will break and the door will
collapse. Then take the right door, and the right door in the next hallway.
Then take the elevator, and you will be in the same outside area that you
were earlier. If you got the intended ending, you enter a cutscene when you
approach Sol and end the level. If you got the hidden ending, then you must 
approach the door near Sol to end the level. 


Stage XV
Royal Tower (Middle)

This is a rather short level. Enter the central area for a cutscene, then
just keep going through whatever doors you feel like. Most of the rooms
contain a lever and a strong monster. The monsters I do not need to provide 
strategy for, they are too easy. Anyway, there are probably about a dozen
of these rooms (you don't expect me to count all of them, do you?), and you
have your choice of which ones you enter. Allow me to elaborate (I stole 
Resetti's line). You must deactivte a certain amount of levers in order for
Leod VIII's force field to completely switch off, and the rooms are not
specifically chosen, so you can select the rooms you want to deactivate, as
long as you meet the required number of rooms (example: if you cannot defeat 
the Beelzabub, you can always go to another room). In order to get the 
chests in the upper left and right corners of the central area, however, 
you must go to all of the rooms and switch all of the levers. Oh, and for 
those who like to ignore battles, the levers are jammed until you defeat the
room's inhabitant. Once the main force field is down, you enter a cutscene,
and fight the boss.
King Leod VIII x1

This little shrimp is toast. Just keep your distance, as he tends to use 
Sacred Umpires and Astrobots often. Do not use independents against him, 
they will die quickly, but if you stick to long range weapons or long 
range summons, you will finish the battle without a scratch. Or you could
always get very close to him and use summon after summon after summon.
If his independent types are bugging you, use Flayer Spawns, Pixies, Nuehs
(Falling Lightning), etc. 

After he is dead, march onward to the final level.


Stage XVI
Royal Tower (Upper)

BOSS. Simple as that. You see, when you battle, you lose health and cards. 
Anyway, just climb the steps, only go outside of the stairs area when you
have to, which the only example would be when a portion of the stairs is 
knocked out and you must go around, but otherwise, just run up the 
stairs. When you reach the top, go foward to enter a cutscene.
FINAL BOSS********************************************************************
God of Harmony x1
Pretty ironic, isn't it? Here are a few tips, then I will provide some 

Do not get near him, or he forms a giant sphere on top of you and does major

If you are low on magic stones, use weapons on his tentacles.

Go behind him, you have more time to react to his attacks, trust me.

Remember, blue fairies regenerate in this game, so if you are low on health,
look for them.

Bring healing cards.

And now for some actual strategies:

I just want to include a quick note. Since I do not want this to end up as a 
disaster like the FAQs section, I will simply generalize the strategies, and
then list the people who sent in this general idea, that way I do not list
the same strategy over and over again.

Here are two strategies I came up with:

The "one card deck approach (cheap version)"
Make a deck consisting of:
Mechapault x1
That's it. Now, when the battle starts, rush behind the God and set up your
Mechapault a little bit to your right. Timing and positioning is everything.
If your timing and/or positioning is wrong, your Mechapault will be hit
by a ball of light and die instantly, in which case it may be a good idea
to bring a Sea Monk, and/or other Mechapaults. If your timing is correct,
however, then your Mechapault will hit the God right as it is about to 
attack, dealing damage AND preventing the God from attacking. Now that's
what I call results.

The "one card deck approach (quick version)"
Make a deck consisting of:
DobbleGanger x1
Self explanitory. 


Make sure that you have the following cards in your deck:
Vampire x1 
Use the Vampire's Death Spell attack (A), and it may have a chance of killing
the God in one hit, but I advise bringing more than one, in case if the 
attempt fails.
Submitted by: chico15243, for_cgs, Mrchatterbox1M


Make sure that you have the following cards in your deck:
Pheonix x1
Dragon Knight x29
Go up to the God and continually use Dragon Knights, and when you run out
of magic stones, use the Pheonix, then go back to using Dragon Knights.
Submitted by: drainer4ever


Make sure that you have the following cards in your deck:
Decoy Pillar x1
Set down the Decoy Pillar in a place where it will be safe from
tentacle attacks, and believe it or not, the God won't even attack it,
it will just stare at it. Then just feel free to rush in and use whatever
you like to defeat the God.
Submitted by: Wiff23, timberspectre, Tigertae


Make sure that you have the following cards in your deck:
Decoy Pillar x1
Sprite x1
If you are having trouble with your health with the above strategy, then
as soon as you run out of magic stones, use the Sprite, and you will
restore health whenever you send out a card.
Submitted by: VirtualMistCJ


Make sure that you have the following cards in your deck:
(three headed dog, I'm too lazy to look up the name) x1
Stone Golem x1
When the battle starts, get in front of the God and go a little bit over,
then summon the three headed dog, use Triple Fireball until the transformation
expires, then use the Stone Golem and use Rock Crusher repeatedly, by this 
time, the God should be down to half health. Keep using weapons and occasional
summons until you defeat the God.
Submitted by: Lemre


Make sure that you have the following cards in your deck:
Gimolizer x?
TriBlaster x?
Mechalance 5L x1
Agressor GL2 X1
Agressor DX5 X2
Have the rest of the deck be Mech cards, not including the Astrobot.
Send out the Mechalance and the Agressors behind the God, and then 
continually attack using Jet Rag and Robo Swat.


Make sure that you have the following cards in your deck:
Thanatos x2
Decoy Pillar x3
Go straight up to the God and toss out the Decoy Pillars, then use a Thanatos,
and then the other one. Easy.
Submitted by: _Draco_

Dpending on which ending you got, the final cutscene will be different. 
The only difference is that one character will change, and the script is
a little different, but is basically the same thing.

Congratulations, you beat the game!

Side Quest: Proving Grounds
There are twenty levels in the Proving Grounds. All floors have the same 
general pattern. They each have 3-4 rooms, normally one gate, and one warp 
to the next floor. Unless if the doors are locked, just run past the 
monsters. No point in dying early because you chose to pick a fight. There
are four levels of each attribute except for Mech. The final floor contains
all four guardians from the last game, and then the Emporer. As for the
four guardians, I have a way around a huge, long battle that causes you 
to lose tons of health and cards. Use the God of Destruction's Final 
Judgement attack to whittle them all down to 1 HP, then use Capture Cards 
if you want them, or just use weapons. That will really boost your rating.
For the Emporer, I cannot provide strategy, because I have never faced him.
Anyway, use the "Having a Balanced Deck" section's strategy, and you should
do fine. 


V. Other Hints and Strategies

I got quite a bit of mail with strategies and ideas with nowhere to put 
them, so I started this section. This section contains many strategies or
ideas that may prove useful. I do not really have any idea how to format
this other than to organize them by topic, so if you have an idea, but there
is not a topic for it here, still send it in, just because there are topics
does not mean that you have to follow them. 

Here is a piece of an e-mail I recieved from Fpe1843:
"buy from the guy at the shop 30 baby dragons or 30 skeletons(it depends 
wheter you want a ultimate skeleton deck or an ultimate dragon deck. i have 
both, but im still training). then, go to the fossil boneyard and stay in 
the same place where you start and just forget about the caterpoker. now let 
out your 4 skeletons or baby dragons, and they'll fight the 1 baby dragon 
coming out from the cave. after the defeat it, another one we'll come out...
and after you defeat it another one. now, this cycle is pretty much eternal. 
now, when you've used every card in your deck, abort and go to the shop. now 
if you used baby dragons, they should have about 40,000 exp., so you can 
make 4 upgrades. try doin 1 of each. then, buy more baby dragons until you 
have 30 again (you should of gotten lots of magic stones ,when fighting, for 
gold). now repeat. now if you used skeletons, they might have around 30,000. 
it takes only like 3000 or 4000 to upgrade to undead warrior (why do they 
call it that, it should be a ___ skeleton) so, then you should have about 
8-10 undead warriors. now, instead of buying more skeletons, put the undead 
warriors in you deck. they should get about 20,000 each time when you go to 
the fossil boneyard again, so then they can upgrade to demon skeletons. put 
those in your deck. so now, your deck should consist of 21 skeletons, 8 
undead warriors, and 1 demon skeleton. now keep on fighting, because the 
demon skeleton upgrades to (im guessing the steel skeleton, which is 
extremely powerful)."

This strategy applies to and is very effective for weak independent types
that can become very powerful through many transformations. 

Here is a strategy of my own: 
Make a deck consisting of:
Banshee x3
Lucky Lion x1
Summons to get exp. x1 a piece
Independents to get exp. x2 a piece
Weapons to get exp. x1 a piece

If you do not have some of the cards, just leave them out, or replace with
Lucky Lions and/or Banshees. Anyway, go to the Ruldo Forest level. The 
amount of cards in your deck should allow you to barely kill every monster
in the level (more or less). For the independents, send out the Lucky Lion
and two independents to attack. Make sure the Lucky Lion is safe. Once the 
two independents are dead, you can use some other independents that you may
have if the Lucky Lion is alive, if you only brought the two you used, 
don't worry. If the Lucky Lion is not alive, then keep the independents.
Then, make sure that you have one Banshee, one weapon, and one summons in 
your hand. Use the Banshee to weaken a foe, then use a killing move with
the weapon. Repeat until the weapon is used up. Repeat for other weapons
if you brought them. Then, you should only have Banshees and a summons. Use 
the Banshees while keeping the summons in your hand, then, when all your 
Banshees are gone, you should only have your summons left. Use the summons
and try to hit as many enemies as possible. Repeat this strategy until 
desired experience is attained for the cards. 

A modification of the above strategy sent by lordandromeda:

"make a deck of 4 banshees, and as many of ONE SPECIFIC 
card as you can up to the max 26, so itd be somehting like 4 banshees and...eh 
lets say 26 baby dragons. now go to gurd's training grounds or whetever its 
called, and go to the very left level with the 4 banshees out and z-charged. 
kill the litch and check your deck, those 26 baby dragons jumped from 0 exp 
(or however much they had) to having an extra 31600! the litch gives 1200 exp 
per kill, 4 banshee shots kills it (you kill it faster using one charge per 
banshee and having all 4 out) and it transfers that exp to EVERY SINGLE CARD 
in your deck, not just every TYPE."

Good idea. Mine focuses on several cards at a time, but this strategy works
a lot quicker, and is very good for cards such as Baby Dragons, who can 
transform to FOUR other cards. Excellent work.

From Hopman07:
"This is a combo i made myself. It uses two Rheebuses. To do this you need to be 
quick so you might want to have both of the Rheebus in your hand. when you 
find a desired spot throw a Rheebus down on the ground and summon it. As 
soon as you do this play the second Rheebus down next to the first. The 
Rheebuses will heal each other so they won't die and will also heal any 
friendly creature that comes near them. If you stand next to one of the 
Rheebuses you are basically indistructible. any damage you recieve will 
almost be immediatly healed. the only way the Rheebuses can be obliterated 
is if a increadible powerful card completely destroys them with one attack 
before the Rheebuses can regenerate."

Great idea! This should serve very useful in the Proving Grounds.

Here are two ideas that branch off from that.

From mistralnjuvasarim:
"On the Fossil level, the one with unlimited Baby Dragons, if you take 2 
Catoblepas, 2 Rheebus, and 26 cards that you want to gain experience, then 
you create a very effective way of leveling up your creatures, evolving them 
and, by copying the catoblepas and Rheebus (because they cannot evolve!) you 
can create an unlimited source of money. Simply go to the first cavern you 
see that spawns Baby Dragons and avoid them until the area is clear for a 
while. Do the trick where you summon two Rheebus next to each other, so that 
they never die, and the 2 Catoblepas on either side of the Rheebus. Now, 
whenever a Baby Dragon is spawned, it will go for either of the Catoblepas, 
and since there are two of them, the fact that the Catoblepas does not work 
if the enemy is too close, the other one will kill the Baby Dragon. This 
gains 58 experience and the Rheebus will heal all damage so that they never 
disappear. Then, as I have done, simply leave it to run."

and from pyromaster2020:
"First send out the 2 Rheebuses. Then do the Rotary Death combo {Decoy 
pillar and carbuncle In between the Rheebuses.All 4 of the cards will 
always be healing and will never run out of time, and the pillar will draw 
all close monsters to it and the carbuncle will kill then! it doesn't work 
so well vs long range attacks though, and you wont be able to use any
other cards till you stop the stuff. Be careful though a strong Attack can 
kill the Rheebuses and screw the whole thing up."

Whip Worm strategies from ryumartin:
" The first, like i said, deals with strategies to counter it. As soon as a 
player (like Katia or your friend) plays the WW, lay out the Berserker 
Master. They will be completely helpless because the whip worm will 
continually pummel them. (The berserker master makes all creatures hurt 
friend and foe alike for as long as it is on the battlefield).
the next requires three cards. Octobush, Whip Worm, Cyclops, although you 
can choose to omit either the Octobush or Cyclops. Both of these work 
because of the frequency of the whip worms attacks. they hit very often. The 
Cyclops will make the WW do lots of different status abnormalities, pilling 
them one on top of the other. The Octobush allows creatures that hit an 
enemy to take some health. This means you could have a potentially 
invulnerable, poison/sleep/stone/death/paralysis inducing whipworm! 

Fpe1843's strategy for the Fossil Boneyard also fits here.

From runn4515:
"-White Tiger-get some Chimeras and upgrade them to Nuehs(21000). then, at 
25000 exp with the Nueh, you have a White Tiger
-at 25 or 27000 exp, a Phoinix can be a Golden Phoinix.
-at 35000, the dragons become something great.Here's the guidelines
-Red goes to Fafnir, which is a REALLY powerful card.
-Green goes to Ryuhi, which can kill mech instantly, good for the Mech 
-Brine goes to Blue Dragon, and you should know what that is
-Amber goes to Uroboros, but it sucks...dont bother."

If you don't remember this from the walkthrough, my univeral runestone dual
strategy is to use independents on your foe's monsters, and summons on your
foe itself.

From Fpe1843:
"first send either 1 or 2 decoy pillers, but make sure there mostly near each
other. now, send out 2 or 3 strong independants (ice,steel,or demon 
skeletons work best). they'll usually do some damage to the runestone user 
and there monsters. now you can use strong summons that do some damage. but 
make sure they can do attack that go everywhere (sasquatch,red dragon, brine 
dragon, green dragon). that should do some damage, and get u more magic 
stones. if a decoy piller dies, summon somthing that restores cards. and 
your ice/steel skeleton is probobly still alive. now discard to you get 
decoy piller, can keep on doing what i said. transforms also work well, 
espeiccly ones that cant be hit (like that shadow one with the ice attack). 
this might not work on katia cause she has a whip worm, but this killed
thalonas,leod,helena,uber cult guys, and others in almost no time."

From gotenksgeto:
"This strat works for me 95% of the time.
30x Basilisk (any other evolution of Lizardman will work also, but I prefer 
Basically, just run up to an enemy and attack. There is also an earn money 
trick with these: When you exp for him gets really high (max is 99999), and 
you will be able to sell them and copy them as well(not sure how much they 
sell for, but it costs 2500 exp to copy one).

As he/she said, this also works for getting a lot of money, which you
can blow on Capture Cards.

Copy cheat from Chico15243:
" first: you need: 2 controllers, and maybe two memory cards (i'm not sure, 
come to think of it may work with one memory card, i'll get back to you on 
this when i get up tomorrow). first, Copy your save into both memory cards, 
then start a new game (Or use a friends save it doesn't matter it doesn't 
hurt any saved data) second: go into VS mode and, just so it doesn't get 
confusing, load your save on the first controller, then load the new game 
(or friends save) onto the second controller, then, have the first player 
bet the cards you want to be copied, and then bet something on the second 
controller, this wont work if both players dont bet atleast one card, use 
the second character to kill the first player, after that you should have 
the cards in your collection, then, go load the memory from the other memory 
card to the first player, bet a card, any card will do, go to the second 
player and bet the three cards you want copied and then have the first 
player beat the second and after that, you should have a copy of what you 

I have also recieved e-mails telling of an unwanted combatant in the Sacred 
Battle Arena and Krasheen Mountains levels, unfortunatly, I do not know
what it is, how you can defeat it, or if you can capture it, but I'll keep 
you informed if I find anything out.


NOTE: As for the card list, you can refer to the card list FAQs, after all, 
I do not have the patience to do a complete card list (sorry), and the 
main point of this FAQ is to provide help, and I believe that a card list
is not a necessity, but a luxury.

NOTE: If you are wondering where the FAQs section is, I got rid of it. Allow
me to explain why. First, with all of the questions people send me, if I put
every one down, this will be an insanely large and pointless section. Also, I
never care to update it, so every answer that I could not answer at the time,
I can probably answer now, but I never bothered to rewrite the answers, and
I have tons of people sending me mail with answers for the questions in which
I already know the answer, but didn't know and did not type at the time of 
my response.

VII. Closing

Legal Stuff

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Pre-release info:

I would like to greatly thank Nintendo Power magazine for all of the
great information that I got. The bulk of versions 0.1, 0.12, and 0.15
were made up of this information.

GameFAQs.com played an important role in the making of this FAQ by
providing the release date, which helped me be able to get the game as 
soon as it came out, and get to work on this right away.

I also got some partial character and plot information from the interview
on rpgamer.com, and GCNszmm for providing the link on the message boards. 


I would like to thank everybody on the message boards because of their 
advice that helped me get through the game, which means that I can spend 
more time writing this, and not trying to get past a point in the game. To
name a few people in particular....
were great helps. I would also like to thank acole for giving me some 
helpful walkthrough information. And also GCNszmm for posting his 
walkthrough ASAP, which took away most of my ridiculous amounts of mail. 
Also, Fpe1843 gave me most of the strategies that were posted in this FAQ. 
Thanks also to everbody who sent me FAQs and strategies (can't list them all 

Thank you GameFAQs.com for making this one of five FAQs of the month for July.

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