Wolf Feather/Jamie Stafford

Initial Version Completed: January 5, 2003
FINAL VERSION Completed:   January 12, 2003


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ASCII Map: Mission #12


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Runabout 2 is a Japanese mission-based driving game which was
brought over to North America... and this is quite evident in
the game's sounds/dialogues and the gameplay.  The English
voice-acting is corny at best and always limited to brief
sound bytes, and some of the pedestrians yell various things
in Japanese instead of English.  Also, the Japanese drive on
the LEFT-HAND side of the road, which can be a major
adjustment for those in the States or in other countries
where the custom is to drive on the right-hand side of the

Once these items have been set aside, Runabout 2 is a rather
interesting and actually addictive game.  The premise is that
the player is essentially a mercenary-type delivery person,
picking up and delivering various packages while occasionally
also being sent to eliminate things.  There are a total of
thirty-one vehicles in the game from which the player can
choose (some missions will use two or more vehicles), of
which five vehicles are initially available.  The game itself
is relatively easy, but the missions do require a bit of
planning and strategy - few missions (if any) can be
completed on the first attempt.

This guide presents a walkthrough for the completion of the
game's thirteen missions.  Unfortunately, the number of
missions is relatively small, as they can easily be
accomplished in well less than a day (with appropriate
planning and strategy); in fact, it generally took me longer
to write a walkthrough for each mission than it took me to
successfully complete it.  There is a bonus mission as well,
which becomes available once the main thirteen missions have
been completed.

After the first three missions, the player is given the
option of working on Mission #4 OR Mission #5.  This is a
divergence point in the game; depending on the mission
selected at this point in the game, some of the following
missions are automatically skipped, but can be attempted once
ALL the missions in that 'thread' have been successfully


The main menu of the game holds five items, explained below:

   This is the main area of the game, containing all the

Time Trial
   Once the player has completed a mission, it can be
   selected in Time Trial, and the player can try to complete
   it in a faster time.

   The initially-available vehicles and the unlocked vehicles
   can all be selected here and modified and tested.  If Test
   Run is selected, the player can select (on the next
   screen) between the Short Course and the Long Course.  The
   Short Course is entirely pavement-based, whereas the Long
   Course also includes a lengthy off-road section.  Several
   of the missions in Runabout Mode take place in off-road
   territories, so the player should DEFINITELY test the
   various vehicles on the Long Course.

PC Room
      This lists all the e-mail the player has received.
      Some e-mail messages include tips for upcoming
      missions in Runabout Mode.
   Ranking List
      This section contains time, money, and vehicle records
      for Runabout Mode progress.
      There are nearly 100 'goodies' in the game.  These
      range from unlockable vehicles to various cutscenes.
      Selecting the number of some 'goodies' will indicate
      how they can be attained.
      The player's name can be customized for use in
      Runabout Mode and in the e-mails.
      Game options are determined here.

Access Data
   Game progress can be saved and loaded here.  Note that
   ONLY Memory Card Slot 1 is used for Runabout 2.


The objective here is to deliver the Dragon's Fang from the
airport to the Yacht Harbor exhibition center.  The mission
begins just outside the airport terminal.  There are two
shortcuts on this mission which will definitely help to save

Shortly after leaving the airport terminal area, the roadway
will turn to the left, but there will be a road heading
straight ahead into a large reddish double-door.  Smashing
through these doors (the first shortcut) reveals an airplane
hangar with two planes and plenty of workers inside.  It is
imperative to avoid the equipment, barrels, and airplane
wheels while veering to the left (to just behind the planes)
to a 'corridor' leading to another pair of large reddish
double-doors; breaking through these doors will lead back to
the roadway headed back toward the main part of the city.

Shortly afterward, the roadway turns to the right; follow the
roadway.  Almost immediately after completing this right-hand
right-angle turn is an opening on the right to the beach (the
second shortcut).  Being a nice summer day, the beach is
filled with people, as well as concession stands and
lifeguard lookouts; the player must keep on the accelerator
no matter what might be hit.

Eventually, the roadway will appear ahead; even though it
appears that the beach continues on to the right (toward the
objective), staying on the beach instead results in a dead-
end, so the player must instead get back on the roadway and
continue on to the right.  From here, the player can simply
follow the roadway.

Ahead on the right, a tall building will appear; this is the
Yacht Harbor exhibition center.  The entrance to Yacht Harbor
itself is ahead, where the roadway is barricaded; turning
right (180 degrees) will allow the player access to the Yacht
Harbor parking lot.  The yachts will now be on the left as
the player approaches the building; at the end of the mooring
area, the player must turn to the left to get to the back
side of the building, then smash through the fencing on the
right to complete this mission.


Before beginning this mission, it is a good idea to test
several of the available vehicles on the long Test Track.
This is because the beginning of Mission #2 is entirely dirt,
and the long Test Track includes a lengthy dirt section.
Those will rally-racing experience should be able to put
their skills to work with this mission (and the long Test

The mission begins at the back gate of a residence in the
mountains; the entire first half of the mission involves
getting from this residence to the market plaza via a
twisting dirt road snaking along the floor between mountains.
There are a few vehicles (moving and stationary) along this
dirt road, as well as a few REALLY tight corners, so the
player needs to be constantly aware of what is coming up

Once in the market plaza, the player will notice a red dot on
the map in the lower-left corner of the screen; this dot is
the target car which must be destroyed (rammed).  However,
the market plaza itself must first be traversed, and this is
definitely NOT an easy task.  The player needs to edge to the
left a little and head through a break in the wall on the
opposite end of the market plaza.  However, the market plaza
itself is definitely full of obstacles, including the support
poles of a pavilion and a swimming pool.

Once through the break in the wall, the player should see a
gas station ahead; if the enemy car (marked with an arrow
over it) is not already here, it will be momentarily.  This
is the place to 'ambush' the enemy vehicle, slamming into it
to destroy it and collect the Sacred Cup.  Note that the
support pillars for the gas station overhang are not
breakable, and hitting the gas pumps themselves will create
explosions which send the player's car airborne (and thus out
of the player's control).

Now the player must hurry back to the airport.  Turning right
(in relation to where the player came through the break in
the wall) will lead back toward the airport.  Eventually, the
beach will appear on the left; look for the LEFT turn in the
roadway to head back toward the airport.

The player should now be familiar with the hangar shortcut
from Mission #1 (see above); using this shortcut will save
some valuable time.  Once back at the airport terminal, the
player must crash through its massive windows (avoiding the
support pillars) to complete the mission.


This mission takes place at night, and involves TWO vehicles
(the first vehicle is one the player chooses; the second
vehicle is a motorcycle with a special gate opener for the
parking garage).  Beginning at the gas station beside the
hotel, the player needs to head straight ahead (i.e., to the
left of the hotel itself) and through the following
intersection.  This is the New Bypass, which will lead the
player to the Neon District.

At the Neon District (the first intersection), the player
must turn to the right and follow the Neon District's main
road toward the Shopping Mall.  The entrance to the Shopping
Mall is extremely narrow and is flanked by statues which will
not break, thus causing the player's chosen vehicle to bounce
backward if hit.

Once inside the Shopping Mall, the player must look for the
fountain; edging to the right side to the rear of the
fountain will reveal an arrow, and the player must drive to
that arrow.  At this point, time will pause momentarily while
the player is automatically switched to the new vehicle (a

Now the player needs to backtrack through the Shopping Mall
and the Neon District; at the New Bypass intersection, the
player must keep dealing straight ahead toward the Showgirl
Club (a long building on the left-hand side of the road).
Look ahead for the international Parking Area sign (a large
white 'P' in a blue square) and turn to the left at that
sign; this will lead into the Showgirl Club's underground
parking garage.

The parking garage has arrows on the floor pointing the
player in the right direction; the object here is for the
player to descend all the way to level B4 (the fourth floor
underground) to the emergency elevator.  These arrows can at
times be a bit hard to spot at speed.  Also, trying to make a
sharp turn on the motorcycle at high speed will instead cause
the vehicle to do a doughnut, which will obviously cost the
player a bit of time.


Here, the player can select between Mission #4 and Mission
#5.  The choice the player makes here will determine the
missions given to the player in the future.  Depending on the
mission selected at this point in the game, some of the
following missions are automatically skipped, but can be
attempted once ALL the missions in that 'thread' have been
successfully completed.

Regardless of whether the player chooses Mission #4 or
Mission #5, once the player has completed all missions in
that 'track,' the player will then be able to select from ANY
of the unlocked missions to play again.  This means that is
the player initially selected Mission #4 and then
successfully completes Mission #12, she or he can then
(thankfully) go back and select Mission #5 without repeating
the first three missions of the game.


Mission #4 is another nighttime mission.  This time, the
player must capture the Crystal Skull (by ramming and
destroying an enemy car) and deliver it to a tent near the
Neon District.  As the player approaches the Town Hotel, the
enemy's car will be represented by a red dot on the map (in
the lower-left corner of the screen); once in sight, the
player needs to ram the enemy vehicle (indicated by an arrow
overhead) to collect the Crystal Skull.

Once this has been accomplished, the player again takes New
Bypass back toward Neon District.  At the Neon District
intersection, the player can save time by turning left and
following the road around toward the goal (represented by a
flashing yellow dot on the map).

There will be a group of large yellow tents ahead on the
right; however, direct access to these tents is largely
blocked by an immovable metal fence.  The player must look
for the break in this fence to pass through to the tents
themselves and thus complete the mission.


Taking place at night, the first part of Mission #5 begins at
the rear of the Town Hotel and takes a NARROW alleyway around
the hotel complex.  One bump of the walls at high speed will
bring the chosen vehicle to a complete standstill, costing
valuable time.

Once at the front of the hotel complex, shortcutting through
the parking lot (on the right) will save a second or two.
Following the roadway around will bring the player to an
intersection; continuing on straight ahead is the fastest
route, but there is also an enemy vehicle waiting to steal
the cargo.

At the next intersection, the player must turn to the left;
at the following intersection, the player must continue
straight ahead.  Eventually, it will appear that the roadway
is barricaded; breaking through this barricade will end the


This is an information-gathering mission.  Beginning at a
train station, the player must turn left at the first
intersection and follow that road around to the next
intersection, again making a left-hand turn.  This 'alleyway'
will turn shortly to the right, but will provide a straight
full-speed shot to Apollo Shrine (with its tall pillars and
dogleg to the right).

Once past Apollo Shrine, the player will be in the area where
the curio shops are located; there are four shops, and the
player must enter each in order to gather information.  The
approximate location of the curio shops is noted by the red
dots on the map, as enemy vehicles will be near each one.
The required information can itself be gathered by breaking
through the large glass windows to gain entry to each curio
shop.  ONLY when the player has obtained the required
information from ALL FOUR curio shops should she or he
proceed to the next step of the mission.

The player now needs to get to the meeting point near Santan-
J Bridge as quickly as possible.  Continuing to move AWAY
from Apollo Shrine, the player will come to a large circular
plaza with a fountain at its center.  Edging around the
fountain to the left will reveal a large gateway; IF the
required information has been obtained from all four curio
shops, then this gate will be open (otherwise, the gate will
remain locked and cannot be broken through at any speed).

Shortly beyond the large gateway, the roadway turns to the
right.  However, the player can make use of the shortcut
through the Roman National Museum, breaking through the large
double-doors and IMMEDIATELY veering to the right in order to
avoid the painting directly ahead.  Breaking through the next
set of large double-doors will bring the player back to the
roadway; continuing ahead and following the roadway will lead
to the meeting point to complete the mission.


Also taking place at nighttime, this mission is tricky.  The
concept here is to go to each of the designated telephone
booths in the order indicated, and then head to the goal area
(near the starting point) as quickly as possible.  After
successfully reaching each telephone booth, the countdown
timer is refreshed to a given time limit; the refreshed time
limit will vary depending upon the distance to the next
telephone booth.

There is plenty of traffic on the streets on this night,
including a few vehicle collisions independent of any the
player may cause in attempting to successfully complete this
mission.  This city is definitely based upon Tokyo, as
traffic drives on the left-hand side of the street, and most
of the sidewalks also have guardrails.  This latter point is
very important, because the location of many telephone booths
within breaks of guardrails means that the player will
usually not be able to simply edge onto the sidewalk, smash a
telephone booth, and edge back out onto the street without
any significant reduction in speed; instead, the player
should slow greatly to hit each telephone booth, and then
back away and quickly get going in the indicated direction.

Only one telephone booth will appear initially on the map in
the lower-left corner of the screen; this is indicated by a
single red dot.  Once each telephone booth has been hit,
either the next red dot will appear, or a red arrow pointing
the way toward the next telephone booth will appear; in this
latter case, the red arrow will disappear once the player is
close enough to the next telephone booth for its red dot to
appear on the screen.

Once the final telephone booth has been hit, there will be a
message on the screen indicating that all telephone booths
have been tested.  Here, the player must turn around 180
degrees and head back to the main (wider) street and turn to
the right.  The player must continue on ahead until the
flashing yellow dot appears to indicate the goal area.


This is a rather lengthy mission with multiple steps.  First,
the player must successfully navigate the highway portion,
which twists and turns and sometimes runs through tunnels.
Once chased by the police car, the player must exit the
highway and try to outrun the police, which is difficult to
do.  Once in the city itself, there are eight shrines which
must be destroyed.  At the opposite end of the city is the
Main Promenade leading up to Suigaku Temple, where the tall
statues must be destroyed.

With all the destruction involved in this mission, the player
can take some solace in the fact that TWO vehicles can be
selected for this mission.  The player will begin the mission
with the first vehicle chosen; the second vehicle selected
will be awaiting the player at the gas station (near the rear
entrance to Suigaku Temple) on standby in case it is needed
(due to excessive damage to the primary vehicle).

The eight shrines are shown on the map as red dots.  However,
they are placed in awkward places, such as at the outside
corner of a right-hand turn and just around the apex of
another corner.  The player will almost certainly require
multiple attempts to complete this mission simply to
strategize a path to destroy the eight shrines as quickly and
as efficiently as possible given their difficult-to-access

Once at Suigaku Temple, there is a ramp leading up into the
temple itself.  Both giant statues must be destroyed to bring
the mission to a close.

Note that it is VERY important to remember that Runabout 2 is
originally a Japanese game.  Therefore, during the highway
portion of the mission, the player should try to keep to the
LEFT side of the highway as much as possible.


This mission requires making a delivery to a boat, then
switching vehicles and making a run to another boat (at a
different location) which will transport the player
elsewhere.  This mission takes place in a desert/tropical
setting.  Also, this is a two-vehicle mission; the player
begins the mission in the first vehicle, then must retrieve
the second vehicle later in the mission.

The player begins in the desert, nestled within a town or
village.  The mission begins with a turn to the left followed
by a turn to the right.  At this point, the roadway passes
through a large building, but there is VERY little room at
the entrance, so it is perhaps best to wait a moment for the
truck to come out toward the player to ensure that there is
enough room to pass; this will cost less time than ramming
either the truck or the wall in trying to squeeze through.

Once through the building, the roadway passes through a
tropical area.  Also, an enemy vehicle will tail the player;
if the player is rammed by the enemy vehicle, the film (which
must be delivered to the first boat) will be lost, and the
player required to restart the mission.

Eventually, the road will fork.  The first boat is located
along the right-hand fork.  Eventually, this fork will lead
toward a body of water, which will be seen first on the map
in the lower-left corner of the screen.  The player needs to
simply slow and approach this small boat to deliver the film.

At this point, the player should notice a black dot along the
other fork of the map.  Continuing ahead, the player should
follow the roadway to the next intersection, and turn left
toward that dot.  A downward-pointing arrow will indicate the
place to where the player must drive; this will pause the
countdown timer momentarily as the vehicle change takes

Fortunately, the second vehicle is already pointing back
toward the intersection passed moments earlier, so there is
no need to turn around.  At the intersection, the player must
turn to the left.  At the next intersection, the roadway
darkens and enters another desert section; turning right here
will lead toward the transport boat.

Following the roadway, the player will eventually pass
through the outer wall of another desert town.  Just inside
this wall is another intersection; continuing straight ahead
is the quickest way to the transport boat, but there will be
some nasty, tight turns (including a hairpin corner) along
the way.

At last, the transport boat will be on the left.  On
approach, it looks like a tall off-white building, because
the bottom part of the boat is a very dark color.  There is a
banner labeled 'Landing Place' just in front of the boat's
lowered vehicle ramp; this is the goal for the mission.


Now in Egypt, the player begins at the waterfront and must go
to the pyramid to take a snapshot of a specific mural before
heading to the designated meeting point.  There is no timer
involved in this mission, but the player is permitted to take
a snapshot of only ONE mural; each time a mural is
encountered for the FIRST time, the choice is given whether
to take a snapshot of the mural.

The player should begin by heading straight ahead through the
town, following the roadway's twists and turns.  Eventually,
the roadway will lead out of town and into the desert itself.
At the first intersection, the player needs to turn to the
right and follow the sandy roadway between and around the
sand dunes.

After a long drive, the roadway will enter a shrine area.
There will be A LOT of pedestrians throughout the shrine and
pyramid areas.  The shrine also has numerous tight right-
angle corners; since this is an untimed mission, there is no
need to try to corner at top speed and thus incur a lot of
damage to the vehicle.

Driving through the shrine will eventually lead to another
intersection; turning to the right will allow the player to
enter the pyramid.  The player can take plenty of time to
explore the pyramid (again, this is an untimed mission).  The
mural to be photographed is the one with the three trees and
the illuminated sky; it is located near the rear of the
pyramid (compared to the pyramid's entrance; the player's
position is always indicated on the map in the lower-left
corner of the screen).  Again, since there is no time limit
for this mission, the player can then meander back toward the
entrance of the pyramid.

Once back at the entrance of the pyramid, the yellow dot
representing the goal area should be visible on the map.
Continuing straight ahead at the intersection will lead
directly to the meeting place.


This appears to be a 'dummy mission.' as I have completed ALL
other missions, yet Mission #11 is still not selectable.


Still in Egypt, this mission involves (supposedly) the
Sphinx.  Here, there are seven devices which must be
neutralized (by ramming them to destroy them).  However,
there are four 'extra' devices here as well.  The correct
seven must be destroyed AND the player must reach one of the
three Safety Zones (goals) before the countdown timer expires
in order to successfully complete this mission.  Note that
the positions of the seven correct devices to be destroyed
are given on-screen prior to the beginning of this mission;
the player must successfully memorize the locations of these
seven devices.

The player begins within a desert town.  Once outside the
town, the player can choose to continue straight ahead or to
turn to the right.  Continuing straight ahead is the 'easy'
route, whereas the roadway to the right will at one point
have a missing bridge (thus A LOT of speed will be required
to ensure that the player can successfully jump the gap);
both routes will lead to the Sphinx, but the route to the
right (with the missing bridge) is a moderately-faster route
to use.

Once at the Sphinx, there will be eleven red dots on the map.
Four of these dots represent false devices, so the player
will need to either rely upon memory here, or make use of the
ASCII map near the end of this guide.  Driving around inside
the Sphinx will bring the player to each device.  Note that
the eleven devices are all located in rather awkward places -
such as at the very apex of a nasty hairpin corner - and are
all flush up against the walls; therefore, in most cases, a
device will not be able to be destroyed 'in passing.'

Once the selected seven devices have all been destroyed, the
player can make a run to a safety zone (indicated by the
yellow dots on the map).  There is a safety zone along each
of the routes from the town to the Sphinx, and another along
the third roadway leading away from the Sphinx.

Depending on the seven devices the player has chosen to
destroy, one of several cutscenes will load and play.


Using any of the two-wheeled vehicles the player has unlocked
during the game, Mission #13 is actually a two-part mission,
but the second part (Mission #13A) will only become available
should the player successfully complete Mission #13 in 290
seconds or less (meaning that 100 seconds or more remain upon
successfully completing Mission #13).

Mission #13 takes place in a seven-story building in a city.
The building must be destroyed by placing seven bombs in the
building's guest rooms - there is one guest room on each
floor - and escaping to the roof of the building to get to
safety by jumping to the roof of a nearby building.

Fortunately, there are signs with arrows to guide the player
to the staircase to each floor and the ramp to the roof.  The
guest rooms are also marked with large blue-and-white signs.
However, in the case of the guest rooms, the signs on the
higher floors simply indicate the narrow doorway to each
guest room, and these narrow doorways are often extremely
difficult to spot (especially if riding at high speed).

The player must take VERY good care of the chosen vehicle in
order to ensure successful completion of Mission #13 (and
Mission #13A should at least 100 seconds remain upon
finishing Mission #13).  There are A LOT of obstacles in the
building, especially on the upper floors.  Also, cornering at
high speeds will almost certainly result in oversteering the
vehicle, which can either cause a collision with a wall or
other obstacle or simply a spin - in either case, this will
cause the player to lose valuable time.

Also, there is no map available for this mission; the map
area instead shows the floor where the player is currently
located.  The player must simply follow the signs and look
for the Guest Room signs.

   First Floor
      From the beginning, the player will be forced to turn
      to the left.  At the barricaded elevators, turning left
      will show a glass doorway ahead.  Once past the glass
      doorway, the player must IMMEDIATELY turn to the right;
      the guest room for the first floor is at the end of
      this corridor.  The first bomb must be placed at the
      arrow on the far-left of the guest room.  Once this is
      complete, the player can backtrack and follow the
      arrows to the second floor.

   Second Floor
      Once in the second-floor guest room, the player must go
      directly ahead toward the opposite wall and turn to the
      right.  Almost immediately, the player needs to turn to
      the right once more to see the arrow to place the
      second bomb.  Turning around, the player will see a
      sign signaling the way to the third floor.

   Third Floor
      The third-floor guest room is very easy to spot.  Once
      inside, the next bomb must be placed on the far-left
      wall.  Exiting the guest room via the same door, the
      player must turn to the left and follow the signs to
      attain the fourth floor of the building.

   Fourth Floor
      Once inside the guest room, there will be a large
      obstacle, but a narrow passageway is available on
      either side of this obstacle.  Once around the
      obstacle, the next arrow will be visible on the
      opposite wall; going to this location will place the
      fourth bomb.  Heading to the left will reveal another
      entrance/exit for this guest room, and also provides a
      shortcut to the staircase up to the fifth floor.

      Note that Mission #13A ends on the fourth floor, so
      the player should memorize the layout of this floor.

   Fifth Floor
      Finding the guest room on the fifth floor is very
      easy.  Once inside, the next bomb-placement location
      is in the right-rear corner of the guest room.
      Returning to the doorway to the guest room and turning
      to the right will lead the player toward the staircase
      leading up to the sixth floor.

      Note that Mission #13A ends on the fourth floor, so
      the player should memorize the layout of this floor.

   Sixth Floor
      On the sixth floor, there will be a blue double-door
      ahead at the point where the main corridor turns to
      the right.  It is best to follow the main corridor
      here or else risk losing a lot of time.

      The main corridor curves around to the left.
      Eventually, there will be barricaded elevators on the
      right side of the corridor.  The next doorway ahead on
      the left side of the corridor is the sixth-floor guest
      room.  Once inside, the sixth bomb must be placed just
      to the right of this door.  As a shortcut, the player
      can continue on ahead through the guest room and veer
      a little to the right to find a large glass doorway;
      the staircase leading to the seventh floor is just
      ahead (follow the arrow on the sign in the corridor).

      Note that Mission #13A ends on the fourth floor, so
      the player should memorize the layout of this floor.

   Seventh Floor
      Just beyond the barricaded elevators on the right side
      of the corridor, the main corridor turns to the right;
      this is the direction to take.  The main corridor then
      again curves around to the left, and eventually there
      will be a large blue-and-white Guest Room sign
      indicating the location of the narrow passageway into
      the seventh-floor guest room.  This final bomb must be
      positioned just to the right of the double-doors.
      Then, leaving this guest room via the same double-
      doors, turning to the left will lead toward the roof

      Note that Mission #13A ends on the fourth floor, so
      the player should memorize the layout of this floor.

   Roof Access
      At the top of the staircase coming off the seventh
      floor, there is a set of silver double-doors set back
      from the rest of the room (directly ahead).  Breaking
      through these double-doors will bring the player to the
      roof to successfully complete the main part of this
      mission.  Mission #13 must be completed in 290 seconds
      or less (meaning that 100 seconds or more remain upon
      successfully completing Mission #13) in order for
      Mission #13A to become available.

Regardless of whether the player successfully completes
Mission #13, an appropriate cutscene will be loaded and
played.  If at least 100 seconds remains, then the player
will automatically be forced into Mission #13A without being
given the opportunity to first save game progress.   Also,
there is no possibility of ever selecting Mission #13A; to
participate in this bonus rescue mission, the player must
first successfully complete Mission #13 is 290 seconds or


This is a rescue mission in the same building as Mission #13.
The concept here is to return to the fourth floor to the
Control Center Room and rescue Lisa.  However, Mission #13
must be completed in 290 seconds or less (meaning that 100
seconds or more remain upon successfully completing Mission
#13) in order for Mission #13A to become available.

Note that if the player will be given Mission #13A, there
will be an 'interactive' cutscene with several characters
talking; their faces are shown on the TV in the lower-right
corner of the screen (where the map is usually located), and
their dialogues are displayed along the bottom of the screen.
The player can move ahead to the next line of dialogue by
pressing the X button.  Or, the player can skip the rest of
this 'interactive' cutscene by pressing the Start button.

Mission #13A relies heavily upon knowledge of the route up
the building combined with a knack for finding shortcuts on
the way back down.  Also, the same vehicle from Mission #13
is used, and there is NO reduction in vehicle damage;
therefore, if the vehicle sustained heavy damage en route to
the roof of the building, then there is almost NO way that
Mission #13A will be successfully completed.

Also, there is no map for this bonus rescue mission; the map
area instead shows the floor where the player is currently
located.  The player must rely upon memory to get back to the
fourth floor as quickly as possible.

Once on the fourth floor, the player must return to the
Control Center Room.  This time, there are NO arrows
indicating the objective area.  Instead, the player must scan
the Control Center Room for two individuals who are standing
close together near a wall, and then go to them as quickly as
possible before the countdown timer has expired.

The successful completion of Mission #13A rewards the player
with a long cutscene, the game credits, and a shorter
cutscene.  The contents of the cutscenes are purposely not
included here so as not to spoil the fun :-)


This map for Mission #12 shows the locations of the seven
devices (each indicated with an 'O') at the Sphinx which must
be deactivated in order to safely complete the mission.
There are three entrances/exits for the Sphinx area; the
player needs to experiment with various routes to and within
the Sphinx area to be able to deactivate the seven
appropriate devices and also evacuate to one of the Safe
Zones (goals) before the countdown timer expires.

Note: A wide expanse of blank lines precedes and follows the
ASCII map itself, so that those who do not wish to view it
can easily skip over it.

XX                                                     Exit
XXXXXXXXXX                                       XXXXXXXXXX
XX                                             XXXXXXXXXXXX
     Exit                       Exit


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