Psychic Force 2
Playstation version by Taito
FAQ v 1.2 by hq9 
October 22, 1999
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Psychic Force is (c) Taito Corp. 1997, 1999
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Welcome to my Psychic Force 2 FAQ.  I think I am the biggest Psychic
Force Fan out there, yet I never made a Faq for the game, since there
are so many other high quality FAQ’s out there.  Well I wanted to beat
the crowd so here I am (Burning Now) :) Psychic Force 2 (PF2) is the
Playstation version of the arcade game Psychic Force 2012 (2012) which was
released earlier this year for the Sega Dreamcast.  PF2 was released
October 7, 1999 by Taito in Japan.  This game is a Japanese import so
either a Japanese Playstation or Mod Chip is needed.  It does not
have anti-mod chip protection like many of the new Playstation releases.
PF2 is a 3-D fighting game for 1-2 Players, requires 1 Memory Card
Block, is Pocket Station & Vibration Function compatible.  It is however
not Analog Stick Compatible.

II.  Main Menu

When you turn on the game the following Menu options are available


In Arcade Mode you can choose a character and play through the game
without any character storyline and interaction.  In Arcade all
characters are available for selection and Psy-Expand functions are
available.  Upon completion of Arcade mode a beautiful CG is rewarded
and added to the Album Mode.  Timed Records are also kept.


In Story Mode you can choose a character and play through the game with
character storyline, pre & post battle dialogue, and ending CG’s.  In
story mode, only Burn, Keith, Wong, Wendy, Emilio, Patty, Might,
Setsuna, Carlo, Regina, Gudeath, Genshin, & Gates are available to
select.  Basic controls are also only available.  Upon completion of
Story Mode, the Ending CG’s are added to the Album Mode.


In Training Mode you can choose a character to practice with.  All
characters are available to choose from, and Psy-Expand Functions are
available.  Before the battle you may increase or decrease the
character’s Psy and Power abilities.


In VS Mode a player can play a Human, go against the computer, or watch
the computer go at it.  All characters, stages, Psy-Expand Functions,
and a handicap option are available.  Wins and Losses are recorded.


In Group VS Mode a player can play another human or against the CPU.
You will need to first choose how many will be on your side, then your
opponent will choose how many characters will be on their side, or if
you are playing the CPU you choose.  All characters, stages, Handicap,
and Random character selections are available.  Psy-Expand is not
available in this mode.  Wins and Losses are recorded.


In survival mode a player must go through 10 stages on one energy Meter
that never gets replenished.  All characters are available, but no Psy-
Expand functions are used.  Time Records are recorded.  Upon completion
of the Survival Mode, another beautiful CG is rewarded.  No continuation
is allowed.


This mode is the premier Mode for this game.  In Psy-Expand mode a
player builds up his favorite character by fighting various other
characters and gaining experience & their abilities.  The abilities
gained are in A-E strength with A being the best and E being the worst.
More will be explained in the Psy-Expand Walkthrough section.


This mode is available to owners of Pocket Stations.  You can upload and
download player data and individual records.


This mode enables a player to view time and W/L records for the Arcade,
Survival, and VS modes.


This mode enables a player to view the CG pictures.  These pictures
include the Ending CG’s, and the CG’s attained through the Survival and
Arcade Modes.  Complete Albums are designated by a Green Color, while
incomplete Albums are designated with a blue color.


This mode enables the player to change:

-Key Config - Controller Commands, Vibration etc
-Game Setting Difficulty, timer, # of rounds, Continuation, Auto Guard
for Beginners, Field Size and Adjustment of the various Gauges.
-Sound Setting - Increase/Decrease BGM and Special Effects, Stereo or
Mono, and Arcade or Arranged Soundtrack.
-Data Save/Load - Save Data, Load Data, Enable Auto Save


These are the Default Controls on the Playstation Controller

Square Button   =  Guard
Triangle Button =  Weak Attack
Circle Button   =  Strong Attack
X Button        =  Use Psy-Expand keys
R1              =  Dash
R2              =  Slide Dash
L1              =  Barrier Guard
L2              =  Psycho Charge
D-Pad           =  Move around the character/ highlight items
Start Button    =  Pause Game

Other commands are available through the Options/Key Config Menu

-Catch          =  Throw an enemy
-Barrier Break  =  Break the Barrier


Only 10 characters are available to select when you start PF2.  The 10
are Regina, Carlo, Might, Patty, Setsuna, Gudeath, Gates, Wendy,
Genshin, & Emilio. The others are hidden and must be unlocked through
special means.  The hidden characters are Wong, Keith, Burn, Genma,
Sonia, and Brad.

I had some reported problems that my solutions don't work.
Well the real reason why is because of, what I call the "cumulative effect".
When I cleared Keith in storymode, Sonia showed up right after.  Since
Sonia is NOA and in love with Kisu-sama, I figured that was the connection,
however when I cleared Keith's storymode, Burn & Wong's was already clear,
having all three of them clear probably triggered it.  Only starting
over on a clear memory card session would prove the exact means.

Game Rank: 3.Easy
Timer: 45 Sec
Round: 2Rounds
Player Select:  Continue Off
Auto Guard : 05
Field Size:  Normal

To unlock Wong complete Story Mode on any setting for all 10 of the
original characters

To unlock Genma complete Survival Mode on any setting for any 1 of the
original 10 characters

To unlock Burn complete Arcade Mode on Default Setting for any 1

To unlock Keith complete Arcade mode on Default Settings for all 10
original characters

To unlock Sonia complete Story Mode with Keith, Burn, and Wong on Default 
*could be incorrect*

To unlock Brad complete Arcade mode on Default Settings with all 10 + 5
hidden characters

To make sure you get all the characters, follow this vigourus walkthrough
*NOTE* This Should get you all the characters, but is not the easiest way
to do so.

1.  Clear Survival Mode on any setting and get Genma
2.  Clear Arcade Mode on default settings and get Burn
3.  Clear Story Mode on any setting with the original 10 and get Wong
4.  Clear Arcade Mode on default with the original 10 and get Keith
5.  Clear Story Mode on default settings with Burn, Wong & Keith, and
clear Arcade Mode on default with Burn, Wong, Genma, & Keith and get Sonia
6.  Clear Arcade with Sonia and get Brad


There are currently many great Psychic Force & Psychic Force 2012 FAQs’
and move lists available on the internet.  Instead of retyping the
commands for the characters available in 2012, I am just listing the
commands for Sonia, Brad, and Genma.  For some reasons the new old
characters did not age from the original Psychic Force which took place
in the year 2010 AD

AGE:   17
SEX:   Female
PSY:   Electricity

Command List
ElectTrigger = Forward Forward Strong 30 % Psy
Magnet Anchor =  Back Down Forward Weak 30 % Psy
Gigantic Drill = Forward Forward Weak 30 % Psy
Tera Discharge = Back Forward Strong 50 % Psy
Execution = Back Forward Strong 60 % Psy

Age:   24
Sex:   Male
PSY:   Gravity

Command List

Gravity Briito = Strong or Forward Strong 30% Psy
Meteor Hammer = Back Forward Weak 30% Psy
Asteroid Belt = Back Down Forward Strong = 70% Psy
-Satellite Fall =(Brad Hurls each asteroid) Back Down Forward Strong 0%
Mega Pressure = Forward Weak 40% Psy
Gravity Infinity = Back Forward Strong 90% Psy

AGE:   53
SEX:   Male
PSY:   Magic
GROUP: Nothing

Command List

Onibi dama = Strong or Forward Forward Strong 30% Psy
Renenbu= Back forward weak 30% Psy
*Spirit of the Willo Whisps = forward forward Weak 30% Psy
*Prayer Bead Lightning = Back Down Forward Weak 40% Psy
Fugojuutsu= Back Down Forward Weak + Strong 70% Psy
Jyoubakusatsu= Back Forward Forward Strong 60% Psy


As mentioned earlier a Dreamcast version of 2012 was previously released
back in March 1999.  There are a few key notable differences between PF2
and 2012.

New for the Playstation version include:

-FMV animated introduction
-Vocal - The Legend ~ a dying hero’s story ~ by Hironobu Kageyama
-FMV animated ending for arcade mode
-Vocal - Ai o Shizumeteru - by Anza
-Survival, Psy-Expand, Group Vs, Album, and Psychiccer’s Network
-CG pictures for Survival and Arcade completion
-Genma, Sonia, and Brad
-New colors for all Psychiccers
-Command Keys for Barrier Guard, Side Dash, and Barrier Break
-Arranged/Arcade Soundtrack bonus tracks for Sonia, Brad, & Genma Stages

The Dreamcast Version has way better crisper graphics and 1-2 second
loading times.  The Playstation version has ugly choppy fuzzy polygon
characters and long 15-18 second loading times.  Graphically and
loading-time wise the DC version is superior, however the Playstation
version has so many bonus extras this version was obviously not rushed
and is the Fan Favorite.


This is the most exciting element available in the game.  The ability
for a Psychiccer to use any Psy Powers!  Imagine Keith Evans with
Wendy’s Air Slasher and Wong’s a Perfect World, awesome.  This
walkthrough will help you gain a level and gain a Psy-Expand Command.

1st Select Psy-Expand Mode and press the O button

2nd Select your Favorite Psychiccer press O button

3rd Select Normal or Beginner press O button

4th Select Battle, press O button, Highlight Battle Level 1 O button,
and choose the first one which your goal is to "Aite o taose", roughly
translated is to Beat down your opponent, which in this case is Patty
Each Battle will have a requirement, if you follow the requirement you
get higher base points, if you just beat up your opponent, you will
still gain experience, but just not as much

5th Beat down Patty :) - Be gentle or I’ll kick your ass !!

6th Gain experience for Base, Time, Vitality, and Point bonus.  The
point bonus is attained through using Psy-Expand Powers and Special

7th Select Battle again and continue with the next which is Setsuna the
goal is to "Tsujou Kougeki no mi" roughly translated is to use Common
Attacks on what you see.

8th Beat down Setsuna with only regular attacks gain exp etc

9th  Select Battle again and choose the next one which your goal is to
"Sayou Nouryoku nuku no mi" roughly translated means to use Super
Abilities.  Only Psy Abilities do damage vs Gates.

10th  Beat down Gates using only Psy Abilities

11th Continue on Battle Choose the next one where your goal is to
"Kagirareta Tairyoku" roughly translated Limit Physical Strength, so try
not to get hit so much

12th.  Beat down Wendy as usual and gain Air Slasher !

13th Go to Skill List and press O button

14th Hit the O button then hit the R1 button till you see WIND Highlight
Air Slasher and press O, then press X to highlight Exit and press O and
return to Battle Mode, if you can’t read Japanese I’d suggest learning
Katakana it should take you only a day or two and is very helpful in
playing action and fighting games

15th  The next fight vs Genshin calls for "Jibun no Tairyouku ga sukoshi
zutsu genshou"  Which means to reduce our own Body Strength.  I guess It
wants you to do the Hyper Charge (Press Psycho Charge and do a 360 with
the D pad)

16th  Do the Hyper Charge vs Genshin and beat him down.  Try out Forward
Forward X and you can do a crappy version of Wendy’s Air Slasher!

17th  You should Level Up at this point so go to Custom press the O
Custom, allows usage of the S.U.P. blocks, which are attained when you
level up
-The S.U.P. blocks increases ability to the following commands
--Normal Attack
--Quick Dash


--Increases attack towards the Psychiccer’s Regular Command List

18th So Highlight your desired Skill and press either Left or Right to
make the ability more powerful, Press X button and exit

--You can figure out the rest, its pretty easy.  If you can’t read
Japanese, just try something different to win.  Following the
requirements gives only more experience.  If you use a character’s Psy-
Expand Ability alot, you can get stronger A quality attacks in the next
Battle Tier and increase the bonus Points.  You can also start a new
character having all the Psy-Expand attacks of a previous character.
For instance if you chose Patty first and attained an Air Slasher, you
can restart with Might and use the Air Slasher.


Every Psychic Power is available to perform the command

Forward Forward X
Back Down Forward X

USING PSY-EXPAND for Various Modes

Before the match in Arcade, Vs, and Training Mode, a pop up menu will
appear to enable loadups for any Psy-Expand Abilities you have earned in
Memory Card Slot 1 or 2.  Highlight Equip then press the O button,
Highlight the Forward Forward X slot and choose an Ability by pressing O
then switching the available powers with the R1 Button.  When you are
ready press the O button.  To select the other Psy-Expand command Press
the O button to select and highlight the Back Down Forward X Slot and
choose an ability by following the directions above.  When you are
finished press the X button highlight Gamestart and press the O button.


Thanks to Taito for making a great Game! Please make a special edition
for the DC!

Thanks to POL from London, for providing me with base information on how
to get Keith, Sonia, & Brad.

Thanks to Estrigious Chick Jen for providing me with information on
attaining Burn and Genma and the fabulous picture :)

Genma’s move list with * borrowed from K Tanaka’s excellent Psychic
Force Faq from 1996.

No Thanks to K.R.

And lastly, Thanks for reading, if any of you guys out there know something
I don't, please let me know

1.1 I went crazy on spellcheck and came up with Rocked Genma and Brad 
I obviously had to change that

1.2  Fixed up alot of typos, Added new secret character information, and 
added in
command for Psy-Expand

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Unpublished Work hq9 1999