Rayman Tips! (straight from the UbiSoft WWW Site 11/3/95)

Need some help getting past a tough part of Rayman? Then keep reading
for some hot tips and cool secret codes. Or, just ask Ubi Soft! 

OK, we can't give all the secrets away at once, but here's a little 
something to get you started. Keep checking back with us because we'll 
update this section often with new codes. 

To Get More Game Continues

Sony PlayStation version

If you have either 1 or 2 continues left, when you are at the continue 
screen press and release successively on the left controller the 
following arrows: up, down, right, then left. You'll get 10 continues. 

To Turn On The TV Window

Sony PlayStation version

While playing the game, press start. Then press and hold down R2. Press 
and release succesively circle, circle, left arrow, circle, circle. Release R2.

Raman Breakout Game

Atari Jaguar Version

Have you discovered the hidden Breakout game? It's only in the Jaguar 
version. Play it all the way through until you win. The rewards are 

Help me or I'll trash the machine!!

Some Basic Tips

Collect as many blue tings as you can. They not only give you free 
lives, but also lead the way to hidden cages and power-ups. From time 
to time, you may see a single ting enticing you to jump into the 
unknown. Go for it! You never know what you may find.

At times you may hear a strange noise that means that something special 
has appeared. You might not always be able to see this gift 
immediately, but it won't be far away. Don't be afraid to retrace your 
steps because it could be a cage of Electoons.

Even if you can't get all of the cages in a level, keep going and try 
to finish it anyway. Often you will receive new powers at the end of a
level that will make the game much easier.

You can only get to Mr. Dark's Candy Chateau once you have freed all of 
the Electoons.

Dream Forest World

Pink Plant Woods
Jungle Level 1: Just after the red flower that bends, if you climb the 
vines and go left you will find a free life. 

Jungle Level 2: Jump on the flower at the very left of the screen and 
then jump on the vine hanging above it. Grab all of the blue tings 
around the vine, and then jump over to the platform on the right. If 
you've collected 10 tings, the magician will take you to the first 
bonus level. 

Jungle Level 3: Betilla the Fairy will give you the power to throw your 
fist. Go to the far right side of the screen, jump and knock down the 
purple grape, jump on top of the grape, and then jump onto the platform 
to exit the level.

Jungle Level 4: To get special powers that are suspended above water, 
find the nearest purple grape, knock it down and push it with your fist 
into the water. Once the grapes are in the water, you can jump on them 
and move (carefully!) left and right. Using this technique, you can 
find another magician at the bottom right side of this level. 

Anguish Lagoon
Jungle Level 5: After the second floating platform, you'll see a bunch 
of blue tings. Jump off the platform and grab them, they'll lead to a 
cage of Electoons. Be ready to duck though, because there's a hunter 

Jungle Level 6: Try to stay in the middle of the screen so you can see 
from which direction Mosquito is coming. 

The Swamps of Forgetfulness
Jungle Level 9: Jump up and knock Tarayzan's clothes down which are 
stuck on the vine. To thank you, he will give you a magic seed. You can 
plant the seed repeatedly and then jump on the plants that grow to 
advance through this level. You cannot, however, plant one seed on top 
of another.

When you reach the exit to this level, a free life will appear on the 
left side of the screen. Try to get if you have enough time left before 
the water reaches you.

Jungle Level 10: Knock the purple grapes down and they will fall on the 
heads of the enemies. You can then walk on these grapes.

On the second large island, you will see one of the scavengers and a 
bunch of Antitoons. Don't use the grape as a way of getting rid of the 
scavenger or you'll miss a cage of Electoons. Instead approach the 
island from the left by water using another grape. Punch all of the 
Antitoons while still on top of the grape. Then, knock down the grape 
that floats above the island. Push it to the right and into the water. 
(One way to move grapes is to jump on top of them, punch in the 
opposite direction you want to move, and then duck. When your fist 
comes back, it will bump into the grape first and push you along.) When 
you arrive at the next island, a cage will fall from the sky.

Jungle Level 11: Climb up the first vine that's holding up the purple 
grape. Go to the top and then drop down and a cage will appear.

Knock the grape down, jump on top of it, punch and then duck down so 
that it moves in order to ride it down the hill. Before you get to the 
end of the hill, jump off the grape and onto a floating platform. Jump 
over to the right again and you'll find another magician.

On the right side of the platform with the magician you'll see a blue 
ting. Jump off after it and platforms will appear leading you to 
another cage.

Moskito's Nest
Jungle Level 12: Climb up and get the tings on top of the mushroom tree 
at the beginning of the level. A cage will appear on the ground.

When you see the photographer while floating on a purple grape, don't 
get off yet. Stay on the grape and it will take you to a cage.

The tentacle can only be stopped by punching it in the mouth.

Jungle Level 13: Climb up the tree to grab the tings and a cage will 
appear below. Before exiting this level, knock down the grape and push 
it to the left until it falls in the water. Jump on it and float to the 
right and you will find another cage.

Going back: Once you acquire the power to hang and to punch, you can go 
back and pick up a few more cages. In Jungle Level 2, 3 more cages will 
become accessible. 

In Jungle Level 5, get on the falling platform at the very top of the 
screen. As you are falling, wind up quickly and punch to the left to 
knock down the grape. You will fall on a platform with the grape. Jump 
on top of the grape and swing over to the left with the grapple until 
you see the cage. Then jump down to the mushroom tree and another cage 
will appear. 

In Jungle Level 12, climb the vine just after the photographer and get 
rid of the bad guys. You'll find a magician and a little bit further 
some flying hooks that will lead to a hidden cage. 

Once you've beaten a boss, when you return to that level you will not 
have to fight him again. Also you can exit a level by touching the exit 
sign at the beginning or end of the level. 

Band Land

Bongo Hills
Music Level 2: Advance forward to the end of the bongo, then retrace 
your steps, jumping over the cloud and you will find a free life. Jump 
above the exit panel at the end of the level. When you land on the left 
side of the panel, a cloud will appear off to the right side of the 
screen. Get on the cloud and it will take you to a cage.

Music Level 3: At the second flying maracas, just after the 
photographer, don't get on it right away. Instead, fall beneath it. 
Continue going down until you find a cage. Retrace your steps.

Music Level 4: Go after the lone power-up hanging over the edge and you 
will find a hidden reserve of power-ups, tings, and a golden fist.

Music Level 5: When you arrive at the first photographer, instead of 
continuing forward, jump back on the brown spinner and jump over to the 
platform on the left. Shrink by touching the fairy, and follow the 
tings. Fall down onto the brown spinner and descend until you see the 
notes and then jump off to the left. Take the second ascending cloud 
and you will see a cage. After freeing the Electoons, get back on the 
cloud and retrace your steps.

At the exit, jump over to the other side of the panel and fall down to 
the bottom. Go left and you will find another cage. Retrace your steps 
and on the far right side jump and a cloud will appear to take you to 
the exit.

Allegro Presto
Music Level 7: At the second arrow-shaped group of tings, just after 
the false notes (which you must get past by ducking) instead of 
continuing down, jump up to the ledge on the far left side of the 
screen, then jump over the right and you will find a cage. A little 
lower down, just after you see an arrow-shaped group of tings pointing 
upwards, pick up a lot of speed and with a big jump you will reach 
another platform where there is a hidden cage.

Music Level 8: Timing is everything when the trumpets blow you back and 
forth. Try to jump early enough to reach higher platforms. After the 
photographer, instead of descending, climb up the platforms to find the 
free life.

Music Level 9: Move toward the right, jump on the first bongo, and then 
retrace your steps and you will find a cage. After the photographer, 
jump on the two small platforms and then retrace your steps. A brown 
spinner will appear. Ride it and it will lead you to a cage.

Once you've reached the walking drum, jump off onto one of the sliding 
platforms. You'll hear a noise which means that something has appeared.
Jump back left to get to the bonus level. At the end of the level, you 
will seem stuck because the exit panel is not in sight. Jump on the 
upper slippery platform, and a cloud will appear. Jump on the cloud and 
the exit panel will appear.

Gong Heights
Music Level 12: Jump on the clouds above the first Tibetan and a cage 
will appear near the entrance to the level. When you see a series of 4 
clouds underneath a group of tings, drop down beneath the clouds to 
find another cage.

Mr Sax's Hullabaloo
Music Level 14: At the far right side of the level, you will see a cage 
beneath you that's inaccessible for the moment. Take the steps going up 
which will lead you to another cage. After your picture is taken by the 
photographer, you will begin a long downward slide. Pick up a lot of 
speed (be careful to duck underneath the notes) and run all the way 
into the wall on the far right side of the level (you will see some 
sparkling stars). If you picked up enough speed, brown spinning wheels 
will appear upon impact with the wall. Ride them up to another cage.

You can move from left to right on the cymbals, but when they start to 
vibrate, move to the middle. It's the only spot to avoid getting 

The flying hooks will lead you to another cage. Continue going up and 
you will find a free life.

Music Levels 15&16: Mr Sax cannot feel your punches. To beat him, punch 
his false notes back into the hole in his horn.

Going back: Once you get the helicopter power at the end of Allegro 
Presto, go back to Bongo Hills. In the forth level (the one with the 
lightning) the helicopter will allow you to grab a flying hook which 
leads to a cage.