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                  By Asianskyblue
            Email: Kyuunull@gmail.com

            Version: 0.20
            Written on: July 26, 2009

Table of contents:

  - Poking Moves ( Better used when turtuling)
  - Spacing Or Evading moves
  - CH catchers
  - Natural Combos
  - Whiff Punishment
  - Block Punishment
  - MISC.

                         VERSION UPDATES

0.10 - (07-24-09)  First draft

0.20 - (07-26-09)  Added "VERSION UPDATES" and "LEGEND" sections,
       and minor format changes.


Welcome to my first ever faq on craig.
I've made an attempt to show the people out there *some* of Marduk's 
capabilities. While most of the guys would agree Marduk has the ability
to beat the crap out of others  there are still some people who think he
is a linear character to start with.

Some people might wonder why a faq on him, now? Well, i can give you
some reasons:

* There are no other faqs on Tekken 5 Marduk.
* Some people may like to know how good or bad Marduk is compared to
  other characters.
* Some people seriously want to learn him.
* I never got to play DR or 6. I'm still playing this game, thats why.
* etc.

Moreover, Marduk is a very much balanced character to start with.
He is one of the most powerfull characters in the game,if not THE most.
He can be very tough against most of tekken cast.He has got some very 
unique moves which do bother others.You will come to know why am i 
saying so, if u just keep reading.:)

My experience with Marduk is casual as this FAQ & the strategies will
reflect, but most of the shitt i've come upon with came from over 4 years
of my experience with him. I sincerely hope you'll find some *useful* 
info for Marduk which you could learn or incorporate in your matches
too.I'll try to be as practical with it as i can .

Also some veteran tekken players are behind this who encouraged me to
write this faq.



1     left punch (triangle button)     2     right punch (square button)
3     left kick (X button)             4     right kick (circle button)
f     tap forward                      F     hold forward
b     tap back                         B     hold back
u     tap up                           U     hold up
d     tap down                         D     hold down
d/f   tap down and forward             D/F   hold down and forward
d/b   tap down and back                D/B   hold down and back
u/f   tap up and forward               U/F   hold up and forward
u/b   tap up and back                  U/B   hold up and back
qcf   quarter circle forward           qcb   quarter circle back
        (d,d/f,f)                              (d,d/b,b)
hcf   half circle forward              hcb   half circle back
        (b,d/b,d,d/f,f)                        (f,d/f,d,d/b,b)


N      neutral joystick position        SSL    side step (left only)
SS     side step (left or right)        SSR    side step (right only)
FC     full crouch position             WS     while standing up from crouch
WR     while running                    [ ]    optional command(s)
( _ )  or                               ...    continue infinitely
+      at the same time                 ~      immediately after
,      followed by                      <      delayed input
*      press and hold button(s)         =      next in sequence
:      "just frame" input - button
         must be pressed on an
         exact frame number

Grounded Positions

KND   knock down (face up / feet towards)
PLD   play dead (face up / feet away)
SLD   slide (face down / feet away)
FCD   face down (face down / feet towards)

Throw Types

F     front throw
B     back throw
L     left side throw
R     right side throw
C     crouch throw (from the front on a crouching opponent)
A     air throw (opponent in the air)
G     ground throw
-     -

Move Properties

BT    back turned                      FF    face forward
RC    recovers crouching initially     RCj   RC joystick modifier
                                               (hold D or D/B)
CH    major counter hit                OC    forces opponent to crouch
                                               (ex. Ganryu - u/f+3+4)
OS    forces opponent's side to        OB    forces opponent's back to
        face you                               face you
        (ex. Hwoarang - CH LFF,b+4)            (ex. Marshall - BT+1)
JG    juggle starter                   BN     bounce juggle starter
        (ex. Feng Wei - WS+3)                   (ex. Bryan - b+1)
BS    block stun - attacking           GB     guard break - defending
        character has huge                      character takes a step back,
        disadvantage if blocked                 or their hands are in the air
        (ex. Marshall - d/b+4)                  (ex. Feng Wei - f+1+2)
SH    stagger hit - opponent may       DS     double over stun - opponent
        recover KND in some cases               can tap f to escape
        (ex. Lei - SS+1)                        (ex. King - CH f,f,N+2)
MS    minor stun - animations          FS     fall back stun - opponent
        vary, but usually nothing                can tap f to escape
        is guaranteed after                      (ex. Bryan - CH SS+1,2)
        (ex. Nina - b,f+3)
KS    kneel stun - opponent falls      CFS    crumple fall stun - opponent
        to one knee, free hits are              slowly falls down, free hits
        sometimes possible                      are usually possible
        (ex. Anna - d/f+4)                      (ex. Heihachi - CH b+2)
CF    crumple fall - opponent          CS     crumple stun - opponent falls
        quickly falls down, free                down, free hits are usually
        hits are usually possible               possible (ex. Lee - CH f,f+4)
        (ex. Roger Jr. - 3+4)
[x]   hit modifier (ex. CFS[1,2])      #      see footnote (ex. #2)
b     block modifier (ex. BTb -        c      counter hit modifier
        character is BT on block)               (ex. BNc - BN on counter hit)
co    crouching opponent modifier      cco    CH on crouching opponent
        (ex. SHco - SH on                       (ex. JGcco)
        crouching opponent)
cl    clean hit modifier               ccl    CH clean hit modifier
        (ex. JGcl - JG on a                     (ex. FSccl)
        clean hit)
bt    back turned opponent             -      -
        modifier (ex. JGbt -
        JG on a BT opponent)

Hit Ranges

h     high (block B or duck)
H     high, hits grounded
m     mid (block B)
M     mid, hits grounded
l     low (block D/B or jump over)
L     low, hits grounded
Sm    special mid (block B or D/B)
SM    special mid, hits grounded
!     unblockable
   unblockable, can be ducked
[!]   unblockable, hits grounded
T     throw (duck or input escape command)

Character Specific (Stances, Special Positions, etc.)

LBR   Labyrinth (Raven)                FLA   Flamingo (Baek)
MST   Mist Step (Lee)                  RKT   Rocket Stance (Roger Jr.)
HMS   Hit Man (Lee)                    LFF   Left Foot Forward (Hwoarang)
CJM   Chaos Judgement (Anna)           RFF   Right Foot Forward (Hwoarang)
LCT   Leg Cutter (Asuka)               LFS   Left Flamingo (Hwoarang)
HPF   Haze Palm Fist (Asuka)           RFS   Right Flamingo (Hwoarang)
RDS   Rain Dance (Ling)                SIT   Sit Down 
                                               (Ganryu & Jack-5 & Kuma/Panda)
AOP   Art of Phoenix (Lei & Ling)      HBS   Hunting (Kuma/Panda)
DRU   Drunken Master Walk (Lei)        ROL   Prowling Grizzly Roll
SNA   Art of Snake (Lei)               FKS   Fake Step (Marshall)
DGN   Art of Dragon (Lei)              DSS   Dragon Sign (Marshall)
PAN   Art of Panther (Lei)             DFS   Dragon Fake Step (Marshall)
TGR   Art of Tiger (Lei)               KNP   Kenpo Step (Feng Wei)
CRA   Art of Crane (Lei)               JAG   Jaguar Step (King)
CDS   Crouching Demon (Jin)            FLK   Flicker (Steve)
MNT   Mount Position (Craig)           ALB   Albatross Spin (Steve)
RDP   Ready Position (Craig)           LWV   Left Weave (Steve)
HSP   Handstand (Christie/Eddy)        RWV   Right Weave (Steve)
NEG   Negativa (Christie/Eddy)         DCK   Ducking (Steve)
POG   Pogo (Yoshimitsu)                DKI   Ducking In (Steve)
INS   Indian Sit (Yoshimitsu)          SWY   Sway (Steve & Paul)
DGF   Dragonfly (Yoshimitsu)           WND   Wind Roll (Julia)
MED   Meditation (Yoshimitsu)          -     -

                    STRENGTHS & WEAKNESSES

Whenever we choose Marduk as a player a picture that comes to mind is
an ugly looking, tall & dull guy which is slow & hardly a threat to 
anybody but if you play him seriously, i think you'll certainly gain
little awareness of him regarding his style, move properties etc. I
think he has got good speed and power to kill even the top tiers if he
is played correctly. That's why this section is dedicated to his ins &

                            STRENGTHS :)

1. Tackle: #1 reason to fear Marduk.Can't be reversed, only escaped.^_^

2. He doesn't have a snakedash, crouchdash etc BUT he has:
   d/b+3+4(VTSbackdash),SS+3+4~3+4~3+4(sidestep VTScancel) which is
   extremely useful.

3. Unchickenable b+1+2 & b+3+4 reversals.

4. Okizeme, not crucial but still above many characters in the game.

5. Inescapable air throws

6. Wonderful SS game.

7. Good bunch of unreversible moves & they also form a major part of
   his attacks.

                            WEAKNESSES :(

1. He being a big is a soft target. That means he is easy to juggle 
   than any character in the game. What else could be said that every
   character in the game has a special combo for him. DAMN!!!

2. Not special WS moves , atleast i think so. He should have been
   given a WS launcher either equal or less than 15 frames.

3. Lack of good damaging mid range whiff punishers.

4. His tracking ability isn't upto mark, he still has difficulty
   in tracking to his left.

                           SPECIAL ARTS :

This move analysis section is just a revised version of my old work
on TZ forums. Some move properties rechecked, some new strategies added,
more detailed throw description now, WS moves grouped in the VTS moves
section etc.

I've listed the moves description like this:
Hit range
No damages mentioned, check his movelist for that. 

Let's start it now.


The basic 10 frame jab. It alone cannot do much. since it is 10 frames
it can be beaten by nearly all 8 framers such as Steve, Feng, paul, Bryan,
Kaz,etc. It is a good setup for jackhammer though.Don't stop here with
this move alone rather go for the strings that start with it.

one Two punch
Basic one two punches. Good for countering in some cases. Can be a good
setup for JH ( from now onwards jack hammer will referred as JH ). The
basic 1,2 is uninterruptible. It can replace 2,1 in few cases only such
as countering law's f+1+2, Bryan's b+1 because the basic 1 or 2 come out
equally fast but the 2,1 does'nt end that fast. That's why 1,2 is 
emphasized. Why take chances.
Also it tracks fairly well to both sides.

Elbow Sting
Ok This option after 1,2 is little slow. BUT, it has frame advantage even
on block!. It's not guaranteed after a CH1,2. Use it for presurring 
sometimes, when they are used to 1,2 & try to attack . on hit this move
causes a short stun On CH ( CH here means after whiffed or blocked 1,2,
then CHf+1 ) causes FCD. A d/b+4, u/f+3+4 or a FC,d/f+4 is guaranteed 
afterwards. Use it often, if u become predictable , they will start
ducking it.

Straight Gut punch
A high mid string . a solid poke. safe on block . Use it to pull marduk
out of tough situations. 1,d+2 can be used in cases where u think they
are gonna duck the 1. Also 1,d+2 on block has more frame disadvantage
than 1,2, So try your best to go on with 1,2. But still a safe strategy .

Stomach Kick
A hhm string . Am not sure wether it hits hits on counter. It is unsafe
on block, you will eat jabs. Another bad thing I've noticed that when u
throw that 1,2 & they guessed & duck & even if u know they're gonna do
it & u tap 3 afterwards , their WS moves hit nearly all the times. Only
use i've seen is it can be used after a wall splat.

Another bad move which has'nt got any use either,IMO. The last head butt
is unsafe on block & it's a high too. Only use i've seen is after f,f+1(W!)
this whole string hits. Otherwise don't use it even if sparingly atleast.

VTS crouch cancel
All things same as 1,2 except it has 3+4~3+4 (VTS cancel) extension which
is the mainstay of Marduk's enormous juggles. Earlier i thought it to be
a showoff but now i have realized this thing has got its places. The cancel
itself is safe, no move can touch u. It is a good bait for reversals or
inviting them to commit some mistakes. You'll know how, keep reading.

Tank Elbow
A short ranged unreversible & safe mid which puts opponent in all
situations be it :
A Block- a d/b+2 is uninterruptible afterwards
On Hit- a d/b+1 is guaranteed afterwards.
On CH.
It's +6 on block! but heavily punishable if whiffed . Also very 
good for wakeup games. Plus this move leads to mixups on block,
like throws, lows etc. More in Pokes & mixups section.
In 5.1 the move is +3 on block.

Swing upper
Marduk's uppercut . it comes from his left hand . It launches
opponents even if they are crouching. A guaranteed move after low
parry. Can be used as an interrupter SOMETIMES. Tracks to Marduk's
left. This move is also good in the sense after blocking Steve's FLK
1,1,1, 2 this move will launch him even from the max range whereas
the generic u/f+4 like King's one whiffs from that range. So this
move has the upper edge in that respect.Though slower only for
1frame than the latter, still holds its own.
Finally, if u get this blocked, you'll eat jabs.

Blister Elbow
This is Marduk's another uppercut launcher coming from his left hand.
One of Marduk,s Half life enders . Tracks to Marduk,s left . Safe on
block but i would say it is slow , can't be used regularly in fast
games against 8-framers . But can be used to punish them after blocking
low hits that stagger the opponent . One more good thing about it is
u can dash & delay the 1, & still get the move.

i myself don't use the 2 ender much but u may use it sometimes if ur
opponent is used to f,f+1 & is coming charging , otherwise use it often.

Delayed Blisterknuckle
A uppercut combo. hold the 2 for making the combo complete. But if the
1 is blocked, 2 can be interrupted. Not a bad move ,i would say, but a
bad combo.

Down jab
A special mid to pull Marduk out of tough situations . A high crush,
just for completeness of the move.

Knuckle Dunk
Another mid which hits grounded opponents too.Marduk lunges back and
throws out his left punch. On CH, some good wakeupgames. A most
prominent juggle ender. Safe on block.

Guard push
it has good speed. It is 13 frames & 15 on CH. So u have 3 options
The f,f+2 does'nt connect sometimes , but u can rely on f+1+2. Use
f,f+2 near a wall . Then go for the ground throw attempt, or d/f+3,1,2,3.
It all hits. Use 1+2 for interrupting , but be sure all things can be
done against it. It can be parried, reversed etc.Full tracking. Use
it wisely.

Shoulder impact
This is a move marduk players can't live without but it's not a high
crush . It can be usedto punish those whiffed jabs e.g.- paul's 1,2
in which 1 started far off, but the 2 was to connect , there u can go
for this move . However, if paul went ahead for the 3 of his 10 strings
u might eat it. So keep it in mind . You will eat jabs if this move is
Jin can parry it with his b+2+4.

Tudo Noogie
This move is a high crush. It stops all short, medium high attacks &
creates a short stun. I've myself succeeded in interrupting the 
opponent even at frame disadvantage e.g.- After blocking DJ's 1,1 &
he went for it again , this move stopped him. Leads to mixups on hit.

Sway Power Hammer
As the name implies, this really is a "POWER HAMMER". Has enormous 
damage combos after it. This move has got a ministep to right so 
doing a SSR manualy before throwing it out gives better results but
be aware that way chances are most of the time you'll launch them
awkwardly. So be prepared for that. Another point about it if you 
do a SSL instead you'lllaunch them nicely but this thing should be
done rarely & only against chars. who have weak tracking to left.
The main purpose of this move is evasion so its a part of its turtuling
strategy.Also i've seen after 2,1 strings hit , this move catches 
them if they try to attack.
Heyy.., it isn't over yet, this move catches tech to right.i.e., if
the opponent is techrolling to his left & Marduk's right.Has got 
nearly same properties of d+1+2, but is slower& more severly 
punshable if blocked.

Mongolian Crush
Ear slap that causes CFS. Fair speed, but the followups are limited.
I myself rarely use it.

Cyclone knuckles
This move has only three things good about it
1> It is guaranteed after a CH1+2
2> It is very good forpunishing opponents
3> Has got a good , longer range
It is more punishable if blocked at close range , so i would say 
use this from a little far so that it just gets connected & u are
only little unsafe. It knocks down on CH but i don't know wether 
a b+1 is guaranteed after it or not.Also this move tracks very well
both sides.

Quick upper
A fast but weak mid coming from his left hand . Short range. Use it
only when u need to outspeed your opponent.

Craig horn - Tudo Toss
An easy JF . Marduk raises his head & throws opponents behind him.
Looks like a throw .Looks like a high crush from FC, but i am not sure. 

Kong Combo
My favourite string for jab punishing cases. True combo. 2nd hit
causes a little stun . Very good setup for JH, qcb+1+2, qcf+2, etc.
Marduk's positioning is very good after it. Has got frame advantage on
block.But in case if it is going to be blocked u need to carefull that 1
of the string can be ducked. If u anticipate they're gonna do it, then do

1> 2,1,3,1 Don't move further bcoz more bad things can be done after this.
   Strings following it can be reversed , parried, etc & more severly
   punished on block.

2> 2,d+1+2 Can give it a try if they try to duck. I would be prefering 
   it bcoz it has juggling chances whereas the above ones don't , even
   if they are equally jab punishable . But I won,t say completely 
   underestimate the 1> case because if they hit, opponents will stop
   definitely in 7/10 cases( i am not a mathematician, lol) then u get
   a much better chance to land JH or qcf+2. I've seen if 2,1, qcf+2 
   setup works & you've had success with the mount, it eliminates their
   nearly half life bar. So both cases are equally useful.

Otherwise , if they try to move after 2,1 hits & try to get cocky , kill
them with,d/b+2,1+2 etc.

Hook- Shoulder impact
This is not a combo on normal hit neither on counter. So what is it good
for. You can use it after sidewalking them, yes, SIDEWALKING. One more 
use could be if u started 2 from little far so thatit whiffed ,& u see 
them coming charging in, d+1+2 extension might be used. Enough about it.

= 1
= d+1
Hammer hook
hook smash
The first hit stuns on counter. It has a nice juggle afterwards. 2nd hit
stuns regardless, if the first move is blocked or whiffed. Use f+2 with
little caution bcoz

(1) Alone f+2 is jab punishable on block if u stop there or try to delay
    the 1

(2) Even if f+2 hits as a normal hit , they can still duck , so mixup with
    d+1. But in most cases i've seen if people know that the opponent is 
    good, they don't duck it. But still be carefull.
    Lastly , f+2,1 is a good juggle ender.

Gut Punch
A mid gut punch, fairly fast .Safe on block.

A combo which does nice chunk of damage. If the first hits , last hits too.
Safe on block, even if u stop there. Use it for pressuring sometimes, but 
u have a better d/b+2 which isfaster also. It's range sucks , sometimes
the 4 whiffs. But the damage it does is worth it.
Also ,if in rare case the 2 whiffed & 4 ender connected as a CH, u get
a CFS. Same as a CH WS+4, but followups are'nt same . Follow with
d/f+3,1 combos. And in case i haven't mentioned, its unreversible too.
Good good.

Flash Tomahawk
A fast mid which short stuns opponents. On counter. A d/b+1 is guaranteed
after it. A normal hit or block also provides good positioning. It is a
low crush from close range.It has got a little preference over d+1 also,
coz its fast .A strong part of Marduk's offence.

Rolling Back Chop
A mid that tracks to marduk's left. Stuns on counter, small combos are
possible from it. A fair whiff punisher & good range. Also, good for
punishing backrollers. But, jab punishable on block.

Elbow Sting
Its a high. It KNDs on hit & is UNREVERSIBLE . Use it more often,
as it adds an element of speed he typically lacks. According to official
sources, this move is 11 frames but it is almost impossible to bring it
out so fast. This move is also guaranteed after a CH 1+2 & has got a
nice property to punish after most blocked attacks. It is guaranteed
after blocking Steve's d/f+1+2. Tracks to Marduk's right.

Backhand Spin Knuckle
I would better say it a tech catcher & slight whiff punisher. Good to
punish those whiffed u/f+4s, Paul's deathfist sometimes ( Although u
have better options ). Catches backrollers. One good use i've seen ,
after a WS+4 & they try to move then SSR+2. It will hit them.
Otherwise , if they stay there , then SSR & do d/b+4. Again only for idea.

Wake up hammer_ Wake up sweep
Nothing needs to be told about the FCS one i think. The SLD one has uses.
The d+2 sweeps the opponent . I don't compeletely know wether combos 
are possible from it. I myself use d/f+4_u/f+3+4 after this. The simple 2
is really a wake up hammer, looks much like the d/f+1+2 i the end. Be
careful don't get d+2 blocked.

Hook kick
The basic high kick . Knocks them down. Unsafe on block.

For this one i won't list the names as they are many of them. Natural
combo from mid range. Also good setup for JH(d/f+3,1). U can replace
the 2 for d+2 also. All other further strings are the same as start
with 1,2. U can go for f+1 after 2 SOMETIMES for pressuring. Also 3
after 2 is a combo after a wall splat.


This is Marduk's biggy. Launches on CH. The d+1 in the sting
itself catches tech rollers & launches on normal hit, even 
crouchers.One situation to show you that d+1 launches them on
normal hit: Throw out a f,f+2 so that it hits. Now don't rush, stay
there. Throw out d/f+3,d+1 slightly delay the d+1. What do you see?
The d+1 launches them. How? Reasons might be:

 >> Either they were crouching & predicting the 1 to come out. OR

 >> They thought as if 1 was going to whiff, so they rushed in.

These are the reasons i feel why were they launched. However, you may 
come across many situations when you will be launching them like this. 
It proves that d+1 in the string d/f+3,d+1 launches on normal hit too.
Set up for this move with d/f+3,1.practice & learn to note the 
difference between 1& d+1, so that whenever u see d/f+3 as CH, u can go
for d+1 instead of 1, even if u had predecided to go for 1. learn to 
delay between d/f+3 & 1_d+1 a little bit to learn the mixups. I prefer
this move above f+3 , bcoz it is faster. Go for the 2 ender after d+1,
only if u see it blocked , coz d+1 is jab punishable on block. Play 
with it smartly . 

d/f+3,d+1, 2
Ohh.. I really don't bother about this move anymore now. Reason:
 >> The last 2 is a high. 
 >> The last 2 can be SSR
 >> The last 2 by  is prone to reversals, parries, etc.
 >> Most of the tekken cast can interrupt the last 2 with jabs after
    blocking d+1.
Do you want to know anything else?

Knee lift
Marduk's another move which has got huge combos if it hits as CH.
Is slower than d/f+3, but is safe on block. This move pushes back so
far that u are safe. Use it sometimes for creating breathing room. 
That far d/f+3,d+1  setup can work after this move is blocked.

Stomach kick- Tudo Noogie
I don't use it as often. But has got a use though, use it against 
characters who try to parry or reverse 1or d+1 after d/f+3. Mix it
up with them sometimes. Whole move hits on CH. Safe on block.

Step Shin kick
A short ranged low kick . Can be low parried . Doesn't hit grounded
opponents. Mix it up with d+4 . Since d+4 cannot be parried , they'll
always block it and launch Marduk .Use d/b+3 bcoz if they block it,
Marduk eats some WS kicks but will not be launched . Be careful, this
low can be parried.

Low spin kick
The common low kick every character has except Steve . Not safe on 
block, but hits grounded  opponents.

Bicycle Kick
Marduk Technical Jumping move. Meaty damage.
He jumps & hits grounded opponents & crushes lows. However people 
never use it for that purpose at least. I have not seen f,f,f, versions
good use yet. Some times, this move fails to contact also, and gets 
whiffed. Good use for pressuring sometimes. You may also be floated 
if your opponent throws jabs.

3+4 - Regular VTS stance more talks on it:-

Backdash VTS
Marduk's backdash. Its the best evading & spacing move in the game,
according to me only, hehe. This is a movement which has to be used 
regulary. Though vulnerable, but still if used smartly, it can turn
tides in your favour, atleast I think so. It evades much many moves if
timed correctly. For instance Bryans 3,3 - 3,2,1, hwrangs' 4,4,4, 
strings, Heihachi's f,f,+2. After the dash you have following options 
which fit as the circumstances may be

a)The tackle

a) should be used rarely coz major players never allow Craig to mount.
   Even the spear,  i've seen sometimes getting escaped.

b) d/f+4 It could be better pick compared to mount. Good use in those
   situations like  suppose you are at a slight distance against Marshall
   that his WS+2 just won't connect. If he tries WS+2 he whiffs and if he
   goes for FC,d/f,d,d/f+3 (dragonslide)it wiffs too.Punish with d/f+4
   as it fits best in this situation and opens a chance for some oki.

c) f+2 - I used it sometimes for teasing people after the backdash; 
   they come charging in and eat this move. Also after grounded opponent
   are getting up and you quickly do VTS+3+4,f+2 they eat this move
   sometimes, with the fear of f+2 and 2+4 mixups. But, nevertheless,
   this is not a smart choice at all, as they can interrupt him badly. 

d) The possibility for this move has already been mentioned.

e) WS+3 is the perfect followup, though punishable on block, if you
   are able to make their attacks whiff with d/b+3+4. 

f) WS+4_1 are just for countering.   

If you are just playing defensive and trying to evade them, then do
SS+3+4~3+4~3+4 after the backdash as the movement and the stance 
after it both are punishable. Also it can't be cancelled by d/f-d/b
and 3+4.

Alligator Tackle
Marduks' running headbutt
Whatever you call it, can be used for pressuring. Sometimes they 
mistake it for a tackle and eat it. After a successful f+3+4, a 
run up b+1 is guaranteed, even if they tech. You can also try a 
ground throw if they lie there fore more fruits. A small bad thing
about it is it can be evaded by SSing & a small good thing about it
is it catches tech to Marduk's left.

Gator Stomp
A slow ground hitting TJ move. Looks dirty, but  Marduk's all about
dirty games afterall. On block no body is at disadvantage.If they
eat hit crouching, you have the following followups

2) d/f+1 juggle
4)d+2,4. However, stomp must hit at maxrange for this to work.
It also works for tech traps in 5.0 but I haven't heard of any uses
still in 5.1. This move also works as a fake offense, baiting etc.

Sidestep VTS
Tap either side u_d for asidestep & then 3+4 to go into VTS stance.
Immediate followups are slow. I myself use VTS+3. I don't know why
but if u do this(SS+3+4,3) all of a sudden, they eat it. Mix it up
with 2+4, d/f+4,tackle. The tackle option is not for a front attack,
but if u SSed properly their attacks, u will be behind them.The tackle
may turn into a spear but atleast u may be sure of mount . This is a 
very nice tool to avoid opponents attacks. This movement also comes 
from d+3+4 which is a little faster also. but doesn't work from u+3+4.
Why? You know well. Don't do it blindly, you may be hit during the sidestep.

SS VTS cancel
It is the cancel for the sidestep VTS. It is the greatest part, IMO.
In the above part Marduk was vulnerable even after the stance for some 
time. But cancelling it in this way is safe. It is also good to get more 
fruits, since the options are limited with the above. But with this you 
have more stuff to deal your opponent with. Safety issues are same during
the ssing as the above.

Sideswipe kick
Marduk's magic 4. Creates minor stun on hit. Launches on Ch. A f+2+4_f+1+2
is guaranteed & easy juggle aftewards . you may also try f,f,N+1,2,3+4~3+4
followps but they are hard to land. you need to react quick & anticipate a
CH, then only u can do this. Otherwise , rely on the f+2+4_f+1+2 ender.

Bazooka Heel
It knocks down on hit. Nothing is guaranteed afterwards. BUT this move is
no giant killer. Stick to its only usual & useful property of whiff punishment
& don't look beyond. Also, it's very predictable so people usually don't 
block it when they know its coming.

Leg Scissors
This move looks like they have tried to give him something like king's
d/b+4. It is more unsafe on block as compared to king's one bcoz he(Craig)
falls KND position. On hit, both will be grounded & nothing can be said if
anything is guaranteed afterwards. On CH this move turns into " Leg Trip
Takedown throw", opponent is in FCD position with Marduk at their back .
More usefull near walls. Good okizeme & tackle chances are there rather 
in open fields. Use it from a little SSR. This move avoids highs at the 
end but smart opponents can low parry it and launch. Also in the initial
frames , if they guessed they can throw jabs & u will be floated.

Opponent grounded d/b+4
Ground Stomp
Marduk's foot stomp. He performs it when the opponent is grounded.
You can try it after a successful f+3+4 , if they lie there. Also it 
comes out after you break a throw or opponents break em. But it is of
no use in situations where throws have special break animations. Use
it generally after the 1+2 break which don't have special break animations.
Use it near walls . Just for telling its properties.

Side Kick
It is a very slow mid. I think d/f+3,1 is a better option. Also d/f+4
is jab punishable. But still, it has a use. People mistake it for a
d/b+3 sometimes. It works well when they are getting up from ground.

Knee Slicer
Marduk's best low. It ducks under high attacks & it is unparryable.
Its fast too. 14 frames & -16 on block. Good for oki also. Tracks
to Marduk's right. BUT, just don't get it blocked.

Gator Sweep
A long range low that hits grounded.In fact, it is Marduk's longest
range move. It KNDs on CH, & on regular hit, opens following options :
- WS+4 Uninterruptible.
- FC,d/f+4
- Throws
  The throws include JH , qcf+2, qcb+1+2, also. How ?it is explained
  further. Remember, these are just mixups, they are'nt guaranteed 
  followups. That means they can be blocked & escaped( for throws)
  But after a CH hit, u have: 
- FC,d/f+4
- u/f+3+4
- FC,d+3
- Crouch cancel d/b+4
This low is one of his best. Has got much long range & tracks a bit 
to his right to. It also useful for punishing whiffs( from VTS of course).
If u learn to use it properly, it can win u matches.

Wild stomp
A mid hits grounded opponents. It has following properties:
>> It is unsafe on block. ( You will eat a WS+4 )
>> It is slow
>> It can be sidestepped
It has frame disadvantage on hit too, that means u can't keep the
pressure going with it. If your opponent knows it , he will get 
back to offensive mode.


Marduk throw game is good if not great & he is no less than king & Nina 
in this department. He has got two 2 double button breaks,UNCHICKENABLE
airthrows, 5 single breaks, 2 crouchthrows( Though not so important),
& the groundthrows. Good thing about his throw game is you'll be
needing it almost every now or then in your game. Most of them also
provide very good positioning. Lets see them one by one.

NOTE: Sidethrows aren't going up on the list, as i don't know 
anything special about them. Backthrows will be discussed in brief.

Rolling splash
Powerbomb with a rolling a startup. Break with 1. Switches sides, wether
they eat it or break it. I don't know wether any thing is guranteed 
afterwards or not, but you can do some mean things if they roll away.
>> Dash in, f+2+4. YES, it works.
>> Dash in, 3+4,1+2. Only if there is a wall nearby.

Knee crusher
Craig picks opponent up and slams his/her crotch on his knee, 
very dirty hehe. Nothing guranteed afterwards. Switches sides if broken.
Break with 2. Also, it one of the most escaped throws in the game.

Northern lights suplex
Break with 1. 
A good throw. If u landed it , go to mount by all means. I use in 
case where i have blocked something which hasn't got any punishment
or if I am going for simple throws as such. But given a choice, 
i'd like to replace it with JH always coz JH has only one chance of 
escaping whereas this one has 2 breaking points.

Breakwith 2
Same properties as qcf+1, but no replacement. That means, you have
to be careful they don't break it. But I've seen it is not breaked 
that often as the regular 2+4 does. This throw has'nt any replacement
but it can be for 2+4 in few cases. 

Jack hammer
Break with 1
This is the one we have been talking about always. Unlike king's one
it hasn't got range & speed, but very good damage & Craig's 
positioning after this throw is also very sweet. Good oki chances 
afterwards & if they lie there even for a slightest nick of time, go
for the foot stomp(d/b+4), it hits them. This throw is bufferable a
lot & can be setup as after:
1,d+2( Near walls.)
After a run
A dash
regular hit f+1+2 ( should be close hit though)
Basically any move with a forward input can buffer JH. For moves that
don't have f input, just tap f after the animation ends & then hcf+1. 
For FC,d/f+4, after the animation just hold D/F for a split second, 
then hcf+1 to do JH or u may tap d/f again as soon as the move hits
& then hcf+1. Be careful, if you messed up you may come up with WS+1.
Same things follow for qcf+2 from FC also. You need to do hcf for 
that too.

Atomic buster
break with 1+2
Forget about king's GS. This throw is no less than that. Everything's
good about it. It has double button escape, comes out from a f,f dash
so good range & most importantly it JUGGLES.One of the best throws but
since it comes out from a dash it has ultracrap escape timing.

Break with 1+2
This throw doesn't require a dash so a good alternative to Atomic buster
sometimes. Good damage. Good positioning after it but anythying is 
guranteed after it or not, i am not sure. But this throw is not escaped
as much as f,f+1+2.

Body slam
Break with 2
Although this throw has a trickier execution or say it is hard to set,
but i have seen once u landed it & your opponent tries to move away 
from Craig , just dash in & tap f+2+4 for a back throw again! Huge damage.
This trick works with a few WS+3 juggles too.
WS+3, 1, d/f+3,1,2,3+4~3+4, d/b+4 being one of them.
Besides the above the opponent is prone to many good wakeup games & oki.


Airthrows are an important addition to Marduk's juggle game. Their strong
feature too, is being, UNCHICKENABLE. Here's a quick info about them:

>> The range of airthrows goes on like this:
   1+3_2+4 --- Same range as Jabs. Does 17 damage.
   f,f+1+2 --- Longer range than the above ones & does more damage too.(25)
               You can always replace 1+3_2+4 with this throw in any combo
               but timing also should be practiced.
 f+1+3_f+2+4-- Same thing as the first but adding a f increases range of
               the enders of which f+2+4 has got the longest range. In
               fact, f+2+4 is the longest range throw in Marduk's arsenal.
               f+1+3 can be replaced with f+2+4 but f+2+4 cannot be replaced
               with f+1+3 in certain situtations.

To sum up, the range of airthrows goes on like this:
 1+3_2+4 ------ Least
 f,f+1+2 ------ Medium
 f+1+3_f+2+4--- Long

Other than this:
1+3 has got strongest wakeup games compared to others. Opponent is thrown
into FCD position from where you have many setups. See Pokes & Mixups sec.
2+4 just looks cool. The opponent is thrown far away from any guaranteed
wakeup games.
f,f+1+2 also isn't good in that department. Opponent lies in the SLD
position from where you can't expect any major strategy.

Break 1_2
They are regular crouch throws . They are  guaranteed after a low parry,
if d/f+1 does'nt reach properly. Also guaranteed after they tech to their
right after a wall splat or wall combo. Just ss along with them & throw
out anyone of your choice. These throws look cool but for the most part
u can replace them with better moves.

Break 1_2
His ground throws have many variants . Some of them form a strong part
of his combos. I know each one has a different name ,but i don't bother
listing them. These throws also catch siderolling opponents.

> Any ground grab from KND ,SLD,PLD,or FCD, tosses them in the air .
  The throw itself is very weak & can be tech rolled. That is why 
  Marduk players juggle them for more damage . 
  These throws are breakable too.

> Opponents position for this needs to be face down & sideways .
  Marduk kicks them & they are thrown away far.
> Oppoents position for this has to be face up & sideways. 
  Marduk throws a punch & mounts.The chances for these 2throws
  to land are very rare but i haven't seen any one of them getting 
  escaped as often .

A few words about backthrows. Whenever u get a chance to do a backthrow
go for the 2+4(Rolling splash), even though it does less damage than 1+3
coz you get some good chances for wakeup games, i myself use it & after
a succesful 2+4 i do a d/b+4, they eat it nearly all the times. You can 
also land a d/f+3,d+1 if they getup wrong. Since backthrows aren't a thing
that will happen every now & then, you can give it a try for d/b+4, less
chances are they will escape it.

Marduk's reversals 

b+1+2- reverses all high attacks
b+3+4- reverses all mid attacks
These doesn't work on head butts,knees, elbows, shoulder push etc. 
These work only on punches & kicks. Greatest thing about them is they're 
unchickenable. Go for the Marduk's reversals only on the following conditions :

> See what u are trying to reverse, can be reversed. It's dead obvious,
  but sometimes people don't understand.

> See that the move you are trying to reverse is punishale on block or 
  can be avoided by Ssing or making it whiff or not. If you can punish 
  a move after blockingor anything more badly, then don't go for the
  reversal. e.g._ Laws 4,u/f+3, this move is safe on block  but can be
  SSR. So reversing here won't be worth the effort.

> See that your attempt to do a reversal is successful, or it doesn't 
  whiffs. Be sure about it e.g; Marshall's f+1+2, Bryan's b+1 etc are
  reversible but if you messed up , they will give you what you deserve.

> Here's a situation: Your tackle is escaped by DevilJin, he throws out
  WS+1,2(I don't know its name). Do not try to reverse the 2nd hit. I
  don't why but i've never been able to do it. Don't try to do this on 
  similar strings.e.g., Kaz- WS+1,2, Julia's 1,1,1 & moves like that. 
  However, this is not a problem with other chars. like king, Paul, 
  Nina etc.

> Another situation: You're playing against Law. He throws Junkyard combo
  ( b+2,3,4) for which you weren't ready & you blocked the 3: DO NOT try
  to reverse the 4 ender. You'll be launched again. Same applies to Lei's
  4~4,3,3 & similar stuff. It's not impossible BUT hard.

So, moral of the discussion is if you see someone annoying you with some
unusual moves, don't let it unpunished, wether by blocking them, by making
them whiffed or by reversing. Choose the option which does maximum damage
according to the situation.

Marduk's tenstrings 
They are two of them , pretty bad , not much utility , they can be easily
reversed, parried etc. in between. Only good thing about them the kick 
ender juggles till the 3rd last move. Also i think the 2nd tenhit is combo
from behind but i'm not sure...i leave it to readers to find it themselves.
The starting jabs af the strings themselves are good to stop there as they
can be used for jab punishment or countering SOMETIMES. Otherwise use them
very rarely.

                    VALE TUDO STYLE: STANCE & MOVES

The stance itself is a ducking animation & goes under highs. Craig is
vulnerable in the initial frames of the stance, but after going into
it you can remain there for indefinite period if you don't do anything.
Since there are certain moves which cannot be done from a d/b+3+4, hence
they are mentioned with a *. It means you cannot do this move from a
You can go to the VTS stance in the following ways:
  d/b+3+4_SS either side
  SS+3+4 either side
  During the tackle SS either side before 3 steps.

From a VTS stance you can do:

VTS cancel
It is the cancel for the above stance.Should be done immidiately after 3+4
(3+4~3+4). During the initial frames of getting into stance, Marduk remains
vulnerable for any attacks but if you cancel it in this way you are totally
safe. Its more a bait for reversals & turtule block-punishing. 

Break with 1+2
The "DREADED" tackle. This is the move Marduk's known for. If there is
any reason Craig could be cheap for, this is it. This is a move that's
abused every now & then in Craig's game. If the opponent is turtuling
throw it out & see them paying for it dearly, however, the sense to be 
applied behind it is not to throw it out whenever you feel but when the 
opportunity says it.
This move is good for the following reasons:

>> Can only be escaped, can't reversed. :)
>> Guaranteed mount from back.
>> Full tracking upclose.
>> Also works as a okizeme tool.
>> You can also ss either side before 3 steps by tapping u_d to get
   back to VTS stance or SS+3+4~3+4~+3+4 to get back to normal position
If tackle is done from a distance it turns into spear where Marduk 
pounces over the opponent without that " Grab & Slam " animation.
If tackle is successful, you get to the mount positon from where
you can do:
 1, 1+3, 2~1  -----  Break with 2
 2, 2+4, 1~2  -----  Break with 1
 1+2_3+4      -----  Press nothing or anything except 1 or 2.

You may come to hear about people who are good at escaping mount. The
reason this happens, they are good at reading Craig's shoulders. The
defense against them is to mix the pro mount followups with 1~2_2~1.
Yes, they may be good breaking those left & right combinations but this
fake one works well at high levels. Mixing these two with the other
options makes the opponent sweat with the subsequent no. of mounts.
Remember, however, good they may be, if you mixup all the options well
you yourself increase the chances you will have success with the mount.
Saying it all on paper is easy, but implenting it in the games is the 
real thing. Keep practicing it, you yourself will understand the timing
for it.

Health Tap
A mid which comes out reasonable fast . Marduk throws out his left hand 
whch is fast but not strong. Tracks to Marduk's left & is a good setup 
for JH. This move looks to have limited uses but really isn't that bad.
It stops any rushing game in its tracks, mostly after evading an attack
with d/b+3+4. Plus it can be a safe bait for reversals on hit & block.
Its a move for the people who want to play Craig extra safe. 
Tracks to Marduk's left.

Tornado Chop
Its high & a litle slow. Tracks both sides. A b+1 is guaranteed after it
hits.Its best to use after evading any attack with SS+3+4. More 
possibilities to use it are after a d/b+3+4 (Backdash) when u see Bryan,s
3,2,1 or Devil's b,f+2,1,2 of which the 1st hit whiffed or anything like 
that. Just to give an idea.

Power Straight
A moderate fast mid from VTS. It KNDs on hit. I give it a little preference
over VTS+3_4 bcoz

1> VTS+3 is unsafe on block, it is not.

2> VTS,f+2 has a better range than VTS+4 . 
   But the bad news- it is slower than both the above.

Raid Kick
Say it Marduk's launcher from WS as nearly every character has. It launches
awkwardly & has crappy combos afterwards. Good in the sense it has got nearly
as much range as Jin's WS+2 & is much used after evading an attack with 
d/b+3+4 or SS+3+4 too. Bad thing it is too slow(18frames)so you won't be able
to launch with it after blocking a low or ducking throws every time & it 
isn't guaranteed even after Law's d/b+4, Nina's WTF, Roger's SS+4 etc. They 
have to be dealt the hard way.i.e, f,f+1 or u/f,N+4. This move has limited 
uses as a WS launcher & more for baiting purposes. 
Also note if u landed it on a BT opponent , u can follow with d/f+1 combos.

Kong Knee
The data for this move says it is 13 frames, so it is a OK fast. But 
compared to other characters, it is a bit slower e.g.King's one is 11
only. It KNDs on hit( with no strong followps) & stuns on CH which give
u three options afterwards:
> f+4
> A groundthrow ( Breakable)
> d/b+4
It is short ranged mid so be carefull, don't get this whiffed. Also,
it has no tracking ability.

The same thing as you do SS+3+4.

Its FC,d,d/f+4 starting from VTS stance also.

The generic high crush low kick everyone has, not safe.

The regular crouch throws.

May be used after evading moves with d/b+3+4 , when Craig's back is 
near walls, sounds stupid but can be handy sometimes. I am not kidding! 
Can say it a whiff punishment, lol.

From the stance, this move works more as a fake offense & invites 
opponents to commit some mistakes. Other wise properties are the same
as the regular ones.

It can also can be done from a VTS. I've seen when they break the 
mount & I do the tackle & then SS while they stay there on the ground,
i landed this ground grab on them. It worked for me sometimes BUT only

VTS d/f(low parry)* Although the above one works sometimes inspite of
the fact they cankick marduk & get away from the situation. For that,
u need to condition them with a VTS d/f low parry & again with some 
fake offense. This low parry works as the regular low parry.

Stance cancel.
The VTS stance can be cancelled in this way also.

That's all i know about Marduk's moves. If you know something other than
this, please drop me a mail. It will be put here. 

                      THE ESSENCE OF MARDUK:

This is a quick reminder of Marduk's moves as when to use to get best results:

Poking moves( Better use when turtuling ):
1,d+2: Best to use, stops any high mid guessing game. Also avoids lows
d/b+1: High crush, short range.       
d+4  : Although punishable, best low since it avoids highs, fast & 
f,f+2: Fast & irreversible. Slice of speed in Marduk's game. 
1+2  : Frames on normal hit & followups on CH. Easy to use.  
d/b+2: Force crouch on hit & block.                          
d+2,4: Irreversible & safe. Medium speed.

Spacing or Evading moves:

d/b+3+4: Best spacing tool in the game. Highly abusable
d/b+1+2: Better to use after ssing to weaker sides of opponents.
SS+3+4 : Best time to use VTS moves if its done well.
       : Craig's best sidestepping move. Safe too.

CH catchers:
1+2      : Fast & safe on block.
4        : Magic 4. 40+ on CH. Safe.
d/b+2    : Got extra tick damage on CH. Better to use mixups after it.
f+2      : Medium speed but combos breakable on CH.
d/f+3,d+1: Massive damage on CH, but jab punishable.
(d+2),4  : Safe & irreversible. Nice combos.
d,d/f+4  : Good damage for a low, highly risky.
f+3      : Safe but slow.
         : Mostly a pressuring tool, least used for CH hunting.

Natural Combos:
d+1, d/b+1
f+2, 1  :  On BT opponent only.

Whiff Punishment:
f,f+2  : Close range.
b+4    : Close range, only if window is big.
3+4~4  : Close range, after ducking jabs & throws.
3+4~3  : Mid range, better after ssing.
d/b+1+2: Mostly after ssing.
3+4,2  : Mostly after evading their attacks with d/b+3+4 or after
f+1+2  : Long range.
d,d/f+4: Long range, mostly after evading their attacks with d/b+3+4.
f,f+1  : Mostly after backdashing their wakeup kicks.
d/f+1  : Close range.
Tackle itself.

Block punishment:
For this section i'll list the moves in the following manner:
Moves   Minimum frames required for this move   Move's range.
        to hit the opponent.
2,1     -10         Close
1,d+2   -10         Close
1,2     -10         Close               
f,f+2   -12--14     Close--Mid 
4       -13--14     Close
f+1+2   -15         Long
d/f+1   -16         Close--Mid
b+4     -18         Mid
d+1+2   -19         Mid
f,f+1   -20         Mid

Low block punishment:
WS+1+2  -11         Close
WS+1_4  -13         Mid
WS+3    -18         Mid
d,d/f+4 -19         Long

                     STRATEGIES: WHAT IS MARDUK'S STYLE? 

This is the most difficult part to describe. Marduk's game is very versatile.
It is mostly centered around turtuling, spacing & baiting. When you play
him, most of the time your opponent starts attacking, forcing you to go into
the shell, and it is here that you have to show some skills & get some respect
for Craig.
Before starting it can i expect that:
>> You know your combos well, do not try what you can't land consistently.
   Use only those with which you are comfortable.
>> Learn to punish your opponent's move as badly as you can. Seriously,
   it can be key to victory sometimes. 
>> We know Craig is going to have tough time against most of the tekken
   cast, but you should also not make any stupid mistakes yourselves.
If the above things are fine with you, this section can help you better,
although its just for the start. I know that there's always a possibility
of better things to do but i also hold my own.

Let's start this topic with the move that has made Craig so famous in the game.

>> Tackle --- 3+4,1+2
The most basic form. Round starts & throw it out. What'll happen?
Probably your opponent will eat it guessing about the mount or he will mash 
buttons to get his end out of there.
These are the most basic form of possibilities that will happen if you haven't
played Craig before or if your opponent hasn't against him much. Time passes,
and you are playing Marduk more frequently now & your opponent is getting 
smarter, so you are getting more predictable about tackle. Whenever you get
into the stance, your opponent doesn't mash buttons anymore but tries to 
launch you everytime he sees you in it. So where's the mistake? Shall we
stop using this move. NOOOOOOOo.....just change your plans a bit. Here's how?
Now don't go into stance directly.i.e., use ss+3+4 or d/b+3+4 and then throw
it out. What happened? Opponent was surprised for a while? He ate it again.
He's gone mad now & becomes even more aggressive & starts hunting for the 
VTS stance & starts dancing around him. You are getting into the shell now.

                        Your opponent has gone totally mad now. Attacking more
more fastly & giving you less chances to think. Now its time we should bring
our evading & spacing tools into action. Start doing d/b+3+4 now, you ran away
from him for a while, getting some chance to breathe. Your enemy sees this and
rushes in. Here's what you can possibly do:
>> Throw out 1 or 4. It will stop them most of the time, better throw 1 only
   coz 4 is horrible on whiff & can be ssed either side. If 1 hits it gives
   you frames!!!
>> SS immidiately after watching their step to their weaker side & do 
   3+4~3+4~3+4. I emphasize not going back to stance as you can be hit during
   the initial frames of the stance, rather cancelling it in this way gives you
   a chance to read the weak spot in their attacks.
>> If you are good & timed d/b+3+4 in such a way that you just evaded their move
   with it, just go for 3 or d/f+4 depending your distance from your opponent.
   Either you launched them or you got frames!!
>> If you just backdashed without any plans, still no worries. Throw the tackle
   again!!. WHAT? I don't want to get launched anymore...No, you won't be. The 
   purpose is different now. Throw the tackle & before 3 steps just ss either
   side & do SS VTS cancel( From now onwards SS+3+4~3+4~3+4 will be referred
   as SS VTS Cancel). You're safe.You know this & your opponent doesn't. He
   throws a stupid move to launch you which you can:
   * Either block & punish.
   * Reverse it if its safe.
   Though it will happen when you have understood their style using the above
   mixups well.

Now its time for your opponent to go into the shell now...no, i shouldn't
say it like this. I'd preferably say he's become more careful with his attacks
now & chooses his attacks wisely. He doesn't want to get his attacks reversed,
so he's careful about it but he has reduced the speed of his attacks. Time
for you to start dancing around him. Hehehe...
Start with SS+3+4,3. If they haven't seen this before i'm sure they'll eat 
it. Combine that with d/f+4_1. They aren't attacking yet. Just trying to
understand your style.
Now go for some direct offense. Use jabs, d+4, pokes, throws etc & keep
combining them with 3+4,1+2 from time & time. They sweat again.
SS again & do SS+3+4, 1+2.Hehehe... They weren't ready for this & ate it again.
They become crazy now...totally braindead. They're lost with their attacks. 
They're just abusing it. Get back to shell again & see what's coming.  
By this time you've understood their style too.  

Lets talk about some stategies after you had sucess with the mount. Lets
start with 1+3. After this hits you stand on their left with their belly 
towards you. From here you can try :
  A d/b+3 as a safe low.
  A d+4 is also good, it hits them with their back turned if they tried
  to roll away. Also, it stops any wakeup kicks etc.
  A d+1 to retain pressure, but can be beaten by the wakeup kicks.
The list is too long.....anything that works for you is fine. These 
moves work after successful 1+2,3+4 also.

After you had success with this Marduk stands in front of the opponent's
legs. Here, most chances are your opponent will getup & block anything
you throw in. I myself like using u/f+3+4 as on block it doesn't give 
frames & is a good bait for reversals too.
There are too many options you may use. Keep playing & you'll understand
what & when to use.

2~1, 1~2
These are mostly used followups since they are used much in high level
matches. Since experts see the 1+3, 2+4 easily this is somewhat hard
to guess. After 1_2~1 you stand just next to them on their right side
,their belly towards you. Similarly with 2,1~2 you're on their left.
After these you can try d/f+2, almost unstoppable if not guaranteed
since it is fast & can't be interrupted with wakeup kicks & if they
try to roll away they'll be eating this BT! Even safe if whiffed.
Condition them with it & then go for some mixups such as:
d/b+4-- Most of the time they'll lay there on there on the ground 
        expecting d/f+2.
d+1  -- They know they can't interrupt d/f+2, so they'll getup
        immediately to block it & it's time to throw this out. They
        block it & most of the time they don't attack afterwards so
        giving you a chance for some throw or low guessing games. 


During tackle you'll only be launched if you've just started to run for it.
If tackle is about to end & Craig's hit during that time, he won't be launched.

If you throw a tackle & your opponent breaks it, try to watch what he does.
If he tries to retaliate, you can almost every time reverse his moves.e.g.,
Tackle(Escaped)--- For the first time your opponent will try to go safe & will
throw a WS+4 which is easily reversible.
Next time when you do it he'll make a second guess & think what to do. Here's
the chance for you. Do some d+4, d+1+2, tackle etc to keep them on their toes
. So you're still dishing some damage out of the opportunity.
You may say it is also obvious that he might throw a low punch, a throw etc.
Yes, he can. That's why i'm saying keep trying it now & then to get a feel of 
their style. But don't complain you were launched when you made the next
attempt as on this issue i'm also assuming that you're careful with your
getting into the stance.
Now lets assume you've mounted them. They break the followups. What happened?
Craig dismounted. They'd either stay there for a moment or roll back. 
So we'd start with the first possibilty:
>> They're staying there. You throw a b+1. They either standup quickly & block
   it or they do a sideroll & then getup. No results.
   You try to hit them with a low but they block that too. Sob...
   Do some fake offense. Start a tackle from a d/b+3+4. Do the sidestep from
   the tackle & do tackle again till you reach close to them & then immediately
   do SS VTS cancel. They thought you're close so they'll immediately getup &
   throw some kicks on you which you can block. They're screwed. 
>> Next time they are a bit careful now so they stand immediately when they see
   the same thing repeating. Its most likely to happen like this:
   you did d/b+3+4,1+2---(Running) SS VTS, 1+2... They stand up immediately
   rush towards you but you cancelled it again. They guessed wrong 2nd time &
   throw something which you can still deal with.

These tricks work most of the time if they try to backroll too. Try to mix
these in this situations & you'll yourself see it working here too.
On the same topic, ssing right during tackle avoids their wakeup kicks most 
of the time & chances are you'll get a BT mount!!. Just suppose you ssed 
during tackle and they throwed the kicks before you cancelled the SS VTS.
You'll still evade them.

The Tackle also works as a oki tool. Catches backrollers.e.g., after a 1+3 
airthrow, they try to roll away, just dash in a bit then 3+4,1+2. You'll 
BT mount them. This works after a 1+3 front throw also sometimes.
Here's a quick list of the situations where tackle can be used as oki also:
1+3 airthrow                     ---
VTS 2+4                          ---
1+3                              --- 
VTS+2                            --- 
CH d,d/f+4                       ---
If they break tackle & roll back --- *
qcf+1                            ---
CH (1,2),f+1                     ---

This should give enough idea. Tackle works better after these if there's 
a wall nearby. For * to work, a wall is a must. However, the tackle can
be escaped in certain situations.

3+4~3 & 3+4~4: FASTER WAY TO DO WS MOVES
Did you knew about 3+4~3 & 3+4~4? Well, most of you certainly would be
knowing. It is a faster way to do WS moves. The 3+4~3 has the use in 
the case of tech traps whereas 3+4~4 is used for offense purposes.
First of all how to do it. Its not complicated. As the command implies, you
have to do it as fast as you can. The faster you do it, the better you've
learnt it. The best way to check wether you've learnt it or not is by trying
this combo: u/f+4, 3+4~4. If you're able to do it, you've learnt it a bit.
The less you see the stance animation, the better you're doing it.

3+4~4: is useful for offense purposes, CH hunting. If you mastered this,
       you'll certainly have an edge in your offense game. Since it is 13
       frames its good for practicing. Also it is useful for punishing 
       close whiffs.Keep practicing.

3+4~3: It has its use in various tech traps situations, big whiffs etc.
       Also used to punish a move which has got slow recovery after
       backdashing it.

However, these moves aren't too practical. Most players do not incorporate
these in their matches. Keep practicing them & use them only when you are
too confident with Craig. You can still play good if haven't mastered them
but they are a bonus skill which can be seen in matches.



d/b+1+2 is also helpful after quickrolling. Just getup from the ground
ss to the side you tech(preferably to your right), then bring it out.
It works sometimes. Do it as: Quickroll to right--SSR,d/b+1+2.

Say you did a f,f+2. They ate it but are not doing some quick wakeup
strategies.i.e., they aren't quickrolling, backrolling etc. You didn't
knew that & you throwed a f+3+4 & it whiffed. They thought they got a
chance & tried to do wakeup kicks which could be
>> A low which should be parried.
>> A mid which shouldn't be reversed.WHAT? shouldn't be reversed?
   Yes, just block it & go for the d/f+1. Even it launches at max range
   you can still combo them nicely with: 
   d/f+1, 1,2,3+4~3+4, 1,2,3+4~3+4, f,f+1+2. Still good damage. Better
   than the damage you're going to get from the reversal.

Use d/b+3+4,SS games every now & then. They save Marduk's ass in most
situations. Only don't use it when you're getting cornered. Use SS+3+4
& more stuff according to situations.

The stuff that helps you more when you're back is near walls:
SS+3+4 games opposite to walls.

These are the only friends of yours in these situations as chances are
they'd backdash your most possibilities & punish you.

More i'll add as ideas come to mind.
Also see pokes & mixups section. :)

                           POKES & MIXUPS:

Saying Marduk is a turtule it doesn't mean that he cannot poke.Given a chance
he can poke to a degree which is above many others. First of all here's
a list of moves that come to mind when switching to offense with him.
 : 1,d+2
 : d+4
 : d/b+2
 : 1+2
 : Tackle itself.
 : Throws.
That is only for an idea, these things come to mind when we try
to counter. But if we try to see in depth, Marduk too has got many
options to be called as his mixups.In the following list unless i
mention assume the moves to be hitting them.If i say a move is blocked
i'll put a [B] after that particular move. I've made the list containing
the only moves that work for me, but i'm pretty sure they will work for 
you too if you haven't played Marduk yet or if you haven't used them in

The list is like this
Any move=( Equal to shows options we're going to have after the move
hits or is blocked.)Mixups which are combined together.e.g., f,f+1_2.
The sense here is to throw out f,f+2 as much as you can till they duck
, then when they become predictable throw a f,f+1. Since f,f+2 is fast,
safe on block, & UNREVERSIBLE, you can abuse it to a level.Here these
moves are grouped coz they look more appropriate to use after a dash.
You can yourself understand by looking at the groups.
So, here we have them...

 qcf+1_2, qcb+1+2 or any throw that works for u.(Only when their
          back is near walls)

 d+1+2_d/b+1+2(It becomes high crush after a +5 frame adv.If they
               try to retaliate with jabs after predicting your throws.
               d/b+1+2 also works the same.Use it less often)


 d+1 [B] or hit=
 d/b+1(After hitting them with d+1,guaranteed)
 Throws(qcf+1_2,qcb+1+2 or anything.)
 Any low
 CH d/b+2=


 Throws( Only if their back is near walls)

 2_d+2   ( I generally emphasize not going for 2_d+2  bcoz of frame
          advantage )
 SS+3+4,3_SS+3+4~3+4~3+4 or anything after they try to retaliate 
          after predicting your throws. Works most of the time.  
 2,3+4~1+2 ( For fun...)

 WS+4 ( Uninterruptible )
 Another d,d/f+4
 Throws( Including qcf+1_2, qcb+1+2,JH)

 NOTE: In above throws you can replace qcf+1 with JH for
       guaranteed damage & more oki opportunities.

 These mainly include the ones that knock them down. The main
 emphasis of this section is to train them to eat the guaranteed
 followups then going for the mixups next time.
 Also, i won't mention the condition for a same mixup everytime.
 You'll understand yourself as you'll see.
 Remember, these are ONLY mixups, won't work everytime.

 CH d,d/f+4=
 CC, d/b+4 (Guaranteed)
 d/f+3,d+1 (If they try to get up in a panic.)
 3+4,1+2   (If they try to roll away. You'll land a BT mount
            most of the time.)
 d+1       (If they try to get up in a panic. I don't need to
            tell what you should do next.)
 dash f+2+4(If they try to roll away.)
 1+3 airthrow=
 d/b+4         (Works mostly near walls, i don't know wether it will
               work only there.)
 dash 3+4,1+2  ( You'd land a BT mount most of the time. Only if
                they try to roll away.)
 dash 3+4,d/f+4( Same as above.)
 dash f+2+4    ( Only if they try to roll away.)

 qcf+1=       ( I'm not putting the guaranteed mount followup after this.)
 f,f+3+4      ( Only if they try to roll away from Marduk. Take it as
              guaranteed. Really works. Its still safe to try it once,
              even if they stay there or roll sideways you won't recieve
              any wakeup hit as guaranteed.)
 dash 3+4,1+2 ( Same as above execpt the safety issue. You know how
                it feels when a tackle whiffs.... hehe.)
 dash f+2+4   (  Unconfirmed )
 f,f+3+4      ( Only against Marduk.)
 dash 3+4,1+2 ( Only against Marduk.)

 dash 3+4,1+2 ( Only if they try to roll away, better if they roll towards
                walls. )
 b+1          ( Unconfirmed, tried it against Asuka & worked for me.)
 d/f+3,d+1    ( Only if Marduk's back is near walls.)
 dash f+2+4   ( Only if they try to roll away.)
 These only give you an idea about how a move has most chances to work.
 Don't try them too often or you'll be predictable.

 * After you are getting up & teching to your right :
   SSR, d/b+1+2

 * SS+3+4,3
   Works mostly if u haven't used it before. Use it in every 2-3 rounds
   to not getting predictable. I don't understand why but they eat it 
   nearly most of the time. You can use it even if you really ssed them,
   the combos still work fine. From back use any d/f+1 combo after 
   launching them with it. NEVER try to use ss+3+4,4 , you will be 
   whiffed MOST of the time. Instead you can use 1 after ssing if you 
   want to go safe.

  * If they turtule too much, go for a little offense:
   d+4, d+4, d+4_d+1+2
   I assure you it works . Mostly when there is only little time left  OR
   You have only little health left. You see, you have nothing to lose
   from here.Either you'll eat jabs or you'll be launched, either way 
   you're going to lose, then why not try it out?


What a fighter is without his proper set of combos? So here we have them.
Most of the combos have been taken from the TZ forums--Craig combo thread.
Apart from these others have been put from various vids which i saw. Most
of them are self explanatory besides a few which have a spcial note besides
Other than that for combos where ?? is mentioned, means damage is unknown at
the moment, will be fixed soon.
They are like:

Juggle starter
= juggles        damage       Notes if any. 
In the following combos 3+4~3+4 will be referred as: VTSc


= d/f+3,1,2, VTSc, d/f+3,1,2, VTSc, b+1     : 78
= d/f+3,1,2, VTSc, 1,2,VTSc, 1,2,VTSc, b+1  : 78
= SSR_SSL d/f+3,1,2, VTSc, 2,d+1+2          : 69     (1)
= SSL d/f+3,1,2, VTSc, 1,2,f+1              : 70
= f,f,N, d/f+3,1, d/f+3,d+1, b+1            : 69
= d/f+3,d+1, 1,2, b+1                       : 66     (2)
= f,f~N+3+4,1, d/f+3,1,2,f+1                : 66
= f,f~N, d/f+3,1, d+2,4                     : 64
= d/f+3,d+1, 2, b+1                         : 63
= SSR d/f+3,1,2, VTSc, d/b+4                : 62
= (2), 1,3,1,2,1,4                          : 58
= f,f+1,2                                   : 56

(1)  Easier from SSR
(2)  Works before or after they bounce off the ground.


= U/F,4, 1,2,VTSc, 1,2,VTSc, f,f+1+2        : 60     (3)
= U/F,4, d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, f,f+1+2            : 60     (3)
= U/F,4, 1,2,VTSc, f,f+1+2                  : 51
= U/F,4, 1,2,VTSc, 1, f+1+3                 : 45
= f,f,N+2, d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, f,f+1+2          : 59
= df+3,d+1, ff+1+2                          : 43
= 2, df+3,1, f+2,1                          : 42
= UF,4, 1, f+2,1                            : 42

(3) Ground throw must hit opponents feet.

= 4, f,f,N+1,2,VTSc, 1,2,VTSc, f,f+1+2      : 78
= d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, 1,2,VTSc, f,f+1+2         : 76    (4)
= d/f+3,d+1, 1,2,VTSc, f,f+1+2              : 73  
= d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, 1, f,f+1+2                : 70    (4)
= d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, 1, f+2,1                  : 67    (4)
= d/f+3,d+1, 1,2,VTSc, 1, f+2+4             : 68
= d/f+3,d+1, f,f+1+2                        : 64
= d/f+3,d+1, 1, f+2,1                       : 64

(4) Slightly delay d/f+3 to avoid whiffing the 2.

= 1,2,VTSc, d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, f,f+1+2         : 68
= 2, d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, f,f+1+2                : 66
= 2_1, d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, f,f+1+2              : 61_57
= 2, d/f+3,1, f,f+1+2                       : 60
= 2, 1,2,VTSc, 1, f,f+1+2                   : 60
= 1,2,VTSc, 1,2,VTSc, f,f+1+2               : 59
= 1,2,VTSc, 1,2,VTSc, 1, f+2+4              : 54
= 2, d/f+3,1, f+2,1                         : 57

= 1, 1,2,VTSc, 1,2,VTSc, 1,2,VTSc, b+1      : 58
= 1, d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, 1, b+1_d,d/f+4         : 52
= 1, d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, d/b+4                  : 51
= 1, d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, d+4                    : 48
= 1, d/f+3,1,2, b+1                         : 49
= 1, d/f+3,d+1,2                            : 47
= 1, d/f+3,1, d+1                           : 43

CH d/f+3,d+1
= d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, 1,2,VTsc, f,f+1+2         : 88
= d/f+3,d+1, 1,2,VTSc, f,f+1+2              : 85
= d/f+3,1,2,VTsc, 1, f,f+1+2                : 82
= d/f+3,d+1, 1,2,VTSc, 1, f+2+4             : 80
= d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, 1, f+2,1                  : 79
= d/f+3,d+1, f,f+1+2                        : 76
= d/f+3,d+1, f,f+1+2                        : 76
= d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, 1, b+4                    : 72
= d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, 1, d/b+1+2                : 71

CH 1+2
= f+1+2                                     : 21
= f,f+2                                     : 21
= d+4                                       : 16
= f+1+3_2+4                                 : 35   (5)

(5) f+1+3 works only when Craig is on right side.

= d/b+1+2                                   : 49
= f,f+1,2                                   : 47
= d/f+2, d+4                                : 38
= d/f+1+2                                   : 37
= f+4                                       : 33

Vs Jack, Kuma/Panda, Marduk, King follow with d/f+3,1_d/f+3,d+1 combos.
d/f+3,1_d/f+3,d+1 must be delayed against Marduk & King.

= 1,2,VTSc, d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, f,f+1+2         : 77
= 2, d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, f,f+1+2                : 75
= 2_1, d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, 1, f+2+4             : 70_66
= 2, d/f+3,1, f,f+1+2                       : 69
= 2, 1,2,VTSc, 1, f,f+1+2                   : 69
= 1,2,VTSc, 1,2,VTSc, f,f+1+2               : 68
= 1,2,VTSc, 1,2,VTSc, 1, f+2+4              : 63
= 2, d/f+3,1, f+2,1                         : 66

d/b+1+2   NOTE: SSL is not always necessary.

= U/F+4, f,f,N+1,2,VTSc, 1,2,VTSc, f,f+1+2  : 88
= SSL,4, f,f,N+1,2,VTSc, 1,2,VTSc, f,f+1+2  : 85
= u/f+1+2, 1,2,VTSc, 1,2,VTSc, f,f+1+2      : 85   (6)
= SSL, d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, 1,2,VTSc, f,f+1+2    : 83
= u/f+4, 1,2,VTSc, 1,2,VTSc, f,f+1+2        : 83
= d/f+3,d+1, 1,2,VTSc, f,f+1+2              : 80
= U/F+4, f,f,N+1,2,VTSc, f,f+1+2            : 79
= d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, d/f+3, 1, f+2+4           : 78
= SSL, d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, 1,2,VTSc, 1+3_2+4    : 75
= SSL, d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, 1, f+2,1             : 74
= U/F+4, d/f+3,1, f+2+4                     : 74
= U/F+4, 1,2,VTSc, 1, f+1+3_2+4             : 74
= SSL, d/f+3,1,2, f,f+1+2                   : 74
= SSL, d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, 2, f+2+4             : 72
= UF+4, df+3,d+1,2                          : 70   (7)

(6) d/b+1+2 must hit at max range.
(7) Reliable if opponent is launched off-axis

CH f+3
= 4, f,f,N+1,2,VTSc, 1,2,VTSc, f,f+1+2      : 89
= d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, 1,2,VTSc, f,f+1+2         : 87
= d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, 2, f,f+1+2                : 84
= d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, 1,2,VTSc, 1+3_2+4         : 79
= d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, 2, f+2+4                  : 76
= d/f+3,1, d/f+3, 1, f+2+4                  : 76
= d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, 1, f+1+2                  : 73

CH 4
= f+2+4                                     : 41
= f+1+2                                     : 38

CH (1,2),f+1
= db+1+3_2+4                                :62~85
= db+4                                      : 47   (8)
= uf+3+4                                    : 46
= FC df+4                                   : 44   (9)

(8) Slightly delay db+4 to get max damage, otherwise damage is
    reduced to 40.
(9) Trips opponent if they attempt to back roll.

WS 2 or VTS 2
= FC df+4                                    : 47   (10)
= b+1                                        : 46   (11)

(10) Does 41 damage if opponent tries to move.
(11) Does 40 damage if opponent tries to move.

f+3+4 (Opponent can tech by tapping forwards right after being hit)
= dash in, db+1+3_2+4                        : 86~72 
= dash in, uf+3+4                            : 56
= b+1                                        : 53  

b+1 will still hit even if they try to tech. Dash a little to ensure
it reaches.

CH FC df+4
= crouch cancel, db+4                        : 37_44 
= FC df+4                                    : 35_41

= d/b+4                                      : 33
= 3+4~4                                      : ??

CH (d+2),4
= d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, 1,2,VTSc, f,f+1+2          : 80
= d/f+3,d+1, 1,2,VTSc, f,f+1+2               : 77
= d/f+3,d+1, 1,2,VTSc, 1, f+2+4              : 72

=d/b+1+3_2+4  ( Breakable)                   : 76~62
= d/b+4                                      : 40
= f+4                                        : 37

CH f+2
= db+1+3_2+4                                 : 54 
= sidestep left, db+1+3_2+4                  : 75~61 
= db+4                                       : 46

(f+2), 1
= db+1+3_2+4                                 : 76~62 
= df+3,1, d+2,4                              : 59
= sidestep right, db+1+3_2+4                 : 55
= df+3,d+1,2                                 : 53
= ff+1,2                                     : 51
= db+4                                       : 47

CH b+2
= df+3,1, ff+2                               : 53
= df+3,1,2,3+4, VTS 4                        : 59
= df+3,d+1,2                                 : 56

Wall combos:
= db+1+3_2+4                                : 60~37
= 1,2,3                                     : 26
= d+2,4                                     : 23
= b+4                                       : 22
= d+1                                       : 13
= d/f+3,1,2,3                               : 39    (12)
= Power wall hit d/f+3,1,2,3                : 39

(12) On Marduk, Jack, Kuma/Panda & King only.
Power wall hit includes: f,f+1(whiff), 2_(2), f,f+2, VTS,f+2,
SS+2, 3, f+3+4, b+4.

Any launch at the wall (ff+1, df+1, d+1+2, CH f+3, CH df+3,d+1, WS 3, uf,N+4)
= 4, db+1+3_2+4                             : 75~52
= 2, db+1+3_2+4                             : 69~46
= 4, 1,2,3 (41)  3+4,1+2  : Craig's ultimate cheese. Its beastly when used as an oki.
              Not easily escaped at this moment. Best used when opponent
              is rolling towards walls from FCD or PLD position.Also tracks
              quickroll sometimes & turns into spear, but can be escaped at
              that particular instant.
              Use it & you'll understand the timing for it.

>> d+4      : Simply, the 2nd best move after tackle when it comes to oki
              purposes. Works in most situations like after successful
              mount, certain backrolls ( Remember, it doesn't work if they
              rollaway from FCD.), after f,f+1+2 airthrow etc. Its safe 
              even if whiffs i.e., if they anticipated it & did no movement
              at all. I'm not saying if its blocked!!

>> d/b+4( On grounded opponents):
              This move's too good as a oki. Unfortunately, you don't get 
              too many chances to throw this out. It may be used after
              qcb+1+2, JH, 2+4 backthrow, 1+3 airthrow, 1~2_2~1 mount 
              followups, CH d,d/f+4 etc. It is also used after the juggles
              that thrust opponent into walls from far & you have to rush
              in. You get close & burst this out after the wall splat for
              some substantial damage. 
              Also, if you get to end some juggles with this move, you still
              get some chances for wakeup games.

>> b+1      : This is only move that comes to mind when you want to play 
              safe. It is guaranteed after certain moves to become a combo,
              but since its slow it can be siderolled or blocked after 
              getting up quickly. 
              It is more used as a baiting for reversals than an oki.

>> FC,d/f+4 : It has got loooooooooong range, very long range than any other
              move Craig has, it catches opponent in so insane situations 
              where others would have possibly whiffed. Also used after u 
              entered into stance after a tackle was broken. They are still
              there lying still, expecting a tackle & you surprised them with
              it. Not easilly siderolled. Plus if you've thrown the opponent
              into the wall after any juggle that they are too far for any
              move to reach, it comes handy there.

>> d/f+3,1,2,VTSc:
              Yes, you're seeing it right. The reason i've haven't mentioned
              d/f+3,d+1 is that d/f+3,d+1 is unsafe if whiffed whereas it
              isn't. If they guessed wrong, they eat it for some good damage.
              Also since you're doing 3+4~3+4 after this, chances are you will
              float them to some juggle if they getup stupidly & if they
              predicted it & didn't getup, you'll still be safe bcoz of 3+4~3+4
              part. You don't have this advantage with d/f+3,d+1. One of the
              time to use it: You blocked Marshall's FC,d/f,d,d/f+3, do u+3+4
              (I'm saying u+3+4). He's there right in front of you from where
              you can go for d/f+3.. if he committs mistake & gets up stupidly.

>> d/f+3,d+1: Having said that, it doesn't mean that this move hasn't got its
              chances. d/f+3,d+1 is useful in those situations where they are
              in a position to backroll. If they didn't do that & getup wrong
              they'll be eating some nice 60+ damage.
              Some situations to use it:
              I've mentioned d/f+3,d+1 with $
              f,f+1+2, u/f+3+4, $
              CH d,d/f+4, dash $
              WS+2, dash $
              1+3 airthrow, $
              More of it has been covered in Pokes & mixups section.
              In case you don't know the juggle from behind:
              d/f+3,d+1, 2, d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, d/b+4.
              d/f+3,d+1, 1,2,VTSC, 1,2,VTSc, 1, b+1.
              Thats the ones i use, if you know something else better than
              that, mail me & i'll put them here.

>> u/f+3+4:   If you just throw it out on a grounded opponent, 99% of the time
              they'll sideroll & avoid it. Maybe they can throw wakeup kicks
              too. It's used mostly after any juggle ending with d/f+3,d+1.
              Just dash a bit and u/f+3+4. If they getup wrong way they're
              gonna eat it & as it affects crouchers, you get some follow-ups
              too. It also worked for tech traps in 5.0 but no more in 5.1. As
              said with b+1, this move too is not used with the sense of
              hitting them but to make them block it & getting some guessing
              games from there.
>> d+1:       Same purpose as u/f+3+4 & b+1. Make them block it to retain 

Besides these stuff there are some other things too:

Ground throws, d/b+3 catch sideroll.

b+4 stops any spring forward attempt.
Also you can avoid it by d/b+3+4, SS stuff. It easily evades it.
If the opponent is in FCD position & tries to roll towards you, you
can try d/f+3,d+1 which will hit as CH & they'll be launched. 

SS+2, b+2 are just used against backrolls. Very rare. Only if you're
feeling dry.

These are just the basic stuff, i'll add more stuff as things come to mind.

                                 TECH TRAPS:

Basically, Craig players do not rely on tech traps much as he had many of 
them in 5.0 but most of them do not seem to work in 5.1. Also, with the 
ones he has you yourself have to guess which side opponent is going to
quickroll as Craig doesn't have any moves that catch a tech to both sides
except u/f+3+4( Only in short juggles & in 5.0 ). For the sake of 
completeness they are being mentioned here as it is a 5.0 FAQ.hehehe....
First of all u/f+3+4 stuff.  ( Taken from Valestyle_G  Craig thread from
                               Arcadepimp. Big thanks..)

(launch) 2, 2d+1+2 (opp doesnt move) uf3+4.           50dmg+21dmg "71dmg" 
(launch) 2, 2d+1+2 (opp rolls side) uf3+4, df3 1d+2,  50dmg+59dmg "109dmg" 
(launch) 2, 2d+1+2 (opp rolls back) dash forward, df3 1, 1 2 vtsc* 1, f+2+4
                                                      50dmg+44dmg "94dmg"
Pretty damaging, huh. Yes it is. But bad news it doesn't work in further
tekkens. CRY........

More stuff:

f+3+4_ 3+4~3 catches tech to Marduk's left.
d/b+1+2      catches tech to Marduk's right.

You can put try any of the above after any juggle ending with f,f+2_f+1+2
_1,2, etc.
you can always replace f,f+1+2 airthrow in any juggle with f,f+2 & f+2+4
with f+1+2.
Since room is needed for these stuff to work, so they won't work with
short juggles. For the 3+4~3 & d/b+1+2 you need to do a dash forward
( f,f ) to make them work.
I'll list some of the combos where these tech traps may work. For the
f,f+1+2 combos which you can replace with f,f+2 just reduce the damage
by -15. I haven't checked the damage for f+1+2, will be put here soon.

I'll mention the damages for some of the combos. The list will be like
Any juggle       Opponent teching to          Opponent teching to
                 Marduk's left.               Marduk's right.
                 ( f+3+4 or f,f,3+4~3 )       ( f,f,d/b+1+2)

= 4, f,f,N+1,2,VTSc, 1,2,VTSc, f,f+2      f+3+4_ f,f,d/b+1+2
= d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, 1,2,VTSc, f,f+2         f+3+4_ f,f,d/b+1+2
= d/f+3,d+1, 1,2,VTSc, f,f+2              f+3+4_ f,f,d/b+1+2 
= d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, 1, f,f+2                f+3+4_ f,f,d/b+1+2                 
= d/f+3,d+1, 1,2,VTSc, 1, f+1+2           f+3+4_ f,f,d/b+1+2  
= d/f+3,d+1, f,f+2                        f+3+4_ f,f,d/b+1+2

= 1,2,VTSc, d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, f,f+2         f+3+4_ f,f,d/b+1+2
= 2, d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, f,f+2                f+3+4_ f,f,d/b+1+2
= 2_1, d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, f,f+2              f+3+4_ f,f,d/b+1+2
= 2, d/f+3,1, f,f+2                       f+3+4_ f,f,d/b+1+2
= 2, 1,2,VTSc, 1, f,f+2                   f+3+4_ f,f,d/b+1+2
= 1,2,VTSc, 1,2,VTSc, f,f+2               f+3+4_ f,f,d/b+1+2
= 1,2,VTSc, 1,2,VTSc, 1, f+1+2            f+3+4_ f,f,d/b+1+2  

CH d/f+3,d+1
= d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, 1,2,VTsc, f,f+2         f+3+4_ f,f,d/b+1+2 
= d/f+3,d+1, 1,2,VTSc, f,f+2              f+3+4_ f,f,d/b+1+2 
= d/f+3,1,2,VTsc, 1, f,f+2                f+3+4_ f,f,d/b+1+2 
= d/f+3,d+1, 1,2,VTSc, 1, f+1+2           f+3+4_ f,f,d/b+1+2  
= d/f+3,d+1, f,f+2                        f+3+4_ f,f,d/b+1+2 

By now, i'm sure you'd have got the idea behind this. You can always
replace f+3+4 with f,f,3+4~3. However, i'm not sure wether the 2nd one
is safe on whiff or not,i.e., you might eat wakeup kicks if they do not
do any movement.
All these tech traps can be escaped by backroll & can be avoided by

OTHERS:                   ( Taken from Marduk tech trap thread from 
                            TZ forums.)  

= If they tech to Marduk's left--- f+3+4
= If they tech to Marduk's right---f,f,d/b+1+2
= If they back roll ---------------f,F+3+4

= If they tech to Marduk's left---f,f+1
= If they tech to Marduk's right--F,d+2+4_1+3
= If they backroll----f,f,3+4~3 or f+3+4.


That's all my faq's about. I hope you've liked it. I've put a lot of
*hard* work into it. You can mail me feedbacks, comments, strategies
etc, but to be specific:
Do mail me with:

* Stuff that is not covered in this FAQ
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easily. Also no work is complete without the help of others as i am 
going to add more sections in near future, so keep checking.
I'll available at the TZ forums all the time, so if you have any queries,
you can get me there too.


Namco - For creating such a nice game & creating a character like Marduk.

Drake the Demon - For encouraging me to write this faq.

Wild Man X - For taking all the troubles in posting this faq to various
             sites. Without your help this faq wouldn't have been able to
             catch the attention of various people.

Castel - For his excellent Tekken zaibatsu site. Truely masterpiece!

Zig21 - For his excellent Criag combo thread--Keep it up.

Abhay, Prince, Vicky, Saurav and all others without whose help i wont
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And finally you -- For reading giving your precious time in reading
                   this faq.