Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness Walkthrough
By MajesticMystic
June 8, 2009

SPOILER WARNING: This guide is littered with spoilers, as I tend to try and be
verbose when I write. Tread lightly if you hate them, or you know, just play
without using a walkthrough.

Table of Content

Section 1 - Introduction
Section 2 - Version History
Section 3 - My Game Info
Section 4 - The Walkthrough itself (pre-credits)
  4.1 Starter Selection
  4.2 A Stormy Sea
  4.3 The New Guild Recruits
  4.4 The Scream
  4.5 Gatekeepers
  4.6 The First Official Exploration
  4.7 Team Skull
  4.8 The Guild's Big Expedition
  4.9 Groudon's Heart
  4.10 The Mystery of Fogbound Lake
  4.11 Dusknoir
  4.12 Grovyle the Thief
  4.13 The Only Option
  4.14 Dusknoir's Secret
  4.15 Into the Future
  4.16 The Secret of the Planet's Paralysis
  4.17 A New Dawn
  4.18 The Guild's Crew
  4.19 Lapras
  4.20 To the Hidden Land
  4.21 The Last Adventure
Section 5 - Walkthrough for post-credits
  5.1 Graduation from the Guild
  5.2 The lost explorer of fame, Scizor
  5.3 The Prince of the Sea - Manaphy
  5.4 The Fabulous Team Charm
  5.5 The distortion of space, and the dastardly plot of Darkrai
  5.6 The last of your storyline
Section 6 - Optional Dungeons
  6.1 Mission Unlocked Dungeons
  6.2 Seven Treasure Dungeons
  6.3 Storyline unlocked dungeons
Section 7 - FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
Section 8 - Not-so-boring Legal Stuff
Section 9 - Contact Me
Section 10 - Credits

Section 1 - Introduction

Welcome to my second attempt at writing something useful for a game I like.
This time, I will be writing about Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 (Explorers of
Time/Darkness), and I hope you will find this document informative and helpful.
Also, English is not my first language so please excuse any grammar errors you
find. Aside from those, I have nothing more to say so... read on!

Section 2 - Version History

v1.00 The guide was created.
v1.01 Added one question and fixed one GLARING OVERSIGHT. Seriously, how did
   you guys not notice that I forgot to write a Table of Contents? Also, I
   realized I forgot to mention key chambers in some dungeons, so I added them.
   (I never publicized this version BTW)
v1.02 Added the seven treasure dungeons and Final Maze, and corrected tidbits
   here and there. I'll be working on the mission unlocked dungeons next.

Section 3 - My Game Info

Main Pokemon - Meowth (Seth)
Partner - Pikachu (Pikachu) (I have no creativity. Sue me)
Exploration Team Name - Anima
Game Version - Darkness

Section 4 - The Walkthrough itself (pre-credits)

4.1 - Starter selection

After selecting New Game, the game will welcome you into the world within, and
start to hand out a questionnaire for you to fill. Your answers will determine
what the game gives you for your starter.

Keep in mind of one thing - Your starter is extremely important in the game,
because until you beat the pre-credits part of the story, you're basically
stuck with controlling your starter all the way. That being said, all the
starters have their own strengths and weaknesses and each one of them can beat
the game quite easily if you use them right, so if it's your first time playing
through the game, just answer the questions truthfully and take what the game
gives you. If you REALLY just want the one starter, though, there is an excell-
ent FAQ on GameFAQs that explains all there is to know about choosing your own
starter. For the record, the list of starters you can get is below:

Grass Types: Bulbasaur, Chikorita, Treecko, Turtwig
Fire Types: Charmander, Cyndaquil, Torchic, Chimchar
Water Types: Squirtle, Totodile, Mudkip, Piplup
Normal Types: Meowth, Skitty, Munchlax
The yellow rat that's everywhere: Pikachu

So yeah. Once your starter has been decided (reset the game if you don't like
the one the game gave you), you will then be asked to pick your partner. Like
your starter, your partner is always going to be on your team, so your select-
ion here is fairly important too. However, your partner tend to see far less
action than your starter does, so it isn't *quite* as vital. Furthermore, you
can actually directly choose your partner. All starters that is neither a
normal type nor the same type as your starter can be chosen, though the game
will only list seven possible choices at a time. To reset the list, choose any
partner, then select "No", and the game will offer you a new list. Once you
choose your partner, you will then be asked to name him/her (for the sake of
convenience I will refer to your partner as a male from now on), and then the
game starts!

4.2 - A Stormy Sea

Cutscene, cutscene, cutscene. You start off with a conversation between two
(desperate sounding) folks, a view to a storming sea, and then you will see
your starter zonked out on a beach - the only thing that is on your mind is
you will fall unconscious before you actually do.

The scene will then turn to your partner, who seems to be desiring to enter a
building with a footprint-based security system, but simply can't muster up the
courage to do so. He takes out some sort of personal treasure, muses a bit, and
walks off. You will then see a Zubat and a Koffing (remember, Poison types are
BAD), who will make a plan on robbing your partner of his personal treasure.

Back at the beach, looks like your partner has arrived too, ignorant of the
undoubtfully fateful encounter he will take part in, and admires the scenery
for a bit. However, he then notices you on the beach, and shakes you awake. A
conversation will break out, during which your starter establishes the facts
that 1) you have amnesia and 2) you were a human who had somehow turned into a
[insert your starter species here]. You also get to name yourself now - keep in
mind that, even if you don't feel creative, you should probably give your
starter a human name because... well, to imagine that your starter was a human
named "Meowth" is a bit... weird.

Before you can talk too much, though, the aforementioned minor villains enter
the scene and pull off their plan - they steal your partner's personal trea-
sure thingy and run off to a cave nearby. Your partner, being too scared to
chase after them on his own, asks you to help. Better lend your assistance.

Dungeon - Beach Cave
Length - 4 floors (+ Beach Cave Pit)
Resident Pokemon - Kabuto, Shellder, Corsola, Shellos
My levels upon entry - Seth (5), Pikachu (5)

PMD2 does a significantly better job than PMD1 in getting your feet wet, so
much that I really don't have much to explain here. Any time you pick up an
item, the game will tell you what does it do. Keep in mind, however, you can
only retain one item for now - make it a Sleep Seed if possible, or Blast Seed
otherwise (If you can't find neither, Oran Berry will do). The monsters here
are not tough - your startoff normal move should be able to kill Shellder and
Shellos in one hit (unless you're Pikachu, in which case Thundershock won't
kill Shellos), but Kabuto and Corsola, thanks to their rock typing, can resist
your hit and probably survive it - follow it up with a standard A-button tackle
to save PP. Eventually you'll traverse through the four floors, hopefully with
a good item in hand, and make it to the bottom.

At the bottom you will find Zubat and Koffing, staring into the horizon. Your
partner demands them to give back his personal treasure, but the very mention
of the fact that the rock thing could be a treasure makes it all but pointless
to talk. Luckily, where words don't work, violence probably will.

Boss Battle - Zubat + Koffing
Difficulty - Somewhat easy

Your opponents are not tough, for the matter. Koffing is slightly more durable,
but Zubat possesses the dangerous Leech Life attack that can drain over half
your HP away if you're a grass type, and heal half the damage back. If you have
a Sleep Seed, start off by throwing it at Zubat, while both your partner and
Koffing approaches you. A double attack from both you and your partner should
knock Koffing out, and then you can simply walk forward and kill Zubat. If you
don't have a Sleep Seed, stay your ground on the first turn (use Growl if you
have it, or simply press B+A to wait a turn) while the two approaches, and then
kill them with attacks. The fact that you only have one item holds you back a
bit, but Zubat and Koffing dies easily so it's not a huge problem.

Once those two are down, they'll drop the rock thing and run away. Your partner
picks up his rock, and talks about it with you. Basically, he dreams of being
an explorer to solve the mystery of his rock, but he's too chicken to actually
sign up to the local explorer team guild (the one you saw him trying to get in
earlier). He then asks you to form an exploration team with him. Obviously say
yes, because No isn't going to get you anywhere. Congratulations, you have 
passed what is basically the "prologue" of the story. Save when prompted, and
get in the habit of doing so too.

4.3 - The New Guild Recruits

Both of you head back to the guild, and after a bit of trouble analyzing your
footprints, you two get in. A Chatot comes out to greet you, and after a bit of
conversation he brings you two to the guildmaster, Wigglytuff, to introduce you
to him.

Wigglytuff: ...
Chatot: Guildmaster...uh...guildmaster?
Wigglytuff: *suddenly turns around* Hiya!

Well, since we're forming a team, we need a team name. Note that it is auto-
matically prefixed with "Team", and you can name it anything you wish (or just
the default PokePals - I named mine Anima.) Once that's done and over with,
Wigglytuff gives you a bunch of stuff to start off - an official exploration
team badge, a wonder map, and more importantly a treasure bag. The treasure bag
means you can now hold 16 items instead of 1, and it comes with two items as
well - a Zinc Band and a coloured ribbon. Both of them are hold items, meaning
you have to manually have your team members hold them at the start of each
dungeon (it gets annoying fast, but what can you do). The Zinc Band raises
special defense by 8, while the coloured ribbon raises all four of your stats
by 1 each. They're not spectacular, but they'll do for now. 

Anyways, since we're training in the guild, we'll be living inside it as well.
Chatot shows you to a bedroom, and all too quickly it's bedtime. Your partner
talks with you about the events of the day (get used to it - he does that a
lot), and then you go to sleep.

The next morning...

Suffice it to say, you wake up, albeit not in a fashion that I would've chosen
given a choice. The guild assembles, listen to Wigglytuff's "words of wisdom",
and then sing the guild's anthem or something. Then, everyone will scatter and
you are free to move - but not for long. As soon as you try to go anywhere past
Chatot, he will stop you, and calls you to the job board, basically. He (and
your partner) will explain some basic information about the dungeons you'll be
facing, and the dangers of fainting, then gives your team the job of... retri-
eving a Spoink's pearl. Your partner is less than impressed with the lack of
excitement of your task, but you don't get a choice because you're apprentices.
Oh well, time to move out.

Dungeon - Drenched Bluff
Length - 6 floors (+ 7F)
Resident Pokemon - Anorith, Chingling, Lileep, Shellos
My levels upon entry - Seth (6), Pikachu (6)

The game will proceed to explain more basics to you, and I'll give you a tip
too - much like how you fought the boss battle before, when a Pokemon is two
panels away from you and you cannot attack it with some sort of ranged attack,
wait a turn with B+A so the Pokemon will walk up to you and suffer your attack,
instead of you going up and suffer one of ITS attacks. Got it? Good.

You may pick up some Geo Pebbles in the dungeon, which is something the game
doesn't automatically explain to you. Geo Pebbles are throwable items, and you
can "set" one set of throwable items like how you set moves, and press L+R to
throw one. Geo Pebbles can hit up to ten squares away from you for 10 damage,
and the target doesn't have to be in a straight line with you either - if it is
3 squares above you and 1 square to your left, throwing a geo pebble while
facing up will hit it. It's not something you want to do right now, because 10
damage is weak and you should use a move on a Pokemon anyways (killing a poke-
mon that never had a move used on it will result in only half the experience),
but it's useful for attacking from a distance if you ever need such a tool.
There are also various pointy sticks you can pick up later - those will do more
damage, but they can only be thrown in a straight line.

Enough rambling about throwable items - Simply march on, find the staircase
in each floor, and loot everything you can loot on the way. If you're playing
Explorers of Darkness I'd recommend you save up the first two blue gummies you
find (they're kind of rare in Darkness) to save you a lot of headaches later.
The resident obstacles pose little threat - Anorith and Lileep resist normal
still, but they can't do much back. Water users beware, though - If there is a
Shellos anywhere on the floor who is not asleep, using a water attack will
result in it being drained by the Shellos (due to its Storm Drain ability) and
doing nothing. Shellos isn't much threat otherwise, however. Chingling has
Wrap and can use it to immobilize you, causing you to take damage for a few
turns while being helpless to being bashed by anything that can bash you, but
given that nothing in the dungeon can really attack very well, it's not par-
ticularly worrisome.

Once you descend six floors under, you'll find the pearl automatically via a
cutscene. No boss battle necessary. You then return to the guild.

The Spoink is so excited about having its pearl back, it gives you a whole slew
of goodies - three stat boosting items (they're very rare!) and a whooping 2000
Poke! (Poke is the currency of the world) Unfortunately, Chatot comes in at
this point and point out that, since you're apprenticing under the guild, 90%
of your cash income goes to the guild as well, so you actually only get 200P.
Bah. At least you keep all your item rewards.

Dinner time! And after that, it's bedtime for you (don't do those two in quick
succession in real life unless you want to gain weight). Partner talk, blah
blah blah, sleep.

4.4 - The Scream

Morning, Loudred, Anthem. Once again, Chatot will stop you from going anywhere,
and this time he will give you a job from the *other* job board - the outlaw
board. Basically, the jobs on the outlaw board involves you taking down a bad
guy, and don't worry about how bad guys always hurt - there are always really
petty thieves that will be of little trouble to you while you apprehend them.
However, seeing that this is still a bit more of a deal than just finding some-
one's lost items, Chatot calls in Bidoof, who is *just* your senior, to give
you a tour of both the guild and the town. Basically, for now you have three
service you can access in town - Duskull's bank, Kecleon's Shops, and Kangas-
khan's Storage. You'll regain control in the town.

Store all your money (you don't want to lose them by accidentally fainting, do
you?), and any items you don't need immediately but will need in the future
(chances are you don't really have anything to store at this point - status
healing items are useless for the most part, and so are most orbs), and you
should then visit Kecleon's Shop. Unless you have 800P there really isn't any-
thing that's worth buying, but you should sell those useless items, and you
kill two birds in one stone - you need to visit the shops to advance the story.

Enter the Marill/Azurill brothers, who will buy an apple and get another one
for free because they're so darn cute. Azurill, however, will trip, and while
you lend your assistance, something *really* weird happens. Must be your day-
dreaming, though - after all, it doesn¡¯t seem like you're getting enough sleep
lately. Go back to the first screen of the town for another cutscene, where
you see a Drowzee offering assistance to the two little brothers in finding
something they have lost. The brothers are more than happy to have help, and
they walk past you. However, Drowzee accidentally bumps into you and BAM - 
another weird vision, this time starring Drowzee as the villain. But the vision
must be false, right? I mean, Drowzee doesn't LOOK like a villain...

Anyways, finish your business in town, and then head back to the guild to talk
to Bidoof. Select Yes, and another cutscene will occur. You will see the job
board's updater, Dugtrio in faction, and who should appear on the updated
outlaw board but... Drowzee! You panic and rush off in a hurry to save Azurill.
On your way past you see Marill who tells you that Drowzee and Azurill have
headed for a place called Mt. Bristle, so that's where we'll be going next.

Dungeon - Mt. Bristle
Length - 9 floors (+ Mt Bristle Peak)
Resident Pokemon - Doduo, Geodude, Machop, Nidorina, Nidorino, Spinarak, Starly
My levels upon entry - Seth (8), Pikachu (8)

This dungeon is basically the game's way of telling you "playtime's over". Re-
member how those Pokemon you've met in the past two dungeon who can't really
hurt you? Times change, my friend, and enter Doduo and Starly, who can make
quite a dent in your HP bar with their normal moves (on the account that they
actually get STAB). As you climb up you will find them using STAB flying moves
too, which won't hurt Pikachu as much but equal to a world of pain for grass
types. Doduo also has a nasty habit of running away when low on HP - that's
where your Geo Pebbles will come in handy. Machop can also hit you with a STAB
Low Kick, but since the starters are all so light it really can only hurt you
much if it used Leer on you beforehand and/or you're a normal type. Geodude
resists normal type like all rock types do but otherwise isn't much of a worry;
Spinarak can slow you down with Spider Web and String Shot as well as sometimes
poisoning you with STAB poison sting, but it doesn't really hurt unless you're
a grass type. Finally, Nidorina and Nidorino lacks a good way of hurting you,
but has the Poison Point ability which poisons you 30% of the time when you
attack them with a move that makes contact. Poison is very annoying so watch
yourself around them.

As you make your way up, you should watch your levels. Ideally, you should be
at least level 10 before you finish all nine floors. This is also probably the
first dungeon where hunger can become a concern, but you should have enough
apples and useless berries like Rawst to fill up your stomach. Ascend carefully
but surely and you should be able to hit the top without too much trouble.

At the top, you find Drowzee threatening Azurill into stealing something for
him. You arrive as the heroes, but your confidence wavers somewhat. Drowzee
notices that, and HIS confidence as the bad guy gets boosted. He then attacks
you. Yay. Note that you are fully healed whenever you enter a boss fight.

Boss Battle - Drowzee
Difficulty: Middlish

Drowzee has about 100 HP, and he can attack fairly well with STAB confusion,
which can easily take out 30 HP. He can also use Hypnosis and Disable, which
are both VERY bad if they hit, since two Confusion equals death basically. He
can also use Pound though it's a bit of a waste of turns, since he can't hurt
you nearly as well with it as it can with Confusion.

If you have a Sleep Seed or an X-Eye seed, throw it at him - the time you buy
is probably more than enough to beat all his HP down. If you don't, watch out
for Confusion and heal quickly. Moves tend to not have perfect accuracy in 
this game, so you will get free turns here and there, and hopefully that's
enough to bring him down. Don't be surprised if you get killed and have to
do the dungeon again, but it is perfectly doable to win on your first try.

After the fight, the local sheriff deputy, Magnezone, will introduce himself
to you and take over from there. He also claims to have sent your reward on
Drowzee's head to the guild. One teary reunion later, you return to the guild
to find that, yup, 90% of your reward has been taken again, and you only get
300P out of the 3000P you could have got. No item reward this time, but ah
well. You do get something even better though - an expansion of your Treasure
Bag, and now you can hold 24 items instead of 16! Woot!

You know the drill - dinner, talk, sleep. Tonight's topic is a bit more inter-
esting though - You delve into the topic of Time Gears, which are supposedly
instrumental in keeping the world's time in place, and not even the most wicked
criminals will steal them - supposedly. Too bad right while you talk, one of
the time gears are getting stolen by a Grovyle. Ruh-roh.

Morning... Loudred... Assembly... and Chatot gives you your assignment of the
day - look up the two job boards and do some posted work. In other words, you
now have the freedom of choosing your own jobs. Yay! If you don't understand
anything, go upstairs and talk to Swellow - she'll explain the basics. Also,
keep in mind that you can do multiple jobs at the same time as long as they
are all located in the same dungeon. The job bulletin board mostly consists of
jobs that are like "retrieve item X" or "find Pokemon Y" on a specific floor,
but sometimes it will also contain "give item Z to Pokemon W" jobs, in which
case YOU have to provide the item. Look at its rewards and determine whether
it's worth it to do those kind of jobs before you accept them. Outlaw hunts
are simpler - on the floor the outlaw is in, as soon as you enter the outlaw
(as a miniboss) will appear near you. They're no joke, so if you're doing out-
law hunts in a tough dungeon (Mt Bristle, for example), pack Sleep/X-eye seeds
to make your life easier.

If you want to select jobs based on their rewards, look out for the ones with
"uncertainties" in their prizes. You have a chance of getting multiple items
(more than two) sometimes, and the ones with reward simply as "?????" can later
on allow you to recruit the client at level 1, or get an egg. These are the
ones that should have priority. Failing that, rewards containing useful TMs,
gummies and Reviver Seeds are always good. Also take note that the cash shown
on the reward section is the cash you will ACTUALLY get - if it says the job
will reward you with 200P, the client will actually give 2000P, and then you
get 200P (because everything else goes to Wigglytuff).

Anyways, you need to do 2-3 missions before the story will advance, so try to
pick as many as you can. Don't forget to save your items and money in town
before setting off. For money management, I'd recommend you to save up about
8000P before starting to buying stuff from the green Kecleon, because sometimes
you will want to buy a good TM from the purple Kecleon instead (if you see one,
that is).

While you're inside the dungeon, when you get on the specified floor a message
will appear saying that you have reached a destination floor. This holds true
even if you accept a Pokemon retrieval request that doesn't give you a specific
floor. Finally, if you're doing multiple jobs in one dungeon, make sure you
don't leave the dungeon until you've done everything. That is all. Have fun!
You'll be repeating this day quite a bit later, in between story dungeons.

Dinner... bed. Your partner doesn't have much to say in a "filler day" (as I
call it). If you haven't finished enough mission you will have to repeat the
day, but if you did, you'll move on to the next chapter.

4.5 - Gatekeepers

Morning... Loudred... Assembly. Before Chatot can bark any orders at you, Lou-
dred comes first and assigns you sentry duty, because Diglett had to fill in
for Dugtrio who...is...not...there...for...some...reasons. I think. Anyways,
off you go!

The minigame is simple - You will see a footprint, and you must determine what
Pokemon does the footprint belongs to. More hint will be shown as time passes,
but the sooner you finishes the job, the more points you get, and the better
rewards you get in the end. Have fun at it.

At the end of the day, Chatot will give you some rewards based on your perfor-
mance. If you get perfect, you get 500P and a bunch of stat boosting items.

Dinner... Bed... Morning... Loudred... Assembly.... Filler day. Do some more
missions. You should probably be at Bronze rank at the end of the day, which
means your storage space went from 64 to 96. Yay. If you didn't... no matter,
you can reach it at a later date.

4.6 - The First Official Exploration

Morning... Loudred... Assembly. After the song ends, Chatot announces that,
egads - a time gear has been stolen! (Guess who's behind it?) It has some imm-
ediate and rather traumatizing effect on the local wildlife, so the guild is
asked to notify Magnezone immediately upon seeing any suspicious characters. Ah.
But that's not something important now, because Chatot gives you your assign-
ment for the day - to thoroughly investigate a waterfall that reportedly hides
a secret. Woot, a proper exploration! About time! Oh and uh, keep note that
you don't actually HAVE to go to the waterfall RIGHT NOW. You can actually go
accept more jobs and do them and there will be no consequences beyond having
your storyline delayed - this allows you to toughen yourself up before doing
the storyline. That being said, as long as you play smartly with your head,
there is no reason that you should need "toughening up" - not now, and not

Before you can go much farther, Chimecho will call out to you. To make a long
story short, You can now recruit new team members and Chimecho will be respon-
sible for assisting you to manage your team. How do you recruit new team mem-
bers, you ask? Well, you beat the crap out of them, of course! Well, at least
that's the most prominent way. I believe this is also the time where you can
recruit members (albeit at level 1...) from some missions - the client will
be the Pokemon you recruit. You can turn down offers to join up as well - in
dungeons this will simply resulting the Pokemon going away, but in missions,
if you decline a recruit you will get 1000P instead and get this - you get to
keep ALL of them! No share for the big fat pink blob of annoyingness! (Just
kidding - Wigglytuff is an awesome character. You'll see). You'll see more of
what I mean when you actually get some hands on experience. Also note that you
can summon Chimecho on the crossroads, as well - there will now be a bell,
which you can ring to get her to come to you. This is pretty pointless right
now, though, and Chimecho is such a nice person I'd much rather take the effort
of going up to her instead.

Also, in Treasure Town, Marowak's Dojo has opened up. It's right below the
Duskull Bank, and basically provides you with "practice dungeons" to... level
up in or something, I guess. It's really pointless, since the dungeons are all
so short you tend to not get in many fights before you clear them, unless you
purposely hang around to fight things - but that's bad for your stomach, and
as you can't bring items in the dungeon. Stick to a real dungeon for your level
up needs, instead.

Anyways, if you want, finish some more missions before you head off to the
secret waterfall - but I'm going to assume you just went to town to prepare and
now headed straight for the waterfall. The two of you test the strength of the
waterfall, and behold - another vision, this time starring a familiar-looking
figure jumping straight through the waterfall. Your partner actually trusts
this crazy vision this time, and you try it out as well. Behold, a new dungeon!
Say hello to Waterfall Cave!

Dungeon - Waterfall Cave
Length - 8 floors (+ 9F)
Resident Pokemon - Tangela, Whooper, Lotad, Grimer, Barboach, Psyduck, Surskit,
  Poliwag, Whiscash
My levels upon entry - Seth (11), Pikachu (11)

Lots of water types here, but there are some odd ones out. Grass types are
awesome here against the water types, though Tangela and Grimer resists them.
The Pokemon here are not especially dangerous, and since you're higher levelled
STAB attacks don't hurt as much. Poliwag can be a nuisance with Hypnosis and
a ranged Bubble, though, and Surskit's Bubble rather hurts too. Defensively
speaking, Poliwag stands out (again) with Water Absorb -  so don't use water
moves on it - and Grimer has the Stench ability, which causes contact moves to
sometimes trigger "a horrible stench", which basically cringes you for a few
turns. The normal precaution will do fine in the dungeon - it's not a very hard

Once you descend in the bottom, you'll see a giant gem. Trying to budge it
gives no immediate results, but eventually triggers another vision and... Oh
dear, it's a trap! Too late for you, though - a deluge sweeps in and you get
carried far, far away, into a hot spring. You decide to relax before heading
back for your report.

Back in the guild, you report about what you've found in the waterfall, and
surprisingly, Chatot doesn't care in the least that you couldn't bring back
souvenirs, and praise you highly for your work! Your partner is all happy
because of it, but you're not, because that figure you've seen in your vision
is... familiar looking. It's round, has rabbit like ears, and a furball looking
thing on its forehead and... Yup, it's everyone's favourite guildmaster, Wigg-
lytuff! Chatot can't believe that Wigglytuff may have been to the cave before,
seeing that Wigglytuff is the one who ordered you to investigate the place, but
Chatot checks with him anyways.

Wigglytuff: "Oh, memories! Sweet memories! YOOM...TAH!"
Wigglytuff: *dances around a bit*
Wigglytuff: "Yes, yes! When I think hard, maybe I did go there once!"

Aww man, looks like your discovery was for naught, after all. Oh well, we did
get as far as Wigglytuff did, so that must...be saying...something, right?

Dinner, and more talking. Nothing interesting to talk about tonight except some
personal mushiness, and more wondering about Seth's amazing visionary ability.
You do figure out how these visions are triggered, though - that should come in
handy sometimes. However, Chatot then interrupts you and calls you to Wiggly-
tuff's chamber. Apparently, the guild is mounting an expedition soon, and even
though rookies are never even considered to take part in the expedition, you
make it anyways because of your exemplary performances lately. Yay!

4.7 - Team Skull

Morning, Loudred, Assembly. Chatot explains about the expedition to everyone,
and everyone gets excited. Today's assignment, however, is simply the two
boards again. Don't let it fool you into think everything that happens today is
ordinary, though - as soon as you walk upstairs, who should you meet but your
old friends(?) - Zubat and Koffing! You'd think they would run away with tails
between their legs (metaphorically speaking, anyways - Koffing certainly have
neither tails nor legs), but they don't. There's a good reason, too - introdu-
cing the boss of the duo, Skuntank!

Yeah. Skuntank *stinks* the crap out of everyone in the vicinity like a proper
skunk would, and talks about the expedition almost as something that could
fetch them profit. Some bad. Ah well, we can't let that keep our spirit down -
time to do some jobs! I'll leave you to it. Yeah.

The next day is sentry duty because it's Diglett's turn to not be responsible
for his job. You know the drill - identify footprints, and get a reward if you
do well. No stat boosting items this time around, though, but you do get a
Reviver seed if you do perfectly. You can never have too many Reviver Seeds.

In the next morning's assembly, you learn that Team Skull has somehow wiggled
its way into your guild and will be allies for your expedition! What the hell,
Wigglytuff and Chatot? Don't you care about our sense of smell? Everyone gives
a rather lame hooray, which seems to upset Wigglytuff a great deal... better
give a full spirited hooray, even if it hurts! Anyways, it's another filler day
so get your gears working.

Tip: if you're doing escort missions, you may want to keep a rollcall orb in
possession - sometimes your client will get lost and wander off, so a rollcall
orb is great for that situation.

Once you're done for the day, you see a scene of Team Skull running around,
looking for the food stock of the guild. The next morning, after the assembly,
Chatot gives you your task of the day - forage for perfect apples, because for
"some mysterious reasons" (cough) they have all disappeared. Chatot is even
"begging" you to bring back some perfect apples! Wow. Better get to it. Your
next destination: The Apple Woods. Unfortunately for you, Team Skull caught
wind and is planning on doing something bad. Damn.

In the town, a new shop has opened - The Electivire link shop. Basically, you
can link two, three or even all four of your moves together, and doing so
will allow you to use multiple moves in one turn. However, you cannot use one
of the moves in the link alone without using the other moves as well, so you
are basically trading versatility for power. Some may like the trade; I don't.
You can decide for yourself whether it's worth it or not. It cost 500P per
linking session. Electivire does, however, have a much more important use -
remembering moves. You see, sometimes you may want to relearn a move you chose
to delete, and Electivire can help you remember it. Much more important, how-
ever, is accessing moves you would not have been able to access otherwise -
sometimes you recruit Pokemon at too high a level, or with too many level 1
moves, or you want a move that is impossible to learn by level up after evo-
lution. Electivire will allow you to access those moves. Remembering moves is
free, but you can only remember moves that are learned by level-up, so if you
chose to learn a TM and delete it later, you can't relearn it from Electivire
and have to find the same TM again.

Anyways, prepare yourself, and head off to Apple Woods.

Dungeon - Apple Woods
Length - 12 floors (+ Deep Apple Woods)
Resident Pokemon - Beedrill, Budew, Burmy, Butterfree, Caterpie, Combee, Exe-
     ggutor, Gloom, Hoppip, Kakuna, Oddish, Paras, Weedle
My levels upon entry - Seth (11), Pikachu (11)

Grass and bug type Pokemon prevails here. Every single Pokemon in the region
resists grass types and are weak to fire, so if you're a fire type you can
have fun roasting everything through. However, several Pokemon here can fight
back with poison, so stock up on Pecha berries or (if you're like me and dis-
like status healing items) hurry up with those stairs. The Pokemon are also
all weak to flying types, so if you managed to got yourself an Aerial Ace TM,
it will be helpful here.

Most Pokemon here tries to annoy you with poison and paralyze more than actu-
ally trying to hurt you, so there's not much to worry about here. However,
watch out for Beedrill and Exeggutor - Beedrill can fire Fury Attacks at you.
Multi-hit attacks are not as dangerous as it has been in the first game, but
that's only because their accuracy was nerfed - if you're unlucky enough that
most of the Fury Attacks hit, you're in for a world of pain. Exeggutor has
Hypnosis, and is strong enough to cause you problems while you're asleep with
STAB Seed Bomb/Confusion and a fairly strong Stomp. Paras has Dry Skin which
absorbs water damage like Water Absorb, but also gives it an even bigger
fire weakness - a STAB fire attack will likely cause over 100 damage to it.
Still, try to recruit one - it can learn spore eventually, which is very help-
ful. Budew can put up Water Sport to put a damper in your pyromaniac tenden-
cies, but that will merely delay a horrible burning death for a few turns.

The dungeon is quite long, so watch your belly. However, as long as you can
dodge threats well enough, this dungeon is quite easy to navigate.

At the depth of the woods, you will see a tree with perfect apples. However,
Team skull pops in at this point. They try to pull another fast one on you, but
you are too smart for them this time, so they instead resort to yet another
stink attack. It proves too much for your team to handle, and by the time you
come to, all the perfect apples are gone! Damn. There is nothing you can do
here, so let's head back.

Chatot is besides himself upon hearing that you failed. Not only is he scared,
he is also very angry at you - no dinner for you! Also, you have to go with him
to report to Wigglytuff that there is no more Perfect Apples. 

Dinner time... but none for you, and none for Wigglytuff either it seems. You
will then be in the guildmaster's room. Wigglytuff is still the happy go-lucky
guy he always is, but then he hears that he have to do without perfect apples
for a while, and... oh dear. Ever heard of the move Hyper Voice? Luckily(?),
Team Skull walks in at this point and presents to Wigglytuff a perfect apple.
Well, Wigglytuff is happy, but you're not, and neither is Chatot (With you at
least). Blah.

You now get to listen to Team Skull doing more plotting. Looks like they're
targeting Wigglytuff now, and frankly, after what we have seen of Wigglytuff,
we can't exactly predict the outcome of it all. Stay tuned. For now, though,
you are hungry, sad, and have to sleep.

In the next morning¡¯s assembly, Chatot announces that the expedition members
will be chosen soon. After the assembly he tells you to do the job boards, and
(being the inconsiderate jerk he had always been) tells you that you should
just give up trying to be chosen because Wigglytuff must be "Seething with
anger inside" (somehow I find that a hard picture to imagine). Urgh. At this
point, however, Bidoof calls you go to your room, and you'll see Sunflora and
Chimecho as well - they are so nice they gave you some food to eat! They also
give you words of encouragement.

Once outside, Croagunk will call you and tell you about his new swap shop. Sad-
ly, it's really useless to you right now, since you can't get anything that can
be swapped, but I¡¯ll tell you what he does when you can actually use his ser-

Time to work! You should know the drill by now. Keep in mind if you faint in a
dungeon, all the jobs you've completed in the same dungeon will be nullified.
Reviver Seeds are good!

The next day... sentry duty! again, you should know the drill by now. You get
better prizes if you beat your previous record, but the important thing - the
Reviver Seed is there as long you get all six correctly. Work hard!

(Note - I found that, if you get five of six correct, and still get over 7000
points (not a small feat for sure), you will get, amongst other things, a Nec-
tar. Nectar gives double the amount of IQs as a gummi that correspond to the
Pokemon's type, so if you don't need Reviver Seed desperately and you're good
enough with the game, going for the Nectar might be a better option.)

The next day... is another filler day. Yay. Again, look out for the ones with
totally ????? as the reward, especially if you want the client - I got a Sur-
skit this way, and any client you don't need to join up will give you 1000P
instead, which is always good. 

Anyways, dinner time! But before you can eat, Chatot (much to everyone's cha-
grin) announces that he... has an announcement to make. The list of people...
er, Pokemon who will take part in the expedition will be announced in the next
morning assembly! That shutted people up fine, but it's no longer necessary
because it's chow time! At you room, your partner announces that since he gave
his 110% after the perfect apple disaster, he will have no regrets even if he
doesn't get picked. Yeah, right. Oh and...

Grovyle: "There it is! Another Time Gear!"

The next morning... It's the moment of truth!

The first to go is... Loudred!

The second to go is... Corphish!

The third to go is... well that's a surprise, Bidoof!

And then we have... Chimecho and Sunflora!

And... those are the Pokemon that will be going on the expedition!

Oh wait, looks like we're out. Damn. But then... hmm... oh wait, there are
more people who are going? And they are... Diglett, Dugtrio, and Croagunk. Oh,
and you and your partner too. Wait a minute...

Yup, everyone is going. Chatot is a bit... put off at this, but Wigglytuff
certainly seems to be having a lot of fun, and everyone else is very happy
about it too. So now... it's time to prepare for the expedition.

Basically, the expedition involves you going through a few dungeons in quick
succession. You will have access to your storage, but not the bank or any
other town/guild facilities. You will also not be able to use anyone you re-
cruited - it's just you and your partner. Unless you got some movesets to make,
there isn't really anything else you need to do to get ready. Just save all
your money as usual, and pack your usual dungeon gears, and go. THIS would be
a better opportunity to use the Marowak¡¯s dojo if you want to do some last
minute training, because you can't go to a real dungeon now.

Oh and, before you start all that, your treasure bag is expanded again. It can
now hold 32 items. Prepare yourself properly, and then talk to Chatot to ad-
vance the story.

So, the expedition will have its target set on Fogbound lake, a mysterious
locate shrouded in perpetual fog. And a locate isn't mysterious enough without
the rumour of a treasure of utmost beauty, too! Also, since so many people are
going, they will be split in groups for better mobility: Sunflora, Loudred,
Diglett and Croagunk will go together as one; Dugtrio, Chimecho and Corphish
will go as a group; Wigglytuff will be going with Chatot (and Wigglytuff does
not seem very happy with that); Team Skull will travel by themselves (thank
goodness). As for you two... you are grouped with Bidoof.

So, the expedition is fully underway! Woohoo!

4.8 The Guild's Big Expedition

You arrive at a cave entrance, complete with a Kangaskhan Rock which allows you
to save and access your storage. Don't ask how a rock allows you to access a
storage a good a third of a way across the continent - you'll see them in even
weirder places. 

Also, there are two entrances you can take at this point, Craggy Coast and Side
Path. I'll list both dungeons:

Dungeon - Side Path
Length - 5 floors
Resident Pokemon - Gastrodon, Spheal, Wingull
My levels upon entry - Didn't actually go

Dungeon - Craggy Coast
Length - 9 floors
Resident Pokemon - Dratini, Gastrodon, Krabby, Sealeo, Spheal, Wingull
My levels upon entry - Seth (13), Pikachu (13)

When you take the Side Path, upon finishing five floors you will simply loop
back to the entrance again - This allows you to train for a bit and collect
more supplies, if needed. Craggy Coast is what you must take to advance the

Anyways, whichever path you take, you'll have a level 14 Bidoof as an ally. If
you've done any escort missions, Bidoof is kind of like an escort, except...
well, he's level 14, so he can actually do some fighting. He can use Headbutt,
which (backed up by STAB) can do some decent damage, and his stat up/down moves
(Growl and Defense Curl) are doubly as effective due to his Simple abilities.
However, you cannot control what moves he use or what tactics he uses, and he
does not gain experience/level/IQ. Treat him like an escort - he can take a
couple of hits and dish back some pain, but if you leave him alone he'll still
get killed quickly. He's also the first NPC you've seen that has IQ skills -
you'll probably see his PP Saver activate sometimes.

For the residents, Gastrodon (like their pre-evolved form Shellos) can absorb
water attacks on the floor, and they have also gained a ground typing to block
electrical assaults. The real danger of the dungeons, however, are Spheal and
its evolution Sealeo, since they can use Powder Snow, a move that hits the
entire room (much like Growl) for some pain, and they come with Thick Fat to
halve Fire damage. Dratini is also an annoyance with Thunder Wave, Wrap, and a
fairly damaging STAB Twister, but everything else are mostly pushovers.

Take note that starting from this dungeon, enemies will sometimes randomly drop
boxes. You cannot open them yet, but when you can, they will sometimes contain
useful one-use items (gummies, seeds, and so on), but most of the time they
have a type of rare item - items that you can simply keep in your inventory to
give various bonuses to a whole species of Pokemon. Make sure to keep all the
boxes you find.

Craggy Coast isn't very long, so you should be through in no time.

Well, now that we're done with the first dungeon of the expedition, it's time
to tackle the second one! After all, we still need to get to the base camp,
and there's one mountain that's ahead of us. Once again, there will be two
entrances - Mt Horn (your destination), and Rock Path (another training out-
let). It would do you good to first use the Kangaskhan rock, though.

Dungeon - Rock Path
Length - 5 floors
Resident Pokemon - Bonsly, Natu, Shroomish
My levels upon entry - Didn't actually go

Dungeon - Mt. Horn
Length - 14 floors
Resident Pokemon - Aerodactyl, Ariados, Beautifly, Bonsly, Cascoon, Natu, Para-
     sect, Pineco, Shroomish, Venomoth
My levels upon entry - Seth (14), Pikachu (14)

A bit more complex, this time. Mt. Horn is really the first dungeon you've
encountered so far that is somewhat multi-type. Bug and Flying types are common
here, though, so rock type attacks are great - if you have some (you probably
don't). Most of the Pokemon in the dungeon are pretty docile, though some can
inflict you with annoying status (Parasect and Venomoth, mostly). Bidoof also
has magically gained a level, so he'll be of a *bit* more help... but not by
much. Venomoth can hit you with a STAB Silver Wind, which is another roomwide
move - it doesn¡¯t hurt much more than powder snow, though water pokes doesn't
resist it, and (more importantly) there's a chance Venomoth speeds up PLUS gets
a +1 to every stat EACH TIME IT STRUCK SOMEONE. It also has a bunch of status
moves so take it out first. As far as abilities goes, Natu's Synchronize can
catch you by surprise if you managed to status it, and Aerodactyl eats your PP
up twice as quickly with Pressure. Otherwise, fairly easy dungeon, and though
lengthy each floor is simple and you'll have no problems with it.

4.9 Groudon's Heart

Looks like we're finally in the base camp. Yay. Oh wait, we were REALLY late in
arriving... boo. Ah well, the important thing is that everyone's here safely
now, right? Because it's time to set off on the expedition itself!

Before the briefing starts, though, you have a strange feeling... of seeing
this place before (get used to this scene, because if you haven't caught on
yet, Chunsoft considers us to be incapable of having a short term memory, and
this scene will be flashback'd a LOT). Nothing anyone can do about that though.

Anyways, Chimecho puts an interesting topic on the table in the briefing - the
lake is supposedly home to the legendary Pokemon Uxie, who has the power to
wipe memories by opening his eyes (Yes, *his*. Legendaries have genders in this
game, at least some of them do). Could this have to do with you? Anyways, since
the area is shrouded in such a thick fog, maybe it would help if we can lift
this fog. Everyone is off, and we should be, too. Use the Kangaskhan rock if
you so wish. Again, there will be two paths - Forest Path is the levelling
track, and Foggy Forest is your destination.

Dungeon - Forest Path
Length - 5 floors
Resident Pokemon - Pinsir, Dunsparce, Swinub, Houndour, Linoone, Kricketot
My levels upon entry - Seth (15), Pikachu (15)

Dungeon - Foggy Forest
Length - 11 floors
Resident Pokemon - Hoothoot, Skiploom, Dunsparce, Smeargle, Zigzagoon, Pachi-
     risu (T), Cherubi, Noctowl, Buneary (D), Stantler, Pinsir, Breloom
My levels upon entry - Seth (15), Pikachu (15)
(Pachirisu is only in Explorer of Time and Buneary is only in Explorer of Dark-
 ness, hence the (T) and (D).)

Whether you choose to move on to Foggy Forest or train in Forest Path, there'll
be a scene where your partner finds a shiny red rock. Nobody knows what it's
for, but RPG wisdom dictates that it's going to be useful because it's in a
but scene, and conventional wisdom tells us that shiny = good. So let's be off!

The first thing you'll notice is that Bidoof is no longer with you. The second
thing you'll notice is that the dungeon is covered in thick fog, and in PMD2
Fog means electrical attack's effectiveness is cut in halve. If you have a
Pikachu, stick to using Quick Attack for the most part unless your target is
weak to electric, as Quick Attack will likely do superior damage.

Also, I highly recommend you to visit the side path this time at least once.
Swinub appears at the path and not again for a while, and this will allow it
to be a potential recruit/outlaw target. Swinub is quite easy as an outlaw
due to its weakness to all three starter elements, and it's good as a recruit
due to learning Powder Snow early.

Anyways, out of the local resident, there is something you should actually look
out for now - Noctowl can use Sky Attack, which needs a turn to recharge, but
when the move hits, it can almost always 1HKO you if you're a grass type, and
do severe damage otherwise (Pikachu resists it though). Worse, it has a high
critical ratio, which usually will give it that extra oomph needed to 1HKO non-
grassers. You can avoid the attack by getting out of the way, but it's not
possible to do in hallways without endangering your partner. If you're caught
in a situation like that, try to status it. Failing it, never let Noctowl hit
first in a hallway, so you can get two hits on it before it can execute Sky
Attack, which *should* be enough to KO it. Noctowl can also use Hypnosis, which
only serves to give it more turns to Sky Attack you into oblivion. Watch out.

The other inhabitants of the dungeon are more forgiving. Buneary in Darkness
can hit you with Frustration which does 45 set damage, but aside form that (and
Noctowl's Sky Attack) there's nothing that hurts you more than what you've
experienced before. Buneary (and Pachirisu in Time) can also use Endure, which
in PMD2 lasts several turns to make sure you never take their last HP, which
can get annoying. Stantler has several status moves and can hit you with a
powerful Stomp; Cherubi has Helping Hand which is more annoying (when there are
lots of hostile Pokemon in the room) than harmful. That about sums up the real
threats of the dungeon, I think.

The dungeon is only 11 floors long, but the floor design is horrible - you will
waste a lot of times in loops. Try not to linger around the floors - take the
staircase when you see it.

Once you're through, you'll be in a clearing with a lot of waterfalls. Where
did all the water come from? It's hard to tell with all the fog around. Enter
Corphish, who points out some sort of weird statue to you - a statue of Grou-
don (though nobody here have even heard of Groudon apparently). Some inscrip-
tions on the statue confirm that this statue has to do with the fogbound lake
and its many mysteries, but how so? You attempt to get a visionary reading from
it, which gives you some dialogue - apparently you need to put some sort of
"stone" in Groudon's "heart". Know what stone we're talking about here? Yup,
that pretty shiny warm red rock your partner picked up earlier. Put it on and
presto, the fog lifts! And with the fog gone, something also made itself quite
visible - a plateau, where all the water was coming from. Time to find a way

Oh wait, we forgot Team Skull. Now that we solved the mysteries, they no longer
have any need for us, and now they're ready to execute that instant-kill stink
bomb. Yikes. Good thing Wigglytuff just *happens* to stroll in. Enjoy the scene
that occurs after - it's so funny I won't spoil it, but you get off scot free,
and now have to find a way up. Team Skull, however, has a new target now -
Wigglytuff himself! How will Wigglytuff fare? Only time will tell. For now...

4.10 The Mystery of Fogbound Lake

You're at the entrance of a dungeon again, with another Kangaskhan rock. Ready
yourself up, then enter. There will be no side paths this time, but don't
worry - you can still level yourself up if you want to. Pack some Sleep/X-eye
Seeds, because a boss fight is coming up.

Meanwhile... Back at the Groudon Statue... more funny scenes between Wigglytuff
and Team Skull. Team Skull also finally works up the courage to unleash their
stink bomb on Wigglytuff! Ouch...

Dungeon - Steam Cave + Upper Steam Cave
Length - 8 + 7 + Steam Cave Peak
Resident Pokemon - Slugma, Snubull, Kricketune, Yanma, Numel, Farfetch'd,
     Magby, Volbeat, Illumise, Magmar, Granbull, Shuckle. 
My levels upon entry - Seth (17), Pikachu (17)

It's a double dungeon, and the first one you've encountered too. This basically
means you get a breather floor somewhere in the middle, where you are auto-
matically fully healed. You can also save the game and choose to go back if you
so wish. The "upper" part of the dungeon also has different music, and missions
in these dungeons only pertain to the lower half of the dungeon. These apply to
friend rescue too - if you faint on the upper part of the dungeon, you will NOT
be eligible for friend rescues - rather, you will be send back to the relay
point, with all your money and half your items gone, and you can choose to
either move on or go back to the base of the dungeon to prepare again.

Anyways, in the lower half of the dungeon, watch out for Numel mainly - it can
hit you with Magnitude, which hits the entire room for damage dependent on the
strength of the magnitude. Magnitude 4-5 will probably be just shrugged off,
but it can go all the way up to 10, and on the higher scales it can easily 1HKO
fire types and Pikachu. Other Pokemon in the dungeon aren't so tough, but they
can probably take a STAB attack without dying unless they're weak to the move,
so you'll "enjoy" Flame Body on Magby, Magmar and Slugma sometimes. A water
type can remove burn by entering a water square, and a fire type is immune to
burns, but other Pokemon are not so lucky. Snubull runs away in low health like
Dodrio owing to the Run Away ability, so have some geo pebbles ready.

While in the interlude floor, you will hear some unidentified roaring. What
could it be? Regardless, there is no way to go but up (unless you're like me
who lost my reviver seeds due to a Magnitude 10 - don't go up there without
reviver seeds, trust me). Oh yeah, and SAVE. This is one place you REALLY want
to save. The upper dungeon isn't tough at all, with the Volbeat and Illumise
intending more to buff themselves than to actually attack you, and with nobody
having dangerous attacks in general. It'll be quite easy to make your way up.

Once you ascend the top, you will hear the roaring again! Something is coming!
Before that, though, you get to see the guild (without you or Wigglytuff)
assembling together, and finding their way up. You will also see team skull,
being very so totally pwnt by Wigglytuff. Ha ha.

Back at the peak, you will soon find what was roaring at you - Groudon itself!
And it does NOT look happy. You will then see the crew again, going through
steam cave (watch out for Magnitude, Croagunk!). Chatot will explain the
strength of the legendary Groudon, while you get to look at your team facing
against the Pokemon equivalent of Colossus himself. Ahh. But this is no time to
get scared! Time to fight!

Oh, and Chatot sucks at analogies. Big surprise.

Boss Battle: Groudon
Difficulty: Hard

Groudon has Drought, which automatically summons sunny weather. It basically
nullifies its water weakness, though grass types are still effective against
it (and ice type too, if you have such an attack for some reason). It doesn't
actually have a STAB attack (so the Pikachu of your team is safe), but it does
have Ancientpower, a rock type attack, to hit your fire types for super effec-
tive damage, and it randomly boosts every one of his stats by one (which would
pretty much be gg). It can also use Slash, Bulk Up, and Scary Face. Yeah, it's
got a good balance of attack and defense with its moveset. Funny how it's ac-
tually what a level 30 Groudon would have with their natural moveset anyways,
but you should still feel lucky, as if Groudon is even one level less, he will
have Mud Shot instead of Bulk Up, which will hurt a LOT more. Oh, and Groudon
has some IQ skills, too - Defender cause it to take less damage and deal less
in return, though don't expect him to hurt a lot less because of it; Counter-
hitter sometimes returns a quarter of the damage you inflict back to yourself,
which isn't always severe since Groudon is very defensive, but still watch out
for it.

ANYWAYS, the trick to fighting Groudon is to deny a chance for him to attack.
Inflict him with a status if you can (Thunder Wave works on it, since ground
type doesn't totally nullify electric attack in this game) - an X-eye seed is
always there if you don't have any moves to inflict status. Once Groudon is
under a status, the fight is a lot easier - just keep up the pressure and hit
him hard, hopefully before he can recover. Otherwise, I hope you have reviver
seeds. Groudon isn't an incredibly difficult boss, owing to that Defender
really makes it deal less damage than it could have, and that it's automati-
cally slower than normal, but it ain't no walk in the park, either. Remember
again - status ailment is your friend. I had Pikachu kept him paralyzed with
continous Thunder Wave while I hit him with Fake Out after Fake Out. He didn't
get off a lot of attacks at all. 

After the fight, Groudon... disappears in a burst of light. What the hell? Uxie
comes in at this point, and tells you that the Groudon you defeated is merely
an illusion projected by Uxie (an illusion that can do everything a real Grou-
don can do, apparently). A VERY long cutscene happens afterwards.

Basically, Uxie points out that he protects the lake because it hosts an impor-
tant MacGauffin - A time gear. The lake itself is a spectacular sight, as
well, so I guess Uxie has good benefits for his job. You feel a really weird
sensation upon seeing the Time Gear, though. God knows why - Uxie certainly
doesn't, since he claims that he can only wipe memories of Fogbound Lake, not
EVERYTHING, and he certainly can't (and won't) turn humans to Pokemon. The
rest of your guild arrives at this point (Wigglytuff being as funny as always),
and now you get to enjoy a spectacular sight, complete with a spectacular back-
ground music. Guess treasures don't always have to be material. Anyways, Uxie
states that the lake's secret must be kept as, well, a secret, especially in
light of what happened recently. Time to go back home! And don't feel bad that
you didn't get any treasure, since you get something even better - an expanded
bag! Now you can hold 40 items.

4.11 Dusknoir

Guess what comes in the morning? Yup. Loudred. And the assembly, of course.
Before Chatot can give you your task of the day, though, Loudred and Diglett
start arguing because Diglett can't identify a footprint. Turns out the owner
of the footprint is Dusknoir (who doesn't HAVE a footprint, to boot), and he
wants to visit the guildmaster.

So what's the big deal about Dusknoir? Well, apparently he is a REALLY great
explorer that knows everything and is so powerful he flies solo. Add in that he
basically came out of nowhere, and you got one tough customer. Anyways, Some
conversations are exchanged, and Dusknoir announces that he will stay in Trea-
sure town for a while. Everyone certainly seems happy about that. Anyways,
Chatot finally comes around to give you your work of the day - the two boards.

On the job board, you can now find missions that asks you to explore new dun-
geons. Take those ASAP - New dungeons are not that easy to unlock, so the soon-
er you get them done, the better.

Anyways, there are lots of things you can do in town. Two new shops opened -
Chansey's day care and Xatu's Appraisal. Basically, now the missions with ???
as a reward can now give you an egg as well, and when that happens Chansey will
take care of it for you, free of charge. Xatu's basically there to open all
those boxes you get in dungeons for 150 gold a pop. Also, now that you can
open the boxes, take note that the rare species enhancing items you can get are
objects that can be swapped with Croagunk. It works like this:

If you have two objects that boost the same species, say Shinx Fang and Shinx
Claw (note they both have one star on their item description), you can trade
them in for a First Crest (which has two stars on its item description). Once
you collect another set of one-star rare items, you can trade in those two one-
stars PLUS the two-star for a third-star item, which is very hard to come by
and provides some sort of major boost to the species in question. Note that
Croagunk can access your storage, so simply leave any items you don't need to
keep in your storage.

Now that you're back from the expedition, you probably have lots to do - open
all boxes, sell any unwanted loot to free up storage, and so on. Also, remember
to call your other team members again if you're intent on using them. Onwards
with your jobs for today!

After bedtime, you will see a scene with team skull. They want to get back at
Wigglytuff for owning them so badly, but they can't figure out how to beat him,
so they resolved to mess you around instead. What a bunch of jerks.

The next day... Chatot asks you to run to the Kecleon market and see if they
plan on stocking Perfect Apples, because Wigglytuff and the number of perfect
apples in the larder don't get along very well. And who should you meet in the
market but... Dusknoir! He was having a nice chat with the Kecleon brothers,
and you pitch in too - Looks like Kecleon isn't planning on stocking perfect
apples. You also see the Marill brothers who inform us that they have been
looking for a Water Float (it's a three-star item for Azurill), and someone had
reported that it was on the beach. Team Skull jumps in on the information too,
however, so it looks like trouble's a-brewing. But first... the report. Chatot
isn't too happy to hear the news, but hey, it's not your fault and he knows it.
Though, sending you to get perfect apples is out of the question given how you
failed rather badly last time. Ah well, he'll take charge of it this time and
you will be back to doing bulletin jobs. So do them!

Dinner time! But wait, Chatot has another announcement! Another time gear was
stolen! Not Uxie's one, though - you remember, don't you? The unguarded one in
the underground lake. Chatot reiterates that we must never, ever, tell anyone
else of the secret of Fogbound lake. Sounds easy enough to do.

In the night, your partner starts talking about the stolen time gears, and then
wonders Uxie is doing well. You will then realize that no, Uxie isn't doing
well. Grovyle found him, killed his illusion, and took the time gear anyways -
though at least he had the decency of not shoving blame on us.

The next morning... we have a visitor! Marill and Azurill tell you that, when
they went to the beach, they found a threatening note instead of the water
float. Apparently, someone (and we all have a very shrewd idea of who) took the
water float and placed in the depth of Amp Plains. Amp Plains is home to a lot
of electric Pokemon, and Marill and Azurill, being water types, can't even get
anywhere close to it. Of course, it's up to you to help, even if you are a
water type.

Restock and stuff in town. If you have Totter Orb, Foe-Fear Orb, Foe-Seal Orb,
or some similar orb that disables an entire room, you might want to bring one
or three. Also try to ready a move that can hit the entire room. Vacuum Cut is
the only one you can legitimately get at this point, I think - it's a bit on
the weak side, but it will do.

Dungeon - Amp Plains + Far Amp Plains
Length - 10 + 9 + Amp Plains Clearing
Resident Pokemon - Elekid, Phanpy, Mareep, Plsule, Shinx, Girafarig, Flaffy,
     Yanmega, Minun
(Far Amp Plains) - Electrike, Ampharos, Flaffy, Dodrio, Tauros, Electabuzz
My levels upon entry - Seth (19), Pikachu (20)

Yup, lots of electric types about, so expect paralyze. One thing you should
realize, though, is that Amp Plains in the first dungeon where it's possible to
encounter traps - well, sort of. Wonder Tile is a kind of trap, but it's mostly
helpful and always visible, and is only classified as a trap for the purpose of
some trap-centric IQ skills. Real traps are invisible till you step on them, and
they do all sorts of nasty things. Watch out.

Amp Plains is also the first dungeon to potentially home MONSTER HOUSES. They
are rooms with quite a bit of items inside, but as soon as you step in, a crap-
load of Pokemon drop in out of nowhere and starts beating you up. Now, you
should know that while killing a couple of Pokemon is no big deal, it IS a big
deal when you have 15 Pokemon all rushing at you. That's why I told you to 
carry room-control moves and orbs - with those you can disable the monster
house Pokemon, and more or less beat them up at your leisure. If you don't have
those orbs (left), then... I guess you'll have to tough it out. Hopefully you
have reviver seeds. Also, if you suspect a room may be a monster house before
entering it, try using the "Stay where you are" tactics for your teammates in
the middle of the hallway leading to it. This way, if the room turns out to be
a house, you can quickly retreat in the hallway and handle the threat one by

As far as residents go, the only really dangerous attack here is Phanpy's Roll-
out, since it will continue to hit you, with each hit being stronger than the
last, until one hit misses or five hits have been registered. Like all multihit
moves, Rollout has poor accuracy, but like all multi-hit moves, if it hits you
are in for a world of pain. Try to avoid giving Phanpy the chance to unleash
its fury on you. Otherwise, several things here knows Thunder Wave which is
annoying, but none of the things here have overly dangerous attacks. Ability-
wise, Shinx has Intimidate so physical hits don't work well on them, and a
bunch of things have Static. Try to use special-based moves if possible. Plusle
and Minun can use Helping Hand, which just SUCKS in a monster house (have fun
waiting two minutes for all the messages to finish showing), but isn't really
much of a threat.

You get a breather in the middle of the dungeon. Meanwhile, at the treasure
town, the Marill brothers are spreading good words about you, and good words
have reached Dusknoir's ears. However, Dusknoir knows something else no one had
known so far - you are now in grave danger! What the hell? Well, let's stay in
character - your team has no idea of whatever danger you're putting yourself
in, so just march onward!

Nothing much dangerous in the upper floors, either. Dodrio is a nuisance with
Pluck - if hits you, it will randomly eat a food from your inventory, and woe
betide you if it eat a violent seed or something like that, or it can just 
infuriate you by eating a valuable reviver seed. Otherwise, mostly the same
as you have seen before. Electrike has Lightningrod, which nullifies all elec-
tric attacks coming from you as long as it and your electric user is on the
same floor.

At the top of the clearing, you will see the water float, but then you get
attacked, by Luxray and his tribe of Luxio. Damn.

Boss Fight: Luxray + 7 Luxio
Difficulty: Very hard

There are EIGHT opponents to bring down this time, and since it's a boss floor
no orbs for you. If you brought a level 17+ Paras like me, though, then you'll
be in luck - Spore is basically a Slumber Orb that can be used here, turning
this normally menacing fight into more or less of a joke. However, chances are
you don't. Anyways, Park Luxray out of the fight ASAP with some sort of status
(hopefully in the form of a seed), then wail on the Luxio. They can hurt you
a lot when they're together, but as you kill them one by one you'll be safer.
When it's finally just Luxray left, then just treat it as a normal outlaw fight
as Luxray isn't incredibly tough by himself, since his only real damaging move
is Bite, which has no STAB and hits no one for Super-effective damage (unless
you happen to have a Girafarig here...) Anything that can use Mud Sport is
helpful here, too, to soften the STAB Sparks the Luxio fling your way.

After the fight, looks like Luxray is merely down, not out - he charges up and
prepares some sort of attack on you, but Dusknoir comes at the nick of the time
and blocks the assault. He then exchange words with Luxray, who is finally
convinced that you aren't here to grab their territory, and retreats. So, Amp
Plains is a place where Luxray and his tribe likes, but since once upon a time
they were attacked without warning, they become very xenophobic. Anyways, now
you can claim the water float. How did it get here, though? Dusknoir points out
that "someone" had put it there deliberately, and that "someone" also happens
to be nearby. I think you should know who is that someone by now, but the game
tells you anyways. Team Skull shows up, and Dusknoir challenges them, but to
no avail - Team Skull is quite good at, er, "Skedaddling". Ah well, you got
the Marill brother their items back; you conquered a difficult dungeon; you're
happy; everyone's happy.

Anyways, back at the town, the topic somehow shifts to your vision abilities.
Dusknoir calls the ability the "dimensional scream" (a weird name for certain),
and then you'll be at the beach, with you telling Dusknoir of your past. Dusk-
noir acts somewhat weirdly at this point, but he says he doesn't know anything
about you. Suddenly, Pelliper start flying around, and Bidoof comes out to call
you back to the guild, because there's an important announcement. I think we
know what it is, already...

4.12 Grovyle the Thief

Yup, another time gear was stolen, and we all know which time gear that was -
it's the one from Uxie in the Fogbound Lake! Everyone's in a state of panic and
confusion. Also, everyone now knows a Grovyle had did it. Wigglytuff gets
majorly upset and pissed by this, anyways, and now the guild's objective is now
to catch Grovyle, and now we must prepare to set out to catch him. Don't worry,
this is not another expedition, at least not like the last one. You just get
more storyline dungeons to do is all. 

Anyways, once you're done "preparing", go back to the guild. Chatot will assign
the guild to several locations: Eastern Forest, Crystal Caves, and (for us)
Northern Desert. Note how Crystal Caves and Northern Desert are in a different
colour, yet the Eastern Forest isn't? Anyways, You ARE allowed to go off and
do jobs and stuff like usual if you feel the need. I don't, so I'm heading
straight for Northern Desert. You can stop by the crossroads, though - Looks
like Dugtrio has wandered off on his own. If you go all the way west past the
town, you will find Dugtrio apparently PRAYING to the SEA. Funny.

Dungeon - Northern Desert
Length - 16
Resident Pokemon - Aron, Baltoy, Cacnea, Cacturne, Carnivine, Cubone, Lairon,
     Larvitar, Rhyhorn, Sandshrew, Trapinch
My levels upon entry - Seth (23), Pikachu (23)
Sandstorm rages in floor 6, 10, 11

Yeah. There are sandstorm on some floors, and the only resident Pokemon that
takes damage from it is Carnivine (What the hell is Carnivine doing here any-
ways? It's a swamp Pokemon for God's sakes). A bunch of things here also have
Sand Veil to boost their evasion in the sand, and it is VERY infuriating to try
and kill those Pokemon (Cacnea, Cacturne, Sandshrew). In terms of attack,
though, there aren't that many things that can hurt you well. Sandshrew has
Fury Attack and Cacnea/Cacturne have Pin Missile, and while they don't get
STAB on them both can stay around long enough in the sand to annoy you a lot
with those moves. On higher up floors Sandshrew can also use Rollout, though it
tends to be slightly less effective than Fury Attack unless it hits a weakness.

Anyways, this dungeon is quite taxing on your resources due to sandstorm and
multi-hit moves everywhere, yet for the most part it is a taste of what is to
come. If you can't handle Northern Desert, you should probably level up some
more before heading to the next dungeon.

At the end, you will see pits of Quicksand. Obviously there is nothing here,
but not so obviously you have the same deja-vu sensation here as the one you
had back in foggy forest. We'll figure that out later though, because death by
quicksand is not something we want to experience right now.

Back at the guild, looks like everyone else have turned up empty-handed except
Bidoof, who grabbed a chunk of crystal as a piece of souvenir. After a bit of a
blame game, it's decided that we have to wait until tomorrow to devise a better
strategy or something. 

Next morning... Chatot asks everyone to search on their own. However, where
should we go? You decided to expand on your sense of deja vu, so off to Quick-
sand Desert we go! Don't worry, you don't need to go through Northern Desert

Now, you and your partner stands before the quicksand again. There appears to be
no route forward, but then you came up with a crazy idea - jump into the quick-
sand pits! Your partner took that unbelievably well, and the plan is put in
motion. And of course, instead of drowning in quicksand, you find out that the
pits leads to a dungeon instead.

Dungeon - Quicksand Caves + Quicksand Cave Pit + Underground Lake
Length - 10 + 10
Resident Pokemon - Sandslash, Pupitar, Nincada, Vibrava, Skorupi, Mawile
(Quicksand Cave Pit) - Sandslash, Pupitar, Skorupi, Mawile, Tyranitar, Hippo-
     potas, Ninjask
My levels upon entry - Seth (25), Pikachu (25).

Yes, it's another sand dungeon. The top ten floors is very easy, since there is
no natural sandstorm, and though Pupitar can start one with the move Sandstorm,
its duration is limited. Skorupi can fire those Pin Missiles, however, and it
(unlike Cacnea and Cacturne) receives STAB on the move, so they hurt a lot
more. Sandslash can use Fury Swipes as well, and Mawile, though being no threat
on their own, can use Sweet Scent to make Pin Missile and Fury Swipes hit more
accurately on you - seek a wonder tile as soon as possible after taking Sweet

Past the relay point, however, things get MUCH harder. Sandstorm is there on
almost every floor due to the fact that Hippopotas and Tyranitar both have
Sand Stream, which automatically starts a sandstorm. Sandslash is the only Sand
Veiler around, but in a sandstorm they can be nightmarishly difficult to take
down. Good luck here.

Once you make it to the bottom, you will find... an underground lake, with
something glowing in the middle. It's a time gear! However, as soon as you try
get close, Mesprit jumps out of the lake! And she attacks!

Boss Battle: Mesprit
Difficulty: Easy

Mesprit is more annoying than she is harmful. She has STAB confusion which does
sting a bit, but she tends to try and set her damage with Future Sight, which
turns her damage to 30 only. She does, however, have Protect and Imprison, two
annoying moves that restricts your ability to attack. Status ailment is your
friend (again), and beyond that, she's not so tough - just heal and trade blows
with her. she'll go down soon.

After the fight, you finally got to around that you're not the thief. Who is
the thief, then? "That would probably be... me". Yup, Grovyle's here. And here
you have been spending so much energy fighting each other, you don't stand a
snowball's chance in burning hell against him. He knocks all of you aside
rather effortlessly, and takes the time gear! Oh no!

And remember kids, when a time gear is taken, time stops. Better runs before
we're trapped in the still time!

4.13 The Only Option

Back at the guild, more discussions. We found Grovyle, but fat good it did us
now that he took the time gear and we're back in square one. We do have an
additional clue now - if Uxie and Mesprit are guarding two of the time gears,
who do you think will be guarding the final time gear? Also, think about where
those three were found in the main games. It makes sense that that Azelf will
be in a lake as well. But where is that lake? Most likely not somewhere obvious
given how well hidden Fogbound Lake and the Quicksand Lake (named by me!) are.

Anyways, Dusknoir borrows Bidoof's crystal so you may try to get a Dimensional
Scream reading on it. And a reading you obtained, as well - You see Grovyle
stealing the time gear from Azelf! Yikes! Well, it could have happened in the
past (in which we're all too late, and we should all just eat and drink and be
merry for we die tomorrow), or it could have been something that happens in the
future (in which case we must go now to see what we can do, which we probably
can since the vision doesn't involve us getting our asses kicked again). Also,
since Mesprit knew about Uxie's time gear being stolen, but none of them heard
anything about Azelf's time gear being stolen... it's probably something that
happened in the future. So, our next destination: Crystal Caves! Now all that
remains is for the guildmaster to give the call to duty, except... the next
scene is just for fun, and you get to see Chatot being pwnt too.

Anyways, do your usual preparation and then go in Crystal Caves.

Dungeon - Crystal Cave + Crystal Crossing + Crystal Lake
Length - 11 + 13
Resident Pokemon - Graveler, Seviper, Beldum, Wormadam(Sand), Riolu(T), Cran-
     idos, Donphan, Shieldon, Golem
(Crystal Crossing) - Bagon, Wormadam(Grass), Floatzel, Glameow, Absol, Glalie,
My levels upon entry - Seth (27), Pikachu (27).

Crystal Caves is quite a long dungeon, but there is no sandstorm or overly
difficult to bring down foes, so you're lucky off on this part. As far as move-
set goes, Wormadam can use Protect to annoy you, and Graveler/Golem can use
Selfdestruct - it doesn't faint itself, however, just deals damage to both it-
self and everyone around, and quite heavy damage too, plus it blasts open walls
(cool) and destroys unclaimed items (not so cool). Other than that, nothing
much to worry about on the top part except Golem - STAB Rock Blast, STAB Magni-
tude, STAB Rollout, the aforementioned Selfdestruct - All makes it a mean
opponent. Weakness to water and grass means it will go down rather quickly if
you have those moves, but if you don't - watch out.

At the relay point, you have to solve a small puzzle of sorts. There are three
crystals which you have to change into the correct colour, but since the puzzle
is so bland I'll just give you the answer - change 'em all blue. Note that the
statue in THIS relay point can be used to check storage too - might want to
make use of that. Anyways, time to move on!

The next part of the dungeon isn't as dangerous as it is annoying. Nothing here
has much killing power, but you will see LOTs of Absol, and they will eat up
your PP VERY quickly with Pressure. Other than that, nothing much to say
because it's such an easy dungeon. You'll make it to the end in no time.

At the end, you'll see another lake, and you'll see Grovyle, who is just done
with Azelf. However, Azelf realized he *could* get his butt kicked (heh heh),
and he set up a failsafe security system - he covered the lake with crystals
and now Grovyle can't get to the time gear! Grovyle gets REALLY pissed off by
this, but before he can do anything bad to Azelf you come along. Grovyle orders
you to move out of the way, but you don't, so it's time for a boss battle!

Boss Battle - Grovyle
Difficulty - Somewhat hard

Keep in mind that you don't have to win the battle - even if you win, Grovyle
will knock you out in the following scene. That being said, there is no reason
why you shouldn't be able to win the battle. Grovyle is pretty powerful, yes -
Leaf Blade hurts a ton and can easily 1HKO water types, but he is still sus-
ceptible to status attacks, and he isn't incredibly tough. He is a good deal
harder than Mesprit, yes, but he'll go down quickly as long as you keep him
asleep or paralyzed or the like. 

Regardless of whether you win or lose the battle, Grovyle will knock you out,
and your partner refuses to get out of his way even after losing. Just as he
is about to get seriously injured/killed, Dusknoir pops out and saves you. He
exchanges words with Grovyle (revealing that those two knew each other from
before), and in the ensuing fight Grovyle teleports off. Dusknoir then tele-
ports off too, hot in pursuit. The rest of the guild arrives at this point,
and carries you all back to guild to heal.

At the guild, you are nursed back to health and everyone is happy about it.
Azelf is alright too. Before you can talk too much, though, Magnezone issues an
emergency call for everyone to go to the town square.

4.14 Dusknoir's Secret

In the town square, the lake trio reunites, and Dusknoir calls everyone because
he has an announcement. And the announcement goes something like this:

-Grovyle is a Pokemon from the future, and what's more - he is a notorious
 criminal. He comes to the past to paralyze the world.
-A world that is paralyzed is BAD. It will basically fall to a world of "unre-
 lenting darkness, and neither spring nor summer comes. (I guess the world will
 only paralyze in a winter night?)
-Dusknoir, too, is a Pokemon from the future. That's how he got to know Grovyle
 and all the knowledge of this world. He is here to capture Grovyle.
-The plan to capture Grovyle now is to lay a trap. Spread rumours that the lake
 trio is sealing the last time gear so it may never be taken, and then lay an
-Dusknoir wants to work alone for this part, so everyone else (that includes
 you) will simply go back to their daily schedules, while spreading the rumour
 where possible.
-Your daily schedule = job board time.

I trust you can handle jobs on your own by now. You will have to do two days
worth of jobs. On the third day...

There will be another announcement. Dusknoir had CAPTURED GROVYLE! Woot. There
is a dimensional hole in the town square, and Dusknoir and his Sableye send
Grovyle into it. He entrusts the lake trio with the time gears, then says fare-
well to everyone. Before he goes, however, he wants to talk to two Pokemon in
particular - you and your partner. It is sad, but we must say farewell and move
on. A bittersweet ending.





Did you fall for that? No? Good.

Dusknoir grabs the two of you into the hole. What just happened?

4.15 Into the future

Yeah, I'm sure you all have a million questions in your mind (assuming this is
your first play through), but they will all be answered in due time. For now,
you are locked in a cell, as a quick test on the gate will confirm. There is 
a sufficient amount of facts to ascertain that we are in the future. But why
are we here? Why did Dusknoir drag us here? Before you can think about it more,
Some Sableye enters and blindfold you, and by the time you regain your sight,
both you and your partner found yourself incarcerated on poles. You're not the
only ones that are here, though - Grovyle is here too! And he brings news most
dire - we are about to be EXECUTED. But... why are WE getting executed along
with Grovyle? We didn't do anything wrong. Arguing won't do us any good though,
because at this moment six Sableye will enter, and so will Dusknoir. And indeed
your execution is called. What can we do in this hopeless situation? The answer
is to... attack. That is, to use a normal attack. Anyways, Sableye attack with
Fury Swipes, and knowing how inaccurate multi-hit moves are, they will likely
slash open the ropes amidst their frenzy, and THAT is where you use your normal
attack to get an opening. Everything is still cutscene, BTW, so you (the player
behind the screen) don't have to lift a finger.

And the plan works! All three of you get a moment of respite, and instantly
Grovyle lets loose a Luminous Orb, blinding the ghost type Pokemon. When the
light dissipates, you guys are gone! They run out to chase you away, but it
turns out that Grovyle simply used Dig to hide you guys. We're not out of the
woods yet, though - we must run.

Soon, you'll find yourself outside wherever you were in, and now you get to
bask in the full glory(?) that is the future. But... how can it be? The world
is... paralyzed. No time to mull over it, though - Sableye are still chasing us
and we gotta RUN. Soon you'll find yourself in the entrance of a dungeon. Your
partner expresses his doubts on Grovyle at this point, but Dusknoir's actions
are VERY highly incoherent. Grovyle is too cool to waste his time with the
likes of you, so he goes off ahead while you figure out what's going on. Oops,
you still don't have time to mull it over. Better get in the dungeon and get a
move on. 

Oh yeah, the future is basically expedition Mk. 2. Again, there's a series of
dungeon where you must go through without access to your town. Those Kangaskhan
rocks are still there, though - and yeah. The rocks care neither space nor time
and you will be able to access the storage you had in the PAST. What kind of
rocks are those things? Anyways, you will not be able to recruit in the future
dungeons (obviously), and you cannot revisit these dungeons once your errands
here are done - except on friend rescues. These dungeons also don't have side
paths, so I hope you're tough to survive them... Though I guess there's always
the option of going without equipments so you don't lose any.

Dungeon - Chasm Cave
Length - 8
Resident Pokemon - Magnemite, Ditto, Skarmory, Grumpig, Onix, Drifloon, Drif-
My levels upon entry - Seth (30), Pikachu (30)

Ditto can transform into any Pokemon in the dungeon, but it has no PP on their
moves apparently so it will simply Struggle, and for some reason those Struggle
HURTS. Aside from that, there's nothing much to worry about in the dungeon. 
Grumpig's ability halves fire and ice damage though - keep that in mind. Also,
Drifloon and Drifblim has aftermath, which causes it to explode when defeated,
so keep your HP high around them or finish them off with a ranged move.

The most interesting feature of this dungeon is its floor layout. Most of the
floors are designed something like this:

       room         room
         |            |
         |            |
         |            |
       room         room

Kind of like a star shaped floor. It's VERY time consuming to walk through it,
and with the fact that hallways and rooms are surrounded by air tiles (most of
the pokes here can travel in air tiles), you'll get annoyed rather quickly. Try
to stick to the edges when you search the rooms. And yeah, even though Chasm
Cave only has eight floors, it can take a while to traverse through due to
this floor layout.

Once you hit the end, you'll be in a clearing. There's a frozen water fountain
here. Your partner had the bright idea of trying to get a scream reading off
it, but you weren't able to get anything off it. Too bad. Better move on before
the Sableye catch up.

Dungeon - Dark Hills
Length - 15
Resident Pokemon - Banette, Claydol, Dusclops, Gastly, Gengar, Gliscor, Haunt-
    er, Misdreavus
My levels upon entry - Seth (30), Pikachu (30)

Lots of ghost types. LOTS and LOTS of ghost types. Ghost types are unlike other
types in that they can automatically travel INSIDE WALLS, and they cannot be
hit while they're inside it. If a ghost type starts attacking you from inside a
wall, you have no choice but to draw them out of it by moving on. It's really
annoying. Add in Dusclops's Pressure and you got a seriously annoying dungeon
that rivals Quicksand Cave Pits. As far as attacks are concerned none of them
are life-endangering, but since they are liable to get free hit on you from
inside walls they can add up. Watch your HP and don't be afraid to use items.
Dark and Ghost types rock in this dungeon if you have them, but they tend to
be limited in PP, and with Dusclops flying around you won't be able to use them
too many times without having to use several Max Elixirs. Thankfully, the
dungeon layout is a lot more straight forward and less time wasting, so you
will be able to get by rather easily. Don't stick around to look for items -
just get through as quickly as possible.

At the end of the path, your partner and you will wonder what to do next. After
all, you have ran this far because you fear for your life... but where do we go
in this world of darkness? The only light you see is from... the stockade. Is
that the only light in this dark post-apocalyptic world? Surely not. But where
is our hope?

There will be some talking. It doesn't matter what you pick in the dialogue,
as there is only one logical conclusion: find Grovyle. After all, Dusknoir and
Grovyle are the only Pokemon you know in the future, and with Dusknoir so in-
tent on getting rid of you, Grovyle is your only hope left. Despite the evil he
had done in the past/present, he is only Pokemon who can even possibly get us
out of this jam. Now you move on, with a new resolve.

You'll be outside yet another dungeon. There will be a boss battle in the end.
It's not a overwhelmingly difficult battle, but still, pack accordingly.

Dungeon - Sealed Ruins + Deep Sealed Ruins + Sealed Ruins Pit
Length - 8 + 6 + 
Resident Pokemon - Muk, Forretress, Shelgon, Metang, Tangrowth, Probopass
My levels upon entry - Seth (31), Pikachu (31)

Not much to worry about here from the residents - none of them have spectacular
attack OR defense. Shelgon is a bit tough to take down and that's about it.
Also, with simplistic floor layout, this is one of the easier dungeons in the
future. Also, the upper dungeons have the same Pokemon as the lower dungeon,
for some reasons, so you'll still have an easy time up there.

At the relay point, you will see Grovyle, who is ahead of you. However, he ran
into a bit of a trouble with a Spiritomb... similar to the trouble we ran into
with Luxray back then. Guess it's our turn to do the rescuing?

At the bottom, you will see Grovyle, who is surrounded in some sort of weird
force field. He warns us of the location of the Spiritomb so it can't use a
sneak attack on us. Ah well, time to fight!

Boss Battle: Spiritomb
Difficulty: Average

Spiritomb has a couple of tricks up its sleeves - It can utilize the Hypnosis/
Dream Eater Combo to do a lot of damage plus heal itself, and it can also use
Ominous Wind to hit both your Pokemon for a sizable chunk of damage PLUS boost
its own stats at a certain rate. It is just as vulnerable to status attacks,
however. Also, keep in mind that it has no type weaknesses, but it DOES have
resistances ("immunity" to normal, fighting, psychic and resistance to poison),
so turn off your partner's normal/fighting/psychic moves. Not an overly diffi-
cult fight, but if you allow him to get off attacks you CAN get in trouble.

Afterwards, Grovyle explains that the Spiritomb is normally a timid Pokemon
that was merely frightened of you (and Grovyle himself) trespassing near him,
and lost control of itself, and that Pokemon like Spiritomb is common in the
future. Now, it's time for Grovyle to 'fess up, about himself, the world, and
his intention in the past.

4.16 The Secret of the Planet's Paralysis

Summary of Grovyle's version of the story:

-The planet's paralysis started in the past (your time), when the Temporal
 Tower, Dialga's domain, collapsed.
-With the collapse of the Temporal Tower, the time went out of whack and even-
 tually stopped. 
-Dialga, whose fate is tied with the Temporal Tower, also lost most of his
 reasoning. Now, he is a mere shadow of his former self - a being that feels
 no emotion, outside of his own self preservation. Thus, he seeks to prevent
 the history from changing.
-That's why Grovyle and Dialga is at odds, because Grovyle wants to set right
 what once went wrong. Dusknoir is an agent of the new Primal Dialga, sent to
 the past (your present) to stop Grovyle.
-Grovyle was taking the time gears only because he needs to put them in the
 Temporal Tower, to fix the ROOT of the problem. It's his badass attitude that
 misguided people.
-Grovyle will go back to the past again - with the help of Celebi.

Your partner found it REALLY hard to believe that Dusknoir is a villain, and
struggles with himself. Grovyle apparently has no interest in helping him sort
out his emotions, but you will eventually have decided to trust Grovyle and
follow him.

Meanwhile, you get to see Dusknoir and Primal Dialga again. Apparently, the
stage is set and now the main players (you) just have to walk in, and they will
capture you! We'll see about that.

Now, you re in front of another dungeon. You may recognize this place as the
future of your base camp back at the expedition, so I guess Dusk Forest here is
the future version of Foggy Forest. Anyways, save, prepare, whatever, then

Dungeon - Dusk Forest
Length - 8
Resident Pokemon - Gabite, Jumpluff, Mismagius, Mothim
My levels upon entry - Seth (33), Pikachu (33)

Lol, a dungeon with 4 types of Pokemon. Anyways, for the dungeon you will have
the help of Grovyle who is level 46(!), with a moveset of Absorb, Quick Attack,
Leaf Blade, Dig. He kind of lacks range, but unlike Bidoof (or those pesky
escorts...) he can take out all sort of crap by himself, and is not running
danger of being KO'd any time soon. A great ally to have around indeed - if he
is behind you instead of your partner and you run into trouble, displace him
and let 'im fly. Anyways, the dungeon doesn't have foggy weather like Foggy
Forest, so your electric moves are safe. The residents here don't hit too hard
so you're pretty safe, though Mismagius being a ghost type can travel through
walls. Jumpluff can hit with STAB bullet seed, so watch out for that too. The
dungeon is rather short, and with Grovyle around you're not going to have a
hard time killing things.

At the end of the dungeon, you will meet Celebi herself. She is quite a funny
gal, and provides some much needed comic relief in the series of events, so I
won't spoil the scene. Anyways, our next destination is to march on, so Celebi
can teleport us back to the past. Celebi seems to know something weird about
you that nobody else realizes, though... but she shrugs it off. So, yeah.
Prepare, save, whatever. Oh and, make sure you talk to Celebi before you enter
the dungeon!

Dungeon - Deep Dusk Forest
Length - 12
Resident Pokemon - Vulpix, Rhydon, Steelix, Aggron, Leafeon, Hippowdon
My levels upon entry - Seth (33), Pikachu (33)

Wow. As if travelling with a level 46 Grovyle is not easy enough, we now have
an ADDITIONAL level 45 Celebi. Celebi can use Magical Leaf and Ancientpower to
attack, Heal Bell to cure status for the entire team, and Recover to, well,
recover her own HP (not that she needs to, but hey...). Given that Magical
Leaf is ranged and hit half the dungeon for super effective damage... As for
the residents, Rhydon can hit you with STAB Rock Blast and... that's about it.
Nothing hard here, though Hippowdon has Sand Stream and can be annoying.

At the top of the forest, you see the passage of time. But then, Dusknoir shows
up in front you to block your progress. Looks like there's no other choice...
we must fight! Oh wait, Dialga is here too. Crap. We're screwed now. But hope
is still alive, or so says Grovyle - for a human travelled with him the first
time he went in the past! There was an accident that separated the human and
Grovyle, but the human must still be in the past, working diligently to stop
the planet's paralysis. Who is that human, you (or rather, Dusknoir) asks? It
is none other than [your starter's name]!





But you're right here! Dusknoir steps in now. He knew for a long time that you
was Grovyle's partner, and though he does not know how you came to be, your
amnesia made it quite easy for Dusknoir to manipulate you. So, this is the
grand plan for Dusknoir - to trash your hope in the end. Despair doesn't get
much better than this.

Your partner isn't about to give up, though - Celebi, take us and travel even
for a short while in time! Never mind that Dialga is here and will laugh at any
puny attempt to mess with time (the passage of time is not puny so Dialga can't
laugh at it), it's enough for you to get an opening and get in the passage.
Good job, partner.

4.17 A New Dawn

You wake up on the same beach you woke up so long ago. Grovyle is there, too -
looks like THIS attempt at time travel went off without a hitch. Anyways, we
need a place to crash and talk, and Wigglytuff¡¯s guild is an obvious location
for that but... remember, Grovyle is with you. How will he be received in the
guild? Not very well we'd think. Good thing your partner has a plan B - there's
a place where he lived in before he joined the guild, to the west of the town
(that's where you saw Dugtrio praying to the sea). That will do for now.

During the night, Grovyle will talk about Seth, his Dimensional Scream, and so
on. It definitely solves a good past of the puzzle about your and Grovyle's
past, but not all questions are answered. For now, though, we should rest up,
for we still have to finish the task - get the time gears again, and put them
in the temporal tower. SO, where to go first? Underground lake is the closest
one, but Grovyle suggests to go after the one in Treeshroud Forest first (the
place where Grovyle got the first time gear), since there is no guardian to
that one. So, off to Treeshroud forest we go!

Yeah, even though we're back in the past/present, we still don't have access to
the town yet, so there's another Kangaskhan rock and a chance to get ready.
Grovyle says that this place feels different somehow, but he can't pinpoint the
reason, so let's see if we can find out anything about it.

Dungeon - Treeshroud Forest
Length - 20
Resident Pokemon - Kadabra, Houndoom, Ralts, Cherrim, Kirlia, Vespiqueen, Ala-
     kazam, Ninetails
My levels upon entry - Seth (34), Pikachu (34)

Treeshroud forest is REALLY long. 20 floors without savepoints, and the floor
design isn't exactly simple either. You still have Grovyle, but the difficulty
of the dungeon will take a toll on you. Make sure you carry a lot of supplies
and an Escape Orb.

The inhabitants of the dungeon can be taxing for you, as well - Vespiqueen has
Pressure, the ability you've grown to know and hate. Ralts and Kirlia can use
Double Team, and if they get a chance to spam it more than a couple times it
gets really ridiculous. Worst of all, is Cherrim - Aside from all the status
moves Grass types tend to get, Cherrim can use Sunny Day to trigger its ability
to boost special attack for EVERY hostile Pokemon nearby, then hit you with a
super powerful Petal Dance. It's another multi-hit move so it has poor accu-
racy, but it's REALLY strong, and if all three hits register while Cherrim is
boosted by Flower Gift, it spells death if you're a water type or have taken
any amount of prior damage. Sunny Day will also boost the fire moves Houndoom
use, which is bad for grass types as well (even Grovyle can take a beating from
abuse like this). Thankfully, Cherrim only appears on the lower floors, but
don't let you guard down around them.

Once you hit the end, you will find out that... for some reason, time REMAINED
stopped, even though the time gear is there. Grovyle takes the time gear (as it
is pretty useless sitting there right now), and asks your partner to gather
some news around town (while laying low). The news are... not very good. Appar-
ently, time is stopping in an ever increasing area and everyone is upset be-
cause they don't know what went wrong. Grovyle says that it's because the Tem-
poral Tower is already collapsing. We better act soon! One problem, however,
still exists: The temporal tower is supposedly in a place called Hidden Land,
which is aptly hidden. Where is it? Nobody knows. Grovyle doesn't, but we need
to find it as soon as possible. Thus, Grovyle will be off to collect more time
gears, while you go figure out how to reach Hidden Land.

Yeah, Grovyle shoved the hard task on you - at least he know where he's going;
you don't have a clue what to do. What to do? Hmm, you can't figure out how to
get there on our own. You need everyone's help. You make the decision to go
back to Wigglytuff's guild.

4.18 The Guild's Crew

It's just like the first day - the weather looks the same, and you're outside
the guild again. How will they accept you? You don't know, but you NEED their
help - there is no choice, and nothing to back away to.

Diglett: Pokemon detected! Pokemon detected!
Loudred: Whose footprint? Whose footprint?
Diglett: The footprint belongs to... The f-f-footprint belongs to...

It's a very touching scene. Everyone practically floods out of the guild to
greet you, and then Wigglytuff appears, acting surprisingly mature. You are
welcomed back with open arms!

Inside the guild, as expected, your story makes quite an impact. Chatot gives
a fairly amusing summary of your story up to this point, and as expected, ev-
eryone doubts the veracity of your story at first. However, eventually Dusk-
noir's unusual behaviour in the end got brought up, and the guild chose to
believe you. It's quite touching, again. Chatot is isolated quickly, and had to
basically get rescued By Wigglytuff. Anyways, it's a good idea that we chose to
rely on everyone rather than ourselves - not only do we now have everyone's
help on Hidden Land, we also just made Grovyle's job a good deal easier and
less violent by giving the lake trio as well as everyone else a heads up on the
new info. See? Being a badass loner is not always better. Remember kids!

Anyways, Wigglytuff has a suggestion for us - talk to Torkoal, the town elder,
because he is the oldest and wisest Pokemon in town. He usually hangs out in
the hot springs, and we got there by climbing waterfall caves, so we will be
going there again from the caves, basically. However, for now, it's late, so
let's eat!

Next morning... Loudred again. Yup, we're fully back! And you can now access
the town in its full glory, as well (no longer do I have to worry about the 20k
coins or so I've gathered from the future). 

Do some missions if you like, then go through Waterfall Caves again - note that
you can not do any jobs on your trip though. Seeing that you went through the
dungeon just fine when you were 25 levels younger, I dare say that you'll have
no problems traversing through it again. 

At the hot spring, talk to Torkoal. He responds that yes, he have heard of
Hidden Land, and to enter there you need qualifications. What qualifications?
Err...um...he forgot. Oh wait, he just remembered - you need proof. What proof?
Err...um...he forgot again. Lol. Well, too bad. We better go back.

At the guild, there's no good news about hidden land, but everyone remain as
perky as ever. Dinner, bed.

Morning comes, and before you can go anywhere, Torkoal pays you a visit! And he
remembered something about the proof you need! Apparently, it has a "certain
pattern" of inscription on it. It's very... unique, though, and really hard to
describe. It doesn't take long to figure out that your partner's Relic Fragment
bears an inscription that fits the bill perfectly. Your partner shows Torkoal
the fragment and lo' and behold, the pattern fits! What's more, Wigglytuff and
Chatot had seen the pattern before! Wow. The pattern was see in a place called
Brine Cave. However, a vicious bandit lurks there, so it's not going to be
exactly easy. The thought of the bandit isn't enough to scare everyone, though.
Wigglytuff and Chatot speaks a bit based on their past experience in the cave
(in other words, you have no idea what the hell are they talking about), and
Chatot gets assigned to your team! So, as it stands, your non-guild members may
not go along, and you will be teamed up with Chatot. The pressure...

Anyways, you're sent to prepare yourself. Before you can arrive in town, you
get to see a scene with team skull coercing Torkoal. Anyways, now to prepare
yourselves! Before you can leave town, your partner calls you to check out
Sharpedo Bluff to see if Grovyle came back yet. Turns out he didn't, but he
left you a letter. He seems appreciative of your non-badass loner attitude, and
told you that he will either meet you in the bluff or in the beach. Let's go
check out the beach!

4.19 Lapras

Grovyle isn't in the beach, and for some reason neither are the bubble blowing
Krabby that are normally supposed to be here. You two do some reminiscing - it's
the relic fragment that started your team and adventurers, and now we've gone
full circle back to the fragment again. Before you go back, you get to see the
faint outline of a Lapras swimming through the sea, though your team (Being the
ignorant louts they are) don't know what it is. You also get to see more Team
Skull plotting - looks like THEIR adventure had came full circle too. Remember
how your first adventure started because team skull stole the relic fragment?
They're planning on doing that again.

In the night, you get to see more memory-based conversation, this time between
Wigglytuff and the Lapras you saw earlier. Whatever the conversation may be,
it kept Wigglytuff from going back to the guild in the morning, apparently.
Chatot is ready to take charge of the matter, but everyone else isn't so sure
about him doing that... initially. There is no other choice, though - for now,
Chatot will lead us.

At the entrance of Brine Cave, Chatot gives us a briefing. Everyone wonders how
Chatot knows so much about the dungeon - did he come here before? The answer is
yes, he did. However, he can't tell us anything about the "vicious bandit"
because he got knocked out so quick, he didn't get ANY information on them,
other than that they're most likely water types. Wait... they? Yeah, there's
more than ONE of them. Ruh-roh. Anyways, it's too dangerous to face unknown 
foes alone, so groups will be formed, and of course Chatot will be with you as
per Wigglytuff's command. Let's go! Oh and, Team Skull will be following. Bah.

Dungeon - Brine Cave + Brine Cave Pit
Length - 9 + 5
Resident Pokemon - Seel, Kingler, Omanyte, Pelipper, Gastrodon, Tentacool, Dew-
     gong, Staryu, Dragonair
(Brine Cave Pit) - Gastrodon, Tentacool, Dewgong, Staryu, Dragonair, Walrein
My levels upon entry - Seth (36), Pikachu (36)

It's been a while since you had a good water dungeon, no? This place almost
feels something like Craggy Coast Mk 2. None of the enemies here are overly
dangerous, though they do have good STAB attacks - water will hurt your fire
types badly, ice will hurt your grass, and there are some other assortment of
attacks too like Tentacool's Poison Jab and Gastrodon's Mud Bomb. Speaking of
Gastrodon, it absorbs water attack as usual per Storm Drain, so refrain from
using water attacks. Watch out for Brine from Dewgong, Omanyte and Seel though,
as they do double damage when your HP is down to half, which is enough to 1HKO
at that point.

You will have Chatot in the dungeon with you. Chatot is at level 36, and he
knows Peck, Fury Attack, Roost, and the very broken Mirror Move. He can attack
fairly well with his STAB attacks, and Roost means he can support himself quite
a bit. While he can't support you like Grovyle can, he can hold his own easily.

At the relay point, Team Skull bum rushes your partner and steals the Relic
Fragment (again). Chatot is very surprised to see Team Skull, and apparently
is STILL thinking Team Skull to be a kind helpful team. And boy, is he mad when
he figures out the truth - he just rushes forward without caring anything (like
a certain band of vicious bandits). Well, that's... nice. Now we got a few more
things to worry about (as if saving the world isn't enough of a burden).

The lower caves are mostly the same as above, with the same Pokemon and all.
Gastrodon doesn't appear from B2F and on, so water attacks will be safe to use
again (though they still hit everything for NVE damage). You no longer have
Chatot with you, but that shouldn't be much of a problem. March on to the end
of the dungeon!

At the end, you will see Team Skull, who look really beat up. Did Chatot do
this? No... turns out it's the bandits. Chatot just passed right by them, gave
them a good tongue lashing, and ran off. Team Skull is SOO mad at Chatot, they
refuse to give up and die. Then, you come along, and actually cared for Team
Skull, so they gingerly gave back the Relic Fragment for you. Anyways, Chatot
is still in danger from those bandits, so we better go off!

In the next clearing, you see Chatot standing, trying to see where the bandits
have hid themselves to. But where are they? Suddenly Chatot figures it out - 
they're right on top of you! And they strike! However, Chatot blocks the attack
for you, and he collapses. Now, time to fight!

Boss battle: Kabutops + 2 Omastar
Difficulty: Average

Like with all boss fights with multiple enemies, you want to park Kabutops out
the way with a status (X-eye seeds work fine), then work on his underlings.
Kabutops can hit you two squares away with Aqua Jet while Omastar has STAB
Rollout and Brine to work with, so you don't want to leave them alive for too
long. Anyways, it's a pretty average fight, just watch your HP carefully since
those guys do hurt quite a bit.

Wigglytuff, Grovyle, and the rest of the guild arrive at this point. Wigglytuff
is very upset about how hurt Chatot is, mainly because Chatot did the same
thing last time - he shielded Wigglytuff from Kabutops and Omastar's attack.
Anyways, he is in quite a bit of danger, so the rest of the guild will bring
Chatot back home, while you and Grovyle must move on.

At the very depth of the cave, you find out that it opens to the sea. You also
spots the strange pattern on the wall. Your partner brings out the Relic Frag-
ment, and the two inscriptions react, sending a beam of light in the sea. Soon,
a figure approaches - it's Lapras! Lapras claims himself to be the guide to 
Hidden Land, and that he was informed of your arrival by Wigglytuff. Now, step
on Lapras's back, because he will carry you there!

4.20 To the Hidden Land

What follows is a cool scene. Lapras and Wigglytuff describe the time they met
to their respective audience (Lapras to your team, Wigglytuff to the rest of
the guild), and the scene alternates between them so you get the full picture.
Lapras and Wigglytuff also reveals that the Relic Fragment is the only key to
entering the Hidden Land, and it chooses who to go. The Pokemon it chose is...
your partner, who had a pure heart. From now on, to save the temporal tower and
the world... it is your team's burden to bear.

Look at the sea - see where the waves are different? We're almost there. Lapras
begins to take flight (holy ****!) and brings your team there. The Temporal
Tower is right ahead of you! But... it's floating in the sky? How are we going
to get up there? Lapras explains that you need to take the Rainbow Stoneship,
far ahead in the Old Ruins. First, preparations. At this point, you can talk to
Lapras again, and he will bring you back to Treasure Town. You can do missions
as well use the town and guild's facilities, which will allow you to prepare
yourself much more extensively than a Kangaskhan rock. Talk to Lapras to bring
you back to the Hidden Land. Ready? March on!

Dungeon - Hidden Land + Hidden Highland + Old Ruins
Length - 15 + 8
Resident Pokemon - Dragonite, Manectric, Tropius, Rampardos, Bastiodon, Purug-
     ly, Garchomp, Abomasnow, Magmortar
(Hidden Highland) - same as above
My levels upon entry - Seth (36), Pikachu (37)
Sunny weather in floor 6, 10
(There might be more floors with weather effects, but Abomasnow's Snow Warning
 overwrites them. Contributions are welcome)

You'll have Grovyle with you in the dungeon again, and it's good because this
dungeon is fairly difficult. Dragonite and Garchomp hit hard and are hard to
defeat; Purugly doesn't hit as hard but can last just as long; Abomasnow has
Snow Warning which starts an auto-hail, and Tropius has Chlorophyll and Solar
Power allowing it to move fast and hit hard in the sun. The other Pokemon are
not as tough to kill, but still take caution - it's very easy to get killed
here, since the enemies are all rather powerful. Bring a LOT of Oran berries,
and double your normal supplies. You¡¯ll need a lot of them to get through this
dungeon successfully.

At the end of the dungeon (nothing interesting happens in the relay point), you
will see murals of some legendary Pokemon, then what appears to be a temple
ground. At the top of the temple you see the strange pattern inscribed to the
ground, and a stone tablet with inscriptions in Unown language. Looks like the
whole temple ground thingy is the rainbow Stoneship! Now your partner just have
to fit the Relic Fragment in the indentation on the ground.

However, Dusknoir arrives at this point. Yeah, he's still after you, and he
basically laid an ambush for you right here. However, you are obviously not
going back without a fight. So, it's time to finally kick Dusknoir's ass, right
here, right now!

Boss Battle: Dusknoir + Sableye * 6
Difficulty: Average

All I can say is, if you've made it this far, you can beat this battle. Park
Dusknoir with a status seed, then simply wail on the Sableye, then Dusknoir -
pretty standard multi-boss sequence, really. The Sableye won't put up much of
a fight, so it's just Dusknoir - who only has ghost type moves. If you are a
normal type, the battle is quite a joke more or less. If you're not... keep him
parked with status and attack him. Not much to say here. keep in mind of his
Pressure ability, though.

Somehow, Dusknoir recovers from all those overwhelming attacks you've placed on
him and knocks you all aside. He then starts to charge up for what looks like
Shadow Ball, from the mouth on his stomach. It's not the end yet, however! Your
partner comes up with a plan and forces the attack right back at him, which
does quite a number of him (remember kids, Ghost attacks are super effective
against Ghost type itself), and that FINALLY knocks him out. The Sableye fled
in disbelief, and now we can get the ship working! Grovyle sends your partner to
get to work, while you two keep an eye on Dusknoir.

At this point, Dusknoir speaks up again. Is this what you really want? If you
change the future, the future as you know it will cease to exist... and so will
you and Grovyle, as you are from that doomed future. However, does it matter?
You, Grovyle, Celebi - all of you started this campaign, determined to change
the past even if you were to disappear. Yes, even you - though your memory of
the resolve have disappeared, your heart have not. However, what about your
partner? Should you disappear, your partner will surely be emotionally crushed.

Time to save.

Your partner puts the Relic Fragment in the indentation, and the whole inscri-
ption begins glowing! The Stoneship is about to take off! Not so fast, though -
Dusknoir gets up. Looks like he still got some fight left in him. Before he can
hit you with his surprise attack, though - Grovyle jumps in and blocks the
blow! But he isn't out, either - he begins pushing Dusknoir back to the dimen-
sional hole. He drops the time gears for you, tell you that the rest is up to
your team, now, and both Dusknoir and him disappears in the portal. There's no
time for you to mourn, either - the Stoneship is activating and it will soon
take off! Your partner is determined to see the mission succeed, so he can
change the world for Grovyle - but what about what Dusknoir said? After all,
Both Grovyle and you will disappear. Looks like your next adventure will... be
your final one.

4.21 The Last Adventure

The Stoneship is activated, and the two of you go off to the sky. Looks like
Temporal Tower is finally within our reach. The top of the tower is glowing
red, though, and the tower itself is trembling. Could it be collapsing already?
We must hurry!

Anyways, preparation time. Beware - while you CAN leave, you will go back to the
entrance of Hidden Land before going for Treasure TOwn, meaning that you will
have to go through Hidden Land AGAIN - without Grovyle to boot - to get back to
the tower. I'd only suggest you do this if you're REALLY out of resources.
Anyways, there's nowhere to go but forward, so let's go!

Dungeon - Temporal Tower + Temporal Spire + Temporal Pinnacles
Length - 13 + 10
Resident Pokemon - Bronzor, Lunatone, Porygon, Solrock
(Temporal Spire) - Porygon2, Porygon-Z, Salamence, Bronzong, Metagross
My levels upon entry - Seth (40), Pikachu (40)
Sunny weather on floor 4, 9

Hidden Land was tough, and Temporal Tower is... not quite as tough but very
close. You cannot recruit any Pokemon here; you cannot bring any Pokemon here,
unlike the Sky Tower in the last game. It's just you, your partner, the tower,
and the boss in the end. Good luck.

Anyways, Bronzor is a pain in the butt to go down. Its typing means it only
is weak to fire and earth - and its ability all but nullifies its fire weakness
and gives it a real ground immunity. Stick to neutral hits if you can. It can
use Future Sight to set its damage to 30, too. Porygon can use Discharge to hit
the entire room, which is dangerous to water types. Lunatone and Solrock are
not very tough, though they can use Rock Polish to close in quickly. 

You get a relay point in the middle. You should check your resources at this
point - you shouldn't have expended too many of them in the lower part. If you
did, you should probably head back and resupply - you don't want to do the top
ten floors without a LOT of resources. Anyways, if you do have enough supplies,
get ready to go back up. Never mind the horrible tremors :)

The top of the tower is tougher. Much tougher. Salamence in particular will be
a pain, sporting the same resistance as Dragonite in Hidden Land, except
instead of a close range Dragon Rush it will hit you with a LONG range Dragon-
breath instead. Bronzong is much like Bronzor on the bottom, and Porygon2 plus
Porygon-Z mirrors Porygon of lower floors. Metagross is a new addition, with
powerful attacks from both spectrum, though at least it isn't a pain to bring
down like Bronzor/Bronzong. You should mostly just watch out Salamence here -
with handy resistances, a super powerful Dragonbreath, each one will take quite
a toll on you - unless you happen to have some ice/rock attacks (I'm going to
go out on a limb and say you don't have a dragon attack yet). 

At the top of the tower (which looks quite a bit like the Spear Pillar), you
will find the indentations to insert time gears in. However, Primal Dialga
appears at this point! It doesn't seem as "primal" as the one in future (at
least this one can talk), but it also doesn't seem any more friendly than the
other one either. Still, for the future of mank-er, Pokemon-kind, we must fight

Boss Battle: Primal Dialga
Difficulty: Hard

For a final fight, Dialga is a little bit off putting. Stories abound of people
trying [insert high number] rounds here before finally killing him, when an
X-eye seed is all you need. That being said, Dialga is nowhere near as docile
as the other bosses - It can attack you with a wide variety of type (though it
isn't exactly smart when it comes to choosing attacks), can use Roar of Time
which hits the entire team, and it HURTS (thank god Dialga must recharge after
using it), and basically blast you with all sorts of unfriendly attacks. Also,
it has an excellent typing, and it's not uncommon for it to wall entire move-
sets. Still, status will keep it from able to attack you, and as long as you
keep up the pressure you can win quite easily. Dialga has the Intimidator IQ
skill, which randomly stops a "foe in front" move from being able to hit him
as long as you are in front of him. If at all possible, try to take him down
from a range (beware Roar of Time though).

Dialga is down! This gives you enough time to put in the time gear, but... the
tower is still shaking? The lightning is stronger than ever, too - are you too
late? You're not. When you regain consciousness, the tower is still standing,
Dialga is blue again, and he uses telepathy to show you the peace of the rest-
ored world. It is time to go back home! But there's still the problem of you
disappearing, remember? Anyways, this is the ending. I won't spoil it for you,
so enjoy and cry your heart out. Don't worry, you will have your starter back -
there is still post-story to work on, remember? But that will be in a whole
section. For now, you have defeated everything pre-credits. Congratulations!

Section 5 - Walkthrough for post-credits

Yeah, there are more storyline stuff to come. Since there are no more chapters,
I will give subsections as I see fit.

5.1 Graduation from the Guild

"As a result of [starter] and [partner]'s heroic actions...
 the destruction of time was stopped...
 and peace returned to the world of Pokemon.
 Of course, not everything returned to normal right away.
 Some places remained where time was still out of control...
 But overall, thing were becoming better everywhere.
 As for [starter] and [partner]...
 They returned to Wigglytuff's Guild...
 and fell back into their daily routine of vigorous training.
 One morning, several months later..."

Graduation? Yup, you heard it right. Once graduated, you will no longer be
apprentices under the guild, and you no longer have to do stuff Wigglytuff and
Chatot tell you to do (which doesn't make much of an impact gameplay-wise...).
However, you must still pass the graduation exam first before all that happens.

Corphish pipes up and ask why are you offered the chance to graduate when most
of the other guild Pokemon, who have been around for far longer, weren't. The
answer is simple - Who else in the guild have saved the world from destruction?
Anyways, Loudred apparently took the exam last year and failed rather spectac-
ularly. So what's the exam? Wigglytuff comes at this point, and tells you to
explore the depths of a place called Mystifying Forest, find a place called
Luminous Spring, and bring back the treasure within. However, you have to watch
out for one thing - a frightening strong enemy: The Grand Master of All Things
Bad. (Who makes up these names, really?) It's a horrifying enemy no one ever
wants to meet... so good luck with that! Asking Loudred for hints gets you no-
where fast because he is sworn to secrecy, except that "you're in for a dread-
ful, terrifying time."

Anyways, set off to prepare if you will. If you ask around, you will find out
one thing quickly - The guild speaks of him as a terrible presence, one that
threatens to flatten you. As for everyone else, they speak of him as... wait,
who the hell is him? There's even a cutscene with Teddiursa and Ursaring to
tell you that apparently no one not from the guild have heard of him. What the
hell is going on here? You can't do much about it though - do your normal thing
to prepare, before you set off. Again, only you and your partner can come to
the dungeon.

Dungeon - Mystifying Forest
Length - 13
Resident Pokemon - Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, Metapod, Rattata, Raticate, Spearow, 
     NidoranM, NidoranF, Venonat, Bellsprout, Weepinbell, Exeggcute, Koffing,
     Scyther, Eevee, Chikorita, Bayleef, Aipom, Teddiursa, Wurmple, Seedot,
     Nuzleaf, Roselia, Gulpin, Flygon, Turtwig, Grotle, Torterra, Bidoof, Stun-
     ky, Skuntank, Munchlax, Kricketot
My levels upon entry - Seth (41), Pikachu (41)
Fog in Floor 3, 5
Cloud in Floor 8, 9

Welcome to your first post-story dungeon. And let me warn ya - these dungeons
are a WHOLE different ball game than the ones you encounter pre-credits. As you
can see above, there are a whole slew of things you can encounter in the
dungeon, and only up to 14 Pokemon will be available at any given floor. Also,
the levels of the Pokemon are much more diverse - the first stage starters are
weak enough that you can just shove over with a normal attack. Finally, in
post-story dungeons normal Pokemon you encounter are CAPABLE OF LEARNING IQ
SKILLS, so expect to see them used against you. Don't be surprised to have
several hits fail in a row (due to some evasion up IQ skills), enemies using
items against you (Item Master), or you killing yourself on a blow (Counter
Basher), or stuff like that. Something to get used to, I guess.

Anyways, Stunky and Skuntank can blow up when dead with Aftermath, and the
elemental starters do crapload of damage at low HP due to their ability (which
can be bad if they also have Clutch Dodger, thus dodging the majority of blows
you send their way, or if they're protected by something with Bodyguard). You
don't have much to fear aside form those, but be cautious nevertheless.

At the end of the dungeon, you will find a clearing. You will meet Teddiursa
and Ursaring again, who goes off to Luminous Spring. You follow them - but
falls in a pit trap instead. Oh dear... looks like you have encountered the
grand master of all things bad and... Hey, what the hell? No spoilers will be
given about the scene (it's too funny...), but suffice it to say, you will

Boss Battle: The Grand Master of All things Bad + Minions * 7
Difficulty: Very hard

Yikes. This is one difficult battle. It's kind of like those big boss + minion
battle you've had before, but the minions are actually DIFFERENT, and they all
have their own talents to hit you with.

OK, not really. Not many of them have talents worth mentioning, but one of them
can use Earth Power (the smaller ground-type), and another one gets STAB on
Fury Attack (You should know who has it). One of them can also hit you with
Sucker Punch from two tiles away (the poison-type). And finally, of course, we
have the grand master himself to deal with. Thankfully, he does not have much
to use against you, but he can inflict status with Sing and Disable, and STAB
Double Slap is instant death if even two of them connects. Roomwide moves are
awesome as always, but if you don't have a good one - try to park GMoATB out of
the way first, then beat on the more dangerous one - the ones I mentioned above
(Earth Power user absolutely MUST go first if you have a fire/electric type).
You'll likely go through several Reviver Seeds - hope you have some ready. Good

Once you're done, you move forward. There will be a treasure chest, something
that is *quite* new to the Teddiursa... brothers/family/whatever. Anyways, you
try out your dimensional scream on it, and it turns out that Wigglytuff had put
it here, so it should be safe to open (barring any more surprises from the
GMoATB...). The chest turns out to contain... a perfect apple. It suits Wiggly-
tuff, I guess. Suddenly, sunlight is cast on Luminous Spring ahead. Pokemon can
once again evolve there! Teddiursa volunteers to be the first to try out and
indeed, he becomes an Ursaring. Your partner is eager to try it out but... the
spring rejects you, even though you likely have already met the requirement
(unless you're a Pikachu and you, unlike me, didn't steal from a shop full of
evolution items back in Mystifying Forest). Why is it? It's because of a
distortion in the fabric of space apparently. What the hell is that supposed to
mean? Anyways, it's too bad that you cannot evolve. However, opening up this
location means everyone else on your team will be able to evolve if their
requirements are met. 

Back at the guild, Wigglytuff happily announces that you have graduated from
the guild! You have brought back a fantastic treasure in perfect apple, and
defeated the horrifying GMoATB! Wait, how did he know we defeated GMoATB?

Wigglytuff: "...Um...We heard it somewhere?"

Also, wasn't Wigglytuff the grand master? Wigglytuff denies it, though, and so
do everyone else from the guild (though it's quite clear that they're having
just as much fun with this charade as Wigglytuff is) Anyways, this means we
are no longer bound by the guild's regulations, though like I said, it doesn't
make much of an impact to you gameplay wise, mainly because the next topic -
you STILL have to give 90% of your income to the guild, because you are still
affiliated with it and can only operate because of it. Still, your graduation
is an excellent feat - congratulations!

Now, how about some REAL awards for your graduation? You get your final inven-
tory upgrade (48 items), a whooping 10000P as help for startup. Also, you now
no longer room in the guild, so you will live in Sharpedo Bluff now. This means
no more Loudred every morning (gotta love that). You will have to save manually
from now on, though - there will be no automatic prompt for you to save in the

In town, if you go to Marowak Dojo, you will find a new maze have opened - The
Final Maze! Like all training mazes, you cannot bring any items in there, but
you WILL lose items if you die inside. Still, you can find several HMs in there
and stuff you can ONLY find in there, making it pretty much the saving grace
for the dojo there. At the crossroads, you will find Chimecho, who will tell
you that from now on, your team can be composed of ANY Pokemon - which means
you no longer NEED to use your starter and your partner... for the most part
anyways. There are still some dungeons where only your starter and your partner
may go, though. Also, if you talk to Loudred, you will be able to volunteer for
sentry duty, with the usual prize line-up (Reviver seed!). Finally, the Zero
Isles open up for you to explore any time. They are *very, very* tough and you
shouldn't even think about exploring them without some proper strategy going.
This section only deals with storyline stuff post-credits, so check the
Optional Dungeon section for more details, instead. 

Anyways, you will have to simply do jobs or do whatever for a couple of days,
before the next storyline dungeon can be unlocked.

5.2. The lost explorer of fame, Scizor

After a couple of days, you will notice a Mr. Mime standing beside the Kecleon
Stalls. talk to him, and he will tell you of a tale - one of a great explorer
named Scizor, who went missing in Blizzard Island years ago. Many rescue teams
set out to find him, but none succeeded. Perhaps we can go and complete what
others cannot complete? In any case, Blizzard Island is now open for you. You
can go at any time, of course, but what makes it different from before? I'd go
explore it as soon as you have the resources to.

Dungeon - Blizzard Island
Length - 20
Resident Pokemon - Golduck, Marill, Azumarill, Sneasel, Piloswine, Delibird,
     Smoochum, Vigoroth, Azurill, Nosepass, Swablu, Snorunt, Piplup, Castform
Snow on floor 4, 8 (There may be more weather changes, but Golduck nullifies
 them with Cloud Nine)

(I will no longer list "my levels upon entry" for dungeons where you are not
forced to enter with your starter and partner in lead.)

Ice-theme dungeon here, complete with post-story difficulty in enemies. Cast-
form is the #1 source for alarm, as it can set up a weather, then proceed to
1HKO you with Weather Ball (it can easily do 100+ damage on a NEUTRAL hit w/o
critical, and I've seen it does 250+ damage to something that happens to weak
to the weather ball in question). Sometimes you'll get lucky and a Golduck will
be on the floor, nullifying all attempts to change weather with its Cloud Nine
ability, but it's far more reliable to bring a Psyduck/Golduck of your own if
you're paranoid about it (Psyduck is found in Waterfall Cave). Aside from that,
the Marill family has Huge Power which randomly doubles damage on a physical
attack, and a rain boosted Aqua Tail from Azumarill is DANGEROUS when it's
boosted. Vigoroth is also fairly powerful, with both Slash and Fury Swipes
hurting for 50-60 damage per attack (and remember - Slash has a high critical
ratio and Fury Swipes can strike more than once), and while you can do a lot of
damage back, Counter Basher can make your life miserable if it activates.

Anyways, there are snowfalls on certain floors, which does nothing to damage
but gives all ice-types extra speed ala agility. At the end of the dungeon, you
will not find Scizor - rather, you will find the entrance to another dungeon,
Crevice Cave. You can move on now if you want, but it would make much more
sense to go back town to properly prepare. Anyways, once you are ready, enter
the new dungeon.

Dungeon - Crevice Cave + Lower Crevice Cave + Crevice Cave Pit
Length - 10 + 4
Resident Pokemon - Golduck, Jynx, Marill, Azumarill, Sneasel, Swinub, Pilo-
     swine, Delibird, Smoochum, Slakoth, Vigoroth, Slaking, Azurill, Nosepass,
     Swablu, Altaria, Zangoose, Snorunt, Piplup, Prinplup, Empoleon, Snover,
     Weavile, Glaceon, Mamoswine
Fog on Floor 3, 6, 10

Castform is gone (thank goodness), but the Marill family and Vigoroth is still
there. Zangoose is also something to watch out for, since it has similar attack
power to Vigoroth, but Crush Claw can also lower defense (and it happens rather
frequently). Weavile can also put hurt on with STAB Night Slash, which has a 
high critical ratio to boot, and it has pressure to eat up your PP. Finally,
Glaceon isn't particularly dangerous when it comes to attack, but it can be
difficult to hit in hail due to Snow Cloak, and Snover will gladly provide hail
with its snow warning ability. Those are basically the most of what you have to
watch out in the cave.

At the end of the cave, you will find Scizor, frozen in Ice. A figure then
appears, reveals herself to be Froslass, and attacks you.

Boss battle - Froslass
Difficulty - Very Easy

Froslass doesn't have anything powerful to hit you with, but she can be pretty
annoying - she sets up hail to activate snow cloak, then double teams until you
really can't hit her any more. She can also use Captivate to lower special
attack. Hit her with your best attacks, and hopefully you'll be able to bring
her down before she can rack up too many DTs down her belt.

once you defeat Froslass, Scizor will be defrosted. Back at treasure town, he
decides to thank you by bestowing the Special Rank on your team, which means
from now on you can do the Seven Treasures dungeon by accepting special wonder
mails. The seven treasure dungeon will be explained in the Optional Dungeons
section, as usual, since they have no place in the second storyline.

Again, two days or so need to be passed before your next storyline dungeon un-

5.3 The Prince of the Sea - Manaphy

You will be able to unlock this part of the storyline once you see Sunflora in
the guild (downstairs). She will tell you something about Surrounded Sea, an
ocean dungeon, which will promptly be unlocked for you. Get your diving gears
ready, because we are going to make a splash!

Dungeon - Surrounded Sea
Length - 20
Resident Pokemon - Tentacruel, Slowbro, Shellder, Horsea, Seadra, Starmie,
     Lapras, Slowking, Qwilfish, Remoraid, Octillery, Kingdra, Carvanha, Wail-
     mer, Clamperl, Finneon

Like Brine Cave, you get to see water tiles in room too, and sometimes they
"moat up" an item. If your leader can't cross water but you brought an ally who
can, try telling them to "Go the other way" and *hope* they walk across the
items. Aside from that, most (ok, all) of the Pokemon in the dungeon are water
types, so bringing something with storm drain will make your life easier.
Speaking of Storm Drain, Finneon has it so don't bother with water type moves
(they hit not very effective damage on everything here anyways...) Kingdra is
your main concern here, as it hits pretty hard with those hydro pumps, and it's
difficult to play the type advantage game with him when he's only weak to dra-
gon. The other Pokemon are not *quite* as dangerous but still keep a sharp look
out. This is a pretty easy dungeon anyways for post-story.

At the end of the dungeon (20th floor), you will find three Deluxe Boxes, and a
blue egg thing.  Make sure you pick up the blue egg.

The next morning...

Just as you two talk about the egg, it hatches! As it's the case with legendary
Pokemon in this game, while you may recognize it as a Manaphy, the heroes have
no idea what it is. They do agree, however, that it's really cute. Time to pay
a visit to Chatot to see if he knows what the heroes don't know.

And the wise Chatot comes and saves the day! He knows it to be a Manaphy, a 
very rare Pokemon that normally are sea-faring. Suddenly, Manaphy starts to cry
 - he must be hungry, or so says Chatot. You will then be asked to give it a
Blue Gummi. Time version players can easily find those by running Craggy Coast
a couple of times (I think... I don't play time), but Darkness version players
will have a HUGE problem finding those on a timely basis. I DID warn you to
save two blue gummies for this occasion, didn't I? If you didn't save them, try
using wonder mails for them. Here are two I have for you (one taken straight
from the Wonder Mail FAQ, and the other one generated so you can get two from
the same dungeon)

   Client: Pelipper
   Objective: Rescue Linoone.
   Place: Quicksand Cave B6F
   Restrictions: None
   Difficulty: Who cares
   Reward: Blue Gummi
   Wonder Mail:
   W & + 7 4 4 T 8 N 2 & =
   - M 2 # M S Q K 0 Q + H   

   Client: Magnezone
   Objective: Arrest Onix.
   Place: Quicksand Cave B8F
   Restrictions: None
   Difficulty: *1 (100)
   Reward: Blue Gummi + ?
   Wonder Mail:
   P 2 C 6 Y R T X # 7 S 6
   M M 1 1 W 7 N T S Q 7 -

Got 'em? Good. Feed one to Manaphy now. Manaphy goes totally ecstatic over the
Blue Gummi, and starts dancing around. Your partner then proposes to watch over
Manaphy for a while. Chatot doesn't think much of the idea because Manaphy is
supposed to grow up in the sea, and that we know next to nothing about him.
However, your partner manages to convince Chatot, so we get to look after him
for a while.

Back at Sharpedo Bluff, Manaphy wants yet another Blue Gummi, so give him your
other one. Now that he's all full up, he goes to sleep. And so do you, appar-

The next day, nothing much happens - you just gotta take Manaphy to the beach.
Manaphy is very excited to see the sea (After all, it was born in the sea), and
you three spends the day away playing on the beach. In the night...

The next morning, you find that Manaphy is gone! How could this have happened?
Better go look for him! Walk past Treasure town, and at the crossroads you will
see Chatot. Uh oh. He isn't very happy that you lost Manaphy, but he will help
you search. Go to the beach now. It's Manaphy, and he's unwell - he got a high
fever. Enter the wise Chatot again, who will tell you to find Phione Dew from
Phione in Miracle Sea. A new dungeon unlocks. If you have a key, bring one when
you get around to explore it.

Dungeon - Miracle Sea + Deep Miracle Sea + Miracle Seabed
Length - 18 + 4
Resident Pokemon - Tentacruel, Slowbro, Cloyster, Horsea, Seadra, Starmie,
     Chinchou, Lanturn, Slowking, Qwilfish, Remoraid, Octillery, Mantine, Shar-
     pedo, Wailmer, Cradily, Clamperl, Huntail, Gorebyss, Relicanth, Luvdisc,
     Finneon, Lumineon, Mantyke

Take Surrounded Sea, add in a few Pokemon, and you got Miracle Sea. Sadly, it's
the additions that are most dangerous. Mantine's STAB Wing Attack HURTS, and
its STAB bounce hurts even more. Sharpedo can reflect half the damage back with
Rough Skin, and Chinchou absorbs electric attacks with Volt Absorb, then hit
back with a room-wide Discharge. All in all, it's a rather tough dungeon for
anyone, but especially water types and fire types, so be careful here.

Also, maybe it's just me, but the dungoen seems to be littered with traps. I
was using eyedrop seeds in the dungeon and it seems there are a lot of rooms
with 2-3 traps in it, so watch yourself - don't dilly in the rooms, and don't
go out of your way to pick up stuff you don't need anyways (like sticks). 

At B3F in Deep Miracle Sea (the absolute last floor), there's a locked chamber
somewhere containing a single chest. These chests are not your average useless
gummi/seed containing chests you tend to find in the end of dungeons - it gives
you an item that boosts up certain legendaries, and quite useful boosts, too
(they're the equivalent of 3 star items). This particular chest may contain a
Silver Veil (which ups the PP draining rate from Pressure for Lugia), a Seabed
Veil (which allows Kyogre to attack twice in one move like Rain Dancers in the
rain, in the rain, which will likely happen due to Kyogre's Drizzle), or an Air
Blade which flat out boosts Palkia's damage by 50%. The Silver Veil is sadly
quite useless because ideally you shouldn't try to drain any opposition out of
PPs, but the other two are fairly useful on their targets.

At the end of the dungeon, you find the Phione playing around. However, as if
on cue, a Gyarados come out of nowhere and declares the Phione now work for
him. Obviously we can't let that happen, so it's time to fight!

Boss Battle - Gyarados
Difficulty - Easy

Again, if you can get here, you can beat him. Gyarados IS powerful - if you let
him attack you, his Hydro Pump and Aqua Tail can easily cause 80+ damage to
neutral pokes, and 120+ at least to Pokemon weak to water. However, simply keep
him under status. The only other thing you need to watch out for is Counter
Basher IQ Skill - make sure you have more HP than you're dishing out damage to
avoid getting killed by it.

The Phione are grateful for your help and gives you a Phione Dew for free. Time
to take it back to Manaphy! As a side note, the next time you clear Miracle Sea
you will get a Phione to join your team.

Back at Sharpedo Bluff, the Phione dew works its magic and Manaphy is healthy
again. However, the inevitable still comes - Manaphy must go back to the sea to
be raised there. The farewell is rather sad.

Again, two days must pass before the next storyline event will take place.

5.4 The Fabulous Team Charm

On the third day, if you go to the guild, you will find that the entire guild
is surrounding some new figures on the bottom floor. Who are they? Why, they
are Team Charm, a really famous team who had earned the Master Rank, and are
basically just really good at exploring and really strong, too. You then find
out that, surprise! Wigglytuff was a part of this team once. Anyways, Team
Charm isn't here just to catch up on old times - they are here to retrieve a
key they found a long time ago, because only now they have found the keyhole
for the key (I guess that does qualify for catching up on old times after all).
There are some slight difficulties in getting Wigglytuff to cooperate, but Team
Charm knows how to handle him (and so should you). Before they go, however,
your partner speaks up and asks to explore the dungeon with Team Charm. Every-
one else are also very excited about the idea, and who are Team Charm to say no
to such earnestness? A new dungeon unlocks for you. Loudred's sentry duty will
be off limits until you clear it, BTW. Also, if you have a Pokemon with the 
ability Illuminate, I would recommend bringing it along.

Dungeon - Ice Aegis Cave + Rock Aegis Cave + Steel Aegis Cave + Aegis Cave Pits
Length - 3 + 3 + 4 + 5
Resident Pokemon - Zubat, Golbat, Machoke, Machamp, Crobat, Unown (all 28 kind)

This is probably the easiest post-story dungeon, since Unown can only hit you
with a weak Hidden Power they often don't get STAB on, and the other pokes are
not much trouble. Sadly, "easy" and "annoying" are not mutually exclusive terms
because this also happens to be the most annoying dungeon in the game for many.

The basic gist of the cave is - Unown litter throughout the caverns, and it's
up to you to beat the crap out of them. They may drop an Unown stone upon de-
feat, which will correspond with the shape of the Unown itself. Your job is to
collect "certain" stones to move on to the next part. You will need ICE, ROCK,
and STEEL to move on. In other words, you will need the following:

C*2, E*3, I*1, K*1, L*1, O*1, R*1, S*1, T*1

Unown stones in general make nice throwing weapons as they do a fixed 60 damage
per hit, and if you have power pitcher it can do 90 (which is just short of
1HKOing them, sadly). However, they don't stack and can pile up quickly, so
throw the useless ones ASAP. And you'll be getting a LOT of the useless ones,
seeing that only 14 kind of Pokemon can appear in one floor (use Recruitment
Search to see what Unown you can find in this floor). You may go through a
section a HUGE number of times before you get that ONE stone you need to pro-
ceed, earning Aegis Cave the dubious fame as the most annoying dungeon ever.

You will simply loop in the same part of Aegis Cave until you collect the re-
quired stones to move on to the next part, at which point you will have to
defeat a boss, then start looping in the next part of the dungeon, and so on.
Boss battle information now:

Boss battle - Regice
Difficulty - Easy

Not a hard battle, since Regice likes to hamper itself as much as it attacks
you with moves like Explosion and Curse (and as far as I can tell, it has no
moves to take advantage of the "attack up" effect of Curse, just Ancientpower).
Status works well on it as usual.

Boss Battle - Regirock
Difficulty - Easy

Again, not hard. Regirock can use Explosion too, which hurts itself more than
it hurts any of you. It does get STAB on Ancientpower though, unlike Regice, so
that move will sting more. not hard.

Boss Battle - Registeel
Difficulty - Somewhat Easy

Registeel gets a bit higher difficulty just because it's difficult to score
even neutral hits on it due to its typing. Other than that, it's not hard to
deal with either. Mostly the same moves as before.

At the end of the cave, you will be in Regigigas chamber. However, this time
you will not be fighting Regigigas alone... in more ways than one.

Boss Battle - Regigigas + Hitmonlee*4 + Bronzong*4
Difficulty - Somewhat hard

Probably the biggest battle of the century, lol. On the other side you have
nine Pokemon, and on your side Team Charm will help you out - so there are a
lot of Pokemon involved by this game's standard.

Anyways, Team Charm can handle themselves no problem, and there's no penalty
for letting them die. They will hold up a couple of minions without difficulty,
and Regigigas is slowed for the first couple of turns due to its ability Slow
Start. This gives you plenty of time to wipe out whatever minions you can
before Team Charm dies off and/or Regigigas shakes off Slow Start, assuming you
don't just wipe out everything with a room-wide move. Regigigas himself is not
a huge trouble - Mega Punch hurts, but its other moves don't get STAB and are
all weak unless it hits a weakness. However, Bronzong can use Safeguard, which
will likely render status useless for the duration of the battle.

Once Regigigas is down, a stone marker appears and instructs you to close your
eyes and let your aura flow to the ground. Opt to close your eyes, and your
aura will indeed flow. Regigigas then gets up and causes a HUGE earthquake,
forcing all of you to get the heck out of there. However, this exploration was
not for vain - a new dungeon opens. Woopeedo. Since that dungeon is unimportant
to the storyline, it will not be listed in this section. Explore it whenever
you feel like.

Two days later...

5.5 The distortion of space, and the dastardly plot of Darkrai

On the night of the second day since the Aegis Cave expedition, you will see a
storm and somehow be reminded of the fact that neither of you can evolve due
to a "distortion in space". What's that mean? In the mean time, you get to see
some soliloquies between the prey, Darkrai, who seems bent on destroying space
now that he failed to destroy time (!!!), and the quarry, Cresselia, who vows
to catch Darkrai if it's the last thing she does. Hmm... things are getting
interesting again. But first, you must go and spend the day doing whatever you
feel like. 

During the night, you have a strange dream, of Cresselia... who informs you
that your very existence is bringing the world to ruins due to the space dis-
tortion thingyamajig. Whatever. Your partner is certainly peppy about the up-
coming day, so be peppy with him/her! One more day of normal routine.

Dream again in the night, and Cresselia explains that, as you are a Pokemon
from the future, you're not of this world - a presence that exists yet should
be impossible to exist, which interferes with the fabric of space (Huh? How?)
Your partner is still peppy as ever in the morning, though. Time for another
day of normal missions!

Wait... or not. Bidoof runs up and informs you of a big trouble about Azurill.
Better hurry to the guild to see what's going on with Azurill. Turns out he is
having a strange nightmare, and is somehow LOCKED in it, so he can't get out.
What can we do to end it? Bidoof pipes up and comes up with the idea of finding
out what the nightmare is about by entering the nightmare, but how the hell do
we do that? Chatot enters the conversation at this point and suggest you to go
find Drowzee. Yeah, that guy you arrested WAAAAY back, and he happens to have
the (somewhat dubious) honour of being your first capture, too. Sadly, Drowzee
isn't in a jail or something - since he expressed remorse, they let him go, and
while it is not NECESSARILY a bad thing for the community at large, it's a bad
thing to you because now you have to go through a whole dungeon - Mt. Travail,
to reach him. Bah. Oh well, we are the heroes - we have to do the job. Oh and,
Loudred's Sentry Duty is off limits again, because you have much more pressing
matters at hand than trying to obtain Reviver Seeds and Nectars. Finally, you
will have to go to Mt. Travail with just your starter and your partner.

Dungeon - Mt. Travail
Length - 19
Resident Pokemon - Fearow, Mankey, Primeape, Onix, Marowak, Hitmonchan, Kanga-
     skhan, Mr. Mime, Sentret, Furret, Ledyba, Ledian, Scizor, Heracross, Ur-
     saring, Tyrogue, Shedinja, Meditite, Medicham, Bibarel
My levels upon entry - Seth (49), Pikachu (49)
Rain on floor 2
Fog on floor 3, 11
Cloudy on floor 5, 6
Sun on floor 8, 9

Seriously complicated weather here, but except for Cloudy they don't help the
residents much since this dungeon is composed of predominantly normal types.
However, you do face danger in the dungeon. Marowak can draw away electric
attacks with Lightningrod; Hitmonchan can hit you with seriously powerful moves
that aren't even under STAB, and will probably demolish anyone weak to them;
Kangaskhan can hit you with a Double Hit that can do over 100 damage without
criticals (and they're not affected by Cloudy weathers); Medicham has Huge
Power and can dish out a lot of hurt with its STAB moves. Special mention also
goes to Shedinja - it isn't really dangerous as it is annoying, but 1) it's a
ghost and thus is known to hog walls to avoid hits and 2) Wonder Guard limits
the amount of actions you can do to hit it. The best Shedinja swatter out there
are thrown items, with pebbles and rocks working best due to the fact that they
can hit the undead critter even if it's in a wall, but if you're a Skitty,
Normalize affects items too so your partner will have to do the rock throwing.

At the top of the mountain, you will find Drowzee, who is indeed reformed, and
is only too glad to be given a chance to make up for what he had done to Azu-
rill (though to be fair, he didn't do much to Azurill back then, just scared
him a bit). Anyways, at the guild headquarters, Drowzee tells you that it is
indeed possible for you to enter Azurill's Nightmare. However, for reasons that
are best left unsaid, Azurill's nightmare is a FREAKING DUNGEON, so you better
get stocked up for it, because there's something rotten about Azurill's Night-
mare. SO yeah. Go stock up. Sentry is still off duty, so you'll have to just
go explore dungeons for items you need if you can't get them elsewhere.

Once you're ready, talk to Drowzee again to enter Azurill's dream.

Dungeon - The Nightmare
Length - 17
Resident Pokemon - Clefairy, Jigglypuff, Meowth, Lickitung, Cleffa, Espeon, Wo-
     bbuffet, Miltank, Blissey, Whismur, Skitty, Swalot, Spoink, Spinda, Wy-
     naut, Mime Jr., Croagunk, Persian, Igglybuff, Lickilicky, Grumpig, Happiny
     Clefable, Wigglytuff, Chansey
My levels upon entry - Seth (50), Pikachu (50)

Azurill is apparently having a nightmare of a 17 floors mystery dungeon, com-
plete with REAL ITEMS you can bring outside once done, REAL POKEMON that can
hurt you very well, REAL traps that annoy the heck out of you just like the
ones you can find in some other temple of doom. If this is not pure evil, I
don't know what is.

The dungeon isn't a hard one, but there are still some dangers. Wobbuffet wan-
der about in the nightmare (I guess its face is scary), and aside from all the
countering techniques it can use Destiny Bond, which surprisingly is just like
a counter move. Ditto with Wynaut. Wigglytuff is also here (haha, go figure)
and can hit you with disabling moves like Sing/Disable and hit you hard with
Double Slap. Not much else to go on with.

At the end of the dungeon, the screen suddenly turns black, and a voice starts
to ring out. Who is it? It's Cresselia! (Though isn't she supposed to CURE
Nightmares?) She is surprised to see you here, but happy too because she wants
to have a good talk with you, and you basically just went to her. She explains
that, because of your space distortion thing, you're locking Pokemon into these
everlasting Nightmares such as the one Azurill is having, and the nightmare
will eventually spread. How can we stop this? By disappearing, or so says she.
And she wants to do it... now. You're not allowed to fight back, either, be-
cause this is supposedly for a good cause. Damn. Suddenly, Drowzee interferes
and starts to calling out, and Cresselia began to retreat, but not before bid-
ding you to make yourself disappear first (wow... and this is supposed to be
a children's game?) Anyways, it's time to go back to the guild.

Back at the guild, you two report your findings and what Cresselia had said,
except for the part where you must suicide or die either way to make things
right. Chatot explains some basic facts about Cresselia, though they don't seem
to match up with the Cresselia you have been meeting. Anyways, the guild is
perky as ever about saving the world (don't they know that it's the HERO'S JOB
to do that?) But you are not. You can't decide on what to do, and going to
sleep certainly doesn't help you because you can't fall asleep. After thinking
about what your partner is going through, though, you get the resolve to keep
your spirit strong and to see things through. You sleep for a while but finds
your partner's bed empty, so you go out and have a talk with him. A discussion
about the situation you're in follows - shouldn't we have the resolve to sacri-
fice ourselves for the world, since you had that in Temporal Tower? But... you
have different ideas. Something is wrong with this scenario. Last time, you
sacrificed yourself because you know for sure that the world will become peace-
ful, but this time you would be sacrificing because of something Cresselia
said, which is not a proven truth. The sunrise reminds your partner of the last
time he saw it - with Grovyle, and the eventual outcome of his resolve is that
he should not be crushed. There's gotta be another way! So let us find it!

Anyways, since last time it was time that was at risk and now it's space, there
might be some connections. Lapras might know a thing or two - let's go find him
at the beach! Sadly, Lapras does not know much, but he DOES know that just as
Dialga governs time, so does a Pokemon governs space. That Pokemon... is Pal-
kia. Palkia lives in Spacial Rift, but Lapras can't bring you there. Maybe we
will try to investigate more tomorrow - except something more important will
happen tonight. Palkia pays you a personal visit, and after yelling at you for
being naughty with space, it whisks you off to Spacial Rift, where it prepares
to attack you. In a desperate bid for your life, you jump off a pit... and
somehow land in the entrance to the dungeon of Spacial Pit. Uh. Whatever.
Anyways, a new dungeon means that you have to go conquer it, so let's hustle!
Use the Kangaskhan rock to prepare (geez, it's been a while since we've seen
one), and let's go! If you have any Keys in your storage, bring one.

Dungeon - Spacial Rift, Deep Spacial Rift
Length - 15+9
Resident Pokemon - Bronzor, Charizard, Chatot, Chimecho, Drapion, Drowzee, 
     Dusknoir, Electivire, Gallade, Gligar, Honchkrow, Hypno, Jolteon, Kadabra,
     Lunatone, Magnezone, Porygon, Sableye, Solrock, Spiritomb, Toxicroak,
     Tropius, Xatu
My levels upon entry - Seth (50), Pikachu (50)
Cloudy on Floor 3, 4, 10
Sunny on Floor 8, 14, D5
Fog on Floor 12, D1
Rain on D9

More complicated weather, but not much Pokemon that can make use of them again.
The only Pokemon that can do that is Tropius, who (as you may remember from
Hidden Land) attacks twice AND get a power up from the sun. The residents are
all dangerous enough without the weather, however. Magnezone and Electivire
will annoy you to death with STAB discharge, and Spiritomb and Sableye, the two
"no weakness" Pokemon are both here. Charizard can also pour a world of hurt at
low HP due to blaze, and Chatot can rip you apart with Fury Attack. Don¡¯t un-
derestimate the foes here, and conserve your resources because a boss fight is
coming up.

At B9F in Deep Spacial Rift (that's the last floor), there's a locked room with
a single chest, which can either contain a Wonder Gummi, a Lunar Veil (allows
Cresselia to extend its support moves to the entire team), a SkyHigh Veil which
allows Rayquaza to make two attacks in one turn assuming the weater condition
is clear (and it WILL be due to Rayquaza's Air Lock ability), or a Plasma Veil
which gives Rotom a Static effect. It's quite odd that Rotom gets legendary
treatment when it comes to its own powerup item - I guess even Chunsoft is
confused on the legendary (or lack of) status of Rotom.

Also, this dungeon is quite useful to level up if farming Joy Seeds aren't your
thing. Keep it in mind.

At the end of the dungeon, Palkia will have caught up with you, and you will

Boss Battle - Palkia
Difficulty - Average

Palkia has less resistances than Dialga, but less weaknesses as well. Besides,
chances are, you don't have any dragon moves to hit him with. Palkia can hit
you with Ancientpower and Spacial Rend. Ancientpower is something you should be
familiar with after battling so many legends, but Spacial Rend you probably are
not - it's basically Dialga's Roar of time with slightly less power but no re-
charge turn and a high critical ratio, so it's actually a lot more dangerous.
Palkia can also randomly block you with Intimidator. Otherwise, fairly routine
single boss battle in which status owns, and shows you why other RPGS make
their bosses immune to status.

Palkia lets out a tortured roar upon defeat and suddenly stops moving. A voice
then rings out saying that, it too, has fallen into a deep nightmare, so you
should enter Palkia's Nightmare, and you do so, somehow. Don't worry, Palkia
is nice enough to not dream up a whole tangible dungeon (though it would be
funny because there had to be a Kangaskhan Rock, which would REALLY add on to
the ridiculousness). Instead, you go straight for the cutscene - Palkia is
clueless on why it's dreaming, and upon knowing it's in a nightmare, it gets
REALLY angry and tries to attack you again. You then asks Palkia why is he
attacking you, and the answer is obvious - you are distorting space, and Palkia
is basically doing its job. But why can't Palkia just bend space back? Seems
Palkia himself isn't sure why, but he IS sure that you are the cause. Damn.
Looks like we should just give ourselves up. Cresselia shows up to observe the
execution... or rather, she shows up to be the executioner. Your partner has
one last question - will our death really bring the world to peace? Seems like
it will, or so says Cresselia. Suddenly Palkia pipes up - Cresselia has been
telling him that you two are REALLY bad Pokemon, but you certainly aren't act-
ing up to Cresselia's alleged accusations. Something is not right here... It
seems everything so far have happened purely on Cresselia's claims! And right
on cue, ANOTHER Cresselia shows up with seemingly brighter colours, and she
emits some sort of weird light that exposes the first Cresselia for what she...
or rather, he, truly is - Darkrai! The real Cresselia promptly explains about
Darkrai's treacheries - seems like HE is the one that is distorting space, and
he simply have been masquerading as Cresselia so you can get isolated and eli-
minated from the picture. Darkrai then challenges you to stop him in Dark
Crater, then disappears. Well, glad THAT's cleared up.

At the town, Cresselia cures Azurill, then explains that Darkrai only meets you
and everyone else in dreams, and set up highly realistic illusion to fool
everyone. Also, Cresselia explains that the one who is behind the crisis of 
time, as well, is none other than Darkrai. Also, the distortion you two are
causing in the space is extremely small, just big enough so you can't evolve
and the developer don't have to make emotional face pictures and sprites for
all the evolution of starters as well. Finally, the motive behind Darkrai's
Gauntlet is questioned - why is he challenging you, when his style is to work
in the shadows and flee when found? It is definitely a trap, but we have no
choice but to spring it. Cresselia will accompany you, too. 

Back to town to prepare! For no coherent reason, sentry duty is open to you
again even though you know, you're supposed to be saving the world (again) and
all. But hey, more power to you if you think you need more Reviver Seeds or
Nectar. Anyways, once you are ready, talk to Cresselia and we are off!

Dungeon - Dark Crater + Deep Dark Crater
Length - 15 + 14
Resident Pokemon - Charmander, Cyndaquil, Chimchar, Hippowdon, Numel, Slugma,
     Growlithe, Ponyta, Torchic, Charmeleon, Flareon, Quilava, Combusken, 
     Monferno, Camerupt, Radpiash, Arcanine, Magcargo, Magmortar, Charizard,
     Typhlosion, Infernape, Torkoal, Mismagius, Blaziken
My levels upon entry - Seth (50), Pikachu (51)

You will have Cresselia's help in this dungeon. At level 47, she knows the
following moves: Confusion, Double Team, Aurora Beam, and Slash. Anyways, the
crater is damn long, with 29 total floors. It's also a fire dungeon - something
that is rather rare in the remake. Expect lots and lots of fire moves flung
your way, and they *will* sting on a grass type. You should know the deal with
elemental starters by now - leave them at low HP and you'll be sorry when they
smack your ass to next week with the help of Blaze. Combusken also knows the
highly broken Mirror Move which reflects ANY move (and orbs count as moves,
too) as long as you are in front of it. Aside from them, Camerupt can use
Earth Power to nail you rather consistently for 60 or so damage if you're weak
to the move, and it hits the entire room. Finally, Rhyperior knows Horn Drill,
which is an OHKO move, so be EXTRA careful around it. Cresselia is not going to
be of much offensive help in the dungeon, since pretty much half the dungeon
resists Aurora Beam, but if you are on low HP and Cresselia is behind you, she
can really save your ass with Bodyguard, and a habit of abusing Double Team
when she does not have anything else in her range of her other attacks.

At the end of the crater, Darkrai appears. He explains that indeed, he was the
one behind the crisis of Time, and he was also the one that attacks the time
tunnel you and Grovyle used to get to the world. So basically speaking he was
behind your amnesia and transformation to a Pokemon, all along. He explains
that he did it to prevent you and Grovyle from changing the future, but sadly,
the best made plans are foiled by fate. Therefore, he decided to get rid of you
FIRST this time, by breaking your spirits using a Cresselia impostor. However,
he had a change of heart - if you would be so kind as to join him to rule in
Darkness, he will accept it. Your partner at this point decides that it is use-
less to resist, so he will choose to join Darkrai. Will you go with your part-
ner? Choose your answer carefully.

Actually, either way turns out to the same. This is not real - it is just a
nightmare, another one of Darkrai's illusion! Too bad for him. Guess there is
no more thing to talk about but fight - well, one teesy detail that wasn't made
clear before is that, Darkrai had allies - Arbok, Magmortar, Rhyperior, Aggron,
Magcargo, and Mismagius. We'll have to fight them all together. 

Boss Battle: Darkrai + Minions
Difficulty: Very Hard

Another hard fight, kind of like the Grand Master fight. Darkrai can use Night-
mare, which is BAD if it hits you because its Bad Dream ability will damage you
as you sleep. On your first turn, throw a status seed at Darkrai to put him out
of commission temporarily. Then, focus on getting rid of the minions, which is
no small feat because they are varied and diverse. Discharge doesn't work due
to the presence of Rhyperior, so get rid of that first if you want to use Dis-
charge. Cresselia can largely take care of herself (though if you drag on the
fight she will hog a couple of reviver seeds), so prioritize offence. Once you
get rid of the minions, Darkrai becomes much more straight forward. 

Darkrai is down, but not out - he had a plan B, too. He opens up a dimensional
hole and gets ready to warp himself to some other age to continue his plan.
However, just as he is about to travel, Palkia appears and blast the hole to
smithereens, with Darkrai still inside. What happened to him? Well we know for
sure that he's hurt badly, and also - since your starter underwent the same
suffering and ended up losing your memory, that may have happened to Darkrai as
well - he will simply wander around the world, with no memory of his dastardly
plot to take over the world in darkness. Our job... is done. Time for the
second ending. It is nowhere near as emotional as the first one, but it is
still fairly nice. Enjoy.

The next morning, you will find Cresselia outside your base, wondering about
what she will do next. Her decision is... to join your team. You can choose to
refuse her, but it's much more sensible to accept (even if you plan on using
her, you can just leave her to rot in Chimecho Assembly, and this is your only
chance at getting Cresselia). After that, it's daily business as usual.

5.6 The last of your storyline

The next couple of event seems to be triggered after a certain amount of rescue
missions, so don't just go around recruiting legendaries - do missions!

A few days later, When you emerge from Sharpedo Bluff, Chatot will run in, all
out of breath. Someone is back on the beach... it's Manaphy! Manaphy is all
grown up, and more than happy to see you both. After an emotional reunion, Ma-
naphy offers to join your team. Again, choose to accept because this is your
only chance at getting Manaphy in your team.

Another few days later, Manaphy will run up to you much in the same manner as
Chatot did. He informs you of a location he found full of delicious gummies -
Marine Resort. At this point, your storyline is done - as long as you have
recruited Palkia (by revisiting Spacial Rift and defeating him), your starter
and your partner will finally be able to evolve. Congratulations! You can
pretty much consider yourself have beaten the game fully at this point,
although like the main series there are still much more for you to do -
dungeons that are not part of any storyline, Pokemon to be found in these
dungeons, and of course, the friend rescues. I can't cover friend rescues, but
I can and will cover the non-storyline dungeons. In the next section, that is.

Section 6 - Optional Dungeons

These are the dungeons that are not mandatory to visit for storyline purposes.
They are mostly there so you can recruit their inhabitants or hunt items.

6.1. Mission unlocked dungeons

These dungeons are unlocked by accepting missions that entails you to explore a
new dungeon. These missions all have ??? as their location name, and sees your
team escorting the client through the entire dungeon. You have to accept the
mission to unlock these dungeons, but you don't have to do the mission itself -
just delete the mission after un-suspending it.

Coming soon!

6.2 Seven Treasures dungeons

These dungeons are unlocked through specific wonder mails, and you can only use
those wonder mails after Scizor bestows the Secret Rank to your team (See 5.2
for more details). All of these dungeons have a legendary pokemon at the end
guarding an item that increases the recruitment rate of pokemon of a specific
type, and the legendary pokemon itself is recruitable.

Wonder mails for the seven treasures, copied straight from the Legendary
Recruitment guide by Drayano:

Objective: Search for the Icy Flute!
Amount of Floors: 19F / Peak
Wonder Mail:
4 M P = K 9 8 # C T % Y 
R @ - - & P 7 % % K 8 6

Objective: Search for the Grass Cornet!
Amount of Floors: 29F / Deep
Wonder Mail:
X % 8 S W Y Y + S - J F 
P F H @ @ # # K 5 W 8 K

Objective: Search for the Aqua-Monica!
Amount of Floors: B49F / Depths
Wonder Mail:
F N 0 1 H W N - 0 0 % F 
8 6 7 8 + X Y @ & % # 3

Objective: Search for the Terra Cymbal!
Amount of Floors: 9F / Interior
Wonder Mail:
# & S 6 N Y 2 & Y J N = 
1 P 5 7 F 0 M N M H 7 Y

Objective: Search for the Sky Melodica!
Amount of Floors: 49F / Apex
Wonder Mail:
H W + 8 6 6 % T 5 S 5 1
+ J 5 Y 4 - K # H @ P -

Objective: Search for the Fiery Drum!
Amount of Floors: 19F / Summit
F H 0 T H Y N H R 0 Q F 
8 6 N 8 + S Y @ & % Y N

Objective: Search for the Rock Horn!
Amount of Floors: B29F / Pit
W N W Y J X T K & 5 C 1 
4 N 3 - P 4 N M 8 K & C

Dungeon - Shimmer Desert
Length - 9 + Shimmer Desert Pit
Resident Pokemon - Sandshrew, Sandslash, Nidoking, Diglett, Dugtrio, Garchomp,
     Ekans, Arbok, Sudowoodo, Rhyperior
Sunny on Floor 1, 6
Sandstorm on Floor 3, 9

This is the dungeon to go if you want to recruit Groudon. It's also a desert,
so you will probably expect sandstorm to be raging in some floors, and you are
right. There are also some sand veilers in the vicinity so watch out for them
on the sandstorm floors. Also, Diglett and Dugtrio can hit you with Earth Power
so watch out for that, too. Finally, this isn't something to watch out for but
if you would notice, Sudowoodo likes to mimick a tree so much it will not move
until it is provoked somehow, so you'll be safe with them as long as you don't
get near them or attack them (though why would you want to be safe from them is
beyond me).

At the end of the dungeon, you will encounter an old face - Groudon. However,
this isn't an illusion - this Groudon is for real. And it challenges you!

Boss Battle - Groudon (the real one)
Difficulty - Somewhat easy

Groudon can hit you with STAB Mud Shot and a Sun-boosted Fire Blast, both of
which can hit you for a lot of damage. The thing that's annoying with it is
that Mud Shot can slow, and Groudon also has Scary Face to furhter the slow
problem, and unless you're high levelled you won't stand two attacks per turn
for long. Status it quickly. Groudon can also use Bulk Up, though it doesn't
power up any of its own attacks, so all it does is upping its physical defense,
and you can consider it a waste of his turn. Water attacks won't do too much
damage against it due to the sun unless you reset it with Rain Dance (which
isn't a bad idea, really), so stick with grass and ice attacks or just neutral

You will obtain the Terra Cymbal after the fight, which gives you a bonus when
recruiting ground-type pokemon. Groudon himself may also join you after the
fight, but if he doesn't, just clear the dungeon again (maybe holding the Terra
Cymbal?) and try to recruit him again by beating him up. Repeat as necessary.

Dungeon - Giant Volcano
Length - 19 + Giant Volcano Peak
Resident Pokemon - Charmander, Charmeleon, Charizard, Cyndaquil, Quilava, Ty-
     phlosion, Torchic, Combusken, Blaziken, Chimchar, Monferno, Infernape,
     Slugma, Magcargo, Camerupt, Flareon, Rapidash
Sunny on Floor 3, 5
Cloudy on Floor 6, 8, 10

Fire Dungeon here, so bring a Pokemon with Rain Dance to make your life easier.
You have mostly the same things here as in Dark Crater, minus the non-fire
pokes there. In other words, watch out for the fire starters who can, as you
should know by now, kick your ass with blaze boosted fire attacks (a Quilava
managed to do over 100 damage on a critical fire blast IN THE RAIN), and Came-
rupt can make your life miserable with Earth Power, though it is fairly weak
relatively and can be somewhat shrugged off as long as you don't get too many
Special Defense drops. Ohter pokes here post no huge threats.

At the end of the dungeon, you will find Heatran, who attacks you like Groudon
does. I continously find it hard to imagine Heatran as a legendary for some
reasons, but hey, it is so prepare for a fight!

Boss Battle - Heatran
Difficulty - Easy

Heatran has, amongst other moves I'm sure, a VERY powerful Lava Plume attack,
and can easily one-shot weaker pokemon with a critical or super-effectveness.
He also absorbs incoming fire-type moves and turns his Lava Plume into a death
machine with Flash Fire, so refrain from doing that. If you have the option,
put up Rain to boost your water attacks and to halve incoming Lava Plumes, and
hit him with your best water, ground or fighting attacks. Otherwise, status
him quickly before he can get close and kill him before the status lifts.

Heatran will yield the Fiery Drum at the end, which gives you a bonus for re-
cruiting fire-type pokes. Heatran him/herself will also join you (Heatran has
genders, so yeah), and if you didn't recruit Heatran you can just clear the
dungeon again. The Firey Drum you got will help you recruit it, of course.

Dungeon - Mt. Avalanche
Length - 19 + Mt. Avalanche Peak
Resident Pokemon - Altaria, Azumarill, Azurill, Delibird, Empoleon, Golduck,
     Jynx, Mamoswine, Marill, Nosepass, Piloswine, Piplup, Prinplup, Slaking,
     Slakoth, Smoochum, Sneasel, Snorunt, Swablu, Swinub, Vigoroth, Weavile,
Snow on floor 2, 4, 6
Cloudy on 3, 5, 9

The dungeon's inhabitants are based on Blizzard Island, and for the large part
you worry about the same things. There's no castform here, but there are water
starters (as usual don't leave them on low HP), some normal-type powerhouses
that you don't want to take too many hits from, and ice types that get a free
speed boost from snowy floors. Nothing too threatening however. Just make your
way up to the peak. Articuno will challenge you.

Boss Battle - Articuno
Difficulty - Somewhat Easy

Articuno can hit you with Ice Beam and Powder Snow, and both of them can cause
a lot of damage similar to Heatran's Lava Plume. Ice Beam only hits one target
in front of a line but Powder Snow can hit the entire room, so you can't hide
from it well. Status it quickly to subdue it.

You'll receive an Icy Flute for your troubles, and possibly recruiting Articuno
as well.

Dungeon - Mystery Jungle
Length - 29 + Deep Mystery Jungle
Resident Pokemon - Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, Venusaur, Metapod, Rattata, Raticate,
     Spearow, Nidoran, Vileplume, Venonat, Bellsprout, Weepinbell, Victreebel,
     Exeggcute, Koffing, Scyther, Eevee, Snorlax, Chikorita, Bayleef, Meganium,
     Aipom, Sunkern, Sunflora, Teddiursa, Treecko, Grovyle, Sceptile, Wurmple,
     Silcoon, Cascoon, Seedot, Nuzleaf, Roselia, Gulpin, Flygon, Turtwig, Gro-
     tle, Torterra, Bidoof, Roserade, Lopunny, Stunky, Skuntank, Munchlax
Fog on floor 7, 8, 17, 18
Snow on floor 10
Sunny on floor 15
Rain on floor 20
Cloudy on floor 25

The inhabitants are based on Mystifying Forest, but there are a few faces,
mainly the Treecko family and Munchlax family. If you want to recruit them, you
will have to go through this dungeon. Nothing too threatening here, but keep
in your mind somewhere that Skunky and Skuntank sometimes explode when you kill
them, which is not fun, and of course grass type starters can be dangerous on
low health, particularly Sceptile who can do an alarming large amount of damage
with an Overgrow boosted Critical Leaf Blade. There are some weather condition
going around too but nothing too serious.

At the end of the dungeon you'll find Mew.

Boss Battle - Mew
Difficulty - Easy

I can't say much because I never even seen any of its attacks, but I'd wager it
can use Psychic, maybe Ancientpower, and maybe Metronome. Status it quickly in
case it can use Metronome (and promptly get a chance to blast you with some 
sort of game winning/breaking moves like OHKO moves and Perish Song), but use
items only because Synchronize will own anyone who tries to status with a move.
Psychic isn't a top notch defensive type and you should bring it down without
too much trouble, especially if you bring someone who can use Silver Wind.

You'll receive a Grass Coronet for your troubles, and Mew may join you as well.
The Grass Coronet boosts recruitment rate for grass-type pokemons, of which Mew
isn't one. Oh well.

Dungeon - World Abyss
Length - 29 + World Abyss Pits
Resident Pokemon - Delcatty, Electrode, Exploud, Loudred, Mightyena, Murkrow,
     Nidoqueen, Pidgeot, Pidgeotto, Pidgey, Poochyena, Swellow, Taillow,
     Umbreon, Voltorb, Weezing

This place is basically Concealed ruins with no set music, different scenaries,
and *maybe* slightly higher levels. Nidoqueen can Earth Power, which is very
annoying if you're challenging it at lower levels (like right after rescuing
Scizor), but if you challenge this dungeon after finishing the storyline it is
fairly weak and of not much concern unless you're weak to it or have been hit
with a couple of stages of Special Defense drops. The Pidgey family is also
kind of annoying with both Agility and Tailwind (which is the same with Agility
except with longer animation to annoy you more), and Swellow can Pluck away
something you don't want it to pluck away (like a reviver seed). This dungeon
is also kind of short on supplies, which can haunt you if you went in without
proper preparations. However, for a well prepared team this dungeon is no
trouble at all. 

At the end of the dungeon you'll find Giratina.

Boss Battle - Giratina
Difficulty - Easy

Again, Giratina didn't hit me with a single attack, but it likely will have
Shadow Force and maybe Omnious Wind. If Giratina begins charging for Shadow
Force, immediately scatter (set the tactics for your allies first) because it's
incredibly strong and you don't want to eat it. Status it, however, and it
won't be able to hit you with anything.

You'll receive a Rock Horn for your troubles, and Giratina may join as well.
Rock Horn boosts the recruitment rate for rock-types, so it won't help against
Giratina if it decides to not join the first time, or against anything you'll
find in the dungeon, really >_<

Dungeon - Sky Stairway
Length - 49F + Sky Stairway Apex
Residents - Banette, Claydol, Ditto, Duskull, Forretress, Gabite, Gastly,
  Haunter, Gengar, Gliscor, Jumpluff, Leafeon, Magnemite, Magneton, Metang,
  Mothim, Muk, Probopass, Raichu, Rhydon, SHelgon, Skarmory, Steelix, Tan-
  growth, Togekiss, Vulpix
Cloudy on Floor 1, 4, 13, 14, 18
Fog on Floor 7, 11f
Sunny on Floor 9, 16, 20, 24, 30, 37, 42, 48

My god, this dungeon is long. 50 Floors is no joke - only two dungeons have
more floors (ZIN and ZIS). To compound matters, the dungeon are full of ghost
types (the ones you've seen back in Dark Hills mostly), which are just flat out
annoying (mostly - and especially - when they start hogging walls to get free
hits on you). Thankfully, there are no really hard hitters in the dungeon,
except maybe Mothim (who has Swarm and an annoying tendency to spam Silver
Wind). Still, watch your supplies, and prepare accordingly (you'll want at
least three big apples and two max elixirs). Aside from that, you don't have
much to worry about in the climb, though if you're a water type you might get
annoyed at all those sunny floors.

At the apex you will find Rayquaza.

Boss Battle - Rayquaza
Difficulty - Easy

Rayquaza can use Fly, which will do a crapload of damage if you let it hit you.
So don't let it hit you - scatter when it flies up. Alternatively just status
it and wail, like every other single boss you've met so far. He can use Twister
and Crunch too, but you should be able to survive one of those easily.

You'll receive a Sky Melodica for your troubles, which ups the recruitment rate
for flying types. Rayquaza itself may also join you.

Dungeon - Bottomless Sea
Length - 49F + Bottomless Sea Depths
Residents - Tentacruel, Slowbro, Horsea, Seadra, Starmie, Gyarados, Lapras,
     Slowking, Qwilfish, Remoraid, Octillery, Kingdra, Wailmer, Wailord,
     Clamperl, Finneon

There's no inherent weather anywhere, but some pokemon like Gyarados can set up
Rain for the general benefit of hostilities within. If you feel that's too much
threat to you, feel free to bring in pokemon who can set up Sunny Day to negate
Rain, or a Psyduck/Golduck/Rayquaza. However, there's no real threat in the
dungeon except maybe Lapras who can potentially Perish Song (though I've never
seen one actually doing that - maybe I just killed them too quickly). Like Sky
Stairway, this is a LONG dungeon, but it shouldn't be too hard to plow your way

At the end of the dungeon you will fight Kyogre.

Boss battle - Kyogre
Difficulty - Easy

Kyogre's ability automatically set up rain, so whatever water attack he hits
you with will be REALLY painful. Don't give it a chance to do that - status it
quickly. Resistances won't save you since it can also blast you with Ice Beam
which hits two out of three types that resist water super effectively. 

You'll receive an Aqua-monica for your troubles, which helps recruiting water
types. Kyogre may also join you.

6.3 Storyline unlocked dungeons

These are dungeons that are unlocked as part of the storyline. They are option-
al because you are not required to clear them to advance the plot.

Dungeon - Concealed Ruins
Length - 30
Resident Pokemon - Pidgey, Pidgeotto, Pidgeot, Nidoqueen, Voltorb, Electrode,
     Weezing, Umbreon, Murkrow, Poochyena, Mightyena, Taillow, Swellow, Lou-
     dred, Exploud, Delcatty

One of the more annoying dungeons in the game, the reason for that can easily
be summarised in three words: Earth Power Nidoqueen. It gets STAB, is really
strong, hits the entire room, and Nidoqueen are freaking everywhere. Aside
from Nidoqueen however, not much else pose much of a threat in the dungeon 
(though watch out for the Pidgey family, who can use both Tailwind and Agility
for a very high chance of speed boosting the rest of the dungeon). Pokemon with
Levitate are recommended here as they can avoid Earth Power altogether.

There is a locked chamber in B29F (the last one before the reward floor), which
contains a chest that either gives a Rock Sash, an Ice Sash, a Steel Sash (all
allows the corresponding Regis to halve incoming physical damage from moves),
or an Ancient Ring which protects Regigigas from all status problems. The last
one is EXTREMELY nice and is a fitting reward for this dungeon - certainly much
more so than the six deluxe boxes that await you on 30F, though I guess they
can't hurt either.

Dungeon - Marine Resort
Length - 19
Resident Pokemon - Cleffa, Clefairy, Clefable, Jigglypuff, Wigglytuff, Slowbro,
     Krabby, Lickitung, Kabuto, Kabutops, Dratini, Bellossom, Espeon, Wobbu-
     ffet, Snubull, Corsola, Phanpy, Smeargle, Miltank, Wingull, Pelipper, 
     Whismur, Swalot, Spoink, Spinda, Wynaut, Ambipom, Croagunk, Lickilicky,
Cloudy on Floor 3, 9
Sunny on Floor 4, 8
Foggy on Floor 5

Marine Resort is, as per Manaphy's description, the best place in the game to
find gummies. In addition, the dungeon is quite easy yet still gives decent
experience, making it a good dungeon to "baby" low level Pokemon you want to
level up. Wobbuffet can put up Counter, Mirror Coat or Destiny Bond to reflect
damage, but other than that all the Pokemon in the dungeon are quite easy,
especially given how you should have beaten Darkrai by this point. Consider it
a good place to relax and raise the IQ of a Pokemon you want to raise.

At the end of the dungeon you will find four Deluxe Boxes, all very likely to
contain gummies, including ones that are normally rare in your version.

Dungeon - Final Maze
Length - 48
Resident Pokemon - Machop, Magnemite, Doduo, Omanyte, Kabuto, Spinarak, Mareep,
     Misdreavus, Swinub, Houndour, Phanpy, Magby, Poochyena, Shroomish,
     Meditite, Bagon, Staravia, Skorupi, Carnivine

Woot, a training maze that isn't worthless! ...sort of, anyways. It's still not
much of an actual dungeon to me, but hey to each their own. Anyways, like all
other training mazes, you can't bring items. However, you CAN recruit pokemon,
and lose money/items if you get beaten up. The former is especially important
seeing that three legendaries appear in the dungeon after you unlock Marine
Resort, which are really the only reason you should have for tackling this
dungeon. Still, the fact that you can't bring items means that your expediture
will be luck-driven, kind of. It doesn't matter how much power you bring in the
dungeon if you just can't find food to fill your stomach, right? Keep in mind
all those negative effect seeds that you won't use in the dungeon can fill your
stomach, so as a last resort you can eat those (perferably on a stairway, since
then you can escape all nasty side effect by doing Ground -> Proceed). Don't
eat any Doom Seeds obviously. Also, save those gummies for when you're hungry.
Finally, keep in mind Oran Berry restores 100 HP as well as 5 belly, so if you
really run out of food but oran berries, you should let your HP go down a bit
before eating them for maximum effect.

Enough about elementary wilderness survival tips. The one thing you should
watch out for in the dungeon is Misdreavus, who can bust out the move Perish
Song. It has a low hit rate, but it hits all of your allies on the floor, and
if it happens to hit, you die in four turns. Yup. It also has a nasty habit of
coming out of walls to attack you, giving it more chances to Perish Song you to
Oblivion (I was lucky enough that the time Perish Song hit me, I was two steps
away from the staircase). You may want to consider not brining so many pokemon
with you, so you can deal with Misdreavus easier (but that also means you are
more prone to run out of PP without a partner to use their moves with, so pick
the lesser of the two evils to you). Aside from Misdreavus, Shroomish can Spore
and Meditite has Huge Power which can sting if you happen to be weak to
fighting or something.

The "key" floors in the maze are 23F, 29F and 40F, where you can find Jirachi,
Suicune and Moltres respectively. wandering around and waiting for you to beat
them up. You'll know you're in the right spot due to that those floors have
different decorations (Jirachi's on a grassy floor, Suicune a "water cave"
floor and Moltres a "volcano" floor). Beat them up in melee range with your
leader and they may request to join like any wild pokemon. Sadly you can't
bring any recruitment up items in and you won't find any inside, so there isn't
much you can do to make them more likely to join (aside from leading with a
Group H pokemon with Fast Friend and/or using a high level pokemon). Best of
luck to you!

If you clear all 48 floors, Marowak will give you a Brown Bow. Yeah, no matter
what your aura colour is, it will be brown, making it even more useless than it
already is if you don't have a brown aura. The only reason to clear Final Maze,
really, is to recruit the three aforementioned legendaries and maybe bragging
rights. If you're going for the legendaries, you'll likely have to go in a
whole bunch of times because they aren't the easiest pokes to recruit. Try
using your highest levelled pokemon as that (aside from Fast Friends) is the
only way you have of raising your recruitment chances.

Rest shall come soon!

Section 7 - FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Thanks to the "question" section on GameFAQs, I can actually rack up questions
without having them asked of me! Woohoo!

Q: What does STAB mean?
A: Same-Type Attack Bonus. Basically if a pokemon uses an attack that is the
   same type as (one of) its type(s), it gets a 50% bonus to damage. This only
   applies to direct damage moves.

Q: How do I beat Dialga?
A: Status, basically. X-eye seed > Dialga. It also helps (though it's not nece-
   ssary) to have moves that can actually hit neutral/super effective on
   him, since he walls a lot of types. Fighting and Ground (Dig) hits him for
   super-effective damage, while fire, ice, and dragon scores neutral. Chances
   are you don't have a Dragon move though.

Q: How do I evolve my starter?
A: Finish everything in the storyline and recruit Palkia.

Q: Where do I find [insert item here]?
A: Wonder Mail is your best friend. Look for them on the Wonder Mail FAQ on
   GameFAQs, or use a generator (find one on the Internet somewhere - use a
   search engine like google). If you want to look for them legitimately, try
   using the Item FAQ on GameFAQs.

Q: How do I recruit [insert Pokemon here]?
A: Again, Wonder Mail is your best friend - you can get most Pokemon you want
   with guaranteed success, albeit at level 1.

Q: I got an egg from a mission. What now?
A: Check with Chansey Day Care in town. She will be caring for your egg until
   it hatches. An egg will hatch into a level 1 random Pokemon from the floor
   where the mission for the egg was completed at. The advantage with hatched
   Pokemon is that they can know some "Egg moves", which means you can either
   know certain moves before having to reach the level where you normally get
   it, or moves that the Pokemon otherwise could not have gotten at all. It
   also comes with some stat bonus.

Q: How do I deal with monster houses?
A: Room-wide moves like Blizzard and Discharge works great, especially if you
   can back it up with STAB. Failing that, use room-wide orbs like Foe-fear, 
   Foe-seal, Totter, and Slumber to park things for a while, then back into a
   hallway and take things on one by one. If your partner is attacking rather
   than retreating with you, turn off all of his/her moves and turn the IQ
   skill "Exclusive move-user" on, so your partner follows you instead. Or, you
   can tell your partner to "get away from here" via Tactics.

Q: What moves should I teach to my team?
A: It really depends on what you're trying to do with each pokemon. However,
   generally speaking, any pokemon you intend to use as a leader should have a
   move with high PP (and perferably gets STAB), and two other moves that pro-
   vide coverage with your primary move, either type-wise or range-wise or
   maybe both.

Q: What do I do with a Key?
A: Certain dungeons have a locked door on a floor containing items. Face the
   door, use a key, open it, grab the treasure, and move on.

Q: What do I do with Mystery Part/Secret Slab?
A: Bring it in your explorations. You can encounter certain legendaries this
   way, and by defeating them there's a chance they'll ask to join you.

Q: I want this cool IQ skill I saw from [insert Pokemon here]. How come my 
   Pokemon doesn't get it even after feeding it hundreds of gummies?
A: Each Pokemon have different IQ groups in which they learn skills from. Each
   group have different IQ skills available to them and thus they can only
   learn stuff from their own group. That Charizard of yours is never going to
   be able to learn PP Saver, Deep Breather or Multitalent, and that Blastoise
   isn't going to get Nonsleeper no matter how many gummies you shove down his
   throat. Sorry.

Q: How do I get those water-surrounded treasures if my leader can't traverse on
   water, yet (one of) my team member(s) does?
A: Well, for starters you can tell your team member to wander off by itself and
   hope it somehow picks up the treasures. A better way, though, is to use the
   Tactics menu to tell your waterwalking/flying partner to stay still on one
   side of the water, while you move yourself to the other side, and tell it to
   follow you again. As long as it travels over the items in question, it will
   pick them up for you.

Q: Should I get the time or darkness version?
A: I'm more leaning to say Time since ignoring everything else, Time has better
   "exclusive items". However, since you can get those via Wonder Mail anyways,
   it mostly just boils down to whether you want Celebi more or Mewtwo more.

More to come when I get/see more questions.

Section 8 - Not-so-boring Legal Stuff

This guide was made by me, Wenqi Yang, aka MajesticMystic. I hereby grant you
permission to modify and redistribute it as you see fit, provided that the two
following conditions are met:

1) The Legal Stuff section is not modified. This way people know that *I* wrote
   this stuff, and they know what they can do with it.
2) The redistribution must NOT be for profit. If you're making money off my
   work, then I better get some of it too.

That about sums up the gist of it. I welcome any website to host this FAQ, yes
ANY website, as long as those two conditions are met. Keep in mind though that
if I update this FAQ, it will only be done on GameFAQs - I can't keep track of
every website that hosts this guide and I won't.

Section 9 - Contact Me

You can e-mail me to this address:


To those people who know what this means, I never use this phrase seriously in
context, so don't think less of me because of it.

If you have questions, suggestions, constructive criticisms, constructive
*anything*, feel free to e-mail me there. Try to make your e-mail title
relevant - It's a lot clearer to me what this mail is about if it's titled
"a suggestion to your guide" than if it's titled "hi".

Section 10 - Credits

CarlosPit, DarkStar Ripclaw, Bulby101 - It's always good to have references
  when writing a walkthrough, and references their walkthrough gladly provides.

ZombieInfection - One of the wonder mails I used was from his FAQ.

Chunsoft - For making this game.

Game Freak - For coming up with the idea of Pokemon.

Cherry - No particular reasons relevant to this guide. Her presence is enough
 to be thankful for.

God - For reasons I won't go into further, lest I be lynched by angry atheists.

And, that's it. I had a blast, and I hope you did too.