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Table of Contents
1. Introduction                                                 [HHInt]
2. Controls                                                     [HHCon]
3. Story Mode Walkthrough                                       [HHSto]
   Stage 1 - Beramne Town                                       [HHS01]
   Stage 2 - Busy Crosswalk                                     [HHS02]
   Stage 3 - Manly Amusement Park                               [HHS03]
   Stage 4 - Oishii Resteraunt District                         [HHS04]
   Stage 5 - Turukame TV Studio                                 [HHS05]
   Stage 6 - Under Fukie Bay                                    [HHS06]
   Stage 7 - Grand Slam Stadium                                 [HHS07]
   Stage 8 - Abandoned Hospital                                 [HHS08]
   Stage 9 - Seashell Seashore                                  [HHS09]
   Stage 10 - Laughter Stage                                    [HHS10]
   Stage 11 - Kuromoku-gumi HQ                                  [HHS11]
   Stage 12 - 500 km Above Earth                                [HHS12]
4. Version History                                              [HHVer]
5. Credits                                                      [HHCre]

I. INTRODUCTION                                                 [HHInt]

Hammerin' Hero is a side scrolling beat em up. It's not particularly
deep, nor does it take itself seriously, it's just a lighthearted and
fun romp. But that doesn't mean it can't be murderously difficult on
harder difficulties. Since you die with one hit and enemies become more
and more aggressive, you can really get some challenge from this.

Plus, it's good for a few chuckles, slapstick comedy is abound in this
game. While each level may be short, you die in one hit, so it may
take a long, long time for each level to be beaten. This goes double
for the higher difficulties when enemies barrage you without mercy.

II. CONTROLS                                                    [HHCon]

The default controls are as follows:

Vertical Smash / Normal Attack - Square

Your average attack. Quick to hit but weak.

Side smash / Strong Attack - Triangle

Slow to hit but powerful. This can knock enemies and items into the
background for a variety of results.

Jump - X

Self explanatory

Crouch - L

Used to avoid some attacks and obstacles.

Eat Bento - R

Eat your bento in the stage to change a job midstage. It can also
give you awesome bonuses.

Special attack - X + down & Triangle

A super attack. You get three per stage, and these range from being
a powerful smash to a screenwide crush attack.

III. STORY MODE                                                 [HHSto]

STAGE 1 - BERAMNE TOWN                                          [HHS01]

Walk forward and hit the enemy. Note that anything that can hurt you
will have a red outline. Throughout the stages you'll also see word
or 'worry' bubbles. Attack these for some special effects. After
you dispatch the enemy, jump over the obstacle and attack the worries
of the dog. Jump over the pond and the old couple to fight a thief.
He'll throw stuff at you but you can hit them back at him while hitting
the shelf blocking your way. He'll go down soon enough.

Now go through the bath and defeat the three enemies there. Careful,
because here you'll slip and if you don't defeat the enemies quickly
they'll hit you while you're sliding towards them. Now you'll be out
of the hot bath. Go forward and hit the enemy on top of the ramen stand
then hit the worries of the ramen stand owner and he'll defeat the
enemy right in front of you. Now go up the stairs and defeat the enemy
there. Now you'll have to jump over three carts with spikes before you
reach the top and face the boss.

The boss is easy, being the first one in the game. He has three attack
types: One where he throws a worker at you (?!?), one where he spins
around with a metal bar, and one where he swings downwards with the
bar. All of these are easy to dodge (you can hit the worker away), and
leave him open for attack. The house on top of his head will have its
door open after some attacks so you can run in and grab the DEF-UP
item. Beware, though, because he'll use his spin attack afterwards and
you'll be dizzy for a while, and lose the chance to attack.

STAGE 2 - BUSY CROSSWALK                                        [HHS02]

Keep going and hit the enemy. Then hit the worries of the man. Hit the
item box to grab a DEF-UP. Now you'll face enemies that throw wrenches
at you. Walk under the wrenches' arc, and hit the enemies. Eventually
you'll have to fight a contruction machine. The driver can be put to
sleep by attacking his worries with the sushi chef job, and behind you
is another worker with worries you can attack. Anyway, once you defeat
the construction machine, you can attack its worries and it'll carry
you through the rest of the stage. Be careful though, because you'll
need to fend off some missiles and other objects thrown at it. Some
can't be hit with your normal attack so you'll need to use your side
smash to hit them.

The boss is a flying saucer type thing. Just jump up and attack it.
It'll drop bombs and make rain clouds but you can use your normal
attack to negate those rather easily as you jump at the boss and attack
it. This boss fight isn't too hard.

STAGE 3 - MANLY AMUSEMENT PARK                                  [HHS03]

You'll fight some enemies on what appears to be pogostick drills. Go
under their arcs and hit them. Jump over the fountain and you'll deal
with more pogo stick enemies. Now attack the worries of the guy in
the background and it'll hit a pogostick enemy as you move forward.
You'll now be on a Merry go Round where enemies start chucking things
at you. Hit them to blow them apart and take care of the enemies.

When you get off, hit the old balloon man's worries. You can use the
balloons he makes to get on the ferris wheel carts. There are four
ferris wheel carts with couples who have worries you can hit. Be sure
to get all of them. Now ride the carts to the top. On the way you'll
encounter flying enemies that throw swords at you. You can deflect
the swords with you regular attack, and dodge the ones you can't
deflect. When you get to the top a pirate ship enemy attacks. It'll
fire swords, then ram you. When it attempts to ram you, jump forward,
hit it, and go back to the cart when you start falling from your
jump. A few hits will knock the midboss on its ass, and you can
continue to the right.

Hit the item box for an SP item. After a few more pogostick enemies
you'll fight the boss. It is a giant inflated balloon dinosaur. It'll
spin in place using its tail to try and ram you (you can dodge this by
backing off) or it'll shoot its head at you (you can dodge this by
ducking). In between attacks you're free to hit it, but be careful not
to overstep, otherwise you'll get dead real soon.

STAGE 4 - OISHII RESTERAUNT DISTRICT                            [HHS04]

Hit the worries of the waitress. Be careful, as if you die before
completing this worry it'll be lost. So anyway, Dan will start throwing
dynamite at you which you can hit back at him. He's not too difficult
to beat. Hit the waitress' worries again, and go forward, dodging the
fire pillars coming out of the stoves (??!!), and Dan will harrass you
some more with his ridiculous dynamite. After taking care of him, hit
the worry again, and be careful of the chef's knife slashes as well
as the flies coming out of the wall. When you reach the end of the
building a car will try to crush you and you'll have to jump into the
roof. Here there's another worrier you can hit. Go out the attic window
and you can hit the worry two more times to complete it. Now jump on
the roof and Dan will harrass you AGAIN (man I hate this guy). Take him
out, then go right. The leveler will attack. Jump down onto it.

The leveler will try to shoot fire at you and also fireballs from its
cannons. The fireballs can be hit away but the flame has a limited
range. Again, don't overstep otherwise you'll be hit. Keep running in
and attacking the leveler and then backing off, then running in when
it is safe again to hit it. Eventually you'll claim victory.

STAGE 5 - TURKAME TV STUDIO                                     [HHS05]

Follow the girl through the stage. Hit the worry, then dodge the
falling light. Jump up over the obstacles and go through the hole, and
hit the worry. Most of the stage is just avoiding the stuff that Maki
keeps making fall, and some of the enemies shoot rockets, but they
aren't too hard. Eventually you'll come to a spring that'll rocket you
over a wall to the boss.

Crap, Kanna's pissed. You have to attack her "DOUBT" icon between her
attacks. One is a flame attack that you can dodge by going up to the
highest point of either side of the boss arena. The other is an upward
attack that you won't get caught in unless you're directly above her,
which you won't be. Keep hitting her doubts until she cracks.

STAGE 6 - UNDER FUKIE BAY                                       [HHS06]

You must equip the scuba gear for this level.

Go to the right while going down. You'll fight shark tamers (avoid the
sharks, attack the tamers), and some swimmers with harpoons. Keep
going right and down and you'll fight three swimmers. You'll reach the
midboss soon. The midboss is a crab robot, and the holes in the floor
will spit out small crab robots that you'll have to destroy, otherwise
they will make your life hell. Just keep attacking the central unit
without jumping too high because the claw is deadly. Eventually you'll

Drop down, and you'll eventually come to a split between up and down.
The upper pat leads to a room where you can grab a timer to increase
your time after smashing some boxes. The bottom path leads to the boss
fight. The boss is a mollusk. It'll suck you in and attack, and you'll
want to avoid the tentacles because they can hurt you or keep you
stuck in place. When one round of attacks is over, a small submarine
will emerge. Keep attacking it. The mollusk's attacks are not difficult
to dodge, so this fight isn't hard.

STAGE 7 - GRAND SLAM STADIUM                                    [HHS07]

Go forward and grab the DEF item. Hit the mascot, and continue on. Hit
the worry and it'll jump onto the enemy. Hit it again to defeat him.
Now you'll be on the baseball diamond. THe pitcher will throw baseballs
at you and you can hit them back with your side smash attack to knock
him out. Along the way you'll come across about five sliding enemies.
Your normal attack can subdue them easily. When you fight the midboss,
it'll start launching baseballs at you. use your normal attack to hit
the balls back at the midboss and he'll go down easily. Keep going
forward and you'll fight more sliders. Right before getting to home
base you'll fight the boss.

The boss has three attacks. It'll spin around with a bat (like the
first boss), dodge it by backing away. It'll shoot missiles from its
chest, which you should hit right after they are launched to make them
hit the boss instead. It'll also stomp the ground. Jump as its foot
hits the ground otherwise you'll be stunned and open for attack. A few
tounds of this and the boss will succumb. Run to the home base to
finish the stage.

STAGE 8 - ABANDONED HOSPITAL                                    [HHS08]

Keep going forward and eventually ghosts will attack you. Hit both of
them and move on. You'll find three worriers further on that you can
hit. Go up the stairs and you'll find some bat enemies as well as
floor drawing type things that hurt when you step on them. However,
they will eventually disappear and you can walk over. You'll now meet
an enemy that'll throw three jars of medicine, dodge the medicine, jump
and hit the enemy to defeat it. You'll soon meet the midboss. Hit the
worries of the two bums in the room and they'll help you fight. The
midboss has a collection of weapons floating around it. Hit them to
disable them and then hit the boss. With the bums helping you, you
can defeat it in short order. Now go down the stairs, grab the DEF
item, and then go to the right to meet the boss.

The boss is a face that will attack from the background and the right.
All the while rocks will drop from the ceiling, though you can tell
where they will fall from by the dust trails. Attack the rocks with
a side smash when the face is in the background, and with a normal
vertical smash when it is to the right. The rocks will automatically
home in on the face and hit it. About ten hits should do the trick.

STAGE 9 - SEASHELL SEASHORE                                     [HHS09]

Run forward and hit the small crabs coming out of the sand. They'll
never stop coming so run to the right and hit the worrying luchadore.
Keep going right and you'll fight a volleyball match. When the enemy
hits the volleyball at you use your side smash to hit it to the player.
Then he'll set you up for a spike. Hit it with a normal attack to send
it at the enemy, and after three rounds he'll be gone. Now continue
onwards and you'll fight enemies that throw harpoons at you in sets of
three. Again, dodge under the arcs and hit the enemies. Then, you'll
have a water spout spring up behind you and chase you. Keep running to
the right and hitting enemies in your way, and eventually it'll cease
when you get to the boss.

The boss has two crates. They will either drop and try to crush you,
or they will go to either side and try to smash you between them.
The first one can be dodged by running around and the second one by
ducking. Hit the worries of the two people on the battlefield to have
them help you out. When the boss drops a crate, jump on top of it. As
it rises, jump up and attack the target sign to smack it into the boss.
Since the boss has no other attacks, this is a pretty easy fight.

STAGE 10 - LAUGHTER STAGE                                       [HHS10]
Okay, this stage is really, really weird. You have to tell a joke at
the beginning but no matter how it goes it'll play out the same. A boss
will come on stage and you'll have to fight it. It has no direct
attacks, instead it'll spit out oil, and if you touch the oil you'll
slide in whatever direction you push next. This doesn't sound so bad,
but while you're fighting the boss, people in the audience will be
throwing stuff at you. So what you want to do is this. Stay in place,
and jump while hitting the boss. The stuff the audience throws onto the
stage has a red outline for a split second. Before and after that
moment, they can't hurt you. So jump in place as the item nears you so
that it won't hit you. With this, the boss battle is a breeze.

STAGE 11 - KUROMOKU GUMI HQ                                     [HHS11]

The enemies here are HARD. They take lots of hits and can dish it out
like a beast. When you enter the stage, defeat the very first enemy
with a side smash attack such that he'll hit the receptionist. This'll
make the receptionist run forward, defeating enemies in her way, and
leaving a spring in her wake. Jump onto the spring, and go outside.
Now go into the vents. Keep going right, where you will find a DEF
item. Drop down, and defeat the enemy there. Go right to the elevator
and keep jumping on the spring to end up above the elevator. It'll go
down. Now go to the right. You'll fight another type of enemy. This one
throws grenades, which, believe it or not, will make life easier for
you, becuase you can just hit them back at him and it'll knock him out.
Keep going forward, and move under the fish when it jumps up. You'll
be in a room that shoots out poison gas from either side. Now keep
jumping and hitting the central unit. It'll destroy some of the gas and
eventually the room, letting you out. Go to the right, and you'll see
a set of platforms. To the top left of this room is a DEF item and to
the top right is a POW item. When you have both, go to the bottom right
to continue onwards. You'll eventually come to a boss.

The boss will shoot missiles at you. Only one will be highlighted in
red. Side smash this one to shoot it back at the boss. THis is the
only attack in its repertoire, so it should go by easily. Now you'll
fight a second boss, a small ship with a missile thing on its front.
It'll fire the missile at you, jump over it and hit the boss, and then
it'll bring the missile back. Keep repeating this cycle and the boss
will go down easily.

STAGE 12 - 500 KM ABOVE EARTH                                   [HHS12]

Now you're in control of a mech. Use the L button to change forms and
use the square button to attack. THe jet form shoots bullets while the
robot form uses a hammer. Go forward and take out the robots. You'll
see a giant comet. Go to the top of the comet and a cutscene will occur
where Gan fires a volley of missiles. Now, attack each missile to
destroy the comet. Go right, and up to find a space shuttle with a
worry symbol. Hit it, and continue onward to find a barricade of robots
which you can dispatch easily with your robot mode. Be sure to take out
the missiles they fire before they hit you. Continue onward and you'll
fight the final boss.

The final boss has three attacks. He'll swipe with his sword, which is
not effective unless you're right on top of him. He'll also fire
missiles that you can destroy with your hammer. Lastly, he will fire
a laser cannon that you can deflect back at the boss with your hammer.
In both of the latter two cases the timing is tricky. Be sure you
know the speed and area of your attack before you attempt it. During
the interim between attacks, run in and hit the boss. However, he also
has a shield to block your attacks. Be wary of the sword swipe while
you're attacking him. If you're confident in your timing, you can hang
back and keep reflecting his laser cannon shots at him, and 
effortlessly win the battle.

Either way, once you've won the fight, you've beaten the game.

IV. VERSION HISTORY                                             [HHVer]

-First Version
-Walkthrough finished

V. CREDITS                                                      [HHCre]
-GameFAQs, for making this site, which I use a lot.
-Atlus for bringing this out here. I thought this game would suck, but
 boy was I wrong. And I am glad I was wrong.