================================= Avalon Code Walkthrough v1.24 ================================= +=============================================+ ++ Written By: Heliumsy (heliums@juno.com) ++ ++ Copyright 2009 Heliumsy ++ +=============================================+ =============================================================================== For most updated version check GameFAQs.com, no offense to the other sites, but I kind of lost track of who wants me to update myself and who does it for me automatically. =============================================================================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - Update History - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =============================================================================== 3/16/2009 v0.1: Submitted the first version of the guide, up to the end of Chapter 2, yeah yeah, the chapters are short, but the map exploration sucks... anyway,just a mess, minimal organization. 3/17/2009 v0.12: Added Kamui's House map CP (missed his house 1st time in town, silly me...), Added to Codes. More info into Chapter 3. (more map cps, etc) Didn't bother updating the table of contents yet though. 3/18/2009 v0.15: Organized Single Codes. Done Chapter 3. Added a ??? recipe puzzle solve tip. 3/19/2009 v0.2: Renamed World Map to Grana Plains, the world is a whole lot bigger than I thought orginally. Added Test of Wits section, crude still., Added a few more codes and split the more than 3 codes from the double codes. Added a map for the Kalcazoth Cave. Progress in chapter 4 done with Central Desert, starting on Site of Cyril, but just made map so far. 3/20/2009 v0.25: Added a few new things (gold code, shop info, thx Kitsuna). Added an algorithm for solving 3x3 slider puzzles. Done with Chapter 4!! Oh, found http://matomewiki.com/avaloncode, so complete with Single and Double codes. 3/23/2009 v0.35: Added quite a bit, but mainly contributions from e-mailers. I had a great and fun weekend, consisting of spending time with real life. So, my game progress is...almost nothing :), but Chapter 5 and 6 are complete! Added an extra precaution line for the 3x3 algorithm and a little strategy for forming edges of squares larger than 3x3. No progress in Chapter 7 yet. 3/24/2009 v0.5: Completed Chapter 7 & 8!! Added some info about judgment link. Got gold for all Tornaq Ice Cave battles. No progress in Chapter 9 yet. 3/25/2009 v0.6: Completed Chapter 9 & 10. Got all gold for the Kalcazoth Cave. Not much progress in Chapter 11 yet. Added some stuff about Fana though. 3/26/2009 v0.7: Completed Chapter 11 & Post-Game Section (well, maybe not the post game yet, but I'm restarting anyway). Completed Code list. Filled in Table of Contents. Started 2nd playthrough and a bit of beautification. 3/27/2009 v0.75: Reorganized and reformatted Chapters 1 & half of 2. Placed News Flash events under News Flash for the early ones, fixed typos in map CP. Started new section about Affection Levels (info is fully separated from the main FAQ only for Chapter 1) 3/30/2009 v0.77: Reorganized up to start of Chapter 4. Added Affection Events for characters up to end of Chapter 3. Labeled a few flowers, added ascii maps (castle, town). Added more to the News Flash section. 3/31/2009 v0.95: So I overreacted, finished work much faster than I expected. Anyway, this update: Reorganized Chapter 4 - 7. Got all golds for Site of Cyril. Moved News Flash into Side events section, so renumbered. Moved the part about n>3 nxn puzzles to the beginning, since most people seem to skip it for some reason... I'm going to call this FAQ complete, but still working on cosmetics and reorganizations (much faster for the remaining Chapters, 'cause there's almost 0 side events to do), and most side events are recorded either in post-game, chapter 11, or the side events section. 4/01/2009 v1.00: Finally, I'm done with beautification too! Added 3 more metalizes in post-game, but now, I am finished. 4/06/2009 v1.01: Edited Nanai/Anwar quest start time & added alternate Torsol strat (Thank Fiona G.). Added Flower list, so reorganized section 5. 4/07/2009 v1.02: Edited/Added a few things. 4/14/2009 v1.20: Added Side Character Aspirations section (thank Pichai). Started the long awaited Metalize List (finished sword & hammer & bomb type weapons). 4/26/2009 v1.22: Completed Metalize List. Edited Zeno-9 information 6/9/2009 v1.23: Finally a little free time to add some details that were e-mailed. 8/5/2009 v1.24: Added non-lazy Site of Cyril 19 (thank Crush Melody) Feel free to e-mail if you think I missed something. =============================================================================== +++ Table of Contents +++ =============================================================================== Personal Comment 1. Controls & Interface 2. Walkthrough 2.1. New Game 2.2. Chapter 1 - Fire Spirit 2.3. Chapter 2 - Forest Spirit 2.4. Chapter 3 - Ice Spirit 2.5. Chapter 4 - Lightning Spirit 2.6. Chapter 5 - Tournament 2.7. Chapter 6 - Departure 2.8. Chapter 7 - Lightning Spirit 2.9. Chapter 8 - Ice Spirit 2.10. Chapter 9 - Forest Spirit 2.11. Chapter 10 - Fire Spirit 2.12. Chapter 11 - Demon Lord 2.13. Post-game content 3. Map CP locations 3.1. Grana Plains 3.2. Rhoan Town 3.3. Franelle Castle 3.4. Granatum Forest 3.5. Weld River 3.6. Wargliss Fortress 3.7. Central Desert 3.8. Western Desert 3.9. Hunter's Trail 3.10. Eastern Desert 3.11. Relneia Marshes 4. Side Events 4.1. Affection Events 4.1.0. Unshackling Spirits 4.1.1. Fana 4.1.2. Sylphy 4.1.3. Nanai 4.1.4. Dorothea 4.1.5. Lauca 4.1.6. Duran 4.1.7. Rex 4.1.8. Anwar 4.1.9. Valdo 4.1.10. Heath 4.1.11. Gustav 4.1.12. Kamui 4.1.13. Haochy 4.1.14. Vis 4.1.15. King Xenonbart 4.1.16. Rudrud 4.1.17. Gim 4.1.18. Aspirations for Side Characters 4.2. News Flash 4.3. ??? Recipe Puzzle Algorithm 4.4. Test of Wits 5. Lists 5.1. Titles 5.1.1. Single Code 5.1.2. Double Code 5.1.3. Triple Code 5.1.4. Quadruple Code 5.1.5. Quintuple Code 5.1.6. Sextuple Code 5.1.7. Septaple Code 5.2. Flowers 5.3. Metalizes 5.3.1. Weapons 5.3.2. Accessories 5.3.3. Items 6. Credits =============================================================================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Personal Comment - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =============================================================================== Hmm, this game's pretty fun. However, I'm regretting writing this FAQ a lot. As usual, I only write FAQs to record my playthrough for my future reference, but this game is by far much more painful to record everything than my other FAQs. All the map CPs and Code combinations are painful enough. But no... metalizes affection levels, mini-games, weird side quests, bleh.... Finally done with plotline. Pretty happy. Game's not bad overall. Starting 2nd playthrough, who knew... it's pretty fun without having to record stuff. FAQ is complete!!! Pretty happy feeling... I wanted to use it to play the raw Japanese version, but I must say, I've gotten pretty sick of the game, so I'll wait on it. =============================================================================== - - - - - - - - - - - - 1. Controls & Interface - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =============================================================================== Start: Data Menu Select: Display HP/MP when standing still X/Y: Attack. X = right hand, Y = left hand A: Examine or Initiate Judgment Link after getting Judgment Link B: Attempt to Code Scan & Cancel certain charge attacks R/L: Dodge Bottom Screen Book Page (top): ? | INDEX FIRE FRST ICE LGHT PLAYER DATA | MAP ___| |____ ? gives hints on where to go next to progress the plot. INDEX takes you to the Book's Table of Contents. FIRE, FRST, ICE, LGHT takes you to the spirit's page, or if you shift the bookmark to the page the bookmark's on. PLAYER gives player information DATA is the save/load screen MAP takes you to the map. On MAP screen, upper left corner is location name. lower right corner is CP points. Tap on the right of the map where there's tiny words, you see how many points you've explored and need to explore. Bottom Screen's lower left and right has page number. You can flip by tapping on these numbers or tap and hold for fast flip. Book Index: Characters: all the characters you scan. Heroine: Female NPCs that can become your significant other. Hero: Male NPCs that can become your significant other. Rest are all characters relative to their location. Monsters: monsters you scanned Weapons, Accessories, Items, Flowers: Self-explanatory Tablets: All the Metalizes are stored here. Map is a collection of all the Maps. Mini-games: Test of Wits and Judgment Battle stats New World: New World questions, you can answer differently to see a different new world. Other: Nice tutorial area. Event Theater is also here so you can watch old cutscenes. =============================================================================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - 2. Walkthrough - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =============================================================================== Before I start, just want to mention, please pay attention when the game gives you a tutorial, they're there for a reason, I don't like answering questions about things the game teaches you. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ +++ 2.1. New Game +++ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Picking your Hero/Heroine. Narrator explains that the world is ending soon, but a hero would decide what goes into the new world with the Book of Prophecy. (I picked the girl one, only difference is the characters who'll love you, if you're a boy you get heroines to confess to you instead.) Meet the Hero, who picks up the fire spirit tag and the Book of Prophecy, only to meet an Imperial Knight who wants to take the book. He's interrupted by Rempo, the fire spirit. He tells you to tap on the sword Genesis, do that to equip it. Tutorial battle time. ****************************************************************************** * Tutorial Battle -- Imperial Knight * * HP: ~4000 * * Strategy: Just use your X/Y buttons to create a nice chain. * * Dodge with L/R if necessary (probably not). * ****************************************************************************** After the battle, your buff sword turns into a Rusted Battle Sword. After more introductions, the Knight's backup arrives. Doesn't matter which choice, Hero runs away. Rempo teaches the Hero how to Code Scan, go to the flower (Blazera), press B. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ +++ 2.2. Chapter 1 - Fire Spirit +++ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For full Map CP locations check 3. Map CP Locations. Once in control of the Hero again, Hero will be at Grana Plains 1. (Go north a screen if you want to get complete CP for Sunny Hill.) You also start the game with the Metalize - Battle Sword. Do note that even if you know a Metalize's formula, you cannot make it unless you found the Metalize, so I won't list their formulas unless you need to make it for some reason. Go south to Grana Plains 2. Rempo will teach the Hero about Metalizes. So press B on the tablet and get Metalize - Gladius. Rempo will teach how to customize your sword. Do as he says and continue west. FYI,customizing swords and enemies take MP, so don't run out (shouldn't this early in the game, but just in case)! Arrive at Grana Plains 4, Rempo will teach you how to Code Scan monsters. Do as he says. (You can also put your Ill Code on it to make it easier to kill.) Monsters respawn until you kill enough of them, so just avoid or kill if you want. Continue west to Rhoan Town. ```````````````` Rhoan Town ```````````````` At the Crossroads of the World, Rempo tells you to scan humans, do so. From now on, scan every monster, every human you meet. I won't always tell you to. You can run back into the Grana Plains and explore or head north. |^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^| | 1st Exploraton Box, so I'll explain. The exploration information in this | | type of box is completely optional and can be done at a later time, | | unless otherwise mentioned. | | | | Exploration Box 1 -- Grana Plains (1-13, not 8): | | [Items: Flower (Scaled Grass) | | Metalizes: Cure Bread] | | ********************************* | | ++ Explorable Area Map ++ | | | | |S| | | --- --- --- --- | | | 1 | 5 | 9 | 11| | | --- --- --- --- --- | |R| 4 | 2 | 6 | X | 12| | | --- --- --- --- --- | | | 3 | 7 | 10| 13| | | --- --- --- --- | | S = Sunny Hill | | R = Rhoan Town | | X = Three-way Road Ruins | | #s = Grana Plains # | | ********************************* | | Complete all the map CPs that if you want, only two you can't finish at | | this time are Grana Plains 10 & 13. Important one to complete is Grana | | Plains 11 for the Metalize - Cure Bread. | | Scaled Grass is on Grana Plains 3. | |___________________________________________________________________________| From Crossroads of the World, go north to Town Entrance. Here, head to the east and in front of your house, you'll get a quick scene. Enter the house, quick scene, you can rest if you want. Resting progresses a day (doesn't matter until later) and restores HP, MP for 50 points (almost nothing later in the game). Explore the town to progress the plot. Since you're exploring the town anyway, might as well get all the important exploration items. ********************************* Legend's in the Map CP Location area, but pretty self explanatory |Franelle| --- ----------- --- MH |Road2Castle| VH --- --- --- --- -:- | CP| : --- --- --- : | Center | : -- --- of -.- AH|BA | Town | AR| -- -:-| |-:- -.- --- --- --- -.- | F-T A | TE| TH R | ------- --- --- --- | CR| --- ********************************* {--- Town Exploration ---} [Items: Flower (Purse Plant), Flower (Howl Grass), Bread, Doll, Cookie Metalizes: Kaleila Sword, Hero's Hat, Fruit Juice, Medicine Plant] To progress the plot, you must see scenes with Fana and Kamui in the Center of Town. However, let's collect some useful things before progressing. I am not putting this in an exploration box, because after Chapter 5, some areas (I won't spoil it) get closed off; plus, it's nice to familiarize yourself with the town. You can get full map CP in each area if you like too. >>> Fortune-Teller Alley: Upon entering, meet Meenya. code scan the Flower (Purse Plant) near the north. Nothing in the 2 houses yet. Talk to/scan Meenya when she respawns upon re-entering the screen. >>> Training Hall Road: Code scan the Flower (Howl Grass). Enter Duran's House, on the 1st floor, on full map CP, you get Metalize - Hero's Hat. Nothing in Training Hall yet. >>> Center of Town: Run towards the human, Kamui. He'll teach you to identify Flowers. Get your flowers identified (should have 4 if you did exploration box 1 too). Kamui will reward you for total number of identified flowers: | Total Flowers | Reward | Earliest Doable Chapter | ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 10 | Metalize - Pancake. | 3 20 | Metalize - Master's Sash | 5 All Flowers | Metalize - Desert Flower | 11 end >>>> Kamui's House: Enter the house behind Kamui (Kamui's House), on full map CP, you get Metalize - Medicine Plant. >>>> Fana's House: Enter Fana's House (upper left house in Center of Town.) Upon entering, Helen (Fana's grandmother) will greet you. Get full CP for this floor first to get Metalize - Fruit Juice. Then head upstairs and talk to Fana. If you scan her, you'll notice that she has an unremovable ILL CODE, don't worry about it, that's an affection related event later in the future. Head downstairs again, Helen will give you BREAD on the table, scan that. You can now consume MP to gain health by tapping on the bread in your book. When you leave the house, Rempo will tell you that later you can save Fana. >>>> Nothing in Romaioni's House, except you can meet Francesca. Nothing special in Arena yet. >>> Cemetry: Can only complete full CP in this chapter? Nothing special in Back Alley or Abandoned House yet. >>> Central Park: Meet Mayor Georg. Also scan the tablet for Metalize - Kaleila Sword. At the northern end, you meet Rex. >>> Fortune-Teller Alley: This time, talk to Meenya. You'll notice she's a ghost. After she disappears, re-enter the screen to spawn her again. Talk to her 2 more times, she'll give you a DOLL. >>>> Rex's House: Talk to Rex, he'll give you 30 Mystic Jewels. Nothing special in Mayor's House yet. >>> Vis' House (Outside) Meet Vis. Unlock Affection!! (Life becomes much more interesting, lol) Now, you can give presents to people to make them like you more. You can find out what people like, by tapping the Lower Left area of their portraits in your Book. Go ahead and do affection events whenever you want. Check Affection section for information. I'll warn you if it'll be too late to do some affection events, Go inside Vis' House, scan the COOKIE on the table. {--- Sword Training Time ---} >>> Training Hall Road: (Plot Progression) Enter Training Hall. See a scene with Gustav, and he'll tell you to meet him at the end. So go through the rooms. -^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^- Training Room Battles: Gold >1500 pts. For these types of rooms, if you get Gold for some rooms, extra bonuses pop out (tablets), I'll list them next to the room. Also, if certain doors to certain rooms do not open (and I say they do open), trying getting gold medals for the rooms. You can redo these type of battles if you tap on the map after clearing it once and choosing redo. (thank Kitsuna and Deia) [Items: Katana Metalizes: Scimitar] Map (spliting into 2, because it's so long vertically): BOSS 6 10 4 5 9 3--/ 8 2 7 1 6 Room 1: Flip 3 switches (1610/2000) Strategy: Fastest way I can think of is summoning Rempo. As soon as you enter, tap on the red bookmark tag (unless you moved the bookmark to a different page, if you did, just go to Index, Spirit) and then tap on the wand looking icon. Room 2: Kill 4 enemies (1780/2000) Strategy: Create your alloy weapon (IRON + COPR) before entering. Then scan the Wood Bone, take off FRDM, put on ILL. (Rest in your house if you run out of MP.) Room 3: Flip 2 switches (1770/2000) Strategy: Run almost next to box 1, summon Rempo, should destroy all boxes and hit both switches. Room 4 (Skip room 5 for now): Break boxes (1550/2000) Strategy: Just run, hit boxes, I can't think of any better way. KATANA pops up. Scan that. Room 6: Flip all switches (2420/2000) Strategy: There's 4 switches, so make sure you kill all 5 Wood Bones before you hit the last switch. Time the sword so it can hit both mob and switch at the same time helps Room 7: Defeat all enemies (1640/2000) Strategy: Uses dodges to reach the enemies, should do 5 dodges for 5 enemies. Cutscene: Rempo tells you to summon him to kill vermins. Room 8: Break boxes without killing (1540/2000) Strategy: Nothing special, run, break boxes, don't touch the pink squeaker. Room 9: Kill 5 enemies with 10+ toss-ups 1540/2000)* Strategy: Redo this one after you get Judgment Link. Just hurricane the early ones down, then chain the last one. Room 10: Light the torches (1710/2000) Strategy: Don't listen to Rempo, if you do, you can't get the No weapon bonus. So just summon Rempo once you get a tiny bit closer to the torches, and he'll light them for you. Room 5: Defeat all enemies. (1500/2000) (Metalize = Scimitar on gold thank code4u for info) (Need gold in Room 3 to open the door to here) Strategy: After you get sword hurricane (defeat Gustav), come here. You now have a charge attack, so just take the COPR and FAME off of the MULs and start a charge attack by pressing and holding down attack button, then releasing. Start charging your next attack before your 1st one ends. Defeat 3 waves of 3 muls. -^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^- Break the heal pot that spawns and prep for Gustav. Then head into Swordsman's Domain. ****************************************************************************** * Boss Battle -- Twin-blade Gustav (3785/2000) * * HP: unknown * * Strategy: Start a chain attack, alternate X/Y while Gustav isn't defending.* * If he is defending (you do only 20dmg anyway), run away and dodge* * at a 90 degrees angle when the whirlwind almost hits you. * ****************************************************************************** Now that you know sword hurricane, you can charge the attack by holding down the attack button. Also, you can interrupt the hurricane by pressing B. Go home and rest. Then go back into the Training Hall and scan Gustav. >>> Fana's House: Talk to Fana for a cutscene about letters and such. >>> Road to Castle: Head up to the gate for a Cutscene. ****************************************************************************** * Boss Battle -- Orobas * * HP: 2230 (1710 sickly) * * Strategy: Scan him, make him Sickly. Then just Sword Hurricane him to death* ****************************************************************************** After the boss battle, scan the Maid and take her LGHT code. Go finish off exploring or else you won't be able to come back for a while. If you ever run out of MP, either Rest or run into Training Hall 9 to break the heal pot. Once you are satisfied with your exploration/affection giving, scan the cat. Give it the Vitality title (LGHT, HOPE). Long cutscene. {--- Double Imprisonment ---} [Items: Hat, Small key Metalizes: ??? recipe (King's Crown)] Regain control. Another training ground type area. Break pots/boxes in Room 1 to regain MP/HP -^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^- Witch's Hidden Room Battles: Gold >1500 [Items: Helmet] Room 2: Flip the switches(1850/2000) Strategy: Fastest way I can think of is hit switch 1, step on moving plate to cross pit, then summon Rempo. Room 3: Flip the switches (1650/2000) Strategy: I can't get any higher than 1650. But basically, flip the switch, hit a box. On the last one, stand close to the moving panel and summon Rempo. Then step on the moving panel ASAP after the summon scene. Room 4: Defeat all enemies (1640/2000) Strategy: Before entering the room, put fire on MUL, so you can just kill them and don't have to waste time scanning. Start with a Rempo summon, then just kill them with Sword Hurricane. Room 5: Break targets (1730/2000) Strategy: Hit the switch, walk up to the moving panel, summon Rempo. Cross, hit switch, summon Rempo again (or sword hurricane). Room 6: Light the torches Strategy: Dodge 5 times while killing 3 mobs and light the torches. Room 7: Scan the HELMET. Walk over to the hole in the ground and fly up. (Get full CP here if you care, I'd also recommend getting full MP before going on) Once you step on the yellow portal, you're out. Long Cutscene! -^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^- Gain control again. Head into the hole Fro opened. Talk to Fro, you can try to name him something silly and fail. Keep heading east, on Escape Route 2 take the south east exit to Escape Route 5 and scan HAT. Escape Route 5 also gives a ??? recipe (King's Crown) if you complete CP. For more information on solving ??? recipes see section 4.3. ??? Recipe Algorithm. Go back to Fro. He'll tell you about the way out, then head east again. at Escape Route 2 screen, take the northeast exit to Escape Route 3. Then keep heading east until you get to Escape Route 6. Climb up the ladder. Examine the tree & tomb (see Map CP). If you haven't already. Then examine all the graves if you haven't already. SMALL KEY will spawn on the grave just right of the southwestern most grave. Scan the key and head back down to Escape Route 6. Use the key and open the door. Chapter 1 Complete! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ +++ 2.3. Chapter 2 - Forest Spirit +++ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Regain control on Grana Plains 1. Goal is Grana Plains 8, so head east until Grana Plains 9, then head north. Cutscene. Learn Judgment Link (makes map exploration 300x's more annoying...). Note, you can now gain back MP by Judgment Linking them to death and you gain Mystic Jewels, if you throw them to a height above where the earth becomes super tiny, you get a purple jewel worth 50 each, if not you get a yellow jewel worth 10 each. Head North into the Granatum Forest. In Granatum Forest 1, there's an invincible hobogoblin. You can scan him and read about him, to remove its invincible by place LGHT codes around Invincible code. As far as I know, at this point in the story, you don't have enough LGHT code to get rid of Invincible. So just ignore the Hobogoblin. Your goal is the Kalcazoth Cave. |^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^| | Exploration Box 2 -- Granatum Forest: | | [Items: Flower (Hero Bloom), Flower (Forest Drop) | | Metalizes: Champion Gladius, ??? Recipe (Forest Flower Decoration), | | Mantis Blade] | | ********************************* | | --- | | | C | | | --- | | | 4 | | | --- --- --- --- | | | 7 | 3 | 11| 14| | | --- --- --- --- --- | | | 8 | 6 | 2 | 10| 13| | | --- --- --- --- --- | | | 5 | 1 | 9 | 12| | | --- --- --- --- | | | GP| | | --- | | C = Cave | | #s = Granatum Forest # | | ********************************* | | Complete all the map CPs that if you want. Important ones to complete are| | Granatum Forest 8 for Metalize - Mantis Blade, Granatum Forest 11 for | | Metalize - ??? Recipe (Forest Flower Decoration) | | Granatum Forest 12 has Metalize - Champion Gladius | | Hero Bloom is in Granatum Forest 4 & Forest Drop is in Granatum Forest 14 | |___________________________________________________________________________| Once at the cave door, place at least 1 FRST code onto the Small key. Open the door. Enter Kalcazoth Cave. -^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^- Kalcazoth Cave Battles: Gold >2000 [Items: Flower (Karma Flower) Metalizes: Common Kaleila] Map (quick path, 1, 2, 3, 9, 11, 12,13,BOSS): BOSS 12-13-15-14 | | 11 17-16 | UL--4-9-3--8----7 2 | 1 10-5-6 UL = Underground lake, Underground Lake 4 does have a scannable Flower (Karma Flower). Nothing else here unless you unlocked the 5th News Flash. Room 1: Flip the switches (2060/2000) Strategy: Before heading in, put FRST element on your weapon. Flip the switch, kill the mob with Judgment Link, break the green crystal with FRST element sword. Room 2: Flip the switches (2000/2000) Strategy: Run up to the 2nd floor, flip the switch, kill all bats, push the rock that fell onto 1st floor switch. Go up flip 2nd switch. Summon Rempo if you run out of time. Room 3: Defeat all enemies (2060/2000) Strategy: Judgment link 10+ times. Use judgment link for all 5 mobs or summon Rempo after taking off stone from them. Path split: Go right to Room 8 if you want a Metalize or skip to Room 9. Room 8: Flip switches (2260/2000) Strategy: Run to the center, a little bit past, summon Rempo Room 7: Flip switches (2220/2000) Strategy: Push the giant rock onto the closer switch, flip the other one, avoid the moving balls. Easy. Room 6: Flip switches (2060/2000) Strategy: Just run, whack switch, run Room 5: Flip the switches (2530/2000) Strategy: Judgment Link the mobs if you run low on HP/MP. Heal after taking hits on the spikes either by eating or killing mobs. Put Lightning element on your sword. (Later on, use hammer to hammer across and projectile to hit the switch) Room 10: Kill all enemies (3890/2000) (Metalize - Common Kaleila) Strategy: Turn Blob into ice blob. Use Judgment Link on it. Get enough MP to summon Rempo next to the Purple thing with spikes around it. Use Judgment Link on another Blob, get enough MP for another Rempo summon. Go in, whack the purple thing if it's still not dead, then kill the last blob, done. Go back to Room 3 and take the left path Room 9: Head North after making key with at least 2 Fate and 2 Hope. Room 4: Defeat all enemies (2000/2000) Strategy: Put Forest on the Skull and kill with judgment link. Room 11: Hit all switches (2200/2000) Strategy: Hit the switch with a FRST element weapon. Then climb onto the blue tiles that form. Eventually, you get across and flip the switch to open the door. Room 12: Kill all enemies (2100/2000) Strategy: Light the torch. Kill the mobs. Don't fall down the pit. Try to be as fast as possible... Room 13: Flip all switches (2140/2000) Strategy: Put FRST on 1 weapon, FIRE on the other, or just summon Rempo after flipping the FRST switch Path Split, go north for Boss Battle, or take east exit Room 15: Light all torches (2330/2000) Strategy: Summon Renpo in the center of the room. Cannot open the path to Room 16 yet (need Bomb from Chapter 3) Room 14: Kill all enemies (2560/2000) (Tablet = HP increaser thank Michel Falk) Strategy: Kill 3 mobs with judgment link getting yellow mystic jewels worth 10 each or 1 mob getting purple mystic jewels worth 50. Then go for the purple generatorin the center -^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^- [Items: Hammer, Flower (Pagoda), Flower (Cat Flower) Metalizes: Grand Hammer] ****************************************************************************** * Boss Battle -- Rudrud (3655/2000) * * HP: unknown * * Strategy: He's really easy, just run away or dodge if he charges up his * * special move. Otherwise, whack away. * ****************************************************************************** After the battle, cutscene. Scan the HAMMER. Use the hammer special attack. The Hero holds it in the left hand, so press and hold Y. Note: You can cancel the hammer's special attack by pressing B. After that, head east to the next screen. Nothing great in Elevation, scan the Flower (Pagoda). Enter Rudrud's House (southwest exit), and scan his son. Gim gives you 4 more LGHT code, so if you want, flip to the Hobogoblin's page and remove invincible. Scan the Tablet for Metalize - Grand Hammer. Exit Elevation to the south. Enter Deep Forest. Pretty easy, hammer your way to the east. Do keep your HP high or you'll die when you learn that mobs do push you off cliffs and you can fall if you hammered wrong. Deep Forest 3 has Flower (Cat Flower). Hammer over the island and press B to stop flying. Then hammer your way to the east exit. Deep Forest 4, hammer to the middle area first near the south, then from where you land, hammer north. (Can't directly hammer east because a wall blocks you) Deep Forest 5, just hammer all the way east. If you want to stop on the furthest right island, there is a heal all pot to break if you go south, don't step on the silver square plates going down, they blow you off into the ravine. To go back up, step on the plates while facing north. Continue east for Boss Battle. ****************************************************************************** * Boss Battle -- Mutated Chimera(3785/2000) * * HP: 2660 (1900) sickly * * Strategy: Take off his codes, leave him sickly. Kill, while dodging his * * magic balls. * ****************************************************************************** You get a question for your new world! Answer it by dragging a code in and you can always change your answer later in the New World section of your book. This only affects the Future World you see during the end game + post game section. Scan the tablet (HP/MP increaser). Head into the tree to pick up Mieli. Chapter 2 complete! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ +++ 2.4. Chapter 3 - Ice Spirit +++ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Items: Hair Decoration, Shield, Glasses Metalizes: Giant's Grand Hammer] Yay, gain control again. You can switch out Rempo for Mieli if you want by heading to her page and tapping on the switch friend icon. Scan HAIR DECORATION in the upper left corner. Finish CP for the page to get Metalize - Giant's Grand Hammer. Once outside, cutscene about bugs heading towards town. Take the right path for a dead-end, but it's free 1000 CP. Then take the south path. (Left path takes you back to Deep Forest) Head south west through the Plateau and then all the way south through Light Falls and be prompted to jump into the waterfall. Go ahead if you're done exploring the region. Now you're at Granatum Forest 14! Familiar at last!! So head back to Rhoan Town. You know the way... if not, check the ascii map. Once you're back at Grana Plains 1, cutscene with Duran, Gustav's son. He'll tell you about the 4 schools, Hammer, Sword, Bomb, and Flight. Return to town. Rex is waiting for you outside your house. See the cutscene. Find out that the castle is recruiting. Now explore town a bit. |^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^| | Exploration Box 3 -- Rhoan Town (Chapter 3): | | I'm trying to not mention affection level events ever in these boxes, | | because they're not very Chapter dependent. | | I only mention News Flash if I think it is hard to avoid not triggering in| | this section. | | | | >>> Fortune-tell Alley: | | Nanai is scannable. | | | | >>> Center of Town: | | Meet Romaioni. He sells stuff for mystic jewels. | | ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ | | Zeno-9 Card - 10 | | Shotel - 200 | | Bizen Osafune - 300 | | Pointed Hat - 100 | | Rune Blade - 500 | | ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ | | If you buy everything he owns (not including Zeno-9 Card), you can donate | | to him and he'll get in a new shipment. | | Donate 1000 | | ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ | | Zeno-9 Card - 10 | | Knight Shield - 800 | | Curved Shotel - 1200 | | Ribbon - 1500 | | Superior Bizen - 2000 | | ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ | | Buy everything and donate another 5000 (thx Kitsuna), new batch of stuff. | | ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ | | Zeno-9 Card - 10 | | Iron Beak - 2500 | | Spiked Mace - 2500 | | Magic Rune Blade - 3000 | | ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ | | Francesca gambles with you so you can gain mystic jewels, find a block of | | wood with what she requests and you double your jewels, lose and you lose | | it all. Maxes out at 1600x2. You can waste a lot of your time here. | | | | Visit Kamui and show him Flowers. He'll tell you loves Fana (affection lvl| | event? I slapped it there for now) | | | | >>> Arena: | | !!! News Flash Events !!! Judgment Link Tournaments trigger here. If you | | give up, I think you lose the chance to get the prize forever, so keep | | trying until you win. | | | | >>> Cemetry: | | !!! News Flash # 8 Event !!! Talk to Fro. He tells you where to learn | | Cream Cake (News Flash #8 related? that's where I slapped it for now) | | | | >>> Training Hall Road: | | Enter Duran's House. Scan him and talk to him. He will ask you to go kill | | a monster with him at the Forest entrance. Head to Granatum Forest 1. Meet| | a Knight Mare (HP: 2100 (1200 no codes)). Kill it. No rewards, but opens | | Duran sidequests I believe. | | | | >>> Center of Town: | | Talk to Francesca again, she'll ask for Ant Feelers (IRON, BUGx11), you | | should not have enough BUG codes yet. | | | | >>> Abandoned House: | | !!! News Flash #2 Event !!! | | | | >>> Mayor's House: | | Scan Georg. Can't go upstairs yet | |___________________________________________________________________________| >>> Road to the Castle: Head north up the stairs and enter Castle Gates. >>> Castle Gates: See a cutscene with Rex, and the soldier will say the Hero looks too weak. Rempo suggests you go see Gustav. Before that, you can explore the castle a bit. |^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^| | Exploration Box 4 -- Franelle Castle (Chapter 3): | | [Items: Flower (Fury Plant), Breastplate | | Metalizes: Cream Cake (Fro scene from earlier) | | | | Map: (Once again, legend's in the Map CP Location) | | ********************************* | | 1st Floor: 2nd Floor: | | --- --- --- ---------- --- | | -- | CR| | DH| Dungeon |PQ | Audience | KQ| | | \---- --- - --- ----/ ---| Chamber |--- | | | | Corridor | | | | | | | //////|\\\\\\ | ---------- | | |LC | | RC| Hall | | | | Hall | | | | | | | | | | ---| |--- | | ----------- | | | Entrance | | | ---------- | | | IG| | | --- | | | CG| | | --- | | ********************************* | | >>> Inner Garden: | | Scan the Flower (Fury Plant) | | | | >>> Entrance: | | The maid plays Zeno-9 with you. You waste your Zeno-9 cards, try to get 3 | | matching icons... The odds are winning are I believe 1/4*1/7 so 1/28... | | pretty sucky odds. So I finally won once after a lot of attempts, prizes | | depend on which character you win with: | | Guri Guri: Metalize - Kaleila Bomb. | | Dorothea: Metalize - Lightning. | | King Xenonbart: Metalize - Dragoon. | | Waste a lot of time to get all 3 of these prizes before you get News Flash| | 18, otherwise you can't get the Metalize for the special forms of these 3 | | weapons. If you could care less about completing Metalize list, then don't| | bother. | | | | >>> Princess' Quarters | | Talk to Guri Guri, he'll ask you for Foxtail Grass (FRST, HOPE, CATx2), | | give it to him and he'll run outside (but if you reenter, he'll be back) | | | | >>> Council Room: | | Scan the BREASTPLATE. Full map CP gives you a MP increaser. | | | | >>> Dining Hall: | | Scan the CREAM CAKE (3xFRDM, 3xICE) (if you talked to Fro earlier) | | | | >>> Dungeon 2: | | On full map CP get an MP increaser. | |___________________________________________________________________________| >>> Training Hall: Talk to Gustav in the Training Hall. Gustav tells Hero that she needs a shield! >>> Central Park: See cutscene with an elf, Sylphy, who wants to see her father. Anyway, end of cutscene, scan the SHIELD and scan Sylphy (she has a GOLD code!). Now that you have a shield, equip it and head up to the Castle Gates again. >>> Castle Gates Soldier tells you recruiting's finished. So finish up exploring town/castle. >>> Mayor's House Make sure you visit Mayor's House again and talk to Mayor Georg, who will ask you to go out and kill Locusts. Head to Grana Plains 4. Defeat all enemies. Then back to Mayor's House. Tell the Mayor you finished your task. He gives you GLASSES. After you're done, go back home and rest. {--- Attack Time ---} [Item: Bomb, Flower (Stretchus), Flower (Stonecutter) Metalizes: Dainslef, ??? Recipe (Ice Wings)] Big grand cutscene. After this cutscene, you're at Crossroads of the World. The left exit is now open. So head through and enter Weld River 1. Continue north through Weld River and Ravine of Vulgazzo to Wargliss Fortress. Flower (Stretchus) is in Ravine of Vulgazzo 3. When you enter Wargliss Fortress 2, you have to kill 2 Imperial Soldiers. After which, Haochy (crazy inventor...) comes out and blows himself up... lol. Flower (Stonecutter) is on Wargliss Fortress 2 screen. Explore a bit before continuing. |^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^| | Exploration Box 5 -- Wargliss Fortress: | | [Items: Broadsword | | Metalizes: ??? Recipe (Soldier Breastplate), Spartan Guard | | | | >>> Wargliss Fortress 4: | | Metalize - ??? Recipe = Soldier Breastplate on full map CP | | | | >>> Wargliss Fortress 5: | | Scan the BROADSWORD. | | | | North 2 screens of Wargliss Fortress 2 is the Waisen Empire Camp | | >>> Waisen Empire Camp: | | Metalize - Sparatan Guard | |___________________________________________________________________________| Go down the hole Haochy made, and he'll give you a BOMB, so scan it. You can blow yourself up with the bomb if you're curious ^_^. After you blow up the rubble, head north. -^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^- Tornaq Ice Cavern Battles: Gold >2500 [Items: Flower (Icy Lily), Flower (Dream Grass) Metalizes: Napalm Bomb, Ice Bolt] Map: BOSS D 15 | | 19-14-13 | 11-12 18-10-9 | | 17 7 8 | | | | 6-5 | | | 3-4 16--2 1 Equip fire on bomb and weapon you're using. Room 1: Destroy all targets (2500/2000) Strategy: Charge a bomb, place it in the middle of the 2 rubble and box, explode all 3. Then charge another bomb and place it in the middle of the north rubble and box. Room 2: Flip the switches (2500/2000) Strategy: Bomb the 1st rubble pile next to the closest switch, then just run to the 2nd switch, ignore the rubble pile. Path split: Basically, your goal is the BOSS room after destroying 10 ice statues... Door to D (Depths) is locked for now. Room 3: Flip the switches (2820/2000) (ice statue) Strategy: Throw a bomb at the north switch. hit other switch. Room 4: Flip the switches (2530/2000) Strategy: Push the ice to the left, then up. Step on the bottom switch Room 5: Kill all enemies (2500/2000) Strategy: Just kill, use judgment link at least once Room 6: Kill all enemies (2820/2000) (ice statue) Strategy: Put ice on the mob. kill kill kill. Scan Flower (Ice Lily). Room 7: Flip the switches (3000/2000) (Metalize = Napalm Bomb) Strategy: Place a charged bomb next to 1 of the switches. Go hit the other 2 switches and explode bomb. Room 8: Flip the switches (1160/2000) (ice statue falls) (2640/2000) Strategy: Throw FRST element bombs at the 4 crystals, kill the Knight Mare if you want. Btw, 2nd time I did this, I came back with a FRST element projectile, really trivial to get gold. Room 9: Flip the switches (3080/2000) (ice statue) Strategy: Place a charged bomb next to 1 of the bottom switch. Go hit the other switch and explode bomb. Room 10: Flip the switches (2500/2000) (ice statue) Strategy: Place a charged bomb next to 1 of the torches on the right or the middle of the 2 on the left. Go hit the other torches and explode bomb. Room 11: Flip the switches (2740/2000) (ice statue) Strategy: Place a charged bomb next to 1 of the top switches. Push the ice onto the green switch, go hit the other switch and explode bomb. Room 12: Flip the switches (2500/2000) (ice statue) (Metalize - Ice Bolt) Strategy: Push the ice block onto the left switch (not the bottom), by first pushing left, then pushing up. Step on the bottom Room 13: Flip the switches (2700/2000)(ice statue) (Tablet = MP increaser) Strategy: Just chain dodge around the room hitting the rocks that pop up, takes a few tries to memorize the rock appearance location. Room 14: Flip the switches (2500/2000) Strategy: First, head all the way right, push the ice piece left onto lower switch, and step on the other one. Next, go down, push the new ice piece up to upper switch and step on other one. Push the ice piece you used the 1st time up to switch and step on the other, done. Room 15: Flip the switches (4000/2000) Strategy: Put fire elements on weapon and bomb. Slash ice off of switch on bottom right and then place charged bomb. Then run to other switch slash, explode bomb. (Use the heal pot) Room 16: Defeat all enemies (2880/2000) (ice statue) Strategy: Move by using dodges, do judgment link, etc... easy Room 17: Defeat all enemies (2540/2000) Strategy: Run to purple generator, kill that first. Then kill the flying mobs. Room 18: Flip switches (2600/2000) (ice statue) Strategy: Keep bomb equipped in 1 hand. Kill the switches, until the last two. Use a charge bomb, place it next to 1 switch, hit the 2nd switch and explode the bomb. Scan the Flower (Dream Grass) Room 19: Defeat all enemies (4000/2000) Strategy: Woo... so max points for a room is 4000... I got 5830 pts, but maxed out at 4000... anyway... kill purple generators, ignore the enemy that chases you, but you can scan it. 3 switches -^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^- Go north in Room 15, open the door with a key that has 2xICE on it. Boss Battle ****************************************************************************** * Boss Battle -- Sword Demon Amorphes (3890/2000) * * HP: 3060 * * Strategy: First, charge a bomb. Explode him when he walks over it. Then, * * he'll drop his sword. Kill the sword. Then he'll shrink. Start hitting him,* * sword hurricane works really well. Repeat earlier if he grows up again. * * He'll die eventually. * ****************************************************************************** You get Neaki. You get a Metalize - Dainslef. Scan the Metalize - ??? recipe = Ice Wings too. Scan the HP/MP increaser Tablet. Walk out. Cutscene! See Kullvero, the man hastening the death of the world. Chapter 3 complete! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ +++ 2.5. Chapter 4 - Lightning Spirit +++ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Items: Cake, Metalizes: ] Regain control in the Audience Chamber. Head north, talk to the king. He asks you to go to Weld River. Agree. Head to Weld River 3 when you get a chance. (You can do News Flash Event #15 too since it's on the way, but no hurry.) Once there, defeat all enemies. Then head back to tell the King. Opens up his affection sidequests for him. >>> Princess' Quarters Talk to the Princess. She'll mention needing a person to read Valdo's book. The solution is Sylphy, at Mayor's House. Go talk to Sylphy, see scene. Then Princess will give you CAKE as thanks. >>> Road to Castle Past the castle gates, Vis comes to tell you who has noticed the Hero. Go exploring now or skip to Hero's House (don't rest at the Hero's House until ready). |^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^| | Exploration Box 6 -- Rhoan Town & Wargliss Fortress (Chapter 4): | | [Items: Barrel Bomb, | | Metalizes:] | | | | >>> Fortune-tell Alley: | | >>>> Rex's House: | | Talk to Rex for a scene (Affection related). | | | | >>> Training Hall Road: | | >>>> Duran's House: | | Talk to Duran for a scene (Affection related) | | | | >>> Back Alley: | | >>> Haochy's House: | | Talk to Haochy, he'll give you BARREL BOMB. | | | | >>> Center of Town: | | Visit Kamui and show him Flowers. Visit the siblings if you want to buy | | more stuff or play the gamble game (probably still don't have enough BUG | | codes to make the Ant Feelers yet). | | | | >>> Arena: | | !!! News Flash Events !!! Judgment Link Tournaments trigger here. If you | | give up, I think you lose the chance to get the prize forever, so keep | | trying until you win. | | | | >>> Fro's Hiding Place: | | Talk to Fro and show him the Cream Cake (make it now you have CAKE) | | | | >>> Mayor's House: | | !!! News Flash #1 Event !!! See Test of Wits Section 4.4. Re-enter, talk | | to Mayor again, he'll give you permission to go to 2F, go ahead and use | | the portal on 2F to port to King's Quarters. | | | | >>> King's Quarters: | | Explore it. | |___________________________________________________________________________| {--- Kidnapped to the Desert ---} [Items: Dagger, Gun, Wings, Bottle, Big Key Metalizes: Guardian, Bottle Potion] >>> Hero's House: Rest. Cutscene. Meet a swordsman who...beats the Heroine up... Gain control again and you're in Desert Witch's Palace. Talk to the witch, help her. ****************************************************************************** * Boss Battle -- Desert Witch Olly (3880/2000) * * HP: unknown * * Strategy: Probably put a shield on, so you can defend against the daggers. * * Attack right after she attacks using your Sword Hurricane * ****************************************************************************** >>> Desert Witch's Palace: After she dies, scan the DAGGER. Talk to her (this is actually missable) and she'll tell you she hid a dagger in the Central Desert near the ruins. Afterwards, head south and out. >>> Desert Town Cutscene. You see the swordsman who kidnapped you. Exit screen and re-enter so you can talk to him again, and he'll tell you his name is Anwar. Then talk to him again, keep doing it, and he'll ask if it's a waste of time... of course not! So I found another ??? Recipe, I have no idea when I got it. It's a Muramusa and a 4x4 ??? Recipe puzzle... bleh... if someone knows where I got that, tell me please :). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4x4 ??? Recipe Puzzle ----------------- These are actually not harder than the 3x3 puzzles... except with the Muramusa one, I had trouble telling the pieces apart. 'Cause there's 4 blank pieces, and 2 pieces with a tiny black mark! Pretty mean. So had to switch them around a few times before I got it right. Anyway, trick with these is... First form the lower and left most edge, so you turn the 4x4 puzzle back into a 3x3. (Unfortunately, if you get this edge wrong, the 3x3 can become unsolvable... in which case, trade 1 of the edge pieces with a piece in the 3x3 and try again.) (Check the bottom of the 6.1. section for a bit more tips with forming the 4x4's edge). If you really can't solve the puzzle... e-mail me (same way as with the 3x3s), but for these I'll solve it for you assuming you didn't mislabel the pieces. If you did, well, you'll be on your own :). And my response will probably be a tad slower. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ >>>> Nomad Tent (Lower left) There's a GUN to scan. Exit to the upper right. Enter Central Desert, exploration time. Goal is Site of Cyril. |^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^| | Exploration Box 7 -- Central Desert: | | [Items: Flower (Lingerlom), Flower (Jaja Flower), Flower (Iron Orchid) | | Metalizes: Assassin Dagger, ??? Recipe (King's Belt), ??? Recipe | | (Dynamite), Throwing Star] | | | | Map: (So starting at Central Desert 10, the map warps/loops, so don't get | | lost) | | ********************************* | | ++Quick Ascii Map++ | | --- | | 12 10 | SC| | | --- \--|-- --- --- | | | 6 | |14|13| | 15| ED| | | --- --- -- --\---/- --- | | | 2 : 5 | 10 | 12|-14 | | --- --- --- --- --- -|- | | DT | 1 | 4 | | 8 | 9 | 10|-8 | | --- --- --- --- --- ---\ | | | 3 : 7 | | 11| 14 | | --- --- --- | | | | DT = Desert Town | | ED = Eastern Desert | | SC = Site of Cyril | | #s = Central Desert # | | ********************************* | | | | Central Desert 2 has Flower (Lingerlom), Central Desert 3 has Flower | | (Jaja Flower) | | | | >>> Central Desert 6 | | On full CP, Metalize - ??? Recipe = King's Belt | | | | >>> Central Desert 7 has Metalize - Assassin Dagger | | | | >>> Central Desert 11 has a Metalize - ??? Recipe = Dynamite | | | | >>> Central Desert 12: | | If you've talked to Olly, you'd have to kill 4 golems and then get | | Metalize - Throwing Star. You can make it and go back to show Olly, but | | she doesn't care too much. *_*' | | | | >>> Central Desert 13 has Flower (Iron Orchid) | |___________________________________________________________________________| >>> Site of Cyril 1: Goal!! Finally! Scan the WINGS on the ground... and of course, room challenges time. -^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^- Site of Cyril Battles: Gold >3000 [Items: Metalizes: Arbalest, ??? Recipe (Magic Glasses)] Map early this time (really long vertically, so splitting into 2): 13 BOSS 12 24 11 25 23 10--9--8 22-21-20 7 | 5--4--6 18-17-19 3 16 2 14-15 1 13 Room 2: Flip all switches (3100/2000) Strategy: Equip a ice dagger and a hammer. Throw ice dagger at blue thing in the middle. Hammer to middle, throw dagger again to cut rope in the front. Use hammer to hammer to the end, flip last switch. Room 3: Flip all switches (3040/2000) Strategy: Scan the mummy, turn it forest, then judgment link it. Run all the way north, use the air vent to blow yourself to higher point & step on switch. Put FIRE, ICE, FRST on the key and open the door. Room 4: Kill all enemies (3110/2000) Strategy: Kill mummies... Room 5: Flip all switches (3550/2000) (Increase HP Metalize) Strategy: Fire dagger, hammer. Just do 10 evasions to travel. Run all the way left, don't need to use the Hammer at all yet. Before jumping to the highest point, throw fire dagger to hit the switch on the right (it'll make a sound, but pretty hard to miss) Now, go on the highest point and Hammer across the switch. Room 6: Flip all switches (3310/2000) Strategy: Fire dagger, hit the 1st switch after climbing up. Then switch to FRST dagger, climb up another one, hit switch. Then switch to ICE dagger, climb up and hit switch. Room 7: Flip all switches (3080/2000) Strategy: Push statues until they face each other and eyes glow... Easier to kill 3 spiders then step on switch. Ignore statues. Room 8: Flip all switches (3200/2000) Strategy: Okay, so I finally figured this one out. Both jump ramps are in the middle long piece of land. So hammer there (press B to cancel fly), then left ramp press switch. Then back to long piece of land, right ramp press switch. Hammer north and press last switch. Door to 25 not openable yet, need Big Key. Room 9: Defeat all enemies (3670/2000) Strategy: Kill with judgment links Room 10: Flip all switches (3020/2000) (Metalize - Arbalest) Strategy: Ice dagger, run to the top left after you enter, dagger switch then hammer over, shoot down and sideways. Kill the skelly if you want, I did it without killing it. Room 11: Flip all switches (3010/2000) Strategy: Equip a sword, travel with 10 evasions. Kill the 2 ropes, push statues to face each other (eyes glow purple). Room 12: Flip all switches (3460/2000) Strategy: Scan the Mummy Lord, get rid of its invincible code, by surrounding with FIRE. Then kill twice, hit switches. Room 13: Defeat all enemies (3620/2000) Strategy: put 6x STNE on a weapon and summon spirits twice, hope you have enough MP. Room 14: Match switch colors (3060/2000) Strategy: Equip hammer. Step on the bottom switch, turn it blue, then step on bottom and top switch, turn them yellow. Repeat, turn them red. Now, climb up on the left side and flip the final switch via charge hammer. Room 15: Flip all switches (2500/2000 getting the 2 bonuses) (4000/2000 w/o) Strategy: Push 1 statue onto a switch and just step on the other switch. You can get the metalize that gives you nothing if you want...by facing the 2 statues together... anyway, I think it's a waste of time. Room 16: Flip all switches (3080/2000) Strategy: Equip fire hammer and fire dagger if you want to cut rope. Then toss dagger at rope 1, hammer through the switch, and dagger throw to cut rope and flip switch, and dagger throw 1 more time for last switch. Room 17: Defeat all enemies (3400/2000) Strategy: I didn't have 6x GOLDs to make avanium, so just kill... Room 18: Flip all switches (3250/2000) (Metalize - ??? Recipe = Magic Glasses) Strategy: I just climbed up, fliped switch 1, then hammered to the left and hit the switch. Room 19: Flip all switches (4000/2000) Strategy: Head all the way left, enter hole. Take the hole, just under the one you come out of, hit switch. Then face the 2 statues together. Go through the same hole as before. Go up onto the small platform and go into the hole right there. Go into the hole on the far right and strike the crystal. Go back into the hole. Go up onto the platform and go into that hole right there. Strike the final crystal. (thank Crush Melody) Or lazy path, after facing the 2 statues together, stand near the next switch, summon Rempo, then the next switch, summon Rempo. Room 20: Flip all switches (3060/2000) Strategy: Flip the 3 switches, use evasion to travel faster, but careful you don't fall. Room 21: Defeat all enemies (3000/2000) Strategy: Judgment link them all to death. Room 22: Flip all switches (3140/2000) Strategy: Judgment link 3 monsters for 3 yellow mystic jewels, or 1 for 1 purple mystic jewels. Kill box. Equip hammer, then go south left and hammer through. Hit switch, run up, kill box, and right, hit switch. Room 23: Flip all switches (4000/2000) Strategy: Kill 3 Mummies, then move the statue on switch, move other statue to face 1st one. Then step on remaining switch Room 24: Defeat all enemies (3170/2000) Strategy: Use a silver weapon, judgment link them to death. Kill 4ish Evil Eye. -^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^- Yay, all heal pot. Put 2 LING on your key and open the door to boss fight ****************************************************************************** * Boss Battle -- Guardian Torsol (2730/2000) * * HP: 960 (taking off Iron codes * * Strategy: Throw Throwing Stars at its back when it's shooting the big laser* * Keep your distance, so you don't get swiped. After a few throws, he'll turn* * black. Run up & push him over the ledge. If he turns red before you push * * him off, run away and throw stars at him until he turns black again. After * * he falls down the ledge, he'll come back. Repeat. Push him off 3 times * ****************************************************************************** * Alternate Strategy (Thank Fiona G.): * * Torsol's spinning attack has a lag time - if you run close and back out * * again, it will trigger about one second after so you can make it * * predictable. He will be guaranteed to stay in one place for a few seconds * * with a clear opening for attack and you can get straight line shots at him * * as opposed to trying to aim diagonally, whereas dodging tracking plasma * * orbs or a laser while firing at the same time is a lot harder. * ****************************************************************************** Get Ur. Question for new world. Metalize - Guardian. Run out, Cutscene. You're in jail with Ellie (Olly's twin sister). Get Metalize - Bottle Potion, scan Ellie, scan the BOTTLE above the Metalize, scan the Flower(Stormlit). Make a Bottle Potion (1 LGHT, 1 HOPE, 1 SHDW). Drink it. Ask Ellie to heal you if you don't have enough MP. Find out Nanai is Ellie's granddaughter. Ellie gives you BIG KEY, scan it. Put LING on it and open it. Ellie gives you Shaman Pendant to show Nanai. Go out, meet Anwar, he lets you go if his affection for you is high. Otherwise, fight him. He should die relatively easily. Chapter 4 complete!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ +++ 2.6. Chapter 5 - Tournament +++ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Items: Bowgun, Flower (Bug Tree), Rapier, Flower (Silver Azel), Belt Metalizes: Flamberge, Hidden Throwing Star, ??? Recipe (Remote Barrel)] Regain control in Western Desert 21 (Right exit takes you to Desert Town). Head to Rhoan Town. See ascii map if you get lost. >>> Western Desert 20 has a BOWGUN >>> Western Desert 19 has Metalize - Flamberge on full CP. >>> Western Desert 18 has Metalize = Hidden Throwing Star on full CP. >>> Western Desert 17 has a Flower (Bug Tree). >>> Western Desert 13 has Metalize - ??? recipe = Remote Barrel on full CP. >>> Western Desert 11 has an Invincible Lizard Lord, surround his invincible with ILL code to remove. Also, has a RAPIER for you to scan. >>> Western Desert 4 has a MP increaser tablet on full CP. >>> Shark's Jaw 3 has a Flower (Silver Azel). Heading back to town now, but feel free to do other stuff outside of town if you want. Rhoan Town: Upon entering, you meet Nanai. Give her the pendant Elly gave you. You see a cutscene and Vis talks to you. I also see a cutscene with Anwar moving into the Back Alley. Anyway, prep for the tournament!! Lots of random exploration/side stuff to do. If you run out of MP, I suggest going into Training Hall Room 10 for full heal (since you only have 5 rests total). If you don't want to do exploration head to Arena. ****************************************************************************** IMPORTANT: Go into the Affection Event section and complete as many as you want, since starting in Chapter 6, many of them cannot be completed, until Post-game. Go do News Flash events you've unlocked and want to do, since some of them do not trigger in Chapter 6-10. However, all of them are okay in Chapter 11 and Post-game. ****************************************************************************** |^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^| | Exploration Box 8 -- Rhoan Town (Chapter 5): | | [Items: | | Metalizes: ??? Recipe (Custom Booster), Crescent Scimitar] | | | | >>> Center of Town: | | Talk to Romaioni, he'll tell you he has something good for 5000 mystic | | jewels. Pay him the jewels, he gives Metalize - ??? Recipe = | | Custom Booster | | | | Talk to Francesca and give her the Ant Feelers she wanted. She gives them | | to Romaioni, then re-enter screen, talk to her again, she'll ask for Wild | | Cookies. | | | | Talk to Kamui, get your Flowers explained | | | | >>> Arena: | | !!! News Flash Events !!! More Judgment Link Tournaments | | | | >>> Back Alley: You can talk to Anwar if you want | | | | >>> Fortune-Teller Alley: | | Upon entering, you see Nanai doing something fishy. Choose to follow her | | to Training Hall Road, discover she's only trying to protect the town. | | | | >>> Training Hall Alley: | | Enter training hall, see Duran (affection level scene?) training end up | | outside your house. | | >>>> Training Hall: | | Now that you have a Big Key, open the door on the left with 3 LGHT | | codes and do the 2 remaining Training Room Battles. | | -^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^- | | Training Room Battles: | | Gold >2500 | | Room 11: Flip all switches (2780/2000) (Metalize - Crescent Scimitar) | | Strategy: Equip 2 Avanium weapons, 1 hammer. Cut the rope, hammer | | across, kill the generator and the 1 enemy and hammer the blue switch.| | | | Room 12: Light all torches (2600/2000) | | Strategy: Equip 2 Iron weapons, kill 1 dust mite, then scan tablet, | | summon Rempo, cross bridge, scan tablet, summon Rempo right away. | | -^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^- | | | | >>> Road to Castle: I got a scene with Rex (affection related?) | | | | >>> Princess' Quarters: (Affection event?) | | Talk to Princess Dorothea in her room, she'll panic Guri Guri (the cat) | | is missing! So go look in town for it, well go talk to Anwar, he'll tell | | you he saw it South of town, so head south to Crossroads of the World. | | If you give Guri Guri presents, then visit the Inner Garden, you'll see a | | cutscene with him. | | | | >>> Fro's Hiding Place: | | Fro wants you to bring some gems to Romaioni, do so, get 2 Mystic Jewels.| |___________________________________________________________________________| Okay, finally time to progress with the story! >>> Arena: After all that, you can finally talk to the Mayor. Talk to him 2 times, he'll tell you to go talk it over with friends. Head to Rex's house for a cutscene. Then go home and sleep. >>> Mayor's House: Talk to Georg. Do Test of Wits Quiz 2 and get Metalize - Fire Horns. 5 days until tournament! Go talk to your boyfriends (Anwar's in Back Alley, Rex is home and Road to Castle, Duran is home and training hall maybe?). Otherwise, back to the Arena you go! >>> Arena: Your 4 school's masters are all here! They want you to pick among them!! I can't decide *_*'... well, it affects your weapon's growth, you can finish the game easily with any of these schools. I like the sword the most, so I picked Gustav... you can decide on whomever you want. Go home and rest again. 4 days until tournament! Repeat last day, except don't have to go to the Arena again. 3 days until tournament. Explore or whatever rest again, explore, etc, until the day of the day before the Tournament, for cutscene. Go to the fountain to meet your suitor (Anwar's mine, yay...) if you got the letter. If you don't go, you'd get a completely new set of scenes after the tournament (Thank KK). Day of Tournament, you fight the following: Wannabe Hero Duran Town Witch Nanai Iron Hammer Rudrud Holy King Lord Xenonbart Battlefield Inventor Haochy They're all pretty easy, I just sword hurricaned them all to death. Win the tournament and you win a BELT. Cutscene with your suitor, pretty cute. Now go back home, longest cutscene ever!!! Rex steals your book (even if he's your suitor, but you get a different set of conversations...)! Give chase! Hero's House-> Fortune-Teller Alley -> Center of Town -> Arena -> Training Hall Road -> Center of Town (sucks without map). Hero gets punched in the stomach by Heath from Chp 1, spirits get banished, Rex gets knocked out, Olly and Werman meet. Oh nos! If you didn't go meet Anwar at the fountain if you were invited, Fana (default) will disappear. Anwar will search for Heroine (Thank KK). Next chapter start, you'll see Anwar helping to nurse Heroine back to health. If you did meet your suitor, Anwar(if he has high affection for Heroine) or Slyphy (if she has high affection for the Hero) or Fana (if she has high affection for Hero or no one loves the Hero/Heroine (thank Evan)) gets sucked up by the tornado, so sad. Well, so on and so on. Olly runs off with the book. Hero gets blamed for the whole incident. Jailed again... stupid King. Earthquake and Fro helps you escape. Faint. Chapter 5 Complete! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ +++ 2.7. Chapter 6 - Departure +++ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Items: Metalizes: the boss does give Aegis on gold, but you can't scan it yet] Wake up to meet Lauca. Duran (or Heath if Duran doesn't have affection for you, thank kanochan17) comes to see you and chats. Lauca finds Rex, who asks for forgiveness. Aww, how cute! Rex delivers the sucked up person's page to the Heroine. Heath will teach the Hero how to fight with fists. Yay, your fists can shoot Plana. Martial Arts Master Heath, he's not too hard, just try to run/dodge behind him and throw Planas at him. You've learned Fist fighting special move. Lauca says a forest monster is attacking the animals, you're sent to stop it. If you talk to Heath, he'll tell you his history with Valdo. Anyway, head out. OMG! Hate to be emo, but I miss the Book so much... no map, no fun scanning... Anyway, so outside, head south across the bridge, then right and south into Hunter's Trail. So I just copy and pasted my Ascii Map from the CP section to help. ********************************* ++Quick Ascii Map++ --- ----------- --- | F | Giant Tree| LH| --- --- --- --- --- | X | | 1 | --- --- --- | 6 | 2 | --- --- --- | 7 | 3 : BC| --- --- --- | 8 : 4 | 5 | --- --- --- | 9 | 10| --- --- |ED | --- LH = Lauca's House F = Broken Bridge X = Marshes B = Beast Cemetry (Boss Battle) ED = Eastern Desert? #s = Hunter's Trail # ********************************* Your goal is of course the Beast Cemetry, use the heal pot at Hunter's Trail 5 to heal before charging. ****************************************************************************** * Boss Battle -- Spirit User Tuoni (3050/2000) Metalize = ??? Recipe = Aegis * * HP: 3280 * * Strategy: This guy goes invisible. Don't worry about it, just attack the * * black colored head. Then attack the white head. After both heads die, watch* * the ground underneath, if you see a dark shadow, dodge away from it and * * then run to the back of Tuoni and attack it. Repeat until he's dead. * ****************************************************************************** After the fight, see cutscene. Regain control at Hunter Trail 1. Just travel south until you reach the Eastern Desert. Once again, I copy/paste my CP location map. At Eastern Desert 10, there's a Mystic Jewel gaining thing if you unlocked the News Flash. Follow the map to Central Desert! ********************************* ++Quick Ascii Map++ --- | HT| --- --- --- --- --- | 10| 4 | 5 | 8 | 9 | --- --- --- --- --- | 11| 3 | 2 | 17| === === --- === | 18| 12| 7 | 15| --- --- --- --- --- CD| 1 | 6 : 13| 14| 16| --- --- --- --- --- HT = Hunter's Trail CD = Central Desert #s = Eastern Desert # ********************************* At Central Desert, don't bother going back to the Desert Town to find Olly. Olly's sitting in Site of Cyril one ready to kill you, so just run North as soon as you enter the Central Desert, use the Heal Pot next to the entrance of Site of Cyril and prep for Boss Battle. ****************************************************************************** * Boss Battle -- Witch of Desire Ohriemed Aof (3500/2000) * * HP: Unknown * * Strategy: Okay, so stay far away from Olly at all times and shoot Plana at * * her. After a while, her blue thingies will start flying, they don't hurt * * you, but they do shoot energy balls at you every once in a while. So dodge * * around Olly, usually after the 2 blue things shoot 2 energy balls, attack * * Olly with Plana 2-3 times, then go back to dodging, until energy balls are * * shot. Repeat, until Olly dies. * ****************************************************************************** After the fight, Olly tries to cheapshot the Hero, but it backfires and she hits herself. You get your book back!! Answer a new world questions. YAY! And the power to Map Warp, tap on any map and warp there using MP. But right now, too many pages are missing. Time to recollect your spirits! Chapter 6 complete! What a short chapter! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ +++ 2.8. Chapter 7 - Lightning Spirit +++ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Cutscene, you meet Elly, who tells you the Book's powers will only come back after you get the Spirits back. They're caught by 4 dragons. One in a great tower at the castle. Regain control at the Site of Cyril Entrance. You will notice that most of your Maps are missing. You can now go back and finish exploring the Eastern Desert and Hunter's Trail and even finish Room 25 of Site of Cyril. Or skip to Western Desert. |^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^| | Exploration Box 9 -- Eastern Desert & Hunter's Trail & Site of Cyril: | | [Items: Headband, Axe, Flower (Bronze Iris), Flower (Angel Wings) | | Metalizes: Bombing Napalm Bomb, ??? Recipe (Bursting Dynamite), Aegis | | Sincere Knight Shield, Fire Pillar Flamberge, Wild Cookie, Herb, | | ??? Recipe (Kusanagi), Blunderbuss, BBQ Meat] | | | | -^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^ | | Site of Cyril Battles (now you have the Big Key): | | Gold >2500 | | Room 25: Match Switch Colors (3100/2000)(Metalize = Bombing Napalm Bomb) | | Strategy: Make the switches Red 1st, kill 3 mummies, then make them Blue | | -^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^ | | | | >>> Eastern Desert: | | >>>> Eastern Desert 18 has on full CP Metalize - 4x4 ??? Recipe = | | Bursting Dynamite (easy, since edge pieces were mostly marked) | | | | >>>> Eastern Desert 13 has Flower (Bronze Iris). | | | | >>>> Eastern Desert 16 has on full CP Metalize - Sincere Knight Shield | | | | >>>> Eastern Desert 11, scan HEADBAND | | | | >>>> Eastern Desert 4 has on full CP Metalize - Fire Pillar Flamberge | | | | >>>> Eastern Desert 17 has Metalize - BBQ Meat | | | | >>> Hunter's Trail: | | >>>> Hunter's Trail 9: Metalize - Wild Cookie | | | | >>>> Hunter's Trail 5 has an Invincible Blood Sucker, surround Code | | with BUG code | | | | >>>> Beast Cemetry scan the Metalize - Aegis left by the boss, or redo | | Boss Battle with your good weapons for it | | | | >>>> Hunter's Trail 8 has Metalize - 4x4 ??? Recipe = Kusanagi. (This | | puzzle was a tiny bit annoying, because 2x2 pieces look almost the| | same, but not as bad as Muramusa | | | | >>>> Hunter's Trail 7 has on full CP Tablet - HP increaser | | | | >>>> Hunter's Trail 6 has Flower (Angel Wings). | | | | >>> Eastern Big Tree on full CP has Metalize - Herb | | >>>> Lauca Meia's House: scan AXE | | | | >>> Desert Town (warp to Western Desert 21, then travel east): | ,| >>>> Desert Witch's Palace: | | Talk to Ellie, she'll tell you Olly hid a weapon in the ruins. | | Location is Site of Cyril 22, Metalize - ??? Recipe = Blunderbuss | | (4 STNE, IRON, 2 GOLD, 3 JUST, 1 BIRD), show it to Ellie for her | | to commend you. | |___________________________________________________________________________| {--- Sneaking into the Tower ---} [Items: Jewel Metalizes: ] >>> Western Desert: So warp to Western Desert 9 (you can't enter Rhoan Town from Crossroads of the World, so head into Town via the secret path from the Castle prison.) Head north from here and enter Grana Plains 14. Here's the map if you're lost. Head to D! Cutscene with Duran. Find yourself in the Escape Route. ********************************* ++Quick Ascii Map++ --- | F | --- |S| | 8 | D\ --- --- --- --- | 1 | 5 | 9 | 11| --- --- --- --- --- R| 4 | 2 | 6 | X | 12| --- --- --- --- --- | 3 | 7 | 10| 13| --- --- --- --- | 14| --- | DS| --- S = Sunny Hill D = Dungeon (Opens after Chapter 1) R = Rhoan Town (Closed during Chapter 2) F = Forest DS = Desert (Opens after Chapter 4) X = Three-way Road Ruins #s = Grana Plains # ********************************* >>> Escape Route: Don't run into the castle, but instead head for the Cemetry, so climb up the ladder on the screen you regain control on. Once in town, take a look (I figured since there's been a huge change in town might as well put it in the main section and not an explore box) or skip to Castle. >>> Center of Town: Don't panic! There may be a huge crater where Romaioni and his sister used to be, but they're still there, just in the upper left corner near where Kamui used to stand, so you can still gamble and buy stuff from them. Speak to Romaioni twice, he'll ask you to donate 100 Mystic jewels to him, do so and he'll give you 9 Zeno-9 cards. Give Francesca the Wild Cookies she requested in Chapter 5. >>> Abandoned House: Don't panic about Kamui, Fana (if Anwar got sucked up) (It's too late to save her during the main game, if you haven't done so, but post-game is still okay and she doesn't die either way), and Helen, they're safe here. Get Flowers explained by Kamui. >>> Training Hall Road: >>>> Training Hall: Talk to Gustav twice, and he'll talk about Heath. >>>> Duran's House: You can go talk to Duran, but I don't think there's much. >>> Fortune-Teller Alley: Talk to everyone, but they don't do much. >>> Vis' House: Talk to Vis, show him the Herb, affection goes up and that's it. >>> Mayor's House: Talk to Georg and Sylphy, but not much. Done with town exploring. So port to the Castle using the portal on the 2F >>> Castle: Doesn't matter how you entered. Talk to Princess Dorothea and the King for fun? Anyway, remember that Corridor left of the Hall that used to have the soldier guarding the door going North? Well, he's gone now, so head in that. >>> Kaleila Franelle Castle Great Gate: Scan the JEWEL on the floor and go step on the bright yellow portal further north. >>> Great Spear of Mastema 1: -^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^- Great Spear of Mastema Battles: Since Gold is 4000 for all of these, I won't mention my score Map: 14 11----13--------15-16 | | | 5 17 | 4-6-7 | | 3-2 8 10 | | 1 | | | 12----11-------9--- | | Boss---21---20--18 [Items: Flower (Twinkler) Metalizes: ??? Recipe (Cyclops), ??? Recipe (Spirit Seal), Tomahawk, ??? Recipe (Excalibur), ??? Recipe (Hauteclaire), ??? Recipe (Mjollnir) Room 2: Defeat all enemies Strategy: Just kill the enemies, no strategy. Room 3: Flip all switches (Metalize - ??? recipe = Cyclops) Strategy: Turn switches blue. Then use the blow thingy on the left to jump into the center and flip the switch. Room 4: Defeat all enemies Strategy: Judgment Link 4 of them to death, so you can save time. Room 5: Match all switch colors (Metalize - ??? recipe = Spirit Seal) Strategy: Make the all switches red. Room 6: Defeat all enemies Strategy: Make sure you get the Judgment Link 20+ bonus, if they explode before 20, unarm yourself and try again. Room 7: Flip all switches (Metalize - ??? Recipe = Hauteclaire) Strategy: Use the air blowers to blow yourself onto the moving platform. Put lightning on your weapon, whack the switches. Room 8: Defeat all enemies Strategy: Judgment Link the 3 lions to death. Room 9: Just walk on through, pull the switch (on the right side wall) out unless you want to dodge lightning on your way up the stairs. Put 2 LGHT on the Jewel to open the door to Room 10. Room 10: Break all the boxes (Metalize - ??? Recipe = Excalibur) Strategy: Sword hurricane the cage surrounding the jump panel to break the cage (Thank JP). Then just run around and break the boxes. Recipe comment: Bleh, another one where you have to switch the blank pieces round and round until you get it right. Room 11: Defeat all enemies Strategy: Judgment Link them to death, easy. Room 12: Flip all switches (Metalize = Sturdy Sparatan Guard) Strategy: Flip the switches, then jump into the center and whack the yellow thingy with a lightning weapon. Room 13: Defeat all enemies Strategy: Kill the Generator first, then the remaining enemy Room 14: Flip all switches (Metalize = Darkness Assassin Dagger) Strategy: Flip the bottom switch, then jump into the center and get on the moving platform. Flip the remaining switches with the correct element. Room 15: Defeat all enemies Strategy: Remove the bat's codes and just kill. Room 16: Flip all switches (Metalize - Tomahawk) Strategy: Run north, pull the switch out, then chain dodge south, flip the switch. Then chain dodge back north to pull switch out again. Roll south to the air vent, land inside and dodge over the last switch. Room 17: Defeat all enemies Strategy: Judgment Link them to death Room 18, scan a Flower (Twinkler) and open the door to Room 19 by putting 2 SHDW onto the jewel. Room 19: Flip all the switches (Metalize - ??? Recipe = Mjollnir) Strategy: Place a charged bomb next to the Northeast switch, flip the southwest switch, jump into the center, denotate the bomb, flip the last switch ??? Recipe comment: this one is pretty annoying. 3 blank pieces, which if in the wrong place, makes the puzzle unsolvable. Tip: try switching the 2 blank pieces (keep track, or you'd get confused) Room 20 open the door by pulling 3 LING on the Jewel. Then head into Room 21. Room 21, use the heal pot. Step on the portal in the center for boss battle. -^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^- ****************************************************************************** * Boss Battle -- Lightning Dragon Perkele (3140/2000) * * HP: 6320 * * Strategy: Okay, so scan him when he comes out of the water standing up. * * Watch where he is by looking at your bottom map. He's weak against * * projectiles. So shoot at it, when he's swimming in a circle around you, * * shoot a little bit ahead, you hit its head. When he pops his head out, * * shoot away, as many as you can. If he pops his head out and zooms out, * * dodge away if you see lightning sparks under you. * ****************************************************************************** Yay, we free Ur, gain back a few missing pages. Chapter 7 complete! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ +++ 2.9. Chapter 8 - Ice Spirit +++ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Items: Metalizes: ??? Recipe (Demon Wings)] Ur tells Hero she needs to go to the Fortress. Regain control, scan the HP/MP increaser tablet and the spawned Metalize = ??? Recipe = Demon Wings. Before going on, I returned to Room 10 to get gold and the Metalize. Feel free to explore town for a while or map warp to Wargliss Fortress. Wargliss Fortress 2, Ur says he feels Neaki sealed in the Ice Cave. Tornaq Ice Cave: Run to Room 19, if you forgot the map format, just search for Tornaq up, or Just keep running north, west at Room 10 and north some more. Redo maps if you want, I did :). Anyway, heal in Room 15 (east and north of Room 19) if you want. Then head north in Room 19 to Depths of the Ice Caverns. Your goal is BOSS room. -^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^- Depths of the Ice Caverns Battles: Gold >3500. Map, the :- and }. are one way paths, pretend . is an arrowhead: BOSS 15 9 14:-16 8-7 }. | }.| 19 13 4:--5-6 17--11--3 | 18 12 2--10 1 [Items: Mace Metalizes: ??? Recipe (Muramusa), ??? Recipe (Spirit Bomb), Wide Guardian, ??? Recipe (Searing Remote Barrel)] Room 1: Flip all switches (3640/2000) Strategy: Okay, so go right first, climb up, flip the switch. Then climb up again, but don't flip the top left switch, instead dodge past the silver thingy on the right, then run up, dodge silver thingy again, flip top switch, and run left, flip top left switch. Room 2: Defeat all enemies (4000/2000) Strategy: Run north, kill the purple generator first. Then judgment link the enemy to death. Room 3: Defeat all enemies (4000/2000) Strategy: Judgment Link them to death. Dodge 5 times Room 4: Flip all switches (4000/2000) Strategy: Scan the Invincible Battle Titan, surround its code with GOLD code. Kill. Room 16: Flip all switches (3570/2000) Strategy: So dodge up to the middle of the northern square of the right most island. Then hammer diagonally to the lower left island, flip the switch. Hammer back to start, run up and hit final switch. Judgment link a bat and dodge 10 times on the way. (I've gotten my Hero to jump across gaps from the northern switch once, but never again, so I made the strategy you see now). Room 14: Defeat all enemies (3870/2000) Strategy: Judgment Link, charge attack, then flip switch that spawns Open the north door to 15 with 4 FISH jewel. Room 15: Flip all switches (3700/2000) (Metalize - ??? Recipe = Muramusa! I already got Muramusa earlier... did I bug the game earlier, lol?) Strategy: Push Ice up, right, down. Then flip other switch. Room 13: Defeat all enemies (3860/2000) Strategy: Kill the purple generator first. Then judgment link the enemy to death. Room 11: Flip all switches (3890/2000) (gold opens door to Room 17) Strategy: Make the Wood Bone 6x Copper, then kill. Flip switches. Room 12: Defeat all enemies (3740/2000) (Metalize - ??? Recipe = Searing Remote Barrel) (This one's easy, except notice the final piece goes into the slot 2 down and 2 from the right) Strategy: Place bomb next to 1 switch, run to other switch (do 3 dodges, blow bomb, flip switch, judgment link the enemy to death. Room 17: Defeat all enemies (3860/2000) Strategy: Kill the purple generator first. Dodge 5 times. Then judgment link the enemy to death, unarm if you can't get 20 links. I didn't bother with putting fire on Ular, but you can. Room 18: Defeat all enemies (3820/2000) Scan MACE! Strategy: Equip 2 Avanium weapons (make sure it's only gold on it, I had FRST on mine and it didn't count). Kill the 4 wood bones, then equip 1 Orichalum weapon and judgment link the knight mare. Room 19: Flip all Switches (4000/2000) (need Gold in room 17 to open) (Metalize - ??? Recipe = Spirit Bomb) Easiest 4x4 so far? Strategy: Right Ice = Up, left. Left Ice = Down, left. Dodge 10 times, press final switch. Room 10: Flip all switches (3650/2000) (Tablet = HP increaser ) Strategy: Bomb and Hammer needed. Run north, then right, flip switch. Climb up, run down, throw bomb at the switch south, and hammer to center hit last switch. Slap 4 ICE on your big key and enter next room. Room 5: Defeat all enemies (4000/2000) (Ice statue) Strategy: i just charged a Sword Hurricane next to the generator, killed generator and enemy together. Room 6: Flip all switches (4000/2000) (Metalize - Wide Guardian) (Ice Statue) Strategy: Put fire on one of your weapons. Head north, then left flip switch, then get the 2 switches going south. Kill ice blocking path with your fire weapon. Room 7: Flip all switches (3520/2000) (Ice Statue) Strategy: I can't think of a better strat, so dodge up to the middle of the northern square of the right most island. Then hammer diagonally to the lower left island, flip the switch. Ride north, then hammer east to flip switch. Afterwards, kill the ice statue on the middle island. Room 8: Defeat all enemies (4000/2000) (Ice Statue) Strategy: Kill. Try to push them into pits if you want to be faster. Room 9: Flip all switches (3700/2000) Strategy: Just run to the switches, don't fall down, etc. -^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^- Crack the heal pot, head north for Boss Battle. ****************************************************************************** * Boss Battle -- Ice Dragon Malcahatu (3250/2000) * * HP: 8310 (7900 sickly) * * Strategy: Okay, so he starts by flying around. Use a projectile charge to * * hit him if you want. Equip your strongest hammer. When he stops flying * * after a while, scan him from behind. Then whack away with the hammer. Try * * to avoid being in front of his mouth so you can dodge the ice breathe, but * * I took 4 hits and still got gold if you kill fast enough. * ****************************************************************************** 3 New world questions. Neaki's freed, more pages are back. Chapter 8 complete! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ +++ 2.10. Chapter 9 - Forest Spirit +++ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Metalizes: ??? Recipe (Treasured Kusanagi)] Regain control, scan the HP/MP increaser tablet and Metalize - 5x5 ??? recipe = Treasured Kusanagi). This 5x5 isn't that bad, I think there's enough blanks so that the location of blanks doesn't really matter? Just make sure your sword pieces are in their correct location (some of the pieces with like a tiny speck in the corners are kinda hard to tell apart). Anyway, run south out of the room. Cutscene about world almost dead. Regain control at Wargliss Fortress 1. Go whereever you want if you want to explore, or skip to Relneia Marshes. |^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^| | Exploration Box 10 -- Random things | | | | Head to maps that required Metalizes to get full CP, could have all except| | Rex's House, Princess' Quarters, and of course the final dungeon | | -^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^ | | Kalcazoth Cave Battles (Room 16 and 17): | | Gold >2500 | | BOSS | | 12-13-15-14 | | | | | | 11 17-16 | | | | | UL--4-9-3--8----7 | | 2 | | | 1 10-5-6 | | Room 16: Flip all switches (2500/2000) | | Strategy: Drop a bomb next to switch 1, 10 judgment link the mob, explode| | bomb, hit switch 2. | | | | Room 17: Defeat all enemies (2560/2000) | | Strategy: Judgment link until you have 30 Mystic Jewels, then kill | | generator and last enemy. | | -^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^ | |___________________________________________________________________________| Take the southwest exit of Eastern Big Tree to Relneia Marshes: |^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^| | Exploration Box 11 -- Relneia Marshes: | | [Items: Flower (Shadowsol), Flower (Silver Crow) | | Metalizes: Pulverizing Spiked Mace, ??? Recipe = Pure Hauteclaire, | | ??? Recipe (Chaotic Blunderbuss), Wind Cutter Tomahawk] | | | | Map: | | ********************************* | | ++Quick Ascii Map++ | | --- | | | B | | | --- --- --- | | | 5 : 7 | 6 | ET | | --- --- --- --- ---/ | | | 10| 3 | 2 | 4 | 1 | | | --- --- --- --- === | | | 11| | 8 | 9 | | | | | --- --- | | --- --- | | |12 | | 13| | | --- --- --- | | ET = Eastern Big Tree | | B = Boss | | #s = Relneia Marshes # | | ********************************* | | | | Relneia Marshes 8 has Flower (Shadowsol) & Relneia Marshes 11 has | | Flower (Silver Crow) | | | | >>> Relneia Marshes 9: | | On full CP, Metalize - Pulverizing Spiked Mace | | | | >>> Relneia Marshes 7: | | On full CP, Metalize - 4x4 ??? Recipe = Pure Hauteclaire (this one is easy| | as long as you notice that's there's 2 pieces with a tiny speck in the | | upper right corner, one of them is so tiny, I thought it was a blank piece| | for a while) | | | | >>> Relneia Marshes 12: | | On full CP, Metalize - ??? Recipe = Chaotic Blunderbuss | | | | >>> Relneia Marshes 13: | | On full CP, Metalize - Wind Cutter Tomahawk | |___________________________________________________________________________| Goal is the Boss area. Heal up at Relneia Marshes 5 and run up for Boss battle. ****************************************************************************** * Boss Battle -- Forest Dragon Antelobibnen (3590/2000) * * HP: 12200 (11900 sickly) * * Strategy: Okay, he's weak against sword, so sword hurricane him to death. I* * just stood right next to him and hurricaned, got hit a few times, but he * * died so fast, it didn't matter. * ****************************************************************************** After the battle answer a world question, get Mieli back... ewww... Get some pages back. Chapter 9 complete! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ +++ 2.11. Chapter 10 - Fire Spirit +++ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Metalizes: Toxic Mantis Blade] Scan the 2 Tablets, Metalize - Toxic Mantis Blade. Listen to the spirits and Map Warp to Mr. Elious or go explore. I'm tired of exploring, so I'm warping. Yay... what better greeting than battles... -^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^- Mt. Elious Battles: Gold >3500 Map (a little misleading, but to get to 9, you need to go from 8 to 13 to 14 back to 8, then 9: BOSS 15 9 19 14-----8---7 20 |__ __| | | | --6-- 13 |--5 12 |. 17 | 18 11:-:3--------4--- 10 2 16 1 [Items: Flower(Burstbulb) Metalizes: ??? Recipe (Grade-A Steak), ??? Recipe (Exploding Spirit Bomb), ??? Recipe (Holy Excalibur), Fortified Arbalest, ??? Recipe (Dark Star) ??? Recipe (Artisan's Cyclops)] Room 1: Defeat all enemies (4000/2000) Strategy: Run up to the highest point to destroy the Purple generator, then kill the remaining golem with judgment link. Btw, the big rock that looks like it is blocking your path, you can run around it on the north side. Room 2: Defeat all enemies (3860/2000) Strategy: Equip alloy weapons, put fire on the enemy, kill. Room 3: Defeat all enemies (4000/2000) (Metalize - ??? Recipe = Grade-A Steak) Strategy: Just kill them as fast as you can, scan them if you want. Room 4: Flip switch (4000/2000) Strategy: Kill all the lizards with judgment link. Then run all the way north to the entrance to Room 17. Then using a fire hammer, hammer to the right island. Then hammer south to flip the switch. Room 17: Flip all switches (4000/2000) (Metalize - ??? Recipe = Exploding Spirit Bomb (stupid middle pieces all look similar) Strategy: Place a bomb next to middle switch. Ride the platform to the left, flip switch. Then ride the platform to the right, flip switch. Back to center, run north, stand on the switch, explode bomb. Room 16: Flip all switches (4000/2000) (Flower (Burstbulb)) Strategy: Hammer left, smash rock. Hammer up, Hammer up 1 more, then right, smash rock. Hammer diagonally to the island with the flower. Hammer left. Then Hammer to the center and flip switch. If you fall and have to restart, Hammer up from the center, then right, then up. Then diagonal to flower island. The rest is the same. Room 5: Flip all switches (3890/2000) Strategy: Go to the right, stand on the portal, walk down, step on switch, then back up to portal. Port back, but then you step on portal again, this time walk up instead. Reach the final switch, hammer it! Room 18: Flip all switches (4000/2000) (Metalize - ??? Recipe = Holy Excalibur, annoying, because the middle pieces look similar, but at least blank pieces don't matter) Strategy: Ride the platform north, then hammer southwest diagonally. Flip switch, hammer east, hit switch on the way, then hammer north. Room 6: Flip all switches (3550/2000) Strategy: Run left around the boulder. Put SHDW on a floating eye, kill, then put LGHT on it, remove SHDW, hammer to the right, kill floating eye, flip switch. Put 4x CAT on the jewel and open the door to Room 20. Room 20: Defeat all enemies (3580/2000) (Tablet - HP increaser) Strategy: Kill purple generator, then shoot down the floaters. Room 7: Flip all switches (4000/2000) Strategy: Break the giant boulder with hammers. Surround the invincible Pink Jelly with 6x COPR code, then kill 1 for bonus. Run to the switches and flip them. Room 19: Defeat all enemies (3630/2000) (Metalize - Fortified Arbalest) Strategy: Um, so hammer to the switch on the left from the north and press B to cancel just above the switch, takes a lot tries for me. Make sure you give the floaters HP so you can unarm judgment them 10 and still leave them alive to kill with charged attack. Room 8: Defeat all enemies (4000/2000) Strategy: Judgment Link the mummies to death. Room 13: Flip the switches (4000/2000) Strategy: Use the hammer and hammer to where you need to go, whack the switches. Just note that when at the end, they spawn 2 switches, the north one doesn't work, just whack the southern one. Room 14: Defeat all enemies (4000/2000) Strategy: Dodge 10 times, then use projectiles to shoot the floaters down do a judgment link. Room 15: Defeat all enemies (4000/2000) (Metalize - ??? Recipe= Dark Star) Strategy: Dodge 6 times, kill generator kill mob. Room 11: Flip all switches (4000/2000) Strategy: Go south, jump down. Charge bomb the left switch and go north ride the platform, step on the right switch, set off bomb. Room 10: Flip all switches (4000/2000) (Metalize = MP increaser) Strategy: Just hammer your way around to all the switches. Room 12: Flip all switches (3700/2000) (Metalize - ??? Recipe = Artisan's Cyclops Wow, easiest 5x5 yet) Strategy: Ride the platforms, hammer your way around. After the left and right side boxes break, 5 more to break in the center spawn. Room 9: Defeat all enemies (4000/2000) Strategy: Kill purple generator, then kill the remaining enemy. -^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^- Use the heal pot, place 4x FIRE on the Jewel, open the door. Boss time. ****************************************************************************** * Boss Battle -- Fire Dragon Untamo(1700/2000), sure sure, I figured out the * * strategy, but already used way too much time, so no medal :( * * HP: 6950 (6350 sickly) * * Strategy: Alright, so this dragon was a pain to figure out. Equip your * * strongest bomb and your strongest hammer (or a 2nd bomb)! He has 3 move * * sets. 1) he charges at you, run or dodge that, throw some bombs at him, * * charge remote barrels at him, whatever. 2) Lava flows from his mouth * * (contrary to popular belief, you don't throw the bomb in his mouth here) * * instead, you run away! 3) Most important move set, he doesn't use it often,* * but he'll start to erupt rocks, etc into the air. Take your hammer, whack * * his feet and leg like there's no tomrrow. (I've gotten a 2nd bomb to work * * too if you can get it to explode his feet, but I found hammer more * * consistent) He'll fall down and tada, mouth wide open, throw in your bomb * * (have to stand like almost directly in front), BOOM for 600x2 dmg. Repeat * * until dead. * ****************************************************************************** Yay, new world question and Rempo's back, not sure if he gives you any map pages back, 'cause I was too busy typing up the strategy. Poo ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ +++ 2.12. Chapter 11 - Demon Lord +++ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Scan the tablet, I didn't get a Metalize. Walk out and you see a cutscene with a star hitting the Tower and the spirits want you to kill Kullervo. More cutscene, you return to town and everyone wants you to save them, I chose yes for all of them because I love them all...lol. Rex gives you back the town's map pages. Regain control to kill 5ish knight mares. Cutscene again. Yeah, yeah, I'm a hero. Oh... and big shocker, Kullervo was the former Chosen One. Regain control at Road to Castle. Exploration time! Or progress, skip to Cemetry. Exploration!!!! Getting everything you missed, complete the affection events you started earlier (check Side Events section), I'll make note of a couple other reminders. Mayor's House: Take the Test of Wits Quiz 3 and get Metalize - Legendary Helm. Map Warp to a place with a Heal Pot and proceed to try and unshackle your spirits. (see Section 4.1.0.) Map Warp to Sunny Hill, examine the pillar and flip to the Lost Pages, Anwar or Fana's back! Now go to all the maps that needed correct Metalizes, i.e. Duran's 2nd floor, Nanai's 2nd floor, Shark's Jaw 2, Lauca's House, Grana Plains 10. Should have all of them by now except for the one in Princess's room (but that's post-game). Continuing on with plot now. Cemetry: See a cutscene. Regain control in the prison escape route. Escape Route: More enemies, scan them. Escape Route 2 has an Invincible Eye Gazer that reverts with 6xSHDE. Dungeon 3: Invincible Sargatanas, give it 6x LGHT. Head north for battles. -^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^- Dungeon Battles: 4000 is gold, so I won't mention my score, unless it's not gold. Map: Bleh this one's a mess, because it consists of like 2 named areas. 9*---8* | 10*---------5*---------- | | | 4--5 2 | 7* 12*--11* 6-3-----1 |-6* | | P | | 9-7-8 / | | |---4*------------ | | | 2*-1* C | 3* 15*-16* |_________________| # = Dungeon # #* = Hidden Meia # P = Prison Goal is C. [Items: Flower (), Flower (), Flower () Metalizes: ??? recipe (Thor's Mjollnir), ??? Recipe = Bewitching Muramusa, ??? Recipe = Hecatonchires. ??? Recipe (Legendary Armor)] Dungeon 4: Flip all switches Strategy: Run next to the switch and summon the appropriate spirit. Run back out into Dungeon 3 (unless you want explore Dungeon 5) then head west Dungeon 7: Defeat all enemies Strategy: Just use your own. Need 20+ toss ups and defeat SHDW type Take the southern exit Hidden Meia 1: Flip all switches Strategy: Dodge south, flip the switch, and charge a bomb next to it. Rock drops down. Push the rock north, once it covers the smoke, run behind it and pull on to the north switch. Explode bomb, step on final switch. Hidden Meia 2 has a 5x5 ??? recipe = Thor's Mjollnir on full CP. Back to Dungeon 7, get to Dungeon 8 (hug the right wall and enter the cage), full CP here gives you Metalize - ??? Recipe = Hecatonchires. Back to Dungeon 7 and take the northern west exit next. Dungeon 9: Flip all switches (Metalize - ??? Recipe = Bewitching Muramusa) Strategy: Run on to the two switches, spawns 3rd switch, 5 dodges over, and flip. Back to Dungeon 7, take the opened east exit. Hidden Meia 4 has another prison cage you can enter, there's a Flower (Flash Gras) inside. Hidden Meia 5: Defeat all enemies Strategy: Use your own. 5 dodges and 5+ toss ups. Take North exit. Hidden Meia 8: Flip all switches Strategy: Run up, beat up the monsters, get 20+ toss up, but keep them alive and kill all with charged attacks. Then run up and hammer the switch. Check Hidden Meia 9, on full CP get a HP increaser. Then back to Hidden Meia 5 and take the east exit. I got to Hidden Meia 6 by charging my hammer through the blocked gate (game bug). Hidden Meia 6: Flip all switches Strategy: Run up, beat up the monsters. Then run up and hammer the switch. (Afterwards, can go south of Hidden Meia 1) Hidden Meia 7 has an MP increaser on full CP. Head back to Hidden Meia 1, and head south through the new opening. Hidden Meia 3: Defeat all enemies (Flower (Diaorchid)) Strategy: Kill generators first and then the bats with toss up, etc. (Can go east of Hidden Meia 5 now, not that sure what this means). Back to Hidden Meia 5 and all the way northwest, to Hidden Meia 10 then to Hidden Meia 11. Hidden Meia 11: Defeat all enemies Strategy: Just kill however you want. Take west exit to Hidden Meia 12 Hidden Meia 12: Flip all switches (Metalize - ??? Recipe = Legendary Armor) Strategy: Just hammer across :). Back to Hidden Meia 11, then south to Hidden Meia 13 Hidden Meia 13: Flip all switches Strategy: Surround Invincible Kaleila Rebel's code with FRDM, then kill generator and kill it. 20+ toss ups and make him LGHT. Scan the Flower (Golden Plant) in Hidden Meia 14. Then back to Hidden Meia 11 and off to Hidden Meia 15. Hidden Meia 15: Defeat all enemies Strategy: Just the usual. Use 1 spirit magic and 20+ toss-up (Can now go east of Hidden Meia 5... well, I cheated that already, lol) Go into Hidden Meia 16, put 4xSHDW on Jewel and open the door. -^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^- Triple Boss Battle! ****************************************************************************** * Boss Battle -- Imperial Prime Minister Werman * * HP: Unknown * * Strategy: Sword hurricane until he dies, avoid the magic thingies that pop * * up on the floor. * ****************************************************************************** ****************************************************************************** * Boss Battle -- Prince of Darkness Valdo * * HP: unknown * * Strategy: I just slashed him to death with the sword. * ****************************************************************************** ****************************************************************************** * Boss Battle -- Demon Lord Kullervo * * HP: 13540, Scan his head after he smashes the ground with both arms (thank * * sheepheavenly) My tip: run in with shield up & wait for the right time * * Strategy: Equip your best projectile (I had to make the Shadow Fang during * * battle, lol, but 2nd time around, I decided guns worked better). Other hand* * equip a shield. Run all the way to the back of the room, face Kullervo. * * Shoot at him, unless he raises his right arm (arm on the left side of the * * screen) or both arms or stands up and shoot a purple laser. In those cases,* * use your shield, so you take 0 damage. Trivial. * ****************************************************************************** Complete and you get Metalize - Genesis! The sword you got to use once in Chapter 1. Enjoy the cutscenes and the credits! Game Complete! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ +++ 2.13. Post-game Content +++ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So tap on Continue on the title screen. You meet Rempo, who tells you you can take a peek at the future world if you go to Sunny Hill & flip to the Creation Door page and touch the keyhole. Changing the answers in the Book will change the new world. It's total free-play time. All quests/events that no longer triggers during the later chapters are now all back (except for Olly events I believe). However, I thought I'd mention a few new/missed things. First of all, there are 4 more post-game News Flashes. You can complete them as you see fit whenever. Mayor's House: Talk to Georg (New test of wits too), he'll say stuff, then talk to Sylphy, cutscene. Center of Town: Show Kamui all the flowers, if you have a complete set, he'll give you Metalize - Desert Flower. Everyone except Prince Valdo and Heath is now cured so... Let's go visit Prince Valdo. He's at the Waisen Empire Camp. Keep talking to him until he asks for a meeting with Xenobart. Go talk to the king. Cutscene. Get Metalize - Waiselgand. Then go talk to the Princess. After another cutscene you can remove Valdo's Atonement by changing title to Restored (GOLDx2, SLVR, COPR, WLTH, FAME). And he'll now be in the castle Audience Chamber. Give him more presents, and he'll send you to the Fire Dragon's room for Metalize - Laevateinn (thank Pichai). Now let's cure Heath. Meet him at Road to Castle. Give him a few presents. Then turn him Brutish (STON, IRON, BUG, HOPE, JUST). Not over yet for him. Raise Gustav's affection until he tells you about Heath's history with him. Then go back to Heath, talk to him for a scene. Then re-enter screen. Talk to Heath again, he'll ask for an Elixir (4xFRST, 3xICE, 8xFATE) for Valdo. In return, he'll teach you Metalize - General Sword. Go back and refight Kullervo, if you get gold, you get a Metalize - 5x5 ??? Recipe = Creation Genesis. Well, now you can increase your affection levels, get confessions from people who love you. Redo boss battles/maps to get full golds. Play with the New World. You can do all that exploring yourself. Have fun!! =============================================================================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - 3. Map CP locations - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =============================================================================== Just a note, paces=tapping of the direction key, run paces/run steps are actual steps while running with direction key held down. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ +++ 3.1. Grana Plains +++ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ********************************* ++Quick Ascii Map++ --- | F | --- |S| | 8 | D\ --- --- --- --- | 1 | 5 | 9 | 11| --- --- --- --- --- R| 4 | 2 | 6 | X | 12| --- --- --- --- --- | 3 | 7 | 10| 13| --- --- --- --- | 14| --- | DS| --- S = Sunny Hill D = Dungeon (Opens after Chapter 1) R = Rhoan Town (Closed during Chapter 2) F = Forest DS = Desert (Opens after Chapter 4) X = Three-way Road Ruins #s = Grana Plains # ********************************* Sunny Hill 1) Tree on the bottom screen map ----(hug the north side and spam A, should be 3) 2) All the way North, near the left side of the grey block 3) All the way North, just right of the grey block 4) All the way North, near the east side on the map Grana Plains 1 1) West side on map, ruins 2) Small rock to the southwest of the flower plant 3) Big rock almost straight east of the flower plant 4) Small rock about 9 paces south and 4 paces east of flower plant 5) Big rock south and a little east of #4 Grana Plains 2 1) Tall grass about 8 steps west, 3 steps north of the Metalize Tablet 2) Big rock to the east (~6 paces) of the Metalize Tablet 3) Tall grass, just south of the road and right of the page crease on bottom screen map Grana Plains 3 1) Head to the northmost big rock. Check the dark pile of grass, a tiny tiny bit north east of it. 2) A tiny bit north of the lower left corner, along the wall. 3) Tiny rock directly south of #1 Grana Plains 4 ----(hug the north side and spam A, should be 2) 1) All the way north, a little bit west of the page crease 2) All the way north, near center of the right half map 3) On the road, straight south of #1 4) Small rock, tiny bit southwest of #3 5) Find grass, directly south of the big rock above the road west of the page crease, examine the left side of the -_- shaped grass, southeast of this grass. Grana Plains 5 1) Small rock east of the page crease near the south 2) All the way northeast, grass pile just west of the greyish rock looking thing 3) Travel ~6 run paces at a 45 degree angle SW of the botton side of the big rock near the exact center of the map. Look for a grass pile that is in a straight line shape. sorta like --__- 4) Small rock, west and a tiny bit north from #3 Grana Plains 6 1) Start at where page crease and top of the road boundary meets, go up 2-3 paces, then go directly east, until you see a blue rock sorta looking thing near the top of upper screen. The small pile of grass, south and a little bit east of that rock, is the check spot. 2) From #1, go all the way west until almost screen transition. There's a tiny pile of grass that is darker than the rest, the light pile of grass to the left of that dark pile is the check spot. 3) Start at where page crease and bottom road boundary meets, go south until you see a pebble pile. ~6 paces south and ~7 paces west from the pebble pile is a relatively big grass pile, check in there. Grana Plains 7 1) Big rock a little west of the exact center of the map 2) From #1, go west until you see a small rock. 3) From #1, go east until you see a small rock. Grana Plains 8 1) Middle of the screen, pile of grass on the right side of the road. 2) From #1, run 8 steps to the right, 1-2 steps down, darker grass pile. 3) From #2, run about 12 steps down, 1-2 steps left, dark grass pile. Grana Plains 9 1) Follow the road south. At almost the transition screen, check the left side of the road for a pile of grass. 2) Follow the road north, at where the left side of the road meets page crease, go right past the right side of the road, should be a spike of grass. 3) From #2, run due west, past the road about 4 run paces. Should see piles of grass, shaped sorta like --_ --*, examine the - to the left of _. Three-way Road Ruins 1) Ruin's left pillar 2) Ruin's right pillar 3) Ruin wall, just right of the left pillar Grana Plains 10 (Metalize = ??? Recipe = Demonic Black Saber) 1) Follow the road, see rock pile to the left, on page crease 2) The power of Black Saber lies here, Greyish thing east of where north side of road and page crease meet (need correct Metalize) 3) Due west of #2, until almost screen transition, you see grass formation that looks like \\*--, examine *. Grana Plains 11 (Metalize = Cure Bread) 1) Small rock near the top of the map on the page crease 2) Small rock near the bottom of the map, right of the page crease 3) Big rock southwest of #1, drawn on the bottom screen map. Grana Plains 12 1) Biggest rock drawn on the bottom screen map. 2) Wall hug east wall, near the center 3) Big rock southwest of #2, drawn on the bottom screen map, near page crease. Grana Plains 13 (Completed in Chp 5) -- have to check in correct order (5 rocks drawn on bottom map) 1) Small rock on left side and in middle 2) Small rock on east side 3) Small rock on west side and north 4) Bottom left rock (hard to or not examinable until desert opens up) 5) Upper right rock Grana Plains 14 (Accessible after Western Desert opens up in Chapter 5) 1) Small rock in the lower right corner (almost at screen transition) 2) Small rock in the upper left corner (almost at screen transition) 3) South of #2, there's a funny looking rock, from the south side of this rock, run east like 4 steps, there should be a single sprout of grass south of you, examine that. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ +++ 3.2. Rhoan Town +++ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ********************************* |Franelle| --- ----------- --- MH |Road2Castle| VH --- --- --- --- -:- | CP| : --- --- --- : | Center | : -- --- of -.- AH|BA | Town | AR| -- -:-| |-:- -.- --- --- --- -.- | F-T A | TE| TH R | ------- --- --- --- | CR| --- CR = Crossroads of the World TE = Town Entrance F-T A = Fortune-Teller Alley TH R= Training Hall Road BA = Back Alley AH = Abandoned House AR = Arena CP = Central Park VH = Vis' House MH = Mayor's House ********************************* Rhoan Town - Crossroads of the World 1) Road sign near the western exit 2) Tree directly north of #1 3) 3 paces west and 1 pace south of the blue flower bushes next to the east exit Rhoan Town - Town Entrance 1) Road sign west of Hero's home 2) Boxes next to Hero's home 3) Wall hug west side of the bridge, near the top of the bridge Home 1) Table on the west side 2) Memo board next to your bed 3) Fireplace 4) Cabinets east of fireplace Rhoan Town - Fortune-Teller Alley 1) Tree next to the southern east entrance (check near the fence and tree intersection from left side) 2) North wall next to the flower you can Code Scan 3) End of the unfinished bridge Rex's House (Metalize = ??? Recipe = Friend's Black Feather) 1) Black Feather never falls, upper left corner box (need correct Metalize) 2) Dartboard next to #1 3) Box in upper right corner Nanai's House 1F 1) Stone tablet near the upper left corner 2) Bookcase to the right corner 3) Box near the lower right corner Nanai's House 2F (Metalize = Invisible Shadow Fang) 1) Blankets in the middle of the southern wall 2) Manual for the weapon Shadow Fang, lower right corner (need correct Metalize) 3) Skull near the upper left corner and back side of the stairs Rhoan Town - Training Hall Road 1) Hug east wall next to Code Scan flower 2) Left side of the door for the Training Hall 3) On the north side on the top of the Training Hall, reachable only by dropping down from Arena Duran's House 1F (Metalize = Hero's Hat) 1) Cabinet to the bottom right corner 2) Memo board on the left side 3) Table on the upper left side Duran's House 2F (Metalize = ??? Recipe = Flaring Durandal) 1) Cabinet to the bottom right corner 2) Better stay quiet about Durandal, Bookcase to the bottom left (need correct Metalize) 3) Bed in upper left corner Training Hall (Metalize = Judgment Onikiri) 1) Weapons case on the left wall 2) Training gear on the right wall (almost directly across #1) 3) Where is the Onikiri?, circle thingy near the southeastern corner (need correct Metalize) Rhoan Town - Center of Town 1) Wall hug the upper right houses, right of the entrance to Ramaioni's House 2) Flowers just left of Fana's House 3) South side of the center area, on the page crease Ramaioni's House 1F 1) Desk on the left side 2) Safe on the north left side 3) Desk on the upper right corner Ramaioni's House 2F 1) Giant safe on north side 2) Gold bars, middle left side 3) Coins, bottom left corner Kamui's House (Metalize = Medicine Plant) 1) Grandfather clock along left wall 2) Bookshelf along north wall 3) Writing desk next to #2 4) Bookshelf along the right wall Fana's House 1F (Metalize = Fruit Juice) 1) Cabinet above the bed in the lower left corner 2) Clock along the north wall 3) Dish pile right of #2 Fana's House 2F 1) Bookshelf at upper left corner 2) Clock next to bookshelf 3) Cabinet right of Fana's bed Rhoan Town - Back Alley 1) Left of the inventor's house door. 2) Left of the hole in the fence that lets you jump down 3) Right of the inventor's house door, in front of the fence closer to the eastern exit (must face fence) Haochy's House (Metalize = Blasting Haochy Soul) 1) Lower right corner 2) Near upper left corner 3) Some sort of blueprint. Titled Haochy Soul., right of #2 (need correct Metalize) Rhoan Town - Outside the Abandoned House 1) Right of the Abandoned House door 2) Bottom pillar 3) Flower bed on the south side Abandoned House 1) Left wall Bookshelf 2) Bed in the center, along the upper wall 3) Bookshelf on the right wall, directly across from #1 Rhoan Town - Arena 1) All the way north, center wall. 2) Directly in the middle of the map 3) All the way south (careful you don't get a screen switch) Rhoan Town - Cemetry 1) Tree along the north wall in the center. 2) Check #1 first, then check behind upper rightmost grave 3) Tree in the center (took me ~10 circles around it spamming A before it triggered) (Might even need for you to examine all the graves too) Rhoan Town - Central Park 1) Statue 2) Park bench all the way in the lower left corner 3) Fountain, directly opposite side of the Statue. Rhoan Town - Road to Castle 1) Fence on the left side of the gate. 2) Left pillar of the gate 3) Right pillar of the gate Rhoan Town - Vis' House 1) Boxes all the way up. 2) Flower bed along the side of the house 3) Flower bed near the bottom, be careful you don't fall down to the Arena Vis' House 1) Cabinet in lower right corner 2) Mirror just north of #1 3) Bookshelf along the left wall Rhoan Town - Mayor's House 1) Fountain on the left side. 2) Wall hug the northside of the wall to the left side of the Royal Soldier 3) Rose bushes. Follow the wall to the right side of the Soldier all the way to the upper right corner area. Mayor's House 1F 1) Desk on the left wall. 2) Bookcase all the way north. 3) Shield on the wall, right of #2 Mayor's House 2F (1st Accessable during Chapter 4) 1) Upper left corner, blue warp portal. 2) Bookshelf on right wall 3) The dresser with mirror on the north wall, near upper right corner Rhoan Town - Witch's Hidden Room 7 1) Examine the Hat. 2) Examine floor directly south of hat, along the page crease 3) Fly up and examine the wall directly north of hat. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ +++ 3.3. Franelle Castle +++ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Franelle Castle - Prison 1) Examine the Bed, northwest corner. 2) Examine sand, southwest corner. 3) Examine the table, northeast corner. Franelle Castle - Fro's Hiding Place ----(hug the north side and spam A, should be 5) 1) Treasure 2) Treasure 3) Sword 4) Treasure 5) Treasure Franelle Castle - Escape Route 1 1) Lower left corner. 2) Skeleton pile close to the upper right corner. 3) Rock pieces directly south of the skeleton pile Franelle Castle - Escape Route 2 1) On page crease, north side wall pillar 2) North side wall pillar right of #1 3) Lower left corner skeleton pile. Franelle Castle - Escape Route 5 (Metalize = ??? Recipe = King's Crown) 1) Lower left corner skeleton pile. 2) Upper left corner, rubble pile 3) All the way east wall in the center. Franelle Castle - Escape Route 3 1) Upper left corner pillar 2) Skeleton pile, lower left corner 3) Rubble pile on the page crease, 5 paces south of the north wall 4) Upper right corner pillar 5) Rubble pile a little bit southwest of #4 Franelle Castle - Escape Route 4 1) Skeleton pile near the west entrance. 2) Skeleton pile in upper right corner 3) Just south of the exit to the east Franelle Castle - Escape Route 6 1) Dirt pile at the southwest corner 2) Examine the ladder up 3) Examine the pile just east of the ladder ********************************* 1st Floor: 2nd Floor: --- --- --- ---------- --- GS | CR| | DH| Dungeon |PQ | Audience | KQ| \---- --- - --- ----/ ---| Chamber |--- | | Corridor | | | | | //////|\\\\\\ | ---------- |LC | | RC| Hall | | Hall | | | | | | ---| |--- ----------- | Entrance | ---------- | IG| --- | CG| --- CG = Castle Gates PQ = Princess' Quarters IG = Inner Garden KQ = King's Quarters CR = Council Room DH = Dining Hall LC = Left Corridor RC = Right Corridor GS = Great Spear of Mastema ********************************* Franelle Castle - Castle Gates 1) Left wall of the bridge, near the center of the map 2) Directly right of #1 3) Left wall of the gate to the south, near the page transition. Franelle Castle - Inner Garden 1) Left statue near the southern entrance 2) Right statue near the southern entrance 3) Middle of the map, front of the fountain 4) Left statue near the northern exit 5) Right statue near the northern exit Franelle Castle - Entrance 1) Bench on the lower left wall 2) Candle stand just left of the northern door 3) Middle of the room 4) Flower pot next to the maid Franelle Castle - Hall 1) Center of the map/room, in the middle of red carpet 2) Upper rightmost pillar 3) Pillar that is counting from the north: 4 & counting from the right: 2. 4) Pillar that is right of the lowest left one. Franelle Castle - Audience Chamber 1) Northern most wall, left of the king's throne (just wall hug) 2) King's throne 3) Northern most wall, all the way upper right corner 4) Left side pillar, 2nd counting from the north 5) Right side pillar, closest to the King's throne Princess' Quarters (Metalize = ??? Recipe = Wicked Waiselgand) 1) Fireplace on the left wall 2) Bed behind princess 3) Green plant south of the door. 4) "Prnce Valdo's sword" Deserving of the name Waiselgand!, table southwest of Princess (need correct Metalize) (only gettable Post-game) King's Quarters (1st accessable in Chapter 4) (Metalize = ??? recipe = Holy King Xenoncross.) 1) "If only I had the Xenoncross", Writing Desk (need correct Metalize) 2) Bed 3) Bookshelf Franelle Castle - Corridor (Left of Hall) 1) Northern most bench on the left wall 2) Southern most flower pot on the right wall 3) Lower tip of red carpet 4) Candlestick just right of the door (accessible only after Chapter 7, when the guard leaves) Franelle Castle - Corridor (One connecting left Corridor with right Corridor) 1) North wall left of the flower pot just left of the door heading into the Council Room 2) North wall right of the flower pot on the northern wall in the middle of the map 3) South wall, across from the flower pot just right of the council room door 4) South wall, across from the flower pot just right of the dining hall door Dining Hall 1) Plant just left of the entrance along the south wall 2) Upper right most chair 3) Chair counting from left: 2, from the bottom: 4 4) Chair counting from right: 4, from the top: 3 5) Chair counting from right: 4, from the bottom: 1 Council Room (One time use MP increaser tablet) 1) Upper left corner 2) Table breastplate is sitting on 3) Lower right corner Franelle Castle - Corridor (Right of Hall) -- All three on the red carpet 1) North tip of red carpet 2) Middle of map on red carpet 3) Lower tip of red carpet Franelle Castle - Path to Dungeon 1 1) Southest bench on the right wall 2) Bench on the left wall, middle of map 3) Candle holder at upper right corner Franelle Castle - Path to Dungeon 2 -- All three on the northern wall 1) Left of the door 2) On the door (careful you don't walk through it) 3) Right of the door Franelle Castle - Dungeon Entrance -- All in the big clearing where you enter from the castle 1) Pile of sand in the upper left corner 2) Pile of sand near the left wall south of #1 3) Middle of big pile of sand east of #2 almost against the right wall. Franelle Castle - Dungeon 3 1) Middle of the semicircle path, against the northern wall 2) All the way left at the big clearing that leads to Dungeon 1 3) If you enter from Dungeon 4 screen, where the monster was standing, (accessible in Chapter 11 only). Franelle Castle - Dungeon 1 1) Middle of north wall, the fake door 2) Pile of sand, 1 run step left of the page crease 3) Lower right corner Dungeon 2 (One time use MP increaser tablet) 1) Bed on the upper right corner 2) Northern wall just left of #1 3) Table in the upper left wall Franelle Castle - Dungeon 5 1) Upper left corner table 2) Lower left corner sand pile 3) Near lower right corner, rubble pile. Franelle Castle - Dungeon 6 1) Wall hug the left wall, all the way north, until almost page transition 2) Wall hug right wall, near the center of the arc 3) Wall hug right wall, south, almost page transition. Franelle Castle - Dungeon 8 (Metalize = ??? Recipe = Hecatonchires) 1) Page crease, north wall 2) Page crease, middle of cage 3) Lower left corner of the cage, hug the wall. Franelle Castle - Hidden Meia 2 (Metalize = ??? Recipe = Thor's Mjollnir) 1) Lower left corner 2) Left wall, just above the rubble 3) Upper right corner table. Franelle Castle - Hidden Meia 4 (Metalize = ??? Recipe = Thor's Mjollnir) 1) North wall, just right of the page crease 2) Directly across on south wall from the entrance into Prison 3) In the middle between #1 and #2. Prison from Hidden Meia 4 1) Next to scannable flower 2) Northwest wall 3) Southeast wall, directly across diameter of #2 Franelle Castle - Hidden Meia 9 (Tablet = HP increaser) 1) Upper right corner 2) Lower right corner 3) Rubble on the left wall Franelle Caste - Hidden Meia 10 1) Top left wall, almost at screen transition 2) On the right wall, middle 3) On the lower right wall, almost at screen transition Franelle Castle - Hidden Meia 14 (Metalize - Brute General Sword) 1) Top left corner 2) Lower left corner 3) Middle height right wall, "For the General Sword..." (need correct Metalize) Franelle Castle - Hidden Meia 16 1) Lower right pillar (examine from the south) 2) Rocks next to lower left pillar 3) All the way right, middle height is goblin bones. 4) Skeletons in the upper left corner. 5) After opening the door, examine the entrance. Great Spear of Mastema 1 (Accessible after revisiting castle in Chapter 7) 1 & 2 & 3 & 4) The four corners of the room. Great Spear of Mastema 9 1) Directly south from the door that leads to Room 8, on the railings 2) When you climb up the stairs, notice the windows on the wall, examine the middle window. 3) Far left railing (middle height) Great Spear of Mastema 18 1) Directly south from the door that leads to Room 17, on the railings 2) All the way left railing (middle height) 3) All the way right railing (middle height) Great Spear of Mastema 20 1) All the way right, middle height, turn left and examine 2) 2nd pillar from the left on the north wall. 3) The rainbow colored area in the lower left. Great Spear of Mastema 21 1 & 2) Where the chain meets the railing for the right 2 railings. 3) Lower left railing, where the rainbow meets the railing. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ +++ 3.4. Granatum Forest +++ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ********************************* ++Quick Ascii Map++ --- | C | --- | 4 | --- --- --- --- | 7 | 3 | 11| 14| --- --- --- --- --- | 8 | 6 | 2 | 10| 13| --- --- --- --- --- | 5 | 1 | 9 | 12| --- --- --- --- | GP| --- C = Cave GP = Grana Plains #s = Granatum Forest # ********************************* Granatum Forest 1 1) Upper left corner wall, near the northern exit 2) Lower left corner wall, on the right side 3) Lower right corner wall, in the almost center of the curve Granatum Forest 2 1) North side - On the right edge, at the intersection between the trees and the cactuses you can't cross. 2) North side - On the right edge at the intersection between the river and the cactuses you can't cross. 3) South side - Water edge on the page crease 4) South side - Left edge rock (the most right tip). Granatum Forest 3 1) On the south wall on the right, right before the screen transitions 2) Go left from #1, should see a dirt spot past the page crease, check medium sized grass sprout to the southeast. 3) Middle of the north wall Granatum Forest 4 1) Check the grass right next to the flower to scan 2) Check white flowers at the almost exact center of map 3) Check the rock along the upper right wall. Granatum Forest 5 -- All on the south side 1) Lower left, wall hug the river edge 2) Hug lower wall, approximately center of the right side of the map 3) Run up from #2 all the way to the river edge, then go right a few steps, should see a dirt spot to the south, check the funny colored green patch above it. Granatum Forest 6 1) On the upper left wall between trees 2) On the upper right wall between trees, near the center of the curve 3) Along the southern right wall there's a green dirt spot, near the page crease, start from the top of that and run west 3 steps, the darker colored grass there. Granatum Forest 7 1) Hug the north wall cliff, check where there's a big dark colored grass sprout 2) Hug the western wall, center of the wall 3) Lower right corner trees, head northwest a tiny bit and check the pile of light brown stuff Granatum Forest 8 (Metalize = Mantis Blade) 1) Lower left corner, near the sharp turn 2) Go east from #1, see a green dirt spot just left of the page crease, check the top of that (should be a grass pile there that's kinda hard to see) 3) Hug north cliff, just left of the page crease Granatum Forest 9 1) Upper left, grass pile that has a different color than the grass near it 2) Head down from #1, should be grass pile with same color as #1 3) Lower right, exposed dirt with grass growing on it 4) Upper right, exposed dirt Granatum Forest 10 1) Giant rock at lower left corner 2) South side of the river, a little right of the page crease 3) Giant rock near upper left corner 4) On the right wall of the bridge, near the piece of wood sticking up funny Granatum Forest 11 (Metalize = ??? Recipe = Forest Flower Decoration) 1) Cliff wall, just left of the page crease 2) Cliff wall, just right of the page crease 3) Okay, this one's a pain. So start from the left side of the tree that is next to the cliff. Face south, run about 12 steps (should see a tiny sprout of grass to your left). If you are about 3 run steps from the top side of that sprout of grass, it should be okay. There is nothing that marks the spot!!! Search this area. Granatum Forest 12 1) Grass patch a little northwest of the Metalize 2) Rock in the upper left. 3) The southern wall, directly south and a tiny bit right of the Metalize. Granatum Forest 13 --All on the south side, hug the wall/edge 1) Rock pile along left wall, near the screen transition 2) Left wall, next to the water 3) Grass patch along right wall, next to the water 4) Medium sized grass patch near right wall, directly east & a little north of #1 Granatum Forest 14 1) Rock to the right of the scannable flower 2) Edge hug the water, should be right of #1 3) The lowest tree in the lower right Kalcazoth Cave 9 1) 2nd floor, upper left corner 2) Sign next to the door 3) 2nd floor, where you get off the elevator, face south 4) 1st floor, grass next to the 2nd floor cliff Underground Lake Avernus 1 1) Pool in the upper left 2) Upper right corner 3) Spot of light in the lower left corner. Underground Lake Avernus 2 1) Pool edge, check a little bit left of the page crease 2) Spot of light southwest of #1 3) Spot of light on the right Underground Lake Avernus 4 1 & 2 & 3) Middle of the spot of lights. Elevation --hug northern edge, should be 4 1) Cabin ruin in northwest 2) Another cabin ruin to the right of page crease 3) Rock above the flower 4) Just south of flower Rudrud's House 1) Treasure chest 2) Table on the south edge 3) Bed on the south edge 4) Shelves on the north edge 5) Cloth on the wall behind the tablet Deep Forest 1 1) Okay, on the left side of the map, look for a Vine dangling down. Check the spot that it's pointing towards. 2) Northern wall on the page crease 3) On the right side of the path, at the edge of the ravine that splits the path. Deep Forest 2 1) The lower left wall 2) Use the hammer to get to the island in the north. Check the left most edge of the island. 3) On the right side of the path, at the edge of the ravine that splits the path. Deep Forest 3 1) On the left side, the road is formed like |-+, check the lowest part of the +. 2) Get to the island with the flower. Check center of the island. 3) The right path, looks like a letter T sorta. Check where the - and the | meets. Deep Forest 4 1) Left path area, shaped like a backwards J, check the tip of the short end, (near the center) 2) Middle path area, a little to the right of the page crease in the middle of the path, next to the really spiky jut out part that's closest to #1 3) Right path, north most point on this path. Deep Forest 5 --Remember you can cancel your hammer flying with B button. 1) 2nd island from the left, near the right edge 2) 3rd island from the left, on its north wall on the page crease 3) 4th island from the left, on its right most edge (careful you don't fall) Beast's Lair (Metalize - Giant's Grand Hammer) 1) Lower left corner 2) Lower right corner 3) Upper left, like 1-2 paces north of the Hair Decoration Granatum Plateau 1) Upper left, left of the Blue plant on the ground. 2) From #1, go all the straight east, check the wall 3) Check just before screen transition on the west, a tiny bit leftt of the squiggly line on the lower left of the bottom map. Light Falls 1) At the eastern entrance edge, head all the way north. 2) Middle of the screen, check the water edge a little bit south of where the page crease meets the water's right boundary. 3) South, almost at the point that prompts you to jump, a little bit left of the page crease in the middle of the road. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ +++ 3.5. Weld River + Ravine of Vulgazzo +++ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Weld River 1 -- Must search in this order 1) Rock near the upper left, south of a tree branch 2) Rock near the upper right, directly east of the tree branch 3) Brownish rocks on the page crease near the south 4) Search in the center of the triangle #1-3 formed. (north of #3 on page crease) Weld River 2 (Metalize = Frozen Ice Bolt) 1) Boulder on the lower left in the river. 2) Boulder on the upper left in the river 3) "The true power of Ice Bolt", Boulder in lower right in the river, its upper left corner. (need correct Metalize) Weld River 3 1) Log in the lower right corner 2) Head straight north from #1, wall (middle height) 3) Tree in the lower left corner really close to the screen transition Ravine of Vulgazzo 1 So the path looks like 2 letter S's connected. 1) On the bottom S, on the left side, middle of the top curve 2) On the top S, on the right side, middle of bottom curve 3) On the top S, on the left side, middle of top curve (the wood railing with the broken rope) Ravine of Vulgazzo 2 (Metalize = Split Iron Beak) 1) Right end of the bridge 2) Middle of the bridge 3) "Oh, Iron Beak...", Left wall 2 run steps above the bridge (need correct Metalize) Ravine of Vulgazzo 3 1) Wood railing above the scan flower 2) Right edge 1-2 run steps south of the scan flower. 3) Wall hug northern edge, about 2 run steps west of page crease ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ +++ 3.6. Wargliss Fortress +++ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Wargliss Fortress 1 1) Tree on the lower right 2) Crates covered by a blue thing along the upper left wall 3) Right wall exactly east of #2 Wargliss Fortress 2 (completed automatically) Wargliss Fortress 3 1) Rock pile near upper left corner 2) Light spot at the page crease 3) Grass pile just south of #2 Wargliss Fortress 4 (Metalize 4 = ??? Recipe = Soldier Breastplate) 1) Barrels in upper right corner 2) Center of right wall 3) Center of the map, a little bit left of page crease. Travel right 3 run steps from the bottom of the black and brown wood planks nearby. Wargliss Fortress 5 (Broadsword) 1) Boxes in upper left corner west of the Broadsword 2) Wall just north of the Broadsword's handle 3) Candlestick in upper right corner Wargliss Fortress 6 -- All along leftmost wall 1) Top left big covered thingy 2) Dirt area connected to the small covered thingy just south of #1 3) Big covered thingy south of #2 Wargliss Fortress 7 1) Where you land when you fall into this screen (step off of it to check it) 2) Icy region on the page crease almost at northern screen transition, southwest of #3. 3) Wall just right of the northern screen transition Northern Battlefield 1) Ruined barricade a little bit northwest of the middle of screen 2) ~4 run steps down and 3 run steps right from #1, tiny bit left of page crease 3) Right wall trees, about 5 run steps south of North wall Waisen Empire Camp 1) Barrels in upper left corner 2) Charred tree on the left side of the page 3) Northern wall on the page crease ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ +++ 3.7. Central Desert +++ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ********************************* ++Quick Ascii Map++ --- 12 10 | SC| --- \--|-- --- --- | 6 | |14|13| | 15| ED| --- --- -- --\---/- --- | 2 : 5 | 10 | 12|-14 --- --- --- --- --- -|- DT | 1 | 4 | | 8 | 9 | 10|-8 --- --- --- --- --- ---\ | 3 : 7 | | 11| 14 --- --- --- DT = Desert Town ED = East Desert SC = Site of Cyril #s = Central Desert # ********************************* Desert Town 1) Well next to Anwar 2) Right of the entrance into the Lower Left Nomad Tent on tent wall 3) Lower right corner, steps of the altar 4) Left of the entrance into the Upper Right Nomad Tent on tent wall Nomad's Tent (Upper right) 1) Upper left corner rug on the wall 2) Upper right corner, bottles on the ground 3) Rug on the wall right of #2 4) So directly south of #3, at the tip of the grey pelt on the ground Nomad's Tent (Lower left) (Gun) 1) Upper left corner bottles 2) Table with the gun 3) A tiny bit north of the Center of the room, on the page crease Prison (In the Desert Witch's Palace, only enterable after Chapter 4 after being thrown into it) 1) Wall between Metalize and the Bottle 2) Bed in the north wall 3) Jail cell south wall. 4) Jail cell's door Central Desert 1 1) Lower left corner cactus 2) Animal bones a little north of the center of the map, examine it from the north side 3) Pillars on the right side of the map Central Desert 2 1) Cactus left of scannable flower 2) Page crease, south side of boulder wall 3) Quicksand on the right. Run all the way to the wall, height's the middle of the quicksand, Turn left and examine. Central Desert 3 1) Flower that you can scan 2) Cactus a tiny bit north of #1 3) Upper right corner, small rock pile. Central Desert 4 1) On right side, there's a double palm tree. 1 pace above the middle of these trees. 2) Examine the bones in the middle of the map from the north side. 3) Run right from #2, pillar ruins Central Desert 5 1) Upper right corner bones 2) Upper right wall, just north of #1 3) Cactus on the left, examine from north side Central Desert 6 (Metalize = ??? Recipe = King's Belt) -- No, I didn't mess up, the locations here are the exact same as CD 2 1) Cactus left of flower, upper left corner 2) Page crease, south side of boulder wall 3) Quicksand on the right. Run all the way to the wall, height's the middle of the quicksand, Turn left and examine. Central Desert 7 --Almost the same as CD 3 1) Grass pile in the lower right corner, check near the upper left tip of the pile 2) Cactus a tiny bit north of #1 3) Upper right corner, small rock pile. Central Desert 8 1) Pillar close to the left entrance 2) Animal bones close to the right exit 3) Okay, tricky one... This one's not on the wall, it's another one of those you reach the wall and have to turn around to examine one. Close to south wall, about 1 run step right from the page crease Central Desert 9 1) Pillar ruins close to the upper right 2) Animal bones to the north 3) Cactus in the lower left corner Central Desert 10 --same as CD 9 Central Desert 11 --same as CD 7 Central Desert 12 --same as CD 9 Central Desert 13 1) Pillar close to the left entrance 2) Animal bones close to the right exit 3) Rock pile against the wall, south east of the scannable flower Central Desert 14 --same as CD 9 Central Desert 15 1) Examine grass just left of the entrance to Site of Cyril (check from the north side) 2) Bones just right of the entrance to Site of Cyril 3) Middle of the entrance to Site of Cyril (don't run in though ^_-) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ +++ 3.8. Western Desert +++ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ********************************* ++Quick Ascii Map++ --- | GP| --- --- --- --- | CR| | 4 | 9 | 14| --- --- --- --- --- --- | 1*| | 2 | 5 | 10| 15| 19| --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- | 2*| 3*| 1 | 6 | 11| 16| 20| P | --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- | 3 | 7 | 12| 17| 21| --- --- --- --- --- | 8 | 13| 18| --- --- --- P = Prison Escape Route GP = Grana Plains 14 #s = Western Desert # #* = Shark's Jaw # ********************************* Western Desert 21 -- Complete already 1) Lower left bones 2) Animal bones in the lower left 3) Ruins in upper right Western Desert 20 1) Rock in the upper right 2) Rock in the lower right (examine from the south) 3) Bones next to the center boulder on the map. Prison Escape Route 1) Well in the north on page crease 2) Pot in the middle of the right wall 3) Lower left wall, a little bit west of the cactus Western Desert 19 (Metalize = Flamberge) -- Examine all of these from the right side 1) Center boulder 2) Upper Left boulder 3) Upper right Boulder 4) Lower left boulder 5) Lower right boulder Western Desert 18 (Metalize = Hidden Flying Dagger Throwing Star) 1) Center Boulder (need Throwing Star Metalize??) 2) Upper Right boulder 3) Upper left boulder Western Desert 17 1) Cactus next to the scannable Flower 2) Cactus in the upper left 3) Start from the center boulder's north side, run up 3 steps, examine around there Western Desert 16 1) Cactus to the right 2) Upper left cactus 3) Bones a tiny bit southwest of the center boulder 4) Bones northeast of the center boulder Western Desert 15 1) Right of the boulder in the lower right is bones in the boulder's shadow 2) Bones in the upper right 3) Upper left boulder, examine from south side Western Desert 14 1) Lower left Boulder, examine right side 2) Cactus on the right 3) Bones tiny bit southwest of center boulder Western Desert 9 1) Center big pile of bones (examine from the south) 2) Skeleton in the lower right 3) Skeleton on the left (middle height) Western Desert 10 --Seach from south side of these boulders 1) Upper Left boulder 2) Upper right Boulder 3) Lower left boulder 4) Lower right boulder 5) After getting #1-4, then search the center boulder Western Desert 11 1) Lower right corner bones 2) Palm trees west of the Rapier 3) Animal bones in the upper right corner Western Desert 12 1) Cactus on the right 2) Cactus in the upper left 3) Lower left boulder (examine from south side) Western Desert 13 (Metalize = ??? Recipe = Remote Barrel) --Repeat Western Desert 10 Western Desert 8 -- Examine all from the right side 1) Upper right Boulder 2) Center Boulder 3) Lower right Boulder 4) Lower left boulder 5) Upper left boulder Western Desert 7 1) Upper Left Boulder (examine from south side) 2) Lower right boulder (examine from south side) 3) As the riddle says, 2 boulders are watching their brother in the middle So examine the middle of the imaginary line connecting #1 & #2. Western Desert 6 1) Cactus in the upper right 2) Grass growing in the upper left, near screen transition 3) Gross growing in the lower right, discolored area. Western Desert 5 1) Bones in the shadow of the boulder in the upper tiny bit right. 2) Bones in the shadow of the boulder in the lower tiny bit left 3) Animal bones on the left (middle height) Western Desert 4 (Metalize = Full MP or increase MP, I can't tell, 1 time use) 1 & 2) Follow the page crease south, just past some human bones on the left, there should be a relatively big brown rock to your right, and a smaller brown rock to your left. Examine them both. 3) From the bones I mentioned in #1 & 2, run north 3 steps, see a small brown rock to your left, examine it. Western Desert 3 1) Upper left bones 2) Skeleton near the center of the map 3) Lower right skeleton in the shadow of the boulder Western Desert 1 1) Skeleton near the center, a little big southwest 2) Bones in the upper right 3) Boulder in the lower right Western Desert 2 1) Cactus on the right side 2) Skeleton a tiny bit south west of center boulder 3) Shadow side of the lower left boulder Shark's Jaw 3 1) On the page crease, south wall 2) On the north wall, just northwest of of the scannable flower 3) On the south wall, just at the page transition (easy to screw up and get sent back to the western desert 4) On the north wall, almost directly east of the scannable flower Shark's Jaw 2 (Metalize = ??? Recipe = Lightweight Aegis) 1) So along left wall, there's a pink flower, examine that. 2) Hug the left wall, 3 run steps south of #2, "Raise the Aegis" (need correct Metalize) 3) Upper right corner flower bush between trees Shark's Jaw 1 1) Hug left wall, where the pink flower is (middle height) 2) Flower in the north, tiny left of page crease 3) Flower in the south, tiny left of page crease ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ +++ 3.9. Hunter's Trail +++ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ********************************* ++Quick Ascii Map++ --- ----------- --- | F | Giant Tree| LH| --- --- --- --- --- | X | | 1 | --- --- --- | 6 | 2 | --- --- --- | 7 | 3 : BC| --- --- --- | 8 : 4 | 5 | --- --- --- | 9 : 10| --- --- |ED | --- LH = Lauca's House F = Broken Bridge X = Relneia Marshes B = Beast Cemetry (Boss Battle) ED = Eastern Desert? #s = Hunter's Trail # ********************************* Hunter's Trail 9 1) Middle of the grass pile in the upper right 2) Middle of the grass pile directly left of the Wild Cookie Tablet 3) Left edge of the bridge, near the south. Hunter's Trail 4 1) Pink mushroom on the right (Middle height) 2) Middle of the Y shaped intersection just southeast of #1 3) Green/Red mushroom on the right, south of the road going east Hunter's Trail 5 1) In the upper left corner, head for a tiny patch of light shining through, turn to the right and examine. 2) Green/Red mushroom on the right side (middle height) 3) Wall hug the right and once you get to the middle of the upper right light shining through area, turn to the left and take 1 paces and examine Hunter's Trail 10 (Metalize - Vast Forest Hammer) 1) Mushroom in the lower right, "I'll make the might Forest Hammer!" (need correct Metalize) 2) Boulder in the upper right (examine from the left side) 3) Boulder in the upper left (examine from the north side) Hunter's Trail 3 1) In the lower left corner, you see some light shining through, go a bit right of the light, there should be a darker colored tree. Wall hug the south wall and examine the middle of that darker colored tree. 2) Directly north from #1, north edge of the stone pavement 3) Start from the Y shaped intersection, run south 2 paces, examine the left edge of the stone pavement Hunter's Trail 8 1) Hug the south wall, southeast of the Tablet 2) Hug the south wall, 1.5 run step right of the lower right corner 3) Green/red mushroom (examine from the north side) Hunter's Trail 7 (Metalize = HP increaser) 1) Y shaped intersection of the stone pavement 2) Go north from #1, a tiny bit right of the page crease is a grass pile, check the middle of it. 3) Upper right corner, middle of the light patch of land next to the light shining through. Hunter's Trail 6 1) Mushroom in the lower right 2) Middle of the grass pile north, a tiny bit east of the #1 (south of the road) 3) Go directly west from #2, just past the stone pavement's left edge, face north and examine. Hunter's Trail 2 1) On the left, almost at screen transition, about 2 run steps south of the road is a pile of grass, middle of that. 2 & 3) The two mushrooms on this page. Hunter's Trail 1 1) Mushroom in the lower right 2) Rock in the upper right (examine from south side) 3) In the middle of the light patch of land next to the shining light. Eastern Big Tree (Metalize = Herb) 1) Entering from the South, straight up, giant tree's middle. 2) Go a little west from #1, then north to river edge, examine the giant mushroom growing on the tree. 3) On the left edge of the bridge, tiny mushrooms grow 4) Northeast of #3, there's a big grass pile, examine the right wall that this grass touches. Lauca Meia's House (Metalize = ??? Recipe = Hunter's Stone Tusk) 1) Barrels to the left 2) Shelves right of the axe 3) Table right of #2 4) Bed, examine from the left side, if you examine from the south, it'll ask you to rest. 5) Ropes south of Lauca, "Now where'd I put my Stone Tusk?", (need correct Metalize) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ +++ 3.10. Eastern Desert +++ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ********************************* ++Quick Ascii Map++ --- | HT| --- --- --- --- --- | 10| 4 | 5 | 8 | 9 | --- --- --- --- --- | 11| 3 | 2 | 17| === === --- === | 18| 12| 7 | 15| --- --- --- --- --- CD| 1 | 6 : 13| 14| 16| --- --- --- --- --- HT = Hunter's Trail CD = Central Desert #s = Eastern Desert # ********************************* Eastern Desert 1 1) Rock on the left (middle height) 2) Cactus directly north of #1 3) Middle of the sand pit on the lower right Eastern Desert 6 1) Upper left corner of the map, run up the slope 2) Rocks just right of where the slope starts 3) Rocks in the lower right 4) Rock north of #4 on the right side 5) Rock north of #3 on the left side Eastern Desert 18 (Metalize = ??? recipe = Bursting Dynamite) 1) Rock in the lower left (examine from the south side) 2) The middle of the sand pit in the lower left 3) Middle of the sand pit in the north 4) Rock in the upper left corner 5) Rock just southeast of #4, stand north of this rock and face north, then examine. Eastern Desert 12 1) South side of the center big rock 2) Middle of the sand hole on the lower right 3) Rocks southwest of the center big rock, examine from the northeast side Eastern Desert 13 1) Rock on the left of the scannable flower (examine from north side) 2) Rock just east of #1 3) Rock just south of #2 4) Rock directly south of #1 5) Rock in the upper left corner, almost at screen transition Eastern Desert 14 1) Upper right rock 2) Middle of the sand pit near the page crease 3) Rock a tiny bit northwest of the sand pit 4) Rock directly west of #2 Eastern Desert 16 (Metalize = Sincere Knight Shield) 1) Rock in the upper right, along left wall, close to screen transition 2) Rock in the lower right 3) Climb onto the western slope, from the rock on the slope, go east until you hit the cliff, then go south, until the corner. Examine. Eastern Desert 15 1) Center-most sand pit's middle 2) Cactus in the lower left 3) Grass in the upper right corner Eastern Desert 7 1) Upper left cactus (examine from east side) 2) Middle of sand pit on the lower right 3) Rock south of #1, a little bit east. Eastern Desert 2 1) Upper left cactus 2) 2 rocks in the lower left corner, go to the north side of the one on the right, face north and examine. 3) Rock tiny bit southwest of the sand pit on the right. Eastern Desert 3 1) Middle of the sand pit on the lower right 2) Rock southeast of #1 3) Enter from the North, examine right away, without moving. Eastern Desert 11 1) Examine the Headband 2) Northeast of the Headband is 3 rocks that form a triangle, examine the middle of that triangle. 3) Rock all the way north along the left wall, almost at screen transition Eastern Desert 10 1 & 2) Middle of the 2 sand pits 3) Rocks in the upper left corner. Eastern Desert 4 (Metalize = Fire Pillar Flamberge) 1) Rocks in the upper left corner 2) Middle big boulder (south side) 3) Middle of the lower right sand pit Eastern Desert 5 1) Middle of the sand pit in the lower right (btw, it's not true, if you stay in the pit, you can still get hit :() 2) Small rock at the lower left edge of big boulder in the middle 3) Northern wall, a tiny bit left of the page crease Eastern Desert 8 1) Middle of the sand pit in the lower right 2) Big boulder (south side examine) 3) Upper left rock Eastern Desert 9 1) Rock just right of the slope going up 2) Do directly east from #1, on the big boulder's leftmost tip 3) Big boulder's rightmost wall, directly east of #2 Eastern Desert 17: (Thank Nakochan17) 1) Rock in upper right, along the north wall. 2) Patch of grass on the right in front of the large middle rock. 3) Rocks just right of where the slope starts. 4) Rock on the upper left corner up the slope. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ +++ 3.11. Relneia Marshes +++ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ********************************* ++Quick Ascii Map++ --- | B | --- --- --- | 5 : 7 | 6 | ET --- --- --- --- ---/ | 10| 3 | 2 | 4 | 1 | --- --- --- --- === | 11| | 8 | 9 | | | --- --- --- --- |12 | | 13| --- --- --- ET = Eastern Big Tree B = Boss #s = Relneia Marshes # ********************************* Relneia Marshes 1 1) Upper right withered tree (you can barely see it) 2) Lower right withered trees 3) Upper left withered tree, move south of the biggest trunk and turn right to examine. 4) Lower left withered tree Relneia Marshes 4 1) A little right of the page crease in the north, there's a leaning tree 2) Withered tree southwest of #1 3) Withered tree southeast of #1 4) Biggest withered tree on screen 5) Go on the island with the tree in #2, walk to the far right tip of the grass pile on that island, then run down 2 steps, should be about middle of the water, examine. Relneia Marshes 8 1) North has a big fallen tree. Examine the northern tip of the left most grass just under the fallen tree's roots. 2) Lower left corner has another fallen tree, examine the wall where the middle of its roots are 3) On the right, there's a bunch of grass. Examine the big flat grass near the middle of that area. Relneia Marshes 9 (Metalize = Pulverizing Spiked Mace) 1) In the lower left, examine the right area of the fallen tree from the south side. 2) Lower right, hug the edge, examine when you see 2 small flat grasses 3) Middle of the big fallen tree on the right. Examine from south side. Relneia Marshes 2 1) Lower left tree, hug the wall, then turn north and examine 2) Lower right, hug wall, examine the tree 3) The big tree a little to the left Relneia Marshes 6 1) Upper left corner, south side of the tree 2) From the left most point of the tree mentioned in #1, southwest is 1 big flat grass, examine that. 3) From #2, go west until page crease, then turn south and examine 4) Lower right corner tree 5) From #4, go west 1.5 steps and examine, should be water between grasses Relneia Marshes 7 (Metalize = ??? Recipe = Pure Hauteclaire) 1) Large tree on the page crease near the south 2) small tree north east of #1 3) In the middle of #1 & #2 Relneia Marshes 3 1) Big tree on the left, stand at its northern most tip center and face north, examine. 2) Fallen tree lying horizontally on the right, examine from south side and center of it. 3) North most fallen tree has some grass along its right side, examine those grass Relneia Marshes 10 1 & 2) 2 trees on the center island 3) Grass in the upper right close to page transition Relneia Marshes 11 1) Tree behind the scannable flower 2) Almost to the right edge, middle height, you see a small black tree, examine that. 3) Lower left corner, near page transition is a tree, about 1 or 2 steps right of it. Relneia Marshes 12 (Metalize = ??? Recipe = Chaotic Blunderbuss) -Same as Relneia Marshes 10 Relneia Marshes 13 (Metalize = Wind Cutter Tomahawk) 1) Tree on the right, examine middle from north side 2) Tree on the left, examine middle from south side 3) Lower right, hug the edge, examine when you see 2 small flat grasses Relneia Marshes 5 1) Middle of the 2 trees on the center island. 2) Start from the left side of the southern tree on the center island, run down 3 steps, examine. (Directly south of #1) 3) In the upper right, there's a tree, examine the middle of that from the south side. =============================================================================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - 4. Side Events - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =============================================================================== ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ +++ 4.1. Affection Events +++ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Giving presents that people likes (scan them and tap on the lower left scribble area to find out their preferences) raises their affection for you. Giving presents to rivals, lowers their affection a little bit. Also, when they're a high enough affection, talking to them triggers events or they give you Zeno-9 cards as presents. Takes a new chapter before you can give the same thing to again to the same person. Not sure if there's another way. <<< 4.1.0. Unshackling Spirits >>> Affection isn't completely related to their CP, but you raise it by calling/ summoning them a lot. So it is possible to get confessions from a spirit with lower CP than other spirits. Startable starting Chapter 11. 1) Get their CP to >3800 by summoning them (14 points per summon {turns into 4 if their affection for you is high}) or calling them (2 points per call), refill MP with Heal Pots is easiest, so go where there's a Heal Pot. 2) Go back home and rest, until you unshackle all who's CP is >3800. Rempo has cute arms, lol. Neaki doesn't have a cute voice, I'm disappointed. Ur has messed up eyes... and who cares about Mieli, I still don't like her. <<< 4.1.1. Fana >>> [Item: Flower (Hope Pod) Metalizes: Stuffed Animal] Startable starting Chapter 1 after you see the scene about Fana sending dolls to kids. 1) Give Fana 2 to 3 good presents. Then head downstairs. Helen will say Fana has gotten worse, so need you to talk to her. Talk to Fana. She gives you Metalize - Stuffed Animal if you agree to help her make the doll. 2) Go make the Stuffed Animal (LGHT, FRDM, HOPE) and give it to her. Startable starting Chapter 3 3) After doing earlier steps, make sure you give 1 or 2 good presents to Helen. Then, when you head upstairs to Fana's room, see a cutscene about visiting Fana's mother's grave. 4) Head to the cemetry. See a cutscene with Helen, explaining what happened to Fana's parents. 5) Back to Fana's house, long cutscene. 6) Head to Sun Shelf and talk to Rudrud (thank suchiuomizu), he'll tell you to head to where Chimera was. Not doable during Chapters 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. 7) Head to Western Big Tree (where you fought Chimera the 1st time), Chimera fight again. Win, cutscene. Then scan the Flower (Hope Pod). Not doable during Chapters 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11. 8) Head to Fana's House, cutscene, then remove Fana's ILL by surrounding it with HOPE codes. (thank Stanley Wang) Talk to her again afterwards, to see her sitting up. Finished. <<< 4.1.2. Sylphy >>> [Metalizes: Elf Tears, Archer's Belt] Startable starting Chapter 3 1) Give her presents, 2-3 good presents. Then speak to her. She'll be thinking about why her father governs humans. Then she asks you to make Metalize - Elf's Tears (FRSTx3, FATEx2, BIRDx2). Not doable until you get BOTTLE from end of Chapter 4. Not doable during Chapters 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, (11?) 2) Make her Elf Tear and give it to her. Head outside of the Mayor's House, Sylph will stop you to ask for help watch her father. Regain control in the castle. Use the portal to go back to Mayor's House. 3) Talk to Sylphy again. She'll tell you later that her father has gone to her mother's grave. 4) Cutscene with Georg and Sylphy will give you Metalize - Archer's Belt. You can also remove Sylphy's Pride by giving her Passionate title (FIREx4, STNEx3). Finished <<< 4.1.3. Nanai >>> [Metalizes: Shadow Fang] Startable starting in Chapter 5 1) Give her presents, and after a while (run somewhere else for a bit), Go back to talk to her and she reveals the location of Metalize - Shadow Fang is Western Desert 5. Make it and show it to her. According to Nakochan17, Startable Chapter 7 (I don't have verification yet) Startable Chapter 11 (thank Fiona G.) (I didn't do this until post-game) 3) Finish 1), give her enough presents, she'll tell you she is finally free. So remove her BIND code with 5x FIRE and 2 SLVR. Finished <<< 4.1.4. Dorothea >>> [Metalizes: Dorothean] Startable starting Chapter 4 1) Give her presents, then talk to Dorothea, and she'll give Metalize - Dorothean (FIREx3, FAMEx3). Make that (you need to get CAKE first), give it to her, and Guri Guri will disappear. Startable starting Chapter 5 (Not doable Chapters 6-10, 11?) (You can start this in Chapter 6-10, but guards won't let you go to Crossroads) 2) Talk to the Princess Dorothea in her room, she'll panic, Guri Guri (the cat) is missing! So go look in town for it, well go talk to Anwar, he'll tell you he saw it south of town, so head south to Crossroads of the World. Find Guri Guri. Oh yeah, if you give Guri Guri presents, then visit the Inner Garden, you'll see a cutscene with him. Startable Chapter 11 (if you completed step 2) 3) Talk to the Princess on the 2nd floor of Mayor's House, she'll go to town, then you can remove her SELF code with Holy title (LGHTx2, HOPEx3, BIRD) Finished <<< 4.1.5. Lauca >>> [Items: Raw Meat Metalizes - Stone Tusk] Startable after Chapter 7 1) Gave Lauca a lot more presents. Speak to her and she asks you to go hunting for her. Go to Hunter Trail 1, kill all enemes and get RAW MEAT! 2) After that give presents, leave screen and reenter, talk to her and she'll go hunting again. See a scene with Rudrud, answer 1st option, 1st option. 3) Complete scene, can remove Lauca's SOLO code by making her Healing (FRST, LGHT, WSDM, CAT). 4) Talk to her again, she'll tell you see threw Metalize - Stone Tusk over the Waterfalls... So go to Granatum Forest 14 and there it is. Go back and show it to Lauca, she'll like you a bit more. <<< 4.1.6. Duran >>> [Metalizes: Durandal] Startable after completing #3 of Rex's affection path (also need to give Duran & Gustav some presents?) 1) Duran wants to go confront Gustav about the murder of Rex's family. Go with him. 2) Boss Battle with Gustav again. Win. 3) Remove Duran's WEAK code by making him Brilliant (LGHTx3, FIRE, GOLD) Startable after Chapter 7 4) Give him presents until he mentions where to find a Metalize, where the Hero Bloom was... well, Granatum Forest 4. Go there and pick up Metalize - Durandal. Make it and present it to him. Finished <<< 4.1.7. Rex >>> [Metalizes: Antique Doll, Black Feather] Startable starting Chapter 1 1) Give 4+ presents to Rex, then give 3 presents to Meenya. Then go back home, at the Town Entrance, cutscene. Rex'll want you to steal a doll from Romaioni's House 2nd floor. So head there, scan the Metalize for a ??? recipe = Antique Doll. This ??? recipe's a little bit annoying, since pieces 1 and 3 looks the same... so if you jumble the 2, the puzzle's not solvable. My advice is to start the chain with 4 (instead of 1) and near the end, see which blank piece is in the convienent 2*, 4*, 6*, or 8* position to move to the center. 2) Make the doll (1 FRST, 1 ICE, 2 FATE, 2 CAT) and give to Rex. Starts starting Chapter 4 (Not doable in 6-11) 3) Outside Rex's house, Rex will stop Heroine and take her to the Abandoned House and tell his story (ooo... Meenya's his sister). You can talk to Meenya after that. She'll tell you to talk to Duran. Starts starting Chapter 11 4) All previous steps done, enter Fortune-Teller Alley, meet Rex, he'll say he will live on for Meenya's sake. Gives you Metalize - Black Feather and you can remove Rex's Repl code by making him Indomitable/Dauntless (FIRE, IRON, HOPE, BUG). Full CP his house for ??? Recipe = Friend's Black Feather, it's a 3x3 but note that the final Blank piece is actually the lowest left corner piece. 5) Run out, see Meenya, talk to her, she'll ask you to bring Rex to her, do so. It makes Meenya love you so much more, lol. But you can see her aspirations now. Finished <<< 4.1.8. Anwar >>> [Metalize - Sandy Anwar] Startable Chapter 11 (I didn't test this myself) (thank Fiona G.): 1) Finish Nanai's quests. 2) After you see Nanai's scene, talk to Anwar and Nanai will seal Anwar's sword, you get Metalize - Anwar. Remove Anwar's Void by giving him Gentle Title (FIRE, FRST, ICE, LING, DOG, CAT). Afterwards, go rest and go talk to Anwar again. He will tell you the sword appeared in Al-Hadi Samiad. It's located at Prison Escape Route. Metalize - ??? Recipe = Sandy Anwar. <<< 4.1.9. Valdo >>> See Post-Game section <<< 4.1.10. Heath >>> See Post-Game section <<< 4.1.11. Gustav >>> [Metalizes: Onikiri] Startable starting Chapter 4 1) Presents for Gustav, then speak to him, he'll ask for Onikiri, last seen at Wargliss Fortress. Head to Wargliss Fortress 3, you'll have to fight a lot of imperial soldiers. After they all die, you get Metalize - Onikiri. 2) Make it and present it to him. Finished? <<< 4.1.12. Kamui >>> Startable starting Chapter 1 1) Give 3ish good presents, talk to him. He'll tell Hero he has a weak heart, and moved from Waisen, etc, etc. Startable starting Chapter 3 (not doable past Chapter 5) and Fana must still be sick. 2) Kamui tells the Heroine he's fallen in love with Fana. So he wants a Pagoda flower. Finished? <<< 4.1.13. Haochy >>> [Metalize - Haochy Soul] Startable starting Chapter 5 1) Give presents to Haochy, and leave screen and go back to talk to him, he'll tell you he lost a bomb in the Desert Ruins. Site of Cyril 23, need to defeat 3 or 4 Eyes for Metalize - Haochy Soul. Make it and show it to him, he likes you more. Finished <<< 4.1.14. Vis >>> [Metalizes: Herb, Perfume] Startable starting Chapter 1. 1) Give 2 good presents to Vis, then talk to him. He'll tell Metalize - Herb is located at Eastern Big Tree (you'll be there when you start Chapter 6). He'll also tell you about GRASS, but you can only get that by doing News Flash 2). Startable Chapter 11. 2) Show Vis Herb. Then reenter screen, talk to Vis (high affection), he'll show you Metalize - Perfume. Finished <<< 4.1.15. King Xenonbart >>> [Metalizes: Xenoncross] Startable starting Chapter 4 1) After you wipe out the Weld River enemies and you've given him presents, re-enter the Audience Chamber, he'll ask you to find Xenoncross. 2) Head to Dungeon 2 (the left door in Dungeon 1, room west of the Prison you were in in chapter 1), scan the Metalize - Xenoncross (SLVRx3, JUSTx3, FAME, WLTHx2). Make it and present to the King. Finished <<< 4.1.16. Rudrud >>> [Metalizes: Forest Hammer] Startable starting Chapter 2 1) Give 3+ good presents to Rudrud, then talk to him. He'll tell you about a Hammer he lost in the southwest of the forest. Head to Granatum Forest 5, you have to enter from Granatum Forest 1. Kill all Sirens. Get reward: Metalize - Forest Hammer (5xFRST, 3xBIRD, 1xSTNE). Make this and give to him. Startable post-game (Thank Pichai) 2) Talk to him, and he will ask for Power Headdress for Gim. Make it and give it to him. He'll give it to Gim but Gim doesn't want it and run out. (he'll be back after you leave the map and come back in) Finished <<< 4.1.17. Gim >>> Startable starting Chapter 2 1) Give 2+ good presents to Gim, re-enter and talk to him. He'll ask for an item that spits fire from your back and flies around. Startable starting Chapter 5 2) Get the Metalize - Custom Booster (5xFIRE, IRON, 7xFRDM, 3xWSDM) from Romaioni for 5,000 Mystic Jewels Startable once you have full memory map size 3) Make Custom Booster and show Gim. Finished? <<< 4.1.18. Aspirations for Side Characters >>> (Thank Pichai) The title for the side characters Aspirations and how to make them. These titles only really make a huge difference at high CP after you see them in their information section. Gustav = Loving (Love) - FIRE, HOPE, FATE, FRDM Meenya = Secret (Secret) - WSDMx2, BUGx2, STNE, GOLD Helen = Pure - ICE, LGHT, SLVR, JUST, FISH Kamui = Tragic (Tragedy) - SHDWx2, LGHT, HOPE Romaioni = Darkness - SHDWx2, SNKEx2, BUG, IRON Francesca = Disastrous (Disaster) - FATEx2, FIRE, LING, SHDW, SNKE Haochy = Bursting (Burst) - FIRE, STONx3, BUGx3, Georg = Fatal (Fatality) - FIRE, SHDW, JUST, HOPE Vis = Hunter - BIRDx2, FRST, STON, WSDM Xenobart = Discerning (Holy King) - LGHTx3, FAMEx2, JUST Fro = Swill (Aircutter) - FRSTx3, BIRD, IRONx3 Guri Guri = Callous (Frozen) - ICEx3, FISHx3, SLVR Rudrud = Blasting (Blast) - FIREx3, BIRDx2, BUG, IRON Gim = Artisan - LING, SLVRx3, COPRx2, GOLD Olly = Chaotic - FIREx3, STON, BIRD Ellie = Moonlit (Moon) - LGHT, SHDW, COPR, FISH Werman = Demonic (Demon) - SHDWx2, SNKE, FATE For the Extras that presents aren't givable to. Maid = Dreamy (Dream) - HOPE, LGHT, FRDM Royal Soldier = Kingly (100 King) - GOLDx3, LGHT, ILL, SNKE Imperial Soldier = Thunderous (Thor) - LINGx2, CATx2, FATE, HOPE Imperial Knight = Insane (Crazy) - SHDW, HOPE, ILL Desert Dweller = Wandering (Wander) - CAT, BIRD, FRDM ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ +++ 4.2. News Flash +++ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ These are all doable at any point during the story unless you aren't allowed access to the areas specified, or during Chapters 6-10 for a few. 1) 100000 CP - Swarms of monsters spawn on the Western Grana Plains Probably doable in chapter 1 if you can get out of town. Otherwise, wait until Chapter 2 and head to Grana Plains 2. Defeat kill all the enemies on and that will spawn 3 Minotaurus. Kill them, and I believe the Hero's CP rises. 2) 120000 CP - Ghosts spotted in abandoned house in western part of town Doable only starting in Chapter 3, head to the Abandoned Head. You'll play with Meeyna and get to scan GRASS. 3) 140000 CP - Beginner's Judgment Link Battle open in town Arena! Enter Arena, event triggers. Prize for winning is Metalize - Ant Feelers. Win or lose, you gain ability to challenge NPCs to judgment link duels. If you lose, you can retry until you win, but if you give up, I don't think you can ever get Ant Feelers again until post-game. According to Fiona G., Post-game you can buy missed Judgment Link battle prizes from Romaioni with 3000 mystic jewels (confirmed by Nakochan17 & Matt). 4) 180000 CP - Mystic Jewels found in Grana Plains and Three-Way Road Ruins! Enter Three-Way Road Ruins, get a game to pick up Mystic Jewels. 5) 200000 CP - Giant creature spotted in underground Lake Avernus! Details unknown! Memory Map increase to 4x3 Head to Underground Lake Avernus 3, see a scene with Nussie, no battles. 6) 220000 CP - Foreign soldiers lurking in Western Granatum Forest! Head to Granatum Forest 8. First kill Imperial soldiers, then an Imperial Knight. Reward on completion: Metalize - Black Saber. 7) 240000+ CP - Giant creature spotted again in the underground Lake Avernus! Details Unknown! (Can get at later CPs too, if didn't go visit Underground Lake early.) Head to Underground Lake Avernus 3 again. See Nussie again. No battle. 8) 240000+ CP - Mysterious figure seen in cemetry. Details unknown! (Can get at later CPs too, depending on whether or not, you've met Romaioni yet) Head to the cemetry, see Romaioni dealing with Fro. He gives you 10 mystic jewels to keep your mouth shut. Talk to Fro again, he'll ask for Cream Cake. Head to the Castle Dining Hall and scan Metalize - Cream Cake. 9) 260000 CP - Mystic Jewels found in Southeast Granatum Forest! Enter Granatum Forest 12, get a game to pick up Mystic Jewels. 10) 280000 CP - Judgment Link West Wind cup now open at Arena! Enter Arena, event triggers. Prize for winning is Metalize - Dog Tail. (If you have participated in both Judgment Link tournaments so far, go to Mayor's House and talk to him. He'll give you Metalize - Foxtail.) 11) 300000 CP - Mystic Jewels found in Weld River! Enter Weld River 2, play the mystic Jewels game 12) 320000 CP - Maids on strike at Frannelle Castle gates! Enter Castle Gates (doable before Chapter 6). The 3 maids scatter. Find them at Back Alley, Training Hall, and Cemetry. Go visit Princess Dorothea for 300 mystic jewel reward. 13) 410000 CP - Giant creature seen in Lake Avernus again! Details still unknown. (Appears after you do check the lake after #7) (can appear at later CP, but this is earliest) This event does not trigger in Chapters 6-10. Enter Underground Lake Avernus. Boss Battle ************************************************************** * Boss Battle -- Lake Nussie (3115/2000) * * HP: 5670 * * Strategy: Sword hurricane until he dies * ************************************************************** Reward: Metalize - Fatal Battle Sword and MP/HP increase Tablet (thank drix). 14) 440000 CP - Judgment Link Holy King cup now open at Arena! Enter Arena, event triggers. Prize for winning is Metalize - Cat Ears. 15) Start Chp 4 - Waisen Troops Descending from North of Wargliss Fort! Enter Northern Battlefield. Scan the soldiers, kill like 5+ of them. Spawn Balbazun. He's invincible until you surround his invincible code with DOG codes. Kill him and get reward: Metalize - Onyx Armor. 16) Start Chp 4 - Test your knowledge! A written challenge from Mayor Greog of Rhoan! Enter Mayor's House 1st time or talk to Mayor later and pick Test of Wits (See Test of Wits Section 4.4) 17) 460000+ CP - Mystic Jewels found in Northern part of Eastern Desert! Enter Eastern Desert 10, and play the mystic jewels game. 18) 500000 CP - New Zeno-9 items added for all you collectors out there! 19) 530000 CP - Goblin King seen in Grana Plains and Three-Way Ruins! Head towards Three-way Road Ruins. Defeat all the goblins, then the King spawns. He has 110K+ hp, so scan him, take off his GOLD codes, so he'll be at 8K+ hp, either way, just sword hurricane him to death. Spawning a 5x5 ??? recipe = 100 King Mace, Hecatonchires. 5x5 ??? Recipe Puzzle ----------------- So as I said before, turn this puzzle into a 3x3 puzzle. This mace is less annoying than the Muramusa imo, because there's not that many ambiguous pieces, but do note on the left most edge, it looks like there should be a tiny tiny thingy in the upper right corner, but really it's just a regular blank piece. Other than that, just follow the algorithm and solve it in 2 minutes tops. If you really can't solve the puzzle... e-mail me (same way as with the 3x3s), but for these I'll solve it for you assuming you didn't mislabel the pieces. If you did, well, you'll be on your own :). And my response will probably be a tad slower. If I get a lot of people complaining about this 5x5, I'll try to post a step by step solution if someone can e-mail me a picture of the starting form, or wait for my next playthrough. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 20) 560000 CP - Judgment Link Gold Cup now open at Arena! Enter Arena. Reward: Metalize - Fish Fin 21) 590000 CP - Judgment Link Diamond Cup now open at Arena! Enter Arena. Reward: Metalize - White Wings Go to Mayor's House, talk to Georg and get Metalize - Elixir. (if Georg's not home, progress the plot a little bit and see if he's home, if not, a little bit more.) 22) 670000 CP - Grasshopper King devouring everything at Hunter's Trail! Enter Beast Cemetry (starting Chapter 7). You'd need to kill lord locusts and then spawn 2 Abaddon Cry, kill those too. Reward: Metalize - 5x5 ??? Recipe = Demise Laevateinn. This one is actually easier to solve than the Mace from Goblin King News Flash earlier, since after you form the edges, the 3x3 left is all blank pieces except for 1 :). 23) 780000 CP - Memory Map full size! 23) Enter Mt. Elious - Mystic Jewels found at Mt. Elious! 24) Post-game - Judgment Link Millennium Cup now open at Arena! Win this and you win a Snake Tail. Then go visit the Mayor, he'll give you Metalize Gold Cookie and Wooden Voodoo Doll. 25) Post-game - Sword Demon resurrected in Ice Caverns! Details Unknown! Tornaq Ice Caverns Boss Room, Amorphes meets you. Beat him the same way as before. You get Metalize Thick Dainslef 26) Post-game - Mystic Jewels found in Northwestern Dungeon! 27) Post-game - Massive monster outbreak at Wargliss Fortress! Northern Battlefield. After like what seems like an infinite wave of enemies, you finally get a Metalize - ??? Recipe = Secret Dark Star. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ +++ 4.3. ??? Recipe Puzzle Algorithm +++ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For slider puzzles, any size, turn them all into 3x3s then use the 3x3 algorithm. So for 5x5, 6x6s, just make 2 outer edges and never touch it again, so puzzle will become a (n-1)x(n-1), then repeat until you get to 3x3. Example: So for 4x4, make into 3x3, by making 2 outer edges, and then never touch again, you're left with a 3x3!! Isn't that nice? See...? 1 * * * 2 * * * 3 * * 4 5 6 7 BEWARE: When picking the outer edge to make, try to pick one with the least amount of blank pieces and of course don't pick the outer edge that includes the final puzzle piece. Btw, when you need to move like 4 into the edge, you can do something like this 1 * * * 2 1 * * 3 2 1 * 3 2 1 * 1 * * * 2 4 * * -> 3 * * * -> @ * * * -> @ * * -> 2 @ * $ 3 % $ @ 4 % $ 4 % * 4 * % * 3 * % @ 5 6 7 5 6 7 5 6 7 $ 5 6 7 $ 4 5 6 7 Basically, move your # left of where it wants to go, then rotate the edge, until a slot opens up underneath the piece that was where your # needed to go (@), then slide in your #. Then move the @ piece out into the smaller square. This works for any n>3 puzzles while making the edge. Okay, so 3x3 slider puzzles. I'll post an easy algorithm I thought is pretty sure fire. It's not the fastest path (if you can do it right, can build the chain in 2 directions or just go by instinct like I usually do, lol, anyway... I'm getting ahead) 1 2 3 4 5 6 is the final result. And there's a hole that replaces 1 of these numbers. 7 8 9 So, the trick is to make the edge by chaining it. Anyway, so keep this chain in mind. I find it easier with pictures, but I have no choice but to use numbers on this FAQ. Few things to note before we start. Pieces I will call by their #. The location on the grid I will call #*. CHAIN TO MAKE: 1 4 7 8 9 6 3 2 5. If the hole is one of these numbers,just remove the missing #. Btw, if there's 2 or 3 pieces that look the same... try to start the chain with number (i.e. if 1 and 8 are both blank pieces, try to start the chain at 9, so chain = 9, 6, 3, 2, 1, 4, 7, 8, 5, i like putting 5 at the end at all times). That way, the equivalent pieces are near the end of the chain. Then when you get to the point you need to decide which blank piece is the correct one to come next in the chain, it usually is the one that requires less shifts. That's a bit more complicated, but get used to making the regular chain first. Step 1: Move 4 (the 2nd piece of the chain) to 5*.(the middle) * 1 * * * * * * Step 2: Move 1 (previous # in the chain) to either 2*, 4*, 6*, or 8*. (usually the closest one) Step 3: Clockwise rotate the edge, until the hole is where 1 used to be. Step 4: Shift 4 into that place. * 4 1 * * (if 1 was at 2*, this is what it will look like) * * * Step 5: Shift next number of the chain into the center, the next number may already be in 2*, 4*, 6*, or 8* ready to be shifted into the center. If not, check to make sure the number is not already in its correct location in the chain, if that's the case, go back to Step 5 beginning. Else, just shift a random # that's not in the chain into the center and rotate the # you want to 2*, 4*, 6*, or 8*, then shift the random # out of the center and shift the correct # into the center. (Never break the chain you've already formed. You can rotate it on the edge, but don't ever move any of the chain into the center or place extra pieces in between them (unless you're sure you can undo it)) Step 6: Rotate the previous # in the chain to 2*, 4*, 6*, or 8* Step 7: Clockwise rotate until the hole is where the number in Step 6 was. Step 8: Shift the center piece into that hole. Step 9: Repeat from 5 until the 2nd to last # of the chain (your chain should actually be complete) & shift your last # into the middle, whether 2 or 5 is in position. Step 10: Rotate the edge until 1 is in the upper left corner and a hole opens where 2 is supposed to be and shift 2 into it. Or if it's not 5 that's missing, then shift until all the pieces are where they're supposed to be. Let's try the algorithm on a puzzle Sakura M. sent me :) (so i know it's a random jumble, but definitely solvable ^_^). 1) Move 4 into center & rotate 1 to closest of 2*, 4*, 6*, 8* (4* in this case) 8 2 6 9 8 2 9 4 -> 1 4 6 1 3 7 3 7 3) Clockwise rotate the edge, until the hole is where 1 used to be & shift 4 in 1 9 8 1 9 8 4 2 -> 4 2 3 7 6 3 7 6 4) Move 7 into middle, 4 is already in 4*, so clockwise rotate the edge,etc. 1 9 8 4 1 9 4 1 9 4 7 2 -> 7 8 -> 7 8 3 6 3 6 2 3 6 2 5) Move 8 into middle, 7 already in 4*, clockwise again 4 1 9 7 4 1 7 4 1 7 8 -> 8 9 -> 8 9 3 6 2 3 6 2 3 6 2 6) Move 9 into middle, 8 already in 4*, clockwise again 7 4 1 8 7 4 8 7 4 8 9 -> 9 1 -> 9 1 3 6 2 3 6 2 3 6 2 7) Move 6 into middle, 9 already in 4*, clockwise again (see... your chain is actually done already. 8 7 4 9 8 7 9 8 7 9 6 1 -> 6 4 -> 6 4 3 2 3 2 1 3 2 1 8) So Step 9, shift 2 into the center, rotate until 1 is in upper left corner 9 8 7 1 3 1 2 3 6 2 4 -> 4 2 6 -> 4 6 3 1 7 8 9 7 8 9 Tada!! If you think the algorithm isn't working, please double check you didn't confuse 2 pieces (i.e. if 2 pieces have a tiny protrusion, then what you thought was 1 might actually be 3 and 3=1. With a switch like that the puzzle becomes unsolvable, and if 2 pieces are blank, their location actually matters too, to a certain degree so if you thought 1 blank piece was 3 and the other 1, and it fails, well, try switching them). Once again, if that still doesn't help you solve the puzzle, e-mail me and I'll solve it for you (ask politely please), label the pieces with their final location label. I.E. give me the jumbled location and I'll tell you how to get it into the neat 1 2 3 format. 4 5 6 7 8 9 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ +++ 4.4. Test of Wits +++ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There are ten questions for each star level. Question 1&2 are one star, 3&4 are two stars, and so on until 9&10 are ten stars. Both quiz levels 1 & 2 share the same set of questions. The Quiz 1 reward is Metalize - Soldier Helm and Quiz 2 (doable starting Chapter 5) reward is Metalize - Fire Horns. If you clear it more than that, you will always get 100 Mystic Jewels as reward. Here is the full list of questions & answers for Quiz 1 & 2. More info from me! There's a Quiz 3, doable starting Chapter 11, which rewards Metalize - Legendary Helmet, there's a few new questions, i.e. Which dragon lives in the Marshes, Sylphy used to live in Elf Village. There's also a Quiz 4 in post-game, which rewards Metalize - ??? Recipe = Power Headdress. I don't have these questions/answers recorded, but if you played the game, most of them aren't that bad. I might do it in the future. (Thank Chai B for the Quiz 1 & 2 question/answer list!!!) ------------ 1 star Which of these is Nanai most skill at performing? Reading minds (1) What is the great field found outside of town? Grana Plains (1) What does Romaioni's shop accept as payment? Mystic Jewels (1) What is the training hall owner? Gustav (1) What is the name of the ruler Xenonbart (1) Who does not appear on Zeno-9 card? Fana (1) What's the name of your own kingdom? Kaleila (1) Who is the ice spirit? Neaki (1) What is the attack that flips monsters but is also a sport in Kaleila? Judgement Link (1) What is the fork in road just south of town that leads to different areas? Crossroads of the world (1) ------------------- 2 stars What shape shield does Heath have? Round (2) You'd better have forgotten my name, right? Georg (2) How are Ellie and Nanai related? Grandma/grandchild (2) I believe you know old man Vis. Where does he store his popularity items? pick-up sack (2) Rudrud's son Gim is interested in what? Town (2) What is the castle above Rohan? Frannelle (2) What is the fat monster seen in the fields? Goblin (2) How many spirits exist in the Book? 4 (2) Granatum Plateau has a specular view. What's another name for the place? Sun Shelf (2) Two twins run a shop in the town center. What's the name of the younger sister? Francesca (2) ------------------- 3 stars Who lives in Fortune-Teller Alley? Rex (3) Pogs are monsters found in the plain. How are they unique? Small (3) What's so striking about maids' pointed hat? They fit well (3) Chimera has three head, what is its middle head? Lion (3) Why is the coast of Shark's Jaw called that? Looks like one (3) Which monster looks like a skull? Evil Spirit (3) Do you remember what chapter 3 of the book talks about? Weapons (3) What is the first sword you equipped? Genesis (3) What is the guardian that protects the Site of Cyril? Torsol (3) Who does Rudrud dislike, and always fights with? Lauca (3) ------------------- 4 stars Where is it that you would nap often? Sunny Hill (4) What was the first flower that you Code Scanned? Blazera (4) What is the name of the wide river that flows to the West of Rhoan Weld River(4) Where is Kamui originally from? Waisen (4) How long did it take 10 people to make thhe large carpet found in castle Frannelle? 15 years (4) How many types of Code shapes exist? 7 (4) When you first met Duran outside of the cemetary, what was he facing? Goblin (4) What's the flower Duran always wears in his hat? Hero Bloom (4) How slow is the clock in Kamui's house? 24 mins (4) What meaning does Dream Grass have? An open mind (4) ------------------- 5 stars There are many benches in Central Park. How many? 13 (5) How many hidden rooms in the witch's house? 7 (5) What's the barrier in Eastern Desert? Lost Zone (5) What meaning does Golden Plant have? Glistening Future (5) Do you remember the color of the vase in your own home? Blue (5) What cookies has a spiral for a design? Wild cookies (5) What do kids call training hall road? Wraith's Domain (5) What is not found in the abandoned house in Rhoan? Water Jug (5) What meaning does Silver Azel have? Giving you support (5) Which flower has the meaming of Comradery? Bug Tree (5) -- Where does Heath first meet Gustav? Tournament Arena ------------ =============================================================================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - 5. Lists - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =============================================================================== ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ +++ 5.1. Titles +++ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -------------------------- <<< 5.1.1. Single Code >>> -------------------------- Fire - FIRE Flaming (Hell-fire) - FIREx6 Forest - FRST Leafy (Woodland) - FRSTx6 Ice - ICE Glacier (Ice Cavern) - ICEx6 Lightning - LING Thunder - LINGx6 Light - LGHT Flash - LGHTx6 Shadow - SHDW Shady - SHDWx6 Stone - STON Obsidian - STONx6 Iron - IRON Steel - IRONx6 Copper - COPR Orichalcum - COPRx6 Silver - SLVR Mithril - SLVRx6 Gold - GOLD Avanium - GOLDx6 Justice - JUST Famed - FAME Fated - FATE Free - FRDM Intelligent (Wisdom) - WSDM Wishful (Desire) - HOPE Sickly - ILL Wealthy (Fortune) - WLTH Bird-loving (Bird) - BIRD Eagle - BIRDx6 (label still stays Bird) Dog-loving (Dog) - DOG Wolf - DOGx6 (label still stays Dog) Cat-loving (Cat) - CAT Tiger - CATx6 (label still stays Cat) Fish-loving (Fish) - FISH Shark - FISHx6 (label still stays Fish) Snake-loving (Snake) - SNKE Dragon - SNKEx6 (label still stays Snake) Bug-loving (Bug) - BUG Scorpion - BUGx6 -------------------------- <<< 5.1.2. Double Code >>> -------------------------- Passionate (Boom) - FIREx4, STNEx3 Burning (Flame) - FIREx5, SLVRx2 Speedy (LightSpeed) - LINGx5, STNE Energetic (Vitality) - HOPE, LGHT Normal - FRDMx2, IRONx2 Thick (Thickness) - IRONx3, HOPEx3 Tired (Rusted) - COPRx3, ILLx3 Prodigious (Prodigy) - WSDMx2, FRDM Bent (Curved) - FRDMx2, SNKEx2 Timid - CAT, ILL Toxic (Toxin) - SNKEx2, ILLx3 Alloy - Any 2 different metals Multifaceted - any 2 different elements Ore - STON, any metal Beast - any 2 different animals Complex - any 2 or more not metal, element, and isn't named... (i.e. HOPE+WLTH) -------------------------- <<< 5.1.3. Triple Code >>> -------------------------- Brilliant (Flare) - FIRE, LGHTx3, GOLD Bursting (Burst) - FIRE, STONx3, BUGx3, Fierce (Champion) - FIREx2, JUST, DOG Chaotic - FIREx3, STON, BIRD Clumsy (Stupid) - WSDM, FRST, COPR Mystery (Mysterious) - WSDMx2, BIRD, FRST Weak (Fragile) - FRST, ILL, SNKE Swill (Aircutter) - FRSTx3, BIRD, IRONx3 Bitter (Hate) - ICE, LING, CAT Passive - FISHx2, ICE. STON Pulverizing (Pulverize) - STONx3, ICEx2, BUG Callous (Frozen) - ICEx3, FISHx3, SLVR Strict (Strictly) - JUSTx2, LING, STON Sincere (Sincerity) - DOGx2, LING, JUST Judgling (Judgment) - LGHTx2, LINGx3, JUST (Thank Kitsuna) Split - LINGx3, IRONx2, BUGx2 Innocent (Genuine) - FRDMx3, LGHT, SHDW Deceiving (Deception) - SHDWx2, LGHT, JUST Tragic (Tragedy) - SHDWx2, LGHT, HOPE Loyal (Loyalty) - JUSTx2, LGHT, DOG Dreamy (Dream) - HOPE, LGHT, FRDM Holy - LGHTx2, HOPEx3, BIRD Exceptional (Superior) - LGHTx3, SLVR, WLTH Discerning (Holy King) - LGHTx3, FAMEx2, JUST Insane (Crazy) - SHDW, HOPE, ILL Demonic (Demon) - SHDWx2, SNKE, FATE Fake - SHDWx2, SNKE, HOPE Wicked - SHDWx4, SNKE, HOPE Giant (Gigantic) - STONx3, FRDM, WSDM Noble (Greatness) - COPR, FAMEx2, JUST Goldhunter (Treasure) - WLTH, SLVRx2, GOLDx2 Twin Blade (Double-headed) - SLVRx2, JUST, DOG Vagrant - CAT, DOG, FRDM Wandering (Wander) - CAT, BIRD, FRDM ----------------------------- <<< 5.1.4. Quadruple Code >>> ----------------------------- Fatal (Fatality) - FIRE, SHDW, JUST, HOPE Dauntless - FIRE, IRON, HOPE, BUG Loving (Love) - FIRE, HOPE, FATE, FRDM Blasting (Blast) - FIREx3, BIRDx2, BUG, IRON Enigmatic (Engima) - CAT, ICE, FRST, FATE Healing - FRST, LGHT, WSDM, CAT Hunter - BIRDx2, FRST, STON, WSDM Strong (Sturdy) - IRONx3, ICE, STNE, BUG Emptiness - ICE, BUG, FRDM, WLTH Lighthearted (LightWt) - BIRDx2, BUG, LING, LGHT Unnoticed (Invisible) - FISHx3, SHDWx2, LING, SNKE Thunderous (Thor) - LINGx2, CATx2, FATE, HOPE Moonlit (Moon) - LGHT, SHDW, COPR, FISH Artisan - LING, SLVRx3, COPRx2, GOLD (Thank Pichai) Kingly (100 King) - GOLDx3, LGHT, ILL, SNKE Rhoan - JUST, LGHT, WLTH, FRDM Forfeited (Forfeit) - SHDW, GOLD, FAME, WLTH Vengeful (Revenge) - SHDW, JUST, FRDM, FATE Darkness - SHDWx2, SNKEx2, BUG, IRON Secretive (Secret) - SHDWx2, WSDMx2, SNKEx2, BUG Secret (Secret) - WSDMx2, BUGx2, STNE, GOLD ----------------------------- <<< 5.1.5. Quintuple Code >>> ----------------------------- Disastrous (Disaster) - FATEx2, FIRE, LING, SHDW, SNKE Famous (Width) - IRONx3, FRST, LGHT, HOPE, DOG Land - SNKEx2, BUGx2, BIRD, STNE, FRST Pure - ICE, LGHT, SLVR, JUST, FISH Explosive (Explosion) - ICEx2, LGHTx2, LING, STNE, IRON Attractive (Attract) - GOLDx2, JUSTx2, LING, FAME, WLTH Mystic (Monster) - SHDWx2, DOGx2, HOPE, IRON, FATE Brutish (Brute) - STON, IRON, BUG, HOPE, JUST Restored (Revival) - GOLDx2, SLVR, COPR, WLTH, FAME ---------------------------- <<< 5.1.6. Sextuple Code >>> ---------------------------- Magical (Magic) - FIRE, FRST, ICE, LING, WSDMx2, HOPE Friendly (Friend) - FIRE, FRST, ICE, LING, CAT, DOG Sturdy (Fortify) - FIRE, STNE, IRON, COPR, SLVRx3, DOG Conceited (Pressure) - COPR, GOLD, SLVR, CAT, WLTH Mighty (Power) - CAT, DOG, FISH, SNKE, BUG, BIRD ---------------------------- <<< 5.1.7. Septaple Code >>> ---------------------------- Creative (Creation) - ICE, FIRE, LING, FRST, FATE, WSDM, HOPE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ +++ 5.2. Flowers +++ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ >>>> Attribute Flowers: <<<< Flower Name | Page | Meaning | Code | Location ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Blazera 303 Passion 2xFIRE Grana Plains 1 Forest Drop 305 Joy 1xFRST Granatum Forest 14 Ice Lily 307 Purity 2xICE Tornaq Ice Cavern 6 Stormlit 309 Intelligence 2xLING Desert Prison Twinkler 311 Honesty 4xLGHT Gr Spear of Mastema 18 Shadowsol 313 Ill intent 2xSHDW Relneia Marshes 8 >>>> Material Flowers: <<<< Flower Name | Page | Meaning | Code | Location ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pagoda 315 Naive charm 1xSTNE Elevation Fury Plant 317 Bravery 1xIRON Castle - Inner Garden Bronze Iris 319 Patience 2xCOPR Eastern Desert 13 Silver Azel 321 Giving you support 1xSLVR Shark Jaw 3 Diaorchid 323 Perfection 1xGOLD Hidden Meia 3 Stone-Cutter 325 A persecuted heart 4xSTNE Wargliss Fortress 2 Iron Orchid 327 Self-love 2xIRON Central Desert 13 Burstbulb 329 Rejection 1xCOPR Mt. Elious 16 Silver Crow 331 Memories SLVR Relneia Marshes 11 Golden Plant 333 A glistening future 3xGOLD Hidden Meia 14 >>>> Concept Flowers: <<<< Flower Name | Page | Meaning | Code | Location ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hero Bloom 335 Sense of 1xJUST Granatum Forest 4 Accomplishment Dream Grass 337 An open mind 1xFAME Tornaq Ice Cavern 18 Karma Flower 339 Repetitive thoughs 1xFATE Underground Lake 4 Stretchus 341 Weightlessness 2xFRDM Ravine of Vulgazzo 3 Flash Gras 343 A sudden flash 1xWSDM Hidden Meia 4 Hope Pod 345 Happy news 1xHOPE Saving Fana sidequest Lingerlom 347 Remaining time 1xILL Central Desert 2 Purse Plant 349 Control 2xWLTH Fortune-Teller Alley >>>> Animal Flowers: <<<< Flower Name | Page | Meaning | Code | Location ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Angel Wings 351 An adventurous 1xBIRD Hunter's Trail 6 spirit Howl Grass 353 Flattery 4xDOG Training Hall Road Cat Flower 355 Moodiness 1xCAT Deep Forest 3 Scaled Grass 357 Going with the flow 1xFISH Grana Plains 3 Jaja Flower 359 Tenacity 1xSNKE Central Desert 3 Bug Tree 361 Comradery 1xBUG Western Desert 17 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ +++ 5.3. Metalizes +++ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Once again, just because you know the code, doesn't mean you can make the item, need to get the Metalize Tablet first. Exception for weapons, if you found the either the special or regular form, you can make the other form without getting the other metalize first. ---------------------------- <<< 5.3.1. Weapons >>> ---------------------------- >>> Sword: <<< Name | Page | Code | Location ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Battle Sword 365 2xCOPR, 2xILL Default at start Gladius 367 FIRE, 3xIRON, JUST Grana Plains 2 Kaleila Sword 369 2xIRON, 2xJUST, 2xDOG Rh Town - Central Park Black Saber 371 3xSHDW, 2xIRON, SNKE News Flash 6) General Sword 373 3xIRON, COPR, 3xJUST, DOG Heath affection event Rune Blade 375 FIRE, FRST, ICE, LING, Buy from Romaioni 2xIRON, 2xWSDM Xenocross 377 3xSLVR, 3xJUST, FAME, 2xWLTH King Xenonbarth event, Dungeon 2 Waiselgand 379 2xIRON, COPR, 2xSLVR, 3xFATE, Prince Valdo event HOPE Excalibur 381 3xLGHT, IRON, 2xSLVR, 3xJUST, Great Spear of Mastema FATE Room 10 gold. Kusanagi 383 3xFRST, LGHT, IRON, GOLD, Hunter's Trail 8 WLTH, 4XSNKE Dark Star 385 2xFRST, 2xICE, IRON, 3xSLVR, Mt. Elious Room 15 gold 2xFATE, 2xWSDM Genesis 387 2xLGHT, 2xSHDW, 5xGOLD, FATE Defeat final boss WSDM, HOPE Fatal Battle 469 FIRE, SHDW, COPR, HOPE, JUST Defeat Nussie Sword ILLx2 Champion Gladius 471 2xFIRE, 3xIRON, JUST, DOG Granatum Forest 12 Common Kaleila 473 2xIRON, 2xJUST, 2xFRDM, 2xDOG Kalcazoth Cave Room 10 Sword gold Demonic Black 475 3xSHDW, 2xIRON, FATE, 2xSNKE Full CP, Grana Plains 10 Saber Brute General 477 STNE, 3xIRON, COPR, 3xJUST Hidden Meia 14, full CP Sword HOPE, DOG, BUG Magic Rune Blade 479 FIRE, FRST, ICE, LING, Buy from Romaioni 2xIRON, 2xWSDM, HOPE Holy King 481 3xLGHT, 3xSLVR, 3xJUST, Full CP King's Quarters Xenocross 2xFAME, 2xWLTH Wicked 483 4xSHDW, 2xIRON, COPR, 2xSLVR Full CP, Princess' Waiselgand 3xFATE, HOPE, SNKE Quarters Holy Excalibur 485 3xLGHT, IRON, 2xSLVR, 3xJUST Mt. Elious Room 18 gold Treasured 487 3xFRST, LGHT, IRON, 3xGOLD, Defeat Ice Dragon Kusanagi 2xWLTH, 4xSNKE Secret Dark 489 2xFRST, 2xICE, STON, IRON, News Flash 27 Star 3xSLVR, GOLD, 2xFATE, 2xWSDM 2xBUG Creation Genesis 491 FIRE, FRST, ICE, LING, 2xLGHT Refight Kullervo, gold 2xSHDW, 5xGOLD, FATE, WSDM, HOPE >>> Katana: <<< Name | Page | Code | Location ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scimitar 389 4xCOPR, FISH Training Hall Room 5 gold Shotel 391 3xIRON, 3xSNKE Buy from Romaioni Bizen Osafune 393 2xLGHT, 5xSLVR Buy from Romaioni Mantis Blade 395 3xCOPR, 2xCAT, 4xBUG Granatum Forest 8, full CP Onikiri 397 7xSLVR, JUST Gustav Event, Wargliss Fortress 3 Muramasa 399 2xSHDW, 4xIRON, 4xFATE, Chapter 4 or Depth of 2xILL Ice Cavern 15 gold Crescent 493 LGHT, SHDW, 4xCOPR, FISH Training Hall Room 11 Scimitar gold Curved Shotel 495 3xIRON, 2xFRDM, 3xSNKE Buy from Romaioni Superior Bizen 497 3xLGHT, 5xSLVR, 2xWLTH Buy from Romaioni Toxic Mantis 499 3xCOPR, 3xILL, 2xCAT, Defeat Forest Dragon Blade 2xSNKE, 4xBUG gold Judgment Onikiri 501 3xLING, 2xLGHT, 7xSLVR, JUST Full CP, Training Hall Bewitching 503 2xSHDW, STON, 4xIRON, 4xFATE Dungeon 9 gold Muramasa 2xILL, 2xDOG >>> Rapier: <<< Name | Page | Code | Location ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Black Feather 401 2xSHDW, IRON, HOPE, 3xBIRD Rex Event Stone Tusk 403 2xFRST, 3xSTON, FRDM, 2xDOG Lauca Event, Granatum Forest 14 Flamberge 405 4xFIRE, STON, IRON, SLVR, Western Desert 19 full CP 2xSNKE Assassin Dagger 407 4xSHDW, IRON, BUG Central Desert 7 Lightning 409 3xLING, STON, 2xIRON, 2xSLVR Zeno-9 prize, matching Dorothea Hauteclaire 411 4xSLVR, 4xWSDM Great Spear of Mastema Room 7 gold Durandal 413 GOLD, 5xJUST, 2xFATE Duran Event, Granatum Forest 4 Friend's Black 505 FIRE, FRST, ICE, LING, 2xSHDW Full CP Rex's House Feather IRON, HOPE, 3xBIRD, DOG, CAT Hunter's Stone 507 2xFRST, 3xSTON, FRDM, WSDM, Full CP Lauca's House Tusk 2xBIRD, 2xDOG Fire Pillar 509 5xFIRE, STON, IRON, 2xSLVR Full CP Eastern Desert 4 Flamberge 2xSNKE Darkness Assassin 511 4xSHDW, IRON, 2xSNKE, 3xBUG Great Spear of Mastema 14 Dagger gold Lightning-Fast 513 5xLING, STON, 2xIRON, 2xSLVR Zeno-9 Prize if get all Lightning regular prizes before News Flash 18 & match Dorothea Pure Hauteclaire 515 ICE, LGHT, 4xSLVR, JUST, Full CP Relneia Marshes 7 4xWSDM, FISH Flaring Durandal 517 FIRE, 3xLGHT, GOLD, 5xJUST Full CP Duran's House 2F 2xFATE >>> Broadsword: <<< Name | Page | Code | Location ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dainslef 415 SHDW, 6xIRON, HOPE, ILL Defeat Amorphes Anwar 417 IRON, 3xSLVR, GOLD, 2xILL, Anwar Event WLTH, CAT, 2xSNKE Laevateinn 419 2xFIRE, 2xIRON, 2xSLVR, GOLD Fire Dragon Room, Prince FATE, FRDM, ILL Valdo Event Thick Dainslef 519 SHDW, 6xIRON, 3xHOPE, ILL News Flash 25) Sandy Anwar 521 IRON, 3xSLVR, 2xGOLD, 2xILL Anwar Event, Prison WLTH, CAT, 2xSNKE Escape Route Demise 523 2xFIRE, LING, SHDW, 2xIRON News Flash 22) Laevateinn 2xSLVR, GOLD, 2xFATE, FRDM, ILL, SNKE >>> Hammer: <<< Name | Page | Code | Location ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Grand Hammer 421 2xFRST, 4xSTON, FRDM Rudrud's House Forest Hammer 423 5xFRST, STON, 3xBIRD Rudrud Event, Granatum Forest 1 Mjollnir 425 4xLING, STON, 4xJUST, 3xFRDM Great Spear of Mastema Room 19 gold Giant's Grand 525 2xFRST, 4xSTON, FRDM, WSDM Full CP Beast's Lair Hammer Vast Forest 527 5xFRST, STON, 3xBIRD, 2xSNKE Full CP Hunter's Trail 10 Hammer 2xBUG Thor's Mjollnir 529 4xLING, STON, 4xJUST, FATE, Hidden Meia 2, full CP 3xFRDM, HOPE, 2xCAT >>> Axe: <<< Name | Page | Code | Location ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Iron Beak 427 4xIRON, 3xBIRD Buy from Romaioni Cyclops 429 2xLING, IRON, SLVR, 3xFATE Great Spear of Mastema 4xHOPE Room 3 gold Split Iron Beak 531 3xLING, 4xIRON, 3xBIRD, 2xBUG Full CP Ravine of Vulg 2 Artisan's 533 2xLING, IRON, 2xCOPR, 3xSLVR Mt. Elious Room 12, gold Cyclops >>> Mace: <<< Name | Page | Code | Location ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Spiked Mace 431 2xFIRE, 3xSHDW, 4xIRON Buy from Romaioni Hecatonchires 433 IRON, SLVR, 3xFATE, 3xSNKE, Full CP Dungeon 8 3xBUG Pulverizing 535 2xFIRE, 2xICE, 3xSHDW, 3xSTON Relneia Marshes 9 Full CP Spiked Mace 4xIRON, BUG 100 King 537 LGHT (not FIRE like in game), News Flash 19 Hecatonchires IRON, SLVR, 3xGOLD, 3xFATE, ILL, 3xSNKE, 3xBUG >>> Bomb: <<< Name | Page | Code | Location ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Napalm Bomb 435 3xFIRE, 2xSTON, 2xIRON Tornaq Ice Caverns 7 gold Kaleila Bomb 437 3xFIRE, 3xSTON, IRON, 3xJUST Zeno-9 prize, matching Guri Guri Dynamite 439 5xFIRE, STON, IRON, 3xBUG Central Desert 11 Bombing Napalm 539 4xFIRE, 3xSTON, 2xIRON Site of Cyril 25 gold Bomb Bursting Kaleila 541 3xFIRE, 3xSTON, IRON, 3xJUST Zeno-9 prize if get all Bomb 2xFAME, 2xBUG regular prizes before News Flash 18, match Guri Bursting Dynamite 543 5xFIRE, 3xSTON, IRON, 3xBUG Eastern Desert 18 full CP >>> Barrel Bomb: <<< Name | Page | Code | Location ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Remote Barrel 441 FIRE, STON, IRON, WSDM, HOPE Western Desert 13 full CP 3xSNKE, 4xBUG Haochy Soul 443 4xFIRE, 3xFRST, STON, IRON Haochy Event, Site of 4xWSDM Cyril 23 Spirit Bomb 445 3xFIRE, 3xFRST, 3xICE, Depths of the Ice Cave 19 3xLING, STON, IRON gold Searing Remote 545 FIRE, 4xLGHT, STON, IRON, Depths of the Ice Cave 12 Barrel WSDM, HOPE, 3xSNKE, 4xBUG gold Blasting Haochy 547 4xFIRE, 3xFRST, STON, IRON Haochy's House full CP Soul 4xWSDM, 2xBIRD, BUG Exploding Spirit 549 3xFIRE, 3xFRST, 3xICE, 3xLING Mt. Elious 17 gold Bomb 2xLGHT, STON, IRON >>> Dagger: <<< Name | Page | Code | Location ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Throwing Star 447 2xSHDW, IRON, BIRD, 2xSNKE, Talk to Olly in Chapter 3xBUG 4, Central Desert 12 Tomahawk 449 2xLING, 3IRON, FRDM, 4xBIRD Great Spear of Mastema BUG 16, gold Shadow Fang 451 5xSHDW, IRON, 3xBIRD, 2xBUG Nanai Event, Western Desert 5 Hidden Throwing 551 2xSHDW, IRON, 2xWSDM, BIRD, Western Desert 18, full Star 2xSNKE, 3xBUG CP Wind Cutter 553 3xFRST, 2xLING, 3xIRON, FRDM, Relneia Marshes 13, full Tomahawk 4xBIRD, BUG CP Invisible 555 LING, 5xSHDW, IRON, 3xBIRD, Nanai's House 2F, full Shadow Fang 3xFISH, SNKE, 2xBUG CP >>> Bowgun: <<< Arbalest 453 3xIRON, 3xSLVR, 3xJUST, BIRD Site of Cyril 10, gold Ice Bolt 455 4xICE, LING, IRON, 3xJUST, Tornaq Ice Caverns 12, BIRD gold Fortified 557 FIRE, STON, 3xIRON, COPR, Mt. Elious Room 19, Arbalest 3xSLVR, 3xJUST, BIRD, DOG Gold Metal Frozen Ice 559 4xICE, LING, IRON, SLVR, Weld River 2, full CP Bolt 3xJUST, BIRD, 3xFISH >>> Gun: <<< Blunderbuss 457 4xSTON, IRON, 2xGOLD, 3xJUST, Talk to Ellie after Olly BIRD dies, Site of Cyril 22 Dragoon 459 LING, IRON, 5xJUST, FAME, Zeno-9 prize, match 3xBIRD, 2xSNKE Xenonbart Chaotic 561 3xFIRE, 4xSTON, IRON, 2xGOLD Relneia Marshes 12, full Blunderbuss 3xJUST, BIRD CP Soul-Piercing 563 LING, IRON, 2xGOLD, 5xJUST Zeno-9 prize if get all Dragoon FAME, WLTH, 3xBIRD, 2xSNKE regular prizes before News Flash 18, match Xenonbart >>> Shield: <<< Knight Shield 461 3xIRON, 3xFAME, 3xDOG Buy from Romaioni Sparatan Guard 463 3xIRON, 3xJUST, FAME, 2xFRDM, Waisen Empire Camp DOG Guardian 465 5xIRON, 4xJUST, FAME, DOG, BUG Defeating Torsol Aegis 467 STON, 2xSLVR, 3xFAME, 3xWSDM, Defeat Tuoni, gold metal SNKE Sincere Knight 565 LING, 3xIRON, JUST, 3xFAME, Eastern Desert 16, full Shield 3xDOG CP Sturdy Sparatan 567 ICE, STON, 3xIRON, 3xJUST, Great Spear of Mastema Guard FAME, 2xFRDM, DOG, BUG 12, gold Wide Guardian 569 FRST, LGHT, 5xIRON, 4xJUST, Depths of the Ice FAME, HOPE, DOG, BUG Caverns 6, gold Lightweight 571 LING, LGHT, STON, IRON, SNKE, Shark Jaw 2, full CP Aegis 2xSLVR, 3xFAME, 3xWSDM, BUG, 2xBIRD ---------------------------- <<< 5.3.2. Accessories >>> ---------------------------- >>> Hat: <<< Name | Page | Code | Location ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pointed Hat 573 ICE, 3xJUST, 5xWSDM Buy from Romaioni Hero's Hat 575 4xLGHT, 5xJUST, 3xHOPE Duran's House 1F, full CP Ant Feelers 577 IRON, 11xBUG News Flash 3 or buy from Romaioni post-game King's Crown 579 3xGOLD, 3xJUST, 3xFAME, Escape Route 5, full CP 2xWSDM, 5xWLTH >>> Helmet: <<< Name | Page | Code | Location ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Soldier Helmet 581 2xIRON, 4xSLVR, 3xJUST Test of Wits Quiz 1 reward Fire Horns 583 7xFIRE, 3xFRDM, 2xCAT Test of Wits Quiz 2 reward Legendary Helmet 585 7xSLVR, 4xFAME, 5xFATE Test of Wits Quiz 3 reward >>> Hair Decoration: <<< Name | Page | Code | Location ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ribbon 587 4xLGHT, 4xFATE Buy from Romaioni Forest Flower 589 7xFRST, 5xBIRD Granatum Forest 11, full Decoration CP Cat Ears 591 IRON, 11xCAT News Flash 14 or buy from Romaioni post-game >>> Headband: <<< Name | Page | Code | Location ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Power Headdress 593 5xFRST, 5xSTON, 6xBIRD Test of Wits Quiz 4 reward >>> Glasses: <<< Name | Page | Code | Location ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Spirit Seal 595 5xLING, 4xFATE, 3xILL Great Spear of Mastema 5 gold Magic Glasses 597 3xFRST, JUST, 4xWSDM, 4xHOPE Site of Cyril 18, gold >>> Breastplate: <<< Name | Page | Code | Location ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Soldier 599 FIRE, 4xIRON, 4xJUST Wargliss Fortress 4, full Breastplate CP Onyx Armor 601 4xSHDW, IRON, 4xSLVR, 3xWSDM News Flash 15 Legendary Armor 603 5xLGHT, IRON, 3xSLVR, 3xGOLD, Hidden Meia 12, gold 4xFAME >>> Belt: <<< Name | Page | Code | Location ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Master's Sash 605 4xSTON, 3xJUST, SNKE Show 20 flowers to Kamui Archer's Belt 607 5xLGHT, FRDM, 4xBIRD Sylphy Event King's Belt 609 FIRE, 4xGOLD, 5xFAME, 6xWLTH Central Desert 6, full CP Dog Tail 611 COPR, 11xDOG News Flash 10 or buy from Romaioni post-game Snake Tail 613 COPR, 11xSNKE News Flash 24 or buy from Romaioni post-game Fish Fin 615 COPR, 11xFISH News Flash 20 or buy from Romaioni post-game >>> Wings: <<< Name | Page | Code | Location ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Custom Booster 617 5xFIRE, IRON, 7xFRDM, 3xWSDM Pay 5000 Mystic Jewels to Romaioni, Chapter 5 Ice Wings 619 7xICE, 3xHOPE, 2xBIRD Defeat Amorphes Demon Wings 621 7xSHDW, FATE, 4xBIRD Defeat Perkele White Wings 623 1xCOPR, 11xBIRD News Flash 21 or buy from Romaioni post-game ---------------------------- <<< 5.3.3. Items >>> ---------------------------- >>> Bread: <<< Name | Page | Code | Location ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cure Bread 625 FIRE, 2xLGHT, 2xHOPE Grana Plains 11, full CP Pancake 627 6xFIRE, 3xLGHT Show Kamui 10 flowers >>> Cookie: <<< Name | Page | Code | Location ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wild Cookie 629 5xFIRE, 4xFRDM Hunter's Trail 9 Gold Cookie 631 5xFIRE, 2xGOLD, 5xHOPE Talk to Mayor after participating in all Judgment Link Cups >>> Cake: <<< Name | Page | Code | Location ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cream Cake 633 3xICE, 3xFRDM Fro Event, Castle Dining Hall Dorothean 635 3xFIRE, 3xFAME Dorothea Event >>> Bottle: <<< Name | Page | Code | Location ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Potion 637 LGHT, SHDW, 2xHOPE Jail at end of Chapter 4 Elixir 639 4xFRST, 3xICE, 8xFATE News Flash 21, participate in arenas Fruit Juice 641 5xFRST, 2xFRDM Fana's House 1F full CP Elf Tears 643 3xFRST, 2xFATE, 2xBIRD Sylphy Event Perfume 645 4xICE, 3xCAT Vis Event >>> Meat: <<< Name | Page | Code | Location ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- BBQ Meat 647 3xFIRE, 3xFRDM Eastern Desert 17 Grade-A Steak 649 6xFIRE, 3xFAME, 3xFRDM Mt. Elious 3, gold >>> Doll: <<< Name | Page | Code | Location ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stuffed Animal 651 LGHT, FRDM, HOPE Fana Event Wooden Voodoo 653 4xSHDW, HOPE, ILL Talk to Mayor after Doll participating in all Judgment Link Cups Antique Doll 655 FRST, ICE, 2xFATE, 2xCAT Rex Event >>> Grass: <<< Name | Page | Code | Location ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Foxtail 657 FRST, HOPE, 2xCAT News Flash 10 Herb 659 3xFRST, 2xFRDM Vis Event, Eastern Big Tree Medicine Plant 661 3xFRST, ILL, 2xBUG Kamui's House, full CP Desert Flower 663 3xSTON, 2xHOPE, SNKE Show Kamui all flowers =============================================================================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 6. Credits - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =============================================================================== Thanks for reading. Thank Jon jno for letting me play. Thank you e-mailers! At least, I know someone's actually reading, hehe. Thank Kitsuna Tyakoto for the 6x gold code, judgment code, and some info on the 3rd level of Romaioni's shop, info on the ??? recipe unlocked by Goblin King News Flash. Thank Sakura Moon for sending me 3x3s to solve, so that I actually had to ponder about an algorithm instead of just going by instinct and have an example to use. Thank Chai B for making a much more organized Test of Wits Quiz 1 & Quiz 2 question list. Thank code4u, suchiuomizu, Stanley Wang, drix, sheepheavenly, JP, KK, Evan for information contributes too. Thank Fiona G. for alternate Torsol strat, plus info on nanai/anwar quest start time, judgment link prizes not completely missable. Thank Nakochan17 for a few additions. Thank Pichai for side character aspirations and a few other contributes. Thank those who wished to be unnamed. Thank Crush Melody for non-lazy site of cyril 19. OO, and I found http://matomewiki.com/avaloncode/!!! Making my life much easier!!! Thank the game makers as usual. Don't use this FAQ without author permission please. Comments, Requests, More info, etc., etc. please e-mail: heliums@juno.com Read before e-mailing me the following questions: 1) What are CPs, Tablets, Metalizes, Titles? Pay attention to the game tutorial... they're there for a reason. CP = page/book's points, usually seen in the lower right corner of bottom DS screen. Your book levels up when enough points are collected (see News Flash). Tablets are the things you scan, they can contain Metalizes (recipes for weapons/items) or stat boosts. Titles (see the title's section) when given to people/things/etc. can alter CP and power. 2) Why doesn't path to Room ## open? Make sure you get gold in the room that leads to it. 3) Why doesn't the game register "Title" weapon/weapons? Make sure you have no other codes on the weapon, if the requirement says "weapons," equip it on both hands and be sure to use both (i.e. don't equip on the left hand but use the right hand weapon only). 4) Where do I find this metalize? Ctrl-f Metalize - Name or look in the new Metalize list section!! They're all there now. 5) Did you know there are better algorithms for slider puzzles online? Yes, but I'm not going to crowd my FAQs with them, google them yourself.