Warriors Orochi

Guan Yu FAQ
By Dan DeLongchamp / Guan Yuber

Version 0.75

Table of Contents

I - Introduction (GYI)
II - Guan Yu's Moveset (GYM)
III - Guan Yu's Weapons/Attributes (GyW)
IV - Guan Yu's Strategy (GYS)
V - Guan Yu's Complementary Party Members (GYC)
VI - Treasure Locations for Weapon Upgrades (GYTL)
      VIa - Malachite (GYTLM)
      VIb - Phoenix Wing (GYTLP)
      VIc - Dragon's Spleen (GYTLD)
      VIc - Lion's Fang (GYTLL)
      VId - Chimera Shell (GYTLS)
      VIe - Jeweled Branch (GYTLJ)
      VIf - Bowl of Buddha (GYTLB)
      VIg - Fire Rat's Skin (GYTLF)
      VIh - Swallow's Shell (GYTLSh)
VII - Guan Yu's Story Mode Runthrough (GYSM)
VIII - Guan Yu's Dream Mode Levels (GYD)
IX - Contact Information (GYMC)
X - Credits (GYPE)
XI - Legal Information (GYLI)
XII - Version Update History (GYVUH)


I - Introduction    (GYI)


Hi there, everybody.  My name's Dan and this is my first FAQ submitted to
GameFAQs.  I've worked on a couple projects before, but never managed to finish
them.  I made this FAQ because there is a severe lack of FAQs for this
particular game, and because Guan Yu is probably my favorite character in
any KOEI game.

My love for Dynasty Warriors began with Dynasty Warriors 3.  I played it once
or twice, and ended up buying 4, because it came out at that point.  Guan Yu
was the first character I beat Dynasty Warriors 3 and 4 with.  It wasn't until
much later that I realized that Dynasty Warriors reflected actual history and
quickly became infatuated with Guan Yu's personality and personal history.

I'll spare you that information and a whole section on how to unlock Guan Yu,
because 1: It's frivolous, and 2: Because he's unlocked at the beginning.


II - Guan Yu's Moveset (GYM)


Guan Yu carries a weapon called the "Guandao."  It is unknown whether he
actually wielded that weapon, as it wasn't popularized until the Qing Dynasty,
but there are speculations that he was the inventor, hence the name "Guandao."
It has gone by many names, but is referred to in the Dynasty Warriors series
as the "Blue Dragon," which is what I will be referring to it as.

His moveset is primarily for crowd-clearing.  He can clear out a room in a
matter of seconds, since his attacks move in such a wide arc (save for S3 and
S5).  Killing enemy officers is a hastle, as his attacks are cumbersome,
allowing the opponent ample time to guard.  His special move helps a bit, but as
it only lasts a short period of time, doesn't allow the player to be to 
reliant on it.  But we'll get into that later.

Key: S = Square, T = Triangle, C = Circle, X equals.....X.

S - Guan Yu makes a wide arc from left to right.
SS (S2) - Guan Yu makes a wide arc from the right to left.
SSS (S3) - Guan Yu stabs straight ahead with Blue Dragon.
SSSS (S4) - Same as S, but has a wider berth.
SSSSS (S5) - Guan Yu swings Blue Dragon downard toward the ground.
SSSSSS (S6) - Same as S.
SSSSSSS (S7) - Same as S2.
SSSSSSSS (S8) - Same as S3.
SSSSSSSSS (S9) - Same as T4 (see below).
XS - Guan Yu swings in an arc below him.  Knocks the enemy down.

Most enemies can be taken out with S4, but you shouldn't use the square arsenal
alone to take down enemies, let alone officers.  Which brings me to the
triangle arsenal.  Note: Using any triangle attack will break a Gate Captain's
shield, if it hasn't already.

T - Guan Yu leaps forward, spinning Blue Dragon in front of him, which hits
    all enemies in front of him.
TT (T2) - Guan Yu swings Blue Dragon upward in front of him, leaving his
          unlucky opponent in the air, helpless to the inevitable juggle that
          that awaits him.
TTT (T3) - Guan Yu goes into a series of upward diagonal slashes that lasts
           anywhere from three to seven hits.  The last hit (if the opponent
           is not guarding, course) will cause the enemy to flinch, but will
           not stun him like most Dynasty Warriors T3s.
TTTT (T4) - Guan Yu spins around and hits everyone within a 180-degree radius,
            and sends them hurtling, damaging any soldiers they happen to
            encounter during their flight.
TTTTT (T5) - Same as T2, but has a larger range.
TTTTTT (t6) - Guan Yu charges, then swings Blue Dragon, which sends a shockwave
              in all directions, breaking the enemy's guard.
XT - Guan Yu swings Blue Dragon underneath him, a la XS, but also crashes to
     the ground afterward.  I have not mastered this move yet, so I still
     find no great use for it as I do with other Dynasty Warriors' XTs.

I'll get into good triangle moves for Guan Yu in a minute, but first...

C - Guan Yu's Musou.  This is what really makes Guan Yu a crowd clearer.
    I don't usually use Musou attacks in Warriors Orochi, but if you're
    surrounded on all sides, this attack helps like you wouldn't believe.
    Guan Yu will spin Blue Dragon in a full 360 circle, juggling anyone that
    is unlucky enough to get caught up in the maelstrom.  It's downfall is that
    it's not very useful during one-on-ones.

C (When low on health) - Guan Yu's True Musou, which can only be triggered when
                         his health is in the red area.  It's the same in
                         every way, except it ends with Guan Yu spinning Blue
                         Dragon above his head and creating a whirlwind,
                         sending all within range away in every direction.

R1 - Guan Yu's special Strength ability.  He leaps high into the air, then
     crashes to the ground shouting, "You shall fall!"  This attack is good
     for getting behind a pesky officer's guard, but more importantly, it
     increases Guan Yu's attack speed for a short period of time.  This attack
     can also be used to assist a struggling officer that's fighting several
     enemy officers, because it works the same way as T4 does, in that it sends
     anyone within range flying, giving the struggling officer a break and
     allowing you to pick your target.

And now, the moves that make Guan Yu a character worth using.

S8 - By the time you reach this attack, most of the enemies around you should
     be dead.  I personally don't like using S9 or S10, because I like keeping
     my enemies close by so I can continue a juggle with another character.  If
     I am to send the juggle to another character, or "alley-oop," if you will,
     I usually use...

T1 - I never used this move much in DW4 or 5, but the guys at Koei really
     seemed to revamp this move for maximum spammability.  It has a MUCH larger
     range than it did in previous titles, and is great for a quick disarm
     of a Gate Captain.  Another great thing about T1 is that it has an
     automatic fire element added to it, so anyone that gets caught in it
     immediately catches on fire, regardless of the elements already on your
     weapon.  Which means, if you time it right, or if you use Guan Yu's R1
     beforehand, you'll be able to start a good long juggle with an officer
     after using T1, which provides maximum damage for as long as he's off
     his feet or off the ground.

T3 - This move is probably Guan Yu's most spammable move.  I usually use it
     twice, because the enemy will be struck higher into the air on the last
     strike, leaving me plenty of time to swap characters and continue the
     juggling performance.  Plus, it doesn't have the downside that T5 does;
     that is, the opponent can sometimes rebound while still in the air, and
     if you use T3, that ability disappears unless you use T3 a third time.

T6 - This is a much better move than it is in DW5, for one reason.  Guan Yu
     is of the Strength class, which means that his attacks won't be
     interrupted.  What I didn't like about this move was that it took SO long
     to charge, that half the time, I didn't finish it before someone else
     attacked me.  Now you can use it without worrying about the enemy breaking
     your combo.  Plus, it breaks the enemy's guard, which is good when you're
     in a hurry when defeating a pesky officer that spams his guard.

Here's the moves I don't recommend you use too often for Guan Yu.  Again, this
is my personal belief.  If you disagree, feel free to use it, or better yet,
tell me, and I'll try it out for myself.

T2 - This one's good for starting a juggle or alley-ooping, but provides
     minimal damage.  You're better off using T5 or T3.

T4 - Guan Yu is a character that needs his enemies within range to be
     effective, not scattered about.  This move kind of defeats that purpose.
     It has it's uses when you're trying to retreat, but come on, you're
     playing as Guan Yu.  Who retreats as Guan Yu?  Seriously, though.  It's
     much more worthwhile to defeat your enemies using moves like T1 and

T5 - This one, I'm kind of on the edge on.  I use this one occasionally, but
     it's not as good as it was in Dynasty Warriors 4, and for that reason,
     I don't use it a lot anymore.  There's really nothing wrong with it,
     I just think that you're better suited for maximum damage if you spam

XS - It's just not worth using, unless you want to catch the enemy on the kick-
     up afterward.  I don't understand these kind of attacks, because they
     aren't really good for anything, even starting a juggle.

XT - It's not a whole lot different from XS, save for it hits enemies all
     around.  But that's the point.  If it's not good for anything, even
     juggling, then it's really not worth using.  And unless you time it just
     right, the first downward swing is useless.

Guan Yu on a Horse?  Here's the rundown of those moves.

S - Basically, his attacks are comprised of him swinging Blue Dragon down one
    one side of his horse to the other.  Six times.  It's boring.

T - Same thing, but it sends the enemies soaring.

C - Same thing.  Sends the enemies soaring on the first hit, and is faster than
    the regular horse attacks.

I DON'T recommend using Guan Yu for horse attacks too much.  The attacks are
slow, and because he changes sides for each hit, there's plenty of time for
an enemy to recover and knock you off.  And everybody hates getting knocked
off their horse.  I prefer Zhou Tai, Ma Chao, or some of the SW 
characters/Others like Nobunaga Oda or Yoshitsune Minamoto.

To sum up, here's some pros and cons of Guan Yu's character.

+   Powerhouse.  His moves aren't interrupted.
+   He has an incredibly long range and a solid moveset.
+   Clears crowds in an instant, especially with his Musou.

-   Slow attacker.
-   Not good for solo runs, especially against officers.
-   His special move, while useful, lasts for a painfully short time.


III - Guan Yu's Weapons/Attributes (GYW)


Guan Yu's weapons are as follows:

Crescent Blade (ATK 11)

Moon Blade (ATK 24)

Blue Dragon (ATK 36)

Blue Moon Dragon (ATK 88)

Now, before I give you the attributes that I prefer to use with Guan Yu's
weapon, let me give you a quick run-through on what each attribute does,
that way you can get a better idea as to why I chose those particular

Fire - Causes the enemy to catch on fire.  Perfect for juggles, especially
       because it comes during a charge.

Bolt - Strikes enemies nearby to deal damage, and also causes the enemy to
       crumble in an incredibly slow fashion.

Ice - Freezes the enemy in place.  In a way, this is better than Fire,  because
      the enemy can't guard while he's getting pounded, and because attacks
      on the ground do more damage than jugglers.

Flash - Breaks the opponent's guard.

Multi - Causes doppelgangers to appear along with you during a charge attack.

Agility - Increases speed of weapon's swing.

Range - Improves the range of the weapon.

Air - Increases the strength of attacks while the enemy is being juggled.

Might - Increases weapon strength.

Rage - Greatly increases strength by draining life.

Brave - Increases strength against enemy officers.

Slay - Does extra damage on enemy officers and has a chance of killing peons
       in a single hit.  I know there's some mathematics/statistics behind it,
       but I don't know what they are.  Frankly, I don't care.  If it works,
       woohoo.  If it doesn't, I don't notice.

Drain - Takes life from the enemy and feeds it to you, you greedy thing you. As
        far as I know, it only works once per Charge attack.  Meaning, only
        once if you use Guan Yu's T3.

Absorb - Same as Drain, but it takes Musou instead of Life.

Now, the attributes I find are most compatible with Guan Yu's moveset.

Might - It's just added strength.  Meaning, Guan Yu only gets stronger.  Every
        character should have this on their weapon.

Fire - It makes juggle-starter attacks (T2, T5) more worth using than they are
       without Fire.

Ice - It's a good complement for Fire, despite the fact that only one can
      happen at a time.  Both are great set-ups for big damage dealers.

Range - Guan Yu's range is already great.  Why not make it INCREDIBLE?  This
        only improves his crowd-clearing ability.

Agility - This does a lot for Guan Yu's officer-bashing ability.  His attacks
          still come slower than when he uses his special, but it makes him
          less frustrating while fighting officers.

Air - Another useful attribute that improves his ability to fight enemy

Absorb - I don't usually like these, but if you like to rely on Guan Yu's
         special a lot, then this is nice for a quick Musou Recovery.

Slay - A useless ability when it comes to infantry units, as Guan Yu can kill
       them in an instant, but it helps when fighting enemy officers.

Here are some attributes that I think are interchangable.

Bolt - If you like watching several enemies crumbling in front of you, this is
       a fun one, but Guan Yu can clear rooms fast enough by himself.

Rage - If you want the extra boost in strength at the cost of your health, then
       this is something you should consider.  Meat Buns are abundant enough,
       and you can always switch out if you get low.  Also, it usually needs to
       be linked with Drain.

Flash - Helps if you're using Guan Yu in a solo run, but again, he'll
        probably be taking a break whenever an officer is around.

Here are attributes I think are useless, no matter who you're using.

Drain - Like I said before, it's okay if you're using it with Rage, but I think
        this is a useless one, if you think about the sheer amount of meat buns
        lying throughout the level, not to mention you can switch out if you're
        getting low.  Not worth adding to your weapon.

Multi - This one's not worth using because I've hardly ever seen Multi work.
        Whenever it does, it does VERY little, and can sometimes be


After reading a suggestion from bluecrimson217, I tried my hand at replacing
Guan Yu's weapon's Fire, Ice, and Absorb with Mutli, Flash, and Bolt.  Bolt
drastically improved his crowd-clearing ability, while Multi and Flash helped
immensely against enemy officers.  I highly recommend using this as an exchange
for the above if you want to use Guan Yu as an officer-killer.


Weapon Upgrades is one of the updates to WO2.  It grants the wielder special
upgrades depending on what is equipped.  The more powerful the upgrade, the
more necessary weapon attributes are required to upgrade your weapon.  Two of
the three upgrades I have chosen most fit for Guan Yu are, unfortunately, Level
3 upgrades, which means you will have a bit of work to do before you can
upgrade his weapon to a high level.  The upgrades I have chosen are as follows:

Evasion (Level 2 Upgrade): Requires the Malachite Treasure.
Attributes necessary:
-Flash 1
-Drain 1
-Range 1
-Rage 1

Evasion reduces the amount of damage you take from attacks, which is useful for
Guan Yu because he'll spend so much time in the center of the fray.

Revival (Level 3 Upgrade): Requires the Phoenix Wing, Dragon's Spleen, Lion's
                           Fang, and Chimera Shell Treasures.
Attributes necessary:
-Ice 2
-Flash 2
-Drain 2
-Absorb 2
-Range 2
-Multi 2
-Agility 2
-Rage 2

Revival delivers what it promises: It restores life if it reaches zero ONCE.
Don't rely too heavily on it.  Switch out if you have to. XD

Almighty (Level 3 Upgrade): Requires the Jeweled Branch, Bowl of Buddha, Fire
                            Rat's Skin, and Swallow's Shell Treasures.
Attributes necessary:
-Flame 2
-Ice 2
-Bolt 2
-Flash 2
-Slay 2
-Absorb 2
-Brave 2
-Might 2

Almighty turns whoever you're playing as into a Zuo Ci-style character, ie. 
every attack has some form of attribute to it, as long as you're Musou is full.
Which means you'll probably be saving your Musou attacks until you're straight

*NOTE!*  Information on how to recieve the treasures above will be listed later
in the FAQ.


IV -Guan Yu's Strategy (GYS)


Strategy is a another of a few new additions to Warriors Orochi 2.  It is
triggered by defeating a certain amount of troops or enemy officers.  It grants
certain improvements to your army, such as improved strength or morale.

Guan Yu's strategy is Face Off, which is triggered by defeating 300 troops.

It's a fairly easy strategy to trigger, especially for Guan Yu, since he is
very good at killing enemy troops quickly.  Face Off increases troop strength
when fighting enemy officers, which can quickly overwhelm them if they're in
just a little too deep.


V - Guan Yu's Complementary Party Members (GYC)


Guan Yu is a great player, but he's not perfect.  Some of the flaws with Guan
Yu are his sub-par horse attack and his poor officer-killing skills.  Who you
want to use to complement these skills depends on what you personally like, but
here are some characters that help make Guan Yu's team a perfect one.

Good on a horse (keep in mind, these are in no particular order):
*Nobunaga Oda - Attacks fiercely, and only strikes on his right side.
*Yoshitsune Minamoto - Steady, but fierce, attack on his right side.
*Ma Chao - Probably the best of the DW horsemen.  Has the broadest range of
          the vast majority of horsemen.
*Xing Cai - Attacks both sides, but with much wider range than most.  Also
           strikes fast.
*Zhou Tai - Same thing as Ma Chao, but with shorter range.
*Sima Yi/Zhuge Liang - You might be wondering why I put these two down.  Well,
                      they release their fans and swing it in a 90-degree
                      wave depending on which way they're swinging, so they
                      always hit enemies in front of them.
*Zhao Yun - Same as Xing Cai.
*Zuo Ci - Solid attack on both sides.
*Zhang He - Fierce and quick attack on both sides.  Not as long a range, though.
*Cao Pi - Same as Zhang He, but with slightly longer range.
*Shingen Takeda - Whacks 'em good on his right side.
*Sakon Shima - For the size of the falchion he carries, he's got a FAST swing.

Those are the good horsemen in MY eyes.  If there are others, then either I
haven't used them, or I don't see them as worthy enough to be good horsemen.

*Lu Bu - Duh.
*Orochi - I was trying to avoid him, but...It's OROCHI.
*Musashi Miyamoto - A solid, quick moveset in addition to his T2 makes him
                   a force to be reckoned with.
*Jiang Wei - Solid movement that keeps the enemy one the ropes.
*Xu Huang - Shorter range than most polearm users, but hits HARD.
*Zhang Liao/Lu Meng - Almost the same moveset.  Zhang Liao is slightly
                     stronger, but both are powerful.
*Xiahou Dun - Hits hard and fast.  A lunging moveset lets him get around the
             enemy's guard in a hurry.
*Sun Quan/Sun Jian - Probably the best of the sword leaders (Sun Quan, Liu Bei,
                    Cao Cao...), as their attacks are VERY strong.
*Sun Ce - Painfully short range, but if it connects, they're not going anywhere.
*Zhou Tai - Another great moveset, especially if his weapon carries Flash.
*Ling Tong - LIGHTNING-quick movements make him great for dispatching officers
            in a hurry.
*Yoshitsune Minamoto - Can get behind an enemy's guard by stabbing them with his
                      T6 and T7.  His flaw lies within his final five attacks,
                      which send him lunging back and forth, making it
                      difficult to connect after that.
*Zuo Ci - Elements galore.  He's got a great moveset and can easily travel
         around an opponent's guard.
*Keiji/Toshiie Maeda - Two hard hitters.  And they won't flinch while charging,
                      so there's very little the enemy can do about it.
*Nobunaga Oda - T2 > Your enemy.
*Tadakatsu Honda - Insane range, but his T attacks leave something to be 
*Katsuie Shibata - Hard hitter, and pretty fast for someone carrying two axes.
*Ginchiyo Tabiyana - Her R1 can tear through an opponent's guard, and afterward,
                    they are wide open to her power-enhanced blade.  Hack away.

As you can see, the Officer-killers leaves a much wider array for you to choose
from.  But as I said, it's all who YOU think is best.  I'm sure some say that
Wei Yan is a great officer-killer, but I have trouble with his range, which
seems even shorter than some of the swordsmen (Liu Bei, etc.)

You should be able to get a well-rounded party with these choices.  If it's
one of each class (Strength, Technique, and Speed) you're after, than I prefer
Guan Yu (Strength), Musashi Miyamoto (Tech), and Jiang Wei (Speed).  If you
just want a well-rounded party like me, than I prefer the party of Guan Yu,
Musashi Miyamoto, and Yoshitsune Minamoto.  If you feel that I've made a
TRAGIC mistake in my logic, feel free to email me, and I'll judge for myself.


VI - Treasure Locations for Weapon Upgrades (GYTL)


VIa - Malchite (GYTLM)

Battlefield - Battle of Shizugatake (Wei Chapter 3)
Requirements - Turn the Noble to Your Side, and destroy the enemy siege

This one's a bit tricky.  It's tough to determine when everything happens.
Just follow my walkthrough, though, and everything will be peaches and green.

At the start of the battle, immediately go north and clear the area a little
bit.  Defeat Yuan Shu and take out the Juggernauts in the immediate area.  Head
to the west down the bypath and take out the Gate Captain to help keep your
allies on the front line from getting overwhelmed.  Afterward, head east and
head south toward your own gate, clearing out enemies on the way.  Make sure
that all the enemies up to the main camp are cleared away to leave room for Xun
You to get through in a hurry.  After the area is cleared, head back north and
defeat Xin Ping.  He should be just outside the gate Yuan Tan is inside.  Once
that is accomplished, feel free to clear out the rest of the immediate area a
little, but don't overextend yourself and kill enemy officers left and right.

By around 57 minutes, Zhang He should divulge a plan and send Xun You to meet
with Yuan Tan.  If you cleared out the area, it shouldn't take long for him
to arrive.  Yuan Tan will then defect to the Wei army.  Jiang Wei and Yuan
Shao will converse and Jiang Wei will attempt to deliver a letter to Yuan Xi.
Head north on the eastern side of the garrison Yuan Tan was inside and wait by
the castle gates.  Kill some enemy officers inside if you wish, but don't
destroy the rest of the Juggernauts just yet.  Also, if you decide to defeat
some of the enemy officers inside, be sure to keep a close eye on Jiang Wei's
unit to make sure he doesn't get too far so you can't defeat him before he
reaches Yuan Xi.

Defeat Jiang Wei, and Yuan Xi will defect.  Only after Yuan Xi is defeated can
you destroy the remainder of the Juggernauts.  The treasure alert should appear
and you can pick it up inside the central garrison.  Finish the battle by
defeating Yuan Shao.  Congratulations.  You now have the Malachite treasure.

VIb - Phoenix Wing (GYTLP)

Battlefield - Battle of Yi Ling (Orochi Chapter 6)
Requirements - Swiftly defeat the enemy's sneak attack.

This is a pretty easy one if you have a high-leveled party, or if you decide
to do this on Easy mode.  Here's how it works.

You'll start on the Northwestern portion of the map.  Ride or run to the
nearest garrison and defeat Cao Hong.  Then go straight south and take out
the Gate Captain.  The enemy should be retreating into the Stone Sentinal Maze.
If any of the enemy officers encounter you, feel free to take them out, but
stay out of the maze for now.  Cao Cao should eventually point out how a cannon
works and send for engineers to set them ablaze.  There is nothing you can do
about this, so just clear out the area around the maze for now.  Once the fire
attack works, there will be an assault group that consists of the enemy
officers Hao Zhao, Guo Jia, Cah Zhang, and Xun Yu.  Defeat them.  The hard
part here is that they appear in couples on opposite ends of the battlefield,
on the west and south.  So you have to hurry.  I don't have exact time
specifications, but the sneak attack was announced at 54'25", and I defeated
the last unit by 53'40".  Once you get an alert saying that the sneak attack
units have been defeated, you should see the treasure alert appear inside the
garrison that leads to the Stone Sentinel Maze.  Pick it up and defeat Cao Cao.

VIc - Dragon's Spleen (GYTLD)

Battlefield - Battle of Tong Gate (Wei Chapter 7)
Requirements - Defeat the trickster and all his underlings while keeping your
               allies on the front line safe.

If you haven't been doing these on Easy Mode, I suggest you do on this battle.
The battle itself is not hard, but it requires you to kill Diamondback,
Coachwhip, AND Kiyomori Taira before he teleports everyone away.  And Kiyomori
is kind of a guard spammer AND a Strenght character, so it'll be tough to kill
him in a hurry.  As soon as the battle starts, do an Interim Save just so you
don't have to go through everything again before restarting the battle.  Make
SURE you kill Coachwhip and Diamondback before focusing on Kiyomori, because if
you kill Kiyomori, he will automatically teleport the other two away.  Once you
manage to kill all of them and Kiyomori does some gloating, do another Interim
Save.  At this point, I will stop telling you to do Interim Saves and let you
be the judge of when you do and don't need to.

Once the main army appears, kill Massicot, as he should be within the general
vicinity.  Once you do that, go south and kill Boomslang and Hognose.  Once
you do, you should get a message that says they've disappeared, rather than
a normal Officer Defeated message.  Begin heading West, killing peons as you
go.  After some dialogue, you should get a message that says some Sorcerers
have been discovered, and you should be right nearby.  Take them out and return
to where you began, and head north past the river.

Run through the enemies you pass and defeat Keelback, Feldspar, and Copperhead.
If you were fast enough, you should see that you have already passed through
the garrison in which the Sorcerer is hiding.  Take care of him quickly, then
head north and defeat the Gate Captain.

Head due west across the bridge and defeat Levyne, Bushmaster, and Urutu. After
they disappear, Sun Wukong should appear with a few other officers.  Defeat Sun
Wukong BEFORE any of Levyne, Bushmaster, or Urutu are revived and you will get
the Treasure discovered alert.  Finish the level by defeating Kiyomori.

VId - Lion's Fang (GYTLL)

Battlefield - Battle of Yamazaki (Wu Chapter 7)
Requirements - Defeat the enemy vanguard and the Monkey while keeping all
               allies safe.

This one confused me for a while.  But it's really quite simple, actually.
There's hardly any strategy involved.  Just be sure to keep an eye on the
messages so that you can spring to an allies aid at a moment's notice.

A good place to start is right in front of you.  Kill Diamondback and
Boomslang.  Afterward, take out the Gate Captain and about face to quickly take
care of the enemies that Meng Huo, Dong Tu Na, and Ahui Nan are fighting
against, Hognose and Bushmaster.  Then run east and take out Keelback.
Continue east and defeat Hooknose, then head back to where you began and
dispatch Wang Shuang and Sima Zhao.  Sima Yi and Guo Huai are headed your way,
so don't be in a hurry to go anywhere.  After they have been eliminated,
head east and defeat Urutu to open the gate and then kill Yellowbelly to stop
the cannons from firing.  At this point, Lu Bu should have defected and
poisonous gas should be covering the field.  Run south and defeat Sun Wukong.
If none of your allies have died, then you should recieve the treasure alert
inside Kiyomori's hideout.  Grab it, dissipate the mist by defeating the
Sorcerers, and help Lu Bu in killing Kiyomori.

VIe - Jeweled Branch (GYTLJ)

Battlefield - Battle of Mikatagahara (Orochi Chapter 7)
Requirements - Carry out the sorcery swiftly and defeat all famous enemies.

First of all, I STRONGLY recommend doing this on Easy mode unless you have a
partner.  This battle is going to be tricky.  I haven't been able to place an
exact time on when the sorcerers must arrive at the supply depot, but I know it
has to be within seven or eight minutes.  That seems easy, but in reality,
those doggone Sorcerers won't skip by anything.  They HAVE to kill it.  Even a
single troop.  Here's my strategy.

Go directly ahead of you into the garrison and defeat Mitsuhara Fuwa.  QUICKLY
take out the two Gate Captains within and run back west.  An ambush party
should appear just north of the main camp.  Defeat Morinari Ando and return to
the camp.  Continue west and take out the Gate Captain.  Take care NOT to fall
into the crevasse, as it is a hassle to return to the upper level, and there
are two officers that appear just above that MUST be dealt with in a timely
manner.  At the corner of the crevasse, where there WOULD be a Gate Captain,
an ambush will appear.  Defeat Naramasa Sassa, Katsusada Shibata and Nobuharu
Tsuda as fast as possible, and take as many enemies with you as you charge down
the hill in a northernly direction.

Quickly defeat the Gate Captain and dispatch as many soldiers on your way BACK
south and defeat the remaining generals (they should be Kazumasu Takigawa,
Kidemitsu Akechi, and Sadaoki Ise).  Keep a close eye on where the Sorcerers.
If they go a long time without moving, go as fast as you can to their aid.
At this point, FOLLOW them to the supply depot holding Mitsuhide Akechi.

(Note: The reason I have you doing all this running around is so that the
fewest amount of soldiers will be around for the sorcerers to get caught up

Your Gate Captain by the supply depot should have been killed again, so as you
get closer, abandon your sorcerers (as long as you don't jump off any cliffs)
and retake the gate.  As your Sorcerer allies approach the gate (they should
have opened by now), enter and defeat Mitsuhide Akechi and his cohorts inside.
Quickly take out the Gate Captain within the depot and clear the way for your
sorcerers to enter.  Once they do, the army should have teleported inside.
Now, run and defeat Ranmaru Mori, Korkou Hachisuka, Morimasa Sakuma, and
Nagayoshi Mori.  They should have reached pretty far within your army's ranks,
so fall back and take them out.  When you do, you should recieve the Treasure
alert.  It's inside the supply depot.  Go grab it and take out Nobunaga.

VIf - Bowl of Buddha (GYTLB)

Battlefield: Battle of Wu Zhang Plains (Shu Chapter 8)
Requirements: Carry out the mission swiftly, and quickly defeat the sorcerer
              and his underlings.

This one's kind of a misnomer.  It says to defeat the sorcerer and HIS
underlings, but Da Ji, to my knowledge, is definitely a female.  Anyways,
this one's a fairly easy one to get, provided Taigong Wang gets his butt in
gear and makes it to the gates to "carry out the mission swiftly."  You just
have to help him along a little bit.  So, the best place to start is at the

I believe that the way to make Taigong Wang open the gate quickly is to clean
out the officers south of the gate as fast as possible.  I would start with
the west, since Masamune Date takes some time to show up, and he shows up in
the east.  To begin, kill Keelback and Copperhead just north of you.
Immediately turn to the west and take the bypath and defeat Sima Yi.  Follow up
by heading south and defeat Hooknose.  If you're fast enough, you can defeat
all four before the main army begins to advance.  If not, make sure you waste
no time in chasing down Patchnose and Hognose.  Go north and defeat Coachwhip,
then the last officer in the area (before Masamune shows up) is Boomslang.

The sorcerers will no doubt have appeared at this point.  Go and destroy them,
starting with the one in the east, and then sprinting over to the one in the
west.  By the 56' mark, Masamune Date, Kojuruo Katakura, and Tsunamoto
Oniniwa should appear in the far east of the map.  Go and defeat them.  After
all three have been destroyed, Taigong Wang will have been teleported to the
central gate and he will open the gate.  For me, the time was 54'48".  Wait
by the eastern gate for the doors to open, because Da Ji is closest to that
gate.  Ignore everyone in the area, and after taking out Da Ji, head east
(avoiding Orochi X, of course), and take out Himiko.  By the time I defeated
Himiko, the time was 53'49".  If you did all this, the treasure should appear
just to the west of Orochi X.  Clean up and take your prize.

VIg - Fire Rat's Skin (GYTLF)

Battlefield: Battle of Guan Du (Wei Chapter 8)
Requirements: Carry out the mission swiftly, and quickly defeat the young girl.

I felt this one was fairly easy.  To begin, don't pay TOO much attention to
peons until you're done with Masamune Date and the southern garrison.  Take
out Shigenaga Katakura and keep heading west to open the gate.  Defeat
Masamune Date and Hidemune Date to take control of the garrison.  Exit and
defeat Kojuro Katakura and Tsunamoto Oniniwa, who should be heading west to
attack your ally.  Head north and defeat Botryogen and claim the first
garrison.  Claim the next garrison by defeating Hammerjaw, and the next one
still by defeating Bushmaster and Cottonmouth.

I would like to take this opportunity to point out that you can't claim the
garrison just by defeating the officers.  The corresponding allied officers
must be led safely to the garrisons and wait there themselves.  They must NOT
be defeated in this time, either.  That being said, here comes the annoying

The corresponding allied officer for the northernmost garrison is Xun You,
and he's being smothered by enemy officers (inculding Keiji Maeda) and two Gate
Captains.  Head to his aid (he's in the northwest), and defeat the two officers
attacking him.  Instantly claim the Gate Captain directly north of you, then
cut open a path for him, making sure Keiji doesn't get too close.  Once you
know that Xun You will reach the garrison uninterrupted, lure out an enemy
officer in the center.  Once the riflemen have begn their assault, quickly take
out the enemy officers in the center.  This will trigger Himiko in the
southeastermost corner of the map.  She's kind of a pain, but shouldn't take
too long to defeat.  I defeated Himiko within 7 minutes and 54 seconds, and I
recieved the treasure alert just north of where she "spawned."

VIh - Swallow's Shell (GYTLSh)

Battlefield: Battle of Chi Bi (Wu Chapter 8)
Requirements: Seize the altar quickly, and quickly defeat the famous enemy

Of the Chapter 8 treasures, this is probably the easiest to get.  Capturing the
altar is a walk in the park, and killing the famous officers is no trouble

The battle starts out with a bang.  The way to the enemy fleet is shut off, and
fire is started upon your ships.  To make matters worse, the enemy keeps
respawning.  Start by taking out Cottonmouth and Mamushi, as they should be
closest to you.  Run to the other side of your fleet and defeat Sidewinder and
Lancehead.  If you moved as fast as I did, Motochika Chosokabe should just now
be beginning to prepare the ship.  Run back to the western side of the fleet
and just kill bodies.  But make sure you're close to the northwestern-most
ship.  As soon as the ship arrives, run across, ignore everyone else, and
defeat the three officers guarding the altar.  It should be simple, as they are
all generic officers.

After the altar has been seized, run to the northernmost ship and wait for the
next ship to arrive.  Once it does, charge Da Ji, ignoring all officers in your
way.  As you get close to Da Ji, Keiji Maeda should appear nearby.  Take him
out as well, and you should get the treasure alert.  If you didn't, just wait
a second, you probably just have a lot of messages coming.  If you kill Da Ji
and Keiji Maeda, then you just have to wait for both of them to tell you their
little dying comment, AND for the fire sorcery on the enemy ships to disappear.
At that point, it should appear just next to Diamondback.  Push the enemy back
and claim victory.


VII - Guan Yu's Story Mode Runthrough (GYSM)


Battle #1: Battle of Shi Ting - Shu Army & Taigong Wang Army vs. Da Ji Army
Difficulty: *

You will start at the wastern portion of the map.  Your first task is to go
south and defeat Bushmaster.  There should be some dialogue and some of your
allies will lose the ability to move.  To thwart this, you must defeat the
enemies within the corresponding garrisons.  The enemy will begin to advance,
so begin by defeating Li Ru, as he is headed toward the southwestern garrison.

During this time, a scout will report chanting coming from within the garrison.
Return to the southwest and defeat Hooknose.  This will return equilibrium to
Sha Moke and Motonobu Okabe.  After that threat has been dealt with, cross the
map to the northeast and defeat Urutu, Tao Qian, and Hognose.  This will cure
Mi Zhu and Masanobu Honda.  After your units resume their march, head south
from your position and defeat Wishbone, Travertine, and the Gate Captain.

Head west to the center.  The doors of Da Ji's fortress will not open, but
defeat Coachwhip, Cottonmouth, and Goldenrod for the experience.  Continue
south and defeat Massicot, halting your advance only to take out the southern
Gate Captain.  By this time, all Gate Captains should be within your control.

Head to the southwestern portion of the map once again and defeat Stripeleg.
Da Ji WOULD be completely surrounded, but by this point, she will have called
Dong Zhuo and his minions to the field.  You will probably be dealing with Hu
Che Er along with Stripeleg.  After defeating those two, move your advance to
the north and defeat Fan Chou.  Zuo Ci and Taigong Wang will have arrived as
reinforcements, so use their extra manpower to push the enemy back, and re-take
the center by defeating Dong Zhuo.  You can defeat the enemies to the
northeast if you wish, but Taigong Wang will surely have opened the door by
this time, so defeat Da Ji and end the battle.

Battle #2: Battle of Saika - Shu Army & Zhao Yun Army vs. Date Army
Difficulty: **

The treasure in this item is cake.  Simply run to the Southeastern depot and
dispatch Hooknose and Hognose.  That's it.  Granted, there is a time limit,
but I managed this the first time I tried it.  I'm sure you can do it too.
After defeating the two, take out the Gate Captain within, and run to the
opposite end of the map and take out Nobuyasu Goto and Xin Pi to stop the
enemy's morale from rising.  Zhao Yun and his army should have most definitely
arrived by now.  If not, you did something wrong, or you're incredibly fast.

Return to the southern portion of the map.  Wei Yan and Hanzo Hattori will
need your help to set fire to the central garrison.  Cut open a path for them.
The quickest way to do so is to defeat Tsunenaga Hasekura and Mitsunaga Irobe.
Clear out some of the foot soldiers as well, and the verbally challenged pair
should make it to the central garrison in no time.  Tsunamoto Oniniwa may
appear to bar your path as well, but he should be no harder than the former
two.  End him and assist your allies in the fire attack.

Once the attack succeeds, finalize your ownership of the garrison by defeating
Shigezane Date, Kojuro Katakura, and Keiji Maeda.  Once the garrison has been
reduced to rubble, Masamune Date's reinforcements will arrive.  Reduce their
ranks to a dismal sight by defeating Hidemune Date, Shigenaga Katakura, and
Xiahou En.  At this point, unless you overextend yourself way too far, this
battle is over.  Raid their main camp and rout Masamune Date.

Battle 3: Battle of Nagashino - Shu Army & Lu Xun Army vs. Lu Bu Army
Difficulty: **

Another easy treasure to attain, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to
it.  The battle starts out with a bang.  Wave after wave of Lu Bu's men charge
toward your main camp, and all you have are arbalests, Zhang Fei, and Tadakatsu
Honda....come to think of it, this shouldn't be too bad.

To force the first wave away, you must defeat Song Xian, Mitsuugi Ujiie, and
Hidetsuna Sakenobe.  To stem the flow of enemies, take out the Gate Captain
directly east from your starting position.  The second wave will probably
charge from the catapult fort while you are on your way south to defeat
Hidetsuna, so if you like, you can defeat the second wave of enemies, which
consists of Minbu Satomi, Zang Ba, and Mitsuyasu Shimura.  After defeating the
last of the first and second waves, seize the catapults by defeating the Guard
Captain.  Take the Gate Captain if you have time, but if you notice a message
saying that "Lu Xun's Army is about to arrive," then begin to advance north
toward the message's focal point.  If the treasure is unnecessary and you don't
care to have Lu Xun's extra manpower, than feel free to take out the third
wave, which should be engaging your soldiers at the moment.  The third wave
is composed of Wei Xu, Yan Baihu, and Yan Yu.  If you decide to assist in Lu
Xun's reinforcements as soon as possible, then by this point, Cao Xing and
Xu Sheng should appear to bar the reinforcements.  Defeat them, and Lu Xun
will arrive.  Also, if you did it FAST enough, you should recieve the Treasure
alert within the garrison Diao Chan is hiding in.  Don't forget to pick it up
before you end the stage.

If you haven't defeated the third wave yet, do so now, and take care of any
enemy Gate Captains in the area.  Chen Gong will unleash the "tiger cubs,"
who are Zhou Xin, Mitsunao Tateoka, and Gao Shun.  He will engage Lu Xun, so
engage them if you wish, but you really only need to defeat Diao Chan to lure
Lu Bu out of his hiding place.  Defeat him promptly and go home.

Battle 4: Battle of Wuhang Mountains - Shu Army & Akechi Army vs. Sun Wukong
Difficulty: ***

The Akechis have been captured, and your first priority is to rescue them
before destroying Sun Wukong.  Cottonmouth is straight ahead, so deal with him
first.  Sun Wukong will disappear himself and over half of his officers.  The
only ones that remain within view are at the summit.  Now even the Akechis are
hidden.  Continue north until you reach Mamushi.  Defeat him to open the gate,
and you should encounter Copperhead, Hooknose, and Keelback.  Dispatch them as
well.  By this time, the carriage should be within sight.  If not, head down
the route that heads southeast, and you should encounter the convoy, with
Guo Si and Li Jue at it's head.  Defeat them and release the two Akechis.

After some dialogue, you must head to the northeastern corner of the map, but
you must reach there with Mitsuhide and Gracia, so continue east, defeating
Boomslang on your way.  As you reach the summit, defeat the abominations
Dioptase, Periclase, and Kornerupine.

At this point, I'd like to point out that Dong Zhuo, Li Ru, and Hua Xiong will
show up at one point during the last paragraph where the Akechis appeared.
Make sure hey don't bar the two Akechis' paths, or else Sun Wukong won't show

As you reach the summit, Mitsuhide will reveal the six sorcerers you must
defeat to continue.  Defeat them and Sun Wukong and his allies will be
revealed.  Defeat Diamondback as well and begin your trek south.  Defeat
Coachwhip to open the first gate south, then begin your pursuit of Sun Wukong.
He moves fast, so he may reach your main camp long before you reach him.
You should have no trouble defeating his minions, however.  So dispatch them
and clear open a path to your own main camp and defeat Sun Wukong.  Careful!
He's quick and confusing.

Battle 5: Battle of Jia Meng Gate - Shu Army & Zhang Liao Army vs. Taira Army
Difficulty: ***

If you're playing as Guan Yu (which I assume you are, if you're reading this
FAQ), then this is an incredibly easy Treasure to get.

The enemy will attempt to surround your army, but you won't let them.  The
eastern gate should be a piece of cake, since you're at it to begin with.
Defeat Hua Xiong, Li Jue, and Xu Rong to keep the enemy at the east gate at
bay.  Since you cannot return within your castle at the time, ride out and
defeat Li Ru, Dong Zhuo, and the Gate Captain.  Continue and assist Guan Xing at
the northeastern gate by defeating Hognose and Keelback.  Due to the Phantom
Soldiers, your gates will probably have opened at this point, so take the
shortcut through your camp to the northern gate and assist Wei Yan in defeating
Patchnose and Copperhead.  The Zhang Liao army will arrive.  As you ride north
and the dialogue between Guan Yu and Zhang Liao ends, sorcerers will appear.
Defeat them one by one, as you have no other enemies outside the gates to
get rid of at this point.  Once the last of them has been defeated, Sun Wukong
will summons doubles of himself to save himself the trouble of taking you down
himself.  However, as Guan Yu, simply approach a double and, after a cutscene,
the double will automatically disappear.  this only works on one of the
doubles, so I would suggest the eastern-most Sun Wukong, as the real one will
advance southbound, no matter which gate you open.  As you open the southern
gate, defeat Sidewinder, and meet Sun Wukong.  Defeat him and you should
recieve the treasure alert.  It should be in the middle of the enemy's main
camp.  Get rid of the poisonous gas by defeating the six sorerers that appear
within the enemy main camp, and assist your allies in defeating Kiyomori

Battle 6: Battle of Odani Castle - Shu Army & Zhuge Liang Army vs. Da Ji Army
Difficulty: ****

This Treasure is kind of misleading.  It appears like it involves a lot of
running around, but it is VERY straightforward.  The one plotting all the traps
is, of course, Da Ji, but you can't get to her just yet.  Start by defeating
Yellowbelly, then head south toward Bushmaster and defeat him as well.

Sidewinder will probably be advancing toward your allies' positions, so you
shouldn't have to go far before encountering him.  Defeat him, and continue
your trek toward Da Ji.   By the time you come close to Urutu, Da Ji will
administer her first of several "plots" by revealing an ambush that consists
only of six Brigands.  It REALLY shouldn't give you any trouble to defeat them,
so take them down as well as Urutu, and continue your march into the garrison.

Hooknose will appear within the garrison before the gate will open, so waste
your time doing that while Da Ji waits comfortably within the next garrison.
Da Ji gives you a warm welcome by sending a barrage of boulders down the hill
toward your allies' positions.  While you may have no trouble, I'm afraid the
AI of your comrades may get them into trouble, so head to the entrance to the
next garrison and defeat Boomslang to open the gate.  Enter, and defeat
the sorcerer to help your friends' advance.  Dispatch Coachwhip, and keep

The next of Da Ji's "plots" isn't any more insightful than her first.  The only
difference is that instead of six Brigands, she reveals three Vagabond and
three Miscreant units.  Dispatch them like you did the Brigands (that is,
without missing a beat), and continue into the next garrison by defeating

Da Ji doesn't really follow through with her intent to "commit a few more men
to the cause," and instead releases an ambush unit that is comprised of...
Patchnose.  Rid yourself of him and run west to catch up with Da Ji.

She will create one last "plot" to push you away.  She summons a tornado,
so defeat Galena and head into the garrison and defeat the sorcerer to help
your allies from their own AI.  Bismuth, Cottonmouth, and Hognose will all be
waiting alongside Da Ji.  Da Ji is the one you want to defeat to attain the
treasure, but make sure that the sorcerer is defeated before Da Ji is.  You
will get the treasure alert within the Mt. Yamada Garrison.  Himiko and
Mamushi will appear in the southeast, attempting to escape.  By the time they
reach the southermost part of the map, Zhuge Liang, Yue Ying, and four other
units will arrive and thoroughly surround Himiko.  Time to clean up, so defeat
Himiko and move on.

Battle 7: Battle of Koshi Castle - Shu Army vs. Taira Army
Difficulty: ****

Ugh.  I hate Koshi Castle.  The landscape is vast, forcing you to run for long
periods of time between skirmishes.  Start by heading south and defeating
Urutu.  Continue into the southeastern garrison, defeating Yellowbelly on your
way.  Hognose will begin his advance toward the southeastern garrison to
prevent your reinforcements from arriving, but you have plenty of time to
dispatch Mamushi and Coachwhip before he even gets close.

Once your reinforcements are secured, you will notice that (if you worked fast)
Hognose will just be crossing the river to stop the reinforcements, which have
already arrived.  Defeat him just for the heck of it.  You now have a choice;
you can assist Zhang Liao in stopping the cannons in the northwest, or you
can assist your other allies in stopping the tornadoes in the south.  If you
decide to stay in the south, you have a long way to go.  Defeat the enemies
in your path - Diamondback, Travertine, and Spinyback - and continue west to
Da Ji's stronghold.  Your advance will be halted in the form of Harvestman and
Feldspar, as they appear as an enemy ambush to block your path.  Feldspar may
or may not pose a threat, as you should be far enough north to fly under his
radar, but dispatch him if he comes too close.  Defeat Da Ji, and the
tornadoes will cease.  On your way north to Zhang Liao, make sure you defeat
the officer inside the easternmost garrison to seize those cannons, then
continue north to assist Zhang Liao in seizing thecannons by taking out
Copperhead.  Zhao Yun and the allies in the north may be having some trouble
with the sea of red, so dispatch Sidewinder, Cottonmouth, and the Gate
Captain in the north to help take some of the load off their backs.

Resume your advance to the west and enter the garrison just south of the
cannon garrison and defeat Leaflitter.  Keep your advance aimed in a
southernly direction and kill off Massicot, Bushmaster, Sheetweaver, and
Feldspar (if you haven't already).  Once the area has been cleared out, enter
the southwestern garrison and defeat Sun Wukong and his doubles to open the
gate to Kiyomori.  Your allies should begin their advance toward him, so
assist them in his defeat, and reap the spoils.

Battle 8: Battle of Wu Zhang Plains - Shu Army vs. Orochi Army
Difficulty: *****

Read the Treasure Guide for the first half of this battle.  I will only be
describing what happens after the gate opens.

If you didn't defeat all the enemy officers outside the gate before Taigong
Wang arrives, then Harvestman and Dodomeki will drop out of the sky and
attack him.  Defeat them, and wait for the gate to open.  Once it does,
defeat whichever officer is within the gate nearest you, and continue your
advance.  Da Ji will call in an ambush to attack your troops, but they have
no morale, and therefore should be easy to dispose of.  Once you break through,
Diamondback will be killed instantly, but the enemy's morale rises.  Bring it
back down to earth by defeating the remaining officers and assisting your allies
in need, if it gets to that point.  Defeat Himiko and Da Ji, and once all
threats but Orochi X have been removed, advance, but only with your allies,
unless you are feeling particularly bold.  Orochi X is no walk in the park.
He is much harder than his first-game counterpart to defeat, so make sure you
use the strength of all three of your characters to take him down.  Make sure
you keep him off his feet, and you should be able to remove big chunks of his
health at a time.  Once you defeat him, you will be congratulated with the
credits.  I offer you MY congratulations, as well.


VIII - Guan Yu's Dream Mode Levels (GYD)


Battle of Mount Qi

Players: Kenshin Uesugi, Guan Yu, and Xu Huang

This battle contains my favorite line of all time from any Koei game.  I won't
give it to you, but it occurs when Keiji Maeda encounters Guan Yu.

Your first priority is to take the load off your main camp.  You can kill two
birds with one stone at your main camp, because if you rescue Yoshitsune
Minamoto by defeating Coachwhip and Coltan, he will retreat to find aid for
your cause.  In the meantime, you must lend help to your remaining allies.  You
can go any direction you want, but for the sake of this FAQ, we will be heading
to the southeast corner of the map first, toward Ranmaru Mori.

To save Ranmaru, defeat the two Hojos, Ujiteru and Ujimasa.  Take out the Gate
Captain while you're there, then head northwest.  Keiji Maeda should begin his
advance.  Once you reach the center, defeat Yoshinobu Satake and Yoshishige
Satake and rescue Ieyasu Tokugawa.  Keiji Maeda should have made his way to
the center by now, so dispatch him before heading to the northwest.  Rescue
Ina by defeating Keelback and Bismuth before heading back to the center to
defeat the charging Lu Bu.  While fighting Lu Bu, Kiyomori will no doubt have
ordered his army to charge.  Don't worry, though; Yoshitsune will arrive with
reinforcements in the form of Xiahou Dun, Lu Meng, and Shingen Takeda.
Continue on to each of the corners and assist your reinforcements in pushing
back the advancing army.  Once everyone there has been dealt with, you should
have finally outnumbered the enemy in number of officers.  Head to the north,
and Masamune Date and his units will charge.  If you got this far, Masamune
should be no trouble.  Defeat him, and raid Kiyomori's main camp.

Showdown at Odawara Castle

Players: Guan Yu, Xiahou Dun, and Lu Meng

Naturally, as a Guan Yu fan, I hate Lu Meng.  But he's a fairly decent
character when it comes to his moveset.  He's worse than Guan Yu when it comes
to mounted attacks, but his grounded moveset is pretty solid.  Xiahou Dun is
one of my favorite Wei characters, as he has a moveset that flows together.
His mounted attack is fair, but I prefer to use him on the ground, as he is a
great character in that respect.

Begin things  by defeating Hidetsugu Hashiba, and save Guan Ping by defeating
Shigenari Kimura.  Take out the Gate Captain while you're there.  Because the
majority of your allies are to the south, head southbound and help out Xu Zhu,
Yang Yi, and Lei Tong by taking out Matabei Goto, Ittetsu Inaba, Ujisato Gamo,
and Shigenaga Honjo.  When you arrive in that vicinity, Lu Meng will mention
the cannon base, guarded by Hidemasa Hori and Yukinaga Konishi.  Defeat them
both and seize the cannons, adding morale to your struggling allies.

Once the cannon has been relieved, return north and assist Gan Ning, who should
be struggling against the enemy attack.  Defeat Masanori Fukushima and assist
him.  After Gan Ning is rescued, take out the enemy Base Captain and defeat
Nobuchika Chosokabe.  Quickly make your way through the pavilion and defeat
Keiji Maeda and Dokyu Yamagami to rescue Liu Chan.  Your next priority is
defeating Motochika Chosokabe to stop the explosions underneath.

While you are supposed to lead Liu Chan to the Reinforcement point, do NOT exit
the pavilion yet.  For as Liu Chan gets to the first floor, Nene and Kideaki
Kobayakawa will appear and try to stop you.  Make sure they don't.  Once they
are gone, exit the pavilion WITH LIU CHAN on the western side.  The gates will
close and you will be ambushed by Sakon Shima and two generic officers,
Sadatsugu Tsutsui and Suketada Ogawa.  Waste no time in taking them out.

Your next target is the storehouse, which is headed by Goemon Ishikawa.  Defeat
him to deal a heavy blow to the enemy's morale.  Continue onward and defeat
Ujiyoshi Horinouchi and Katsunaga Mori.  Another hopeless ambush will appear;
the Magoichi Saika unit.  Dispatch him and move on.  If there are any leftover
units strewn about, take them out as well.  I only needed to defeat Hideyori
Toyotomi, Mitsunari Ishida, and Hanbei Takenaka.  Within a minute,
reinforcements led by Lu Xun and Ling Tong will appear.  The odds should be
heavily in your favor at this point.  By the time that you reach the northeast,
Hideyoshi Toyotomi's reinforcements should appear and you can clean up.  Your
allies should easily overwhelm their numbers, so if you're having trouble, just
wait for them to catch up.


IX - Contact Information (GYMC)


If you think that I made a grave mistake in my logic, or you have something you
wish to add, feel free to contact me at:


Here's some things you can email me about:

+Oh wow, I love your FAQ.

+I find something inaccurate/offensive about your FAQ, and would like to give
 some CONSTRUCTIVE criticism.

+I noticed that you did 'x'.  I didn't do 'x' and 'y' still happened.  Try it
 out, take it home, digest it.

+I think you should add 'x' to your "Good complements" section.  Here's why.
 Try 'x' out!

+There is a HUGE bunch of gibberish here  Please change it so I can
 understand it.

If I test what you claim and what you say happens to be true AND consequential
as an addition/edit, then I'll change it and put you in the Credits section.
I shouldn't have to tell you what NOT to ask.  But if you REALLY don't know...

-Don't tell me that I've mispelled "the" as "teh."  If it's not something that
makes reading this FAQ impossible, it's not worth bothering me about.

-If there's unnecessary steps I've listed to get certain items, etc. then let me
know, but don't send me something if you merely did something different.


X - Credits (GYPE)


I would like to thank:

Koei - Naturally, for yet another great game.

My family - For dealing with the awful repetitiveness that comes with the games.

Sheen - For introducing me to the Dynasty Warriors series.

bluecrimson217 - For the suggestion for Guan Yu's officer-killing capabilities.


XI - Legal Information (GYLI)


This FAQ is Copyright 2008 by Dan DeLongchamp/Guan Yuber.

This FAQ is NOT to be used for commercial purposes OR on other websites other
than GameFAQs unless they have WRITTEN CONSENT from myself!  If these rules
are violated, you are a LAWBREAKER!


XII - Version Update History (GYVUH)


Version 0.0 - November 6th, 2008 - Began work on FAQ.
Version 0.75 - November 10th, 2008 - Submitted to GameFAQs.
Version 1.00 - November 17th, 2008 - Finished Guan Yu's items, Levels, Story
               and Dream alike.  Also updated Guan Yu's weapon information.