Cao Ren FAQ v1.7
Written by Rydain Darkstar 
Last Revised January 28, 2008

                                Table of Contents

 1)  Introduction

 2)  Unlocking Cao Ren

 3)  Move Set

 4)  Getting Equipped

 5)  Battle Advice
 6)  On Higher Difficulties

 7)  Weapons and Abilities
 8)  Personal Item

 9)  Quotes and Dialog

 10) Revision History

 11) Credits

 12) Legal Junk

                                1) Introduction


 Buster Beetle!  De-fense!  Ten-HUT!

 Cao Ren is one of my perpetual favorite Dynasty Warriors characters.  His 
 unique fighting style is useful and entertaining in a brute force Mega Man
 knock people over sort of way.  In Warriors Orochi, he is capable from the
 outset up to the most difficult chaos mode fights.
 Warriors Orochi brought versatility to Cao Ren's move set.  Best known for 
 close quarter smackdowns and sniping, he now has crowd control in the form of
 a counter, a shockwave blast, and range-enhanced charge attacks.  Cao Ren's 
 technique moves consume relatively little musou.  He still takes damage like a
 brick wall and dishes it out splendidly, especially with weapon attributes set
 up to maximize his potential for critical blows.  Cao Ren may not be a god 
 tier spammer, but he is a great all-around character with a specialty in 
 close-range tanking.
 I wrote this FAQ in hopes that others would have as much fun playing Cao Ren 
 as I do.  For extra amusement, select his second costume, which is white and 
 green.  Oompa, Loompa, doom pa dee do...I have another beating for you...

                              2) Unlocking Cao Ren


    Sengoku Gaiden 5-X


    - Rescue Kenshin and Shingen within two minutes.
    - Escort at least one horseman.
    - Defeat Cao Ren immediately after he charges.

 Recommended Method

    Make sure you're on story mode.  Bring a fast horse or runner and a tough
    character in case your ally morale gets hosed and you have to rush Cao Pi
    Rush to Kenshin and Shingen and defeat the nearby generals.  After you get
    the message that they have been rescued, clear out the enemies in the top
    path as well as possible.  When the first horseman shows up, go back to
    escort him.  He'll stop to fight enemies, and there is an unsealable base
    along the way, so you'll have to help him out to keep him moving.  The
    second horseman will advance more quickly because most of the enemies will
    not return.  Don't worry about the third.  Just hang out near the water's
    edge and rush Cao Ren after he blathers a bunch and gallops at you.  When
    you beat him, he should make some corny comment about being your shield.  
    Congratulation.  A winner is you.

                                  3) Move Set


 This is Cao Ren's full attack string.  Some moves may not be available if he
 isn't leveled up enough.
 Standard Attacks

    S           - Left to right swing.
    SS          - Right to left swing.
    SSS         - Up to down swing.
    SSSS        - Left to right swing.
    SSSSS       - Right to left swing.
    SSSSSS      - 360-degree spin.
    SSSSSSS     - Right to left swing.
    SSSSSSSS    - Up to down swing.
    SSSSSSSSS   - Cao Ren swings his arms apart horizontally.

    Dash attack - Headbutt charge followed by a two-armed horizontal slash.
                  You can steer, but you can't stop until it's done.

    Jump attack - Left to right swing.

 Charge Attacks

    C1, C3, C4, C5, and C6 activate weapon attributes.

    C1 / T      - Your garden-variety stomp.  Has a large area of effect.
    C2 / ST     - Uppercut that knocks enemies into the air.  Press and hold
                  T before the first swing is done.  Otherwise, you will 
                  start into a C3.
    C3 / SST    - Cao Ren shoots long range energy blasts out of his buckler
                  blade.  More T presses produce more blasts.  The final
                  blast stuns enemies and activates weapon attributes.

    C4 / SSST   - Cao Ren threatens to hug the enemies and they all fall down.
                  At least that's what it looks like.  This is a crowd busting
    C5 / SSSST  - Ground pound splash launcher.

    C6 / SSSSST - Cao Ren charges with his arms held out to the sides.

    Jump + T    - Cao Ren flips forward and does a stomp with a smallish area
                  of effect.

 Special Attacks
    C2-ex       - Cao Ren dashes forward, grabs an enemy, and blows them away
    (S + R1)      with a huge 360-degree shockwave.  The grab and shockwave 
                  activate certain weapon attributes.  Press and hold R1 before
                  the first swing is done.  Otherwise, you will start into a 
                  R1-enhanced C3.

    R1 counter  - Cao Ren dashes forward, knocking enemies away with a wide
                  range slash.

    Musou       - A series of back and forth swings followed by a stomp.
    True musou  - As above, plus a badass introductory splash screen and a
                  flashy second stomp with an enormous shockwave.

 Horse Attacks

    S string    - Up to 6 slashes alternating from side to side.

    T           - Horse stomp.
    Musou       - Similar to S string attack with the horse running forward.

                               4) Getting Equipped


 Recommended Weapon Attributes

    The first six attributes should be as follows:
    Bolt        Continues combos, stuns enemies, keeps launched baddies nearby
                for more punishment.

    Slay        Too useful not to include.
    Air         Cao Ren's best charges knock enemies off the ground, and most
                can be chained on launched foes.  With Air, these charges are
                noticeably stronger right off the bat.  The damage goes up when
                they are used to juggle.

    Range       A must, as Cao Ren's weapon is about as short as he is.
    Agility     Essential.  R1 enhance charges before this is built up.

    Flash       Breaks enemies' guard.  Can be left out if certain fighting 
                tactics are mastered, but Cao Ren's overall offense is faster
                with it.
    For the last slots, choose from the following depending on whether you
    want to emphasize endurance or attack power.

    Absorb      Keeps a musou supply around for R1 charges and counterattacks.
                Fills efficiently with C1 (and, to a lesser extent, C4).

    Drain       Restores health.  Also fills well with the abovelisted

    Might       Why hit like a truck when you can hit like a semi?
    Brave       If Might is already on and you would like some extra oomph.
                Suggested instead of Multi because both elements crank up the
                charge attack damage to a similar extent in the presence of
                Might, but Multi will not apply to the C2-ex shockwave.

    I don't recommend Ice.  Cao Ren doesn't need it for safety, and it wrecks
    his most efficient way of dishing out massive damage.  As a technique 
    character, Cao Ren lands critical hits on airborne targets.  Air increases
    the effectiveness of such blows, and the resultant damage outpaces the 1.6x
    attack bonus against frozen enemies, especially when foes are juggled with
    launcher charges.

 Recommended Abilities
    Regardless of setup, these five are essential.
    Impulse     For avoiding sticky situations and chasing bounced enemies
                to combo.
    Fortitude   If Rockman starts looking like Sandman.

    Technique   Enhances critical hit damage and R1 superpowers, including 
                charge attack upgrades.
    Boost       Makes perfect sense for a character reliant on charge attacks.
    Potence     It always hurts to hit extra hard.  Har har har.

    Consider any of the following depending on your play style and the rest of
    Cao Ren's setup.
    Conserve    Decreases the cost of musou-consuming attacks.  Especially
                handy for long stints of gameplay on high difficulty if you
                plan to Absorb back most of your musou.  Small amounts of 
                musou are more efficiently recovered via Absorb than larger 
                chunks of a long bar.
    Awakening   Pumps up any musou-consuming attack.  The bonus stacks on top
                of everything else related.
    Adrenalin	When running solo on high difficulty without Drain.  The 
                increased attack power of a Drain-less weapon may be a 
                worthwhile tradeoff for an ability slot.  Don't forget to break
                your combos periodically because Adrenalin only fills once when
                you hit 10.  C3 spam or C2-ex on a large enough peon
                group will trigger a 10+ combo.
    Refill      Restores a chunk of musou every several seconds.  Of limited
                use until it reaches max level.
    Vitality    More health comes in handy.
    Focus       Lengthens the musou bar.  This may be preferable over Conserve
                if you will swap out or pick up musou jars.
 Recommended Setups
    Cao Ren can work well with a variety of weapon and ability setups depending
    on how he will be played and how health and musou will be restored.  If you
    plan to swap out or pick up recovery drops, you may wish to omit health and
    musou replenishment in favor of more attack power.  
    For self-replenishment with minimal dependence on recovery drops, I suggest
    any of the following.
    Good to start with because it offers more room for error.
    Weapon      Bolt / Flash / Slay / Air / Absorb / Drain / Range / Agility

    Abilities   Impulse / Fortitude / Technique / Boost / Potence / Vitality /
    Some More Oomph
    As you improve at avoiding damage with Cao Ren, drop Drain in favor of
    Adrenalin.  You will be getting hit infrequently, so there will be little
    concern about breaking combos to survive.  Vitality becomes optional with 
    practice and high character level.
    This setup is good for battles where you will steadily use musou.
    Weapon      Bolt / Flash / Slay / Air / Absorb / Range / Agility / Might
    Abilities   Impulse / Fortitude / Technique / Boost / Potence / Adrenalin /
                Conserve, Refill, Awakening, or Vitality

    Attack Power Max
    For team play or advanced soloing.  Cao Ren's tech tricks have low musou
    cost, so with expert gameplay, he can often keep himself stocked with 
    Refill and occasional manual charging.
    Weapon      Bolt / Flash / Slay / Air / Range / Agility / Brave / Might
    Abilities   Impulse / Fortitude / Technique / Boost / Potence / Refill /
                                5) Battle Advice


 General Fighting Notes
    Cao Ren starts with high attack and defense and slower than average attack
    speed.  Unlike in previous Dynasty Warriors games, he can be juggled, and
    his S string is interruptable by normal attacks.  Thus, keep crowds in 
    front of you.  Approach with a wide charge, chuck some peons to clear 
    people away, or use C3 to slow down distant groups.
    Chain Cao Ren's airborne charges as well as possible.  The damage adds up
    and gets crazy when critical hits come into play.
    When battling tough hordes, always leave enough musou in the tank to throw
    or counter.
    Don't Leeroy Jenkins into a multi-enemy-officer royal rumble.  Bomb the 
    crowd and fight each general individually (that is, if they haven't 
    already keeled over from the shockwaves).
    When working through crowds with melee charges, travel diagonally instead
    of straight ahead.  Cao Ren moves enough during his S string that this
    will help him evade closer-range peon attacks.

 Move Set Analysis
    Cao Ren's buckler swings provide more coverage than is readily apparent.
    The left/right swipes are over 180 degrees.  The vertical swings guard his
    entire front, and with a 4th weapon, hit about a character's width on 
    either side.  Charge attacks are king in Warriors Orochi, so you won't 
    fight all that much with the S string, but it is a protective route to C4 
    or C6.

  * indicates Cao Ren's most useful attacks.

  * C1
    Great for slowing down crowds, interrupting jump attacks, and spamming on
    baddies falling out of pretty much anything.  Stomping a falling enemy will
    bounce them high off the ground, and the enemy won't flip to recover.  With
    enough Agility and foot speed, you can repeatedly chase and stomp bounced
    A handy launcher for lone officers or small groups.  It keeps enemies in 
    front of you so you can whack them with another charge.  Has noticeable
    startup time.  Not a bad move - and it may be useful for interrupting 
    enemies with tricky timing - but I rarely use it, especially because it 
    doesn't activate elements.  Boo.
  * C2-ex

    An awesome crowd exploder.  It is unblockable, executes immediately, has a
    hell of a blast radius, and takes a chunk of life off everything it hits.
    The shockwave tends to KO peons by the boatload.  With an Air-imbued 
    weapon, a direct grab or shockwave will do severe damage to a jumping
    general.  If you find C2-ex difficult to aim, try it on groups of peons, 
    foes stunned with C3 wind blasts, or running enemies who aren't on the move
    long enough for a dash attack.  Draw some peons out from a crowd, turn 
    around, and chuck them before they can do anything to you.
    And practice!  C2-ex becomes easy to pull off once you get accustomed to
    the timing, and its power is well worth the learning curve.  The art of 
    crowd bombing is essential to maximizing Cao Ren's fighting capabilities.

  * C3
    The Mega Buster may seem nerfed.  It doesn't hurt anywhere near as much as
    it did in previous incarnations and only the final hit activates special 
    weapon awesomeness.  It is still good for herding enemies, chipping at 
    tough foes from afar, or stunning them before dashing in.  Be aware of the 
    lag afterwards.  If you are hit mid-shot, you can counterattack out of the
    C3.  R1 enhancement helps in close quarters.
  * C4
    The maul that does it all - approaches crowds, gets pesky enemies away, 
    beats the tar out of generals.  It is workable from the get go and abusive
    when Cao Ren's weapon is developed.  This move covers over 180 degrees -
    more when rotated during execution - and has negligible ending lag.  
    Agility or R1 enhancement reduces its second or so of startup time to near
    nothing.  With Range, it cuts a wide swath.  Air, Might, Brave, and R1 
    enhancement bring on some big time hurt.
    Fast with Agility and launches enemies high enough that they can be 
    attacked on their way down.  This doesn't crowd control as well as C4, and
    it has slight ending lag.  I rarely use it.
  * C6
    Nifty for plowing through crowds and interrupting incoming dash attacks.  
    It is wide with Range and goes a decent distance.

  * Jump + T
    This does not carry elements, but it is fast enough.  Excellent for 
    escaping and getting rid of archers and riflemen.

  * R1 counter
    Incredibly useful because it combines a dash with a wide-coverage

 Combo Wizardry

    As mentioned in the move set analysis, Cao Ren's C1 can be infinitely
    comboed.  It can also follow up several of his moves.

    C4 > C1
    A staple segue into the bounce of death.  Spam C1 directly after a C4 and 
    watch the enemies fly.  Use this often in crowds, as the C1 will catch
    peons sneaking up behind you.
    R1 counter > C1
    Counter an enemy, chase them, and stomp them while they're still bouncing.
    They will be launched.  Enjoy.
    C2-ex > C1
    If an officer lands on the ground after a C2-ex, they will bounce three
    times and flip to recover.  Unless they have a quick stomp jump charge,
    you can chase them and C1 them out of the flip.  Sword-wielding generics
    and certain playable generals, including Lu Bu, can be launched in this
    Officers with a quick stomp jump charge will use it after a flip if you are 
    within range.  It may be possible to launch them with careful chasing, but
    they will oftentimes fall too far, and C1 will drop them to the ground 
    instead of bouncing.  Some officers, such as Orochi, have jump charges slow
    enough to be interruptible with C1-ex.
    Jump + T > C1
    More of a show-off move than anything else, but it's great fun.

 Fighting Without Flash
    Cao Ren's offense is consistently fastest with Flash.  His Flash-less 
    versatility is still worth noting.
    * C1 and C2-ex, Cao Ren's most flexible attacks for opening up generals, 
      are inherently unblockable.  
    * C4 or C6 can be walked around a guarding officer.  If a general is
      blocking your S string, they will continue to block as you finish your
    * Stun running officers with C3 or mow them with C6.
    * Counter officers and stomp them out of the bounce.

                           6) On Higher Difficulties


 Cao Ren safely fights with enough aggression to handle a wide variety of 
 situations, including solo runs of the most time-critical and challenging 
 chaos battles.  Videos are posted at my YouTube account:
 I also recommend calbee219's video made for the Warriors Orochi solo chaos 
 tier list evaluation.

    Cao Ren can reliably maintain healthy levels of life and musou, even while
    soloing, without depending on recovery drops.  Why?  He soaks damage like
    a champ.  He plays a good game of keep-away.  His staple charge attacks are
    ideal for Absorb and Drain.  Thus, Cao Ren survives mistakes that would be
    lethal to other characters, and with care, he won't get hit too often or 
    too hard.  A few rounds of C1 and C4 spam with a Drain-equipped weapon will
    undo most typical lumps and bumps.
    He has several effective tactics for managing close, dense crowds -
    stomping, escaping with a counterattack, or instantly busting holes in the
    hordes with C2-ex throws.  C3 can herd and stun crowds if Cao Ren needs to
    conserve musou.
    Cao Ren defeats generals efficiently, even with an endurance-focused 
    weapon.  At level 99 with a full load of attack-related abilities and a 
    maxed Roc with Bolt, Slay, and Air, Cao Ren can kill a typical chaos 
    generic in seconds with C4 > C1 bouncing.  More attack-oriented weapons 
    achieve even faster kills.  Strong playable generals take a few more 
    stomps, but they still go down in short order.  And bouncing Lu Bu to his
    doom is a real laff riot.
    He has a variety of ways to safely approach quick and/or long-ranged
    attackers.  C2-ex bomb them off their feet, stomp before they attack or
    while they recover, time C6 to interrupt them, or keep your distance and
    fire away with C3.  If it stuns, run in and start mauling.
    C1, C2-ex, and the jump charge decimate clumps of archers and riflemen.  
    Cao Ren adeptly clears the full Mt. Tenno ambush, one of the worst 
    firepower concentrations in the game.

    Because of his short reach and slowish S string speed, Cao Ren must take
    caution with faster or longer-ranged melee attackers.  If he gets close,
    sword and spear-toting enemies tend to stand around being confused because
    they need room to start swinging, but they're trouble if Cao Ren is in 
    their poking range.  Loosely packed crowds of spear-wielding peons are 
    especially annoying.  Keep moving, bait the peons into running so you can 
    throw them, and spam C1 for more musou and breathing room.
    Cao Ren's most efficient form of crowd control requires musou and some
    aiming.  His offense against multiple officers in crowds is slower if he 
    runs low on musou.

 Recommended Setup
    Select your setup depending on your play style and how well you avoid 
    damage.  I like to self-replenish rather than rely on recovery drops, so I
    began soloing with the endurance-focused setup described earlier.  With 
    more experience, I moved toward an attack-skewed configuration.

 Recommended Teammates
    As a soloist, Cao Ren is an effective one-man army.  He can get downright
    crazy when pumped up.  If you want him to show off as well as possible, 
    take some team buffers along for the ride.
    * Hideyoshi Toyotomi - His attack speed buff turns Cao Ren into a 
      peon-harvesting death machine.
    * Sun Jian - 10-second infinite musou + C2-ex spam = smashtastic.
    * Anyone with a team-wide attack buff - For comical damage overkill.

                    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    To support Cao Ren, I suggest the following.
    * Any favorite crowd clearer - If you find yourself getting impatient with
      annoying enemy hordes, and crowd bombing and melee charges aren't
      doing the trick.
 As a Teammate
    Cao Ren is a solid all-around fighter, escape artist, firepower destroyer,
    juggler, and self-replenishing tank.  Take him along if you could use an
    effective jack of all trades with great battlefield endurance and team 
    combo potential.
                            7) Weapons and Abilities


    Buckler Blade (+9 base attack)
    Strike Buckler (+19 base attack)
    Crane (+38 base attack)
    Roc (+76 base attack) - obtained randomly from weapon boxes on 3-star and
    above hard battles or any chaos battle.


    Fortitude - Defeat 3 officers.
    Boost - Keep life at or above 30% and get 80 KO's.
    Recuperate - Without using musou attacks, get 100 KO's within first 10
    minutes of battle.	
                                8) Personal Item


    Sengoku Gaiden 6-X


    - Defeat the two fleeing generals before they trigger ambushes.
    - In the central ambush area, defeat Sun Shang Xiang and Ina within 2 
    minutes of each other.
    - Get 300 KO's.

 Recommended Method

    Apart from chasing down two generals running in opposite directions, this
    is straightforward.  Just be sure you can kill and travel quickly.

    Beat the two generals initially on the map.  Run out of the castle gate
    into the open area where the blue checkpoints are.  Wait for the 
    ambush-triggering snake generals to appear.  You should be able to get one
    immediately and chase down the other without too much trouble.  Defeating
    them will reveal the generals who would otherwise ambush you.  Beat up
    everyone in the nearest ambush area, then go clear out the other.  This
    is not necessary for the personal item, but it will rack up KO's and help
    ally morale.
    After all that, head to the central area where Zhuge Liang and Sima Yi 
    are.  Were.  We totally saw this coming.  Kill all the ambush generals for
    insulting your intelligence.  If you don't already have 300 KO's, go bust
    up some peons.
 Item Location

    The Unbreakable Armor appears in the innermost square room in the bottom
    right corner of the map.  By innermost, I mean you have to go the long way
    around through the building to reach it.  At least the commander seems to
    hold his own while you run back and grab the item.

                              9) Quotes and Dialog



    Switch: "For the innocent!"
    R1 throw: "This is it!"
    Musou: "You leave me no choice!"
    True musou: "Now's the time!"
    Officer defeat: "One more enemy outlasted!"
    1000 KO's: "I will never yield and never break!"
    Greeting: "I shall teach you the horrors of war!"
    Retreat: "I shall return before this is all over!"
    Death: "It's quiet...nothing like the chaos of the land..."


 Cao Ren speaks the following dialog as a teammate or ally.  If approaching an
 enemy, give them a chance to talk before you squish them.  Some dialogs 
 require certain team setups or approaching the characters as Cao Ren.

 Wei Story 1
    Zhang Jiao: "Fools!  Do you not see that you follow a demon?  You
    shall be judged!"
    Cao Ren: "Your religion will not save this world from turmoil."
                    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Xu Zhu: "I'll have you on a bowl of rice!"
    Cao Ren: "Poor man...driven to insanity by sheer hunger."

                    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Huang Gai: "Filthy worms!  Feel the iron force of justice!"
    Cao Ren: "Your iron force is not enough to save this world."

 Wei Story 2
    Mitsuhide Akechi: "This blade will make you pay!"
    Cao Ren: "My shield will not be so easily shattered."

 Wei Story 3
    Ranmaru Mori: "This is as far as you go."
    Cao Ren: "You shall not stop me, boy, you will only hurt yourself."

 Wei Story 5
    Approach Phantom Cao Cao without having Cao Pi in your team:
    Phantom Cao Cao: "You dare raise your weapon against your lord?"
    Cao Ren: "No, but I dislike childish party games."

 Wei Gaiden 6-X

    Dong Zhuo: "Filthy garbage!  What right have you to turn against your
    betters?  I'll teach you a lesson with my own two hands!"
    Cao Ren: "I would have thought that he who picks on the weak is the
    garbage, and hardly my better."

 Wei Story 7
    Approach Cao Cao as Cao Ren:
    Cao Ren: "My lord...I have waited a long time for you."
    Cao Cao: "I appreciate all you have done for my son while I have been

 Wei Story 8
    Keiji Maeda: "Orochi 'n me are good pals now, so don't expect to face
    him until you've dealt with me first!  And I promise not to make this
    easy for you!  Ha ha!"
    Cao Ren: "Lawless rabble!  How can you find enjoyment in this insanity?"
                    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Orochi: "Only the worthy have made it.  Now I shall see for myself the
    strength of mankind."
    Cao Ren: "This is my chance to end the chaos, and I will not let it by!"

 Wu Story 4
    Reach the escape point with Cao Ren as your active character:
    Sun Ce: "Arghh, we're surrounded!"
    Cao Ren: "I shall put my body on the line to protect you both."
    Sun Jian: "That is my place.  It has always been my duty to protect the 
    Cao Ren: "But I can protect you!"
    Sun Jian: "Worry not!  They shall not break me, for I fight with the 
    tiger's rage!  You heard me!  Now go!"
    Sun Ce: "Understood.  I'm gone!"
    Cao Ren: "...I have my orders."

 The following are Cao Ren's unique lines when fighting against you.  His
 in-battle dialog is included for the sake of completion.
 Against Hanzo Hattori
    Greeting: "I will drag you into the light!"
    Retreat: "I will not go gently into the night!"
    Death: "Your dedication... It is remarkable..."

 Against Ranmaru Mori
    Greeting: "Let us pit our skills to protect what we must."
    Retreat: "Use that blade to protect the innocent..."
    Death: "War is ultimately... meaningless..."
 Against Nagamasa Azai
    Greeting: "Time to test your faith!"
    Retreat: "I will not die like a dog..."
    Death: "The lance of faith is too powerful even for my shield..."
 Shu Story 1
    Private: "I bring news! Zhao Yun has escaped from beneath Ueda Castle!"
    Cao Ren: "But the prison cell was robust.  I checked it myself.  Still, he
    will not get away easily in this maze.  Do not let him get away!  Block off
    the southern road!  I want that man in my custody dead or alive."

                    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    If Zuo Ci is defeated after he has reappeared:
    "Capture the fugitive at all cost!"

                    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    After defeat:
    "The desire to find one's lord is strong indeed.  If only my lord were
    still alive."

 Shu Story 6
    When he confronts you:
    "I am a rock!  It will take more than you have to break through me!"

                    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    After defeat:

    "I have crumbled."

 Wu Story 4
    Rescue Sun Jian without approaching the main gate:
    Messenger: "My lord! The eastern access road has been breached!"
    Cao Ren: "Secure the keep and the eastern access road at once!"

                    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Rescue Sun Jian after you have approached the main gate:
    Cao Ren: "I have foreseen this incursion... Secure the keep! Block the 
    eastern road!"

                    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    "Secure the intruder!"

                    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    When he confronts you:
    "You shall not pass!  I am a rock!"

 Wu Story 6
    "We will need all the strength we have!  Concentrate on the central
    group, and seize the castle!"
                    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    When confronting Sun Ce:
    "Can you really bring yourself to fight your brother like this?"

                    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Destroy the bridge after the enemy's central unit has advanced:
    "Aargh... A rock and a hard place, indeed..."

 Sengoku Story 1
    "The enemy are receiving reinforcements.  We must change tactics!
    Mitsunari!  I leave the siege of Xiang Yang Castle to you!"
    Approach Cao Ren as Cao Cao.
    Cao Cao: "What are you doing here?"
    Cao Ren: "My, it is in apparition.  I must not be fooled by
    such a simple trick!"
                    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Approach Cao Ren as Nobunaga Oda.

    Cao Ren: "You bring only chaos, Demon King.  But I fight for one who
    brings order in the end!"
    Nobunaga Oda: "Are you still talking? ...Come, fight!"

 Sengoku Gaiden 3-X

    "Attack their main camp!  Do not let the reinforcements arrive!"
                    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    If you go around to save Lu Xun:
    "They are attempting to enter from the north!  Stop them!"

                    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    If you head towards the enemy main camp at the beginning:
    Cao Ren: "The enemy comes! Hold out!"
                    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    As the Orochi forces fail to get in your base and kill your dudes:
    "Still no luck.  Second wave, move in!"

                    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    When that doesn't go as planned:
    "No matter!  The advantage still lies with us!"

                    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    After defeat:
    " are truly inscrutable."

 Sengoku Gaiden 5-X
    "You are outnumbered.  To fight is suicide.  Why do you do it?"

                    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    When about to charge:
    "They are prepared to discard their lives to defeat Orochi.  And
    I... What is it that I do?"

                    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    When he confronts you:
    "Why do you fight, when you know you cannot win?"

                    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    After taking damage:
    "You shall not pass!  I am a rock!"

                    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    After defeat, if he decides to join you:
    "I believe in your cause... I can fool myself no longer.  I shall be
    your shield, and together we will bring down the curtain on this age of
    Approach Cao Ren as Mitsuhide Akechi.
    Cao Ren: "Why do you fight, when you know you cannot win?"
    Mitsuhide Akechi: "Because this battle is the first step to the advent of
    Cao Ren: "I, too, desire peace..."

                    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Approach Cao Ren as Huang Zhong.
    Cao Ren: "Resistance merely leads to more bloodshed.  Why do you do it?"
    Huang Zhong: "So you are asking me to live my life in permanent fear of
    this lord of yours, are you?"
    Cao Ren: "No...that's not it...but..."

                    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Approach Cao Ren as Hideyoshi Toyotomi.
    Cao Ren: "Why do you fight, when you know you cannot win?"
    Hideyoshi Toyotomi: "Lord Nobunaga says that our deaths will have
    meaning... Of course, I'd rather not die..."
    Cao Ren: "This Nobunaga interests me..."

                    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Approach Cao Ren as Okuni.
    Cao Ren: "Why do you fight, when you know you cannot win?"
    Okuni: "A lady always has her reasons.  Don't you know?"
    Cao Ren: "Do you not question your lord?  Do you just blindly trust him?"
                              10) Revision History

    v1.7 - 1/28/2008  - Reorganized FAQ.  Rewrote setup section for more 
           clarity.  Updated assorted setup and gameplay information.  Added 
    v1.6 - 1/8/2008   - Updated information on weapon attributes, combos, and
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    v1.5 - 12/9/2007  - So much for finishing this FAQ.  Added a link to my 
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    v1.4 - 11/17/2007 - Added more quotes, which should complete that section.
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           Reformatted move set analysis.

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           recommended weapon attributes and fighting advice, including
           alternate weapon setup suggestions and help for higher
           difficulties.  Rewrote some text.

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           Cleaned up extra line breaks and minor errors.  More character
           dialog is on the way.

    v1.0 - 10/5/2007  - Initial revision of this FAQ.
                                  11) Credits


    Mythril Wyrm for well-organized character FAQs that I looked at for 
    opfer_gv for weapon attribute recommendations and information on
    maximizing technique characters' critical hit potential
    KWMrHonda's Personal Items Guide
    Accendo's Character Unlocking Guide
    Humble Novice and kazxjun of the Koei Warriors forum for quotes
    Xiahou_Jia and calbee219 for information on game mechanics that helped me
    work out C2-ex > C1 timing and a Flash-less fighting style
    calbee219 for advanced fighting techniques and verifying the optimal
    nature of the "Attack Power Max" setup
    LordofWei's Battle Conversations FAQ for dialog

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    This FAQ is copyright 2008 by Rydain Darkstar   Feel 
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