_________               __                   
 /   _____/__.__.______ |  |__   ____   ____  
 \_____  <   |  |\____ \|  |  \ /  _ \ /    \ 
 /        \___  ||  |_> >   Y  (  <_> )   |  \
/_______  / ____||   __/|___|  /\____/|___|  /
        \/\/     |__|        \/            \/ 
___________.__.__   __                
\_   _____/|__|  |_/  |_  ___________  
 |    __)  |  |  |\   __\/ __ \_  __ \ 
 |     \   |  |  |_|  | \  ___/|  | \/ 
 \___  /   |__|____/__|  \___  >__|    
     \/                      \/     

Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow
Probester/Sam C.
Playstation Portable

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
personal, private use.It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this
guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is
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belong to their respective owners. Copyright 2008, Probester.

Starting up
When you first start the game, you are prompted to create a profile.
Enter your profile name of choice and select a save spot on your memory
stick. When that is done, you'll be taken to the main menu. You can choose
from Single Player, for the main story, Multiplayer, for some online and
ad hoc competitive action,options,to change audio, video and game controls,
and profiles, where you can create, delete or load different profiles from
your memory stick. Select Single Player to get started. Select training mode,
then select the first mission.


TRAINING ONE: Basic Movement
'Navigation and Movement'

"Teresa has asked me to help her set up a new Agency Training Excercise.
The goal is to teach the essentials of tactical movement, uncluding climbing,
crouching, ladders, shimmying, shimmying around corners, and the Agency
Rapid Traversal Line (RTL).

She's timing me and wants to know if I can beat the record completion time of
1:35. I told her I'd run through it a couple of times first before trying to
break the record." -Gabe Logan

When the mission starts, run foward and press up to climb over the crates.
Follow the arrows and climb up onto the shipping crate. At the top, press
down to crouch and approach the edge. Gabe like lower himself down. Press
down again to drop onto the ground. Follow the arrows, crouch, and pass
through the small hole. Stand up on the other side and climb onto the
wooden box. Pull yourself up onto the ledge and use the nubby to move Gabe
around the corner and over the fence. Press down to drop onto the ground,
and a cutscene will start. When it is over, hold down the right button and
equip your paintball gun. Hold down the left button and switch on your
EDSU goggles. Aim for the glowing latch in front of you and shoot it with
your paintball gun. Turn off your goggles and run through the crate. Follow
the arrows and climb over the next row of boxes. Climb onto the next box and
pull yourself up onto the container. Drop down and follow the arrows. Crouch
to go through the small hole to reach the next area. At the keypad, enter
the code "989", then go over and double tap the up button to kick it open.
Switch on your nightvision goggles and run through the dark interior. The
doorway you need to go through doesn't have a door, so don't bother trying
any of the doors. When you reach the other side, climb over the crates and
stand on the painted X on the ground. Press the up button to use the RTL.
Use the RTL to get over the fence, then drop down. Climb up the ladder
in the corner. Run to the end, where you'll find the Agency symbol,
to complete this mission.

TRAINING TWO: Basic Combat
'Basic Combat'

"Teresa has asked me to help her test our new Agency Basic Combat Training
Exercise. The goal is to teach the essentials of tactical combat, including
weapon handling,aiming, HUD elements, and basic combat maneuveurs such as 
snap to surface and melee attacks.

She also wants to time me. Eventually, I'm going to try to beat the course
record of 3:00, but for now, I'm going to pretend that I'm a raw recruit that
doesn't know what the hell I'm doing." -Gabe Logan

After the beginning cutscene, run up to the weapons crate directly in front of
you and stand in front of it. Hold down the up button to open the crate and
take the paintball gun from inside. Equip the paintball gun. Crouch, and the
targets will spring up. Shoot out the three targets that popped up out of
the crates. A cutscene will start after you've destroyed all three. After the
cutscene, snap to cover using the large shipping crate in the center of the
room. In case you missed Teresa's explanation, you snap to cover by press
the analog stick up twice when facing the piece of cover. Move you each side,
lean out and shoot the targets. Another cutscene will start.

Use the crate as cover, then shoot out the target on top of the container.
A cutscene explanation melee attacks will start. Run up to the trainee and
melee attack him. If you grab him from behind, you'll likely break his neck.
When he is dead, press select to make more trainees appear. Melee all of them.
Sometimes one attack will not suffice, so make sure to finish the job! When
all of them are down, a cutscene explaining the EDT will start. Use your
melee slot and switch to the taser. Hold down the taser until the trainee
falls down. (Notice that unlike in previous Syphon Filter games, you can't
set people on fire with the tasers anymore.)A cutscene explaining knife combat
will start. Switch to your K-BAR and attack the trainee. The mission will be
complete after he goes down.

TRAINING THREE: MB-150 Rifle and darts
'MB-150 Sniper Rifle'

"I'm helping Teresa create a new training exercise that teaches the basics of
the Agency sniper rifle. A prototype weapon, the MB-150 has a high powered
scope connected digitally to our Vision Enhancement Devices; it carries 6mm
high powered rounds and three types of 'darts'

The darts are what make this weapon special; using the EDT dart I can take a
target out silently while the X34 gas dart allows multiple silent kills. The
explosive dart affects a larger area, but obviously makes a lot of noise.
The challenge of this mission is to complete the exercise without wasting
a shot."-Gabe Logan

Equip the rifle, and start the target practice when prompted. Zoom in
straight ahead for the first target. Without moving, turn to the left
and look for another cave opening in the distance. From there, look up to
find a target at the very top of the rocks. Move to the cave opening and look
down at the collasped metal beams to find the last target. Switch to the
EDT darts by tapping the right button. Send out the trainee and aim ahead
of him while he is walking. Fire the dart into him, then press the fire
button again to detonate the dart. Press select to send out four more
trainees. Wait until they stand in the center and stop moving. Use the darts
on all four then.

Switch to the X34 gas darts. Wait until both trainees are standing still in
the center of the canyon, then fire a dart between them at their feet and
detonate it. Switch to explosive darts and send out the trainees. When all
four are standing in a group and not moving, fire a dart into the ground
in the middle of the group and detonate it to kill all of them at once.
The mission is complete after they go down.

TRAINING FOUR: Advanced Combat
'Advanced Maneuvers'
"Teresa asked me to test her new training exercise covering advanced field 
techniques. The terrorists are getting smarter and more ruthless, so I've 
asked her to push the enveope of counter-terrorism training and preparation.

I understand she's prepared several new lessons, as well as refined existing
procedures and tactics.She told me to expect to learn about grenade avoidance,
how to blind fire from behind cover, and advanced melee attacks.
She also said there'd be a surprise, but wouldn't reveal what it was.
I recall seeing classified equipment being delivered by our supply group,
so whatever this new equipment is, it's gonna be great."-Gabe Logan
As soon as the mission starts, run up to the trainee and press the up
button to start a grapple attack. Press down to kill the trainee after
putting him into your grip. You will have to press X after executing the
kill attack. When he is down, snap to cover against the container beside
the small metal bar near the ground. Press select to begin blind fire
training. When the trainees appear, hold down the fire button without
leaning out. This will scare off the trainees. Unsnap from cover, and
the grenade trainng exercise will begin. Hold down the left button
to aim, and press the fire button to throw the grenade. Holding down
the fire button will give you increased distance. When both trainees
have been killed, press select to start the grenade avoidance training.
Simply move away from the grenades they throw at you. When they are done,
press select to start the pattern training. The buttons that show up on
screen must be pressed correctly in order to finish this exercise.
When that is over, press select to test regenerating health. Teresa will
explain how the health regeneration works, and the mission will be complete.
TRAINING FIVE: Water Training
'Water Training'
"I contracted Dane Bishop to build IPCA's water training course,
and desgin a program that will teach agents how to best prepare for
underwater field ops. He's got more experience than anyone I know,
mostly acquired during his service in the SAS, and while running
his own marine salvage contracting firm.
I trust him, and he's the best man for the job.
Unfortunetly Teresa doesn't share my opinion of Bishop. I just hope they
get along long enough to demonstrate the lesson plan."-Gabe Logan
When the mission starts, climb down the ladder and make your way down into
the water. Move to the center of the pool, then dive. After the cutscene,
swim through the tunnel and surface on the opposite side. When you reach
the surface, Teresa will disable your rebreather. Swim back through to the
opposite side of the tank quickly, before your oxygen runs out. A cutscene
will start once you surface. Swim through to the opposite tank and dive down
to avoid the curret. Use the valve handle to stop the current. Take the
speargun on the other side of the vent. A cutscene will start.
Shoot the trainees using the speargun. Weapons underwater are used the same
way as they are on the surface. You can zoom in with the speargun if needed.
When they are dead, the next group of trainees will appear, and will try to
dodge your spears. An exercise will start where you can attack water targets
with land weapons. Finally, you will be able to drag a trainee into the water,
and the mission will be complete.

With all of the training missions complete, we can move onto the main story

Episode One: Cargo Hold Five

Pirates of Somalia-Part 1
"Somali Pirates, led by Syrian terrorist Ghassan al Bitar, have attacked the
U.S.S Mt. St. Helens, a navy ammunition supply ship. Bitar doesn't take
prisoners. The ship's mayday signal has been broadcasting for four hours.

The Mt. St Helens was transporting classified cargo in hold number five. The
man in charge of the mission, Robert Cordell, says the content of the cargo is
need-to-know. Cordell is a pencil neck, a DC bean-counter of the worst kind.
But I'm going anyway. I've got an old score to settle with Bitar."-Gabe Logan

After the intial cutscenes, you'll be in control of the helicopter's mounted
machine gun. Aim for the two gunmen directly in front of you and fire short
bursts at them. Switch on your EDSU goggles and shoot down all four missle
launchers. The gunmen can be ignored for the most part, and most will be
killed in the blasts resulting from the launchers being destroyed. When the
launchers are down, switch to your thermal goggles and kill any enemies with
rocket launchers that appear. When they are all dead, Alima will drop you
onto the deck of the ship.

You still start off behind a crate, with three gunmen firing at you. Switch
to your MB-150 rifle, and use the 6mm rounds to pick them off. Go back into
hiding after each target goes down, and take aim at the next enemy. When all
three are dead, reload and go back up a Spectre and ammo from two of them.
Ignore the Makarov pistol from the last one. Move down the steps and take
cover behind the first box you see. Use your MB-150 to pick off the two
enemies here. Gather their ammo and take the flak jacket from the crate
in the middle if you need it. Switch to the Spectre and run up the stairs.
Use the metal pipes as cover while you kill the three enemies ahead of you.
When they are dead, take ammo and the flak jacket from the crate near the
doorway if needed. Move inside the room and look in the leftside corner
to find a box of flashbang grenades. Leave the room and head foward. Follow
the path until you reach a debris pile. Call in Alima to assist you in moving
it away. As soon as you jump back down, take cover to the left or right side,
as enemies will appear and start blasting away at you. use the Spectre to
pick them off. Gather ammo from their bodies and run up the stairs. Take cover
so that you can see around the corner at the top of the stairs and start
shooting enemies with your Spectre. Advance to a different piece of cover
if you cannot get a clear shot to your enemies. When all of them are dead,
move around and towards another debris group. You'll notice a special
ops soldier trapped under it. Gabe will call in Alima, but she will be busy
avoiding rockets being fired above you. Shoot the rocket launcher enemy,
then call in Alima and lift away the debris. Reload if needed, then climb
up the ladder. Turn the wheel on the door on this level to get an M4 Carbine
from a box inside the room. Climb up the next ladder, and ignore the gunfire.
Continue running foward and climb up the small ladder, run around the corner
and use the vent as cover. When two enemies have been killed, two more will
appear from around the corner. One will attempt to rush your position. Use
blind fire to make him retreat, and you can then kill both them without
any trouble. When they are dead, move foward and around the corner. Take
the flak jacket from the crate here if needed. Climb down the ladder and
crouch. Sneak up on the enemy with his back to you, and melee attack him.
Then take cover and use your MB-150 to pick off the enemies below you.
Use your thermal goggles if you are having difficulty locating an enemy.
Slide down the ladder and climb up the ledge. Follow the path around the
vents for an ammo crate. When you are fully reloaded, drop down and run
around the corner to find a vent cover. Pry open the vent cover to finish
the mission.

Going Under-Part 2
"My pilot, Alima Haddad, has picked up radio signals from a US Special Ops
force, originating here on the U.S.S Mt. St. Helens. This was supposed to be
a covert op, precision strike force only. Cordell is lying, or incompetent.
Either way, I don't like it. And based on the reception the Somali's had
prepared, Bitar knew we were coming.

Teresa still can't find Lian Xing, my partner, who is on vacation somewhere in
Cyprus. Lian needed the break, her first in over five years. Timing couldn't
be worse. Eliminating Bitar, fighting off the Somalis, and securing the
contents  of hold five won't be easy, especially if Cordell isn't telling me
everything."-Gabe Logan

When the level starts, wait until the guard has his back turned to you, then
use your taser on him. From through the inside until you come to an opening
that leads you outside. Take cover on the side of the door and use your
Mark 23 to shoot the guard across from you in the head. Climb up the ladder
and take cover while you pick off the two enemies here. Move foward and slide
down the ladder. Check inside the open room for M4 carbine ammo, if needed.
Climb back up the ladder, and climb up the ladder on this deck, as well. As
soon as you reach the top, two enemies on a moving platform will start
shooting at you. Take cover and wait until the platform stops moving, then
kill the two enemies. Step onto the platform and use the terminal to make it
move back across the gap. Take cover while the platform is moving. Use your
MB-150 to start picking off enemies that are taking shots at you. When the
platform stops, one more enemy will climb up the ladder to you. Kill him,
and step off the moving platform. There is a crate with a flak jacket inside
if needed. Reload, then climb down the ladder. Use your M4 down here to kill
the enemies that appear. When they are all dead, equip the Spectre and climb
up the ladder. Kill the enemies here. Climb up the next ladder to use the
control panel. A cutscene will start. use the AZL and drop down at the bottom.
Kill the two enemies down here, then push the cart in between the shipping
containers. Halfway down the path, an enemy will drop down onto the cart.
Stop pushing as soon as he does and kill him. Reload, then continue pushing.
When you have cleared a path for yourself, run around the corner and take
the flak jacket from the box if needed, then run foward and use the vent as
cover. When they are dead, run straight ahead into the left room and use the
wall as cover, as enemies will start zip lining towards your position.
Take the M4 ammo here from the box if needed. When all the enemies are dead,
the mission will end.

Ocean's Five-Part 3
"Alima Haddad has been killed in action; shot down by stolen rocket launchers.
If the Somalis escape they can shoot down commercial aircraft anywhere in the
world. I'm not going to let that happen. I'm going to sink the remaining
Somali boats. They can take their stolen arms to the bottom of the Indian

Alima was a good pilot, one of the best. She flew dozens of missions for me,
including OPs to Afganistan, Belarus,Peru. If Lian were here she'd call me a
heartless bastard, tell me that I have no feelings. Maybe I don't. Alima
knew the risks. All of us know the risks. When I see Lian, I'll tell her this:
killing Bitar wasn't to protect hold five, it was payback. Payback for Alima
Haddad."-Gabe Logan

After the cutscene, take out your MB-150 and switch to X34 gas darts. Fire
one at each pirate and kill both. Swim towards the boat and climb aboard.
Go into a crouch and make your way to the ladder. Climb up the ladder to
reach the top of the boat, then take some C-4 explosives from the weapons
crate on top. Climb back down and take cover on the side of the doorway.
Sneak up on and use your knife on both enemies inside the cabin. Plant
the explosives by the wheel of the boat. Jump into the water after, and swim
away to avoid being caught in the explosion. After the cutscene, take
cover to avoid being shot and wait until the pirate boat stops. Swap
your M4 for the Galil AR. Fire short bursts to kill the pirates on the deck
of the boat and any that entire the water and attempt to swim towards you.
Swap the Galil back for your M4, then swim towards the pirate boat. Kill
the two enemies that attempt to kill you on your way to the cabin. Take
cover by the side of the doorway and lob a flashbang grenade through
the door. Shoot the enemies when they are blinded, then plant the explosives
by the wheel yet again. Jump off the boat and swim back to the wreck to
avoid the explosion. After the explosion, swim through the hole in the
St. Helen's hull. Switch to your Mark 23 and shoot both enemies before
climbing back onto land. Two more enemies will appear. Kill them, then
refill your ammo for your guns. Kill the two enemies in the next
room, then shoot the green switch on the wall to stop the electricity
flow. Climb up onto the other side and press the switch to kill the two
enemies that attempt to swim after you. Turn the wheel on the door
to finish the level.

Sea of Darkness-Part 4
"Cordell is proving everything I've always suspected about DC pencil
necks. His report said that the St. Helens was attacked by Somali pirates,
but he blast hole in the ship's side was precise, the work of professionals.
Bitar's group, al-Jamil, knew exactly what they were looking for, where to
hit, who to kill.

Why would Cordell doctor a report? Maybe he feels guilty for having my team
pulled last year, when we had Bitar cornered. That's why he's sending me in
now, to make amends. It won't. Not to the dead sailors of the U.S.S Mt. St.
Helens, the latest victims of Bitar's terrorist campaign."-Gabe Logan

As soon as the mission starts, shoot the terrorist in front of you with your
Mark 23. Round the corner and use a box as cover while you shoot the terrorist
through the gate. Climb up the right box and over the shipping crate. Shoot
the two enemies here, then use your MB-150 to snipe the terrorist through the
gate. When he is dead, lift up the cargo door and go through. Take cover
and kill all of the enemies here. Run around the corner and use the crate
as cover while you kill the last two enemies guarding the elevator. Activate
the elevator, go into a crouch and take cover. Use your Mark 23 and shoot the
eplosive canister by the three enemies to kill all of them quickly. Leave
the elevator and run to the back where the enemies were. Lift open the cargo
door, then run behind the pallet and push it to the gate on the other side of
the room.Use the pallet as cover while you kill the enemies on either side
trying to get a shot at you. Climb on top of the pallet from the side, then
hop over the fence. Head to the right to get a flak jacket from a crate, then
hide behind the stack of boxes. Use this as cover while you kill the three
enemies down the hall from you. Lift up yet another cargo door and shoot the
enemy in the doorway. Slide down the ladder and kill the enemys in the flooded
hallway here. Be careful not to charge down the hall, as a pipe will explode.
When it does, turn the valve in the compartment before it to turn the flames
off. Run down the hall until you reach a dry room. Take out your Mark 23 and
shoot open the vent cover above the crate, here. Climb onto the crate and
into the vent. Drop down into the next room, sneak up on the enemy, then
use your knife on him. A cutscene will occur.

Move into the next room, but ignore the flak jacket crate right in front of
you for now. Take the M67 frag grenades from the box by the doorway and use
the side of the doorway as cover. Lob a grenade between the two enemies
shooting at you. This should kill them both. Switch to your Spectre and walk
into the water towards the doorway. An enemy will appear around the corner.
Kill him and use the next doorway side as cover. Lob a grenade at the group
of enemies to kill all of them quickly. Two enemies will charge out of the
elevator directly down the hall from you. Use your last grenade to kill them
both. Go back for the flak jacket now, as well as retrieving your flashbang
grenades. Make sure to reload your M4 or Spectre, and equip your MB-150 with
explosive darts. Press the switch in the elevator to activate it. A cutscene
will play at the bridge. After the cutscene, fire an explosive dart at Fahid.
It should take all three of your darts to get him down to a little bit of
health. Take out your M4 or Spectre to finish him off, but do not bother
aiming for the head. When he is dead, the mission, and episode, will be over.

Episode Two: Terminal Drift

What Lies Below-Part 1
"Spetsnaz. Nothing surprises me anymore. First I find that Bitar and
al-Jamil have stolen US classified material from the St. Helens, sinking it
in the process. Now I find Russian Spetsnaz divers at the wreck site. I've
encountered them before, Kudrenko's men. They're professional, ruthless,
and dangerous. Do these guys even have a moral code?

I'm diving on the wreck to find evidence. I'm hoping Cordell's couriers had
copies of his case files, which will have the location of where the
surveillance photos of Lian were taken. For this job I've called in an old
friend, Dane Bishop. Lian always called Bishop a 'renegade cowboy', and it's
true he was dishonorably discharged from the SAS. Drinking? Fighting? I don't
remember why. I just hope he holds it together for one last dive."--Gabe Logan

When the level starts, switch on your thermal goggles and locate the two
divers in front of you. Hold down the L button to aim and fire at them. Do
switch targets until each one is dead. With luck, you will hit the oxygen
tank and kill them instantly. When both are dead, Gabe will tell Dane that
there should only be a few divers left. Reload, and swim forward to find
and kill the remaining three. When all the divers are dead, Bishop will
move his submarine foward and tell you that he cannot move around the
sea mines. Swim to the side of the mine and pull the mine for him. You
will have to mash X to keep it in the same position while Bishop moves
the sub through. You will automatically release the mine when the submarine
is clear. Repeat the same process for the second mine. When Bishop is
through, you will have to help him find where to cut through the ship's
hull. Search the bottom crack and bang on it to make Bishop cut through
the hull. Turn on your EDSU goggles if you have trouble locating the cracks
in the ship. As Bishop starts cutting, switch back to your thermal goggles
and start shooting at the Spetsnaz divers as they attempt to attack
in waves. Try to keep moving, but avoid swimming in a single direction for
too long. Remember to hold down L to aim at longer range. When the Spetsnaz
divers reach a certain distance, they will remain still and start shooting
at the submarine. If this happens, shoot them before the do too much
damage. Manually reload after each kill if you did not run out of ammunation
before moving onto the next enemy. This will save you valuable time during
combat. Eventually, divers will attack you from above, and Dane will
call this out to you. When all of the divers are dead, Dane will finish
cutting and a cutscene will start.

Depths of Darkness-Part 2
"Bishop cut an opening in the ship, and a vacuum of water pulled me
inside--it's a wonder I'm still alive. Cordell's courier files are here,
and hopefully they will lead me to Lian. Maybe I'll even discover what
Cordell was shipping in cargo hold five. More Spetsnaz are inside, and I'll
have to deal with them alone, not that Bishop was much help. His minisub
was under equipped for the mission; but neither of us had expected to
encounter Spetsnaz dive teams.

Bishop gets himself into a lot of bad situations, and he's developed a knack
for improvising solutions that are always reckless, and quite often involve
blowing something up. 'Pulling a Bishop' is Teresa's way of saying you've just
done something stupid."--Gabe Logan

When the level starts, firing your MB-150 at the gas canister between the two
Spetsnaz soldiers, and dodge their shots while it slowly fizzes and blows up.
Quickly climb up onto the platform where they were standing and run to the
left side, where you will find a crate with a G-17 pistol in it. Kill the
soldier that will run downstairs and charge you, then reload and run upstairs
to kill the two enemies there. Take their ammo, and a flak jacket from the
crate against the wall. Open the crate at the edge of the platform for an
M4 Carbine. Move over to the control panel and press the switch to open the
valve covers. Use the pipe right next to the control panel as cover and shoot
the two soldiers that will run out and fire at you from across the water.
When they are dead, run back down the stairs and jump back into the water.
Switch to your taser and zap each valve a couple of times to make it blow up.
When soldiers appear and start to fire at you, ignore them and quickly finish
blowing up the valves. A cutscene will start.

Swim foward and quickly climb onto the platform. Switch to your M4 carbine
and kill the two enemies that land on the platform.
Note that occasionally one enemy does not land on the platform, so kill him
along with the other enemy across the water.Use your MB-150 to kill
the last enemy across the water from you. Use the RTL to cross the gap, then
climb up into the open doorway. Climb up onto the pipes in this room and
use the door's turn wheel. As Gabe lets go of the wheel, hold down L.
As the doors swing open, you will see the enemy scrambling about. Take a few
shots at them, then run inside and use the side of the doorway as cover. Kill
all three of the enemies in the passageway. As you climb your way through the
doorways, three more enemies will appear. Kill each one before proceeding,
so that you do not become overwhelmed. Before stepping into the final room,
make sure that you shoot and blow up the canister here, to avoid being
killed in the next gunfight. When that is done, climb into the room and turn
to the right. Take cover against the side of the doorway and kill the enemies
down the corridor by shooting the explosive canister behind them. Reload and
pick up their ammo, then climb up onto the pipes and use the wheel on the
door. Stay in cover and shoot the three enemies here. Reload and run down
to the lower level and kill the two enemies. Take the flak jacket in the
corner and switch to your M4 Carbine. Kill all three of the enemies in the
control room. Run into the control room and use the control pad to raise
the missle. Two enemies will run down and charge the control room. Use
the edge of the control room doorway as cover and shoot the explosive canister
by the crate where you picked up the flak jacket. Kill any enemies remaining,
then run down into the water and turn on your EDSU goggles to quickly locate
the warhead cover. Remove it, then take a warhead explosive. If any enemies
are shooting you, you can dive under and surface behind them on their own
platform to easily take them out. Climb back out of the water where you
entered and make your way to the top door that was sealed during the
cutscene. On the way, you will encounter two regular enemies and two elites.
Use your M4 Carbine and fire at the center mass to quickly kill the elites.
Plant the warhead, then run behind the crates nearby to use as cover from the

Dead Currents-Part 3
"How does a classified military shipment become common knowledge? Bitar knew
about the contents of hold five and managed to steal it. A squad of special
ops knew about Bitar, and paid for that knowledge with their lives. Now
it's clear that the Russians know something as well: Kudrenko's men have
already beat me to Cordell's courier files. This is all tied together

Bishop says the ship's reactor is showing signs of a meltdown. We must get
inside the engine room and shut down the entire atomic core. If the Spetsnaz
have breached the cooling chambers we're all in trouble: when the cold sea
water hits those isotopes...Bishop complains that he's not being paid enough
for this. I told him that when it's all over, he can talk to Cordell and put
in for hazard pay."--Gabe Logan. 

When the cutscene ends and you regain control of Gabe, switch to your MB-150
and shoot the explosive canister. This should kill the enemy in the first
room, and send the other enemies running in to investigate. Stay behind
the boxes and pick off the other two enemies. Reload, then move into the large
room. Climb on top of the vent, then onto the machine and onto the catwalk.
At the end of the walkway, push the large piece of debris down onto the lower
level, clearing the path. Climb back down to the lower level and jump into
the hole to an area filled with water. Turn the wheel near the hole to
stop the flow of the fans creating a water current. Climb through when the
current has stopped and climb onto the platform. Climb onto the lower
platform and get pulled up by Bishop. A cutscene will start.

Turn the wheel on the door and shoot the explosive canister as soon as it
opens to kill both enemies in front of you. Climb through and use the doorway
of this room as cover while you pick off the two enemies in the next room. Be
careful, as one of the enemies has a shotgun. When both of them are dead,
climb through to the room between you and where the enemies where, and look
to the left side for a vent. Use your taser to zap the hatch, then turn on
your NVGs and crawl through. You will find two enemies patrolling around
in this area. Kill them both, then backtrack to the door and use your taser
to zap the piece of metal holding the door closed. Dane will open the door
and come through to join you. Run to the end of the large room, when you
will find an ammo box to refill all your weapons with. Attempt you use the
keypad by the sealed doorway, and a cutscene will start. You have to
protect Dane Bishop while he hacks the control panel. Kill the first two
enemies quickly, before they can do too much damage to Bishop. Switch to
your M4 Carbine and turn on your thermal goggles, as the next wave of enemies
will appear under a cloud of smoke. When they are all dead, Bishop will finish
hacking. Use the keypad to open the door. Climb up onto the pipes to make the
previous doors shut and the other doors open. Run through the doorway and
foward into the room. 

A cutscene will start. After the cutscene, climb up onto the collasped catwalk
and make your way to the first switch. Use the switch and wait for Bishop to
approach his bottom switch. Press select, then the button displayed onscreen
to successfully use the switch. Repeat the process for the other two switches.
A cutscene will start, and Bishop will be locked out of the room. Stay in
cover until your opponent runs out of ammo for his gun. He will then take
cover behind the crates to reload. Switch to your MB-150 rifle's explosive
darts, then stick on in him when he pops out and detonate it to kill him.

Drowning-Part 4
"If Lian were here even she would be impressed with Bishop's
performance on this mission. Without his expertise and cool head under
fire, the mission would have failed and Kudrenko would have whatever is in
Cordell's files. But I wonder why Bishop takes jobs like this? The IPCA pays
little compared to his military and Middle Eastern oil contracts. Maybe
these operations remind him fo his life in the SAS and the soldier he used to

Teresa's reporting the Fifth Fleet is on its way here to destroy the wreck.
Did the Navy finally get intel that Kudrenko and the Spetsnax were on site?
Or worse, does Cordell know that I'm here? Maybe Cordell is trying to make
sure that whatever secrets went down with the Mt. St. Helens, stay buried
forever. And me with them.--Gabe Logan.

You will end up back outside the ship's hull. Follow Bishop around as he
searches for his lost mini-submarine. Spetsnaz divers will appear every so
often to try and take you out. As before, turn on your thermal goggles to
locate the divers easier, and move will shooting at them. This time it'll
be a little easier, as some of the enemies will exchange fire with Bishop,
leaving you free to shoot them while they are distracted. Not that your
G-17 pistol has been replaced by the SG-10 Bolt Pistol, in case you run out
of ammo for your SG-75 Bolt Gun. You should have no problem telling
the difference between Bishop and enemy divers, as Bishop has a name tag,
a health bar and an armor bar floating above him. After each wave of enemies,
Bishop will resume roaming the ocean floor until he finds the submarine. When
he does, a cutscene will start.

If you need to, take the body armor from the crate beside the submarine. Turn
on your EDSU goggles and swim to the left until you see the yellow signal
flashing in the distance. Swim towards it, and you will find the wreckage of
a helicopter. Take the valve from the helicopter. As soon as you're done,
divers will attack Bishop. Assist him, then install the control valve
on the oxygen tank. A cutscene will start.

Turn on your EDSU goggles, then wait until a depth charge is near the sub
and shoot it. This should disable the sub long enough for you to swim up
above it, and tear a piece off. After every piece you tear off, the submarine
commander will call for divers to protect the sub. Switch to thermal goggles
when this happens, and take them out. Remember to switch back to EDSU goggles
to easily locate the submarine parts and depth charges. When the final piece
has been torn off the submarine, the battle will end.

Episode Three: Crimson Flood

Missing Friends-Part 1
"Teresa cracked the encrypted files we recovered from the St. Helen's
wreck. Now I know why Cordell didn't want me to find them. The photo of Lian
had been cropped: the original photo shows them being held at gunpoint.
She's being held, somwhere in Azerbaijan. There are rumors of sectarian
violence, even ethnic cleansing. If Lian's there, I have to find her fast.

How did Kudrenko know that a small town in Azerbaijan is somehow linked to
Bitar and the contents of cargo hold five?
The photos of Lian were taken by M16, part of a routine surveillance op;
maybe the Spetsnaz have a mole in British Intelligence. Maggie Powers, my old
contact in M16, has agreed to meet me in the operations area. She would
only brief me in person.I'm hoping she has some answers."--Gabe Logan

You will start the mission in the water, in a canal. A rocket will be fired,
and one of the two soldiers standing on the collapsed bridge in front of you
will die. Use your Mark 23 and shoot the other one in the back of the head.
Swim on the surface of the canal until you see some stairs. Climb up onto
land, and you will see a freedom fighter get slaughtered. Remain crouched
and move towards the planter and use it as cover. Shoot the two enemies
on this street in the head, then switch to your MB-150 and switch on your
thermal goggles. You will quickly spot the enemies shooting at you from
across the canal. Remain in cover and adjust your aim until you have a bead
on the top enemy's head, then pop out and fire. Duck back behind the planter
and repeat the process for all of the enemies. When they are dead, reload
your MB-150 and switch to your Mark 23. Pick up the SKS rifle from the dead
freedom fighter, and swap your Mark 23 for the CZ Mach-9 pistol from the
two dead Russian soldiers. Approach the collapsed bridge and use your RTL
to cross it. Climb through the hole in the wall and into the ruined
building. Run up the stairs and swap the SKS for the AK-47 on the ground
here, if you wish. Ignore the ammo and grenade boxes here for now, and
with your Mack-9 equipped, proceed out to the balcony and look down. As
you approach the edge, a bomb will explode, and the freedom fighter will
die. Two Russian soldiers will rush out of the hole and start firing at
you. Kill them both, then run back inside the building and take the grenades.
Fill up ammo for all of your weapons, then climb down. Go through the newly
blasted hole in the wall and kick open the door for a cutscene.

Run outside with the freedom fighter and take cover on the side of the wall
by the mines. The freedom fighter will get killed. Switch on your EDSU goggles
and shoot out the mines with your MB-150 to kill most of the Russian soldiers.
Pick off any remaining soldiers and advance. Kill the soldier in the rear,
near the floodgate control house. Climb down the ladder near the control
house and move your way to the other end of the canal. Open the flood gate
and make your way make to the control house. Press the control switch
and take cover under the window of the control house. Take out your AK-47
and start blasting enemies as they come. Duck down into cover when you need
to reload to avoid taking damage while doing so. Take ammo for your AK-47
from the ammo box next to the control house, and run back across to the
bridge on the other end of the canal. Cross the bridge and shoot the enemy
that will run out in front of you. Turn on your EDSU goggles and take cover
on the side of the wall, by the metal gate. Toss grenades down the alley
to take out most, if not all of the soldiers. Shoot anyone who remains. Make
sure that you destroy all of the laser trip mines before running down the
alley. At the end of the alley, take cover and crouch. Take out two enemies
on the above level before climbing up. At the top, crouch and quietly open the
door. Sneak behind the two snipers and use your knife on them both. A cutscene
will start.

Take out all of the enemies moving on the ground first. Then start attacking
the turret. Kill the second wave of foot soldiers before finishing the
turret. Tell the freedom fighter to run out and plant the C4 on the APC.
He will do so, and run back into cover. After the C4 has blown, one more enemy
will pop out of the APC. Make sure to kill him quick, or the freedom fighter
will run up close quarters to him, making it difficult to kill the soldier
without killing the freedom fighter. When the soldier is dead, a cutscene
will play.

Found Enemies-Part 2
"The trail to Bitar and the contents of cargo hold five start here,
in Kuranca. I'm sure of it. The Spetsnaz are sure of it as well. They want
it so bad they're willing to commit genocide to find it. But how do Cordell,
Bitar, M16, Kudrenko and the Spetsnaz all tie in together? More importantly,
how does Lian?

The answers are waiting inside Lian's room. She's never lied to me before.
When she told me she was going to Cyprus to unwind, I believed her. Agency
protocol demanded security observations. But it was Lian. I trusted her.
But she didn't go to Cyprus. She came here. TO meet someone. To share a room
with someone. Until now I've pushed these thoughts to the back of my mind.
Once I'm insided her room I wonder if I will still be able to."--Gabe Logan

The mission will start with an interactive cutscene. Just push the buttons
to the correct timing before Trinidad slits your throat. After the cutscene,
switch to your grenades, if any remaining, and chuck one out the door. If not,
use an explosive dart. Pick off any enemies that remain, and run out into the
hall. Take cover behind walls and cabinets while you help Trinidad fight your
way down the hall. At the end of the hall, you will reach a door. Two enemies
will kick it open. Hose them with your Mach-9 or your AK-47, then reload and
follow Trinidad through. Help her clear the next room of enemies, but be
careful not to get too close,as both enemies behind the wall have shotguns.
Take the flak jacket from the crate in the corner of this room if needed, then
help Trinidad climb up.

After the cutscene, kill the enemy standing in the doorway. Move into the
hallway and turn on your EDSU goggles. Destroy the laser mine and kick
open the first door in the hallway. Shoot the soldiers and the laser mine.
Take the flak jacket from behind the pile of rubble the soldier
was hiding behind. Through the crack in the wall, shoot the giant
explosive shell near the door of the other room. Run back into the hallway
and run into the second room. There is a shotgun here if you prefer to
use shotguns over assault rifles, but it is recommended you keep the AK-47
for the next section. Run back into the first room and crawl through the
hole in the rumble. Kill the two enemies in this room, and climb on top
of the cabinet, and onto the upper level. Pull yourself up, and a cutscene
will start. In this next area, just keep shooting at the enemies that rush
at Trinidad. Remember that when the IR target gets dimmer, you cannot hit
the enemy through that part of the wall. When the enemies stop attacking her,
she will lift up a vent cover and urge you to come through. Before you do,
take the grenades from the crate beside the vent and fill up on ammo at the
ammo box for all of your weapons. Crawl through and a cutscene will start.

In this next area, toss a grenade over the table at the soldiers. The blast
should kill both of them instantly. More enemies will appear from through the
window and from the top right of the bar. Stay behind cover and pick them
off. When they are dead, Trinidad will walk over to a safe and ask you for
help in pushing it. Climb back over the bar and climb up onto the ledge.
Take the body armor from the crate on the stairs if needed, and open the
door at the top. Take cover behind the vents and start shooting enemies as
they appear. Watch out for snipers that appear in the two windows. An M249
SAW can be found in a crate behind the doorway from which you came, if extra
ammo is needed. When all of the enemies are dead, follow Trinidad to the end
of the roof. A cutscene will play.

Nowhere TO Run-Part 3
"Fifteen years ago I recruited Lain from the Chinese Secret Service. 
She was already out of the country at the time, so her defection 
was relatively clean and simple. No ties. No enemies left behind.
They never came after her. I often wondered why not.
Now I'm about to find out. The woman I discovered in Lian's room
is obviously a C.S.S agent. Looking for Lian.

Why are half the world governments after the contents of hold five? The US,
British, the Russians,and now the C.S.S? Not to mention to Bitar?
The answer lies with Lian and her companion. I know
this much. Lian's not a double agent, no matter what Cordell thinks.
I may now know as much as much about Lian as I thought,
but I know this much: She's my partner, and she's in troube."
- Gabe Logan

You will start the level in the water. Swim foward to the first land platform
that you see, where you fill find some M67 grenades. Using the MB-150,
jump back in the water, and kill the three enemies shooting at you
from the stairway. Climb up and take their guns and ammo if you wish.
Take cover on one side of the archway and kill the two enemies inside the area.
Switch to your MB-150 and shoot out the laser trip mines before proceeding
inside the area. At the top of the area, kick the dresser with the boxes on
top of it foward. Run foward and use the dresser as cover while you pick 
off the enemies that are shooting at you from across the canal.
Use the RTL to cross the canal, then kick open the door in front of you
as you land on the balcony. After the cutscene,enter a crouch and pick up
the flashbang grenades. Open the door in front of you quietly, and
throw a flashbang inside. When the flashbang goes off, enter the room with
your assault rifle and kill all three enemies before they kill Agent Powers.
When they are dead, reload your gun and run over to untie Maggie.
After the cutscene, take cover behind one of the destroyed walls and
start firing at the helicopter with your rifle. Tell Maggie to fire a
rocket at the helicopter whenever the helicopter hovers and remains still.
If Gabe starts taking too much damage, take cover and let Maggie fire
a rocket, or wait for the helicopter to make another fly by.
There is an M249 SAW and an ammo crate at the back of the room
in crates if they are needed. When the helicopter's health bar
has been depleted, a cutscene will play. 

Episode Four: Tyorma Redemption

Trinidad- Part 1
"These guys are amateurs. Every agency in the world trains their people to
resist interrogation, knowing that we'll eventually break. I've been
pumped full of every truth serum known to man and beaten for hours.
If these guys knew what they were doing, they'd have figured it out by
now: I don't have the information they want.

My head's throbbing, but not because of the guards. It's Trinidad, the
C.S.S agent. Lian's old partner. She's offered to help me escape.
Why? So I can help her capture Lian's husband, Shen Rei. Lian's married.
So I knew less about Lian then I thought. I've said before. Secrets
are part of this business. We all know that when we get in.
I've had my share. But not like this. Who is Lian working for?
What's she got herself involved in?" -Gabe Logan

When the level starts, the game will play a cutscene. You will have to
beat all three button mashing sequences, or you will start in the prision
instead of in the chair room. Take the shotgun off of the table next
to the chair. Use the switch to kill the guard if you wish. Leave
the room with the shotgun equipped. Enter a crouch and move
down the stairs. Use your hands to dispatch the guard working on the switch
on the wall. Move down the next set of stairs and quietly open the door.
Move to the right side of the room and follow the circuit around
until you see a guard on patrol.Use your hands to smash his face
against the cell door, use your hands when he is moving,
or shoot him. When he is dead, take the key from his body and open the door
for the center room and retrieve your equipment from the table. Take cover
and start killing enemies that storm into the room with your shotgun.
Ammo is in a crate beside the computers inside the room if needed.
When all of the enemies are dead, open the door and leave through the door
the guards opened when they stormed in. Climb the
large steel crate in this hallway and leap over the metal barred area.
Enter a crouch and take cover behind the nearest wall. You will hear
Spetsnaz conversing about you on the second floor. Quickly use your
MB-150's explosive darts and take them both out at once.
When additional reinforcements arrive, use more darts and take them
out. When there are no more enemies left on the second floor,
remain in a crouch and slowly move foward so that you have a clear
view into the glass window. Shoot the guard inside the booth.
Run past the booth and look for a giant metal crate
in the corner of the room. Climb up the crate, and then onto the second story.
Make your way over to the corner of the second floor,
where you will find an RTL line near a door. Use the RTL and land
on top of the security booth. Zap open the booth hatch with your taser
and jump down. Use the armor and ammo crates if
needed. Use the computer on the table, and a cutscene will start. Kick open
the booth's door and kill the two new enemies in the area with your shotgun.
Go through the gate they came through and crawl into the vent through the
hole in the wall. Turn on your NVGs and crawl to the left. An the next
intersection, crawl to the left again. Make a right and a left again. Use your
taser to zap open the vent cover leading into the room. When the vent cover
is open, drop down into the room and turn the thermal goggles. Find the
freezer that Maggie is open, and pull it open with a button pressing game.

Kick open the door and turn on your E goggles when at the locked gate. Shoot
the panel to open the door. Move into the next area and a scene will play.
Take cover behind wall and start killing the enemies that appear above you.
When Maggie switches sides, follow her and take cover on the other side of
the wall. When all of the enemies have been killed, two elite enemies will
appear. Use a dart and kill them, then follow Maggie and help her up onto
the ledge. Kick open the door at the end of this area and kick open the
sewage pipe.

Into the Cold-Part 2
"Cordell managed to shut down the agency. Teresa didn't have time
to give details before she was shut out. Cordell must have convinced
the President that the Agency is compromised. Cordell must think Lian's
involved with al-Jamil. What's he going to think when he finds out
she's married to a Chinese defector, someone so important that the C.S.S
has been sent to get him back?

According to Maggie, the photos of Lian and Shen were taken by 
accident, a routine surveillance op in Kuranca. Cordell got the photos
when MI6 sent a query to DC. But how can I believe her? For all I know,
MI6 is working with Cordell, has been from the start. I should trust her.
I've known Maggie for ten years. But then, I've trusted Lian for
fifteen years, and look where that got me." -Gabe Logan

Leave cover and use your knife on the enemy in front of you. Perform
a knife attack on the next guard, but if he detects you before you
can kill him, you will have to deal with three additional guards.
When he is dead, wait for Maggie to ask for a jump up to the ledge,
and help her up. Take cover behind the stone barriers and start
killing the enemies across the fence from you. When they have all
been killed, the gate will open for you. Proceed through the forest
while having your thermal goggles equipped. Your thermal goggles
will help you see enemies in the snow. Shoot the enemies you encounter.
and use the ammo crate and armor crates near the fence if you run out
of ammo or need additional armor. Navigate through the forest and
you will end up in a canyon with two crates, and two enemies standing
above you on a log. Kill the enemies, take the armor needed and get the
assault rifle. Move foward and kill the enemy below you, then use the
zip line. Take cover behind the boulder and start killing the enemies
that start appearing in front of you. When the truck pulls up, make
sure you kill the turret gunner as soon as you can. Start doing
as much damage to the vehicle as you can buy firing as much at it as
you can with your assault rifle. Pick up armor and ammo from the crates
to your right if needed. In this next segment, you will have to cover
Logan. Kill all of the enemies in the area and tell Logan to proceed.
When Logan stops moving, kill the next three enemies that try and
attack him. Ammo is in a crate to your left if needed. Tell Logan to
proceed again. One final wave will attack him. Kill all of them, and
control will be returned to Logan. Take cover and fire a dart at the
turret to damage the turret. To proceed without the turret firing
at you, damage the turret so that it will repair itself while
you can run up the bridge. When close enough, shoot the turret again
and run past the right side of the APC to obtain the explosives.
Plant them on the APC and run away from it.

Deadly Cargo-Part 3
"There was no sign of Trinidad anywhere in the prison complex, forest
or airfield. YetI always have the feeling I am being watched, followed
shadowed. She's still out there, I can feel it. I've been in the business
long enough to trust a gut feeling when I get one. Trinidad's a professional,
but this seems personal. She's not going to let Shen, Lian's husband, go,
no matter the cost. Trinidad's going to try to use me to find him.
Now I know where to look. It's obvious that Lian and Shen were taken
in Kuranca, but not by the C.S.S, or Trinidad would have them. Not by
the Spetsnaz either: Kudrenko is also still looking. And not by the
British or Cordell. That leaves Bitar. If I can find al-Jamil, I'll
find Lian." -Gabe Logan

Use silent darts and take out the two guards near the vehicle. Climb
up the ladder and open the sliding door. Go into a crouch and kill the
the enemy in here. Stay in a crouch and move onto the next enemy in
this room. Open the next sliding door and move into the hall. Stand
up and equip the explosive darts before moving the next sliding door.
Fire the dart at the two enemies and kill them both. Open the next door,
and there will be a scene. Open the door and kill the two enemies
in the room. Then move through this room and onto the next one. Use
your darts to quickly kill the enemies. Take the ammo and guns if
you want them. Open the door, and open the hatch on the ground in
the next area. Take cover behind the crate and kill the two
enemies trying to kill you. Climb over the next collection
of crates and take cover behind the large box. Take ammo if needed.
When they have been cleared out, move foward and to the right.
You will see an enemy trying to crawl through an opening. Kill
him, and crawl through yourself. Stand up and kill the enemy to
your left, then climb over the crates to where he was standing. Move
through the boxes and kill the last enemy standing beside the large
door in the corner. Run into the hold area, and a scene will play.
Use an explosive dart to kill him in one hit.

Episode Five: Shifting Sands

Operation Canyon Storm-Part 1
"Cordell was playing me from the start. He knew about Lian and
Shen and used me to find them. He's playing a dangerous game:
Cordell knew Bitar had stolen a WMD from cargo hold five. Cordell
knew it, and did nothing except send me to track it down. How many
lives would have been lost if Bitar had detonated the device in New
York instead of in the middle of an Iraqi oil field?

If Teresa hadn't set up an emergency remote command center, Lian would
be lost. Cordell has personally taken command of a task force to 
attack this al-Jamil desert strong hold. Cordell has no military training
and experience, so knowing him, he'll just bomb everything to rubble
then send in troops to pick through what's left. If Lian's in there, I
don't have much time to get her out." -Gabe Logan

Remain behind cover and start firing at the enemies near the tank. Be
sure to kill the enemy above the tank and the one that pops out of the
foxhole. Pick up their guns and tell the soldier to enter the tank. Take
cover behind the tank. Start killing the enemies that appear after the
scene with your new asault rifles. When the tank keeps moving stay
behind it in a crouch. When the tank stops, use the rear of it
as cover and start killing the enemies. Take ammo from the crate to
the tank's right and take out the mine when the tank driver tells you
about it. Kill the two enemies that zip line down to the rear of the tank,
and the sniper above the tank. Using the tank as cover, kill the
enemies that appear when the tank stops again. Press the select button
when the crosshair is over the machine gun position to get the tank to
fire the cannon at it. When all of the enemies are dead, take ammo and
armor from the crate in front of the tank before it starts moving again.
The tank's armor will be restored before it starts moving. When the tank
is hit by a rocket in an ambush, kill all of the enemies with your assault
rifle, and yank out the mine. Take ammo and armor from beside the tank
if needed. Kill all three of the enemies in the above ambush area, and
follow the tank through the wire.

Stay hidden behind the cover and use the MB-150 rifle to take out
the enemies. You won't be able to kill the gunners with the MB-150,
so order the gunner to fire on the targets. Order the tank to destroy
the baricade. Move across the bridge.

Our Hidden Past-Part 2
"Ironic that all this could have been prevented a year ago if
Cordell's group had not pulled us off the al-Jamil case.
We had tracked Bitar and his men to a New York port where they
were planning to detonate a tanker filled with liquid natural gas.
The explosion would have destroyed half the city. Cordell took over
the mission, stopped the tanker but let Bitar escape.

Ghassan al Bitar is the worst kind of enemy to have: fierce,
single-minded, zealous. Bitar knew this day would come, and prepared
his defences. A hundred feet from his bunker entrance might as well
be a hundred miles. I've lost a lot of time. Time Lian doesn't have."
-Gabe Logan

Using the MB-150 rifle, aim at the head of each enemy, then stand up
and fire a single shot to kill each one. After each shot, align the
next shot will remaining behind cover. Repeat this process until
all of the enemies are dead. When they are dead, move to where
the flaming tank is beside you to find a weapon box with a UNP .45
inside. Use the side of the tank as cover while you dodge in and
out and take shots at the enemies using the sandbags as cover. When
they are all dead, move up to the weapon box and take the M67
grenades. Gather ammunation for the UNP and proceed inside the
cave. Run through and drop down at the end of the tunnel. Run
foward and take cover behind the sandbags. Take out the enemy
standing on the rocks above you, then concentrate on killing
the enemies on the ground. When they are dead, move around the
sandbags and look in front for a weapon box with armor in it.
Take it if needed, then take the left path and start climbing
up the ledges. (The right path leads to some hidden evidence).
At the top, take cover and kill the two enemies that immediately
appear. Use the RTL and land on the other side. Take armor from
the box and ammo if needed. Climb the ledge beside the armor
box and take cover behind the sandbags. Stand up and kill the
two enemies in front of you. When they are dead, two more waves
of three enemies will appear across from you. Gun them down and
leave cover. Use the AZL to get to the platform where the first
two enemies appeared. Take ammo if needed. Run foward and use the
RTL to move across to where the barricades were. Climb over them
and move foward. Use another ZL and drop down to the ground. Run
over to where the friendly soldier is fighting some enemies. Take
cover beside him and help him take care of the enemies. Take out
the enemy with higher ground first, then throw a grenade or two
to take care of the enemies on the ground. Finish off any remaining
enemies with your UNP.

After the scene, run foward and swap your M249 for the AK47s that
the enemies dropped. Take the armor if needed and run out into the
open. Run over to the broken stone wall and use it was cover.
Find each gun emplacement and place the crosshair over it.
Press select to call in an airstrike. In between each one, some
enemies will start shooting at you. Kill them before calling in
the next target. Be sure not to stray too far from the wall,
or the machine guns will due some serious damage. When all of
the guns have been destroyed, you will meet Boomer. Get pulled
up onto the ledge by Boomer and run foward to the barricades.
Take cover behind the one of the left and take out the first
three enemies, starting with the enemy using the machine gun.
Immediately run foward to where the machine gun is and take
cover behind the sandbags in front of the machine guns. Kill
any additional enemies that appear, and Boomer will advance.
When he does, run into the cave and take cover behind the last
barricade that you see. Use your AK to kill the two enemies
that run foward to attack you. Leave cover and take armor
from the box if needed. Run across the bridge and move
to the right. Use the machine gun to protect Boomer while
he works on blowing open the door. Watch for enemies both
on the ground and above you. Fire the gun with taps of the
R button, as opposed to holding it down, as this will
heat up the gun fast. Watch the cave where you and Boomer
entered, as enemies will zip line and attack from there.
Two elite soliders will show up at the end of the fight. 
For these two, hold down the R button as soon as you have
a shot at them to kill them quickly.

Desert Flames-Part 3
"Bitar's group has been around for a long time. They fought
with the Mujadeem in Afganistan against Russian invasion,
back when terrorists were called freedom fighters and were
our allies. A lot of al-Jamil, and groups like them, were
trained and armed by us. Specifically, by me, when I worked
for Special Forces command, under loan to the CIA.

It's easy to see what Bitar's plan is. If he can mass produce
this device, this weapon, he'll destroy anything in the middle
east that is of value to the west, in other words, oil. It's
a good plan, probably the only one that would work. He doesn't
care that it would also destroy any hope for the millions of
the region's poor to escape poverty and third-world conditions.
Maybe that's part of his plan." -Gabe Logan

Fire an explosive dart at one of the enemies and detonate it
to kill both enemies standing in front of you. Use the UNP
to kill the other enemies that appear. Push the cart foward.
When enemies appear, you will automatically take cover behind
it. Use your UNP again to clear out the enemies that appear.
When they are dead, continue pushing the cart foward until
the next group of enemies appear, and repeat the process.
When the cart touches the wall, go back and get ammo
from the ammo crate. Run into the side room beside it and
take armor from the box if needed. Climb onto the cart and
onto the ledge above. Run to the wall to the left and use
it as cover while you use the AK and kill the enemies
down the hall. Take the armor at the end of the hall if
needed. Kick the door in the next area and use the center
pillar as cover. When the enemies are dead, run up and
swap your AK for a USAS. Use the pillar seperating
the two rooms with the broken wall as cover while you
blast the enemies that appear in the other room. Run
foward to the dark corner of this room and use your UNP
to kill the enemies through the hole in the wall. Crawl
through the hole and use a pillar as cover while you
take out the enemies in this room. Run foward with your
USAS ready to kill an enemy in the window opening in the
wall. He will run at you with a USAS. When he is dead,
run to where he was and look over by the boxes to
find a crate with an M60 in it. Take it, then climb
the boxes by the steps where a latern sits. At the top,
use the RTL and drop down. Take cover behind the boxes,
and use the M60 to kill the enemies down the hall.
When they are dead, run foward and use the RTL. Run
into the room on the right for an armor box. Use
the entrance of this room as cover while you kill
the enemies that appeared across from you. Use the
RTL to move over the broken bridge and drop down.
Open the first cell door to find Lian.

Follow Lian down the hall and use the RTL to cross.
Lift the vent to let Lian cross. Use the pillar as
cover to protect Lian while she opens the door lock.
When all of the enemies are dead, the door will open.
Use the RTL to cross, and drop down. Turn on your
flashlight and follow Lian as she jumps from each
rock. At the end, pull Lian up. Move the cart blocking
the tunnel. Remain behind over and use the UNP to
shoot Malak in the knees. When he is down, start
shooting at his back unit and tell Lian to start
firing as well. Repeat this until he is dead.

Episode Six: Shattered Destiny

The Long Descent-Part 1
"Now it's all too clear why Cordell was so determined to
destroy Bitar: Cordell wasn't being fiercly patriotic,
he was covering his trail. It all makes sense now: Bitar
was involved from the beginning, because Cordell hired him,
used him to get Shen across the border in the first place.
With Kudrenko dead, Maggie in custody, and Cordell shut
down, the players are down to two: Trinidad and Bitar.

Something tells me I shouldn't have let Lian come. The
mission's too personal for her and taht makes her a liability.
But how could I say no? Lian didn't think twice when she
helped me after Addison's death, and she saved my daughter's
life. It's time to return the favor. Maybe we're not as close
as I used to think, but Lian is still my partner." -Gabe Logan

Use an EDT dart to kill the enemy visible in the distance.
Turn on the thermal goggles and kill the enemy in the water.
Surface to regain your oxygen, then dive and use the valve
on the wall. Swim on the surface and over to the center
platform. Climb up and move around the current. Dive
back into the water and use the valve. Surface, then climb
up the stairs on the side of the dam. Run to the side where
you started when you were swimming, and use a gas target
on the enemy that appears. Take his P90 and climb up the
ledge. Take the grenades from the box. Move over to the
locked gate and shoot it open with your pistol. Climb
over the pipes and shoot the enemy in front of you.
Shoot open the vent and plant an explosive inside. Run
towards the next vent. Kill the enemy that appears
and plant another bomb. Run above the vent, where
there will be an armor box. Kill the enemy that appears
after the bomb has gone off. Plant the last bomb,
then move over to where the armor box was and use the
ladder beside it. At the top, fire a gas dart at the enemy
in the middle platform across from you. When he dies
and an enemy uses the AZL to replace him, he too will
die. Use the RTL and drop onto the middle platform.

Take cover and kill the three enemies across from you.
Use the RTL and cross and drop down. Climb over to
where they were standing and look for some stairs.
To the left of the stairs is a lighted doorway with
a weapon box. Take the RPK and climb back over to
where you landed. Shoot open the locked gate. Run
down the stairs and use the corner of the
building as cover while you kill the enemies that
run at you. When they are dead, run foward and use
the control panel. The enemy with the card key
will burst in from the door in front of you. Kill
him and take the card key. Use the panel again.
Use the RPK to kill the enemies directly in
front of you, then start running for the door.
Run up the stairs and use your P90 to kill the
enemy at the top. Reload the P90 while jumping
over the fence. Run to the open door.

Powerless-Part 2
"Lian's diversion worked as planned. Attention and
reinforcements were directed topside while I
inflitrated the dam via lower water passages. The
guards I encountered were all al-Jamil. Intel
has suspected for years that the Syrian government
harbored al-Jamil, but there's still no evidence when
drafting foreign policy.

I was right not to trust Lian. Her feelings for Shen
are apparently stronger than her discipline or training:
she promised to remain topside during the infiltration, but
she's gone in after Shen. Again, I don't blame her,
and I can't say that I'm surprised." -Gabe Logan

Move foward and swim into the water channel. Surface as soon
as you are out of the cave. Climb up onto the platform
and crouch until you are behind the only enemy in the
room. Use a melee attack to kill him silently. Take
the P90 ammo here if needed. Turn on your goggles and use
your pistol to take out the turbine at each glowing point.
Open the door in this room and move out into the hallway.
Take cover around the corner when you hear two enemies
conversing. Kill them while they are unaware. Take the
armor from the box if needed, and move out into the
open area. Climb up the ladder take cover on the far end
of the platform. When a radio sounds and the enemy speaks
into it, he will start moving up the room. Kill him
with your pistol when he does. Kill the enemies that appear
at the top of the room, and climb down the ladder. Climb
up the ladder at the top and refill ammo for your guns.
Climb back down and open the door. Take cover using the
corner of the wall when you hear enemies talking. Fire an
explosive dart and kill them both. Run down the hallway
and kick open the door. Kill the enemy in here, then run
over and use the panel. Shoot each point. Before leaving
the room, open the box beside the door and take some
grenades. Kick open the door with your P90 ready.
Kill the two enemies in the corridor and take their P90
ammo. Go back into the large room and kill the enemies
trying to advance up to you. Back a last trip up the
ladder up to the ammo box and refill ammo for the guns.
Gather P90 ammo if needed. Climb back up to the platform
and down the other side. Head to the right of the ladder,
where you will see an enemy walking in water. Run foward
and use the right wall as cover. Kill the enemies in
the water. Take the smoke grenades and armor from the boxes
on the platform above the water if needed. Use the
terminal. When the AS armor guards appear, take cover until
both are in the water. Then, use the switch beside the
terminal to stun them. When they are down, immediately
start firing at them. When they get back up, use
the panel again, and repeat until they are dead.
Drop down into the water and take their guns. One of
them will have a keycard you must take. Run over to
where you first took cover when you saw the water
enemies to find the elevator.

Disintergration-Part 3
"With the transformers and generator turbines destroyed,
al-Jamil knows I'm here. They've responded by sending
their best guards. Lian's C4 diversion worked too
well, and now Teresa tells me that the structural
intergrity of the dam has been compromised. The mission's
difficulty curve has just gone straight up.

Again I've got the feeling I'm being shadowed. Trindad's
here, somewhere. I know it. She's here to get Shen.
Lian knows that I can't compromise the entire mission just
to save the life of one man - even if that man is her
husband. We can't allow Trinidad to get Shen, we can't
allow Shen to return to China. I'll do what it takes
to stop Trinidad. Whatever it takes." -Gabe Logan

Run and take cover behind the metal box. Kill the guard
above you. Use the corner of the wall as cover while you
kill the enemies around the corner. Shoot the explosive
canister if you can. Gather ammo and run up all of the
stairs. Disarm the mine beside the large door. Use the
computer the mine was facing to open the door. Use the
metal guards as cover while you take out the enemies
that come running down for you. Turn on your goggles
and disarm the mine in the path, then switch to
thermal goggles to kill the enemy standing in the
smoke. Disarm the mine in the smoke and run foward into
the open room. Remain in cover and start shooting at
enemies. When the ones in direct sight are dead, move
further into the room and start using cover while
shooting the enemies that pour into the room. When
they are dead, gather ammo and move over to the stairs.
Beside the stairs is a weapons box with an Over Under
inside. Use the crane hanging from the ceiling. When
this is done, more enemies will start attacking
from the control room. Kill them, then climb up
the ladder to the control room. Open the door and
kill the two enemies that come down the stairs.
Disarm the mine at the top and run foward until
the next one. Do the same thing and move down
the path until you reach the corner. Use the wall
as cover. Hit the mine around the corner to kill
the enemies. Run past the smoke and up the stairs.
Open the door slowly, then kill both enemies in
front of you. Enter the room and look to the left,
when an enemy immediately bursts into the room.
Kill him, then use the panel. Enter the number
that Trinidad gives you into the panel.

Leave the control room and out the door Trinidad
left with. Run up the stairs and kill the enemies
across from you. Cross the smoking bridge and
remove the obstruction. Take cover and kill the
enemies that appear after the bridge moves.
Get back to the control room and use the panel.
This will lower a ladder. Slide down the ladder
and take cover. When the AS guards get close
enough, use an EDT dart and stun them. After
they are on the ground from the EDT dart,
shoot them from behind.

Leading the Blind-Part 4
"So Shen builds a device, a quantum battery, that
can store infinite power, that can change the
world for the better, and the world governments
want to turn it into a weapon. I can't blame Shen
for running, or Lian for helping him escape. Lian
and Shen.

I wonder if what Teresa said is true, about Lian
and I. If we get out of this alive, I'll find
a way to ask her. But first, I have to deal
with Bitar." -Gabe Logan

Remain in cover and shoot the mine near the enemies
to kill them. When they are dead, run foward and
through the door they were standing in front of.
Kill the enemy standing beside the door. Turn the
wheel on the wall and take the grenades before
leaving. Turn on your thermal goggles and shoot
the AS enemy in the knees. When he is down,
shoot him in the back. With your thermal goggles,
you should be able to see a mine behind where the
AS enemy was standing. Shoot the mine and take the
keyguard from the body. Use the keycard on the door
to find Shen.

Tell Shen to bypass, and turn on your goggles. Locate
Shen and use the panel opposite of him. Run to the
XZ 2 in the current behind the panel and take it
out. Some enemies will rush into the room. Kill
them, and tell Shen to bypass the next one. Extract
the XZ2 again, and more enemies will appear. Kill them,
then tell Shen to bypass the next one. An enemy
will appear in the control room in the broken glass.
If you do not kill him, he will take Shen hostage
and you kill have to save him. Either way, kill the
enemy and move to the last panel. As with before,
operate the panel and extract the XZ 2. Take ammo
from the box in the corner. When the enemy
appears, fire a grenade at his feet with the Over
Under, then switch to the rifle mode of the Over
Under to finish him off. Enter the tunnel, and
repeat for the remaining enemies.

With Violent Intent-Part 5
"I've finally shut down al-Jamil. Bitar has a fully
charged XZ2, and is attempting to escape with it. But
where's he going to run? His desert compound is
destroyed and now that he's exposed, the Syrian
government won't be able to hide him. And would if
they want to, if they thought they could be accused
of building weapons of mass destruction?

Bitar, Kudrenko, Cordell, Addison, Blake... my
past always seems to catch up with me. Now finally,
with Trinidad and Shen, Lian's past has caught up
with her. The physics of shadows are a curious thing;
they move faster than the speed of light, and are
caused my movement occuring in the past." -Gabe Logan

Run over and use the turret. Look up, and kill the enemy
trying to land on your platform. Start firing at the
tanks on Bitar's platform. Use your goggles to locate
the tanks. His platform will stop when the tanks have
been taken out, so concentrate your fire on that.
Aim up once in a while to kill the enemies on platforms.
When Bitar has slowed down, shoot the device to kill

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