Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Achievement FAQ By: Kratos1173 ------------------------------------------------------------- Table of Contents ------------------------------------------------------------- For finding things quickly use Ctrl+F and enter the letters in the < > 1. Introduction 2. Achievement List 3. Achievement Details a. Official Mode b. Original Mode c. Character Gallery d. Mobile Suit Gallery e. Pilot&Mobile Suit Level f. All skills acquired g. Missions Completed h Total Shot Down 4. Tips 5. FAQ 6. Credits & Legal ------------------------------------------------------------- Version History ------------------------------------------------------------- 1.00 - Basic Guide Started ------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Introduction ------------------------------------------------------------- Hello, and welcome to my Achievement Guide for Dynasty Warriors: Gundam. In this guide I will list the achievements and how to get them. If you see any mistakes or errors or whatever, feel free to contact me at Kratos1173@yahoo.com. However I have a few rules for emailing me so... yeah. 1. No spam. Or else. 2. Label it "Dynasty Warriors: Gundam" or something. 3. Make it relevant. Anyway, on to the guide. ------------------------------------------------------------- 2. Achievements ------------------------------------------------------------- Original Mode: 1 Character, 25G Original Mode: 8 Characters, 75G Original Mode: All Characters, 100G Official Mode: 1 Character, 25G Official Mode: 3 Charaters, 50G Official Mode: All Characters, 75G Character Gallery Complete, 75G Mobile Suit Gallery Complete, 75G Pilot Level MAX, 75G Mobile Suit Level MAX, 75G All Skills Acquired, 100G 50 TOTAL MISSIONS Complete, 50G 100 TOTAL MISSIONS Complete, 100G TOTAL SHOT DOWN 50000, 50G TOTAL SHOT DOWN 100000, 75G ------------------------------------------------------------- 3. Achievement Details ------------------------------------------------------------- I'm going to group the similar achievements together in this section. --------------------------------- Official Mode Clears --------------------------------- These achievements are for beating official mode with different characters. You get an achievement for 1 clear, 3 clears, and clearing it with all. There are 6 characters in official mode. Amuro, Kamille, Judau, Char, Haman, and Scirocco. Amuro, Kamille, and Char have 4 missions, Haman has 3, and Judau and scirocco have 2 missions. Although for your first run you only have Amuro, Kamille, and Judau. If you want to clear it quickly then obviously go with Judau.I personally cleared it with Kamille. If you want to do it quicker and have a second controller, you can use your second controller to use someone higher leveled and have the first characer just sit there. Although for official mode you can only use characters in official mode for the second player. These achievements aren't that difficult and are easier to complete than the Original Mode ones. --------------------------------- Original Mode Clears --------------------------------- Similar to Official Mode, but with more characters which makes it alot longer. You get an achievement for 1 clear, 8 clears, and all clear. There are a total of 16 characters in Original Mode. All characters have 5 missions in this mode unlike in Official Mode. At first you only have Heero, Domon, and Loran to use. I personally cleared it with Heero first. Again if you have 2 controllers you can clear these ALOT quicker. In future updates I may go into more depth on these. --------------------------------- Character Gallery Complete --------------------------------- Alright, for this achievement (as well as the mobile suit one) you need to fill in the character gallery (duh). Each time you see a character they are added to the Gallery. However there are some exceptions (I think anyway). Some of the characters aren't in the battles. These characters you most likely unlock by beating a story mode with someone that is in the same Gundam series as them. If you are missing someone after clearing some Original Modes they are most likely in Official Mode as that's where many of them are. Playable Character Series (use if you don't know the series characters are in. Mobile Suit Gundam: Amuro Ray, Char Aznable. Zeta Gundam: Kamille Bidan, Paptimus Scirocco, Haman Karn, Char Aznable, Emma Sheen, and Jerid Messa. ZZ Gundam: Judau Ashta, Puru, Puru Two, Roux Louka, Haman Karn. Mobile Fighter G Gundam: Domon Kasshu (GUNDAM FIGHTO READY GO), Master Asia. Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Heero Yuy, Milliardo Peacecraft. Turn A Gundam: Loran Cehack. Alright, now I'm going to list the characters in order on the character gallery starting at Amuro Ray and going right. When you see the series in paranthesis that means that all the characters starting from that one and down are in that series. Amuro Ray (Mobile Suit Gundam) Kai Shiden Hayato Kobayashi Bright Noa Fraw Bow Tem Ray Revil Char Aznable Ramba Ral M'Quve Gaia Mash Ortega Kycilia Zabi Lalah Sune Kamille Bidan (Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam) Quattro Bajeena Bright Noa Emma Sheen Henken Bekkener Fa Yuiry Apolly Roberto Torres Astonaige Medoz Amuro Ray Hayato Kobayashi Paptimus Scirocco Jerid Messa Yazan Gable Sarah Zabiarov Reccoa Londe Kacricon Cacooler (What kind of name is that?!) Dunkel Cooper Ramsus Hasr Jamaican Daningan Haman Karn Judau Ashita (Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ) Roux Louka Elle Vianno Beecha Oleg Haman Karn Glemy Toto Elpeo Puru Puru Two Anavel Gato (Mobile Suit Gundam 0083) Johnny Ridden (Mobile Suit Variation) Domon Kasshu (Mobile Fighter G Gundam) Raine Mikamura Master Asia Heero Yuy (Mobile Suit Gundam Wing) Doctor J Milliardo Peacecraft Loran Cehack (Turn A Gundam) Horace --------------------------------- Mobile Suit Gallery Complete --------------------------------- For this one you simply need to see every Mobile Suit & Battleship. Again if you are missing some after several playthroughs, try Official Mode. I will split the list into Mobile Suit and Battleship, again going right. Mobile Suits: Gundam Guncannon GM Ball Zaku II Char's Zaku II Gouf Dom Z'Gok Char's Z'Gok Gelgoog Char's Gelgoog Zeong Elmeth Zeta Gundam Hyaku Shiki Gundam MK II Gundam MK II (Black) Rick Dias Nemo GM II The O Palace Athene Bolinoak Sammahn Hizack Marasai Barzam Hambrabi Baund Doc Qubeley Gaza C ZZ Gundam Qubeley MK II (Black) Qubeley MK II (Red) Mass Production Qubeley Bawoo Mass Production Bawoo Gaza D GM Command Gato's Gelgoog Ridden's Gelgoog Gouf Flight Type Zaku Tank Burning Gundam Master Gundam Wing Gundam Zero Gundam Epyon Turn A Gundam Musha Gundam Battleship: White Base Big Tray Salamis Musai Gaw Zanzibar Argama Audhumla Radish Gwadan --------------------------------- Pilot & Mobile Suit Level Max --------------------------------- These 2 achiements are not that difficult as by the time you finish a story you will already be pretty close. The max Pilot level is 30, while the max Mobile Suit level is 10. Your mobile suit will most likely reach 10 before your Pilot reaches 30. Heero was the first person I maxed out along with his Wing-Zero. Also if you use Mechanical Sense/Pilot Sense you will get more exp for Mobile Suit and Pilot respectively. It takes 77,400 to reach MAX for both Pilot and Mobile Suit. --------------------------------- All Skills Acquired --------------------------------- For this you must have every single skill for at least one character. There are a total of 36 skills. You will get at least one skill for each mission that character does if they participate (meaning if you use the controller thing I mentioned the character not doing anything won't get a skill). Sometimes when you first start out a character they will get more than 1 skill per mission. I'm not exactly sure what determines how you get the skills and what you do to change how many you get so I'm just sticking with you get 1 skill per mission except in the beginning. Also something you should note, the skills you get are random (although in the end all the characters have the same skills). If you do the controller method I mentioned using the same character for player 2 the entire time you will get this without having to do anything extra. If you don't do that however, you are stuck with repeating missions with 1 character. I personally got this achiement with Heero, and if you don't do the controller method I would recommend you do the same, as Heero has a very easy first mission which is also fairly short. --------------------------------- Missions Complete --------------------------------- You get these by completing missions. You can view how many missions you have done in Player record menu. If you are going to clear the game with all characters then you will get the first one easily.There are 80 missions in Original Mode and 19 in Official Mode, so if you do every mission you will only need one more mission. However, if you don't plan on doing that then you can just do a really easy mission over and over again, again I would recommend Heero's First Mission. --------------------------------- Total Shot Down --------------------------------- These are obtained by killing lots of enemies. Like with the missions, you can check how many kills you have in the Player Record Menu. Now, for the first achiement, 50,000, you will get this one most likely before you finish all the character stories. However, for 100,000, I only had around 75,000 kills by the time I finished all the stories. For this you will most likely have to farm kills, there are several missions that I would recommend. You can do Heero/Master Asia/Jerid's 5th mission, you can get 1,500+ kills on this mission easily. Or you can do Roux/Judau/Scirocco's 1st mission. If you play through this normally you won't get that many kills. However, if you you stay at the first field from where Roux starts (labeled Field D in game) the field will have it's health meter thing restored by the field to the left (Southwestern base) making it so you can keep getting kills til the Southwestern Base is taken. There is another field later in the mission that gets restored as well (Castle Town), however, your allies will capture the 2 bases that restore it's health while they won't for the first field. *Note* If you find places that also work good for racking up kills send me an email about it and I will add it and credit you for it. ------------------------------------------------------------- 4. Tips ------------------------------------------------------------- Most of these have already been listed but... yeah. 1. You can use a second controller to clear missions of weaker people or people you just don't like :P. 2. Heero's first mission is a quick and easy mission you can do to clear missions. 3. You can do Heero/Master Asia/Jerid's 5th mission to get alot of kills, easily 1,500+. 4. You can also do Roux/Judau/Scirocco's first mission to get kills using the regenerating fields. 5. For experience, prioritize kills bosses, but also make sure to kill normal enemies as well. 6. Mobile Suits that have good crowd clearing abilities are Wing-Zero, Zeta Gundam, Char's Gelgoog, and Puru's Qubeley (Black I believe). For Wing-Zero it's XXXY is great at clearing things in all directions (if you equip the skills Zero Range Shot it will destroy even more), while it's SP attack is just plain overkill. Zeta Gundam's Boost attack will kill pretty much everything that the beam hits (if you pair it with the Zero Range Shot and Piercing Shot it will kill even more), for it's SP attack for crowd clearing the 1st level is the best one if you get all the enemies in front of you. Char's Gelgoog's XXY attack will slaughter everything that it hits if the enemies are all grouped together and with the Zero Range Shot it will have a higher chance to one shot the stronger units. For Puru's Qubeley the XXXY attack will kill everything right around you, although it's not as good as Wing-Zero's. 7. For the Mobile Suits to reach max level you need 77,400 experience. I do not know the exact amount for Pilots but it is very close so I am going to say it is 77,400 as well. If anyone knows the exact amount email me and I will credit you. *Note* If you yourself have any tips you would like to submit email me and I will put them up if I think they are useful. ------------------------------------------------------------- 5. Frequently Asked Questions ------------------------------------------------------------- None for now. If you have a question send it to my email at the top of the page. ------------------------------------------------------------- 6. Credits & Legal ------------------------------------------------------------- Copyright 2008 Bob Diaz Aka Kratos1173 This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. Credits go to: Me, for making this Koei, for making DW: Gundam My dog, for being awesome And of course, You, for reading this