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A) Introduction [IntX]
B) Updates [UpdX]
C) Who is Captain Falcon? [WhoX]
D) Pros and Cons [ProX]
E) Moves and abilities [MovX]
F) Captain Falcon-specific Strategies [SatX]
G) Character-specific Strategies (ChaX)
H) Boss Battles (BosX)
I) Miscellaneous Stuff about Captain Falcon (MisX)
J) Legal stuff [LegX]
K) Thank Yous [ThaX]

To unlock Captain Falcon as a playable character, you must do one
of three things:
- Play 70 Brawls
- Beat Classic Brawl Mode on the Normal difficulty setting or 
greater in less than 12 minutes
- Get Captain Falcon to join your party in The Subspace Emissary.

Except for the Subspace Emissary method, you'll have to face
Captain Falcon in a duel to actually unlock him.

Section A: Introduction ---- [IntX]
This section is the introduction to the FAQ.

Hello and welcome to my fourth FAQ, one about how to use the
character Captain Falcon in Super Smash Brothers Brawl. This 
FAQ's only real goal is to improve your ability to use him as a
If you have any suggestions or complaints, please e-mail 
me at

Section B: Updates ---- [UpdX]
This section deals with updates, when things were changed, and 
when they were changed.

If you have suggestions for this FAQ, e-mail me at
Version 1.0: 03/20/08
Created the FAQ.
Version 1.1: 03/21/08
Version 1.0 didn't get accepted. Fixed some errors, added two new
Version 1.1: 03/24/08
Various updates and corrections. Redid the Version Number to be
more in line with GameFAQ's numbering system.
Completed several sections. This was a major update.

Section C: Who is Captain Falcon? ---- [WhoX]
This section gives you an in-universe explanation as to who
Captain Falcon actually is. By "in-universe", I mean in his game
series, not in the Super Smash Brothers series.

Captain Douglas Jay Falcon (normally called simply "Captain 
Falcon" is the main character of the F-Zero franchise of 
futuristic racing games. Little is known of his past other than
his home town, Port Town. He is F-Zero racer #7.
A former captain in the Internova Police Force (hence his title),
he quit to become an interstellar bounty hunter. By the age of 
36, he was considered one of the best in existence. Eventually,
he took up racing in the F-Zero circuit, and became one of the 
best ever. He is notably very mysterious, and despite his fame,
few people know anything about him beyond his name.

His racecar is the Blue Falcon, a balanced craft capable of 
speed, fast acceleration, and taking damage (he is considered to
be the most balanced racer in most of his games). For bounty
missions, he uses a larger spacecraft called the Falcon Flyer, 
and his weapon of choice appears to be a small sidearm (however,
given that F-Zero is racing franchise, he never uses it 

He is probbly the most famous of the F-Zero racers, and has 
relationships with many of them. Falcon has an implied 
relationship with Jody Summer, another racer, and has saved her 
life several times.
Falcon also has many enemies, among them Samurai Goroh, who is 
considered to be his greatest rival: a bandit boss with a samurai
motif, Goroh despises Falcon for being just a bit better at 
everything they have in common, and desperetely wants to be the
superior racer.
Black Shadow is another enemy of Falcon: a "King of Evil" who
wants revenge on Falcon for arresting a witch doctor who gave him
his evil abilities (later, his goals include conquering the 
Finally, perhaps his most insidious enemy is Blood Falcon, a 
clone of Captain Falcon who is nearly identical save for his
bloodthirty nature and desire to ruin the Captain's reputation.

Section D: Pros and Cons [ProX]
This section details Falcon's advantages and disadvantages over
other characters in Super Smash Brothers Brawl.

- Extremely fast.
Falcon is the second fastest character in the game, second only
to Sonic. He can outrun any character (save Sonic) easily, even
speedy ones like Fox and Sheik, allowing him to reach items and
avoid stage obstacles more easily.
- Strength.
Falcon is surprisingly strong considering his speed: he hits 
harder than most mediumweights in the game, but not quite as hard
as the heavyweights. Nevertheless, he is extremely strong and can
KO an enemy at lower percentages than most other Brawlers.
- Aerial game.
Although he has only two jumps of average height, Falcon 
possesses a surprisingly strong aerial game, with two very 
powerful and quick moves (see below).
- Very fast rolling.
Falcon rolls faster than most other characters, allowing you to
place yourself in a better position for killing your enemies.
- Fairly heavy.
Captain Falcon is on the upper half of the weight division, 
tough he's no heavyweight.
- Wall jumping.
Falcon can do it.
- Launchers.
Captain Falcon's moves tend to have a lot of knockback, giving
him many more options for KO moves than most characters have.
- Projectile reflection.
Raptor Boost can reflect most projectiles.
- Knee of Justice.
Such a good move, it deserves its own mention.
- Final Smash.
If you can hit your enemy with your Final Smash, they die. 
There's no surviving it. Period.
- Awesome voice.
Falcon is constantly making noise and announcing everything he 
does in the most manly way possible: many an internet meme has
taken advantage of this.

- Predictable recovery.
Falcon's recovery abilities are only average, and they're 
worsened significantly by their predictability: he can't pull off
any recovery tricks like he could in Melee.
- No projectiles.
With Falcon, you are going to melee. There will be no projectile
battling for you, because ALL of his moves are geared towards 
close combat. This can make fighting certain characters, like
Samus, a pain.
- Slow attacks.
Despite his extremely fast movement speed, Falcon attacks like a
heavyweight: he hits hard, but he hits SLOW. Except for a couple
of moves (Raptor Boost, the knee, ect.), Falcon has to be able
to predict his enemies' movements in advance to set up attacks.
- Large target.
Falcon is a human-sized character, which means no avoiding 
projectiles or high attacks like short characters like Kirby can.
- Walk speed.
Despite his insane running speed, Falcon's walking speed is
surprisingly slow.

Section E: Moves and abilities ---- [MovX]
In this section, you will detailed descriptions of Captain 
Falcon's moves, both basic and special attacks. I use a Gamecube
controller, so "A" is your basic attack button, and "B" is your
special attack button. 
"N" is neutral (no directional input), "D" is down, "U" is up,
"F" is forward, and "B" is backwards. "S" is smash, so if you see
"ADS", that means press A and D at the same time, whereas "AD" 
means pressing A while crouching.

I named all of these moves myself, except for Knee of Justice, 
which I have forgotten the origin of, and the special moves.

If it says (Fire) after the percentage, that means the attack is
fire-based and will set off Blast Boxes.

== Basic Attacks ==

Ground Attacks:

AN: Jab-Jab-Knee - 3%-2%-6%
Falcon punches whatever is in front of him. It's pretty basic,
and nothing special, with next to no knockback and no KO 
potential. If you press it twice, Falcon will punch with his
other hand, and three times, he'll knee his enemy.
There's nothing special to note about this move, other than it
combos into Combo Punch VERY easily.

AN extended: Combo Punch - 2%
Hold down AN and do the Jab-Jab-Knee to start punching furiously
in front of you: Falcon will punch three times in front of him
at very high speeds, and continue until you release A.
This move is of little value: it leaves you open (you can't move
or shield out of it until it's over), deals little damage and is
easy to escape from, and has zero KO potential.

AF while walking: Kick - 10%
Falcon kicks anything in front of him. Flashy.
This has surprising range and decent damage (little knockback, 
though), but you probably won't be taking advantage of it very
often because it relies on you walking, something Falcon should
never be doing. Sorry, Kick. You're just kind of inconvenient to
pull off.

AF while running: Shoulder Bash - 8%
Falcon uses his shoulder and his momentum to crash into his 
enemy, sending him flying. After the attack, he's sligthly 
vulnerable for a moment as he regains his footing.
This is a good, solid move: it comes out almost instantly, it 
takes advantage of Falcon's incredible speed, and it has a decent
amount of knockback (there's no realistic chance of KOing someone
with this, however). I'd get used to using it if I were you,
because against agile enemies like Pikachu, Falcon needs all the
fast attacks he has.

AD: Ground Kick - 10%
Ah, here we get to useful moves. While crouching, press A to 
kick in front of you (it will NOT hit behind you) to kick about
the length of Falcon's body along the ground. It won't hit 
anything in the air, but if your enemy is on the ground, he'll be
hit. Or rather, kicked.
This move is pretty valuable. It deals respectable damage, is 
easy to connect with (coming out pretty fast), and has more range
than it really should have. It has a fair amount of knockback,
but has no realistic chance of KOing an opponent except at 
extremely high damage (300%+). Still, if you need a fast damage-
dealing attack and your enemy isn't in the air, this is a good

AU: 180 Degree Kick - 13%
Falcon kicks everything in front of him, from over his head to 
right beneath his ankle, in a 180 degree arc.
I'll be honest: this is not his best move. It's hard to connect,
being slightly slow, and doesn't deal enough damage to be worth
the effort. In addition, it's a non-smash AU attack, making it
somewhat irritating to even use. It's entirely possible you'll
forget you even HAVE it.

AFS: Elbow Bash - 19%-26% (Fire)
Falcon takes his arms, and uses them to put his right elbow in
the enemy's face.
Captain Falcon has one of the best forward smashes in the game.
It's not very fast, but it hits HARD, has nice range, and has a 
ton of of knockback. This is an excellent attack you'll need to
learn the ins and outs of. It's also useful for edge-guarding.
This is one of Falcon's best finishing moves because of its 
excellent knockback: hit a high-damage enemy with THIS, and he's

AUS: Double Upper Kick: 8%-11%, 13%-19%
Falcon kicks upward, and then, just to be a jerk, kicks upward
You'll notice this seems a bit weaker than other smashes, I hope.
It's not true. His first kick will hit for 8%-11%, and his 
follow-up kick will deal the 13%-19% and the knockback. Don't 
worry: no matter how damaged the enemy is, the first hit has
almost no knockback and will try to trap him for the second kick.
Notably, the first kick has SLIGHTLY greater range than the 
second one, so it's possible you'll only hit for the weaker 
damage and deal no knockback.
This is a great move. The second kick has knockback that is just
absolutely insane, and if your enemy is damaged enough, it WILL
launch them into the stars. If you can predict where an enemy 
will land, this is a killer move. You'll be getting used to using
this particular smash, I assure you.

ADS: Double Ground Kick - 18%-25%, 16%-22%
Falcon stands on one leg, and uses the other to kick in front of
him, then behind him a moment later.
This is another excellent smash. Really, when it comes to
smashes, Falcon got lucky. It deals a nice bit of damage, and 
once you learn how it hits (it's hard to explain) the enemy,
it'll be one of your best finishers. Because of its low blow, it
makes an excellent edge-guarding move.
It's possible to trap a lightly damaged enemy in both kicks, 
dealing nearly double the damage, but it's hard to pull off and
relies on what your enemy does when he's hit.
Note that the "18%-25%" refers to the first kick, and the "16%-
22%" the second kick. The first kick is obviously slightly 

A while hanging on an edge: Recovery Kick - 10%
Press A while hanging an edge to kick in front of you as you get
back onto the stage. Every character has this.
It's nothing special. It has some knockback, but not enough to KO
someone. It's only useful for getting your enemy out of your way
as you get back up.

A while laying on the ground: Wake-up Kick - 6%
While getting up, Falcon kicks in front of him, then kicks all
around him in 360 degrees.
This is a weak, "get-away-from-me" move that knocks your enemy
back JUST enough for you to get up without being killed. Really,
it's better to just roll away, this deals so little damage and so
little knockback.

Aerial Attacks:

AN: Aerial Double Kick - 4%, 6%
Captain Falcon kicks in front of him while falling, then kicks a
second time. Notably, the first kick has greater range than the 
second kick.
This is not one of his better moves. Though it comes out fast, it
just lacks damage and knockback. Additionally, the first hit can
knock your enemy out of range of the second. It's also kind of
hard to hit your enemy with.
Really, this is not a move you'll be using very often except to 
regain your balance in the air if you're knocked back.

AF: Knee of Justice - 3% or 19%
Falcon knees the air in front of him, dealing damage to anything
directly in front of him. If you barely hit with it, you'll deal
3% damage with no knockback. If you hit directly with the knee so
it connects INSIDE the enemy, it'll deal 19% damage with much 
more knockback.
Aw yeeeeeeeeaaaaah. Also known as "The Knee" and "Falcon Knee", 
this is one of the single best moves in the game. For real Falcon
players, this move is as iconic as Falcon Punch.
Despite the fact that it was nerfed from its Melee form, the Knee
of Justice is still probably the single best aerial killer in the
game. I love this move, and if you play Captain Falcon, so will 
Its high damage alone would make this a good move, but it has one
of the highest horizontal knockbacks in the game, period. I've 
seen this KO mediumweights as low as 70%, this is just a 
ridiculous move. Because its hitbox for the high damage+knockback
is kind of small, you'll have to practice to get it every time.
This is basically one of your main finishing moves.

This move, by the way, is easier to land against larger opponents
(Bowser, DK, Ganondorf), but kind of difficult against smaller
ones (Pikachu, Kirby). It's an INSANE boss killer.

AB: Reverse Punch - 14%
Captain Falcon looks behind him and punches, knocking away 
anyone trying to take advantage of his vulnerable position.
Another good move, this is basically an inferior version of Knee
of Justice, with all its aspects toned down a bit: less damage,
less knockback, less range. However, it has no "crappy" version
(if you don't hit head-on with Knee of Justice, it'll deal little
damage, with this it doesn't matter), and it's not like you can 
knee backwards anyway. You'll want to get used to this move, 
because floaty characters like Kirby LOVE trying to attack the 
backs of characters who fall kind of slowly like Captain Falcon.
This can KO someone, but don't count on it to do so, it's really
meant as a defensive attack.

AU: Crescent Kick - 13%-10%
Captain Falcon kicks in a half-circle around himself, dealing
damage to anything that gets in his legs' way. The beginning of
the kick deals more damage than the end.
This is a solid move. It hits anything above or in front of you
and has some knockback. Its knockback is enough to push away
someone trying to attack you, but not enough to KO anyone who 
isn't heavily damaged. Its real advantage IS its underwhelming
knockback: wait for someone to fall, Crescent Kick him, double-
jump, and Crescent Kick him again, and if you're lucky, AGAIN.
Crescent Kick's strength is in dealing damage, not KOing people.

AD: Falcon Stomp - 14%
Captain Falcon takes a second, and then kicks anything directly
below him down to the ground. It leaves him slightly vulnerable
for a moment.
Another great aerial move, this is one of the game's best meteor
smashes. For those unfamiliar with the term, a meteor smash 
knocks it target directly downward, making them ideal for KOing
enemies foolish enough to be over pits (of the non-Angelic 
variety). Really, this is a great move: it's not a fast meteor
smash, but it's a powerful one. One problem with it is that when
you use this move, you ARE going down with your enemy, so you'll
have to be prepared to recover or you'll lose a life.

== Special Attacks ==

B: Falcon Punch - 27%-28% (Fire)
Captain Falcon prepares himself for a full second, then punches
whatever is in front of him with an epic falcon made of fire. He
also yells out "FALCON PAWNCH!" as he does this. The punch is
powerful and has extreme knockback.
If you press the opposite direction of where you're facing at the
beginning of this move, while charging Falcon will turn around
and perform a Reverse Falcon Punch. It's marginally more powerful
than the normal version.
Captain Falcon's signature move: the Falcon Punch. One of the 
game's most powerful moves, newbies often assume it's useless
because of its slow speed. It's true that Falcon Punch is slow, 
but it as as powerful as moves get, easily capable of KOing even
medium damaged enemies with its knockback.
However, it takes strategy to use this move correctly. Simply 
going up to an enemy and trying to Falcon Punch him will get you
The best way to use this move is while falling: jump towards your
enemy (preferably while he's doing something: grabbing an item,
beating up another player, ect.) and punch while in the air. 
Falcon will wind up in the air but punch on the ground, and 
hopefully the move will connect.

B-side: Raptor Boost - 7% (Fire)
On the ground: Falcon runs forward and performs a fiery uppercut,
sending his enemies upwards.
In the air: Falcon launches himself forward (but not upward), and
punches his enemy directly downward. He also "leapfrogs" over
him, moving further forward and allowing Falcon to perform 
another move.
Raptor Boost may not be as flashy as Falcon's other moves, but 
it's no less useful. Unlike his other moves (which have 
horizontal knockback), Raptor Boost has vertical knockback, 
though it's not powerful enough to KO an enemy by itself.
If used in the air, it instead knocks the enemy downward, acting
as one of Falcon's two meteor smashes. If you use this for 
recovery, it'll put Falcon into helpless falling mode once it's
over UNLESS you hit someone with it, whereupon Falcon will be
ready for another move (preferably Falcon Dive).
Raptor Boost doesn't get the respect it deserves. It's not a 
KOer, it's meant for setting up enemies for air combos and
killing computer teams (both of which it does quite well).
Note that Raptor Boost has strangely high priority: if you 
connect with another move, more than likely it's going through.
Raptor Boost will reflect most projectiles if you hit one with 
it, such as Link's arrows, but not the stronger ones, like a
charge shot from Samus.
This move is notable for the lack of speech: it's Falcon's only
special move that doesn't involve yelling out SOMETHING.

B-up: Falcon Dive - 5%, 12% (None, Fire)
Captain Falcon dives upward (in the future, we don't need 
physics). He tries to grab an enemy in the air. If he succeeds,
a moment after grabbing the target he causes an explosion that
sends his target flying while Falcon jumps away.
If Falcon succeeds in performing the move, he can use another 
move, if he doesn't connect with anyone (say, by using it as a
recovery move) then he's put into helpless falling mode.
The grabbing part deals 5% damage, and the explosion deals 12% 
fire damage. If he succeeds in the move, he yells out "Yes!"
Meet Captain Falcon's recovery move. It's nothing particularly 
special as a recovery move, and indeed, there are many better
ones (freaking Pit and his freaking flying). Falcon Dive is a
completely average move for recovery purposes, and there's 
nothing special to say about it at all. It's not even flashy.
As an attack, it is equally lackluster. Falcon takes a moment to
actually USE the move, making it hard to hit with, and the damage
is not impressive, nor is the knockback. You might not even ever
use this as an attack.
Notably, if you use this move on something that can't be grabbed
(bosses in single-player mode), the 5% grabbing damage will be 
dealt, but not the 12% fire damage.

B-down: Falcon Kick - 12%-14% (Fire)
On the ground: Falcon takes a moment, and charges forward with a
fiery kick while yelling out "FALCON KICK!". This has some 
serious ending lag.
In the air: Falcon takes a moment, and charges downward with a 
fiery kick while yelling out "FALCON KICK!". This has some 
serious landing lag if you reach the ground, otherwise you finish
the move in midair.
Falcon Kick, the "other" obnoxious Captain Falcon move. It'll 
place you in the direction you're looking, and deal some damage
to anything in between you and the point you stop, but not enough
to KO anyone. Falcon Kick is strictly a damage-dealing move, and
not even Falcon's best one. It does, however, have absolutely 
insane priority: this will go through almost any other move.
EXTREMELY IMPORTANT NOTE: It is no longer possible to use the 
Falcon Kick-Double Jump trick like it was in Melee. Don't try,
you'll get yourself killed.

Final Smash: Blue Falcon - 10%, 20%, 10%
Captain Falcon calls his racecar, the Blue Falcon. It flies in 
front of him, and anyone directly in front of Falcon is dragged
onto it. They're then deposited onto a racetrack, and run over by
Captain Falcon at very high speeds. They are THEN launched and
killed in an overly elaborate manner.
Most Final Smashes don't meet instant death: Samus' FS, while 
damaging, won't NECESSARILY kill you. Captain Falcon's will. If 
you get hit by that initial 10% damage, you. Are. Dead. Period.
It doesn't matter how much you're damaged, it means death. It 
might be possible to survive if you hit a wall, but I've never 
seen that happen, and I play as Captain Falcon a lot.
It should be noted that nothing else happens while Captain Falcon
does this move: it's like a movie: he runs over the enemies he 
hit with the Blue Falcon, and the stage disappears until it's 
over. It's the only one of its kind.

== Throws ==

Z: Grab
Falcon grabs anyone directly in front of him. He does not have a 
long grab like Samus or Link. It deals no damage by itself, but
sets up an enemy for a throw.

Z or A while grabbing someone: Knee - 2%
Falcon knees the person he's grabbed for 2% damage. It's possible
to get as many as four attacks on your enemy before he escapes,
though more likely he'll escape by mashing buttons before you get
all four hits.

F while grabbing someone: Forward Throw - 4%, 5%
Falcon punches the person he's holding, knocking them forwards.
The punch deals 4% damage, the letting go 5%. It knocks the enemy
back forwards.
B while grabbing someone: Backward Throw - 8%, 1%
Falcon kicks the enemy he's holding backward, launching him 
backwards. The kick deals 8% damage, then almost immediately 1%
more damage.
U while grabbing someone: Upward Throw - 4%, 3%
Falcon uppercuts his victim, launching him upwards. It deals 4% 
damage, then another 3%.
D while grabbing someone: Downward Slam - 7%
Falcon slams the enemy onto the ground, knocking them forwards.
It deals some damage and some knockback, but not a lot.

== Taunts ==

L/RD-Pad: Come on!
Falcon faces forward, does a hand gesture, and yells "Come on!",
presumably asking his enemies to attack him.
UD-Pad: Fiery Falcon
Falcon ignites fire in himself (?) and makes a "Grrrr" sound. It 
lacks his signature.... coolness. Don't use this taunt.
DD-Pad: Show me your moves!
Falcon faces the screen, salutes, and requests that his enemies
show him their moves.

Section F: Captain Falcon-specific strategies [SatX]
In this section are strategies and tips about how to play as 
Captain Falcon.


- Increased Elbow Bash range
If you dash in the opposite direction you want to attack, then
hit the C-stick towards your target, Falcon will do a little jump
forward as he smashes, so it'll hit farther than a standing Elbow
Bash will.
Unfortunately, using this won't allow you to charge the attack,
but the extra range is (presumably) worth it.
NOTE: This actually works for all characters, but it works best
for Falcon and Sonic because their dashes are very fast. Using
this, your Elbow Bash will have almost double its normal range.s

- Short Hop Falcon Stomp without lag
Normally, if you try a Falcon Stomp with only one jump, you'll
have to suffer through Falcon's laggy landing animation. However,
there's a way around this: jump, then immediately after jumping
(without any hesitation at all) use down on the C-stick. If you
do it correctly, Falcon will do the stomp without a landing 
animation, and will land standing up (ready for a Shoulder Bash,
no doubt).

- Autodashing
As you land from a lag-free aerial, if you press forward right
before you jump, Falcon will land running without having a 
landing animation.

- Wall Jumping
Wall jumping will rarely decide a match, but, people rarely 
expect you to bust it out. If you're on a stage with vertical
stuff instead of floating platforms (New Pork City instead of
Battlefield, ect.), you can use this for extra height. Wall 
jumping is most useful for setting up a surprise Knee of Justice.
Falcon is only average by wall jumping standards, so keep that in


- Raptor Boost-Crescent Kick-Crescent Kick-Knee of Justice
While standing (or running, whatever) Raptor Boost your enemy.
If he's taken any damage so far, he'll be in the air long enough
for you to take advantage of his predicament. Jump, Crescent 
Kick, double jump, Crescent Kick again, and if there's time, use
a Knee of Justice to deal some more damage (don't bother if 
you're not sure you can get to connect properly).
An alternative is replacing the Knee of Justice with a Falcon 
Dive. I prefer the Knee, myself, but if you want, the Dive works
almost as well and is easier to connect with.

- Double Ground Kick-Crescent Kick
Not much to say here: if you can get your enemy in a Double 
Ground Kick, he'll fly up. Take advantage of this and Crescent
Kick him for that much more damage.

Section G: Character-specific Strategies (ChaX)
In this section you will find tips on how to fight specific

Mario is the definition of average in this game. He's of average
speed, strength, weight, and has a completely average projectile.
There aren't many tips for fighting Mario: he's just too 
average in every aspect to say much about.
His Fireball is of little concern except as an edgeguarding move,
but his really unique ability is his Cape Spin. With that, and 
your predictable recovery, a good Mario will completely negate
your ability to get back onto the stage from the air, so if 
possible, it might be wiser to intentionally grab the edge rather
than try to land unsuccessfully.

Ah, Luigi. You're like Mario, but not. You are the definition of
Luigi has many of the same strengths as Mario: averageness and a
lack of real weaknesses. His attacks are slightly faster, but 
also a bit weaker (not enough to really matter, though). His lack
of the Cape is good for you, but his Luigi Rocket is a good a
tradeoff (for him): a good hit from that and you're gone.
Luigi's weakness is vertical recovery: his horizontal is 
unrivaled (except by, y'know, Peach), but his Super Jump Punch
gives him only so much height and no horizontal (he has to waste
precious falling time with Luigi Rocket to get in a good spot),
so take advantage of that with plenty of meteor smashes.
It should be noted that Luigi is lighter than he looks, a good
smash attack can KO him more easily than most mediumweights.

Peach has absolutely insane recovery abilities, which are 
balanced by her light weight. However, any Melee veteran will 
tell you that she has surprisingly good offense: her smashes are
as powerful as yours, and her AU is one of the best in the game.
Nevertheless, Peach is quite fightable. She's not particularly
fast, and despite her floatiness, she lacks a good aerial game, 
so you want to keep her in the air with a fast-paced close 
combat, giving her no time to prepare a smash.

Bowser is pretty easily beat, actually. Despite his improvements
over his Melee form, he's still slow (I don't know if he's the
slowest character in the game [Ganondorf might be slower], but he
IS very slow), and you're still fast. He has as close to no 
aerial game as you can get, so just keep in the air where he's 
all but helpless, but be prepared to roll and air dodge, because
while Bowser will rarely hit you, when he does, it will hurt.

Donkey Kong
He's the leader of the bunch, you know him well (sorry).
DK is an underrated character, but he's still not very good. With
slow attacks (especially in the air), poor recovery skills (he
might just have the single worst vertical recovery in the game),
and no projectile, for someone who's fast, air-based, and has 
strong smash attacks, DK is little more than a mobile Sandbag.
Keep DK in the air, his air attacks are slow and air dodgeable. I
know that's my same strategy for Bowser, but really, against most
heavyweights it's a good idea.

Diddy Kong
Donkey Kong's nephew (maybe), Diddy Kong is the light weight and
fast primate of the group.
Diddy Kong is much harder than DK, though I almost never see 
people actually use him. A good Diddy is fast, powerful enough to
keep you off-balance, and as good in the air as you are. What 
Diddy lacks, however, is weight. Fight Diddy on the ground unless
you're sure of your aerial skills: he's good on the ground, but
Falcon is better.

I don't like fighting Yoshi. He's a heavy lightweight (or a light
mediumweight), JUST powerful enough to be a threat, and JUST fast
enough to keep up with you.
Yoshi's greatest weakness, of course, is his lack of a vertical
recovery B move. Your best bet is to knock him off the stage 
somehow (smash attacks work), and Falcon Stomp or Raptor Boost
him midair while he's falling (luckily, he falls predictably).
Other than that, just keep hitting him and don't let up: Shoulder
Bash is a good move for it.

Wario is a heavyweight who hits hard, but has agility that no 
other heavyweight can match. He's unpredictable and annoying, but
at least he has no projectile and is kind of slow with his kill
For Wario, use your greatest aspect: speed. Keep on him with your
faster moves (Falcon Kick, Shoulder Bash, ect.), and don't bother
with your slower ones (Wario can punish mistakes really well).

Link isn't particularly powerful, nor is he particularly fast or
heavy. Link is, in fact, pretty bad in SSBB, which sucks, because
I like him. Ah well.
Link is about as good in the air as he is on the gruond, but he's
not good in either area. Just keep on him, use rolling a lot, and
smash attack when you get the opportunity, and there won't be a
lot he can do. The only thing Link does better than you is attack
from a distance.

Zelda is light weight, but powerful and just fast enough to pose
a threat. Many of her moves have KO potential, and while she 
won't hit often (like Sheik), when she hits, it'll hurt.
Keep in her face, and keep on the ground. Luckily, her smash 
attacks are just slow enough that you can dodge or use a jab to 
disrupt them, and take advantage of her vulnerability. I can't 
say much about fighting Zelda; she's really just a very good

Though nerfed from her (that's right) godly Melee form, Sheik is
still a major threat. Fast and damaging, with a good air game, 
Sheik is almost made to be a big threat to Captain Falcon.
She attacks faster than you. That's a fact. Her ground game is 
just flat-out better than yours, and while her air game is also
strong, it's not quite as good as yours, so you'll be taking 
advantage of that. The Knee of Justice and Crescent Kick are your
friends against her.

Ganondorf is an exaggerated version of you. He's slower but 
stronger, but you already knew that. His A moves are a bit 
different, but you knew that too. What you might not have known 
is that Ganondorf was much better in Melee. Now, he's a Sandbag.
Yes, virtually every one of Ganondorf's moves can KO you easily,
and yes, if you get hit it's going to hurt, but he's just so
incredibly slow and you're just so incredibly fast he can't keep
up. I prefer the air, but if you like the ground, just stay in 
his face and give him no chances to counter.

Toon Link
Link's faster, better doppelganger, Toon Link is a better version
of his cooler cousin. Ah well.
Toon Link lacks KOing moves, but he makes up for that by being a
damager: he can raise your damage percent easily with his fast,
multi-hitting attacks. However, you are nothing BUT KO moves, and
Toon Link is basically made of tissue paper (which, I think, 
wouldn't fly far if you kicked it in real life, but whatever). If
you can hit him with a good smash, he's gone. The problem is 
actually hitting him.
I have no advice for you: you just have to outskill your opponent
in rolling around and getting smashes in.

Well, Samus. A heavyweight with a variety of moves and 
projectiles, Samus got nerfed from Melee to Brawl (for no real
reason, too. She was never a high tier character, but now...).
Samus can hit pretty hard, and she has a fair aerial game, but 
she has little defense against an attack from the air while she's
on the ground. That means: Knee of Justice and aerial Falcon Kick
Because she's just slightly kind of slow, Shoulder Bash is also a
good move against her.

Zero Suit Samus
If not for the name, you'd never know they were the same person.
ZSS is fast and has range, but not enough knockback power for her
own good, and few KO moves. I like the combo of Raptor Boost-
Crescent Kick-Crescent Kick-Knee of Justice myself, but a good
player can escape it.
Don't try to Double Upper Kick her if she's falling: her aerial
down move (the fast stomping thing) will own your butt.
I can't give you many tips for fighting her beyond this: if you
knock her off, edgehog like crazy. Her B-up move is not designed
to get past edgehoggers.

you up in the air: don't even think about it. I know you're 
thinking about it right now: don't. Pit is the better aerial 
fighter. He just is. Those wings aren't for show, you know.
Make this a ground-based fight. If he tries to arrow spam you,
side dodge the arrows, don't roll.
Pit's attacks have insane priority, and if two moves connect, his
will hurt. However, play this smart, and you CAN win. Many Pits
like rolling; Double Ground Kick is the best option here,
because the second kick'll get him. Fortunately, Pit's ground
attacks, while fast and having priority, aren't particuarly 
amazing (except his B-side, which will own your butt if you can't
dodge it). Luckily his smashes are laggy, so if you're careful,
you can avoid his real KOing attacks.

Ice Climbers
The Ice Climbers. Some of the worst B moves in the game, but no
lack of ways to hurt you with A moves. At least they're 
light weights.
I wouldn't really bother seperating them: it's not worth the 
effort. The Ice Climbers are strong on the ground and weak in the
air: take advantage of this by forcing a Raptor Boost-Crescent
Kick-Crescent Kick-Knee of Justice combo (go for Popo if they
seperate, of course) and basically keeping them in the air as
much as you can.

Ugh, R.O.B. Hard to predict, and his attacks are anything from
pathetic to godly.
Against R.O.B., I can only suggest you keep in his face. I have
no particularl advice for fighting him, sorry.

The second floatiest character in the game, Kirby is better in 
the air than you, and reasonably powerful as well. At least he
lacks agility.
Kirby's attacks tend to leave him open for a moment afterwards if
he misses, so you should play defensively: punish mistakes and 
dodge a lot. I can't give you much advice against him other than
to remind you not to walk into a Falcon Punch. There's nothing 
more embarassing than being killed by your own move.

Meta Knight
Meta Knight is a difficult fight. It's true that it takes like
three or four of his hits to match one of yours, but he's going
to get those hits in.
Falcon Kick is your move here. It's not deadly, but it goes 
through most of his attacks like they're not there, it's fast
enough to catch most players unaware. You can match Meta Knight 
in the air, believe it or not, if you're good: Knee of Justice 
can deal some mean damage and will probably act as your main 
KOing move.
If he glides, punish that mistake with the Knee of Justice. Just
do it, trust me.
Luckily, although Meta Knight has no shortage of ways to hurt 
you, his KOing moves are short ranged and easy to see coming.

King Dedede
Strong, heavy, floaty, and not too slow King Dedede is everyone's
worst nightmare. At least he's slower than you: get in his face
(or better, get in him) and throw, punch, and force him into the
air. Unlike his fellow floaty characters, Dedede isn't really a
great aerial fighter, and Crescent Kick is waiting to take
advantage of that weakness. Just beware of his smashes: Dedede
hits as hard as any heavyweight does.

The bane of Captain Falcon. Don't try attacking from above, ever,
he's better than you at this. Most of his smashes look very 
similiar to each other, be careful and try to guess which he'll
use. Make this a defensive fight and punish his mistakes: Olimar
is basically designed to kill you.
I can't give you any killer tips, other than this: when you DO
get Olimar off the stage, edgehog like crazy: there's nothing he
can do about it.

Fox is functionally faster than you, and his moves don't have 
much lag. Luckily he's weaker and lighter than you, too, so you
can take advantage of that. Fox Phantasm is hard to see coming
because it's just too fast coming out: try to be unpredictable
in your movements (air dodge when it's not necessary, jump a lot,
and so on).
For killing him, I find Ground Kick and Raptor Boost-Crescent 
Kick to be your best moves. They're fast enough to beat him, but
if he's good, he might be able to dodge them. I can't give you 
much advice against this guy: he's top tier material.

See Fox, but consider him to be stronger but slower. I know he's
no longer a clone, but they still play similiarly enough that it 
doesn't matter.

Wolf players sometimes like to laser spam: roll, jump, dodge,
whatever. You need to stay in his face. While his aerial attacks
aren't great, his down spike is killer, so be careful about that.
Wolf's weakness is his A attacks: nearly all of them have ending
lag. Sidedodging is your friend: dodge almost any of his attacks
and he'll be asking you to kick, throw, punch, or whatever else
Be smarter than Wolf, and he can't beat you. Be as smart as Wolf,
and you can't beat him.

Captain Falcon
Captain Falcon is weak to fast moves with no beginning lag: 
Raptor Boost, Ground Kick, and Shoulder Bash are your best moves
in this situation.
If you're looking for advice on how to fight other Captain 
Falcons, there's not much I can do for you: he has all of your 
strengths and all of your weaknesses.

I have two strategies, depending on the Pikachu you face:
- If he's a thunder spammer, laugh at that move's end lag, and
Elbow Bash or Double Upper Kick him.
- If he's a smarter player, beware of Pikachu's A moves: they 
have way more range they should have. Especially his down smash:
it will pull you in if you're anywhere near Pikachu and it will
hurt you.
Here are your good moves for electric rat killing: Shoulder Bash,
Falcon Kick, Elbow Bash. In the air, Crescent Kick. Don't bother
with Knee of Justice; Pikachu's small size makes it difficult to
connect properly.

Lucario has better range than he should have, but his attacks are
SLOW. Really, really, "begging-to-be-dodged-and-punished" slow.
Just wait for him to mess up (it won't take long) and make him
regret his choice of character with a Raptor Boost-Crescent Kick-
Knee of Justice combo. Lucario is just floaty enough that you can
punish his slow falling speed by attacking, landing, and 
attacking again.

Squirtle is by far the most dangerous (to Falcon) of the three
pokemon the Trainer has. With fast attacks, quick movement, and
little lag (except on his smashes), Squirtle can match you in
every area but one: the air. Keep him in it: Crescent Kick and
Knee of Justice are your kill moves on this guy.

Keep in his face: he doesn't have Squirtle's speed and his 
projectiles are useless in a melee. If you want, make it an air
battle, but either way, you should be good against him.

Charizard is a heavyweight, and Falcon owns heavyweights who 
aren't named "Ike" easily. Make it an aerial fight and Crescent
Kick or Knee of Justice your way to victory. There's nothing the
slow-attacking pokemon can do about it.

Man, Jigglypuffs are either pathetic or amazing. I assume you 
need no help on the pathetic ones, so for the amazing ones, 
here's what you should do: use moves with knockback. Jigglypuff
is the lightest character in the entire game, and while a good
Jigglypuff is powerful and floaty, you can simply knock it back
until it finally dies. Don't make it an aerial battle, make it a
ground-based one.

Marth is strong in the air, but you can match him; most of his
aerials have fairly low priority, and your Crescent Kick will own
him. You might notice that since Melee, his range has decreased
slightly: this is a good thing, just use some Falcon Kicks and 
mess him up.
Many Marths like to counter and do nothing else: Falcon Dive will
destroy them, trust me.

The only heavyweight with a prayer against you is Ike. And I mean
that: he has a prayer, and little more. Except for his Jab-Jab-
Sword move, all of his attacks have beginning lag and are easily
side-dodged or rolled out of, especially his forward smash people
are so fond of (why, I'll never know. Sure, it hits hard... if it
Ike's Aether IS a good move, but you can dodge it and Crescent
Kick him as punishment.
My advice for KOing him is this: Knee of Justice. Ike's 
horizontal recovery leaves something to be desired (re: sucks),
but his vertical recovery is fine, so take advantage of that 

What's there to say about Ness? Well, his forward smash is better
than yours. Remember that. He's a projectile character, but at 
least his PK Magnet is useless against you. You'll have to learn
to air dodge his PK Thunders and side-dodge his PK Fires, but
other than that, keep in his face. You're the better ground-based
meleer, and he's the inferior one. Don't try for the air: Ness'
jump will mess you up.

Lucas is, sadly, a better Ness. His A moves are better, and his
B moves are about the same (though a little different). Lucas'
NA aerial is deadly, so don't bother with the air. Shoulder Bash,
Ground Kick, and Falcon Kick are your best moves here, and beware
of his PK Freeze: a good Lucas can surprise you with it, and it's
much better than PK Flash.

Mr. Game & Watch
No one ever notices, but G&W is probably the most buffed 
character from Melee to Brawl. He's faster, stronger, and his
parachute gives him godly horizontal recovery. G&W is absolutely
unpredictable, and surprisingly powerful, but he's a lightweight.
Falcon excels at knockback. Guess what my advice here is?
You might not think of it, but try the Falcon Stomp. G&W's 
horizontal recovery is better than his vertical, so take 
advantage of that.

Snake is a difficult case. He has no shortage of ways to hurt you
from a distance, and his forward smash (if he can hit you) will
destroy you.
Keep in his face. For all his explosives, traps, and missiles,
Snake can't use any of them in a melee, and he has only one 
useable melee smash attack. Yes, he hurts when he hits you, but
the alternative is worse.
Snake is garbage in the air. Make this an aerial battle: Crescent
Kick and Knee of Justice will introduce him to a world of pain.

The one and only character who is faster than you, he's also very
unpredictable due to half his attacks involving spinning in some
Try to make it an aerial fight: Sonic is better on the ground
than he is in the air. Luckily, Sonic is lacking in KOing moves,
so with a bit of dodging, you can fight in a melee and win if you
can avoid his forward smash and up smash. Remember: Sonic is
fast, but he's not heavy.

Section H: Boss Battles (BosX)
In this section, you shall find information on how to fight the
various single-player bosses in Subspace Emissary and Boss Rush
mode (including Master Hand and Crazy Hand).

1. Petey Pirahna
Petey Pirahna is no great threat. He's big, yes, but that makes
him obscenely easy to hit. Even better, he only has two actual
attacks, and one (when he jumps up and tries to crush you) has 
virtually no chance of hitting you.

All you have to do to beat Petey without being hurt or killed is
not rush it. He's simply too slow to really hit someone who's 
being careful around him. Decide in advance which cage you'll be
destroying, and try to aim your attack so you hit both the cage
AND the boss himself: both will deal damage to the cage, allowing
you to kill him that much faster. I find the Doulbe Upper Kick
to be a good move for this fight: position yourself well, and 
both kicks will the cage and Petey himself.
When he cage swipes at you, don't shield against it. Instead, use
the roll. Falcon has an excellent rolling technique.
When he gets angry and starts thrashing about? He's vulnerable 
during that, so go ahead and attack him.

2. Rayquaza
Man, I hate fighting this guy: he's just got too many moves. 
Anyway, since Falcon deals a lot damage in the air, and Rayquaza
is largely a ground-based fighter, if you're careful, you can
manage this fight without taking any damage (more likely, you'll
take some, but don't worry about it).

Rayquaza is a big target, and he's just asking to meet the 
Crescent Kick and the Knee of Justice, especially since his Iron
Tail attack (the one where he makes a 360 degree attack on the
ground with his tail) is pretty damaging.
Really, I can't say much for this fight other than "be in the 
air". Rayquaza's attacks are either powerful and easily avoidable
or hard to predict and easy to tank.
NOTE: Rayquaza is, for some reason, all but immune to projectile
attacks. It's of no concern to you, but it's worth noting.

3. Porky (It SHOULD be "Pokey")
I'll say it here: you are going to get damaged, and it is going 
to hurt. Some people consider him to be even harder than Tabuu
because of his sheer unpredictability: many of his attacks have
the same starting animations or none at all, making him hard to 
defend against.
So, specific attacks. Yeah. You can easily avoid the laser thing
(the one where he makes the orange ball over his head) by staying
in the air as long as possible, and the Porky Bombs can be 
avoided if you just keep moving (which is, luckily enough, 
Captain Falcon's specialty). The thing where he flies up into the
air and lasers the ground beneath him? Just run around a lot, 
again, not a problem for Captain Falcon.
His other attacks are harder to deal with. The one where his uses
his claws to poke you like a dozen times is hard to see coming,
but if you get caught, press back and up: you might escape.

For actually killing Porky, you have a number of options. Smash
attacks are one: he's slow and easy to hit with them. The Knee of
Justice is another: other than his poking move, he can't really
hurt someone in the air without a slow and predictable attack.
Really, it's up to you: there's no one best way to kill this guy.
Personally, I prefer the Double Ground Kick: Porky is large 
enough that you'll get him with both hits.

4. Ridley
Meet Ridley. People wanted him to be playable. He is not. 
Seriously though, Ridley is a pretty easy boss. His attacks have
unique and slow pre-animations, and you should be able to avoid
them all without being hit.

For the attack where he uses his tail on the ground, you can get
into the air and attack him, or roll out of the way and ready a
smash attack for when he gets back, it's up to you. For when he
rises up out of sight, he plans to slam into whenever you are, so
just keep moving (again: second fastest character in the game).
Falcon is designed for killing bosses like this: Crescent Kick 
and Knee of Justice are, again, your best friends. They deal good
damage, come out fast, and will simply beat the likes of Ridley
fairly easily.

5. Meta Ridley
A slightly harder version of Ridley. Yay. Note that he will 
always attack from the left side of the screen, you never have to
guess where he'll come out.

Your chance for attacking him is when he flies in from the left.
He sometimes won't even attack you, just Crescent Kick and Knee 
of Justice him.
Meta Ridley's attacks are fairly easy to avoid. He uses a lot of
projectile attacks now, but they're slow enough that you can air
dodge or roll to avoid them.
He will occasionally smack the ship: if you're on it, you could
actually go off-screen and die (it's a fairly unique move), so be
ready for it: he'll raise up his claw before he does it. Just get
into the air for it.
One of his more annoying attacks is where grabs the ship, pulling
it down, and starts spitting fireballs at you. You can't stay on
the ship: you'll go off-screen and die, and Falcon lacks the air
manuverability that, say, Kirby has. You're on your own for this 
one: just avoid the fireballs and try to use your one jump in the
air wisely. This is really his only major attack.

6. Galleom
Galleom. Most characters would want to attack from a range, but
not melee guys like Falcon.

Galleom is strong. He's really freaking strong. I'm serious: a 
few good hits from him and you are gone, period. However, he's 
only strong on the ground. He has almost no attacks that can hit
someone in the air meleeing him.
I know I'm a broken record at this point, but really: Crescent
Kick and Knee of Justice. Galleom's only defense against this 
move is his Mario Tornado rip-off, the one where he spins around.
Other than this one attack, if you stay in the air inside of him
(he's really big), he cannot hurt you (unless he hops on you, but
you should be able to avoid that).
I don't have much to say about this guy: he's weak against aerial
characters, and Falcon has some MEAN aerials.

7. Duon
I hate this guy. I have never once beat him undamaged. Duon is 
like Meta Knight: he has a multitude of ways to hurt you, but he
lacks a way to actually KILL you. Still, if you're not careful,
he'll hurt you enough that someone else will kill you (assuming
you're playing Boss Rush mode).

I'll be honest: Sword Side will mess you up. Only attack Gun Side
unless you're sure of your abilities. What's really killer about
this guy is he has little cooldown: he attacks, then a second 
later, attacks again. Fortunately, like most bosses, he's a big
If you're good, you can jump, Crescent Kick, double jump, 
Crescent Kick, then as you're falling Knee of Justice or prepare
a Falcon Punch. This isn't as easy as it sounds, one hit will
disrupt you, but if you can pull it off it'll take off a chunk of
his life, so try to learn the combo.
If you attack Gun Side, you'll be dealing with damaging, but
ultimately inconsequential and air dodgeable, projectiles. If you
attack Sword Side, he'll come out with fast sword strikes that'll
be hard to get away or predict. Seriously: attack the Gun Side,
not the one with a sword for a head.

8. Tabuu
Graaaah. So many attacks.

Okay, listen up: only attack him during three points:
1) When he's floating still after an attack. This is the best
point to attack him. Use the Crescent Kick-Crescent Kick-Knee of
Justice combo if you can manage it, if not, just try to Crescent
Kick him as many times as you can manage. Do NOT use Falcon Dive
and make yourself helpless.
2) When he's teleporting around. If you're feeling lucky, you can
try to guess where he'll teleport to next and Crescent Kick the 
area (giving you the largest-sized hitbox possible), but remember
that sometimes the area where he teleported away from will 
explode to discourage this. On higher level difficulties, I 
wouldn't risk it.
3) When he's a giant face shooting out lasers at you. Oh man.
The lasers are laughably easy to avoid, take advantage of his 
stupidity and Crescent Kick and Knee of Justice his butt... face.

Other than those times, DO NOT ATTACK TABUU NO MATTER HOW 
Tabuu has a lot of attacks, but I won't go into details here. 
They have predictable pre-animations for you to guess what to do,
and most won't kill you (I'd beware of that whip thing, though,
I've seen that kill heavyweights at low damage). The ground-
based giant laser beam is also notable, just stay in the air 
until it's gone.
Tabuu's most notable attack is, of course, the Red Rings of Death
(also known as the Red Rigns of Doom, from here on they're the 
RRD). Get hit by this stage-encompassing attack and you're dead,
no matter what your current damage is. You're going to be doing
some side dodging to survive this. Just shield yourself, and 
press down, wait a half-second, press down again, another half-
second, down again. Tabuu's rings will miss you, and he'll be
ready to be attacked again.
One mistake while side-dodging means you're dead. I hate one-hit-
kill moves, no one ever finds them to be any fun and they seme
like a way of artificially increasing difficulty, but whatever.

9. Master Hand
An easy boss, Master Hand should give you no trouble at all. His
attacks have slow, easy to-see-coming animations and don't really
hurt much. Even better, he floats low enough that when he stops
attacking, you should be able to Aerial Double Kick him.

All of Master Hand's attacks can be avoided by running (gee, 
who's an expert runner?) or jumping and falling to the ground.
He really only has a single deadly attack: that one where he
twists on the ground and deals several hits. It's no harder to
avoid than any other attack (just keep moving), but if it hits,
it HITS.

10. Crazy Hand
Crazy Hand is no harder than its brother hand, and borders on the
infuriatingly boring sometimes.

Crazy Hand has the same attacks and vulnerabilities Master Hand
has, with only three new moves: one where he drops a bunch of 
bombs in the center of the stage (you don't even have to move 
unless you're in the exact center of the stage), one where he 
goes into a seizure (seriously), also easy to avoid by moving, 
and one where he crawls over the stage like a spider (jump).
He's easy. Just up-smash or Crescent Kick him.

Section I: Miscellaneous Stuff about Captain Falcon [MisX]
Here, you shall miscellaneous game information about Falcon that
doesn't belong anywhere else.

To unlock Captain Falcon as a playable character, you must do one
of three things:
- Play 70 Brawls
- Beat Classic Brawl Mode on the Normal difficulty setting or 
greater in less than 12 minutes
- Get Captain Falcon to join your party in The Subspace Emissary.

Except for the Subspace Emissary method, you'll have to face
Captain Falcon in a duel to actually unlock him.

Falcon's costumes are as follows:
Costume 1: Captain Falcon's traditional look: blue uniform, red
helmet, yellow gloves, boots, and scarf. Grey shoulderpad.
Falcon is big on primary colors, as you can see.
Costume 2: Gray uniform, red helmet, tan gloves and boots, and an
orange scarf. White shoulderpad.
Costume 3: The uniform of Blood Falcon, Captain Falcon's evil 
clone. Red uniform, purple helmet, gloves, and boots, orange 
scarf, and the Falcon insignia on his helmet is gray instead of 
gold. Gray shoulderpad. Additionally, the Captain Falcon logo on
his back is replaced by a Blood Hawk logo (despite his name being
"Blood Falcon").
Costume 4: Green uniform, orange helmet yellow and white gloves 
and boots, pinkish scarf. The Falcon insignia on his helmet is 
Costume 5: Commonly called the "America Falcon". Blue uniform,
red helmet, yellow gloves and boots, and white scarf. Yellow 
Costume 6: White uniform, pink helmet, gloves, and boots, and
yellow scarf. White shoulderpad. The Falcon insignia on his 
helmet is purple.

Falcon's symbol, and the symbol for the F-Zero franchise as a 
whole (the Falcon, you can see it behind Falcon's head and 
damage percent while brawling), is the Falcon insignia on Captain
Falcon's helmet without the detailing.

Raptor Boost, Falcon's B-side move, was named "Falcon Knuckle" in
the Japanese version to mesh with his other special moves' names.

Section J: Legal Stuff ---- [LegX]
This section is about boring legal stuff.

Layman's Version:
Thou shalt not steal this FAQ. If you want to use this FAQ on 
your site, you need to ask permission by e-mailing me at If you do, and I agree, do not edit the FAQ
in any way, and give me credit.

Lawyer's Version:
Copyright 2008 Adam Sokol
This FAQ is for personal use only, do not sell, distrubite, or do
anything else with the FAQ.

Section K: Thank Yous ---- [LegX]
- - The tips they had were excellent.
- The SSBB message board on GameFAQs: again, very useful.