S     U   U P   P E     R   R      S     MM MM  A A  S     H   H
          S U   U P     E     R   R          S M   M A   A     S H   H
      SSSS   UUU  P     EEEEE R   R      SSSS  M   M A   A SSSS  H   H

      BBBB  RRRR   OOO   SSSS            BBBB  RRRR    A   W   W L
      B   B R   R O   O S                B   B R   R  A A  W   W L
      BBBB  RRRR  O   O  SSS             BBBB  RRRR  AAAAA W W W L
      B   B R   R O   O     S  ..        B   B R   R A   A WW WW L
      BBBB  R   R  OOO  SSSS   ..        BBBB  R   R A   A W   W LLLLL

            FFFFF   A    QQQ             V   V 111          333   000
            F      A A  Q   Q            V   V   1         3   3 0  00
            FFFFF AAAAA Q   Q            V   V   1           33  0 0 0
            F     A   A Q  QQ             V V    1    ..   3   3 00  0
            F     A   A  QQQQ              V   11111  ..    333   000

W---------------W      [spoiler]                                              W
|SPOILER WARNING|-------------------------------------------------------------|
W---------------W                                                             W

Okedoke, you've found yourself a complete (...well, it will be eventually) FAQ
on Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The fact is, because it's in-depth, you WILL see
spoilers. Turn away now if you want to find things out for yourself! It's not
my fault if you see something secret that you wanted to stay that way.

T-----------------T      [tbl o c]                                            T
|TABLE OF CONTENTS|-----------------------------------------------------------|
T-----------------T                                                           T

Note: To find a section quickly, do a Find operation (Ctrl+F/Option+F) and type
in the section's seven-digit square-brackets code (such as [tbl o c]).

Note 2: If I'm aware that a section is incomplete, it will be marked as such.
Also, since this guide in still in its infancy, whole sections listed in the
Table Of Contents may not yet exist. Don't yell at me! The most important parts
have been started.

W......Spoiler Warning................................................[spoiler]
T......Table of Contents..............................................[tbl o c]
V......Version History................................................[version]
1......Intro to Smash Bros. Brawl.....................................[intrdcn]
 a......SSB64 and Melee...............................................[64,SSBM]
 c......Moves and Maneuvers...........................................[maneuvr]
  i.....Standard Moves................................................[standrd]
  ii....Intermediate Maneuvers........................................[intrmdt]
  iii...Advanced Techniques...........................................[advance]
2......Characters.....................................................[ chars ]
 g......Donkey Kong...................................................[char:DK]
 h......Diddy Kong....................................................[char:Di]
 j......Toon Link.....................................................[char:TL]
 o......Zero Suit Samus...............................................[char:ZS]
 q......Meta Knight...................................................[char:MK]
 r......King Dedede...................................................[char:Dd]
 x......Pokemon Trainer...............................................[char:PT]
 z......Captain Falcon................................................[char:CF]
 cc.....Ice Climbers..................................................[char:IC]
 ff.....Mr. Game & Watch..............................................[char:GW]
 b......Final Destination.............................................[fnldstn]
 d......Mario Bros....................................................[mariobr]
 e......Mushroomy Kingdom.............................................[mushrmy]
 f......Mario Circuit.................................................[circuit]
 g......Rainbow Cruise (Past Stage)...................................[rnbwcrz]
 h......Luigi's Mansion...............................................[mansion]
 i......Delfino Plaza.................................................[delplaz]
 j......Yoshi's Island (Past Stage)...................................[yshipst]
 k......Yoshi's Island................................................[yisland]
 m......Jungle Japes (Past Stage).....................................[jngljps]
 n......Rumble Falls..................................................[rumblez]
 o......Hyrule Temple (Past Stage)....................................[htemple]
 p......Pirate Ship...................................................[wwocean]
 q......Bridge of Eldin...............................................[boeldin]
 r......Brinstar (Past Stage).........................................[brinstr]
 t......Frigate Orpheon...............................................[orpheon]
 u......Green Greens (Past Stage).....................................[grngrns]
 v......Battleship Halberd............................................[halberd]
 w......Corneria (Past Stage).........................................[cornria]
 x......Lylat Cruise..................................................[lylatcz]
 y......Pokemon Stadium (Past Stage)..................................[pkmnstd]
 z......Pokemon Stadium 2.............................................[pkmnst2]
 aa.....Spear Pillar..................................................[sprpllr]
 bb.....Big Blue (Past Stage).........................................[bigblue]
 cc.....Port Town Aero Dive...........................................[aerodiv]
 dd.....Onett (Past Stage)............................................[ onett ]
 ee.....New Pork City.................................................[newpork]
 ff.....The Summit....................................................[desumit]
 gg.....Castle Siege..................................................[cstlsge]
 hh.....Flat Zone 2...................................................[fltzon2]
 jj.....Distant Planet................................................[displan]
 kk.....Green Hill Zone...............................................[grnhlzn]
 ll.....Shadow Moses Island...........................................[sdmoses]
4......Items..........................................................[ items ]
 h......Assist Trophies...............................................[assists]
5......Game Modes.....................................................[g modes]
 b......Adventure: Subspace Emissary..................................[sbspemy]
  i.....Single-Player Events..........................................[1events]
  ii....Co-Op Events..................................................[2events]
  i.....Multi-Man Brawl...............................................[multimn]
  ii....Home-Run Contest..............................................[homerun]
 g......Wi-Fi.........................................................[ wi-fi ]
6......Other Features.................................................[feature]
 b......Stage Builder.................................................[builder]
 c......The Vault.....................................................[ vault ]
  iii...Coin Launcher.................................................[coinlch]
7......Contact Me.....................................................[e-mail!]
C......Copyright Stuff................................................[c-right]

V---------------V      [version]                                              V
|VERSION HISTORY|-------------------------------------------------------------|
V---------------V                                                             V

v1.00 (10/03/08): First version! Expect a lot of missing or incomplete

v1.10 (12/03/08): Re-ordered the characters to fit more with the official
order. Now, they're ordered by the Original 8 (Yoshi and Wario in with the
Marioverse), then the SSB64 unlockables, new franchises represented in SSBM,
new franchises in Brawl, and finally guest characters. Re-ordered the stages in
a similar way. Small errors fixed. Added the Contributors section because I
have some now.

v1.15 (13/03/08): Added the Special Traits section to each applicable
character. Also added some Pokes and ATs and some small things.

v1.20 (17/03/08): Added some stage descriptions and other stuff.

v1.30 (22/03/08): Added all Pokes and some ATs. General proofreading and error
correcting. Gave permission to GamesRadar to use the FAQ.

1--------------------------1      [intrdcn]                                   1
|INTRO TO SMASH BROS. BRAWL|--------------------------------------------------|
1--------------------------1                                                  1

So, you've gone to the store, pointed into the glass case, paid the money,
ripped off the plastic during the drive home, and are now just itching to get
into the fray, right? Have no fear, as I will divulge to you the (rather
simple) game controls, as well as your objectives and a little bit of history.
Are you ready? Well you better be.

A+++++++++++++++A      [64,SSBM]                                              A
+SSB64 AND MELEE+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
A+++++++++++++++A                                                             A

Back in the SNES days, an idea for a different kind of fighting game was thrown
around Nintendo. This game would be like a normal fighting game except that
instead of health bars, combatants would only be knocked out from being hit
outside the ring. But with the success of Super Mario Kart, a sports game using
previously-established characters (the Mario crew in this case), the game's
developers asked for permission to use various Nintendo characters. Also, the
game grew too complex for a SNES, so it was pushed back to the N64. In 1999,
Super Smash Bros. was released. Although a low-budget Japan-only title to begin
with, its massive popularity prompted a worldwide release, and it only grew
from there.

Obviously, the game was destined for a sequel. A mere two years later, it
happened. Super Smash Bros. Melee for GameCube was released in the late stages
of 2001, and it broke all records. Even today, it's the highest-selling
GameCube game of all time, and its graphics and sound quality have few rivals.

How could you top such a game? Blow it out of the water. So in early 2008,
Super Smash Bros. Brawl made its debut after over two or three years of hype,
fuss and bother. Does it top the two predeccessors? You decide.

B++++++++B      [control]                                                     B
B++++++++B                                                                    B

It's not much fun owning a game if you don't know how to play it, right? Well,
here's a big table full of just that kind of information. Why a table, you ask?
Because SSBB supports four control schemes!

|            |  GameCube   |Classic Controller|    Nunchuk     |   Wiimote   |
|  Movement  |Control Stick|    Left Stick    | Control Stick  |    D-pad    |
|   Attack   |      A      |        a         |       A        |      2      |
|Smash Attack|  Stick + A  |    LStick + a    |   Stick + A    |D-pad + 1 + 2|
|Stick-Smash |   C-Stick   |      RStick      |     Waggle     |             |
|Spec. Attack| (Stick +) B |   (LStick +) b   |  (Stick +) A   | (D-pad +) 1 |
| Stick-Jump |Stick (tap ^)|  LStick (tap ^)  | Stick (tap ^)  |    D-up     |
|Button-Jump |   X or Y    |      x or y      |   C or D-up    |    D-up     |
|Shield/Dodge|   L or R    |      l or r      |  Z or D-down   |      B      |
| Grab/Throw |Z or (L/R)+A | z1/z2 or (l/r)+a | Z+A,D-side,A+B |    -,B+2    |
|   Pause    |    Start    |        +         |       +        |      +      |
|   Taunt    |    D-pad    |      D-pad       |      1,2       |      A      |

Because the GameCube controller stays mostly unchanged from Melee, the rest of
the guide will assume its control. Just head back up here if you get confused.

Of course, knowing the controls is bunk unless you know your objective. Well,
Brawl is a fighting game, so you're trying to pulverize your enemies. Just
attacking them will do no good, however. As you're damaged, your damage
percentage rises. The higher it is, the farther you fly when you're hit. You
lose a stock when you fly off at such distance that you can't return to the
stage. Although the game type may differ, the point is the same: KO your
opponent before he KOs you!

C+++++++++++++++++++C      [maneuvr]                                          C
+MOVES AND MANEUVERS+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
C+++++++++++++++++++C                                                         C

Now you know what to do. You just don't know what happens. Fear not, here are
the explanations of all your abilities!

i~~~~~~~~~~~~~~i      [standrd]                                               i
$STANDARD MOVES$~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~$
i~~~~~~~~~~~~~~i                                                              i

Standard Attack: Just attack. Fast, simple, weak.

Standard Combo: Just attack repeatedly, or hold the attack button down. There
are various combos: flurry of punches, array of kicks, or just the standard
attack repeated over again.

Tilt Attack: Hold a direction and attack. Three variations: forward tilt, up
tilt, and down tilt. Some f-tilts can be angled up or down.

Smash Attack: Tap in a direction and attack. Strong, usually slow. Most are
designed to KO. Three variations: forward smash, up smash, and down smash. Some
f-smashes can be angled up or down.

Dash Attack: Just attack while running.

Air Attack: Attack while in the air. Five different attacks are possible
depending on where the Stick is positioned: neutral, forward, back, up, and
down. Unlike ground attacks, you get different air attacks if you face the
other direction. Referred to as "nair", "fair", "bair", "uair", and "dair"

Special Attack: Every character has four special attacks: neutral, side, up,
and down. Although everyone's are different, up-Bs usually are triple jumps.

Shield: Holding the shield button brings up a bubble that protects you from 
most attacks. Shields shrink over time, and shrink a lot when hit. When shields
shrink to nothing, they break and leave you stunned for a little while. Also,
enemies can hit your body parts that aren't covered by the shrinking shield
(this is called shieldstabbing). You cannot shield against grabs. In case
you're a Melee player, you should know that lightshieling (holding down the
Gamecube controller's L/R button partway down) is out because no other
controller has such analog buttons.

Grab: You can grab enemies and subsequently throw them. To throw, tap in the
direction you want to throw them in. You can't hold onto someone forever: the
lower someone's % is, the faster they escape grabs. You can also attack
(pummel) someone you're holding.

On The Edge: While you're hanging on the edge, you can do a few things: attack,
jump, climb, or drop. You will drop automatically after a little while, and you
get a second or two of invincibility when you first grab it. Only one person
can hang on the edge at once. Also note that all your edge moves change when
your damage percentage is 100% or higher (generally, they get slower).

Items: Pick up items with A (or whatever your standard attack button is). Some
items are used right away, such as healing items. Other items are meant to be
tossed at people, simply attack to throw. You can throw items in any direction
and at various speeds. If you're holding a clobbering item such as a Fan, your
standing attack, dash attack, f-tilt, and f-smash are all changed to accomodate
the item. Shooting items are used by attacking: you can walk and jump while
firing. To get rid of an item, throw it away with L/R (or whatever grab

Heavy Items: Some items like Crates are too big to carry easily. When you're
holding one, you can only walk (slowly, depending on your character's strength)
and throw it. You can throw heavy items in any direction.

Final Smash: A super-powerful move that's only avaliable when you get a Smash
Ball (explained in the Items section). To use the Final Smash, simply do your
neutral special move. Some Final Smashes have additional controls, while others
are fire-and-forget.

Pity Final Smash: If you suck, the game gives you a free Final Smash. I think
you have to be KO'd three times in a row or something. Note that most Final
Smashes can't even KO you twice, so this isn't as unfair as it may seem.

Taunt: It's a taunt. Taunts don't affect the battle in any way (although they
could bug your opponents), they're just used for fun. Note that you can do
three different taunts: D-pad up (Nunchuk 1), D-pad down (Nunchuk 2), and D-pad
side (Nunchuk 1+2). You can choose your taunt with the Wiimote (taunt button A,
choose taunt with D-pad), but it's not easy.

Forced Fall: Not a technique, but something very important to know. After most
recovery moves (and certain special moves when used in the air), your character
can no longer do anything until they touch the ground or are hit (in which case
they can do their Up-B again, but not their double jump). You know you're in a
forced fall when you're flashing black.

ii~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ii      [intrmdt]                                      ii
$INTERMEDIATE MANEUVERS$~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~$
ii~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ii                                                     ii

Breakfall/Tech: When you're tumbling, shield just before you hit the ground and
you'll roll to your feet. You can flip in place or roll sideways, depending on
your Stick position. You can also do this against walls and ceilings, but the
timing is harder and you can't roll. The game calls this a "ukemi" after the
martial arts technique, but expect SSB vetrans to give you a funny look if you
call it that.

Sidestep: While you're shielding, tap down and you'll do a sidestep dodge.
Short, but usually enough to offset quick attacks. Despite the animation, this
also works against attacks that come in from the foreground or background.

Airdodge: Shield in the air to do an airdodge. Unlike the previous game, you
can't airdodge in a certain direction: you simply dodge, continuing on your
current path. However, you can jump or attack after you airdodge. CPU players
love to airdodge after they get hit because it seems to reduce their momentum a

Fastfall: Tap down when in the air to fall faster. You can't "slowfall", or
undo the fastfall before you hit the ground.

Footstool Jump: If you jump just as you come down on someone, you'll bounce
off their head while they are sent downwards. Can be used as a Meteor Smash,
but aren't very powerful. Can be done four times in one air trip with
decreasing height each time.

Glide: Characters with wings can glide once per air trip. Simply hold down the
jump button after a double jump to start gliding. You can aim up or down, but
if you aim too high or low, you stall. Attacking will also stop the glide.

Meteor Smash: Certain air attacks send the opponent downwards. These are called
Meteor Smashes.

Meteor Cancel: If you jump just after you're hit with a Meteor Smash, your
downwards momentum will instantly stop.

Pivot Grab: Your grab range is massively increased if you dash, turn around,
and grab while you're turning. Because a pivot grab uses the standing grab
animation as opposed to the running grab animation, it's a boon for those with
extended grabs that are very slow and laggy while running (Yoshi, Lucas). The
timing has to be pretty exact.

Tether Recovery: Certain characters have grappling-hook type moves, such as
Link's Clawshot. They can grab onto the edge of the stage from a distance. Note
that they go for the edge, not the wall (and therefore fail if there is no
grabbable edge nearby). Some characters have Tether Recoveries as their Up-Bs.

Shorthop: If you let go of the jump button or release the Control Stick before
your character actually leaves the ground, they only jump half as high. While
this sounds bad, it allows you to do aerial attacks pretty close to the ground.
The game calls this the "small jump". No one else in the world does.

Swimming: Different characters can swim for different amounts of time. While in
the water, you can only move sideways and jump (this counts as your first jump,
you can double jump after leaving the water). The more damage you have, the
less time you have before you sink and get KO'd.

Tripping: You may have noticed that sometimes when you dash, you trip and fall
down. There's no easy way to cause tripping (except by running on ice, which
makes it more common) and it has no use whatsoever. Just something to watch out

iii~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~iii      [advance]                                        iii
$ADVANCED TECHNIQUES$~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~$
iii~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~iii                                                       iii

Powershield: If you activate your shield the instant before you get hit, you'll
do a powershield. Powershielding blocks all attackswithout using up shield
energy. A more technical definition of powershielding is this: shielding at the
time which causes your shield to appear overtop the incoming attack. The game
calls this a Perfect Shield for some reason. (Melee used Powershield. So

Tumble Recovery: You can tap left and right to stop yourself from tumbling in
the air. Not so useful now that airdodges can be used while tumbing and
therefore accomplish the same thing.

Eating While Reclining: For some completely unknown reason, you can eat food
while you're laying down.

Glancing Blow/Phantom Hit: It's a good thing this technique is hard to do:
moves that just barely reach the opponent will do half damage without even
causing the opponent to flinch. Indicated by a small yellow spark.

2----------2      [ chars ]                                                   2
2----------2                                                                  2

Obviously, the main focus of Smash Bros. is the variety of characters.

This is basically a list of each character's movesets (only special moves so
far), their costumes (again, in progress), their taunts, and a small bio.

A+++++A      [char:Ma]                                                        A
A+++++A                                                                       A


Full Name: Mario Mario
Smash Bros. Appearance: Third
Universe: Mushroom Kingdom

Ahh yes, Mario. The most recognizable character anywhere. The man who saved the
whole video gaming industry. If you think you can keep such a plumber out of a
game like Smash Bros., you're crazier than Fawful on a sugar high.

Entrance: He jumps out of a pipe.
Costumes: Red/blue (default), blue/red (oldschool), yellow/purple (Wario),
black/white, white/red (Fire Mario), green/orange
Taunts: Takes off his hat and spins around; grows and shrinks again; twirls in
the air

Special Moves:

Neutral: Fireball

Mario's Fireball is his only projectile. The boiling ball bounces away from him
in the direction he's facing, causing about 7% damage.

Side: Feather Cape

It's not actually a feather, it's gold coloured. He gets it from a feather.
Anyway, use this to reflect projectiles and turn your opponents around. In
theory, you could use this to avoid taking any damage. Can be used to get some
extra horizontal distance on your recovery.

Up: Super Jump Punch

With a bound, Mario soars upwards in a curved path. He can trap opponents in
the move and drag them up with him, this deals 1% damage a hit for about 14
hits max. Used as Mario's triple jump.


Originally the Mario Tornado, this is now a slightly garbage-like move. Mario
takes out his Flash Liquid Ultra Dousing Device (watergun backpack) and sprays
H2O at people. It does no damage, and the knockback isn't too great. You can
charge up your spray by holding down B, and you can even charge when shielding.
Because it doesn't cause flinching, you can use it to push recovering people
away from the stage without giving them back their triple jump. But there's
really no use for it other than that.

Final Smash: Mario Finale

Also known as Mario Firestorm, Fire Whirl, and Flame Torrent. All of which
describe the attack better. Mario blows two spirals of fire out of his hands,
which spin and expand over the entire stage. Best used from the vertical middle
of the side of the stage. Causes tons of damage with little knockback, but can
easily drag people off the stage. Not effective on anyone standing behind you.

B+++++B      [char:Lg]                                                        B
B+++++B                                                                       B


Full Name: Luigi Mario (that's why they're the "Mario Bros.")
Smash Bros. Appearance: Third
Universe: Mushroom Kingdom

The green machine is back for another installment of being able to beat the
daylights out of his older bro. Although known as the "eternal understudy",
Luigi has two things Mario doesn't: less body fat, and a real personality. He
drinks coffee. He's scared of ghosts. He's timid and jittery. Also, his taunts
are a racket.

Entrance: Jumps out of a pipe.
Costumes: Green/blue (default), white/green (Fire Luigi), pink/red, light blue/
Taunts: Scuffs his heel (this does 2% damage and sends the opponent upwards!);
does a faceplant; goes through 5 poses with no animation

Special Traits: Luigi has a lack of traction, so he tends to slide around a

Special Moves:

Neutral: Green Fireball

Unlike Mario's Fireball, Luigi's is not affected by gravity. Other than that,
it's virtually identical.

Side: Green Missile

Hold down B to wind up energy. Let go to launch yourself sideways, with
distance and damage depending on how long you charged. Simple, right? Well,
there's a 1 in 8 chance that Luigi will misfire, automatically causing maximum
damage with extra distance. This can be used for recovering horizontally, but
watch out for SD'ing because of a misfire.

Up: Fire Jump Punch

Normally, when you hit someone which this move, you deal 1% damage with no
knockback. However, if they're right in your face as you press the button,
they'll be sent rocketing upwards in flames. This sweetspot has much more power
when used on the ground. As a recovery move, it only goes straight up, so you
need to use the Green Missile to make up horizontal distance first.

Down: Luigi Cyclone

Luigi spins around haphazardly, dealing a solid blow to people in his way.
While twirling on the ground, you can move sideways quite a bit. Mash the B
button during the move to rise up a fair bit - this trick can only be used once
per aerial trip.

Final Smash: Negative Zone

What the...Luigi dances around like a drunken hobo, causing a large circle to
open up around him. This is the Negative Zone - opponents caught in it suffer
a variety of negative status effects, including but not limited to:

Attack power drop
Weight drop
Slower movement
Icy traction
Uncontrollable taunting
Steady damage

With all this bad stuff going on, Luigi (once he's stopped dancing) has an easy
time waltzing up to people and pegging 'em with the Fire Jump Punch.

C+++++C      [char:Pc]                                                        C
C+++++C                                                                       C


Full Name: Princess Peach Toadstool
Smash Bros. Appearance: Second
Universe: Mushroom Kingdom

The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom is by no means a pushover. Sure, Peach
gets kidnapped by Bowser a lot, but without the universal limits of someone in
her position, she can really dish out some pain. Who needs a plumber when
you've got a frying pan?

Entrance: Appears in hearty cloud. Yeah.
Costumes: Pink (default), red, blue, green, yellow (Daisy), white
Taunts: Spins and waggles her finger; dances a little; poses with umbrella

Special Traits: Peach can float (once per air trip) by holding down the jump
button for a few seconds. She can attack while floating.

Special Moves:

Neutral: Toad

Peach pulls out Toad for a few seconds, holding him in front of her. Any attack
that hits the mushroom guy will be nullified, and spores will fly outwards as a

Side: Peach Bomber

Use this move and Peach will fly sideways butt first, causing an explosion upon
contacting something. Unfortunately, the explosion is made of "pink", it's not
a real explosion like the last game. Smashing as opposed to tilting causes more

Up: Parasol

Causes Peach to fly upwards, poking dudes in the way with her umbrella. After
the height of the jump, it opens and Peach starts floating down slowly. You can
close and reopen the parasol (by Control Stick'ing up and down) to change your
falling speed, as well as glide pretty far with it open.

Down: Vegetable

With a pook, Peach pulls a turnip out of the ground. They're weak and designed
to be annoying more than anything, but they can be thrown repeatedly and
quickly. Other people can catch them easily. And the face on the turnip
dictates the damage it does. The different faces are mostly around 6% to 8%
damage, but the dreaded Stitchface (it looks sick and/or dead, there's a 1/58
chance of getting it) does enough damage to KO someone at reasonable
percentages. Peach can also pull Beamswords or Bob-ombs, but they're extremely

Final Smash: Peach Blossom

This Final Smash is really quite peaceful. Peach dances around and anyone in 
range goes off to dream land. Of course, like any other sleep move, you can
only succumb when grounded - if you're in the air, you're safe. Also, the
closer you are to Peach, the longer you snore - and if you're too close, you
could sustain some serious damage before you doze off! Even if not one person
dozes off, dozen of peaches rain down! At 5% a pop, Peach can dart around and
eat 'em all before the enemies realize it. Oh, and you can whack people around
if you want, too.

D++++++D      [char:Bw]                                                       D
D++++++D                                                                      D


Full Name: King Bowser Koopa
Smash Bros. Appearance: Second
Universe: Mushroom Kingdom

He's the big bad bully of Nintendo world, and he knows it. Bowser's large and
in charge, at least until Mario comes in and screws the whole thing up. Why
does he always have to ruin all those cool evil plans? Surely they're used to
Bowser kidnapping the princess by now. It's just what he does.

Entrance: He walks out of the flames!
Costumes: Green/red (default), red/yellow, blue/green, gold/black
Taunts: Gnashes his teeth; roars in an "I'm cool" sort of way; acts like he's
teetering on the edge

Special Moves:

Neutral: Fire Breath

Hold B to roast anything in yer face. Use it too much and its range will shrink
badly. New to Brawl, Bowser can aim the flames up or down, potentially dragging
people around.

Side: Flying Slam (aka Koopa Klaw)

Bowser slashes forwards, hurting people that are at a good distance and
grabbing those who are too close. Once grabbed, Bowser does a massive jump and
suplex, flattening the enemy on impact. You can fully control BOwser's
horizontal movement during the leap; it's a good way to get a cheap KO if
you're up by a stock (since they die first). However, the opponent can also
influence Bowser's flight. The less damage one of the involved characters has,
the more control they have over the move. So, even though you can get a cheap
KO, you can't get a cheap KO just because you're at 152% and they're at 9%.

Up: Whirling Fortress

A full-body shell spin. It has pretty much no startup time and hits in all
directions. When used on the ground, it does one big hit and you can move
sideways while spinning. In the air, it combo-hits. As a recovery move, it's
mostly horizontal.

Down: Bowser Bomb

Bowser leaps upwards at a funny angle (unless he's in the air already) and
comes crashing down, doing guess-how-much-damage to anyone below. Both the
startup time and ending lag are slow, but you can grab the edge on your way
down. If someone's in Bowser's face when he jumps upwards, they get dragged
into the air with him (and are then subjected to the rest of the move).

Final Smash: Giga Transformation

Anyone who's played SSBM will know where this one came from. In a flash of
light, Bowser turns into...Giga Bowser! He's massive! In fact, he has infinite
knockback resistance (although he can still get damaged). Feel free to use any
of your Giga-fied moves on the chickens around you before you revert. Some
moves gain elemental effects, such as dark, electric, or ice. Also, your
f-smash causes an explosion.

E+++++E      [char:Ys]                                                        E
E+++++E                                                                       E


Full Name: Yoshi
Smash Bros. Appearance: Third
Universe: Mushroom Kingdom (Yoshi subdivision)

Part dragon, part dinosaur, Yoshi is the cute yet painful Smasher hailing from
Yoshi's Island. He began stardom on the SNES in Super Mario World, and his
fanbase exploded with the game's sequel. Ready to see what the dude can do?

Entrance: He pops out of an egg.
Costumes: Green (default), red, blue, yellow, light blue, pink
Taunts: Spins around low to the ground; waves his hands up and down; prances

Special Traits: Yoshi's double jump gives him knockback resistance. Also, he
has the only extended grab in the game that cannot be used as a Tether
Recovery and is the only "big eater" that cannot eat items. Finally, his shield
is an egg instead of a bubble: instead of shrinking, it turns darker. The egg
allows Yoshi protection from shieldstabbing but leaves him unable to jump out
of his shield.

Special Moves:

Neutral: Egg Lay

Press B to eat the dude in front of you. He pops out as an egg. Egg'd people
take half damage and are trapped until they escape (which is faster for those
who struggle). Can be used for cheap KOs, but only against the people who don't
know that they can control the egg's aerial horizontal movement.

Side: Egg Roll

Yoshi pops into an egg and starts rumbling around. Although a little hard to
control (read: watch the edge), it does some good damage and is pretty fast.
You don't do damage while turning around. Although this move was near useless
in SSBM, its priority has been buffed a whole ton. It can even cancel out a
Falcon Punch!

Up: Egg Throw

A unique projectile. Yoshi grabs an eggs a throws it upwards. Exactly where the
egg blows up is entirely dependant on where the Control Stick is when he tosses
it: you can make the range longer, shorter, change the height, throw them
slightly behind's very variable and versatile. Plus, it gives Yoshi a
slight aerial boost (which can be used five or so times).

Down: Ground Pound (the game calls it Yoshi Bomb, the rest of the universe

Yoshi jumps into the air (if he's not airborne already) and slams downwards.
Anything between the drop point and the ground below is bashed. When Yoshi hits
the ground, stars pop out either side of the impact site. These stars have
extremely high priority and therefore prevent counterattacks while Yoshi gets
up. Yoshi can also knock people upwards at the start of the move (similar to

Final Smash: Super Dragon

And the rash of stupid naming continues. Really, Yoshi's only 19% dragon. Who
cares, because a Smash Ball will let him behave like one. First, he grows wings
which give him free movement. Then he starts spewing fire everywhere. Press B
to belch a massive magma ball, while hanging around for a moment will spew a
stream of fire. Even touching him causes some damage.

F+++++F      [char:Wa]                                                        F
F+++++F                                                                       F


Full Name: Wario
Smash Bros. Appearance: First
Universe: Mushroom Kingdom (Wario subdivision)

It's-a him, Wario! The round mound of pound has made himself famous with his
five secs-a-pop minigame collections and his angry intentions towards his light
side counterpart, Mario. Now he's in Smash Bros, ready to really throw his
weight around.

Entrance: Rinds his bike in.
Costumes: Yellow/blue/pink (default)
Alternate costume set (Overalls Wario): Yellow/purple (default), red/blue,
light blue/pink, green/brown, white/purple
Taunts: Three-finger "W" salute; shakes his butt at the camera; plays with his

Special Moves:

Neutral: Chomp

Wario opens his mouth and eats whatever's in front of him. If it's an enemy, he
chews a few times and then spits him out. If it's a projectile, then it stays
in his mouth until he either spits it out (press B) or he swallows it. This
move can also eat items (explosives will hurt).

Side: Wario Bike

VROOM! Wario hops on his road hog and starts zooming around, running people 
over. Use the Stick to steer, press back to do a wheelie, and use A to jump
off. It's not that simple once you get off the motorcycle, however: people can
pick it up and throw it around! You can only use the move when you're close to
it, or it falls off the screen or gets broken (and the pieces can be thrown
around). Or you could eat it to make things easier.

Up: Corkscrew

A standard helicopter-type recovery move. The difference is that Wario gets
quite a bit of vertical distance with it, as opposed to most other heavies that
get mostly horizontal.

Down: Wario Waft

A fart attack. Need I say more? Actually, yes. Use this repeatedly and you'll
produce a pitiful little poot that will do a total of 0% damage and knock the
opponent down. Wait a little while and it'll do some damage. If you can wait a
full two minutes (approx.), Wario will flash brown as a signal of destruction.
Using the move when fully charged causes Wario to fly upwards about two Yoshi
double jumps high and blowing away anyone nearby.

Final Smash: Wario-Man

This is a transformation FS, turning Wario into Wario-Man! Just like Giga
Bowser, his moveset gets increased power and priority. Some of his air moves
even cause him to fly! (Unlike Giga Bowser, you're completely invincible.) The
main thing with Wario-Man is his supreme speed. His attacks come out at least
twice as fast, and using the Wario Bike will likely result in an SD.

G+++++++++++G      [char:DK]                                                  G
+DONKEY KONG+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
G+++++++++++G                                                                 G


Full Name: Donkey Kong
Smash Bros. Appearance: Third
Universe: Mushroom Kingdom (Jungle offshoot)

DK! Donkey Kong! ... Okay, that's enough of the DK Rap. But it's true - he's
bigger, faster, and stronger in this game than the last two. This ape's been on
friendly terms with the Mushroom Kingdom peoples for a while, but every now and
then he really needs to vent, yaknow?

Entrance: He pops out of a barrel.
Costumes: Brown (default), red, blue, green, white
Taunts: Beats his chest; shakes his fur around; looks to the camera and poses
"I didn't do it!"

Special Traits: DK is able to run and jump while carrying a crate or something.

Special Moves:

Neutral: Giant Punch

Press B to start winding up a huge haymaker. If you want to release the guff
early, press B again. If you want to pause and resume charging later, shield.
Your charge will being where it left off. Once you're fully charged, jump in
and press B to unleash the power. DK's head will smoke when he's fully charged.
Avoid getting hit while charging - your charge will be reset to zero. Note
this: if the incoming punch is fully charged (as in, fully charged and being
released), DK can't be flinched.

Side: Headbutt

DK uses his head (for once) and pounds people into the ground. While they're in
the dirt you get a free hit. Obviously, this move doesn't work properly when
used in the air - it becomes a Meteor Smash instead.

Up: Spinning Kong

Spins you around a few times. As a recovery move it gets pretty good horizontal
distance but not much vertical. As an attack - well it doesn't do jack, really.
Decent power but not anything exceptional.

Down: Hand Slap

Press down and start mashin' B to quake any dudes on the ground nearby. You
can't use this move in the air (no duh), and you're projectile bait when using
it, but it really puts the hurt on anyone in yer face.

Final Smash: Konga Beat

DK grabs his Bongos and starts playin'. Music waves will damage nearby foes.
You can go ahead and pound, but your range increases greatly (it can even cover
the stage) if you match the beat of the music that comes with the move (by
pressing A). Even if the range is ick, you're invincible. Although you're also
immovable, so don't try this on a scrolling stage. Its real power is as an
edgeguard: no one can stay in the air long enough to avoid the whole attack.

H++++++++++H      [char:Di]                                                   H
+DIDDY KONG++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
H++++++++++H                                                                  H


Full Name: Diddy Kong
Smash Bros. Appearance: First
Universe: Mushroom Kindom (Jungle offshoot)

Forget that crap about being DK's nephew, ok? Diddy is a monkey. DK's an ape.
Not possible! But then again, Diddy's pretty impossible himself. He's pretty
popular with his crazy antics and funky moves. Just watch the bananas fly!

Entrance: He pops out of a barrel too.
Costumes: Red (default)
Taunts: Does a pose and shakes his head; dances around and claps his hands;
flips hat onto head

Special Moves:

Neutral: Peanut Popgun

It's a gun. It shoots peanuts. What else do you need to know? Well, I guess
that the longer you charge, the farther and flatter (trajectory) the peanuts
fly. But don't charge it up too much, or you'll blow your gun up. Even then,
people can grab slow peanuts right out of the air. But hey, sometimes you can
eat the peanuts once they hit something! (They're hard to see.)

Side: Monkey Flip

Diddy jumps forward and latches onto someone's face. He then gives 'em some
guff and jumps off. Since it's a grab attack, it ignores shields. If you press
B again before he grabs, he launches into a kick while he keeps moving
sideways. Can be used as a horizontal recovery somewhat.

Up: Rocketbarrel Boost

Diddy puts on a barrel backpack and flies skyward. Not too far, and only
straight up. Don't worry, though. If you charge up before releasing, then you
can both choose your launch angle and fly higher! Just watch out for attackers,
they might knock the barrels off you. Then you're without them for a while. And
that's bad.

Down: Banana Peel

Diddy throws a banana peel on the ground. That is all. You can only have 2
peels out at once.

Final Smash: Rocketbarrel Barrage

At first, it's hard to control this high-octane attack. You fly around with
your barrels, shooting explosive peanuts in the direction opposite the way
you're going. At the end, the barrels blow up. Once you learn to control your
flight and shooting at the same time, you've got an attack that's very hard to
avoid. Oh, and you can still eat the peanuts (much more common than usual).

I++++I      [char:Lk]                                                         I
I++++I                                                                        I


Full Name: Link
Smash Bros. Appearance: Third
Universe: Hyrule

It's good ol' Link. This incarnation is the Hero of Twilight. He beats stuff up
a lot, so he's a good choice for battle. This Triforce-toting tunic guy can
really deal some ouchies with the Master Sword.

Entrance: Appears in a whirlwind. Warp Whistle?
Costumes: Green (default), red, blue, Dark Link
Taunts: Twirls and sheaths his sword; releases a fairy; dumb-looking pose (N64)

Special Traits: Link's shield protects him from projectiles if it happens to be
in line when he's standing still or crouching.

Special Moves:

Neutral: Hero's Bow

Link grabs his bow and fires an arrow. It's fast. The longer you hold down the
button, the farther the arrow flies. Pretty simple. If you want, you can hold
the arrow in place forever while you wait for an opening.

Side: Gale Boomerang

It's the 'Rang! Link chucks the item sideways (maybe with some up/down,
depending on your Stick position) and it flies out and back. It does some
damage and also tries to pull opponents with it. Obviously, lighter characters
are more subject to the wind.

Up: Spin Attack

Link spins in a circle and smites anything in range. In the air, you get some
wobble and height, as well as a different hit pattern: instead of one big hit,
it becomes a bunch of small ones with a finisher. It can also be charged.

Down: Bomb

Link pulls out a bomb. It's lit, so chuck it. It can be caught and thrown
around, but it will blow up. Although you are partly protected from your own
bombs, they can still hurt you if theyre spaced right (er, wrong).

Extended Grab: Clawshot

The ultra-cool Clawshot is used to grasp people and pull them into your face.
It's not just a grab, as it also allows tether recoveries.

Final Smash: Triforce Slash

Link points the Triforce mark on his hand towards the opponent. If there's
anyone in that horizontal line of sight, they're trapped in a Triforce. Link
proceeds to rush over and smack the crap out of them, concluding with a massive
finisher. Almost an instant KO when used towards the edge of the stage. Because
of Link's dash, this can even save you when you're off the stage. Oh yeah, if
there's no one in your line of sight (or they're out of range) when you press
da button, the attack fails. As do you.

J+++++++++J      [char:TL]                                                    J
+TOON LINK+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
J+++++++++J                                                                   J


Full Name: Link (the "Toon" is a distinguisher)
Smash Bros. Appearance: First
Universe: Hyrule

Dumb name, I know. Anyway, this is the Link who's the Hero of Winds. His first
heroic escapade involved sailing the 49 seas and saving that darn Zelda. Next
he found fame in the Minish Cap, and then he played around with the Phantom
Hourglass. (Does 4SA count? Didn't think so.) Technically, he's just Young Link
in a different time period. With a bigger head. And a fear of water.

Entrance: Appears in a bomb explosion.
Costumes: Green (default), red, blue, purple, black (Dark Link), green/yellow/
brown (original Zelda colours)
Taunts: Twirls the Wind Waker around; makes random sword slashes; sheaths sword
and looks around

Special Traits: Like Link, Toon Link's shield can block projectiles while
standing or crouching.

Special Moves:

Neutral: Hero's Bow

By the way, Toon Link is a clone of Link. So he has the same special moves.
Although his arrows travel a lot slower.

Side: Boomerang

TL's 'Rang doesn't have wind power, so it doesn't pull people in on the

Up: Spin Attack

Like Young Link from SSBM, using this on the ground hits people a bunch of
times like a blender.

Down: Bomb

You may have noticed I haven't explained TL much. Do I really need to? He's
just a clone, after all. At least they kept the toon art style with the

Final Smash: Triforce Slash

It's the same. End.

K+++++K      [char:Zd]                                                        K
K+++++K                                                                       K


Full Name: Princess Zelda
Smash Bros. Appearance: Second
Universe: Hyrule

Despite the series being named after her, Zelda doesn't show up very often.
Usually it's at the end whien Link saves her, or you meet her in the middle
or in disguise before she's captured. She's playable even less often. But by no
means does that imply that she's unplayable!

Entrance: Some magical warp. What did you expect?
Costumes: Pink (default), pink/blonde (OoT), deep red, black/white
Taunts: Plays with fire; makes sparks above; waves to dudes in front of her

Special Moves:

Neutral: Nayru's Love

Press B to create a crystal around Zelda. The crystal then breaks and flings
shards around, hurting nearby dudes. This all happens in about a second. Also,
both the crystal and its shards reflect projectiles. Unlike other reflectors,
you can't hold this one in place, so timing is crucial.

Side: Din's Fire

A ball of incindiary magic travels sideways as you hold B. It does no damage
until you let go of the button, at which point it explodes. You can direct it
up or down, but you can't make it go faster or slower. For some reason, this
causes a forced fall once complete. Probably because using it in the air allows
you to fall slower.

Up: Farore's Wind

A teleportation-type recovery move. Zelda vanishes and reappears quite a long
way away in the direction the Control Stick was pointed. The move can't travel
through anything you can't travel through normally. You can damage people if
they're touching you when you activate the move (and when you reappear), but
never use it for that purpose.

Down: Transform

This makes Zelda turn into Sheik. More on that later.

Final Smash: Light Arrow

SMITE! Zelda pulls out a bow, aims, and shishkabobs everything in her line of
sight. This is one of the few "pierce" attacks, as in it will pierce your
shield. Speaking of piercing, walls are no obstacle, and the attack's range is
seemingly infinite. Also, when it hits someone, the camera zooms in on them one
at a time for maximum pain humiliation.

L+++++L      [char:Sh]                                                        L
L+++++L                                                                       L


Full Name: Sheik
Smash Bros. Appearance: Second
Universe: Hyrule

Sheik was an unknown in the story of Ocarina of Time. He was a Sheikiah who
taught Link warp songs, made stereotypical monologues, and vanished in various
ways once his work there was done. Near the end of the game, Sheik was revealed
to not only be female, but to be Zelda in disguise. She was a pretty big fan
favorite after that.

Entrance: Some magical warp.
Costumes: Blue (default), black
Taunts: Makes a silly pose (SSBM); plays with chain; does a one-armed handstand

Special Moves:

Neutral: Needle Storm

Press B to load up sum needlez. Press it again to let fly, stinging anyone in
front of you. If you're in the air, the spindles fly down at a 45 degree angle
instead. You can prep five needles at once, and if you save up that many it'll
automatically save the charge for later.

Side: Chain

A metal whip flies sideways. Use the Stick to waggle it around. Let go of B to
reel it in and finish the move. It's useful as an edgeguard because it has
decent priority, but it's not too good otherwise.

Up: Vanish

Just like Zelda, Sheik's recovery is a teleportaion move. Sheik uses a smoke
bomb and reappears further up (or whatever direction you're pointing). There
are two main differences between the two Up-Bs: Shiek's does more damage at the
start, and it doesn't go as far.

Down: Transform

Turns you back into Zelda.

Final Smash: Light Arrow

I'm not really sure why, but Sheik shares the same Final Smash as Zelda.
They're not completely the same though; Sheik KOs people in a different

M+++++++++M      [char:Gn]                                                    M
M+++++++++M                                                                   M


Full Name: Ganondorf Dragmire (don't ask)
Smash Bros. Apperance: Second
Universe: Hyrule

Ganondorf is the self-proclaimed King of Evil. He spends his days wandering
around in eternal punishment, concocting new plans to conquer Hyrule (and
escape said eternal punishment). Also, he can use the Triforce of Power to turn
into a big pig. 'Nuff said? Yeah.

Entrance: Some dark energy portal.
Costumes: Black (default)
Taunts: Punches a fist into the other hand; spins around and laughs; shows off

Special Moves:

Neutral: Warlock Punch

G-dorf loads up a big one and nukes those in his face. Kinda like the good ole
Falcon Punch. If your enemy sneaks around behind you, you can turn around
(once) during the early windup. (This makes the punch a little slower and more

Side: Flame Choke

With a quick dash forwards, Ganondorf grabs some poor sap in front of him,
grabs his ear, and injects some dark energy into his skull. This causes the
opponent to lie down directly in front of the Dorf, which could be useful for
combos. If it connects in the air, Ganondorf instead does a kamikaze drop,
thundering downwards with the opponent beneath him. (Risky to try because the
move causes a forced fall anyway.)

Up: Dark Dive

This move sends you upwards in a predictable curve. The first person to get in
the way gets electrocuted and launched away. If the move connects like this,
you get to use it again. If it doesn't, it's just like a regular Up+B. People
that are just too far away to get grabbed instead get a bit of dark damage.

Down: Wizard's Foot

If you're standing on the ground when you use this, Ganondorf is sent straight
forwards with his foot sticking out, causing a decent about of pain. When used
in the air, the trajectory is angled steeply downwards instead.

Final Smash: Beast Ganon

The Triforce of Power comes into play here, turning Ganondorf into the
aforementioned big pig. If anyone is standing nearby when the beast appears,
they get driven into the ground. Ganon then roars sideways off the screen,
taking anyone in the way with him. Ganondorf then reappears standing in the
same spot where he started the move.

N+++++N      [char:Sm]                                                        N
N+++++N                                                                       N


Full Name: Samus Aran
Smash Bros. Appearance: Third
Universe: Metroid

Good ol' Samus. Metroid exterminator extrordinaire, Ms. Aran is a powerful
bounty hunter who runs around shooting stuff and collecting powerups identical
to those she lost at the start of the adventure until the planet blows up.
Yeah, that's about it.

Entrance: Uses a Save Station as a warp device.
Costumes: Orange (default), dark blue/red/yellow (Gravity Suit), blue/yellow
Taunts: Struts cannon around; salutes; makes some purple energy appear

Special Moves:

Neutral: Charge Shot

Press B to initiate the winding up of a big ball of energy (unless you're in
the air, in which case you launch a shot instantly). You can stop charging by
shielding (or firing), and when you charge again you pick up where you left
off. Once fully charged, you stop charging (duh) and Samus's arm cannon starts
blinking. Press B once more to send a ball of punishing power. Your charge is
dumped if you're hit while charging.

Side: Missile

Samus shootz sum missilz. There are actually two kinds of missiles: homing
missiles that fire when you tilt and fast (more powerful) missiles that fire
when you smash.

Up: Screw Attack

The almighty Screw Attack. This move involves you spinning into the air,
trapping nearby opponents and damaging them until the move ends. You travel
further up if you start on ground.

Down: Bomb

Samus rolls up and lays a bomb, which then blows up. Bombs don't do much
damage, but can be laid somewhat quickly. Also, Samus doesn't take damage from
her own bombs - instead, she bounces into the air a little. Because your
airspeed slows while laying bombs, laying two bombs when recovering from the
side gives you a good vertical boost.

Extended Grab: Grappling Beam

It's a beam. It grapples stuff (like other people or the edge). Got it?

Final Smash: Zero Laser

Read and remember. The Zero Laser will get whoever's hit into the painhouse
easy. But after the attack, Samus is gone and Zero-Suit Samus is in. As a
directional Final Smash, aim is crucial if you don't want to waste the move.
That being said, you can angle the beam up and down slightly.

O+++++++++++++++O      [char:ZS]                                              O
+ZERO SUIT SAMUS+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
O+++++++++++++++O                                                             O


Full Name: Samus Aran
Smash Bros. Appearance: First
Universe: Metroid

No it's not a glitch. No, you didn't just complete a Metroid game with 100%
quickly. It's Samus after her Final Smash. Without the Power Suit, Samus
becomes faster and more agile while losing power and weight. And she has a gun
that doubles as a lightwhip.

Entrance: Just appears from Power Suit. (Hold L/R with GC or Classic, hold Z
with Nunchuk, or hold - with Wiimote to start as ZSS)
Costumes: Light blue (default), dark blue, red, black
Taunts: Spins around and stretches; throws gun up and catches it; flails the
whip around

Special Moves:

Neutral: Paralyzer

Taser time! This move shoots a projectile that stuns people. It doesn't last
for very long (think of the unfairness!), although you can charge it up to last

Side: Plasma Whip

This pokes people in front of you. Not much else, really. The tip does the most

Up: Plasma Wire

This move damages people above you, not much other than that (although it has a
greater range than your up-smash). Also a Tether Recovery (duh).

Down: Flip Jump

This hardly does any damage, but that's besides the point. It's designed to get
you out of a tight spot. Press B during the jump to counterattack.

Extended Grab: Plasma Grapple

I don't know if it's really called that, but whatever.

Final Smash: Power Suit Samus

*@#%! Did they grab random people off the street when they named these moves?!
Idiots. Anyway, this turns you back into Samus. Its range is zippo, but anyone
too close will get a decent amount of airtime (if not a KO).

P+++++P      [char:Kb]                                                        P
P+++++P                                                                       P


Full Name: Kirby
Smash Bros. Appearance: Third
Universe: Dreamland

Guess who! It's the pink puffball with punch! The Kirbster's vacuum-like
appetite and versatile copycat abilities make him a handful in the ring. He was
just unfair in the original SSB, and toned way too far down for Melee. Happy
balance this time? We'll see.

Entrance: Comes in riding a Warpstar.
Costumes: Pink (default), red, green, blue, yellow, grayscale
Taunts: Waves and says "Hiiiii!"; does a Kirby dance; does a spinning kick

Special Traits: Taunting causes Kirby to drop his current power.

Special Moves:

Neutral: Inhale/Copy

Kirby's trademark ability. The puffball will suck in anyone in front of him.
You can hold down the button to continuously suck until you let go or grab
someone. Once there's a dude in yer mouth, you can press A to spit them out (it
does 10% to the dude spit as well as hitting anyone in the way for damage that
depends on the spit dude's weight) or press Down or B to copy their neutral B.
Kirby then dons a hat that indicates whose power he owns. You can then use the
other character's neutral B exactly the same way they would. Just like Wario,
Kirby can also eat items (explosives will hurt a little, but they won't blow
you away).

Side: Hammer

Kirby brings out a hammer and bashes those in his face. Hitting people with the
head does much more damage than the handle, so range is crucial. Oddly, Kirby
decided to make the hammer swing the same way in the air as well (unlike almost
every other Kirby game, where he swung it vertically). The hammer hits twice in
the air.

Up: Final Cutter

This move flings Kirby upwards and slams him downwards, with him holding a
sword which forces others to do the same. As a recovery move, it gets good
vertical but not much horizontal, and Kirby falls very fast once the height of
the jump is reached. When he hits the ground, a small shockwave is sent out
forwards that hugs the ground.

Down: Stone

Kirby turns into a heavy object and slams downwards. It does good damage and
makes Kirby party invincile while stoned (except for grabs), although you have
to watch for slopes the rock will slide down.

Final Smash: Cook Kirby

If you've played the GBA Kirby games, you know what's gonna happen. First, a
large pot appears. Kirby puts on a chef's hat and pulls out a frying pan and a
pancake flipper. Then the painful part: He claps them together! Well, it
actually sucks everyone too close into the pot. Then Kirby cooks the whole
mixture. Once done, some items pop out, followed by your victims...err, dinner
guests. And they fly pretty high. If any nearby items are sucked into the pot,
you will get more items out of the pot once the move is complete.

Q+++++++++++Q      [char:MK]                                                  Q
+META KNIGHT+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Q+++++++++++Q                                                                 Q


Full Name: Sir Meta Knight
Smash Bros. Appearance: First
Universe: Dreamland

Who is Meta Knight, really? Friend or foe? Does he know of Kirby's past like he
sometimes claims to? There's definately something behind that mask, because he
keeps running away when it falls off. Anyway, Meta Knight is superb at what he
does, and that's swordfighting. And being cool. (Yes, that is his real voice.)

Entrance: He teleports in.
Costumes: Purple (default), pinkish, red, green, white/yellow, Dark Meta Knight
Taunts: Spins around in his cape; pokes his sword around; poses wings

Special Moves:

Neutral: Mach Tornado

Easy to use and cheap. Simply press B to spin around, damaging whatever's in
the way. While spinning, you can freely control your movement. Because of this,
the move is considered a recovery move, putting you into a forced fall when
it's done. Mash B repeatedly to both rise and keep the move going for longer.

Side: Drill Rush

Anyone standing beside you gets minced in about eight slices. During the move
you can aim up or down. Just be careful, because this counts as a recovery
move: that is, you can't do anything after this move until you land. As a
safety feature, if the move ends in the air, you get pushed backwards a little
(so you don't SD if you fly off the stage).

Up: Shuttle Loop

Yes, you do a loop. Up, around, forwards with a glide at the end. Recovery
move. Short description.

Down: Dimensional Cape

When you use this move, Meta Knight vanishes only to reappear a second later.
Used for teleporting, just aim your direction with the Stick. If you hold the
button while warping, you'll counterattack as soon as you reappear. As with the
rest of MK's special moves, this move causes a forced fall.

Final Smash: Galaxia Darkness

Meta Knight swipes his cape forwards. If you don't hit anyone, the move ends
and you've wasted the Smash Ball. Then people are legally allowed to laugh at
you. But if you do hit someone, the screen goes black and anyone close to you
gets blown away (while the person/people you've caped cannot escape). Really an
all-or-nothing attack.

R+++++++++++R      [char:Dd]                                                  R
+KING DEDEDE+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
R+++++++++++R                                                                 R


Full Name: King Dedede the First
Smash Bros. Appearance: First
Universe: Dreamland

Dedede is not evil. But he can be...irritating. Really, he once stole every bit
of food in Dreamland! You could imagine what Kirby thought about that. So the
rivalry began. Oh, and Dedede's not really a king, his "subjects" never pay
attention to him. Good on them! (The only reason they follow him is because he
feeds them.)

Entrance: A Waddle Dee troop carries him in.
Costumes: Red/yellow (default), Gameboy scale, purple, icy
Taunts: Spins his hammer; raises his hammer like a torch; dances around

Special Moves:

Neutral: Inhale

Dedede sucks up anything in front of him. He can't copy people's powers like
Kirby can, so the thing to do is spit them out for large damage. Like Kirby and
Wario, he can also eat items.

Side: Waddle Dee Toss

Guess what's in Dedede's hammerspace? Well, it's mostly Waddle Dees. Once
thrown (er, tossed) they start wandering around like Mr. Saturns. Sometimes you
pull out a Waddle Doo instead, which starts zapping people. Or even a Gordo,
which obviously hurts a lot more. Like Peach's veggies, you can also pull out
items, such as Green Shells. You can only have two WDs out at once; pulling out
a third causes the first to vanish early.

Up: Super Dedede Jump

BOING! As you may have guessed, it's a monstrous jump. As a recovery move, it
goes straight up (odd for a heavyweight character). Once you stop going up, you
come down. Hard. Think of it like Yoshi's Ground Pound, but with more damage
(and lag). If you don't want to slam, you can tap down to abort the move - but
try to abort too late, and you'll just make it worse (the lag, that is). A
unique move in that, unless you abort it, you cannot grab the edge while doing
it. Also, you can't control your aerial movement: you can choose at the start
of the move whether to aim straight up or fly sideways a little, but not
anytime after that.

Down: Jet Hammer

...okay. A jet engine appears out of Dedede's hammer, which starts charging up.
You can walk around and jump while charging, but you can't save the charge - it
must be unleashed right away. It obviously does tons of damage, but if you
charge it too much, it also does some self-damage (about 1% a second) until you
release it.

Final Smash: Waddle Dee Army

Dedede always likes getting others to do the work for him. In this case, it
involves copious amounts of Waddle Dees getting sent into the battle (and a few
Waddle Doos and Gordos). The Waddle Dees can move pretty fast, pushing you off
the edge if you're not careful. Dedede himself is immovable and invincible
during all this (except for the dance).

S+++S      [char:Fx]                                                          S
S+++S                                                                         S


Full Name: Fox McCloud
Smash Bros. Appearance: Third
Universe: Star Fox

Mr. McCloud is the leader of the good ol' Star Fox team, a group of ragtag yet
impressive space fighters who like peace and kicking bad guy butt. Fox is well
known for his speed, which you've seen firsthand if you've been to any serious
SSBM tourney.

Entrance: He drops out of an Arwing.
Costumes: White/green (default), black/white
Taunts: Makes fire; makes gesture and says "Come on!"; tosses gun and catches

Special Moves:

Neutral: Blaster

Fox starts shootin' his blaster at people for no reason. The shots have no stun
at all: they won't stop people attaking, running, and won't even affect their
stance. Because of this, it won't give back people's recovery move, so it's
great for stealing KOs.

Side: Fox Illusion

Fox jets forwards a good distance (watch for the edge), damaging stuff in the
way. Can be used for recovery, but it can't be aimed (plus it initiates a
forced fall).

Up: Firefox

With a fiery charge that can slightly scald those around him, Fox launches
himself through the air in whichever direction you choose. It's slow, but does
some good damage and distance.

Down: Reflector

If you hear someone say "the shine", this is what they're going on about. This
move is supposed to be used as a projectile reflector: just keep it on and
you're safe from distanced attacks. But a lot of people use it to attack: it
starts almost instantly, it always knocks people down, and you can use it in
the air to slow your descent and knock people downwards (shinespike).

Final Smash: Landmaster Tank

Fox leaps off the top of the screen. Well that's the end of-OHH SNAP. Yeah, he
comes back down with a stinkin' huge tank. Said tank can fly, do a barrel roll
(by crouching; this knocks off dudes standing on top of it), and of course it
can shoot. That is, shoot others. With a big blue lazor. Or it can just run you
over. The one problem with the tank is its true size: despite all physics, it
can fall down a Fox-sized hole.

T+++++T      [char:Fc]                                                        T
T+++++T                                                                       T


Full Name: Falco Lombardi
Smash Bros. Appearance: Second
Universe: Star Fox

Falco is teh-best wingman on the Star Fox team. Sure, his past is kinda crummy,
but if you need an aerial attack, he's your guy. Just watch his ego. It's big.
Like, Texas-big.

Entrance: An Arwing.
Costumes: White/brown (default)
Taunts: Plays hacky-sack with his Reflector; stands on one leg; spins around
and punches

Special Moves:

Neutral: Blaster

Although Falco's been Luigified somewhat, he's still a clone of Fox. So his
special moves are the same. The difference with this one is that his blaster
actually makes people flinch (and it shoots slower).

Side: Falco Phantasm

It sounds nasty, but it's really just the same as Fox's (although it hits
aerial people downwards).

Up: Firebird

Since Falco's single and double jump have incredible height on them, his triple
jump gets its range gimped somewhat. It does more damage than Fox's.

Down: Reflector

The real difference between the space animals is that Falco throws his
Reflector like a boomerang, instead of holding it and shielding himself. This
means you can't hold it in place but it also increases its range. Not a bad
idea to attack with it.

Final Smash: Landmaster

In a complete and utter case of dropping the ball, Nintendo didn't even try to
differentiate F&F through their Final Smashes. Okay, so Falco's tank does
better in the air and is more sluggish on the ground, but nobody really cares.

U++++U      [char:Wf]                                                         U
U++++U                                                                        U


Full Name: Wolf O'Donell
Smash Bros. Appearance: First
Universe: Star Fox

Personally, I'm not very happy about Wolf being here. But that's of no
importance to you, right? Anyway, Wolf is the leader of the...wait for it...
Star Wolf team. They oppose the Star Fox team. NO WAI!

Entrance: A Wolfen. (Star Wolf's Arwings)
Costumes: Dark blue (default)
Taunts: Howls; does some kicks; slaps the ground and growls

Special Moves:

Neutral: Blaster

Guess what? Wolf is a clone of Fox! (agnry faic) His blaster is more like
Falco's, though. It also can't rapid-fire, and it has a claw on the actual gun
casing that damages people close enough (so they get stabbed and then shot).

Side: Wolf Illusion

Picture the Fox Illusion, just angled slightly upwards.

Up: Booster Pack

This move launches much faster than the Firefox, but otherwise it's the same.
Oh yeah, and it's air-based, not fire-based.

Down: Reflector

What do you think this does?

Final Smash: Landmaster

*sigh* Nintendo may be an intelligent company, but sometimes they demonstrate
absolute stupidity. Yes, this move packs more punch and lasts for less time
than Fox's, but really. Wolf has nothing to do with Landmasters! He hates all
that is Star Fox, yet for his most powerful attack he jumps in a pallete swap
of one of their land vehicles? Sheer idiocy.

V+++++++V      [char:Pk]                                                      V
V+++++++V                                                                     V


Full Name: Pikachu
Smash Bros. Appearance: Third
Universe: Pokemon

It's the mascot of the Pokemon series, Pikachu! Introduced in Generation I as
the 25th pocket monster, the fans chose Pikachu as their favorite, giving him
the power to represent the other 400 or so creatures. The yellow mouse is an
Electric-type and is quite fast.

Entrance: Comes out of a Pokeball.
Costumes: None (default), red hat, green bandana, blue goggles
Taunts: Waves at the camera and says "Pika pika!"; rolls around; generates some

Special Moves:

Neutral: Thunder Jolt

Pikachu lets a ball of lightning drop. It travels at a 45 degree angle when in
the air. When it hits the ground (or Pikachu starts on the ground), it becomes
a Slinky of electricity that follows the stage for a good distance.

Side: Skull Bash

Once you let go of B, Pikachu will rocket sideways, causing damage to the first
thing he hits. The longer you hold B, the farther he flies and the more damage
you deal. Also, once charged all the way, he releases instantly.

Up: Quick Attack

Pikachu flings himself in the direction you're pointing, doing slight damage to
those he passes through. If you redirect the Control Stick just after the first
leap, you can fling yourself a second time (if the difference in direction is
significant enough, as in 38 degrees). It's very useful as a recovery because
of its good distance and its great controlability.

Down: Thunder

A bolt of lightning strikes from the sky, hitting Pikachu. Pikachu is
unaffected, but everyone in the bolt's way is zapped, as well as anyone too
close to Pikachu when it hits. The most important thing to note about this move
is that the lightning cannot travel through platforms, so if Pikachu's under a
roof, it won't get to him.

Final Smash: Volt Tackle

I hope the name sounds painful, Pikachu's been practicing this painball since
Pichuhood. The Pokemon creates a sphere of electric energy around him, zapping
anything in range a whole lot. The range is small, but that's okay because
Pikachu can move around to chase down chickens. You can also press A for a
shockwave. Unfortunately, it's almost impossible to control your path (you can
even go though the stage somewhat, so be careful!).

W++++++++++W      [char:Jp]                                                   W
W++++++++++W                                                                  W


Full Name: Jigglypuff (Purin in Japan)
Smash Bros. Appearance: Third
Universe: Pokemon

Jigglypuff is a balloon Pokemon, able to put things to sleep simply by signing.
In fact, her trademark in the TV show was to draw all over people's faces when
they dozed off. For some reason, she was hated in SSB64 and SSBM and people
wanted her out. Tough luck for them.

Entrance: A Pokeball.
Costumes: None (default), summer hat, pink/white Trainer hat, red
Taunts: Wobbles and says its name; spins around quickly; deflates temporarily

Special Traits: If Jigglypuff's shield breaks, it launches her off the top of
the screen.

Special Moves:

Neutral: Rollout

In the Pokemon games, Rollout is a Rock-type move that is used repeatedly for
double damage each hit. Here, it's a simple charge-and-let-fly attack. If not
charged, you do about 0% damage. When fully charged, it does a bunch (that is,
if you don't fly off the edge).

Side: Pound

A simple punch that does some pretty good damage. Short range, but can be used
in the air repeatedly for massive horizontal movement (and therefore recovery).

Up: Sing

This move causes anyone in Jigglypuff's range to fall asleep. (As always, you
can't sleep if you're in the air.) They can wake up instantly if they're at 0%
damage, but at KO'ing percents they doze off long enough to get a good smack
on them. Not to be used as a recovery move in any way.

Down: Rest

Here, Jigglypuff falls asleep. Anyone touching her (that is, their character
model and Jigglypuff's are overlapping) gets blown away and a flower placed on
their head. It's not as good a KO'er as it's been in the last two games, but
it's still pretty deadly if used right. Note that Jigglypuff sleeps for five
seconds regardless if the attack actually hits anyone.

Final Smash: Puff Up (aka Gigalypuff)

Jigglypuff starts inflating...and inflating...and inflating some more.
Eventually, once she's grown to over ten times her original size, she yells out
her name and shrinks again. What's the point of this? Well, you're untouchable
during the move, and it easily pushes people off the stage. Plus, when she
yells her name, people that are overlapping her get shoved away pretty hard
with some good damage. Not exactly an orthodox Final Smash.

X+++++++++++++++X      [char:PT]                                              X
+POKEMON TRAINER+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
X+++++++++++++++X                                                             X


Full Name: Pokemon Trainer (...yeah, he doesn't have a real name. Go figure.)
Smash Bros. Appearance: First
Universe: Pokemon

He's just a Pokemon Trainer. As a Trainer, he doesn't do the fighting himself.
Instead, he leads a bunch of thugs who do the work for him. Every time one of
his fighters is KO'd, he swaps in a new one. He can also swap on the fly. But
that's enough about him, he was just a way to fit three new Pokes into the
roster while taking up only 1 spot.

Entrance: He just runs in. On some stages (or some areas of stages), he doesn't
Costumes: Red (default)
Taunts: He doesn't taunt.

Special Moves:

Down: Pokemon Change

None of the Pokemon on this team have a Down-B, and here's why. This move swaps
which Pokemon you're using in a set order: Squirtle -> Ivysaur -> Charizard.
Using a Pokemon for two minutes will tire it out, making it move slower. That's
the time to switch. This can also happen if you swap too frequently. (You know
when to swap when your standing animation changes to a more exhausted pose.)
Lastly, this move is automatically used when you're KO'd; so if Charizard is
KO'd, you switch to Squirtle instantly.

Final Smash: Triple Finish

No matter which Pokemon you have out, you get the same Final Smash. First, all
three Pokemon come out. Then, Squirtle uses Hydro Pump, Ivysaur uses Solarbeam,
and Charizard uses Fire Blast - all at the same time! Basically, Solarbeam is a
trapping long-range beam attack. Hydro Pump sprays water around somewhat
randomly, hitting people who are close to the source. Fire Blast shoots pulses
of fire at regular intervals. It aims a little high, so enemies doubled up in
Solarbeam pain may be spared. The whole attack only lasts about five seconds.

i~~~~~~~~i      [char:Sq]                                                     i
i~~~~~~~~i                                                                    i


Full Name: Squirtle (Zenigame in Japan)
Smash Bros. Appearance: First
Universe: Pokemon

As the first Water-type starter, Squirtle has a pretty good following. He's the
lightest and smallest of PT's Pokemon, so use him when you need to get
somewhere fast.

Entrance: A Pokeball.
Costumes: None (default)
Taunts: Balances on tail and spins around; spins around in shell; does a flip

Special Moves:

Neutral: Water Gun

This move allows you to charge up and shoot a pulse of water. Shooting larger
pulses can push you back a bit (especially in the air). Unfortunately, just
like Mario's FLUDD, it does no damage.

Side: Withdraw

No, it's not a defensive move. The name refers to Squirtle hiding in his shell,
but only so he can propel himself sideways. Think of him like a curling stone
and watch out if you're too close to the edge.

Up: Waterfall

Squirtle rides a wave upwards. Really not much to it. It's kind of like Mario's
recovery move, actually. Can usually save you (as well as your double jump) if
your Withdraw flies off the edge.

ii~~~~~ii      [char:Iv]                                                     ii
ii~~~~~ii                                                                    ii


Full Name: Ivysaur (Fusigishu in Japan)
Smash Bros. Appearance: First
Universe: Pokemon

Ivysaur evolves from Bulbasaur, the original Grass-type starter. He's one of
the few quadrupeds in Smash Bros., so that says something for unorthodoxy. He
can also jump reasonably well for a down-to-earth kinda guy.

Entrance: A Pokeball.
Costumes: None (default)
Taunts: Flaps his leaves around; dances on front legs; flings vines around

Special Moves:

Neutral: Bullet Seed

This move is very situational. Ivysaur starts rapid-firing seeds straight up.
You can really only hit people above you. It's very good for juggling people
above you because it shoots very fast and has no knockback.

Side: Razor Leaf

Ivysaur shoots a leaf sideways. Not terribly useful. Can be aimed up and down

Up: Vine Whip

Doesn't do much damage. Its main application is a Tether Recovery: if you're
below the stage, use this and you'll grapple the edge. Strange how a Grass-type
is good at attaking above himself...

iii~~~~~iii      [char:Cz]                                                  iii
iii~~~~~iii                                                                 iii


Full Name: Charizard (Lizardon in Japan)
Smash Bros. Appearance: First
Universe: Pokemon

Charizard is the final form of Charmander, Generation I's Fire-type starter.
He's big and beefy while being surprisingly agile in the air - being a Flying-
type helps, I guess. He's your go-to guy for KOs.

Entrance: A Pokeball.
Costumes: None (default)
Taunts: Stomps at the camera; roars at the camera; stomps twice (at the camera)

Special Moves:

Neutral: Flamethrower

This is an obvious one. Just hold the button to spew flames forwards. You'll
run out of juice, but it's a good edgeguarding tool. Like Bowser, you can aim
the flames up and down.

Side: Rock Smash

This is an interesting one. Charizard takes a rock from the ground. He
headbutts it. It blows up. The rock fragments have like 0 range but some pretty
good power.

Up: Fly

Charizard winds up and rockets upwards, burning stuff in the way. Decent power,
not too good horizontal movement. Surprisingly shallow vertically.

Y+++++++Y      [char:Lc]                                                      Y
Y+++++++Y                                                                     Y


Full Name: Lucario
Smash Bros. Appearance: First
Universe: Pokemon

Lucario is a highly popular Fighting/Steel-type Pokemon from Generation IV.
Despite not being a Psychic-type, he can sense people's "auras" and track them
and stuff. For a non-lengendary, he has pretty darn good stats. In Brawl, he's
a close-combat fighter with a large range.

Entrance: A...teleportation?
Costume: None (default)
Taunts: Sticks his chest out; sticks a palm out; does that karate pose

Special Traits: As Lucario takes more damage, his attacks do more damage. A
real risk-reward mentality.

Special Moves:

Neutral: Aura Sphere

Press B to wind up. Press B again to fire. Dodge while charging to save it for
later. Once fired, the ball will move forwards until it hits something or runs
out of energy. The more you've charged it up, the straighter it travels: an
uncharged shot will wobble a lot, while a full charge will be perfectly linear.
People that are too close to the sphere when it's charging will pick up a
little damage. Just like the rest of Lucario's moves, its damage goes up as
Lucario's does - but its size also grows.

Side: Force Palm

Causes Lucario to stop dead (if running) and grab people in front of him.
(There's a dual range, outside the grab range it simply does damage.) Then you
can push the grabbed person away. The non-grab range is pretty large.

Up: Extremespeed

Built as a recovery move. This launches you in your specified direction, and if
you want, you can put a little curve on the end of the dash. Does like no

Down: Double Team

Doesn't appear to do anything to start with, but if you're attacked during the
pose, you'll teleport behind them and do a dashing strike. Dangerous to use
near the edge if you'll wind up doing the dash off the edge.

Final Smash: Aura Storm

Lucario flies into the center of the screen in a high spot and fires a beam.
Use the Control Stick to aim it around. It does damage constantly with a nice
big hit at the end. As with most Final Smashes, you can't be hit during it. Not
very useful when Lucario's at a low percentage, but it can really cause some
airtime at the other end of the spectrum.

Z++++++++++++++Z      [char:CF]                                               Z
+CAPTAIN FALCON++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Z++++++++++++++Z                                                              Z


Full Name: Captain Douglas Jay Falcon
Smash Bros. Appearance: Third
Universe: F-Zero

Falcon is the most popular racer on the F-Zero circuit. Picture him as a richer
Han Solo: fast ride, "manly man", rather large ego. He also dabbles in bounty
hunting from time to time.

Entrance: Rides the Blue Falcon in.
Costumes: Blue/orange (default)
Taunts: Tenses up; makes gesture and says "C'mon!"; salutes and says "Show me
ya moves!"

Special Moves:

Neutral: Falcon Punch

Anyone who's played Smash Bros. knows this one: a massive flaming punch with a
long windup time and large KOing power. If someone dodges behind you, you get
one chance to turn around during the windup and nail any backstabbers (this
takes a smidge longer and does even more damage).

Side: Raptor Boost

Falcon dashes forwards and gives an uppercut to anything he meets. Can be used
as a combo starter. If used in the air, Falcon punches people downwards instead
and enters a forced fall.

Up: Falcon Dive

Falcon jumps upwards in an arc, and anyone in his way gets grabbed and blasted
away. If you connect with this move, you can use it repeatedly. Once you miss,
it's a forced fall for you.

Down: Falcon Kick

Not as popular on the Internet as the FLACONE PAWUNCH, but still up there. This
causes Falcon to shoot forwards burning anything in the way. If used in the
air, he shoots at a sharp downwards angle (good for juggle killing).

Final Smash: Blue Falcon

I tend to hate this move since it actaully initiates a cutscene. Falcon calls
in his racecar to run someone over (assuming they're at a decent spot in front
of you). Everyone run over gets dropped on a racetrack and run over again, and
then they're teleported back to the battlefield and knocked away.

AA++AA      [char:Ns]                                                        AA
AA++AA                                                                       AA


Full Name: Ness...uh, no last name, maybe.
Smash Bros. Appearence: Third
Universe: Mother (Earthbound)

The main character in Mother 2 (Earthbound for those in non-Japanland), Ness is
a psychic kid who fights dudes with mental powers and baseball bats. (This is
in opposition to most other RPGs of the time, which all took place in fantasy
lands.) He was the "what the heck?!" character in SSB64, became a starter in
SSBM, and is back to unlockable in Brawl.

Entrance: Runs in through a portal, then shakes the soot off.
Costumes: Red/purple/yellow (default), purple/black
Taunts: Nods and says "Okay!"; points his bat; makes a light show

Special Moves:

Neutral: PK Flash

Simply hold down the button for a green flash to rise out of your head. Then,
you can either release the button to let it loose or wait until it times out.
When the particle asplodes, anyone in range will be hit for damage. The more
it's charged, the more pain it deals (up to a likely KO). Because it can be
directed side-to-side somewhat well, it's a dangerous edgeguarding tool. Note
that halfway through the full charge, the flash starts to drop (at full charge
it lands at your feet). It may die if you try to make it go downwards through a
platform, and it will die if you get hit while charging.

Side: PK Fire

This move jets an ember straight forwards. It blows up when it hits someone and
then drops a flame pillar on the ground, causing extra damage. When used in the
air, the spark goes at a downwards 45 degree angle instead.

Up: PK Thunder

Once you use this move, you control switches to moving a spark of ball
lightning around the screen. Ness is vulnerable while you aim the attack. You
can hit people to cause some damage, but the move's true strength (and where it
shows up as a triple jump) is ramming yourself. That's right, when you hit
Ness in the butt (or whatever), he flies in that direction doing massive
damage. It's hard to attack a missile, so it's a good anti-edgeguard. Too bad
you need a lot of room to maneuver it: if it hits something or someone, that's

Down: PSI Magnet

Ness creates an energy shield. Any energy-based attacks (electric projectiles,
fire breath, etc) that hit the shield will be turned into health. The shield
can be held in place forever. When the shield is turned off, anyone nearby will
get pushed away.

Final Smash: PK Starstorm

Ness causes rain to start falling. Unfourtunately for everyone else, the rain
is made of huge meteors that plunge from top to bottom, nuking anything in the
way. Although the move has infinite vertical range, it gets very spread out on
larger stages (making it easy to dodge). Also, each star fans out a little from
the center of the screen towards the outsides (as in, they're not perfectly

BB+++BB      [char:Lu]                                                       BB
BB+++BB                                                                      BB


Full Name: Lucas...uh, I don't know?
Smash Bros. Appearance: First
Universe: Mother (Earthbound)

Not much is known about Lucas over here in the...well, anywhere that's not
Japan, really. Anyway, Lucas is Mother 3's protagonist. He's a kid with psychic
powers. And he's a clone of Ness (although Ness cloned his Final Smash).

Entrance: He...rides on a Mr. Saturn tea table? WTH?
Costumes: Yellow/red (default)
Taunts: Slips and falls on his butt; plays with his Rope Snake; plays with some
PSI power

Special Moves:

Neutral: PK Freeze

It's kind of like Ness' PK Flash: you hold down B to increase damage and it can
be directed (PK Freeze is actually more directable). The difference is that PK
Freeze...freezes people. Like, in ice. A very good edgeguarder.

Side: PK Fire

This move jets an ember straight forwards. It blows up when it hits someone.
Unlike Ness, Lucas shoots the spark straight both on the ground and in the air,
and he doesn't make a column of fire when it hits something. It also pushes him
back a little.

Up: PK Thunder

Basically the same as Ness', but Lucas can direct the thunder in a tighter arc.
As a tradeoff, instead of dealing the big hit when he missiles into someone, he
deals a bunch of smaller hits. Also, Lucas's PK Thunder passes through

Down: PSI Magnet

Lucas can't shield himself from behind, but he heals more damage. Not only
that, but when he turns it off (lets go of the button), it actually deals some
damage to those who are too close!

Extended Grab: Rope Snake

In Mother 3, the Rope Snake was used to grab people. Well I think that's
description enough, except for the whole Tether Recovery thing (which should be

Final Smash: PK Starstorm

Lucas' meteors fall straight downwards. Also, they're yellow instead of blue.

CC++++++++++CC      [char:IC]                                                CC
+ICE CLIMBERS++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
CC++++++++++CC                                                               CC


Full Names: Popo, Nana
Smash Bros. Appearance: Second
Universe: Infinite Glacier

These twin hikers spend their days climbing Icicle Mountain and similar summits
to gather vegetables that condors drop from the sky. Uhhh, yeah. It's a funny
story. Anyway, Popo (in the blue) and Nana (pink) appeared in SSBM and got
quite the fanbase. The first rumour about Brawl was that they were dropped.
Death to the nonbelievers!

Entrance: A condor carries them in.
Costumes: Blue/pink (default)
Taunts: Dance around; hammer swing and saying "Youp!"; leaping up and down

Special Traits: When the Climbers are together, the trailer's actions are about
a tenth of a second behind those of the leader. If they are seperated, then the
trailer fights alone and tries to get back to the leader. If the leader is
KO'd, so is the trailer. If the trailer is KO'd, the leader must fight alone
until KO'd. KO'ing the trailer does not affect scores or stocks. The trailer
has a seperate damage percentage which is not displayed. Also, both Climbers
can grab onto the same edge at once. And finally: the Ice Climbers do not lose
traction from walking on ice.

Special Moves:

Neutral: Ice Shot

Two (or one) small chunks of ice are sent forwards. They don't do super damage
and don't last very long, and they're highly grounded. That being said, they
can move pretty fast, and they can pick up tons of speed (and distance) while
travelling down slopes. Small chance of freezing people, although it really
doesn't last for long.

Side: Squall Hammer

Your standard helicopter-type move. Press B rapidly during the spinning to rise
for a decent horizontal recovery. If your partner gets KO'd, this is really
your only recovery move. Damage isn't too great.

Up: Belay

Popo throws Nana, who flies upwards. Popo then goes flying because of the
bungee cord. Does no damage (unless the throwing of Nana causes a collision)
and fails unless both Climbers are around. In SSBM, it was the best up-B in the
game. Not so much here; the leader doesn't get flung up as far (I guess Popo's
been putting on weight). That being said, if you're facing the edge and are
within a certain distance, the move will work as a Tether Recovery instead,
causing first the trailer and then the leader to grab the edge.

Down: Blizzard

A basic ice breath move. On the ground with both Climbers, the frosty air is
shot in both directions. In the air, both Climbers breathe in the same
direction for double punch. Can freeze people and does a good amount of damage.
It's good for blocking rushing attackers and escaping.

Final Smash: Iceberg

This moves makes a huge iceberg appear in the middle of the stage. Anyone
that's even too close to the frozen chunk will take continuous damage and may
get frozen. Even then, the rest of the stage is rendered slippery. You can
attack and break the iceberg, but it's a losing cause really. Be warned that
you can't stand on the iceberg, so if the side of the stage you end up on
doesn't have any uncovered platforms, there is a chance of death.

DD+++DD      [char:Mh]                                                       DD
DD+++DD                                                                      DD


Full Name: Marth Lowell
Smash Bros. Appearance: Second
Universe: Fire Emblem

Back in the SSBM days, Marth was some nobody who came in for no reason. In
non-Japanland, anyway. The Fire Emblem series only existed in Japan at that
time, and Marth was put in SSBM to test the waters for other countries. The
test was successful, and Marth is rewarded by returning for Brawl.

Entrance: Uses some warp magic.
Costumes: Blue (default)
Taunts: Sticks sword straight up; twirls sword and says stuff; swings sword and
sheaths it

Special Traits: The tip of Marth's sword does the most damage in any case. You
can tell when you've scored a tipper by the extra freeze frames and a deeper
hit sound.

Special Moves:

Neutral: Shield Breaker

Hold B to charge, let go to unleash a massive poke. Yes, it can break a shield
when fully charged.

Side: Dancing Blade

A little complicated. Press Side+B once to swing the sword. Press B again with
good timing to swing it again. You can chain together 4 hits like this, and you
can make different swings by holding up, down, or sideways before each hit.

Up: Dolphin Slash

A fast sword slash upwards. Nothing much to it, but you can turn around during
the windup (even though it's very short).

Down: Counter

Marth gets into a defensive stance. People that hit him will do no damage and
get hit back with power equal to 1.1 times the original attack (with at least
8% damage).

Final Smash: Critical Hit

Marth does a pose with his sword and then jets forwards to KO people that are
in his line of sight. It's pretty much a OHKO (60% damage) unless the stage
gets in the way. Unlike similar Final Smashes (such as Zelda's), people are not
frozen in the incoming attack: people can easily move to get out of the way
once the attack's started. Because of this, you may want to avoid doing this
move in the air: although Marth will stop if he doesn't hit someone when he
gets to an edge on the ground, when in the air he'll charge forwards for about
two-thirds of New Pork City's length (again, if he doesn't hit anything). Easy
to SD with.

EE+EE      [char:Ik]                                                         EE
EE+EE                                                                        EE


Full Name: Ike...argh.
Smash Bros. Appearance: First
Universe: Fire Emblem

Suceeding in sticking the then-unknown Marth and Roy in SSBM told Nintendo that
Fire Emblem could be released in non-Japanland. Ike benefits from that
decision. Like Marth and Roy, he fights with his hugistic sword (gold-
coloured!) and some fire attacks. He also has blue hair. Sheesh...

Entrance: Some warp magic.
Costumes: Blue/brown (default)
Taunts: Plants his sword and crosses his arms; swings sword and grunts; swings
sword and says stuff

Special Moves:

Neutral: Eruption

Pretty simple. Hold B to charge and when the time's right, release a wave of
fire along the ground. Like most of Ike's moves, it does plenty of damage and
knockback. Once fully charged, it releases right away (plus it does some self-

Side: Quick Draw

Charge this one and you'll shoot sideways (distance depends on charge). Once
fully charged, you'll hear a noise and can wait as long as you want before
releasing it. Anything else? Not really.

Up: Aether

First, Ike throws his sword upwards. Yes, he throws it. Straight up. To prevent
complications, he has infinite knockback resistance while the sword's in the
air. Then, he leaps up, catches the sword, and dives downwards with it
extended. As a recovery move, it goes straight up only. As an attack, it's fast
and can hit people a good distance above you.

Down: Counter

This puts Ike in a defensive posture, and if anyone hits you at that time, they
take damage instead (assuming your sword hits them). The damage done is 1.2
times the power of the attack countered (with a minimum of 10%).

Final Smash: Great Aether

Could we get some decent move-namers over here? Kthnx. Anyway, this Final Smash
is like a combination of Meta Knight's and Link's. Like Meta Knight, Ike must
hit someone with the initial slash in order for the attack to work at all. Like
Link, whoever's hit gets combo'd and dealt a finisher. The difference is all
this takes place in the air, while the finisher is a fiery slam into the ground
that can hurt anyone who's too close. If you're really unlucky, your opponent
may get caught on a platform in front of you as you plummet for the finisher.
If you're very lucky, however, the opposite can happen.

FF++++++++++++++FF      [char:GW]                                            FF
+MR. GAME & WATCH++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
FF++++++++++++++FF                                                           FF


Full Name: Mr. Game & Watch
Smash Bros. Appearance: Second
Universe: Game & Watch

Like the Ice Climbers, G&W was thought to be cut from Brawl. Proved wrong they
were. The 2D man is back and wonkier than ever. His frame-by-frame movement and
beeping soundset is distinctive, and his moves all take after his over 40

Entrance: Just walks in from the background. Hard to describe.
Costumes: Black (default), dark blue, ice blue, green
Taunts: Rings his bell; leans back and rings bell; jumps up

Special Moves:

Neutral: Chef

G&W takes a frying pan and flings sausages 'n' other stuff at people. They
don't do too much damage. However, people that are too close will take fire
damage from the frying pan.

Side: Judge

This move is full of randomness. G&W hits people with a hammer (bad range,
unfortunately) and what happens is determined by the number above his head:

1: 2% damage, doesn't even cause flinching, does selfdamage
2: 4% damage, nothing special
3: 6% damage, beam sound that ignores defenses
4: 8% damage, sword effect
5: 4% damage 3 times, electric effect
6: 12% damage, fire effect
7: 14% damage, causes one piece of Food to appear if you hit (if items are on)
8: 9% damage, ice effect
9: 32% damage and instant KO (usually)

Up: Fire

Causes a trampoline crew to appear, launching G&W into the air. He then unfolds
a parachute. G&W can damage people if he flies up through them. Once your
parachute is deployed, you can tap down to fold it back up. You can't open it
again, but you don't enter a forced fall: you are free to use air attacks other
than your Up+B until you land.

Down: Oil Panic

Hold down B to hold out a bucket. G&W can catch projectiles in the bucket. Once
you've caught three, use the move again to dump the contents on people. The
damage of the attack depends on the projectiles: its power is equal to the
power of each projectile added together and then multiplied by 2.8. (This can
equal an instant KO.) You can turn around while holding the bucket out, but be
aware that projectiles that are too strong may not be caught.

Final Smash: Octopus

G&W turns into a large squid, hovering over the stage doing damage. It's hard
to tell, but you can fall off the stage (you can still double jump). Press A or
B to extend your tentacles, stabbing people that are ducking.

GG+GG      [char:Pt]                                                         GG
GG+GG                                                                        GG


Full Name: Pit
Smash Bros. Appearance: First
Universe: Kid Icarus

After 16+ years, the boy with wings finally makes his resurgence. Like the Ice
Climbers, Smash Bros. is his first playable appearence since the NES days. He's
gotten older over that stretch, but he's learned to turn his bow into a pair of
swords - very good for close combat. He can also fly!... for a little while.

Entrace: He floats down from above.
Costumes: White (default), gold, black
Taunts: Twirls blades and brings them together; swings blades; stretches

Special Moves:

Neutral: Palutena Arrow

ZING! This is one projectile that can easily be used over and over again. Let
go of B (because you hold it to charge) to let fly with a blue streak. While
you're charging, you can aim your initial shot up or sideways. After you
release, you can then control the arrow's curvature.

Side: Angel Ring

Once activated, mash B to continue holding out this spinning sword attack. It
does continuous damage and reflects projectiles, but can't be held in place
forever. That being said, it can easily trap opponents.

Up: Wings of Icarus

An interesting recovery move. Once you press the button, you can move around
freely. It's that easy, simple and all that other stuff.

Down: Mirror Shield

Hold down B to keep a projectile-reflecting shield in place. Just watch your
back, it's not protected.

Final Smash: Palutena Army

Pit calls upon a gaggle of Centurions to attack his opponents. Each soldier can
dish out one hit, and they come from all directions. Although the group as a
whole can be dodged fairly easily, Pit is not fixed in one pose: you can freely
move around and attack (and grab, hint hint).

HH++++HH      [char:Ol]                                                      HH
HH++++HH                                                                     HH


Full Name: Captain Olimar (and his Pikmin)
Smash Bros. Appearance: First
Universe: Pikmin

Yepper, Olimar's in Smash Bros. Because he's a little incompetent at fighting
(plus he breathes methane), he brings Pikmin into the ring with him. Without
the little plant guys following him, he's near helpless. Because of this, he
has one of the most unique fighting styles.

Entrance: Drops in from rocket, then automatically plucks 3 Pikmin.
Costumes: Tan (default), red, light blue, yellow
Taunts: Leaps up and down; rolls head on ground; spins head around

Special Traits: Without Pikmin, you can't do most of your moves. Even then,
there are different types of Pikmin and stuff like that. Red Pikmin have higher
attack power than most, and they can't be hurt by fire (plus they can hurt
people with fire). Yellow Pikmin have a longer attack range and can zap people.
Blue Pikmin have more health and do good damage when thrown, plus they don't
drown. Purple Pikmin are slow and heavy and have the most health, doing a lot
of damage but not grabbing onto enemies. White Pikmin are the fastest with the
lowest health and are also toxic. Pikmin follow Olimar in a line. The one at
the front of the line is the one he'll attack with next. Opponents can attack
Pikmin when they're not in Olimar's line to get rid of them.

Special Moves:

Neutral: Pikmin Pluck

Olimar plucks a new Pikmin from the ground. What colour you get is pretty
random, but different kinds of floors yield different colour rates. The new
Pikmin is added to your group; you can have 6 trailing behind you at once.

SPECIAL NOTE! Kirby cannot use this move properly because Pikmin are so tied
into Olimar's moveset. Instead, Kirby plucks a Pikmin and throws it
immediately, the Pikmin causing damage and instantly vanishing.

Side: Pikmin Throw

This one's simple, you just chuck a Pikmin at the enemy. Pikmin latch onto the
enemy (not the purples, though) and give him a beating. Whites can do a ton of
damage this way (three times, to be precise), but their low health is the

Up: Pikmin Chain

This is a Tether Recovery. Olimar puts the Pikmin into a chain and launches it
at the edge. The more Pikmin you have, the longer this move can reach.

Down: Pikmin Order

Olimar blows a whistle. This causes lost Pikmin (the ones that wandered off) to
rejoin your posse. It also either orders your Pikmin by colour or shifts a new
Pikmin to the front of the line.

Final Smash: End Of Day

Olimar summons his ship and blasts off, the camera following. Night falls and a
bunch of unseen enemies give opponents a beating. (Also, if the ship appears on
people, they get buried.) Once the beating is over, the ship falls from the sky
and blows up. The more opponents there are, the more damage this attack does.

II++++II      [char:RB]                                                      II
II++++II                                                                     II


Full Name: Robotic Operating Buddy
Smash Bros. Appearance: First
Universe: Nintendo

What's this?! Is this the R.O.B. that was playable for some reason in Mario
Kart DS?! Yessiree! R.O.B. is Brawl's out-of-nowhere character in the same vein
as Ness and G&W from the past two games. Although some say "hes not desrving,
get owt!!1", he's the only reason stores decided to stock the NES back in 1985
(they were wary of video games because of the great crash earlier, while R.O.B.
seemed more like a toy). Now that's some deservedness!

Entrance: Appears in segments and puts himself together.
Costumes: White/red (Famicom/default), two shades of grey (NES), gold, green/
Taunts: Spins head and arms around; spins arms like corkscrew; arcs head, eyes
flashing light

Special Moves:

Neutral: Robo Beam

This move fires a beam of light straight forwards. It does some good damge and
travels a good distance. It also can be angled to bounce off surfaces. The
problem is that R.O.B. has limited laser energy, so he can't use it over and
over again. He has to wait for it to recharge. However, it you let it charge up
enough, it upgrades (for one shot) to the Super Robo Beam. You can tell how
much it's charged up by looking at the light on R.O.B.'s head.

Side: Arm Rotor

Mash B to keep this helicopter-type move spinning. It does continuous damage
and reflects projectiles.

Up: Robo Burner

Once used, you get to tilt the Stick upwards to burn some fuel and fly. It is
guarenteed to at least get you back to the stage, but your fuel needs about 1.5
seconds to recharge once you've landed. If it doesn't fill back up fully, there
may be a problem.

Down: Gyro

Hold down B to charge up this top and use the move again to let it go. It's
considered an item, so it can be reflected and picked up (and then thrown). You
can only have one out at a time.

Final Smash: Diffusion Beam

This shoots energy from R.O.B.'s eyes continuously. It can trap opponets, and
every now and then it fires a beam that KOs people. The problem is its short
range. Luckily, you can move around freely to catch dudes in the beam.

JJ+++JJ      [char:Sn]                                                       JJ
JJ+++JJ                                                                      JJ


Full Name: Sonic the Hedgehog
Smash Bros. Appearance: First
Universe: Sega

OMG SONIKS IN SMASH BROZ, SMASHIN UR MRIOS!!!!1!!1!1one I personally don't care
if Sonic's in SSBB or not. But hey, I'm not 100% against it. Anyway, the
superfast one played just as you would expect: fast, loose, hard to attack or
be attacked. He actually fits in realy well...but don't tell him that, he has
an ego.

Entrace: He bounces in from the camera. Boring.
Costumes: Blue (default)
Taunts: Runs in place and says "Too slow!"; flips and crosses arms; breakdances

Special Moves:

Neutral: Homing Attack

It's a spin attack. It homes in on people that are close enough. Watch for the
edge and just try to hit people.

Side: Spin Dash

In case you're wondering, yes, Sonic is a one-dimensional character. This
version of his omnipresent move puts him in ball form and allows you to control
his left-right movement. You can also jump while spinning. Watch for the fact
that he does a little bounce at the start of the move.

Up: Spring Jump

An interesting move. Sonic places a spring and leaps off it. After the leap, he
can still do certain air attacks. Also, if you use this on the ground, the
spring can be used by other characters - possibly useful for getting a team
member upwards quickly, especially for heavyweights.

Down: Spin Charge

Hold down the Stick and press B repeatedly, then release to roll away. Not much
to it. Somewhat hard to learn the timing.

Final Smash: Super Sonic

A rather boring but powerful Final Smash. Sonic becomes Super Sonic and starts
flying around the stage. He's iffy to control, but he does great damage and the
knockback he deals is dependant on which direction you swoop in from.

KK+++KK      [char:Sk]                                                       KK
KK+++KK                                                                      KK


Full Name: Solid Snake
Smash Bros. Appearance: First
Universe: Konami

Snake? SNAAAAAAKE! (pause) Really, you can't talk about Snake without that line
(or Snakes on a Plane, for that matter). Anyway, like Sonic, Snake is a third-
party guest. He specializes in sneaking around with stealth, stealing enemy
blueprints, and destroying the base. With a BOX!!!

Entrace: Turns his cloaking device off. Looks pretty cool.
Costumes: Grey (default), red, yellow
Taunts: Hides in a box; hides in a box quickly; hides in a box slowly (when the
box pops off, it can deal damage, and people can pick up the box and instantly
throw it to deal damage)

Special Moves:

Neutral: Hand Grenade

Snake pulls out a grenade and pulls the pin, then automatically gives it a
heave. You have three throwing strenghs, dependant on where your Stick is when
he chucks the green thing: hard (forwards), normal (neutral), and soft (back).
The grenade doesn't blow up on contact, so watch for reciprocations.

Side: Remote Missile

This move fires a missile which you can then direct with the Control Stick.
While controlling the missile, Snake is unprotected, and if he's hit, the
missile blows up. If you want to stop controlling the missile without hitting
anyone, you can shield to cancel the control (in which case the missile drops).

Up: Cypher

This one's a little silly, but Snake will do whatever he has to. In this case,
it involves grabbing hold of his flying reconnaissance camera. It stays out for
a good while and is left-right controllable, but it's easy to overshoot the
edge and get punished. Tap down to drop off early.

Down: C4

This move places a bomb on the ground. Press Down+B again to make it go boom.
If you happen to be close enough to someone, the mine will be placed right on
them instead. (this also happens if you're in front of a wall). In which case
overlapping with them will transfer the explosive (just like a Gooey Bomb).

Final Smash: Grenade Launcher

Snake calls in a helicopter and climbs the ladder. He reappears at the front
of the screen, hanging from the copter and holding a six-shooter. This is when
you start blasting the daylights out of whoever's left on the stage. Snake gets
a reload (so, 12 big booms) if he doesn't run out of time. Once done, he jumps
back into battle.

3------3      [stages!]                                                       3
3------3                                                                      3

You gotta take the fight somewhere. These are the places. Every stage has its
own quirks, obstacles, and music. I've sorted the stages by franchise in the
same order I sorted the characters up there. Also, I sort the stages within
franchises by game release - so you may see a Past Stage listed before a new
Brawl stage.

To describe the stages, I use these terms. Not all of these terms are
universal, so take that into account when reading other FAQs (not that you need

Solid/Hard Platform: You can't go through these things. Period. If you do, your
game is bugged (or you're using Volt Tackle).
Semisoft Platform: You can jump up (and get hit upwards) through these
platforms, but you can't drop through them. Certain main platforms have this
Soft Platform: You can jump up and drop through these platforms.
Supersoft Platform: They're like soft platforms, except you can also get hit
downards through them.

Note that there are so many stages that I don't yet have content for all of
them. Sorry, but this kind of stuff takes some time.

A+++++++++++A      [bttlfld]                                                  A
A+++++++++++A                                                                 A


Size: Medium
Origin: None

As always, Battlefield is a simple, no-hazards stage: main platform, three
platforms in the triangular arrangement we all know. This particular
Battlefield is a natural-looking stage, with a fast day-night cycle.

B+++++++++++++++++B      [fnldstn]                                            B
+FINAL DESTINATION+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
B+++++++++++++++++B                                                           B


Size: Small/Medium
Origin: None

It's a simple platform with no frills. It's not all that big and has lots of
aerial room. Is there anything more to be said?

C+++C      [75meter]                                                          C
C+++C                                                                         C


Size: Large
Origin: Donkey Kong

It's just like the original Donkey Kong, the stage with the elevators. There
are platforms everywhere, making movement somewhat difficult. And then there
are the hazards: roaming fireballs that patrol the stage and burn people. Not
only that, but the monkey himself will come out on the top of the screen and
knock people away on occasion.

D+++++++++++D      [mariobr]                                                  D
+MARIO BROS.+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
D+++++++++++D                                                                 D


Size: Medium/Large
Origin: Mario Bros.
Full floor

Played in the original Mario Bros. arena. You know, the one with the POW
Blocks. This stage is comlpetely made up of hard platforms: you can't pass
through either side. This means that vertical KOs are essentially impossible.
Luckily, there are Shellcreepers and Sidesteppers about. Hit them the required
number of times to stun them, then grab them and chuck them as items. They
cause opponents to go flying completely sideways.

E+++++++++++++++++E      [mushrmy]                                            E
+MUSHROOMY KINGDOM+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
E+++++++++++++++++E                                                           E


Size: Medium
Origin: Super Mario Bros.
Scrolls Right

A perfect rendition of World 1-1 which scrolls along at a slow pace. You can
bash the brick blocks or hit the ? Blocks to get items. Although most of the
stage has a full floor, you have to watch for the pits. This stage is also
unique in that there's a small chance (unless you hold L, R, Z, or -, in which
case it's forced) that you'll get dropped into World 1-2 instead, which has its
own music, layout, and feel.

F+++++++++++++F      [circuit]                                                F
+MARIO CIRCUIT+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
F+++++++++++++F                                                               F


Size: Medium
Origin: Mario Kart series
Full floor

This stage drops you into a heated Mario Kart race with eight Shy Guys. Your
fighting taks place on the intersection of the figure-8 track, with a full
ground (you can't be KO'd off the bottom) and three platforms above. The karts
can come in fom the back (covering the ground) or from the side (blazing across
the platforms). Obviously, it hurts to get run over. You can make the racers
spin out for a second, but it's not really worth it.

G+++++++++++++++++++++++++++G      [rnbwcrz]                                  G
+RAINBOW CRUISE (PAST STAGE)+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
G+++++++++++++++++++++++++++G                                                 G


Size: Small/Medium
Origin: Super Mario 64
Scrolls on a preset path

Fun fact: SM64's fifteenth course was originally called "Rainbow Cruise", but
it was changed to "Rainbow Ride" in the US for some reason. Anyway, this stage
is grabbed straight from SSBM. You start on an airship, which flies to the left
and sinks. From there the stage scrolls upwards through many platforms. When it
reaches a see-saw, it starts scrolling to the right. More platforms appear
(some are donut lifts which fall when stood on) and then there's a drop back to
the beginning.

H+++++++++++++++H      [mansion]                                              H
+LUIGI'S MANSION+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
H+++++++++++++++H                                                             H


Size: Small/Medium
Origin: Luigi's Mansion

This haunted house has popped up in every Mario sports game since the game
Luigi's Mansion came out, and Brawl is no exception. Here, it's a three-tiered
set of platforms with columns supporting the top layers. You can attack and
break the columns, causing part of the building to collaspe (and the upper
platforms with it). As you work away, the whole structure will fall down,
leaving you with a Final Destination-sized platform. After a while, the mansion
rebuilds itself.

I+++++++++++++I      [delplaz]                                                I
+DELFINO PLAZA+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
I+++++++++++++I                                                               I


Size: Medium
Origin: Super Mario Sunshine

This stage moves around a whole lot. It drops you off at various places: a
small island, a few rocks in the water, the main plaza itself. The stage's size
doesn't change during these transitions. You get moved from once place to
another by a floating platform - it may leave you behind, and it can also bring
smaller, soft platforms with it. Also note the large amount of water.

J+++++++++++++++++++++++++++J      [yshipst]                                  J
+YOSHI'S ISLAND (PAST STAGE)+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
J+++++++++++++++++++++++++++J                                                 J


Size: Small/Medium
Origin: Super Mario World

I tend to call this stage Yoshi Valley because 1: It's kinda designed like one
and 2: There are too many "Yoshi's Island"s. Anyway, you've got a flat portion
of ground in the middle with two steep ramps on the sides. The ramp on the
right leads right to the blast line, while the one on the left has a gap
between it and the edge. In the middle are three sets of Yellow Blocks which
rotate (that is, can't be stood on) when hit. One of these sets bridges over a
gap in the ground, so be careful of accidents.

K++++++++++++++K      [yisland]                                               K
+YOSHI'S ISLAND++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
K++++++++++++++K                                                              K


Size: Small
Origin: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

Finally, a stage based off Yoshi's Island instead of Yoshi's Story! (YS is a
decent game, but YI is tons better.) Anyway, this stage has a mostly flat
ground. It's a little lower in the middle. Also, there's a pretty big soft
platform in above the center - it tilts side to side every now and then. Off
the sides of the stage are spots where Support Ghosts could appear - they're
ghosts with platforms on their head, good at saving you if you miss the edge.
But nearby that same area are a couple of Shark Chomps. They mostly gaze at
you, but they could come closer with those jaws. Finally, the stage goes
through a seasonal cycle. The only difference is visually (although Winter
seems a little slippery).

L+++++++++L      [wriowre]                                                    L
L+++++++++L                                                                   L


Size: Small/Medium
Origin: WarioWare

This stage starts off as a simple platform with four soft platforms above it.
After a minute or two, though, it becomes a platformless full ground microgame!
You'll see a line of text that tells you what to do in order to pass the

Sidestep: Dodge the incoming arrows.
Chisel It: Attack the statue until all the loose parts break off.
Pop It: Attack the party cones.
Don't Move: Just what it says.
Stay Dry: An umbrella moves around; stay under it. The rain does damage.
Taunt: Taunt at the right time (may take a try or two to learn the timing).
Dodge (1): You'll get a warning about which side something's gonna fly in from.
Dodge (2): There will be a shadow on the ground. Hint enough?
Jump: Don't be on the ground when the guy in the background hammers the floor.

If you win a microgame (some games can be won by everyone, others can't), you
may get a bonus, such as an instant Super Mushroom or Star. If you lose, you
don't. After each microgame, the main area reappears.

M+++++++++++++++++++++++++M      [jngljps]                                    M
+JUNGLE JAPES (PAST STAGE)+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
M+++++++++++++++++++++++++M                                                   M


Size: Medium
Origin: Donkey Kong Country

The deadly river stage from SSBM. There's a main platform in the middle with
smaller platforms both above it and to each side. The main feature is the
river, which will really pul you sideways if you touch it. The bottom blast
line here is hideously high, but the top one is very far up.

N++++++++++++N      [rumblez]                                                 N
+RUMBLE FALLS++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
N++++++++++++N                                                                N


Size: Medium
Origin: Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
Scrolls Up (mostly)

It's from Jungle Beat. That means it's cool, right? Well, it scrolls up
constantly. Kinda like the old Icicle Mountain. There's not much to describe.
There are some platforms in mostly random formations. Oh, and ladders. You
can climb ladders with the Control Stick. There are also some buttons you can
press to move platforms around or open trapdoors which can lead to spikes.

O++++++++++++++++++++++++++O      [htemple]                                   O
+HYRULE TEMPLE (PAST STAGE)++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
O++++++++++++++++++++++++++O                                                  O


Size: Very Large
Origin: Zelda II: Adventure of Link

As you may, this stage is huge and full of platforms and solid surfaces. Its
structure is hard to describe: it's sorta got two levels with a tunnel
connecting them, and platforms everywhere. If you really wanna know, then
either play the game yourself (you do own the game, right?) or look at an SSBM
FAQ written by some nut who did up the stage in ASCII art.

P+++++++++++P      [wwocean]                                                  P
+PIRATE SHIP+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
P+++++++++++P                                                                 P


Size: Medium/Large
Origin: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

It's Tetra's pirate ship (on a smaller scale by far). This boat cruises the
Great Sea, so the bottom blast line is hidden by water. (But the boat is
moving, and it it runs you over, it's an instant KO.) There are various things
that can happen in this stage. First, the King of Red Lions (Toon Link's boat)
will periodically come up behind the ship, adding an extra platform for a
while. The ship can also pass by cannon towers in the distance, which will
shoot bombs at you. There are also some large rocks that the ship will run
into (you'll see a "!" at the ship's front before the crash), causing it to
temporarily tip backwards as people fight on the rock. The rock will sink after
a minute or two, getting things back to normal. Finally, cyclones can pick up
the ship and hurl it through the air (removing the water safety from the
bottom), causing it to fly through the sky and land back in the ocean.

Q+++++++++++++++Q      [boeldin]                                              Q
+BRIDGE OF ELDIN+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Q+++++++++++++++Q                                                             Q


Size: Large
Origin: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Before you ask: It's from the correct (Gamecube) (non-mirrored) version of the
game. Okay, this stage is big. Not overly large, but big. And flat. There are
no platforms at all. And there are no edges - you can just walk off the stage.
To start with, that is. Every now and then King Bulbin runs his hog across the
bridge, squashing people in the way and dropping a bomb which puts a huge hole
in the bridge. After a little while, the Twilight will fix the bridge, but
until then you've got a massive gap to contend with.

R+++++++++++++++++++++R      [brinstr]                                        R
+BRINSTAR (PAST STAGE)+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
R+++++++++++++++++++++R                                                       R


Size: Medium
Origin: Metroid

As always, watch for the rising acid here. As for layout, there's a semisoft
main platform, two side platforms, and one high in the middle. What's unusual
is that if you attack the stage enough, the main platform may split, or the
two side platforms may tilt heavily.

S+++++++S      [norfair]                                                      S
S+++++++S                                                                     S


Size: Medium
Origin: Super Metroid

Think of this stage like a staircase: it has a large, solid platform on the
bottom with four platforms to the side, each pair higher than the previous one.
Suprisingly, you can grab onto even the soft platforms. Oh yeah, and there's
also lava. Red-hot lava, not the ambiguous acid stuff from before. Although the
lava does the standard stuff like rising up and down, it can also appear in
waves that take up the whole screen's height. If a wave comes in from the side,
it occupies about half the stage at once. Fire jets can also spurt in from the
background. But the biggest problem is when a lava wave comes from in back -
because it covers literally the whole stage (practiced jumpers can avoid it,
barely), a safety bunker appears. Get into the bunker to avoid taking damage
from the wave (attack the doors to open them). Obviously, there'll be a fight
to see who gets the safety.

T+++++++++++++++T      [orpheon]                                              T
+FRIGATE ORPHEON+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
T+++++++++++++++T                                                             T


Size: Small/medium
Origin: Metroid Prime

The first Metroid stage to have no lava/acid in it. Took Nintendo long enough.
Anyway, this takes place inside one of Samus' first 3D stomping grounds,
Frigate Orpheon. The main platform is rather small, with two smaller platforms
above it. The higher platform is closer to the center than the lower one.
Nothing weird normally happens, although the power can go out. Oh yeah, and the
stage can flip over. A siren will be heard before the stage rotates, basically
changing the terrain into one platform with a smaller one above the dip in the
center and two lower platforms on the sides. The flip is much faster than you'd
expect, so be ready for it.

U+++++++++++++++++++++++++U      [grngrns]                                    U
+GREEN GREENS (PAST STAGE)+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
U+++++++++++++++++++++++++U                                                   U


Size: Medium
Origin: Either Kirby's Dream land or Kirby's Adventure (I don't know)

Three platforms with Whispy Woods in the middle. Also, blocks and Bomb Blocks
litter the area between the platforms. Whispy Woods blows air and drops apples.
Is there anything else to say?

V++++++++++++++++++V      [halberd]                                           V
+BATTLESHIP HALBERD++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
V++++++++++++++++++V                                                          V


Size: Small/Medium
Origin: Kirby Super Star

You get a large-ish bottom platform and a medium-sized top platform. Then you
get sent into the sky with the Halberd, Meta Knight's ship, flying around in
the background. After about a minute, the stage lands on the Halberd's deck.
Once there, the bottom platform is larger. Oh, and the ship's got weapons
pointed in your general direction. Such weapons include a massive cannon which
deals 30% damage and a flexible arm that is faster and more annoying, as well
as a cannon that fires a slow but very painful bomb down upon you. Both weapons
have aiming sights (a rare sight in Smash Bros), so there's no excuse for
getting hit! Unless you're thrown in by your opponents, in which case you need
to return the favor next time.

W+++++++++++++++++++++W      [cornria]                                        W
+CORNERIA (PAST STAGE)+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
W+++++++++++++++++++++W                                                       W


Size: Medium
Origin: Star Fox

It's the good ol' Great Fox: one large angle-y platform with a smaller engine
platform under the fin at the back. Hazards include Arwings that shoot you, as
well as the main laser cannons that will KO you.

X++++++++++++X      [lylatcz]                                                 X
+LYLAT CRUISE++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
X++++++++++++X                                                                X


Size: Medium
Origin: Star Fox Universe

It's a little hard to describe this stage...well, it's a main platform with
three platforms of equal height above it. But the sides of the main platform,
and the two higher platforms above those sides, are angled such that a barrel
would roll off the stage. The stage as a whole also tilts side to side a
little. By the way, you're fighting on a spaceship travelling around the Lylat
System, going through Corneria's atmosphere, space battles, an asteroid field,
and other stuff. Take note that none of this actually affects the stage, just
the background (and your attention).

Y++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Y      [pkmnstd]                                 Y
+POKEMON STADIUM (PAST STAGE)++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Y++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Y                                                Y


Size: Medium
Origin: Pokemon Universe

This stage starts out as a large platform with two soft platforms above it on
either half. But after a little while, the stage will transform to reflect a
certain Pokemon type. When the stage is Fire, there will be a charred tree on
the left and a burning house on the right. In Water form, there're two
platforms on the right with a windmill on the left. The Rock transformation
places a bunch of platforms and has a massive wall on the left side. Finally,
the Grass change puts up some trees. None of these transformations affect the
battle other than stage layout.

Z+++++++++++++++++Z      [pkmnst2]                                            Z
+POKEMON STADIUM 2+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Z+++++++++++++++++Z                                                           Z


Size: Medium
Origin: Pokemon Universe

It's called "Pokemon Stadium 2" because...well, it's just like Pokemon Stadium
the Past Stage. To start, the stage is a simple platform with two soft platform
above it. After a while, the stage transforms into a certain Pokemon type. When
the stage is Electric, the ground becomes a bunch of treadmills, making it
harder to stay on the stage. In Ice form, everything is very slippery. The
Ground transformation just changes the terrain to include a big hill. The
Flying change is the greatest: gravity is halved. Before the stage changes or
reverts, you get a warning on the huge TV screen in the background.

AA++++++++++AA      [sprpllr]                                                AA
+SPEAR PILLAR++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
AA++++++++++AA                                                               AA


Size: Medium/Large
Origin: Pokemon Diamond/Pearl

On top of Mount Coronet is the Spear Pillar, a shine to Sinnoh's legendary
Pokemon. The main level has two vertically-moving platforms above it. Below the
main level (it's a hard platform, you can't just drop or jump through the
division) is a secondary cavern-like area. While that's all well and good, the
real draw here is the Pokes that will mess with your fight. For some reason,
you'll only ever see one of them per battle (even though they vanish and
reappear constantly). While most of the Pokes can break parts of the stage and
shoot Hyper Beams everywhere (you do get a warning, albeit short), they each
have their own unique traits:

Dialga: Four-legged blue thing. Dragon/Steel type. Likes to slow down time.
Palkia: Two-legged dragon with Samus-like shoulders. Dragon/Water type. Does
strange things such as tilt, invert or flip the stage. (It's just an illusion:
when upside down or reflected, pushing left is still left, but it appears to be
Cresselia: A swan with a cresent moon design. Psychic type. Throws boomerang-
like crescent blades everywhere.

BB+++++++++++++++++++BB      [bigblue]                                       BB
+BIG BLUE (PAST STAGE)+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
BB+++++++++++++++++++BB                                                      BB


Fight on lightning-fast racecars.

CC+++++++++++++++++CC      [aerodiv]                                         CC
+PORT TOWN AERO DIVE+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
CC+++++++++++++++++CC                                                        CC


Hover above a deadly racetrack.

DD++++++++++++++++DD      [ onett ]                                          DD
+ONETT (PAST STAGE)++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
DD++++++++++++++++DD                                                         DD


Size: Medium
Origin: Earthbound
Full floor

This stage is a main street in a normal town. You fight on the town's lawns and
rooftops while cars come by and run you over. ... I know I haven't been
describing the Past Stages very well, but they should be familiar enough to

EE+++++++++++EE      [newpork]                                               EE
+NEW PORK CITY+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
EE+++++++++++EE                                                              EE


Size: Very Large
Origin: Mother 3

New Pork City is a large city populated by the evil pigs from Mother 3.
Therefore, this stage is big. Really big. But unlike Hyrule Temple from SSBM,
this stage is all open - there are no solid surfaces except for the very bottom
platforms. Not too many walls, all the upper platforms are soft. It makes for
some really cool aerial battles, that's for sure. Just be sure to avoid the
Ultimate Chimera. This huge pink dog with a rubber duck on its head (???) can
and will KO you in one snap. It pops up everywhere, but it moves slow enough
for you to not get caught in its jaws. One more thing: the camera in this stage
is clastrophobic.

FF++++++++FF      [desumit]                                                  FF
+THE SUMMIT++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
FF++++++++FF                                                                 FF


Size: Medium
Origin: Ice Climber

A bit of a strange one. You start at the top of a mountain. The stage is made
of a rock in the middle with two platforms above it and an icicle trap
underneath it. After a little while, the whole stage breaks off the top of the
mountain and starts sliding down, obviously tilting. Eventually it lands in the
water, where it becomes an iceberg. The platforms and stuff don't change, but
the Polar Bear will stomp the stage into the water, shrinking your playable
area. Also, watch for the fish that will try to chomp you.

GG++++++++++GG      [cstlsge]                                                GG
+CASTLE SIEGE++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
GG++++++++++GG                                                               GG


Size: Small
Origin: Fire Emblem Universe

This is a real messy stage. First, you start on the roof of a castle under
attack. The main platform is small with a ramp in the middle, and there are two
other platforms above the flat sections. After a little while, you "fall" to
inside the castle - the falling sequence is just a long, invisible platform.
Once inside, there are no gaps in the floor. There are now four platforms, but
the middle two (which are lower than the outside two) can be destroyed by
knocking down the status that support them. After a while, you "fall" again to
an underground level, featuring a plain rock which tilts from side to side.
There's a lot of aerial room here, but the platform is quite small. Finally,
you "fall" back up to the beginning.

HH+++++++++HH      [fltzon2]                                                 HH
+FLAT ZONE 2+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
HH+++++++++HH                                                                HH


A Game & Watch that flips between various games.

II++++++II      [skywrld]                                                    II
II++++++II                                                                   II


Size: Medium
Origin: Kid Icarus

This stage is set in the clouds. There are four main platforms: one at the
bottom, two above it, and one on top. There is a smaller platform below the
main one which moves side to side. The main feature here is that all platforms
are solid - you can't drop or even jump through them. However, they can be
broken through repeated attacks, where they become supersoft platforms - you
can jump through them, drop through them, and even get hit down through them.
The hard platforms will regenerate, and when a platform is hard, you can hang
on its edges. Because you can't travel through the hard platforms, you can
often get "stuck" in the middle - even at high percents, you'll just pinball
around inside the platforms.

JJ++++++++++++JJ      [displan]                                              JJ
+DISTANT PLANET++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
JJ++++++++++++JJ                                                             JJ


Size: Large
Origin: Pikmin

Although Olimar named a few features of the planet of Pikmin, he forgot to name
the planet itself. Bummer, huh?

KK+++++++++++++KK      [grnhlzn]                                             KK
+GREEN HILL ZONE+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
KK+++++++++++++KK                                                            KK


A nice homage to the blue blur. The loop's only in the background, though.

LL+++++++++++++++++LL      [sdmoses]                                         LL
+SHADOW MOSES ISLAND+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
LL+++++++++++++++++LL                                                        LL


Size: Medium
Origin: Metar Gear Solid Universe

Velcome to Alaska! This secret military base is familiar ground for Snake -
actually, his teammates give him info on his opponents. The stage has a full
ground, meaning you can't be KO'd off the bottom. There are also two "floors"
made of soft platforms. But there are two huge walls that seperate the stage
into parts. The walls are destroyable, which will help if you suck at KO'ing
people upwards. The only hazard here is the spotlight - if it sees you, then
the good ol' "!" appears. Also, Metal Gears can appear. Various makes and
models will break through the back wall and join the battle for a short time.

MM++++++++MM      [smshvle]                                                  MM
MM++++++++MM                                                                 MM


Size: Small
Origin: Animal Crossing

Yes, Animal Crossing is represented in this game. No playable characters,
though. Anyway, the stage is simple. Main platform, smaller platform above. The
smaller platform moves side to side at a decent speed, but nothing incredible
happens. Although the stage ambience does match your Wii's clock: day-night
cycle, K.K. Rider preforms Saturdays at 8pm, etc.

NN++++++NN      [elctrpk]                                                    NN
NN++++++NN                                                                   NN


A set of petal platforms that can be attacked to change their angle.

OO+++++++OO      [pictoct]                                                   OO
OO+++++++OO                                                                  OO


Size: Medium-Large
Origin: Nintendo DS

What the heck? Yes, this stage is based off PictoChat, the communication 
software embedded in your DS. The stage's main platform (a "Now Entering" sign)
is the only constant. After a while, stuff wil start getting drawn in. I'll let
you discover all the drawings, but remember that the invisible stylus can
create platforms, walls, wind, water, fire, and various other things.

4-----4      [ items ]                                                        4
4-----4                                                                       4

You've heard of items, right? I sure hope so, they're a big part of the game.
When on, they can radically alter the fight. When off...they do squat. So...
here's what they do when on!

A++++++++A      [carrier]                                                     A
A++++++++A                                                                    A

These items have other items inside them. Break them (or throw them at people)
to get the stuff inside.


Small, pink capsules. They each have one item inside and are easy to throw.


Big boxes. Most characters can't walk very fast when holding one of these
things, so dump it quickly. Or, just attack it to get the goodies. They are
sometimes themed to the stage: you'll see metal crates on sci-fi stages, for
example. Crates usually contain two or three items, but they can hold just one.

Blast Box:

A durable crate clearly marked as explosive. Pick it up and throw it around,
but be aware that exactly when it will go off is random. Unless you use fire.

Rolling Crate:

For those who like quickly-moving objects. Instead of breaking, rolling crates
will fly across the stage when attacked. They can push you off the stage, so be
ready to jump if one comes your way. They can still be picked up and thrown.


Barrels are just like crates, except they roll when you throw them sideways (or
when they appear on a hill). If you're careful, you can pick up barrels that
have stopped rolling.

Party Ball:

Activate a Party Ball by throwing it or pounding on it. When it opens, stuff
pours out. There could be a feast of food, three of an item, or even four
Bob-ombs. It's fun! Especially since it could just cut to the chase and blow
up on contact.

B++++++++B      [whacker]                                                     B
B++++++++B                                                                    B

Pick these items up and you can smack dudes silly with a beating stick. The
item affects your standing attack, dash attack, f-tilt, and f-smash.


Fans are light. Because of this, they don't do much damage. But they can be
swung very quickly and successively. Plus, Fans are superb at breaking shields:
a Smash Attack with a Fan will usually destroy a shield in one hit. When
thrown, Fans send the opponent straight up with decent power.


Think lightsaber, get Beamsword. The Smashers like Star Wars, I guess. (Why
not?) The Beamsword is quite powerful and has a crazy range, and sends people a
long way when thrown.

Home-Run Bat:

Use a Smash Attack which this sucker to knock your opponent out of the park.
Obviously, you need quite the windup for such a swing, so it's hard to land the
hit. Other than that, it's an above-average whacking item.

Star Rod:

As a whacking item, the Star Rod is quite normal. But do an tilt or a smash
with it and it shoots a star - you get 20 shots, and they can reach a ways.
Also, this item sends people at a terrible angle when thrown - the perfect
edgeguard. (Certain characters can send multiple stars at once with a Smash

Lip's Stick:

Bloonk! When someone gets hit with this, whether thrown or whacked, a flower
sprouts on their head. Like being poisoned, their % rises while the flower
remains there. Consecutive hits increase the flower's size, making it last
longer. Tapping the Control Stick a lot gets the flower off faster.


A little different from other whacking items. Once you grab the Hammer you
become a battering machine - you can only jump and bash, all your other
abilities are disabled. It seems powerful, and it is. Just watch for fake
hammers which break, leaving you with just the handle while your opponent can
pick up the head and kill you with it (it's even more powerful than the full

Golden Hammer:

It's...a golden hammer. It's painful. You swing it extremely fast, and you can
even float in the air with it by mashing A. Like the ordinary Hammer, this too
has a fake: the Golden Squeaky Hammer. It does no damage (but can still float).

C++++++++C      [shooter]                                                     C
C++++++++C                                                                    C

All these items are designed to hit people from a distance. Just press or hold
A to launch a volley of projectiles. You can also run and jump while shooting.

Ray Gun:

It's a gun. It shoots lasers (16 total). Need I say more?

Fire Flower:

It may look harmless, but this thing can turn anyone's breath into a stream of
flame. It still does fire damage when thrown after it runs out of juice.

Super Scope:

You remember this guy, right? Mash the A button to cause a ton of damage in 1%
bursts. Hold down and release to fire a huge plasma ball that can KO people
pretty easily.

Cracker Launcher:

Apparently, the Smashers are allowed to play with fireworks by shooting them
out of a bazooka. You can angle the explosives up and down, and like other
shooting items, you can run and jump while firing (despite the thing's size).
It's actually somewhat of a "heavy" item, since you can't do anything other
than jump when you're holding it. You can avoid unnecessary disappointment by
noticing that the last shot has a different colour of smoke and a different
firing noise.

D++++++++D      [thrower]                                                     D
D++++++++D                                                                    D

Although you can throw any item, these items are meant to be chucked at people
to cause damage.


Think pinball. When you throw a Bumper, it will stick to the ground and throw
people away when they touch it with minimal damage. Bumpers can stick in the
air if they don't hit a surface in a certain amount of time, and they act the
same way.

Mr. Saturn:

He walks around, pushing other items around the stage. He doesn't cause much
damage. However, he DOES take a huge chunk out of shields, and can easily
break one in a few hits. Note that this only applies when thrown; he's harmless
when meandering.

Deku Nut:

You have to be careful with these guys. After it's thrown, anyone in range when
it goes off are stunned as if their shield broke. People in the air, however,
don't get stunned. They get blown away.


Hit someone with this sucker and they'll be shoved into the ground, and if
they're on a soft platform, they'll go right through it. Buried characters are
basically eligible for a free hit, they aren't trapped while they get beat on.
Oh, and you can also place this item on the stage, where it becomes invisible
and activates on the next person to walk over it (except for the thrower).


Although hard to grab (it slides across the stage automatically, and breaks
when hit), Freezies are quite powerful. Targets will be frozen in a chunk of
ice: they are immobile and extremely heavy, but the initial hit sends them
skyward. You can cause damage while they're frozen, but any fire attack thaws
them out right away. A fearsome edgeguard.

Smoke Ball:

Once thrown or attacked enough, these guys start spewing coloured smoke
everywhere, making it harder to see what you're doing. They bounce around while
doing this, and they also have a habit of sticking to people.


You get five seconds to pick this item up. Then, you can throw it to cause some
great damage and knockback. But after a while it lights its fuse and wanders
around, ready to go off if someone crosses its path. It will blow up eventually
if no one touches it.


Well I think you know what this does. Throw it and the next person to walk over
it gets the slip. It can be reused.

Smart Bomb:

This is the granddaddy of all explosives. It creates a massive explosion
lasting three whole seconds before blowing anyone caught in the blast to the
edge of the screen. There is a small chance that you'll find a dud, and it
won't blow up. Like any explosive, it goes off if you attack it.

Motion Sensor Bomb:

Once thrown, these mines stick to whatever surface they hit, bouncing off
characters. After a second (or if they're attacked) they activate. When
activated, they explode when anything comes within range. They're hard to see
(especially on metal stages) and cause a lot of pain.

Gooey Bomb:

Many thought this would replace the Motion Sensor Bomb. Like an MSB, it
attaches to whatever it hits. However, this also includes characters. Once it's
picked up, its timer starts. Throw it at the stage or a person to cause an
attachment. The person in peril can fob off the bomb by running past someone
else before it blows, just like a hot potato.


Some...spiked thing. You can throw it or attack it for it to enlarge and stick
to a surface, where it damage everyone else.


Throw this thing and once it lands, it'll launch a Pokemon into the fight. With
few exceptions, Pokemon will attack everyone except the person who opened the
ball. Each Pokemon does its thing and then leaves, leaving opponents worse for
wear (depending on the attack).

Team Healer:

If the name didn't give it away...Throw this at people to heal them. Obviously,
you want to aim at your allies, because it heals whoever it hits including the
enemy. The more damage you have, the more you heal. You cannot throw it up in
the air to have it land on yourself. If you're not in a Team Battle, it does
some damage to targets with no knockback.


A fire/electric type from the Marioverse. Once thrown, it sticks to a surface
and travels around it (it will fall off soft platforms). Because of its
elemental-ness, hitting it with a fire or electric attack will cause it to
grow and do more damage.

E++++++++++++++E      [statush]                                               E
E++++++++++++++E                                                              E

These items are used instantly once picked up, and they cause various status
effects to you and (sometimes) others.


Various pieces of food, such as coffee, rice, sphagetii, and others. They heal
you for about 2%-5% each.

Maxim Tomato:

Kirby loves these things! They heal you for 50%.

Heart Container:

A full Heart Container. They heal you for 100%. They tend to fall really
slowly, so learn to grab items in the air.

Bunny Hood:

Put this on to increase your running speed! It also increases your jump height,
but also your falling speed. Basically, it makes you faster.

Super Mushroom:

This item moves along the ground and only needs to be touched. When you get it,
you grow bigger. Your bigger size gives your attacks more punch and makes you
heavier, as well as helping you jump higher. But you're a bigger target, and
it's easier to miss hitting people.

Poison Mushroom:

Touch this and you shrink. Basically the exact opposite of the Super Mushroom:
your weight, power, and jump height go down, while your evasion rises.

Metal Box:

Grab or attack this to turn into metal. Obviously, you're tons heavier, and you
can resist hitstun at low percentages. But you move a little slower and you
fall tons faster. Note that this item is wasted if it's hit indirectly:
projectiles and Pokemon will destroy the box without releasing its powers.

Lightning Bolt:

From Mario Kart. Touch this glowing thingy and everyone else will be shunk.
Sometimes it malfunctions and shrinks you instead.


Grab this clock and everyone other than you will have the timeslow effect
applied: their spacetime continuum moves at half speed, while you can run
around and beat them up. Like the Lightning Bolt, it can also goof up and turn
on you, or it can slow everyone down.

Superspicy Curry:

Reminds me of that old Dairy Queen commercial. "These burgers are great!"
"Yeah, but why do we have to inhale when we talk?" "Because if you exhale,
FLAMES will shoot out of your mouth!" (fancy hand wiggle) And that's what the
Superspicy Curry does: it turns you into a flamethrower with no change to your
moveset. Also, it prevents you from walking (as in, you can only run).

Franklin Badge:

Put this badge on and you won't have to worry about projectiles for a while:
they'll automatically get reflected. Sometimes it's hard to tell who's wearing
one, so it comes as a great surprise.

Screw Attack:

Grab this item and your two jumps will get turned into Screw Attacks for a
little while.

F++++++F      [therest]                                                       F
F++++++F                                                                      F

These items don't really fit into any of the other categories.


Grab this and you'll be whisked off-screen for a few seconds, only to come back
down with a bang. You'll land in the spot where you picked up the Warpstar, but
you can change your landing point with the Control Stick - note that you won't
see an aiming sight or anything, and you may fly straight down into nothing.
Because you come down from above, Warpstars are also a good way to "escape" to
a higher part of the screen.

Soccer Ball:

From Super Mario Strikers. Attack this thing and it'll burst into flames and
blast away, causing severe injury or worse to those in its path. Once the fire
goes out, it stops dead and falls back to the ground.


From Kirby Air Ride, this item is split into three parts. Pick up a part to
stick it into storage (you can see what you have next to your damage meter).
If you're KO'd or hit enough, you can drop one or both parts you're carrying.
But when you collect all three parts, you soar off the screen. Aim with the
cursor and press A to put the immediate KO on those in your sights! (This even
comes with a slo-mo camera zoom!)

Jump Pad:

This item is used without being picked up (although you can toss it). When
facing upright, you get a huge boost when you jump off it. When facing
sideways, touching it will send you flying sideways.

Assist Trophy:

Very much like Pokeballs, Assist Trophies have two main differences. One, they
are used just by grabbing them (and then standing still). Two, they don't
release Pokemon: they summon various Nintendo characters. Like Pokemon, ATs
generally won't attack the one who summoned them.

Smash Ball:

Much fuss is made about the Smash Ball, and for good reason. Grabbing it
turns your neutral B into an ultra-powerful ability. But they're not easy to
get. Smash Balls float around the screen. They can't be picked up: they must be
attacked, and whoever breaks the ball gets the power. If a projectile or
Pokemon breaks the ball, then whoever fired the attack gets the ball. If you
don't use the Final Smash right away, then try to avoid being attacked - other
people can knock the Smash Ball out of you. Oh, and Smash Balls can be wasted
if they're broken by stage elements.

G+++++++G      [pokemon]                                                      G
G+++++++G                                                                     G


Here's a list of the Pokemon you might get from a Pokeball, what they do, and
how to avoid them if your opponent sics them on you.

Torchic (#255) (Fire)

Looks like: A small red chick.
What it does: Fire Spin (according to Causes the nearby area to
burst into flame.
How to avoid it: It attacks quickly, so get out of its range as soon as you see
or hear it. It can do a lot of damage very quickly if you stick around.

Gardevoir (#282) (Psychic)

Looks like: Some tall green and white lady.
What it does: Light Screen? I'm not that much of a Pokefreak. Anyway, it
creates a large circular area that projectiles can't enter without being
bounced away.
How to avoid it: You don't avoid it. Instead, use it as a projectile shield. It
doesn't matter who got it (I think).

Gulpin (#316) (Poison)

Looks like: A green blob.
What it does: Uses Swallow on anyone who comes too close. Once it's got
someone, it causes damage repeatedly and then spits them out. Swallowed people
can be damaged by other people as well.
How to avoid it: It sticks around for a very long time, but it does not move.
Just stay away.

Metagross (#376) (Steel/Psychic)

Looks like: A silver-blue quadruped with a silver X on its face.
What it does: Uses Earthquake three times, hitting everyone on the ground who's
too close. People even closer get stuck in the ground.
How to avoid it: Stay in the air or get away.

Piplup (#393) (Water)

Looks like: A small blue penguin.
What it does: Uses Surf after a few seconds, taking people with it off the
How to avoid it: Get to the other side of it or jump. It's hard to get out once
you're hit.

Bonsly (#438) (Rock)

Looks like: A potted plant.
What it does: says it uses Tackle. Actually, it doesn't do
anything. However, picking it up (it's a heavy item, like Crates) and giving it
a heave will do serious damage.
How to avoid it: Throw it before anyone else can. It doesn't matter who
unleashed Bonsly, he'll damage anyone.

Munchlax (#446) (Normal)

Looks like: A small grey pine tree.
What it does: Uses Swallow. On items. ( says it uses Pickup, but
that's an ability, not a move.)
How to avoid it: You don't avoid it, but you need to be aware that nearby items
will be gobbled up. I don't think he eats Pokeballs, though.

Weavile (#461) (Dark/Ice)

Looks like: Some black cat with a large pink collar.
What it does: False Swipe. It dashes back and forth, causing people in its way
to get shieldstunned.
How to avoid it: Stay in the air or move out of its range. It can dash off
platforms and start anew on a lower surface, so go to higher ground.

Meowth (#52) (Normal)

Looks like: A small tan cat.
What it does: Pay Day, which scatters coins in a certain direction. Hits in
quick succesion.
How to avoid it: Get behind it or out of its range.

Electrode (#101) (Electric)

Looks like: A large Pokeball with an angry face.
What it does: Waits about three seconds and then uses Explosion. KOs anyone at
40% or above (including the releaser).
How to avoid it: Run away. If you're daring, you can pick it up and throw it
within a one-second timeframe before the boom. Every now and then it'll fail to
explode. Don't worry, it will blow up a few seconds later anyway.

Goldeen (#118) (Water)

Looks like: A red and white fish.
What it does: Uses Splash.
How to avoid it: You don't. It's a dud.

Staryu (#120) (Water)

Looks like: A spinning orange starfish.
What it does: Picks a random opponent and uses Swift. It's just like a Super
How to avoid it: Constantly move vertically before it fires (once it shoots, it
stops moving).

Snorlax (#143) (Normal)

Looks like: A big black-and-tan bear.
What it does: Rises up the screen, grows bigger, and uses Body Slam, dropping
through the whole stage.
How to avoid it: It has infinite vertical range, so run to the side. Its cry is
pretty distinctive.

Chikorita (#152) (Grass)

Looks like: A small chartreuse plant thing.
What it does: Razor Leaf. Like Ivysaur's Side-B but rapid-fire.
How to avoid it: Get behind it or move away vertically. It has pretty good
horizontal range.

Togepi (#175) (Normal)

Looks like: A half-hatched egg.
What it does: Metronome, which can be any of the following: Leech Seed (puts a
flower on people's heads), Powder Snow (freezes people), Sleep Powder (causes
sleeping), Magnitude (buries people), or Night Shade (causes the screen to
temporarily go black).
How to avoid it: All its status effect moves only work on people there are too
close (plus two of them only work on grounded people). Night Shade can't be
avoided, just dealt with.

Bellossom (#182) (Grass)

Looks like: A green plant with red flowers.
What it does: Uses Sleep Powder. It puts you to sleep.
How to avoid it: Don't stand near it. Especially if the unleasher has a move
like Falcon Punch.

Groudon (Fire) (Legendary)

Looks like: A very large red dragon with a pattern of black lines. Too big to
What it does: Overheat. Basically, those who touch it get damaged.
How to avoid it: Let's face it, it's so big it's almost impossible to avoid.
Just don't get hit into hit by the summoner.

Kyogre (Water) (Legendary)

Looks like: A big blue winged whale. SImilar stle to Groudon.
What it does: Floats over the stage and uses Hydro Cannon. Does no damage but
gives foes a ride.
How to avoid it: Its large range can be tough to deal with, and it can move
around if it wants to. Stay on the ground to avoid most of it.

Moltres (Fire) (Legendary)

Looks like: A big orange bird.
What it does: It just sits there for a feew seconds and then Flies away. Anyone
that touches it is in for a KO (depending on the direction they were touched
How to avoid it: Don't ever go near it. And watch for its vertical exit.

Entei (Fire) (Legendary)

Looks like: Some big brown dog with a cloud on its back.
What it does: Fire Spin. Traps everyone around him for massive damage.
How to avoid it: Since Fire Spin is so tall, it's best to not try jumping over
it. One touch will trap you for the rest of the attack. Luckily, there's not
much horizontal range to it.

Suicune (Ice) (Legendary)

Looks like: A big white and light blue dog.
What it does: Waits half a second, then uses Aurora Beam and kills everything
in front of it.
How to avoid it: Jump quickly. You need fast reflexes to dodge the attack.

Lugia (Flying) (Legendary)

Looks like: A large light blue bird.
What it does. Flaps off the screen doing severe damage to anything it touches,
then reappears in the background and Aeroblasts fighters in a random pattern.
How to avoid it: The first phase is easy to avoid: don't get near it. The
second phase is tons harder to avoid because the attack moves so quickly, but
it moves around so haphazardly it may not hit you at all.

Ho-oh (Legendary)

Looks like: A huge red bird.
What it does: Flies off the screen and uses Sacred Fire, unleashing a massive
pillar of flame on the spot it was released. People get caught in the fire,
unable to get out until it ends.
How to avoid it: Don't get anywhere near where it appeared, end of story.

Latias/Latios () (Legendary)

Looks like: A white bird with either red or blue highlights. It doesn't matter
which comes out, it'll summon the other.
What it does: Steel Wing? Bah. Anyway, they fly across the screen at lightning
speeds, punishing things they hit. The speed they travel creates powerful air
How to avoid it: Dodge at the right time. That's about it.

Deoxys [Attack] (Psychic) (Legendary)

Looks like: A red and turquoise bundle of fibers with an alien head.
What it does: Floats upwards and then unleashes a Hyper Beam below it.
How to avoid it: It sticks around for a while, so don't try to cross the stream
for the time it's there.

Manaphy (Legendary)

Looks like: A dewdrop with antennae.
What it does: Uses Heart Swap, forcing you to control your opponent's character
for a little while.
How to avoid it: You can't really (unless you're out of range). Just deal with
it. Note that it's an SD for you if you jump your opponent's body off the edge.

Mew (Legendary)

Looks like: A small pink cat in a bubble.
What it does: Flies away and drops a CD.
How to avoid it. Don't. Grab the CD!

Celebi (Legendary)

Looks like: A plant with a big head.
What it does: Flies away and drops a trophy.
How to avoid it. Don't. Grab the trophy.

Jirachi (Legendary)

Looks like: A fairy with a star-shaped head.
What it does: Flies away and drops some stickers.
How to avoid it: Don't Grab the stickers.

H+++++++++++++++H      [assists]                                              H
+ASSIST TROPHIES+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
H+++++++++++++++H                                                             H


This is a list of all the possible Assist Trophies. Like Pokemon, you'll find
tips on how to help them on your side and avoid them if they're against you.


Looks like: Some dog.
What it does: Comes up to the screen and paws at it. If you're a dog owner, you
know the feeling.
How to avoid it: Just deal with the obstruction for the twenty-odd seconds it


Looks like: A bunch of NES motorcycles.
What they do: They drop in bulk from the point where the AT was opened and dash
sideways in a pack, running people over.
How to avoid them: They're fast and hard-hitting, but also grounded. Jumping
works best if you have the reflexes.


Looks like: A yellow star.
What he does: He wanders around and spins a little. He sucks.
How to avoid him: Just bash him. He's one of the few ATs that can be hurt, so
use that fact liberally.


Looks like: A turtle with glasses riding a cloud.
What he does: He drops Spinies on you that walk around.
How to avoid him: Have you ever played a Mario game? If not, then hide under a


Looks like: A purple-and-black Luigi who's been put through a gum stretcher.
What he does: He runs at you and steps on you, slamming you into the dirt. He
can also kick you or whack you with his tennis raquet.
How to avoid him: Just get out of his face. He tends to choose his targets
regardless of who's nearby, but he's not exactly a fast guy. (Some people can't
outrun him, though.)


Looks like: A HUGE ball of...creature with three nuclei and four claws.
What it does: It floats around looking for BRAINZZZ. It latches on and hurts
you bad.
How to avoid it: Just stay out of its (erratic) flight path. If it gets on you,
fling your Stick around to get it off: it can do some massive damage.


Looks like: A big grey blocky face.
What he does: Hovers in the background and spits large tiles at people.
How to avoid him: It's hard to avoid him because he aims for people, and the
tiles cover a wide range. I would say dash to the side once he starts blowing.


Looks like: A blond kid with glasses.
What he does: Sets up some bottle missiles. They home in on opponents, with the
fifth one being bigger than the rest.
How to avoid him: Trick the missiles into going downwards through a platform
(which they can't do).

Shadow The Hedgehog

Looks like: Sonic with a black coat of paint.
What he does: "Chaos Control". It timeslows people.
How to avoid him: You can't really. Just deal with it.

Grey Fox

Looks like: A robot with a sword and one orange eye.
What he does: Runs around slashing people. Can also reflect projectiles.
How to avoid him: Run behind him or something. He's pretty fast.

I++++++++++++I      [collect]                                                 I
I++++++++++++I                                                                I

These aren't items per se, but you do pick them up during battle. Collectables
have no effect on the battle and are added to your collection (no duh) when
picked up. Obviously, computers don't go for them. Collectables cannot be
controlled in the Item Switch.


These small sheets of paper float down. There are a whole ton of stickers to
collect, and they'll rain down infinitely: you can collect copies. That said,
it's a real job to collect them all. Luckily, there are other ways to get those
stickers you're missing.


These things are worth their weight in gold. Collecting one unlocks a new music
piece for a certain stage. CDs stop appearing once you have them all. If you
see one, bolt for it ASAP: they vanish in less than five seconds.


Actually, I haven't seen a trophy in a Vs battle. But they appear in single
player. Grab them to get a 3D model of something from Nintendo's history. Some
trophies can only be unlocked, you can't get them just randomly.

Trophy Stand:

These suckers only appear in the Subspace Emissary. Thunking an enemy with it
can turn it into a trophy for you to collect. Like Pokemon, enemies are easier
to catch when their health is low. You can even trophyize bosses (obviously
harder). This is easier when you have a partner, because you can't use your
standard attacks while holding the Trophy Stand. This is the only way to
collect trophies of the enemies in the Subspace Emissary. Note that it takes a
very long time to actually throw the sucker, since your character insists on
doing a spinning windup.

5----------5      [g modes]                                                   5
|GAME MODES|------------------------------------------------------------------|
5----------5                                                                  5

A+++++++A      [classic]                                                      A
A+++++++A                                                                     A


In Classic, you are pitted against random enemies from predetermined universes
in a linear fashion. Just pick your difficulty and your stock and you're off to
do battle.

B++++++++++++++++++++++++++++B      [sbspemy]                                 B
+ADVENTURE: SUBSPACE EMISSARY++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
B++++++++++++++++++++++++++++B                                                B


Otherwise known as Story Mode, Subspace Emissary pits you against that Ancient
Minister and those dern Primids. You need to stop them from pulling the world
apart and stuffing it into subspace. Yes, it's a nefarious plot. So you gotta
stick it to 'em.

Okay, first order of business: Learn all characters. That's right, you have
little choice of who you can choose, at least to begin with. That done, see if
you've got a friend nearby. P2 can participate as your teammate, but only as a
sidekick: if you fail, they can't pick you up. If you leave them behind, they
just Space Jump back to the center of the screen. Unless they're KO'd. But then
you wouldn't care anymore, right?

Before we kick off this game-in-a-game, let's profile some of the enemies
you'll be totally pwning:

Primid: Humanoid shadow things. Just kill them.

Beam Primid: These Primid have Beamswords. So what? Watch the range, that's

Boom Primid: These Primid have boomerangs. Not much of a problem.

Scope Primid: They shoot you, either with three weak shots or a charged big
one. Simple as that. They can fire both horizontally and vertically, so watch
for any below you.

Big Primid: Just what it says on the can.

Metal Primid: A Primid of metal. They're heavy and slow and reflect

Fire Primid: Gee, I wonder?

Glire, Glice, Glunder: Tri-segmented frisbees that follow the countours of the
surface they're stuck to. The colour of the center eye is the clue to what
they'll hurt you with: Glires shoot hot stuff, Glices freeze you, and Glunders
are electrocuters.

Poppant: Black-and-white clownish things with massive red pants. They tend to
run away, dropping things out of their pants to deter you. Drop lots of food
when defeated.

Bytan: Large Pokeball-like rubber balls that can clone themselves. Don't let
them fill the screen. Some are large (as in, Giga Bowser large).

Roader: Looks like a red metal ostrich on a unicycle. Has teh road rage. Will
try to run into you.

Bombed: It has a bomb for a head. Use fire to set it off early (as in, before
it's deployed).

Greap: Huge ball with two scythes. Do not get hit by them. Its head is its weak

Bucculus: Sits in the ground with its lips showing (maybe) and latches onto any
poor sap that walks by. Does some serious damage.

Towtow: Massive wooly rams that tend to sleep until you get them angry (by
attacking any enemy around them). Then they just go nuts.

Floow: A ghost with a humanoid body. It regenerates health constantly, so hit
it hard and fast to exorsize it. Painful attack.

Auroros: Big white bird with cone-shaped beak. Dives from above to attack. Easy
to defeat when they're stuck in the ground; just pick 'em up and give 'em a

Buckot: Dude that floats in the air and douses red-hot iron chunks on you.

Jyk: Simply put, these are traps. They either stay put or move and damage you
if you touch them. They cannot be destroyed. Comes in fire, electric, and H2O
varieties (but it doesn't really matter).

Gamyga: Freaky-looking large metal flower head with a four-part yellow base.
You can't miss it. The head takes damage seperately from the body, but you can
get rid of the whole brass ring by beating on the head. The head shoots you
with fat lasers.

Feyesh: Fish that fly with a bullseye in their face. Hint hint. (It's actually
just their eye, but whatever.)

Trowlon: These dudes won't attack. Instead, they slip under your feet and try
to KO you off the top of the screen.

Roturret: Stationary, rotating energy blasters. They're big and mean and
usually a decently large pain. They fire three double shots at a time, but
luckily they're like X-wings and can't hit anything between the barrels.

Spaak: Clouds with battery packs. Hit them and they get all angry and fire
bigger electric sparks. Hit the battery packs for massive damage.

Puppit: They hang from the air and take swipes at you. Also, they have laser

Shaydas: Two-headed shadow monster that brings two massive blades to your face.
Attack its pink core when it's glowing for a likely one-hit KO.

Mite: Small stick figures that come by the truckload. A real pain in the
buttocks even though they have less depth than a sheet of tracing paper. Come
in various bold colours.

Shellpod: Large green turtle-like thing with a horn. When its health gets
really low, the shell breaks. Doesn't really mean much (although there is a
seperate trophy for it).

Nagagog: Looks like a sumo wrestler. As this fatso takes damage, he enlarges
through three distinct sizes (colour coded, of course). Size equals pain, so
finish him quickly. Luckily, the sizing process costs them health.

Cymul: Looks like a hovering ceiling fan. It just gets in the way (and does
some good damage). Also, its shiny coating uses reflector technology - don't
use any projectiles on it.

Ticken: Tiny, cute birdies that reside in large metal bodies. Yes, it can fly,
but not exceedingly well. If they land on you, yer stuck in the dirt.

Armight: A strange floating blue thing with a yellow helmet and two swords.
It sometimes throws the swords, but it usually just slashes at you. And it has
a distinctive laugh.

Borboras: Thingus that blows gusts of air at you. Its head looks like a French
Horn somewhat.

Autolance: A tank with a lance on the front. Hit the light for massive damage.

Armank: Looks somewhat like a construction vehicle. Attack the arm to have the
cabin open up to reveal the only part of the enemy that takes damage.

R.O.B. Sentry: Doesn't do much, really. It can blow up.

R.O.B. Launcher: A green and brown R.O.B. that shoots missiles.

R.O.B. Blaster: This version shoots beams from his eyes.

Spaceshifting Wormhole: Instead of attacking, these dense purple clouds
teleport more enemies into the room. Each portal only generates one type of
enemy (say, Mites) and will keep feeding them in until you break it. I denote
SWs in the enemy lists by adding [SW] after the enemy it generates. (You may
find those enemies without the SW in other parts of the stage, however.)

Also, there are some special features you may need to know about:

Door: Just press Up to enter a door. Some doors are disguised as teleporters,
they're used the same way.

Launch Sleigh: Touch this and it'll zoom along on its path, flinging you off at
the end. You can jump off.

Barrel Cannon: Hop on in to get launched in the indicated direction. Most shoot
you automatically, but some need manual detonation (press A at the right time).

Blocks: There are three types of block which look different depending on the
terrain: normal blocks can be broken, solid blocks can't, and bomb blocks cause
solid blocks to go boom in a set pattern.

Railcar: Hop in a railcar and it'll run along its path, killing anything in the
way. They're not guarenteed to be a safe ride, however: if you think it's going
to carry you off the screen or you see a "!", jump out of it.

Stage 1: The Subspace Shadow

To start, Peach and Zelda are watching Mario and Kirby have a nice little
1-on-1 match. You choose who to fight as (P2 is a copy of P1, it becomes a
2-on-1). Just beat your opponent.

A cutscene then ensuses, showing that Pit is watchin' the bout on his TV set.
(Sort of.) Your character saves the opponent from trophyization (what happens
when someone's defeated in this world) just before stuff hits the fan. The
Halberd appears and drops some Shadow Bugs on you. Mario, Kirby, Peach, and
Zelda band together and start beating them up (that's your cue). Just smack all
the Primids off the screen. Primids will keep appearing until the bar at the
top runs out, then you're done. (Enemies: Primid, Spaak, Sword Primid, Boom

After you've dispatched of teh fiendz, the Ancient Minister hovers in. He drops
a Subspace Bomb and has Petey Pirahna capture the princesses and blow away
Mario. So it's Kirby (and Kirby 2, if P2 is in) against Petey. You don't really
hurt Petey; the goal is to break the cages he's holding to free a princess. He
uses the cages to attack with as well. Once one cage is broken, the battle

So Petey blows up, leaving Kirby and the saved princess to escape. And escape
you must, since that bomb is gonna blow. Before it does and Kirby calls in a
Warpstar for leaving the scene, Wario storms in and trophyizes the unsaved
princess, carting her off with him.

Current party members: Kirby, a princess

Note: Now you have the map screen. From the menu you can save, apply stickers,
and quit. Once that's done, use the Stick and A to select a stage to enter. The
newest stage is marked by a "!", completed stages have a green flag, and stages
in which you have collected every Orange Cube and opened every door will
display a flashing crown.

Stage 2: Mostly Cloudy

Pit sees on his screen that the arena got kaboom'd. With some help from his
superior, he leaves his hidey-hole and jets towards lower ground. After a mini-
stage that just gives you some goodies (hit the blocks to get items, stickers,
or trophies), the Halberd pokes up through the clouds and dumps some shadow
payload in Pit's face. A sidescrolling stage with intermittent battles ensues:
just beat up everything in the way. The stage is pretty straightforward.
(Enemies: Primid, Spaak, Boom Primid, Cymul, Greap)

Pit then discovers Mario in a cloud. They team up to take on the next portion
of the stage. Pretty straightforward. There is an extra door that lead you to a
dead-end room containing some item blocks. Once you're done, you'll see an
Arwing chasing the Halberd...(Enemies: Glunder, Jyk, Spaak, Boom Primid,

Current party members: Mario, Pit; Kirby, a princess (the semicolon means that
they can't work together, they're in different places right now)

Stage 3: Skyworld Plains

The Halberd is chasing Kirby and the princess' Warpstar. It bumps and the pair
land on the battleship's roof. After a short walk, the previously seen Arwing
gets shot down, knocking the two off the ship. Then the platforming begins: the
pair start down through the clouds towards safe ground. There is an out-of-the-
way door that has two item blocks inside. In the second area, you also need to
watch out for falling boulders. (Enemies: Primid, Boom Primid, Glunder,
Poppant, Feyesh, Towtow, Spaak, Mite [SW], Greap)

D++++++D      [events*]                                                       D
D++++++D                                                                      D

Yep, Event Mode is back. These matches have specific, preset conditions you
have to fight through to win. Maybe you have to beat your opponent in a certain
way, or maybe your damage meter is inflated, or maybe you're hit with facing 5
dudes at once. Also, you often have no choice over your character. There are
two sets of Events this time, one for a single player and one (shorter) for
co-op play. And the final change to this mode is that you can set the relative
difficulty level at Easy, Normal, or Hard. Don't think that Event 40 on Easy is
necessarily easier than Event 1 on Hard, but there is a difference, and your
scores are saved seperately for each difficulty.

i~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~i      [1events]                                         i
$SINGLE-PLAYER EVENTS$~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~$
i~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~i                                                        i

Some call these the "standard" set of events, since Event Mode is technically a
single-player mode.

Event 1: Two Trouble Kings
You: Mario (1 stock)
Enemy: Bowser (1), Dedede (1)
Stage: Delfino Plaza

SSBM players will recognize the name (SSBMev1 Trouble King, SSBMev42 Trouble
King 2). In any case, this event has no funny circumstances, although you are
playing a two-on-one.

Event 2: Landmaster Ignition
You: Fox (1)
Enemy: Meta Knight, Sheik
Stage: Corneria

Get as many KOs with Fox's Landmaster as you can. (You don't need to break any
Smash Balls, you're permanently ready for it.) Simple as that.

Event 3: Pink Ball Repulsion
You: Meta Knight (2)
Enemy: Kirby (1)
Stage: Battleship Halberd

Just KO kirby before the platform lands on the Halberd. Easy.

Event 4: Cleaning House in Skyworld
You: Pit (1)
Enemy: Wario (3)
Stage: Skyworld

The first "objective" event. You need to destroy all the breakable platforms.
Once you do, you win. Wario can help out, but he can also be a bother, so just
ignore him.

ii~~~~~~~~~~ii      [2events]                                                ii
$CO-OP EVENTS$~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~$
ii~~~~~~~~~~ii                                                               ii

There aren't as many 2-player events, and some are carbon copies of the
single-player events, but there are some that are quite different and

Event 1: Two Trouble Kings
Player 1: Mario (1)
Player 2: Kirby (1)
Enemy: Bowser (1), Dedede (1)
Stage: Delfino Plaza

For all intents and purposes, this is just like the single-player version. The
only difference is P2 being Kirby.

Event 2: Master the Pokemon Tag Battle
Player 1: Pokemon Trainer (3)
Player 2: Pikachu (1)
Enemy: Pokemon Trainer (3), Pikachu (1)
Stage: Pokemon Stadium 2

A little unfair to P2, but hey, at least the teams are equal. No frills here.

Event 3: Fastest, Shortest, Sudden Death
Player 1: Yoshi (1)
Player 2: Dedede (1)
Enemy: Various (infinite) (1 each)
Stage: WarioWare

As the title suggests, this is played in Super Sudden Death mode. The goal is
to KO as many dudes as possible in ten seconds. Sounds easy, but it IS Sudden
Death, so you can be hit off easily yourself.

E+++++++E      [stadium]                                                      E
E+++++++E                                                                     E

Some specialist modes await in this section. Although designed for a single
player, all can be done with a second.

i~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~i      [multimn]                                              i
$MULTI-MAN BRAWL$~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
i~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~i                                                             i

The general theme here is to KO as many dudes as possible under different
conditions. But the opponents you face will be different from other characters:
they're the Alloys.

Red Alloy: Looks somewhat like a bodybuilder. Fights like Captain Falcon.
Blue Alloy: Looks like the Female Wireframe from SSBM, somewhat. Fights like
Yellow Alloy: Looks like a Geolyte from Meteos: chibi-ish, round head, horns.
Fights like Mario.
Green Alloy: Looks a little like Kirby. Fights like...guess who.

Alloys fight with non-special attacks only, and they're usually light enough to
blow them away in a single hit. Which is good, because you usually have to KO
absurd numbers of them quickly. Here are the main rulesets:

10-Man Brawl: You win by KOing 10 Alloys. Expect a time of about 20-30 seconds.

100-Man Brawl: You win by KOing 100 Alloys. This can cause some frustration,
and it's not very easy to complete.

3-Minute Brawl: You win by surviving for 3 minutes. It doesn't matter how many
KOs you make, you'll still win. The high score is measured in KOs though.

15-Minute Brawl: You win by surviving for 15 minutes. This really causes
headaches, and the more dudes you KO, the harder they get. Many people who only
care about completing it hammer on DK's Down+B the whole time.

Endless Brawl: You can't win. You just KO dudes until you're KO'd, and the
number of KOs you get is the high score.

Cruel Brawl: This is basically Endless with two changes: there are no items,
and the Alloys are extremely difficult to KO and can KO you easily. KOing even
5 dudes is very hard.

F+++++++++++F      [versus!]                                                  F
F+++++++++++F                                                                 F

This is arguably the crux of the game. Anywhere from one to four people can
choose their character, pick a stage, and let loose. Truthfully, there's not
much to say about this mode. But here are some options you can alter:

Teams: You can easily turn a free-for-all into a 2-on-2, 2-on-1, 3-on-1, or
even a 2-on-1-on-1 fight. There are three teams avaliable: red, blue, and
green. An important option is that of team attack: if turned on, team members
will be able to hurt each other. Also, even if team attack is off, things like
Bob-ombs and Motion Sensor Bombs can still hurt teammates. If you KO a team
member, it's called an SD. This is also the only way you can cause Team Healers
to work properly.

Handicaps: In previous games, you could make your characters heavier or lighter
to even the playing field. This time, a handicap changes your starting
percentage. For example, if you're super good and you play a newbie, you could
set your handicap at 80% to give them a chance. This basically makes it so that
at the start of the match, and every time you're KO'd, your percentage starts
at 80% instead of 0%. You can set any multiple of 10 for your handicap. The
game also has an auto handicap function: when you win a match, your handicap
percentage rises.

G+++++G      [ wi-fi ]                                                        G
G+++++G                                                                       G


Just as it says on the can, you can play SSBB online. You'll need Friend Codes
to get the most out of it, but you can just jump in and beat people up if you
want to.

A note about disconnecting: If a player quits, then their character immediately
flips to computer control.

If you don't feel like (or are bad at) playing, then you can hop into Spectator
Mode to see a constant stream of pre-recorded matches. What happens is this: if
the Wiis of all the players in a match are set to send matches to Nintendo, the
match is avaliable for watching. Nintendo then broadcasts a match to all
Spectators at the same time. Think of it like Hockey Day In Canada (all-
Canadian NHL hockey for 9+ hours) with less Don Cherry. You can bet coins on
the matches, and even if you lose, you get some stickers.

6--------------6      [feature]                                               6
|OTHER FEATURES|--------------------------------------------------------------|
6--------------6                                                              6

Guess what? We're not done yet! That's right, there's still more content this
massive game has to offer! Since these things don't really fit in elsewhere,
they get their own section. Be sure to at least try them all!

A+++++++++A      [snpshot]                                                    A
A+++++++++A                                                                   A


In previous games, you could simply rotate the camera around your character
while the game is paused. And Camera Mode was limited to a certain special
battle. But this time, you can pull out your virtual camera and take a picture
at any time while the game's paused.

Once you've taken a snapshot, you can save it to your Wii or an SD card. Shots
usually take up 1 Wii Block. You can send snapshots to other people, as well.
Because you can save onto SD cards, you can then have fun with the pictures on
the Wii's Photo Channel, or stick them on your computer, or even print them!
(Once you download the bin2jpg program floating around the Internet.)

B+++++++++++++B      [builder]                                                B
+STAGE BUILDER+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
B+++++++++++++B                                                               B

Welcome to the Stage Builder! This mini-application allows you to create an
almost infinite amount of stages. Here are the basic steps for making your own

1. Select a size. You can pick small, medium, and large sizes.
2. Choose a theme. This can affect what parts you can use.
3. Build stuff!
4. Test the stage.
5. Name and save.

Stages you made can be saved to your Wii or an SD card, and you can save as
many as you want. And one more thing - you can send stages to Nintendo! Every
day, a "Stage Of The Day" will be sent to you. These stages are picked from the
masses of stages sent to Nintendo. Each daily stage is a one-off, so if you
miss it, you lose.

C+++++++++C      [ vault ]                                                    C
+THE VAULT+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
C+++++++++C                                                                   C

Accessed from the main menu, the Vault is where your trophies and stickers are

D+++++++++++++D      [options]                                                D
D+++++++++++++D                                                               D

This game can be customized out the wazoo. Here's a big ol' list of what you
can modify to your liking:

Custom Controls:

A simple yet powerful addition. This feature lets you tell any button to do
anything in any control scheme. Play Nunchuk and don't want grabbing on A+B?
Done. Wanna switch your Control Stick and C-stick? You can. Sick of stick-
jumping? Turn it off and rely on button-jumping. Wanna trigger a Smash Attack
in Nunchuk mode by shaking the Wiimote? You can. Each player name can save one
of each of the different controller's button maps. And you can even save the
setting onto your Wiimote and take them elsewhere.


Every game and their dog has this nowadays. You don't need to know any
technical babble here, though: just switch displays until the provided circle
is...circular (as opposed to stretched or squished).

7----------7      [e-mail!]                                                   7
|CONTACT ME|------------------------------------------------------------------|
7----------7                                                                  7

Before I give you my e-mail, I'll first make you read my e-mail guidelines:

1. Don't be stupid. It really should go without saying, but when I get an
e-mail saying nothing but "y0sh1 sux!!!1", I tend to treat you like a Goomba.

2. Don't repeat things. If my guide says "Don't touch that!", then don't e-mail
me telling me "Don't touch that!".

3. Don't ask for my Friend Code or anything. If you want it that bad, then go
over to Smashboards and look there. On that note, don't send me a PM at
Smashboards: if my inbox is full, your message is not received.

4. Don't badger me if you think I missed your message. I will get back to you
within a week, but expect around 2-3 days. Also, I may not always send a reply:
I do have a life, and it's not 100% full of Internet talk. Plus I'm not a
people person.

5. Put "FAQ" in the subject somewhere, such as "SSBB FAQ" or "Idea for Brawl
FAQ". This will allow my e-mail system to sort your message into the correct
folder, eliminating the risk of the spambot zapping you.

Okay, now that I can sue you if you break the rules, here's the address:

toomai_glittershine [?] yahoo [*] ca

I think your brain can figure out what symbols need to replace the [?] and [*].
Spam robots probably can't, and I hate spambots.

Oh! Just a warning: I seem to be having trouble sending e-mails to Hotmail
and MSN accounts. I'm getting a "rejected by Windows Live Hotmail" message. Any

8------------8      [contrib]                                                 8
8------------8                                                                8

If you e-mail me and your suggestions are put in the guide somehow, you'll show
up here. I hate spambots as much as you do, so if you don't provide a name
other than an e-mail, you'll be listed as [anonymous]. If you want your name or
Internet alias up here, then just tell me what it is. Here comes the list!

[anonymous] said on 11/03/08 that you shouldn't be called "stupid" for calling
a breakfall/tech a "ukemi". That was selfish of me.

"Alex" said on 11/03/08 that the Peach Blossom does damage if you're too close
(something I never noticed), and also that Puff Up will damage if opponents are
too close (something I noticed but hadn't yet put in the FAQ).

Skyler Jankiewicz said on 11/03/08 multiple things about the Ice Climbers, such
as Belay doing a bit of damage if Nana hits someone head-on. He also said a day
later (12/03/08) that Lucas' PSI Magnet can hurt people when it's deactivated.

Jake Marshall said on 12/03/08 that I was doing Sonic's Down-B wrong. That
explains why I can't play him well.

Lei Zhang said on 17/03/08 that Marth's last name is Lowell. One of those
things that's not necessary, but fun to have all the same.

Rhody Tobin said on 20/03/08 that the Ice Climbers have no traction problems on
ice. Something I already knew but forgot to put in.

C---------------C      [c-right]                                              C
|COPYRIGHT STUFF|-------------------------------------------------------------|
C---------------C                                                             C

This FAQ is copyright Toomai Glittershine. Feel free to print it out, but do
not under any circumstances claim it as yours or make any money off it.

The following websites are allowed to host this guide. If you see it anywhere
else, tell me right away and I'll send in the hounds:


The most recent version of this guide will be on GameFAQs. I recommend you
check there before e-mailing me something, as your question may have been
adressed already.

That is all.

E                                                                E------------E
|----------------------------------------------------------------|END OF GUIDE|
E                                                                E------------E