Cheats from the Crypt

The Headless are an underrepresented group in video games. Sure, they occasionally flop into action as stunt doubles when a headshot occurs, but by and large the hard working Headless go unrecognized and unrewarded by society at large. Urban Chaos decided to give the cranially challenged a voice, albeit a squeaky one, with a selection of wildly entertaining cheats including our personal favorite: Headless Enemies Mode. When used in combination with Urban Chaos' other whack-job cheats (see below,) a crap game is suddenly an hour's worth of sadistic fun. Of course, you would have to be headless yourself to even consider buying this game, so rent it or scavenge it out of a dumpster.

Above: Don't show your stump around here again

To enable Headless Enemies Mode, enter KEEPYOURHEAD into the cheats entry screen. Also entertaining, especially when combined, are:

Dancingfeet - Disco light mode
Fryingtime - Unlock long range stun gun
Burningbullet - Shots set enemies on fire
Whatwasthat - Squeaky voices