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Until now our exposé has featured low-res 90s classics, but guess what? Upside down cheats are hard to find, so jammed in at the bottom is the not-so-classic Tony Hawk’s Project 8. Don’t complain, we could have just told you to play your favorite NES game standing on your head, but instead we bring you a glitch from one of the glitchiest series ever. The “Bail Cancel Float Glitch” in Project 8 allows you to freeze your skater in mid-air, and if you’re real tricky, levitate over the ground in motion. If you’re uber tricky, you can levitate upside down.

We tested this glitch with the 360 version, but it’s likely that it works on any console. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Hook up two controllers and create a multiplayer match.

2. Set the match to “Score Challenge,” and the point limit to 10,000.

3. Ignore player two and win the match as quickly as possible - you’re just trying to get through it. Once you’ve done that, the glitch is activated, and will work in any mode, so go ahead and switch to career or free skate to check it out.

4. Once you’re skating with the glitch activated, get a bit of air, either by skating off the edge of a half-pipe or by performing a caveman. While in the air, press and hold all of the shoulder buttons (right trigger, left trigger, right bumper, left bumper). Voila, you’re stuck in the sky.

5. Adding some motion to your levitation trick is a bit more difficult, and will probably require several, if not an assload of tries to get right. While frozen in the air, tap the left trigger rapidly. This unfreezes and refreezes you, creating a strobe light effect as you begin to drop back down to the ground. Once you’re close to the ground, your skater will slightly shift positions. At this point, hold down A, and if you time it just right, you’ll start levitating and moving about a foot off the ground. Do it while in the middle of a backflip, and you’ve got yourself some sweet upside down levitation.

A little experimentation will reveal some of the countless other bizarre tricks that this glitch makes possible. Mess around for a bit and then go show your friends what a wizard you are. Or if all your friends are busy playing a less busted game, show your mom.

Put away your shovels - this exhumation is over. Think you’ve unearthed something we missed? Okay Mr. Smarty Archeologist, discuss more “upside down” or otherwise disorienting cheats in our forums.

Got a cheat for a game that isn’t 14 years old? Head over to our cheat submission form and help fill up the giant hole that is the internet.


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