You can’t say Steven Soderbergh doesn’t have ambition. Who else would make a 268-minute (that’s four hours and 28 minutes, kids) Che Guevara epic split into two parts? Uwe Boll, put your hand down.

Yes, Soderbergh is in Cannes with Che and The Argentine, which star Benicio del Toro as the man who helped launch the Cuban revolution and painstakingly chronicle his life and actions.

Collider has a clip up, and if this sort of movie floats your boat, you’ll be delighted to know it seems to be wowing the crowds at Cannes. Jeffrey Wells over at Hollywood Elsewhere is raving about it, and for our Cannes-based team’s opinion, head on over to the TF blog.

Sources: ( Collider ) ( Hollywood Elsewhere )



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