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Chasm: The Rift Cheats, Codes & Guides

Chasm: The Rift Cheats

  • Various Cheats

    *Single player cheats: type in at the game console.
    AMMO: restores ammo for all weapons.
    ARMOR: gives 200% of armor.
    CHOJIN: immortality.
    DEPTH: toggles distant fade.
    FULLMAP: allows you to see full map of the current level.
    GO (#): warps you to specified level. (registered version only).
    INVISIBLE: gives two minutes of invisibility.
    KILL: kills all monsters on the level.
    NOMONSTERS : Runs chasm without monsters
    REANIMATE: (debug) reanimates all monsters.
    RESPAWN (#): sets the monster respawn time in seconds. (#=0 means no respawn)
    REVERSE: reverses right and left sound channels.
    SHADOWS (#): sets the upper limit of shadows casted by a 3D object.
    WEAPON: gives all weapons to player.
    *Multiplayer cheats: type in at the game console.
    KICK (#): disconnect player # from multiplayer game.
    KILLP (#): kill player #.
    NICK: without newname shows current name.
    NICK NEWNAME: set your name for multiplayer gaming.
    RESETFRAGS: available only on SERVER machine. Sets all frags to 0.
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