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Championship Manager 2008 review

Taking on Football Manager for the throne


  • Best version to date
  • Match engine looks better than ever
  • Highly accessible


  • Struggles with real-time action
  • Annoying glitches
  • A little too easy

Nov 7, 2007

The Championship Manager healing process continues. However, while this year%26rsquo;s version once again shows improvement, the game still feels as though the series is suffering from some kind of split-personality disorder.

On one hand, CM08 is an accessible and entertaining football management game, requiring minimal tactical tweaking and allowing you to enjoy an experience free from overbearing micromanagement. It%26rsquo;s also a game that%26rsquo;s trying to compete with Football Manager, featuring an ever-expanding collection of leagues and a superb, hardcore match analysis tool called ProZone, which allows you to study games in exhaustive detail.

More Info

DescriptionChampionship Manager looks better than ever in this 2008 incarnation. Still a bit on the crappy/too easy side, but we're happy to see some progress.
Franchise nameChampionship Manager
UK franchise nameChampionship Manager
US censor rating
UK censor rating3+
Release date: (US), 2 November 2007 (UK)
Available platforms:PC
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