Chairman Steve's House of GamesRadar In-Jokes

A frequent GamesRadar/TalkRadar whipping boy, Bionic Commando’s infamous “wife arm” has been the subject of much debate among GR’s editors. One camp claims it’s the dumbest plot twist of 2009, while the other insists it’s the very worst anything ever. What on earth could possibly spark so much controversy?

Among the plot twists that were delivered near the end of last year’s disappointingly gritty sequel/reboot was the revelation that hero Nathan Spencer had a closer bond to his bionic arm than even he realized. Rather than just being a cool piece of machinery, the arm was in fact Spencer’s missing wife. Honestly, we don’t get it either. Was her mind uploaded into the arm? Is there an organic heart and/or brain hidden somewhere inside all the grappling-hook machinery? Or did the thinking just not progress beyond, “Oh man, that’d be a really cool twist?” We may never know, but at least we get to make fun of it.