Castlevania: the mega-interview

GR: The PS2 Castlevania games were good games. But perhaps trying to adhere to the SOTN elements may have held them back in some ways. Moving forward, there are many different things you could do that people would like.

KI: So future Castlevania titles, obviously we're talking about next generation Castlevania. The past PS2 title wasn't a total failure, actually.

GR: Certainly not.

KI: It has given knowledge and experience. It has become our blood and muscle to our game creation. I don't know if the next generation will be either taking the SOTN style or making a drastic change like SOTN did, or to follow up the PS2 style. I just don't know what it will be like with the next generation because we haven't narrowed down the platform. But now what's in my mind, now that we've been following up two PS2 titles, I think I can anticipate a good quality action game for next gen.

Does that answer your question?

GR: It's a great series that we've been loving for more than 20 years now, going back to the NES, and gamers are ready to see it evolve and continue to become fresh and new.

KI: Don't you think it's rare that we've been working on the series for 20 years now and that few titles are ports? The rest were all brand new.

GR: Yeah, and there were lots of teams working on the games. Look at Final Fantasy. They have different teams make different games. Final Fantasy XII, XI and X, the three PS2 games, are vastly different. They don't necessarily have the same exact audience, but a lot of the people will play all three. So it may be a good way to look to how you can make different games in the same series but still keep the fans.

KI: You're right. I mean, we've definitely got to challenge new stuff for future Castlevania series. But then again we're focusing on an action game. We can't change into RPG or adventure. Fans might be mad if we make a drastic change... and our mission right now is to create the right action game. Good action.

GR: Kind of changing gears a little bit. Obviously the back story of the two Sorrow games is the Dracula War of 1999. Can you tell us when we might find out more about that story, and Julius?

KI: You want more details of the War in 1999?

GR: That story sounds very exciting - the final battle against Dracula. I was wondering when in general, we might find out more...

KI: Did you know that my game creation is not based upon the timeline? I come up with the gameplay system and then try to find the right timeline. There was one product where I actually started off with the timeline - that was Lament of Innocence on PS2.

GR: Because that started the series.

KI: Right. But I always come up with the gameplay system first. Currently I do take control of my team members but I want to think about the gameplay system first - I do complain and make a lot of comments to it. But once the team comes up with the new game system and then I think it's right to put it in 1999, then I will tell a story in that timeline.

GR: But you're in charge of the scenario writing for all the games, right?

KI: Actually I'm thinking of retiring with the storyboards. Maybe I will only review, not writing from scratch.

I'm sorry... I'm getting busier and busier. Sometimes I feel like I'm getting too old. I'm just waiting for my lottery winnings and then I can leave Konami.


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