Castlevania: the mega-interview

GR: Castlevania games, particularly SOTN and Dawn of Sorrow, are known for having an extremely high level of detail in the graphics - with lots of little touches. Are you able to bring that forward using 3D on the PSP?

KI: Sorry for giving praise to my project, but I'm very happy about the quality. I'm really sorry I wasn't able to bring a playable this time and show you a current build, but it's really, really done in detail and I just want to show you the current detail of graphic designs as soon as possible. Maybe next time.

GR: Is this a straight, direct remake of the PSP game, or are there enhancements to the gameplay?

KI: So it's not just a straight port. We have made adjustments to some of the points. The presentation has been retouched. The storyline - you may not have noticed with the original Rondo of Blood - but there were many writers working on the storyline, which made a little bit of... it didn't make sense.

GR: Inconsistencies?

KI: Inconsistencies. So what I did was that I [edited] the storyline. 

There was one level - so-called the Seabass Takatsuka level. The current Winning Eleven producer Seabass had been working on the [original] PC Engine version. Almost every element from the stages was combined in one specific level. We... didn't like it.

GR: This was in the original version?

KI: The original version. Takatsuka was working on one certain stage. But what he did was pull out every element from the other stages, which I didn't like. I actually created one stage from scratch.

GR: So one stage is new, to replace that level?

KI: Yes. But the spirit of Takatsuka remains over that stage.

And I would say the soundtrack, the music parts, are all rearranged. There's more that I could talk about, but then again, I want to keep it for the future.

GR: And again, the PC Engine version is included? Is it completely identical to the original?

KI: So, you are correct. As you know, [in the original release] we didn't have any English voiceovers. We're going to retake the voiceover part. I think it's going to be a good localization. Because what if we had released the PC Engine version of Rondo of Blood back in those days? We had no ability to localize. You can imagine, from our Symphony of the Night translation and voiceovers, it could really have been the worst of the worst.

GR: You should keep the German voiceover for the opening, though.

KI: So, yes, we will retain the German voiceover. But we weren't able to spot the original voice person, so we are going to be asking a new native German speaker to take that part.


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