Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles Cheats

  • Special Play Modes

    Entry location: After completing the game once with Alucard, you can play in special modes by entering the following names when starting a game
    X-X!V''Q - Play as Alucard, with 99 luck and the Lapis lazuli (+20 luck) accessory (completing the game isn't required)
    AXEARMOR - Play as Alucard, with the Axe Lord armor
    MARIA - Play as Maria Renard
    RICHTER - Play as Richter Belmont
    Submitted by Steve
  • Level Select

    Entry location: Enter this as your name while playing the original Rondo of Blood to access the level select mode
    X-X!V''Q - Level Select for Rondo of Blood
    Submitted by Earl

Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles Unlockables

  • Unlock Symphony of the Night

    In Stage 2, while the minotaur is chasing Richter, immediately fall into the first hole in the ground. You will not die, but instead be taken into the sewers. Play the level out normally and defeat the boss. Afterwards, you will be taken to Stage 3' (this is different from the normal Stage 3!).

    In Stage 3', whenever the path branches, taken the upper route. Make sure you obtain the "axe" subweapon sometime during the stage. Eventually, you will meet a skeletal snake that is attached to a wall. Nearby is a vine-like cage; use the axe to cut it. It now serves as a platform for Richter to jump to the upper ledges. Continue along the upper ledges until you see a breakable tombstone. Inside is the item that unlocks Symphony of the Night. Return to the main menu to play it.
    Submitted by Dryer Maker

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More Info

Release date: Oct 23 2007 - PSP (US)
Available Platforms: PSP
Genre: Action
Published by: Konami
Developed by: Konami
Franchise: Castlevania
ESRB Rating:
Teen: Blood and Gore, Violence, Mild Suggestive Themes