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CART Fury: Championship Racing Cheats, Codes & Guides

CART Fury: Championship Racing faqs

  • Submitted by Jamie Stafford/Wolf Feather

CART Fury: Championship Racing Cheats

  • Big Heads

    Go to the cheat menu and press Triangle, Square, Square, L2, L1, R2
    Get Fog
    Go to the cheat menu and press R2, r1, X, Square, Square, Circle
    Get Jump Option (Unlocked on cheat menu)
    Use last man standing mode and finish it to get this option
    Get Unlimited Continues (Unlocked on cheat menu)
    Finish season mode
    Get Moon Track and No Time Out (Unlocked on cheat menu)
    Finish Time Trial mode on easy, medium and hard difficulty levels
    Get Miami Track & Death Car (Unlocked on cheat menu)
    Finish Simulation Mode
    Get Boston Track & Rocket Wheels (Unlocked on cheat menu)
    Finish block your opponent mode using the easy, medium and hard difficulty
    Get Driving 101 Video
    Finish all driving 101 options
    Get New York Track and Fog Option
    Use the easy, Medium and Hard modes to finish demolition mode
    Get Alpine raceway track & Night Drive Option
    Use the easy, Medium and Hard modes to finish Lock On Mode
    Unlock Cigar Car
    To unlock the Cigar Car, get first place at the Frankfurt, Germany track in the Arcade Mode.
    Extra Drivers
    To get extra drivers press R1 at the character (driver) selection screen, 5 other characters will appear!
    3 Extra Cars
    When you are at the driver select screen press L1 and it will take you to 3 more cars. The Future car, The Hotrod, and The Roadster.
    Infinite Turbos and More
    Enter at cheats menu in options.
    Low Gravity-R2,R1,Square(x2),L1(x2)
    Rocket Wheels-L1,R2,Triangle,Square(x2), Triangle.
    Submitted by silentone

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