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Carmageddon TDR 2000 Cheats, Codes & Guides

Carmageddon TDR 2000 Cheats

  • Various Cheats

    Press ' and type in hereComesTrouble to enable cheats then enter a code below
    cash - Get $10,000
    openLevelsGuv - get All Levels
    winMission - Win mission
    invincible - Invincibility
    setCar - Get car
    makeai - Make opponent car
    ai on or ai off - Turn AI on or off
    WasteAll - Destroy All Cars
    lastlap - Begin on Final lap
    adventure - Get text adventure game (In game commands are kill [zombie's name], look, look again, quit, inventory, go [direction], get [item], look [item])
    addPowerup - Get powerup (Name - look at the file PowerupStrings_Internal.txt in the assets game folder for a complete list)
    lastcheckpoint (All checkpoints completed except final)
    damage_multiplier - Damage set to number
    enablebuy - Buy all cars enabled
    peds on or peds off - Turn pedestrians on or off
    breakCar - Damage car
    version - Show Version Info
    Submitted by spie
  • Credit Cheat (Hack)

    Make a backup of the Carma.pak file in the assets folder.
    Then open the file in wordpad.
    scroll down to the part that starts:
    Here you will find the attributes for Ped_Credits / Checkpoint_credits and the like
    ...add a few zeros to the numbers and remove the line
    that is at the bottom of this part of the text or else the hack won't work.
    This hack will make it nice and easy to score credits and afford all the cars.
    It is the same HAck that worked with Carpocalypse NOw!
    Submitted by spie
  • Get Rid of Timer

    To disable the timer edit the file options.txt and find USE_TIMER=1 and change to a 0
    Submitted by None
  • Cars for free

    Go to the dir where u have installed the game.Open assets.Then open cars.If u do this you can open the file Car_Descriptor.There you will be able to adjust the strength and the price!!!
    Submitted by Nick Verbaendert
  • Superfast and superstrong cars

    Go to the dir where you have installed Carmageddon.Then open assets.Then open Strings.Then you can see all the ingame strings.Well, if you open the document Car_Strings_UK.txt you will be able to adjust the speed and the strength of that car!!!
    Submitted by Nick Verbaendert

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