Carell and Rudd take Dinner For Schmucks

It’s taken a long time to reach the table, but Jay Roach is finally able to start serving up Dinner For Schmucks, which will star Steve Carell and Paul Rudd.

A remake of Francis Veber’s 1998 comedy Le Diner Des Cons, the film follows a man who hosts regular dinner parties for his smug friends, to which they invite the stupidest people they can find.

But their latest guest turns out to be cataclysmically bad luck – and ends up ruining everyone’s evening, and possibly their lives.

You might be wondering where Sacha Baron Cohen’s name is in all this, since he’s long been attached to the film. The answer, according to Variety, is nowhere, since he’s ditched the pic.

And it has taken a long time to ride out the split between Paramount and DreamWorks, with funding and rights issues at stake.

Now, however, everyone seems to have kissed and made up, with DreamWorks, Paramount and Spyglass Entertainment all willing to share some of the cost.

With his cast clearing their diaries, Roach hopes to have the film shooting in October.

And Carell has one other possibility filling that diary – he’s agreed to produce and (possibly, the trades seem split on this part of the story) star in the comedy Hi-T for Warners.

It’s the story of a bloke who suffers a chronic injury in a sensitive place and must take testosterone injections to help him restore his levels.

Sadly for him, the injections send him off on wild mood swings.

There’s no word on when the film might get started – since Licence To Wed writer Kim Barker is at work on the script. Given the quality of Wed, we’ll frankly be glad if this one stays in development hell…

[Source: Variety ]

Do you think this reheated comedy concept will be worth the wait?



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