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Capitalism 2 Cheats

  • Money Cheat

    Entry location: During gameplay hold the SHIFT key and press 6789.
    Now enter the code to cheat:
    Alt + C - Get 10 Million Credits
    Submitted by xeope

Capitalism 2 Hints

  • Secret Campaigns

    This isn't really a cheat, just a helpful hint. Once you complete the first five campaigns (in either campaign selection) you'll get extra campaigns to do. The more you complete the more choices you get.
    Submitted by xeope
  • Need Money?

    If you want money what you have to do is find a warm moderate moistened place preferably with a high soil fertility, build a farm and grow barley and sugar cane and also cows. next build a department store and find an aluminum seller link him so the aluminum is always ready. make the price lower than the person selling it to you by at least 10%. next build a factory anywhere in a suburban part of a city then wait until the barley and sugar cane are ready and link with them and also the aluminum from your store. now manufacture cola, and beer and link your store to them. these two should bring u in money. by now all u have to do is make 1 more store since that store should be filled up with milk and beef, and cola and beer. Next just find some silica make another factory and make glass then with glass and milk and other things make bottled items. Now you should have a nice amount of money and are ready to make more facilities like some r and a buildings, if you manage the places right.
    Submitted by xeope

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