Capcom offering iOS games for less than a $

Get Resident Evil, Street Fighter IV et al, on your iPhone or iPad, for a limited time

Desperate for a Street Fighter IV fix on the go, but short on cash to pick up quality portable titles for your iPhone or iPad? Developing a new gaming addiction isn't exactly going to turn your financial fortunes around, you know. But who the hell are we to tell you how to live your life, right? Okay, just one more suggestion: at the moment, Capcom is offering iOS versions of SFIVDead RisingResident Evil: The Mercenaries and Devil May Cry for the low, low price of $0.99, the kind of change that you can scrape together from raiding a few gas station penny trays (please do not do this).

The price-slash is described by Capcom as their way of saying “Thank you for your great support bringing “Capcom action game” to success!” The sentiment is nice but it makes us wonder if that quote made its way through Capcom’s localization process. Feel free to help support bringing Capcom action games to success by visiting the App Store or by clicking through the links above.

Jun 22, 2011