Call of Duty: Roads to Victory

As always in RTV, you won’t go it alone. Starting during the recapture of Altavilla, Call of Duty’s renowned brutha-based combat shines as you fight alongside your tragically mortal, and by no means expendable, squadmates. And as the bullets whiz past your ears and deafening explosions all around you, the level of immersion is every bit as intense as the camaraderie.

You’ll toil through multiple levels of conflict playing as allied soldiers from the United States, Great Britain and France. But one of the coolest things we’ve seen is defending a B-24 Liberator in transit in the Lucky Thirteen level, as CoD goes airborne for the first time. Running back and forth across the hull of a plane like a stewardess during lunch rush, you’ll man all manner of turret and anti-aircraft guns in order to fend off scores of German ME109s amongst the clouded terrain.

We'll let you know more about Call of Duty: Road to Victory ’s explosive content as we get closer to the game’s March 13th release date, including details on wireless multiplayer - because war is better with friends.


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