Call of Duty Black Ops Achievement and Trophy Guide

Make it through the NOVA 6 gas without dying on Rebirth Island
50 AchievementPoints
Silver Trophy

Thankfully for this Achievement/Trophy, you can do it on any difficulty.Slap it on the easiest and when you take control of Hudson on foot, take cover.Let your squad mates take the brunt of the assault and only pop your head out when absolutely necessary. Continue through the mission letting the allies do the dirty work and you’ll get the reward when you reach the drop off point.

Complete "Crash Site," "WMD" and "Payback" on Veteran difficulty
25 AchievementPoints
Silver Trophy

Three missions to complete on Veteran difficulty.But the good news is once you do, the achievement/trophy is all yours.

Although going through this section of the mission WMD is story related, to get the achievement/trophy you’ll need to do it without getting taken out.The only real tricky part is just after you exit the first building.Once you take out a couple enemies, you’ll continue moving east and then you’ll be told to move onto the barracks and that there is a large patrol inbound.Make your team stop at the trees to the left of the road where the truck is and to the right of where the enemy soldiers are walking.Once they pass, you’ll continue to the Barracks.Complete the rest of the ground walk without dying and you’ll get your reward.

During the Defector mission, you will have the ability to call in a chopper to give you air support.Have it swoop in to take out 20 enemies that are lurking in the windows and you will get the achievement/trophy as well as the sweet satisfaction from the gun’s humming.

Go to the Combat Training mode and use a couple settings to make this easier. Set the difficulty to recruit and have unlimited time.Keep the kills flowing and you’ll reach level 10 in no time.

After you land the Hind during the mission Payback, you will take out a few enemies and then come to a cave entrance. When you do, there will be a VC with a flamethrower.Take it from him and then use it on 10 of his pals to get the achievement/trophy to pop.

Complete the First mission, Operation 40, to obtain this. No fancy tricks here.

Much like the See Me, Stab Me, Heal Me achievement/trophy, you need to grab the Crossbow from the Mystery Box and then hit the Pack-a-Punch machine.Once you do, have a second player get swarmed by zombies, at least 6 of them, and then fire at your ally.The resulting explosion needs to kill the zombies and you will get your prize, as measly as it is for such a feat.

This one can definitely be tricky, but it can also come with a bit of luck.You’ll need to kill three enemies in one shot to get it and can be easier than it sounds.Simply line up three enemies during the course of the game and unload on them, preferably within the confines of a corridor. I nabbed this one without even trying to get it so just imagine how much easier it would be while actually trying! Right? Hello?