Call of Duty: A history in video

Join us for a journey to the center of the Duty

This just came out, and we’ve been covering the shit out of it for the last month. Haven’t seen enough? Good! Then check out these spoiler-free videos of Infinity Ward’s crowning achievement, the almighty Modern Warfare 2.

Modern Warfare 2 – GDC 09 teaser

Modern Warfare 2 – Reveal trailer

Modern Warfare 2 – New multiplayer perks

Modern Warfare 2 – Infamy trailer

Infinity Ward has managed to keep audiences engaged by evolving their WWII shooter to warfare of a more modern variety, while successfully bringing PC-flavored online play to legions of console gamers around the world. The launch of Modern Warfare 2 has pushed the franchise’s total sales to over $3 billion worldwide. But at what cost? Many feel that IW has abandoned their PC roots for a shameless console cash-in. Whatever your position on dedicated servers and console-to-PC porting, one thing is undeniable. In six short years Call of Duty has become a cultural force, swinging through the industry like a wrecking ball.

Dec 4, 2009

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