Call of Duty 3

The World War II shooter series is set to issue its latest call

Call of Duty 3 's particle effects are astonishing, as developer Treyarch has been working on every detail. Now, smoke is affected by the wind, so it will disperse in certain directions and is affected by blasts from grenades, too. The developer is even working on clouds of smoke reacting when bullets sweep through them.

Treyarch has also been using a new scanning system that allows the team to scan in whole uniforms and vehicles rather than having to spend the time building each asset from scratch. This has allowed the developer to include far more WWII items and more authentic detail than ever seen before.

The game will include multi-occupancy vehicles, such as jeeps and tanks, which will actually leave you in control rather than towing you around on rails. These vehicles will also show up in the multiplayer game - which allows for 12-vs-12 online action, and is being developed by a dedicated team to ensure it satisfies the expectations of the die-hard Call of Dutyfans.

From the screenshots you can see the amount of detail that has gone into the game, but it's only when you get to witness the complete package - the sound, the animation, the intensity - that you really get the Call of Duty 3 wow factor. One that has us all eagerly awaiting the game's fall release.

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